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Posted: September 28, 2019 at 5:44 pm

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How close are you to knocking the door down? One play in Seattle and Buffalo.

Were close. We just have to create our own opportunities there. Other teams have done that against us and we just have to make sure we do it against the other teams going forward.

What are your priorities in Pittsburgh?

All the fundamental things that we talked about the first three weeks that havent been good enough. Have to be better on first down. On defense we have to make sure were sure tacklers and cant let anybody out of our grasp. Weve played some tough quarterbacks that like to run around and theyre tough to get down and we just have to make sure that remains our focus.

It looked to me like for the first time in the second half on Sunday you were able to get into a good rhythm calling the game with down and distance.

We have to get that first first down. Really, thats where the rhythm comes from. We feel like we can get in an attack mode and be a little more creative. In the first half, for a myriad of reasons we werent able to get that first first down, so we were on our heels. They were attacking us. Thats not the way we want to play.

I know you dont like the balance (129 passes to 52 runs). Is what you had in the second half Sunday (14 rushes, 23 passes) more what you want?

To be quite honest with you, were going to do whatever we have to do to get a first down and score points. Every game is going to be a different approach. Some games you may run it a lot more than you throw it.Other games you may throw it a lot more than you run it. Sometimes it may be 50-50. Were not going to pigeon hole ourselves into were going to win it a certain way. Were going to make sure were doing whatever we need to do to defeat the team were playing.

I guess you built this offense to be like one of those shirts you can put on both ways.

Thats a good way to put it. Just like a reversible jersey.

You havent been able to score three touchdowns in a game. If you can put your finger on why, what would the reasons be?

We have to be more efficient on first down. We said it after San Francisco, Ill say it again after this one. The first half was a killer because were setting ourselves back. We had a dropped pass on the first play of the game, had a penalty on the first first down of the second drive. It starts with the play calls. We have to make sure were putting ourselves in the best position for guys to make plays.

After your first three games as a play-caller, what grade would you give yourself? How does Zac Taylor the head coach critique Zac Taylor the play caller?

Not good enough. We havent scored enough points. We havent had enough efficiency on early downs and so certainly in there we have to improve. Are we calling the best plays into the best looks? Are we giving ourselves the best chance to be successful? So far it hasnt been good enough through three weeks.

We need to continue to find the best way to use all our players. Every week we evaluate that and the decisions we made as a coaching staff. Continue to be hard on ourselves. We havent won a game yet. So you have to look yourself in the mirror and make sure you make the corrections you need.

Is there one play you want back from last week?

Theres always a couple you want back. Theres more than one.

Any that stick in the head?

Yeah, we threw a screen when we were backed up. Probably around the 10-yard line. Threw a screen on first down trying to get Tyler Boyd the ball and it was a poor play call. They had two guys bumped up there. Tough play call. Put us in bad position.

But you had that screen to running back Joe Mixon for 33 yards.

You remember the ones that didnt work. Thats just the way it works. Constantly striving for self-improvement there.

Andy Dalton and John Ross had an open go ball where they couldnt connect.

Everyone has been accountable for the things he can do better. Plenty of our guys have made lot of plays. Andy put us in position in the second half to move the ball down the field and be in position to win. It didnt go our way. I think everyone points the fingers at themselves right now. Everyone can coach better and play better.

I think he would say hes 0-3. Just the same way I feel. Just the same way (offensive coordinator) Brian Callahan feels. Everyone feels like theyre 0-3. Everyone knows they can improve and do better. Certainly you cannot point the finger to one person. I would say Andy has made some really good plays that have put us in position to do some great things and were going to continue to lean on him, as the season goes.

The most popular guy in town on an 0-3 teams is always the back-up quarterback. Thats foolish at this point, isnt it?

That would be ridiculous.

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