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liane Radigue’s Occam Ocean Is a Meditation on the Sonic Seas That Surround Us – San Francisco Classical Voice

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All you need to know about third eye meditation – Times of India

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Our bodies are made up of seven chakras and the most important one among them is the sixth one, the third eye. Also known as the 'Ajna chakra', our third eye is considered to be extremely powerful because it is a potent source of intuitive wisdom which can guide you towards creative pursuits, do away with negativity, provide knowledgeable insight and perhaps lead you to the highest form of intelligence helping open your eyes towards what needs attention. When acting in full force, the third eye can help you see clearly, clear mental blockages and also improve mental flexibilities. In fact, the third eye has been hailed as the most important form of sense in many cultures and activating it is considered to be the most crucial. What if we told you, there is a certain form of meditation which can open up your powerful sixth sense and get you in touch with your inner self? While the third eye carries the benefit of connecting us to our gut feelings and work one step ahead of our basic five senses, it mostly stays dormant or closed. That's where the benefits of meditation come into play. According to healers, meditation is the simplest and the best way to awaken, vitalize and activate your third eye.

Meditation helps clear out the negative toxins from the body, channelize your energies and help you concentrate better. Forms of meditation can also help you be self-aware, active your Ajna chakra, shift your state of consciousness to higher states with every session, thereby taking away anxiety and worries from the root and transcend into the innermost thought processes and make it work at the fullest capacity. Doing so can also put back focus on your mind, improve concentration and boost clarity.

The best way of opening up your third eye

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All you need to know about third eye meditation - Times of India

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December 11th, 2019 at 4:42 am

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Meditation class series in Carson City begins this January – Carson Now

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Event Date:

Repeats every week until Thu Feb 13 2020 .

Event Date:

Event Date:

Event Date:

Event Date:

Event Date:

By Dharma Zephyr Insight Meditation Community

Presented by Dharma Zephyr Insight Meditation Community, a meditation class series begins this January 2020 in Carson City. The 6-week class will introduce attendees to the practice of sitting, walking, and eating meditation, and teach participants how to bring mindfulness to everyday life.

Kathy and Tom will draw on what theyve learned about meditation over years of evolving practice.

Beginners and experienced meditators alike are welcome. There will be ample time for Q & A to begin or refine your practice. Core Buddhist concepts will also be explored. Some classes will include mindful movement. Preregistration is encouraged.

Go here for more information.

Tom Gray brings more than 15 years of practice to this class. He comes from a scientific perspective which is both a blessing and an obstacle; the practice has helped him to address anger and self-judgement issues. Kathy Schwerin began her practice almost 30 years ago. Everyday mindfulness has been her focus; her meditation practice has changed over the years and she is eager to share the many tools that have been helpful.

Both of them have a deep love of the Buddhist dharma because it works! There is no charge; donations gratefully accepted.

For more information or to preregister, please contact

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Meditation class series in Carson City begins this January - Carson Now

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Happening in Plum and Oakmont this week: meditation, movies and more – TribLIVE

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Tuesday, December 10, 2019 | 11:52 AM

Michael DiVittorio | Tribune-Review

Michael DiVittorio | Tribune-Review

Michael DiVittorio | Tribune-Review

Looking for something to do in Plum or Oakmont this week?

Here are some suggestions:

Meditation with a Monk is set for 6 to 7 p.m. Tuesday at the Oakmont library. Join the monks from Natrona Heights Pittsburgh Buddhist Center for an hour of relaxing meditation. The program is offered every Tuesday evening.

Somatics classes with personal trainer Tom Capriotti will be offered from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. Thursday at the Oakmont library.

Somatics is a series of soft movements that can help alleviate lower back, neck and shoulder pain. Oakmont library programs are free. Call 412-828-9532 or go to for more information.

STEAM Story Time is set for 1 to 1:40 p.m. Tuesday at the Plum library. Activities are designed for 4- and 5-year-olds with their parents/caregivers and will be related to science, technology, engineering, arts and math. Registration is required.

Plum library hosts a movie matinee from 1 to 4 p.m. Thursday. This weeks feature is Murder Under the Mistletoe, a Miss Fisher mystery. Popcorn will be provided. No registration is necessary. Go to for more information on Plum library programs.

The Oaks Theater will host a special screening of National Lampoons Christmas Vacation at 7:30 p.m. Thursday at 310 Allegheny River Blvd.

Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Tickets to the all-ages event are $8. Burks BBQ in Oakmont will have dinners available at the event for $10. More information is available online at the or by calling 888-718-4253.

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Happening in Plum and Oakmont this week: meditation, movies and more - TribLIVE

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The Only Resource You Need for Calm-like Meditation App Development – Appinventiv

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He who lives in harmony with himself, lives in harmony with the universe.

-Marcus Aurelius

WhatsApp deactivated.

Facebook Uninstalled.

Airplane Mode On.

For a long time, smartphone users have followed this approach to focus or simply live a stress-free life. They have cursed mobile applications for the distraction and anxiety they face in their daily lives.

But, this perspective changed drastically the moment mindfulness apps came into existence.

Mobile applications like Calm begun helping users meditate and live a peaceful live even when keeping their phone aside. A result of which is that the mindfulness meditation app market, which was valued at $959M as of 2015 and $1.21B in 2017, is expected to grow to $2.08B by 2022, with an annual average revenue growth of 11.4%.

This not only made users enjoy a peaceful life without leaving the digital world, but also proved that its a good decision to step into this market with the assistance of top app development companies.

But, before you or anyone think in this direction and invest in calm like meditation app development, it is advised to be familiar with the reason behind this popularity. Or better say, having the knowledge of key driving factors of calm like mediation app market size. A glimpse of which we will cover in the next section of the article.

In the present days, around 75% 90% of people in the United States visits doctors for stress-related issues and around 13% of kids are showing the symptoms of anxiety disorder because of stress.

Because of this, more and more people are becoming conscious about the ill effects of stress and mediation as a way to improve their mental health. Something that is giving a push to the mindfulness app development market.

With an increase in the number of smartwatches and smart screens, people are getting an opportunity to keep a real-time record of their mental health and well-being. This is again favoring the flourishing market for meditation apps.

Now while you know the reasons that ignite the zeal to develop mindfulness app like Calm or HeadSpace, lets move to the best mindfulness meditation apps in the market.

All these best mindfulness meditation apps right from Headspace to Happier, Buddhify, Insight Timer, Smiling Mind, and The Mindfulness App are doing an amazing job in the marketplace. But, the one we will focus entirely in this article is Calm application.

Introduced back in 2012 as a meditation tool, Calm has now gained a huge momentum in the marketplace as a guide for proper sleep and relaxation. The application, till date, has over 60M downloads and 80,000 new daily users. It has also received the title of the Top grossing Health and Fitness Application and the 20th Top App on the App Store. A credit of which can be given to the simple working mechanism of this application.

Whats more, the application has recently raised a funding of $88M, valuing it at $1B and collaborated with various popular products like Soundproof Phone Booth ROOM.

This altogether has made every business enthusiast interested in calm like meditation app development. It has raised a hype to getting comprehend with the technicalities of the application and build a clone with the help of top Android or iOS app development company.

Assuming that you are also one of those who wish to try their luck in this field, lets cover the technical aspects of Calm-like application here starting with taking a look into the top meditation app features.

When it comes to Calm-clone app development, the foremost feature you need to focus on is Profile Creation.

This feature, as depicted from the name, enable users to create their own profiles on the application where they can see/store all the information related to them or the activities they have participated in.

Under this category, users opt in for the best of the stories that relaxes their body and mind and help them sleep nicely.

The Calm Masterclasses feature of the app lets users avail exclusive classes from worlds best mindfulness experts across the globe.

This app feature enables users to change the scenic view that would be the background of the application.

From the morning stretch to warm up, this feature of Calm mobile app helps users come across the best ways to relax your body.

With this feature, you can set the duration of breathing exercises and exhale all of your worries without allocating a special time for meditation.

Under this category, the Calm mobile app sends different kinds of reminders to users for living a stress-free life. This includes reminders to practice mindfulness, to sleep, and to check-in the app.

These meditation app features have shown given peace of mind to users. But, what has given a new definition to calmness is the unique user experience strategy this application has worked with.

So, taking the same into consideration, lets take a sneak peek of the Calm meditation app design strategy.

Right from the icons to the typography, colors, and visual elements used in the Calm mobile application, everything gives a feeling of warmth and tranquility. A major focus has been kept on making intense topics like Stress, Anxiety, Relationships, and Self-care seem balanced and a bit more comfortable.

Calm application has also followed the concept of minimal app design thoroughly. The app has introduced the least required features and elements on the screens to give a soothing experience to users. An evidence of which is the Breathing Exercise app screen.

Calm mobile application uses the power of Push notifications to remind users about their scores, next activity schedules, and more. This is not solely helping users enjoy higher benefits of this mindfulness app, but is also making it imperative for other business enthusiasts to build a push notification strategy that boosts conversions.

The Calm app smartly categories content under different labels that eases the process of finding the right content. Also, it avails content in the voice form that lures users to pick this mindfulness meditation app over others.

The Calm-like mobile app has also invested in App Localization. Meaning, the app content is available in six different languages including English, German, and Spanish. These gives users an option to grab the content in their local languages, which increases the possibilities of acquiring more users.

With this covered, lets climb to the next level of the ladder and see what mindfulness technology stack back these functionalities.

As weve already shared in our blog on picking the best technology stack for your app, the programming languages, frameworks, and tools we consider leaves a great impact on the outcomes. While the right technology stack results in proper working of your app and enhances the results, the wrong one can ruin your apps image.

So, understanding the intensity of knowing the right tech stack, lets check for what comes under the label of mindfulness app tech stack.

Now as you know the basics technicalities, it is likely that you would be expecting discussion around the cost to develop mindfulness app like calm in the next section.

But, wait.

Before we switch to calm like meditation app development cost, it is necessary for you to be familiar with the challenges your hired app development company would face while building the app, alongside the market-related issues you would come across.

So, lets check for the challenges you might come across while building an app like Calm.

The headmost challenge your hired team app developers would face is maintaining simplicity and higher loading speed while adding ample options into the application.

When talking about app localization, there are various key challenges associated with developing multilingual apps. Mitigating those challenges and delivering the app on pre-decided timeline would again be a challenge for your hired app partners.

In the present scenario, there are various mindfulness meditation apps available in the market. However, only a few of them are backed by solid research. This has made consumers sceptical about which app to prefer and which not. And thereafter, made it challenging for business enthusiasts to win the trust of these customers and keep them hooked to their platform.

Something that is possible if you introduce the right amount of transparency into your app working.

Users, when concentrating completely on mindfulness market, are majorly not in favor of paying subscription fee for the apps. Likewise, the companies in this domain are extensively focusing on implementing effective price benchmarking to get better outcomes.

So again, higher subscription rate can be a stumbling block in the path of Entrepreneurs planning to invest in calm like meditation app development.

With this, lets wait no further and tear down the cost to build a mobile app like Calm.

The cost to make an app, as described in detail in our mobile app development cost guide, is not fixed. It varies depending on various factors such as:-

In such a scenario, the optimal way to get an exact cost of developing an app like Calm is to contact the best app experts.

Now, while this would have shared insights around how much you need to invest into the Calm-like meditation app development, lets turn towards how to earn back the money. Or simply say, lets learn about the business and revenue model of Calm mobile application.

Calm and other such mindfulness meditation apps highly rely upon subscription model. That implies, a meditation app monetization model where users pay a fixed subscription fee for unlocking the advanced features of the app on a monthly or yearly basis.

Under this label, mobile apps like Calm and HeadSpace provides users an opportunity to pay for purchasing some services/products related to meditation from the platform itself.

By embracing this Calm app business and revenue model, you would be able to generate revenue nearly equal to that of Calm application. But, to outshine the mindfulness app market, you would have to put some extra efforts.

Wondering what those extra efforts would be? What ways can you accelerate the pace of gaining the Calm-like meditation app development cost back? Lets wrap up this article covering the same.

Though the Calm app has efficiently categorized the content to deliver better search experience, a search option on the app screen can elevate the outcomes. So, look ahead to introduce a search filter option into your meditation and mindfulness app like Calm.

AR/VR technology can take users to a virtual environment which can trigger their fears and anxieties in a better manner. And this way, speed up their process of relaxing and improving their mental health.

So, discussing the integration of such cutting-edge technologies while planning Calm-like app development process is also an effective way to raise the outcomes.

While building a Calm-clone application is a profitable business, it is again a good decision to start with a MVP first. The Minimal Viable Product (MVP) will help you to enter the market with less resources, time, and budget, and improve your application depending on the changing user behavior and needs.

Since both the applications are popular in the market and offer certain value to the users, it is unwise to conclude one being better than the other without comparing. So, we advise you to go through this blog alongside that on Headspace to get an optimal answer.

When talking about developing a meditation app like Calm, the process is not as easier as it seems. You would have to focus on multiple things both from development and business front. So, we recommend you consult with top healthcare app development company for getting a relevant answer.

Some features of Calm app are free to use. But, to unlock more features and explore the world of mindfulness, you would have to pay a monthly/yearly subscription fee.

Shrikant Srivastava

VP Technology

In search for strategic sessions?.

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The Only Resource You Need for Calm-like Meditation App Development - Appinventiv

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MEDITATION: Joseph shows what it means to study Bible – Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal

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No one had to introduce Joseph to Mary. He had known her his whole life. No dating services in those days, unless you count arranged marriages. Who knows? Perhaps a yente did the honors of officially connecting them and their families. The perfect match, she might say. Its the way things used to work, the way things still work in some places. You westerners, said a student from the Far East, fall in love and get married. We get married and fall in love.

Tradition calls Joseph a carpenter, but the word tekton (Isnt this the carpenters son?) actually can mean stone mason, which means the man had superior technical skills. Joseph the builder living in the Galilean backwoods probably earned his keep and honed his craft in cities like Capernaum and Sepphoris. It may not have earned him a kings ransom, but a man with gifted hands usually does pretty well. Any idea what plumbers make these days?

Joseph enjoyed at least one other skill not often praised in Christmas-loving circles. He paid close attention to his Bible. An engagement interrupted by a pregnancy could get a woman killed in those days. A Bible reader could easily justify it. How did Joseph, reading the same Bible, decide to divorce her quietly and so protect young Mary? What doth the Lord require of thee, but to do justice, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly? (Micah 6:8). Thats how. He did the best he could, until he knew better. What would have happened if Mary had been engaged to a mean man?

The old, odd pronoun trouble of the KJV, male-stacked genealogies, verses yanked way out of context all serve as flimsy proofs of the Bibles sexism. But as the Gospel unfolds, and through the leaves of history, Joseph takes a back seat to mother Mary. Joseph may be the patron saint of happy death, since he died in the arms of Mary and Jesus. But he could easily be the patron of all those unnoticed, forgotten holy ones. Those who keep this world spinning with their uncommon kindnesses.

The Rev. Eugene Stockstill is pastor of Ebenezer United Methodist Church and Myrtle United Methodist Church in Union County.


MEDITATION: Joseph shows what it means to study Bible - Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal

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QUIET MEDITATIONS: Patrick Carr set to play solo show at Ted’s ILM’s Alternative Weekly Voice – encore Online

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Patrick Carr will debut songs from upcoming 2020 album at Teds on December 13. Photo by Kat Lancaster

When the Road Darkens is an apt title for singer-songwriter Patrick Carrs 2017 EP. While not a sad collection, per se, theres a soberness to his folksy storytelling and instrumentals.

An English major and self-described book nerd, Carrs songs are filled with literary references. One will recognize the nod to the green light from The Great Gatsby in Dont Let It Break Your Heart.

I adapted the title of the EP from a line found in The Lord of the Rings, Carr explains, which originally read, [f]aithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens. So far, only one person has been able to guess where the title comes from.

Though he initially organized the five tracks so they would flow musically, coincidentally, they also take listeners down a road that continues to darken around themes of hope, longing, past loves and depression. It starts with Sibylle in an Orange Hue. An introduction, lightly constructed with whimsical wind chimes, draws in listeners to an almost quiet meditation.

I find music tends to send your minds eye to a certain place or time, Carr says, so adding the wind chimes and birds in the opening was to kind of set the stage for the beginning of the EPs journey.

Inspired by a German singer-songwriter named Sibylle Baier, Carr stumbled upon a photo of her labeled Sibylle in an Orange Hue. He used some of the words from the photos title as lyrics.

In my mind, the song describes someone who is suffering from depression, and as the narrator, Im trying to convince her that everything will be alright in the end, he explains.

While Carr often involves his friends, William Glover (piano) and Sean McClain (drums), in his music, he, too, is quite a multi-instrumentalist. Mostly a self-taught guitarist playing along to Led Zeppelin records, his fingerstyle playing is heavily influenced by singer-songwriter and guitarist Nick Drake.

I pretty much spent months trying to nail that kind of fingerstyle playing and now its an integral part of my music, he notes. Ive always been interested in guitar growing up, but never really had the right reason or motivation to start playing. Once I heard Black Dog on my dads copy of the fourth Led Zeppelin record, I really wanted to learn so I could play that song.

Carr also plays bass, organ, ukulele, mandolin, glockenspiel (similar to a xylophone), and an Indian drone instrument called a shruti box. According to Carr, bass isnt hard when starting with a foundation in guitar, but it needs to be approached differently than the guitar.

Paying attention to bassists like Carol Kaye from the Wrecking Crew kind of gave me that light bulb moment, he continues. I started playing ukulele when I was a junior in high school after a friend brought his along on a field trip. Mandolin is a new instrument for me and Ive really only played it seriously for about two or three years now. I just kind of love stringed instruments, so I end up collecting and playing them. . . . but Im not the best mandolin player so sitting in a bluegrass jam would be catastrophic.

Carrs upcoming show at Teds will include performances of tunes from When the Road Darkens. He will play a few new songs as well, indicative of his influences from Nick Drake to Ryley Walker to Bon Iver. Lyrically, they are even more introspective, often dealing with feeling lost and trying to navigate life. What remains consistent is his penchant for literature, as heard in The Jaws of Hell. I took the title from a Radiohead lyric and the song makes a very loose connection to Dantes Inferno, Carr says.

In October, Carr recorded a few tracks featuring a flute and saxophone player, and Glover back on piano. The plan is to have two new records in 2020: an instrumental EP called Vox Humana and a full-length album.

So far I havent settled on a title for the full-length record yet, he notes. Ive got a few different titles that Im kicking around right now, but Im kind of waiting for the entire record to be finished before I decide on the title that feels right.

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QUIET MEDITATIONS: Patrick Carr set to play solo show at Ted's ILM's Alternative Weekly Voice - encore Online

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Get Started With Trading Meditation – Live Trading News

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You may have heard that trading meditation can help you trade better, but it is not for everyone, though I have yet to hear a case where it has not helped after giving it an honest effort

Here, I will introduce you meditation for traders and hopefully remove some of the roadblocks that have prevented you from giving it a try in the past.

You will learn why it works, how it can benefit and how to meditate properly.

It is something that I believe should be part of what some call holistic trading, where one is not just looking for entries and exits, but consider all aspects of your life and how they can improve your trading.

Trading better usually means that your quality of life will also improve, and the 2 will continually build upon each other.

You may think that doing meditation means that you have to join a religion or live in a commune or something, no.

Although many meditation practices do have religious roots, it is not a requirement that you join any type of group to get the benefits.

It is similar to trading, where you are free to learn from different teachers and take what works and leave what does not.

Another misconception is that it is time consuming, complicated or mystical. It can really be as simple or complex as you make it.

Just like in trading do what works for you.

Meditation works by allowing us to control the state of our minds.

We can measure these states by the frequency of the electromagnetic waves that our brains give off. The measurement process is called electroencephalography or EEG, for short.

There are different tools that you can use at home to measure your brainwaves.

If you are not familiar with the different types of brain waves, below is a short summary.

Mediation is associated with the theta and delta states, but I have included the others so you understand the bigger picture.

The human brain does not only operate in one state at a time, but in fact gives off brain waves of these frequencies all the time.

When I talk about being in these states however, I am referring to the dominant frequency.

Gamma: When your brain is giving off frequencies of greater than 30 Hz, you are in gamma state. This is the state that is most conducive to active learning and information retention.

It is also probably the least studied state. If you need to learn something, consider trying to increase your brain activity before you sit down to study.

This is the state that monks can frequently achieve after years of practice

Beta: This is when we are giving off frequencies between about 12 30 Hz, we are in an alert state and doing normal daily functions like analyzing and planning.

Alpha: This refers to the brain waves that are in the frequency between about 8-12 Hz. This frequency range is associated with conscious reflection and a relaxed state of being. This is often when we are most creative.

Theta: Now we get into where meditation starts. When the brain is giving off waves in the 4-8 Hz range.

It is a state of deep relaxation and awareness. In this state, you have an increased ability to visualize things and solve complex problems creatively.

Delta: When you go down past theta, you are in delta, which is less than 4 Hz. When the brain is in this state, you are often in deep sleep, although some long-time practitioners of meditation can reach this state while awake. This state is associated with healing.

The Big Q: How do you know what state you are in?

The Big A: There are many devices of varying complexity that will measure your brain wave activity or biofeedback devices that will measure your stress level.

Look around and see what suits your needs and budget.

There are many good reasons to practice meditation. In trading terms, it can lead to better concentration, calm under pressure and improved overall performance.

The benefits extend way beyond trading however. You will probably find that you are more relaxed in your everyday life and are able to cope with situations that may have overwhelmed you in the past.

According to a Harvard study, meditation has even been shown toward off disease.

Now that you know how it can benefit you and how it works, take a look at how to meditate properly, as follows:

A Basic Trading Meditation

If you just want something to get started, here is simplest form of meditation that you can do.

Just do it every day for 5 days, see how you feel.

You may have heard of this type of meditation before because it is very popular.

The Key reason thatTranscendental Meditationhas become so popular is because of its simplicity and the fact that it is does not tie itself to any religion or lifestyle.

For people who do not like to sit still, Qi Gong may be a good alternative. It isnt meditation in the more well-known sense, where you sit and close your eyes, but it does provide many of the same benefits.

The idea behind this Taoist practice is that you are cultivating and distributing your bodys energy. You move and breathe in ways that help you become more centered and energized. I do these exercises occasionally and I feel great afterwards.

If you dig deep enough, you will find that almost all of the major world religions practice some form of meditation. Even if you do not believe in the religious part, you can still learn a lot by studying these practices.

Buddhism is the religion most frequently associated with meditation.

Keep in mind that you may have to do some searching to find what works best for you, so do not get discouraged if you do not feel any benefits right away.

Just enjoy the trading meditation process and understand that it is a lifelong endeavor.

Have a terrific week.

benefits, breathe, meditate, meditation, relax, SPY, stress, traders, trading

Paul A. Ebeling, polymath, excels in diverse fields of knowledge. Pattern Recognition Analyst in Equities, Commodities and Foreign Exchange and author of The Red Roadmasters Technical Report on the US Major Market Indices, a highly regarded, weekly financial market letter, he is also a philosopher, issuing insights on a wide range of subjects to a following of over 250,000 cohorts. An international audience of opinion makers, business leaders, and global organizations recognizes Ebeling as an expert.

Visit link:

Get Started With Trading Meditation - Live Trading News

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Christmas gift ideas for wellness lovers, from chocolate crystal meditation to yoga retreats – Evening Standard

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The hottest luxury and A List news

Is there a person in your life who alwayshas a smoothie in-hand and is ready for a5amSoulCycleclass at a moments notice? This is probably the gift list for them.

If Gwyneth PaltrowsGoop gift guide wasnt quite goopy enough for you this holiday season, we've rounded up some of our favorite wellness gifts for the early rising, chia-loving, exercise-class hopper.

Chocolate Meditation Collection

Chocolate Meditation Collection with Lilly Pulitzer Terri Cashmere scarf (Sara Feigin)

$110 | Vosges| Buy it now

This is the ideal gift for a friend who can tell you what every single type of crystal does. The Chocolate Meditation Collection gives people truffles chosen for their properties along with a crystal pairing and affirmation cards. Simply grab the chocolate that sounds most appealing (there are plenty of inventive flavors, like curry or olive) and its corresponding crystal, then recite the chosen mantra that accompanies both chocolate and crystal.

Bawdy Beauty Butt Masks

Bawdy Beauty Butt Masks, $8 (Sara Feigin)

$34| Bawdy Beauty |Buy it now

Want to revitalize your body after a particularly intense spin class? Try Bawdy Beautys butt sheet masks. They tone, detoxify and rejuvenate your skin, with sheets for each cheek with cheeky sayings on them. Theyre also vegan, plant-based and clean.

Bawdy Beauty encourages users to post 'belfies' in the mask on Instagram. Simply put one on and either wander around your house (although you could scare a flatmate) or relax while watching Netflix (on your stomach, of course).

Yoga Club

$79| YogaClub|Buy it now

These days, there are subscriptions for everything, whether youre shopping for a discerning cook or a dog-lover. But Yoga Box is for your pal who sweats at Y7 religiously. Like other fashion boxes, either you or the gift recipient can fill out a long survey with what theyre looking for in athleisure, whether its mesh cut-outs or colorful prints. The box then arrives monthly.

Toast Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

Toast Full Spectrum Hemp Extract(Sara Feigin)

$55 | Toast Wellness | Buy it now

If you have a pal who wont stop chugging CBD soda, give them the gift of Toast. The brand offers also offers CBD pre-rolls with no tobacco- but if thats not their vibe, give them the oil, which they can add to their wellness smoothie in the morning. Its vegan, gluten free and sugar free so it should be ideal for any and all wellness fanatics.

DeoDoc kit

DeoDoc kit, $55 (Sara Feigin)

$70| DeoDoc Start Kit |Buy it now

What's goopier than an intimate grooming kit? We imagine this is would be GP approved (although it's no crystal). Deodoc's particular brand of 'intimate skincare' was developed by a doctor and is perfect for your friend who's a modern-day Samantha from Sex and the City - i.e. can't stop gossiping about men at brunch but loves hitting hot yoga. Get them the butt mask, too.

Souljourn Yoga

Souljourn'sretreats start at $400 (Souljourn)

$400+ | Souljourn Yoga |Buy it now

If you want to give a gift thats a bit more meaningful that most to your most wellness obsessed friend, Souljourn Yoga is the way to go. Its a non-profit that hosts immersive retreats all around the world to raise money for girls education in developing countries. In 2020, they already have retreats planned to Cape Town, Sri Lanka, Peru, Rwanda, Tibet and Morocco - and you could always get yourself a ticket, as well - after all, it is a vacation for a good cause.

DosistDissolvable Tablets

Dosist tablets (Sara Feigin)

Dosist Bliss Tablets |Buy it now

Dosist is all the rage in Los Angeles - but if you can't make it to LA to grab one of their pens, try the CBD-infused tablets for a post-workout buzz.


Weight prices vary (SPRI)

$8 | Deluxe Vinyl Dumbells |Buy it now

If you want to purchase something useful for the wellness aficionado in your life that lets them pretend theyre at their favorite boutique fitness class, try SPRI. The products are used at fitness classes all over, including New Yorks intense workout at Switch Playground. The best part? The weights come in different colors, so your pal won't mind leaving them lying around her studio apartment if she doesn't have space for an in-home gym.

Mineral Sousa

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(Sara Feigin)

For your friend who loves CrossFit and is always chugging a Coconut Water as part of recovery, gift them this luxurious CBD oil meant to help with post-workout inflammation.

Simris Algae Pills

Simris Algae Pills (Sara Feigin)

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Get your favorite wellness friend these on-trend algae pills, made for athletes, mothers or fitness aficionados. The blue bottles look chic on a work desk and the pills themselves contain Omega-3, which is particularly helpful for your vegan pals. They're vegan, gluten-free, non-toxic and '100 percent ocean friendly,' so say goodbye to actual fish oil forever.

LARQ Self-Cleaning Water Bottle


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If you have a friend who refuses to put down their S'well water bottle it's time to upgrade them. LARQ's bottles are sleek and chic - but even better, they purify your water while you drink, neutralizing all harmful bacteria that could be lurking.

The White Company Sleep Kit

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$100 | The White Company Sleep Well Gift Set |Buy it now

Once you've worked out, loaded up on CBD and are ready for bed, it's time for natural remedies. The White Company offers up a Sleep Well Gift Set that's ideal for your friend who's too wellness obsessed to even consider taking Melatonin. It comes with lotion, a candle and even sleep spray.

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Meditation Cushion Market Upcoming Business Opportunities with New Innovative Solutions – Electronics Reports

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New York, NY, Dec 11, 2019 (WiredRelease): The new research report titled Global Meditation Cushion Market Growth and Opportunities 2020-2029helps the readers to boost their profits and business making deals by obtaining complete insights of Meditation Cushion Industry. The meditation cushion market report also provides an exclusive survey of rising players in the market which is based on the various ambitions of an organization like profiling, the product blueprint, the quantity and quality of production, appropriate raw material, and the financial status of the organization.

Various key dynamics that control a solid influence over the Meditation Cushion market are analyzed to determine the value, size, and trends regulating the growth of the market. Also, the estimated history of the market is calculated, and various possible growth factors, constraints, and opportunities are also interpreted to get an in-depth understanding of the market. Global Meditation Cushion market report delivers specific analytical information that clarifies the future growth trend to be followed by the global Meditation Cushion market, based on the past and current situation of the market.

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The report provides knowledge of the leading market players within the Meditation Cushion market. The industry dynamic factors for the market segments are examined in this report. This research report covers the Meditation Cushion growth factors of the global market based on end-users. The report offers the Meditation Cushion market growth rate, size, and forecasts at the global level in addition to the geographic areas: North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa.

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Know the Reasons to Acquire Meditation Cushion Market Research Report:

1. To prepare a competitive strategy based on the competitive landscape.

2. To build a business strategy by analyzing the high growth and attractive Meditation Cushion market categories.

3. To prepare management and strategic presentations using the Meditation Cushion market data.

4. To organize for a new product launch and inventory in advance.

5. To identify potential business partners, acquisition, targets and buyers.

6. To design capital investment strategies depending on forecasted high potential segments.

Market Segmentation:

Meditation Cushion Market Segment By Top Competitors

Satori Wholesale Trevida Peace Yoga Seat Of Your Soul Waterglider International Bean Products

Meditation Cushion Market Segment ByTypes, Estimates and Forecast, 2020-2029

Kapok Fill Buckwheat Fill Memory Foam Fill Others

Meditation Cushion Market Segment ByApplications, Estimates and Forecast, 2020-2029

Commercial Household

To Get Detailed InformationAbout This Report, Enquire at:

Highlights of the following key factors:

Business overview: An overall information of the organizations operations and business divisions and Background.

Company history: Evolution of key events associated with the organization.

Business strategy: Summarization of the organizations business strategy by Analysts.

Major products and services: A list of major brands, products and services of the organization.

Key competitors: A checklist of main competitors to the company.

Company locations and subsidiaries: A list and contact details of key locations and subsidiaries of the organization.

Detailed financial ratios for the past ten years: The latest financial ratios derived from the annual financial statements published by the organization with 10 years of history.

SWOT Analysis: A complete analysis of the organizations stability, flaws, opportunities, and obstacles.

Moreover, other factors that contribute toward the increase in growth of the Meditation Cushion market include sympathetic government initiatives related to the use of Meditation Cushion. On the contrary, high growth potential in emerging economies is expected to create lucrative opportunities for the market during the forecast period, (2020-2029)

Major Points Covered in Table of Contents:

1. Global Meditation Cushion Market Synopsis

2. Global Meditation Cushion Market Status and Development

3. Global Meditation Cushion Market Analysis by Manufacturers

4. Global Meditation Cushion Supply (Production), Consumption, Export, Import by Region (2020-2029)

5. Meditation Cushion Production, Revenue (Value), Price Trend by Type

6. Global Meditation Cushion Market Analysis by Application

7. Global Meditation Cushion Manufacturers Profiles/Analysis

8. Meditation Cushion Manufacturing Cost Analysis, Industry Chain, Upstream, and Downstream Customers Analysis

9. Regional and Industry Investment Opportunities & Challenges, Hazards and Affecting Factors

10. Marketing Strategy Analysis, Distributors/Traders

11. Global Meditation Cushion Market Forecast (2020-2029)

Access the complete report details of Global Meditation Cushion Marketat:

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Meditation Cushion Market Upcoming Business Opportunities with New Innovative Solutions - Electronics Reports

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