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Sales Training in New York – Berman Consulting Associates

Posted: June 1, 2019 at 11:52 am

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The BCA Sales Academy is designed to be the place where entrepreneurs, business executives, and sales personnel at any level can gain solutions to sales problems that they have encountered but have not been able to solve before! In short, their own particular set of Unsolvable Sales Problems. Learn more

BCA Management delivers sales training and development services in New York that enable our clients to achieve real and lasting results.

After partnering with BCA Management, firms large and small throughout New York have learned how to consistently expand their sales, build client relationships, and regularly win against the competition!

We will teach you:

Contact BCA Management online or call (646) 786-8800 for a free sales training and development consultation.

Howard Berman is the Founder and CEO of Berman Consulting Associates. BCAs mission is improving overall corporate performance, with a focus on dramatically building sales management skills and the productivity of their sales teams. Mr. Berman has been a sales and marketing professional for over 40 years, during which time he has been responsible for the recruitment, training, and development of many hundreds of successful sales personnel. Along the way he has codified The 29 Natural Laws of Sales and The 22 Natural Laws of Sales Management respectively, and is the author of an upcoming book on these subjects

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Sales Training in New York - Berman Consulting Associates

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June 1st, 2019 at 11:52 am

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40+ of the Best Sales Training Programs to Turn Your Team …

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If talent acquisition, development, and retention are top-of-mind for you as a sales leader, here are 40+ of the best sales training programs to check out!

High performers deliver as much as eight times the output of their peers, according to McKinsey. No wonder recruiters go ballistic trying to outdo each other in attracting the best professionals to create value for their companies.

After all, its a no-brainer that making do with average performers pins your brand smack at the center of irrelevance. Only a team of superb talent can move your business ahead of the competition.

The same calculus especially applies the sales team. Let loose a band of inexperienced, untrained, and desperate salespeople on the sales floor and you open up the floodgates of failure. In contrast, unleash a team of smart sales reps and success pours like rain.

And that is why training has become not only a competitive advantage but the primary driver of corporate excellence.

Data abound and offer solid proof:

Demand for sales development training will intensify as more and more companies opt to strengthen lead qualification.

Clearly, training will be a game changer for sales organizations in the years ahead. But choosing the best one for your team can be a tough nut to crack.

To make it easier for you, weve created a (not-so) shortlist of training companies that have been generating buzz across the industry. More importantly, theyre also generating significant value for the learners and companies who take their training programs.

Founded in 1990, Action Selling provides a broad range of training resources to hundreds of thousands of sales professionals.

The company was among the first in the industry to incorporate big data into its learning infrastructure, focusing on critical selling skills and the best ways to reinforce these proficiencies.

Advantage Performance Group connects with a three-pronged market: corporate leaders, sellers, and businesses.

The companys products and services align with these audiences. For sales reps, Advantage provides learning experiences for every role on diverse topics such as sales negotiation, customer empathy, task prioritization, emotional intelligence, and B2B sales acceleration. Advantage is part of the BTS Group.

Driving your sellers to change behavior and lift performance is never easy. Good thing Altify mastered the process, offering a proprietary and proven approach for full sales team transformation.

Altify builds the matching enterprise support and trains everyone on the team how to maximize the benefits of an improved sales effectiveness.

Need a sales team for a startup or a rapidly growing business? AltiSales specializes in helping businesses design, improve, and scale top-notch sales organizations.

AltiSales can build a team from scratch, add highly skilled talent to your existing team, or partner with you to train your sales team for optimal performance.

With customers gaining control of the sales process, salespeople need to adapt and grow opportunities through empathy and authenticity.

Incidentally, these are the crucial areas Ariel focuses on. The training firm provides holistic solutions that blend technology and experiential learning. Programs include

ASLAN promises to hyper-customize its training solutions for each organization and learner.

The companys training solutions aim to transform sellers into sales professionals who can orchestrate the desired outcomes for both buyers and vendors. Among other offerings, there are robust training programs for inside sales, field sales, telesales, and sales coaching for managers.

Brian Tracy is among the most widely quoted sales guru on the planet.

Aside from writing books and delivering keynote speeches, the bestselling author also offers training programs designed to help you learn how to walk the talk. One of the more notable training programs in his library include 21st Century Sales Training for Elite Performance.

Its a three-month virtual course that teaches you how to win every stage of the selling process: from B2B sales prospecting to renewals.

Focusing on the human side of selling, BTS is a global community of more than 600 all-star performers in six continents from the field of sales, business, education, sports, and real life.

BTS focuses on strategy execution and promises to help your business get things done through innovative training, immersive experiences, and needle-moving results.

Their BTS Sales Practice solution trains professionals in skills such as negotiation, account strategy development, value communication, and customer empathy.

Carew International provides end-to-end support in sales training, leadership development, and customer service.

Precisely aligned with each specific customers sales goals, Carews top-tier training programs go beyond information transfer to an organization-wide behavioral change. Some of the courses offered include:

Formed in 1926, the Cegos Group helped pioneer the modern skills development industry and currently trains 250,000 people annually in 50 countries.

A leading driver in learning innovation, the training giant supports organizations in implementing their growth and transformation strategies.

Their E-Learning and In-House training solutions provide skills development in areas such as:

Promising high performance through cultural and behavioral transformation, Cohen Brown provides specialized consulting and training services.

The companys courseware and solutions are used in more than 50 countries and have been translated in 15 languages. Courses include:

Corporate Visions provides innovative selling solutions that match the changing dynamics of business and buyer experience. The companys solutions will help your team Create, Elevate, Capture, and Expand value at every stage of the selling cycle from lead generation to customer success.

Through skills training, your people will gain the ability to keep pipelines full and flowing, build winning proposals, and improve deal profitability and lifetime value.

Taking a company name that clearly articulates its core value, CustomerCentric Selling (CRC) designs sales courses and provides training workshops based on a buyer-driven sales dynamic.

The companys three-and-a-half day instructor-led training workshops can be customized for the needs of each specific team or organization. Skills targeted include:

Known for its simple yet impactful training approach, DoubleDigit Sales partners with organizations to customize effective training solutions.

Some of its courseware include:

DSG collaborates with businesses to design practical, tailored, and effective playbooks in the areas of strategy, messaging, process, and coaching.

These playbooks can then serve as the core training assets businesses deploy to drive learning and mastery of its messaging techniques for:

Factor 8 is sales training built by sales leaders. Curriculum focuses on how to book appointments, add value, land and expand new business and none of it with the luxury of a face to face appointment or lots of time and attention from decision makers.

As soon as reps learn new tactics, they hit the phones to try, coach, win & repeat. Most training days have higher activity and results than regular sales days. Then Factor 8 trains your managers how to coach and keep the skills alive and grants the entire team access to The Sales Bar ongoing training, scripts, audio samples, and coaching guides to keep skills improving after training.

Serving clients in more than 150 countries and 30 languages, FranklinCoveys Sales Performance solutions can be delivered in many formats, including:

Skills and topics covered include boot camps for sales leaders, customer success, lead qualification, and deal closing.

GP Strategies was founded in 1966 to provide best-in-class performance improvement solutions across 16 industries around the world.

Its eLearning, technical, and sales training solutions aim to transform people and processes to deliver efficient and maximum performance.

Fully scalable, GP Strategies skills training programs can be easily integrated into your specific industry, business model, sales culture, process, strategy, and branding.

Impartas training content has been translated into more than 30 languages and delivered to ambitious sales teams across all industries in more than 60 countries. Its clientele includes some of the best known brands on the planet such as Intel, Telefonica, Canon, and the WPP Group.

Impartas sales training solutions are modular and highly customizable to match each organizations selling environment, challenges, and needs.

You can choose a single hyper-specific course such as consultative selling skills or opt to build a comprehensive learning infrastructure such as your very own Sales Academy.

IMPAX helps B2B companies achieve high performance and drive growth by providing a full stack of training and consulting solutions. With more than three decades of servicing clients, IMPAX deliver its learning programs via onsite workshops, public seminars, and self-paced online courses.

Its sales skills programs cover various areas such as:

As its name implies, Integrity Solutions goes beyond merely building skills to transforming the behavior and mindset of sales professionals into their utmost best.

The consulting firm partners with clients in filling the pipeline, retaining existing customers, and growing revenues by helping businesses deliver meaningful and authentic value to their customers.

Janek provides sales training and consulting services designed to elevate team performance, orchestrate measurable outcomes, and deliver significant ROI for its clients.

In partnership with clients, the companys continuous learning and knowledge reinforcement solutions establish hyper-productive individual and organizational behavior.

John Barrows training programs help small startups and enterprise-scale companies drive rapid growth. Some of Johns clients include global brands such as Salesforce, GE, Tableau, LinkedIn, Box, and Forbes.

Learning programs come in three packages:

Training modules are available for both teams and individuals.

Serving clients in five continents and across 200 sectors, Kurlan & Associates provides tailored training solutions that follow three simple steps:

Among the firms more popular learning programs, Live Online Sales Training is a 12-week course that teaches sellers how to have better conversations and close higher-value deals.

Mandel Communications enables people to deliver high performance by providing focused training on the different aspects, uses, and impacts of communication.

The idea behind Mandels award-winning approach is simple:

Mercuri International provides innovative training solutions and impactful learning experiences to countless individuals and around 15,000 organizations in 50 countries and in 30 languages.

In building tailored learning solutions for its client, Mercuri follows a five-step method: Analyze, Design, Train, Change, Consolidate. The company offers blended learning and impact training on a broad range of areas and selling skills.

Miller Heiman is a global organization serving individuals and organizations around the world with game-changing technology and a broad range of training courses.

The Miller Heiman Group Academy offers the companys top-notch signature courses:

New Velocity is a comprehensive sales training platform that provides ongoing, online, and onsite learning experiences.

The companys curriculum centers on four sales pillars:

New Velocity caters to businesses of any size from small startups to global leaders such as Google, SAS, and Oracle.

This award-winning training provider offers a proprietary approach to achieving selling success.

Serving hundreds of thousands sales professionals in more than 70 countries, RAIN Group designs training programs not only to build skills but to drive behavioral change.

The company partners with clients to uncover opportunities, accelerate processes, and engineer growth. RAIN Groups learning library provides a comprehensive range of courseware for every stage in the selling cycle.

Using a holistic, science-backed approach, Revenue Storm provides training, coaching, and consulting services that are designed to transform your team.

The company aims to wean businesses from being too dependent on buyer-initiated purchases, and to enable them to proactively create demand. Revenue Storm partners with clients to build tailored learning, tracking, and coaching solutions.

Richardson partners with some of the best known global brands to identify and understand the specific selling skills and behaviors needed to deliver the best sales outcomes.

Now that they know the secret sauce to selling success, theyve built a robust and impactful learning curriculum designed to reinforce those skills and behaviors in aspiring sales professionals.

Designed to equip learners for the next levels of excellence, all training programs can be customized and fine-tuned for each unique organization and seller.

Sales Hacker develops, curates, and partners with industry leaders to provide actionable learning resources and organize ground-breaking events for B2B sellers.

Known for hosting next-gen, market-moving conferences, Sales Hacker also publishes thought leadership content.

SPI helps businesses achieve dramatic growth by enabling sales teams with the tools, tactics, and training they need to sustain excellence.

The company implements flexible instructor-led learning and a performance development platform to transform seller behavior. More than a million professionals and 600 global clients in 50 countries have used SPIs training solutions.

SRG enables individuals and organizations to achieve optimum sales performance using customized skills development programs.

Some of the companys courseware include programs for improving:

With more than five industry-blazing decades already under its belt, Sandler Training continues to provide innovative insight into the world of selling excellence.

The companys learning methodology pioneered the concept of reinforcement training which remains a crucial component of the most effective sales training programs on the market.

A steady stream of fresh content and actionable courseware make the Sandler Training library one of the most popular destinations among sales practitioners.

The Sandler Selling System is embraced by B2B organizations of any size from small companies to Fortune 500 enterprises.

The Brooks Group designs and delivers award-winning sales training courseware for B2B professionals.

Formed in 1977, the company is known for introducing IMPACT Selling, a results-driven selling approach based on decades-long research and validation.

The six-step process has been taught in more than 350 industries. The IMPACT Sales Team Training workshop can be delivered onsite, online, or both.

Founded amid dramatic shifts in the buying process, The Harris Consulting Group delivers skills training and tailored learning experiences that help sales teams grow their revenue.

The company partners with clients to assess unique situations and build matching and scalable sales training solutions for unique needs. Tracing its roots in the SaaS B2B sector, Harris Consulting focuses on:

Clients include small businesses, mid-market companies, and enterprise-scale corporations.

Because there is no one secret to sales success, Tyson Group believes that achieving high performance and sustainable growth through team training involves a four-step process:

And that is exactly what Tyson Group does best:

Value Selling Associates is the highly acclaimed and multi-awarded sales training provider which created the ValueSelling Framework. This is a sales acceleration formula used by startups, mid-sized businesses, and Fortune 1000 corporations.

At the core of the framework is the idea that selling on value instead of price actually works. The ValueSelling training program blends:

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40+ of the Best Sales Training Programs to Turn Your Team ...

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Sales Coaching and Sales Training In New York | Richardson

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Sales Training in New York

Richardson offers a variety of customizable sales training programs in NYC and Northeast Region. At the core of our approach to sales training is the consultative sales skills program. Consultative selling focuses on teaching sellers how to add value to every moment the send with their customers by engaging them in customer-centric based dialogue. More targeted or advanced program offerings like ourselling with insightssolution or ourhigh-performance selling&sales negotiations trainingsolutions, take the consultative selling approach to the next level teaching selling behaviors that will help sales professionals further advance their ability to connect with clients. Sales coaching training programs in New York City and the Northeast Region are also available.Sales coaching training programshelp sales leaders learn how to sustain and develop the lessons taught in our programs designed for sales representatives. Organizational leaders who complete sales coaching training learn that every interaction with their team is an opportunity to enhance their skills. Enhanced coaching skills support an organizations overall dedication to constant and consistent improvement.

More and more, clients have a concerted focus on reinforcement, both to retain knowledge and to optimize investment in training. One tool proving popular is Richardson QuickCheck, an email-based program that delivers bite-sized learning to sales professionals while engaging their competitive drive using a game approach, with real-time tracking of results on leaderboards. These short, daily bursts of scenario-based questions appeal to multiple generations, as all learners basically want short, relevant, and easily accessible content. Coaching has become an integral part of reinforcement plans for clients. Richardson provides personalized coaching in several ways: one-on-one meetings, by phone, or by preparing individuals at the client company to take on the role of coach.

Buffalo, Albany, Syracuse, Rochester, Yonkers, White Plains, Binghamton, Jersey City, NJ, Newark, NJ, Edison, NJ, Piscataway, NJ, Cherry Hill, NJ, Philadelphia, PA, Pittsburgh, PA, Scranton, PA, Hershey, PA, King of Prussia, PA, Harrisburg, PA, Allentown, PA, West Chester, PA, Conshohocken, PA, Wilmington, DE, Dover, DE, Newark, DE, Hartford, CT, New Haven, CT, Stamford, CT, Bridgeport, CT, Westport, CT

Atlanta Austin Boston Chicago Florida Houston And More!

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Sales Coaching and Sales Training In New York | Richardson

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FREE Sales Training Courses- Lessonly

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Sales Training Courses

Sales is a trying, but necessary part of any business. In order to be successful, you need people skills, tenacity, organization, persistence, and a great voice on the phone. If you are bringing on a set of new hires, trying to improve the productivity of current hires, or even offering a refresher to the current veterans, you will need a sales training course.

Opinions of how to conduct a sales training course vary drastically. One way to consider is walking through the sales process from the very beginning. Walking your learners through the prospecting process all the way to their closing question and then a relationship maintenance lesson is likely the best way to advance through the course. When your learners understand each step in the process while walking through you can describe the conceptual benefit of each area as well as the advancement of the overall process.

Above, you will find our sales training course online. Free lessons can offer a great place to start your training program. You may find that the above lesson even fits your team so well that you can just use it to train your team. In that case, great! We love helping teams learn.

Some sales training ideas are designed to improve the communication skills and others are designed to improve the cold email or cold call skills of your team. You will likely need to invest time in both areas to improve your team throughout the entire process. Consider offering your team some role playing scenarios with customers so they will learn to handle objections properly and start negotiating at a skill level beyond their years.

Starting with sales skills training can establish the foundation of your team. Communicating what skills your team is going to improve upon before the process even begins can lay out the roadmap. If you are going to incorporate sales training videos into your process, make them fun. Your learners are more likely to remember a video that made them laugh rather than one of those cheesy videos of a guy in front of a green screen with a typical Oh, hello, I didnt see you there. Wait, that could be hilarious. If you can make that funny ironically, definitely do that and send me the video.

If you decide to invest in a sales training software, I know a great one. Anonline training softwarecan offer a great way to easily build lessons to train your team and then track your employees. The free sales training above is a great way to try out our application and see what you think. The above lessons are a how a learner will view their assigned lessons.

Numerous sales training programs already exist. It can be a daunting task to try to sift through the unhelpful programs and find the top sales training programs. If youve made it this far, you have successfully sifted. Online sales training programs, like the one above, can give you great insight into where you want to take your sales training for your team. Below are some examples of some sales lessons that have worked in the past.

Sales 101 is the first lesson for your sales team. It will nostalgically take them back to freshman year where initially it may have seemed like a struggle, Sales 101 training may not be easy. For your veterans taking a victory lap or a refresher, it should seem like a breeze.

Make sure to throw in a tough question to throw off your veterans after they get complacent in the lesson. A tough question will also give your new learners insight into how much they will learn in your sales training program.

Action selling is defined by five buying decision stages. Those stages are made up of nine acts. In the first stage of defining the plan to win, the salesperson and their manager must create a plan to win and commit to it.

The second stage is for the salesperson. It is a base foundation level training that includes people skills, asking the right questions, and agreeing on a need. Following this process will be a great way to categorize your sales training and order it.

The fifth act is based primarily on the company, which comes before the sixth act of selling the product. If your customer knows you are a product expert in your industry or in their industry, they will want to do business with you. Next, you sell them on the product. By selling the company before the product, you establish a rapport with your prospect.

The fourth stage is time to buy. Notice Action Selling does not rush the prospect through the funnelbut instead lets them take their time getting to know the company, salesperson, and then the product. In the seventh and eighth act, ask for the sale. Get a time commitment as well as a confirmation of the sale. In the ninth stage, you can review the call and bask in your success.

Dale Carnegie is one of the most renowned names in business and in sales. If you take the Dale Carnegie Sales Training approach to your sales team, prepare for higher engagement, more positive attitudes, and higher close rates.

The Dale Carnegie sales advantage offers an eight-session course that can be helpful for anyone whether they are in sales or not. For a quick session, consider sending your team to a few Dale Carnegie workshops.

With a name like Zig Ziglar, he likely didnt have a difficult time making friends. Its a great name, Id try to be friends with him, and it may have helped his great sales technique go viral. Anyway, Zig Ziglar was a bestselling author and motivational speaker.

His techniques worked so well that others have continued his legacy through Zig Ziglar videos and Zig Ziglar seminars. Consider checking out a few options for your team to see the impact Zig Ziglar can make. I just like saying his name. Zig Ziglar.

You may think that sales should just be a natural skill to enthusiastic and extroverted people. It may be for some, but even ones naturally skilled can improve. Ensure that you are getting the most potential out of your team and invest in training. You will notice the difference of your team once you start to climb the ranks of the best sales training companies.

Even if it doesnt work out between your new sales team and your company, they will be grateful they got to experience your sales training.

Remember The Pursuit of Happyness, that movie where Will Smith is homeless? He was a struggling salesman until he landed that job as a broker. If only his company had invested in some medical sales training programs, he may have gone on to not even need to work that temporary job.

International companies or traveling salesman may have a more difficult time in their training. Trying to accommodate different cultures in techniques and knowing different areas is an intimidating task.

Training is arguably more important in these companies to increase across-the-globe sales performance. International sales opportunities can be challenging but it can be a great feeling to accomplish, I assume.

For ongoing training, consider sending a few members of your team to regular sales training seminars. It will be a great opportunity to learn from valuable speakers as well as networkwith peers. You may even close a few deals out of it. Sales training workshops can be a valuable opportunity to role-play different scenarios with individuals outside of the company.

If you are looking for a less expensive form of ongoing training, share regular sales training articles with your team. Even if they are fundamental tips, its always helpful to review.

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FREE Sales Training Courses- Lessonly

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Online Sales Training Programs and Courses

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Online sales training programs and courses that use the exact same materials, exercises and modules as used in leading management training institutions and business schools. Giving salespeople the training and coaching to integrate, measure and scale sales habits that acts as a platform for change and drives real revenue

Our online sales training programs and courses cover social selling training, digital selling,sales prospecting and business development. Sales training programs that helpssalespeople become successful by learning what it takes to attract customers, engage prospects and close moresales. Online sales training courses and courses that covers all the key sales skills from social selling, sales prospecting, lead generation, cold calling, value propositions,sales calls, and digital selling.

Our online sales training programs and courses will help salespeople achieve their goals and develop valued selling skills for their career. The Digital Sales Institute training programs and courses will give any salesperson the selling skills to start selling successfully in the digital era!

Chat to us

Online Sales Training Programs and Courses

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Retail Sales Training | Retail 101

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The Pros & Cons Of Different Kinds Of Retail Sales Training

As I said at the outset, retail sales training encompasses the process used to train your store associates in how to engage a stranger, how to build rapport and trust, how to show a product and demonstrate both its features and its benefits, how to contrast and compare products, how to overcome objections to sell value over price, and how to close each and every sale.

In-person retail sales training which can work two ways:

Online retail sales training

Shadow or buddy system retail sales training

Self-paced retail sales training

On the plus side you have:

Face-to-face training, which is ultimately where you want your associates to excelface-to-face conversations.

When someone from the outside, with a background in training and a curiosity about how individuals learn, delivers the training, the associate does not question it because it has third-party credibility; they just believe it better.

Training can be more effective because it can immediately be corrected, explained and rewarded.

A great trainer is easily understood, is engaging, and makes the time pass quickly.

The downside of in-person retail sales training includes:

On the plus side:

Online retail sales training can be delivered anywhere in the world and at any time, allowing for a flexible training program.

Anyone who has to sell, no matter what their current level of experience, can learn from a wide range of online retail sales training programs powered by intuitive interfaces specially designed for ease of use.

Anyone should be able to start training immediately without a lot of explanation.

You can ask questions and receive answers in real time. With my online retail sales training program closed captioning technology, you can train anyone, at any location, in most any language.

Specialized modules will specifically meet the needs of sales managers so they know how to coach the online sales training and make it stick.

The best online training programs have comprehensive tracking and reporting tools, allowing management to see how their employees are faring at an at-a-glance basis. They can also view who has been certified by completing the training and who has not.

On the downside:

Youll need a laptop, desktop or tablet, earphones, and a place for employees to gather off the sales floor in a comfortable environment.

Often the training provided is dull and does not do a good job of teaching the store associate what he or she needs to know to make a sale.

This approach has few upsides, as you are trusting another employee to train a newbie. Theres really only one plus: money. You arent spending additional dollars to get employees to travel to a location; you arent purchasing additional materials or paying overtime for travel or after-hours training.

The downsides to shadow or buddy training are many:

This also has very few pluses:

But the minuses of self-paced retail sales training are serious:

A great retail sales training program is logical. It builds from the ground up with exactly what to do at every step. It makes it easy for anyone observing, coaching, or managing it to know exactly where someone is in the process.

The time it takes to train varies. Generally, the onboarding phase of retail sales training takes from 5-10 hours. The product knowledge phase should allow about 10 hours for the top 25 SKUs.

For in-person behavioral retail sales training, or training of the soft skills, allot a minimum of three hours exposure to the material to start. For an online program, you need a minimum of an hour of content.

The time it would take to master that content on the salesfloor with role-playing, trial and error with shoppers, and comfort level of the learner, however, would be closer to thirty to forty hours.

Training is not something to get through. Its not as easy as passing a simple test.

Training is the heart and backbone of your retail operations.

No matter your personality type, you can leverage your unique abilities to engage your customers and make better sales. This quiz will not only give you insight into your own type, but will also teach you to recognize, relate to, and connect with the other types to build a solid sales team.

If you are a new store, you should begin retail sales training at least six weeks prior to opening, so every crew member knows exactly what it takes to create an exceptional experience. That way, from the soft opening to the Grand Opening and beyond, anyone who visits your store will get the same treatment. Many boutique retailers miss this important step and make excuses such as Sorry, were new, which never leads to shopper loyalty.

For a more established store or stores, you can start any time to improve your sales. While it is generally best to be done with retail sales training by November 15, some training is better than none. The key is having an employee meeting to establish why you are adding retail sales training and taking questions so employees dont sabotage your efforts.

Retail sales training and customer service training are similar, but are not really the same.

Retail sales training is designed to convert more shoppers into customers so the store can exceed sales goals. Customer service training is most often used to keep existing customers from leaving and to improve Net Promoter Score or social media reviews.

Some think customer service magically happens after a purchase while selling happens before.

I think great customer service happens because of great retail sales training that allows a retail associate to build an exceptional experience customers rave about through reviews, word-of-mouth, and social media posts.

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Retail Sales Training | Retail 101

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Sales Training:

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"Order this Book!" - by Grace Washington (Winston-Salem, NC, USA)

As a non-profit professional, I've attended several workshops on training design. This book took all the trainings and made them make sense. I read the first 3 chapters before my next workshop in community, and the information made all the difference in the world. My training was very different. I used the tools and techniques I'd learned from the other workshops,, but after reading only a few chapters of this book, I knew how, why, and when to use the tools. The session was much more lively and the group walked away remembering the core principles of the session, and are currently changing their performance in their organizations! It doesn't get much better than that; I can't wait to finish the book!

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"Awesome Content....EASY to follow and put into action!" - by Jim (Canton, GA, United States)

Great info. Worth much more than $44.09 in my opinion. In fact, I would have paid $500 for this very valuable sales information! Awesome and easy to follow information you can put to immediate use for you and your sales team.

In Stock.

"I own an agency and manage 8 staff" - by Mike A. (golden,co)

Best book ever on sales coaching! I have purchased this book at least 20 times because I love it so much I gift it away to people who seek me out about my best practices. It changed my life personally and professionally, I have not had turnover and our sales keep increasing since I invested in this book and began executing coaching the way Keith talks about in the book. Read a review above that the book gives you no structure, NOT true, it is all structure but maybe that reader missed the part that the structure comes from the inside first. I also enjoy listening to it in my car, it is available on audible and ITunes. BEST SALES COAHING BOOK EVER!

In Stock.

"Kick Your Selling Game Into High Gear!!!!!" - by MMitchell (Midwest)

I have been selling for decades, so long I have seen Zig live and remember when Guerilla was brand new and I love to find new books. Rarely do I get my socks knocked off, but I LOVE this book, I have read it and reread it and I even bought it on Audible so I could listen to it when I can't read it. It really cut through the crap and kicked me in the rear. I had been getting lazy and looking for a quick fix and this book really recharged my selling game. I am so grateful to Jeb for writing this book and so grateful I found it!

"Timeshare Pro" - by Betty Boo (Miami)

Best book in the business. Thank you Rita, you helped to make me #1 for the English line, for 3 years straight. I have recommended this book to all my colleages, and they have improved their closing by 10%. All the other books out there are a waste of money, because they don't pertain to timeshare. Please, write one for T.O.'s , now, because I will need that soon, and the T.O.'s need it now!!

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"Finally!!" - by Brett

Finally a sales management book that is simple. After 19 years of sales and sales management Jonathan has created a simple but so effective way of managing a sales team. Other sales books have, "follow these 19 steps", in one chapter and then, "follow these 25 steps" in other chapter. Jonathan makes is very clear of how to run a high function sales team with real world examples and samples of getting to become a sales boss!!Great Book!!

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"Highly Recommended!" - by Rolf Dobelli (Switzerland)

Well-trained sales professionals have a big edge over their fly-by-the-seat-of-the-pants competition, so if your job is training them, here's a tool you will appreciate. Author Jim Makula's manual for sales trainers demonstrates an accurate, complete understanding of the sales process and the sales professional's mindset. His training manual comes with sample class agendas, worksheets, training exercises and even an enclosed CD with Power Point slides. Although it is not especially strong on training people to overcome objections or close sales, the practical advice it offers particularly on attitude and networking is otherwise dead-on. We recommend this book to every sales trainer. It won't transform your staff into Brian Tracy and Zig Ziglar clones, but it will help you create a more professional, skilled sales force. And that should be worth a lot to your firm's bottom line.

Available for download now.

"A quick, fun read that will skyrocket your sales right away." - by J. Carsen

Full disclosure: I work at the same company as the author, which is how I originally heard about the book, but am not otherwise affiliated in any way. This review reflects my honest opinion. It's a quick, enjoyable, and valuable read.

Available for download now.

"Easy, short read PACKED with useful information!" - by Sarah

Only 1 left in stock (more on the way).

"Get A Jump on Your Sales Training" - by Leonard D Cochran

I love the fact the book also contains a number of practical ideas that can easily be implemented into your training. These ideas range from coaching to activities (p 143 and p110 respectively). Again, some very solid content to get you up and going quickly and easily.

Only 1 left in stock - order soon.

"Worth a read" - by Mike C (Austin, TX)

Some of this book is common sense but there is a lot of good information in here. I also like that it's set up in short chapters which is great for someone like myself that can only find time to read in short spurts without being interrupted.

I would recommend this book and will probably have some of my sales guys read it

"Must Read" - by txguitarman

Just started reading this book. Practical and applicable. I'm just shocked that in my 30+ years of sales, sales management & sales training that I had not heard of this resource.This is right there with The Ultimate Sales Machine, Lean Selling and SPIN Selling

Available for download now.

"Tons of practical advice for those in sales and sales leadership" - by Kenneth Clark (Jackson, MS)

The author has a different take than you'll often hear touted in the blogosphere or LinkedIn. Do yourself a favor, and read this no non-sense book ... full review

Available for download now.

"Laugh and Learn!" - by Lewis Fogel

This is a must read book for anyone who has ever wondered "is there a better way to sell?" It's funny, and quite insightful.

"Sales techniques for beginners" - by Jaisley Copper

I find this book very helpful especially for those beginners in the sales industry . This book will give you some strategies and proven tips that will help you to become best in sales. Once you understand these basics concepts and start applying them on your own sales, you will immediately see a difference in your profits. These tips change how you sell because you are catering to your customer's needs properly. I would recommend this book.

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Sales Training:

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Sales Training Techniques | Action Selling

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Its hard to be motivated when past sales training experiences produced no lasting effects on your teams ability to win sales. And without motivation, there can be no learning at all. Rest assured, Action Selling is unlike any training technique or event youve experienced. Its a proven selling process that shows you how and when to use key selling skills.

Technique: Assess your current selling skills. Action Selling provides a Free validated Benchmark Selling Skills Assessment that assesses your teams ability to use the critical selling skills that have the greatest impact on sales performance. The Benchmark Assessment clearly and accurately points out selling strengths and skill areas that need improving. When complete youll receive detailed reports and recommendations on how to improve in each area. The report will help focus your sales training and provide a benchmark level to measure your path to your teams success.

Develop your knowledge and use of the Critical Selling Skills that have the greatest impact on increasing your teams sales performance.

Participate in our Open Sales Training Workshop or a customized workshop at your location. Learn how and when to use critical selling skills. Match your sales process to how customers make decisions. Master the Action Selling process and sell at a rate that is six times greater than a sales force without this training.

Without a system or mechanism that reinforces newly acquired skills, salespeople relapse into old, unproductive sales behavior.

Technique: Participate in follow-up reinforcement after training. Action Selling training provides your team with reinforcement tools. Youll get skills reinforcement quizzes, videos and field-based exercises through the Action Selling LearningLink, our online sales training portal. Give your sales team on-going skill practice, exercises, coaching, and accountability that will further equip your team to reach its full potential.

Studies of retention demonstrate the impact of training that lacks a systems approach to reinforcement and learning transfer. Without these elements, 87% of learning is forgotten in only 30 days following a training event. Similar research indicates that even though the reactions of salespeople were positive, no differences were observed in the behavior of trained groups and non-participants without a systematic approach to training follow-up.

Technique: Become Certified in Action Selling. Students of sales training that have a learning goal, place more importance on the training and learn more than those without a learning goal.

Transference is your ability to take what was taught and use it in your work-related activities. Obviously, this is the principal goal of training. There are three elements that are critical to transference:

Technique: Compare pre-learning skills assessments to post-learning skill levels. Use validated selling skills assessments that are capable of measuring both Knowledge and Application of Knowledge. Our LearningLink system provides all the tools needed to unlock your sales teams potential.

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Sales Training Techniques | Action Selling

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Sales Training –

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Next time you have a few hours to kill, do an Internet search for "sales training." You will get plenty of results, each of which will claim to be the "best sales training for you and your organization." While it is not only impossible for more than one training to be the "best," no one should ever even claim to be number 1.

What makes one sales training good for one person or company does not mean that it is good for everyone or every company. Spin Sales Training has been one of the most popular sales training programs for many years but does not work well in several sales industries like Financial Services.

When filtering through the hundreds of options available, you need to keep your employees and your customers in mind. Request as much information about the sales training programs that interest you most, and give due diligence before choosing one over the others. It is also important to choose a training program that is easily implemented, easy to learn and will provide both short-term and long-term benefits.

Many sales professionals enjoy an increase in results within the first 60 days after going through a sales training program but find their sales settle back down to their average soon after. Results like this seldom yield enough increased income to pay for the training itself.

Think to yourself, "What are my realistic expectations of this training program and will this new method of sales stand the test of time?"

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Sales Training -

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Online Sales Training Programs and Resources – Rapid Learning …

Posted: March 8, 2019 at 11:49 pm

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Business Development: The Activity Fallacy

Every sales manager faces periods when results just aren't what you need them to be. A big customer leaves. Your market hits a slump. A new competitor shows up. Suddenly youre scrambling to make your numbers. And if you dont make the right moves, you could find yourself making a bad situation worse. In this Quick Take you will learn why increased sales activity isn't always a good thing, the impact of increased activity on the size and profitability of sales, and metrics that will help your reps stay focused on their best opportunities in good times and bad.

Sales Leadership Credibility Part 1: The Confidence Base

What does it take to be a credible sales leader? Is it charisma? Raw intelligence? Some intangible trait that some people are born with and others are not? The fact is, credibility often boils down to one key factor. In this program youll discover what that is and learn: Why 'leadership skill' is NOT what gets people promoted into management, the number one source of credibility for sales leaders, the key to increasing, and sustaining, your credibility as a leader and just how fragile credibility can be.

Why Praise Can Backfire And How to Do It Right

Experts tell us that we should deliver praise to our employees as often as possible. Recognition is one of the most powerful tools available to improve productivity, moral and loyalty. But giving praise isnt as simply as it seems. Delivering it the wrong way at the wrong time can actually serve to de-motivate workers. In this Quick Take you will learn: 1) Examples of situations where 'praise' isnt about praising at all, 2) An especially dangerous misuse of praise that could erode your credibility as a manager and, 3) The secret to ensuring that praise delivers the motivational message you intend it to.

The ABC Method: Handling a Bad Attitude

In every organization you have a few people with really BAD attitudes. The guy who has trouble dealing with authority the woman who shows up late all the time or the average performers who put in minimal effort but continually complain about their mediocre pay and lack of advancement. You could just terminate these employees. But lets assume theyve got skills you need and you decide theyre worth saving. This training module will show how to confront 'bad-attitude' employees the right way, and maximize the odds that theyll change themselves and become better team players.

Coaching Reps Through a Slump the Power of Explanatory Styles

Salespeople have at least one thing in common with pro baseball players. Slumps. All major leaguers even .300 hitters go through extended periods where they cant get a hit. Pressure builds. Confidence erodes. As a sales manager, your job is to coach reps out of their slumps. But the problem is deeply psychological and youre no psychologist. So how do you do it? In this Quick Take, you will learn why failing reps literally talk themselves into failing, how managers can use the theory of explanatory styles to turn failure into success and the L.E.A.D. Model for helping reps bust out of a slump.

How to Conduct Effective Exit Interviews: A Technique for Finding the REAL Reason Employees Leave

Reflect back on some exit interviews youve conducted. When the person walked out of the room, were you ever thinking: I still dont have a clue why the person REALLY left and that was a complete waste of time. Clearly, thats not your goal. Youd like your exit interviews to reveal useful information you can use to improve your company and your retention rates. In this Quick Take, youll learn: The one type of employee that will give you the most useful info. The #1 obstacle to getting meaningful input. And, a simple questioning technique that will transform the way you conduct exit interviews and get far superior results.

Handling Online Leads: The Five-Minute Window

Its inevitable: For most companies, more and more business will be coming from online leads. And yet many companies are struggling to make these leads pay. The question is, what can you do as a sales leader to maximize the value of this increasingly important lead source? In this Quick Take, you will learn the results of a study that show why online leads are so different from other leads, three techniques for managing online leads that can vastly increase their value, the 'Taco Stand' rule a key concept that will help your sales force connect with more online leads and how to align your sales force to succeed with online leads.

Salary Talk: How to Discuss Pay So Employees Feel Theyre Treated Fairly

Most managers hate discussing salary with employees because money is such an emotional topic. When the manager and the employee have different ideas about whats fair, salary review meetings can quickly go south. Fortunately, theres a way to talk about money without the drama, tension or destructive emotions. The secrets to mastering salary discussions are covered in this program.

A Four-Point Model for Leading High-Performance Teams

There is one thing all successful leaders get that failed leaders dont. They know they cant achieve breakthrough organizational results by themselves. That wisdom is often hard-earned because most leaders started their careers as individual high performers who moved mountains all alone. But they figured out at some point that the key to their success as a leader was their team. But not just any team. They needed an A-Team. This program will give you a proven 4-point model for building and maintaining a high-performance team that consistently delivers extraordinary results.

The Power of Predictability

The #1 job of the human brain is to predict what will happen, so that we can be prepared. But managers can unintentionally create a work environment where unpredictability reigns. When that happens, employees feel stressed, anxious and demotivated. In this Quick Take you will learn how the brain creates 'predictive models' that are designed to tell us whats going to happen, why we feel good when our predictions are right and bad when theyre wrong and how you can use the principle of predictability to create a more productive and positive work environment for your people.

The Triangle: How to evaluate the success of sales contests

Sales contests can be a great way to motivate your sales team. But when you considered all of the effort and cost, are contests really worth it? Maybe. Maybe not. The only way to tell is to conduct a proper ROI analysis. And that's where so many sales managers fall short. In this Quick Take you will learn: Why the most common metric for sales contests often underestimates true ROI, the importance of 'The Triangle' that can make or break a contests effectiveness, and the best way to accurately measure a contests success or failure.

Sales Leadership Credibility Part II: The Fallibility Paradox

Leadership credibility takes a long time to build but can be destroyed in seconds. The question is, how and why does it happen? What should sales managers do and never do to maintain a strong reputation as a trustworthy, reliable leader? In this Quick Take, you will learn: One of the most common, and most preventable, mistakes sales leaders make that destroys their hard-earned credibility, what we mean by the Fallibility Paradox and why its the key to maintaining credibility over the long-term, and what caused one leadership success story to end in abject failure.

Sales and the 80-20 Rule

In this Quick Take you will learn the truth about the 80-20 rule in sales and what it means for sales managers, where youre most likely to get big performance increases from your salespeople and how to structure incentives to get the biggest bang for your buck.

Six Managerial Styles You Need to Lead Effectively

Some managers limit themselves to a single management style because theyre comfortable with it and because it worked in the past. But relying on just one style can limit your ability to get things done through people. In this Quick Take youll learn that great managers master a repertoire of six managerial styles, and know how to deploy the RIGHT style depending on the situation. Youll also understand why mastering these styles is the key to earning top management respect, achieving results, and no small thing getting the promotions that one-trick ponies only dream about.

New Manager Pitfalls: How to Avoid Them and Succeed in a Leadership Role

So you just got promoted. You probably got singled out for management because you were a strong performer, a producer who achieved excellent results. Now youre in charge of a team, and your job is to get OTHER people to be strong performers. But thats easier said than done. Its so difficult, in fact, that most people want nothing to do with it. Of those who take the challenge, many underestimate the complexities of management, and fail. In this Quick Take you will learn the steps you must take to get started in the right direction.

Lead Follow-Up: How Much Is Enough?

Following up on leads can pose a real dilemma for salespeople. On the one hand, you want to be sure you exhaust every opportunity to convert those prospects into new business. On the other, you dont want to waste valuable time chasing leads who have no real intention of buying. In this Quick Take, you will learn what a massive research study reveals about how much follow-up it takes to find real buyers, the follow-up 'sweet spot' the number of calls that yielded the best return on time and effort for most salespeople, how much effort salespeople really devote to follow-up, versus how much effort they think they put in, and how to create an optimal follow-up strategy for your sales team.

The C.A.R.E.E.R. Model: The Ultimate Retention Strategy for Managers

Every experienced manager knows the feeling. A valued employee walks into your office and says, 'I found a new job. Im leaving.' Youre stung. You feel betrayed. And youre asking yourself, 'Did I do something wrong?' The bad news: You probably did. The good news: In this Quick Take youll learn how to keep your good employees on board, energized and loyal.

Hiring Salespeople: How to Smoke Out Impostors Who Will Get Mediocre Results

The cost of a bad sales hire is huge. Most obvious are the hard losses the ads, the interviews, the training, the lost sales, etc. Not so obvious is the damage you do to your credibility as a leader when you repeatedly make hiring mistakes. This Quick Take will show you how to 'smoke out' the impostors who look good on paper and know how to interview, but wont get the job done. Youll learn the most dangerous attitude a sales manager can bring to an interview with a job candidate, the preparation oversight that gives Impostors an opening and how to ask questions that will expose Impostors every time.

Why 80% of Sales Training Doesnt Stick

This Quick Take will show you the number one reason why star sales managers get extraordinary results from their sales reps. If you often feel that youre constantly drilling your reps on time-tested selling techniques, but that your message just isnt sinking in, the reason is that youre not following the simple practice outlined in this program. Less than seven minutes from now, youll know the secret, and it will transform the way you train your sales force.

Handling Disruptive Star Performers: How to Tame a Tiger

Every sales team has its superstars. They are often the most valuable members of your team and often times they know it. You love the results they deliver but their 'prima donna' attitude can be a serious disruption to everyone around them. Fortunately there is a way to keep them in check. In this Quick take you will learn a common response to a disruptive star performer which fails miserably every time, an often-overlooked fact about stars that gives you far more power than you might think, and the S.T.O.P. Model for getting disruptive tigers to change bad behavior without driving them away or turning them into pussycats.

Performance Talk: Conversations That Get Your People to Goal

Too many managers and supervisors fail to deliver performance talks to their workers as often or as effectively as they should. Why? They either see such talks as low priority or they avoid them because giving performance feedback can be uncomfortable. The good news is, managers and supervisors can develop the skills and confidence needed to deliver on-target performance talks that get results. This training program will show them how to get it done.

Sales Compensation: Get and Keep Top Talent Without Breaking the Bank

Its always a challenge to strike just the right balance in your sales compensation plan. You want to attract top performers but theres only so much money to go around. So how do you spend it wisely? How do you know whether youre paying reps too much, too little, or just enough? In this Quick Take, youll learn: A technique to optimize your commission structure to get the results you need, how to head off the greatest pitfall of changing your comp plan, and the key trap that promotes mediocre sales results.

How to Get More Reps Selling Like Your Top Reps

In this Quick Take, you will learn why its so hard for experts to explain what they do to non-experts, why its better to focus on teaching behaviors rather than knowledge or insights, and a new way to use role plays in sales training and why it works better than the way youre probably using now.

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Online Sales Training Programs and Resources - Rapid Learning ...

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