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Posted: September 10, 2020 at 7:52 pm

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The great thing about online education is that no matter where you feel you need to shore up your skill sets, there's a package of coursework that can help get you there. You just have to know where to look.

Skillingo assembles those training packages, grouping up series of classes all directed toward some area of self-improvement, from skills training to health and wellness instruction.

Right now, you can train up in several of those potential development spots with these Skillingo Course Packs.

If you're looking to start a new business, the Online Business Mega Course Bundle ($99) is an insightful starting point. Over 28 hours of video instruction and 62 ebooks, you'll master the tactics for setting up and running a successful online business today, including stocking digital products, leveraging platforms like Amazon FBA and Shopify to open storefronts, even productivity and mindset goals to carry off your endeavor without a hitch.

The skills for developing a powerful business persona are under even heavier focus in The Ultimate Entrepreneur Course Pack ($199). From sales and marketing to personal development to your own individual health, both physical and mental, it's all tackled in this 56-hour, 86-course collection with over 140 ebooks of intensive learning.

If your methods for reaching potential customers could use some improvement, The Marketing Master Mega Course Bundle ($49) will turn you into a marketing pro. With 20 video courses and 33 eBooks, this bundle covers all areas of modern online marketing, from mastering Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter, and YouTube advertising; to learning about chatbots and AI to drive traffic; to how to market to social media channels like TikTok.

With your professional house in order, The Self Development Mega Bundle ($99) seeks to do the same for you personally. Over 35 video courses and 73 ebooks, you'll examine how to improve your health and fitness, your mental well-being, stress and anxiety management, even yoga and meditation.

Finally, the Healthy and Happy Living Course Bundle ($29) takes that introspection even further, with another 10 hours of video content and almost 40 more ebooks looking to help you unlock your true self and become the healthiest, happiest you possible.

Right now, each of these expansive self-improvement bundles are over 90 percent off their regular price.

Prices are subject to change.

Do you have your stay-at-home essentials? Here are some you may have missed.

"This is increasingly sounding like a Black Mirror episode"Elon Musk, introducing Neuralink. Elon Musk's brain-computer-interface venture today unveiled a prototype that involves a pig with a computer chip implanted inside their brain. The coin-sized device is implanted beneath the creature's skull. "It's like a Fitbit, but in your skull," says Musk, and it's implanted by []

A reported UFO in the Congo turned out to be a Loon Balloon, floated 20km up to provide cellular internet out in the sticks. The operators neglected to tell the relevant authorities what they were doing; two UFO hunters ended up in jail while Loon, a subsidiary of Google holding company Alphabet, smoothed things out. []

Isolation.site does just one thing: it visits URLs that you want to check out but don't trust, and shows you what comes up. It's not just a convenient wrapper around the curl command-line tool, but generates a rendered snapshot of the site to look around. Protect your devices from web-transmitted infections (WTIs). Picked up some []

We all understand the healing powers of music. Putting on your favorite songs, zoning out, and letting the immersive sensation wash over you and carry you away is part of music's universal appeal. And the link between music and feeling good isn't just anecdotal. In four separate research trials, music therapy was found to reduce []

What's on the nightstand by your bed? Probably a lamp, maybe a clock, your phone, a tablet, a pair of glasses, some books you haven't read yet, some tissues, a remote control, and likely at least a few other personal items. Before you realize it, you've stacked up a lot of stuff on that tiny []

In case you haven't tried an electric board before, know this it's not a toy. With 2800 watts of power, the beefy 36V, 4.4 Ah battery propels the Flowdeck X at a respectably speedy 20 mph with real stability. In fact, the motors have so much zip that they can easily shoot a rider []

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