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Posted: March 4, 2016 at 7:46 pm

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Do you want to progress in life? Do you want to learn how to be more confident, get more out of life and be abundantly happy? Have you tried things in the past and found your progress to be unsatisfactory? Maybe you have recognised you self-sabotage, or have a resistance, you want to overcome? If you say YES to any of the above, then there is a lot for you to learn and gain from being a member.

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Whats in it?

Why do I need it? If you have read many books on personal development then you might (but probably not!) either:

Notice, I have used two extremes and YOU will NOT fit into either Ive deliberately used these extremes for illustration purposes which may appear as black & white thinking even though I know there is a world of grey/nuance/perspectives between these statements This book will help you to NOT fall into either of these two extremes (the new born evangelist for a technique or the throw the baby out with the bathwater cynic) It will help you to keep in mind there is no panacea while also recognising stories that tell of extreme circumstances/results are for illustration purposes only either to make a point or to inspire and finding exceptions doesnt mean the technique is invalid plus 6 other ways to gain a better understanding of the material you are studying.

Click the button to get immediate access to the book and learn all 9 simple but effective ways to Read Books on SUCCESS Without Feeling Conned!


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Personal Development Club - The Self Improvement Coach

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