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My Transformative Time With the Beatles in India – The Daily Beast

Posted: September 7, 2020 at 3:53 am

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We were there four monthsor George and I were. We lost thirteen pounds and (barely) looked a day older, John Lennon told a BBC reporter while promoting the Beatles new business venture, Apple Records, of The Fab Fours 1968 visit to India to study with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. I dont know what level hes on, but we had a nice holiday in India and came back rested-to-play businessmen.

Hes on the level, Paul McCartney, ever the diplomat, chimed in.

Fifty-two years ago, in the spring of 1968, the Beatles traveled to Rishikesh, India, to study with Maharishi, after meeting the ambassador of Transcendental Meditation in the summer of 1967. Its an oft-discussed but little understood period in the bands history, and came at a time when the Beatles were both at the top of the mountain creatively and culturally, but had also just come out of the rockiest period theyd ever experienced since exploding into the worlds collective consciousness earlier that decade.

While Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band and the singles Penny Lane / Strawberry Fields Forever and All You Need Is Lovealso part of the first global satellite broadcasthad broken sales records around the world and ushered in a massive change to the pop-music landscape, the Beatles television film Magical Mystery Tour had been met with derision, and their manager, Brian Epstein, had died of a drug overdose at the shockingly young age of 32.

I knew that we were in trouble then, John Lennon said, reflecting on the period to Rolling Stones Jann Wenner in 1970. I didnt really have any misconceptions about our ability to do anything other than play music. I was scared. I thought, Weve fuckin had it.

And so, at the urging of George Harrison, already a disciple of sitar master Ravi Shankar and seeking a spiritual path beyond the doses of LSD he was poppingand Lennon was reportedly taking dailythe Beatles were off to India.

We had all the material things, fame and all that, but there was still something needed, you see, Harrison told the Saturday Evening Post at the time. It cant be one hundred percent without the inner life, can it?

They had everything they could ever want, but theyd realized that wasnt the answer to anything, recalls Jenny Boyd, a model at the time, and the sister of Pattie Boyd, George Harrisons then-wife, who traveled with the entourage as part of their pilgrimage to India. It was all very exciting because I thought, Oh, gosh, this is what I want. I want to be able to have something that feels meaningful. Everyone else was quite excited, too.

Still, Boyd had her concerns about Maharishi.

When wed gone to study with him the previous summerwhen Brian diedI remember walking in the lecture hall and there were the four Beatles up there on the stage with him, Boyd says. It seemed a little bit like they were the goose that had laid the golden egg. So I was never sure about Maharishi. If someone calls themselves a holy man, you want to feel some connection, but I didnt feel any connection.

The visit to Rishikesh is the subject of a new film, Meeting The Beatles In India, from director Paul Saltzman, which opens via the Gathr online platform on Sept. 9. Saltzman, who through a series of what can only be viewed as synchronistic events, ended up the only outsider at Maharishis compound during the Beatles stay there.

I ended up there because I was heartbroken, Saltzman, who at 24 was a successful Canadian TV actor at the time, remembers. Seeking enlightenment, hed joined a documentary film crew as its soundman, before ending up at the gates of Maharishis ashram after receiving a Dear John letter from his then-girlfriend. Initially denied entry on account of the famous guests in attendance, Saltzman persisted, sleeping in an Army tent on the outskirts of the ashram. I was looking for a way to ease the pain. I didnt know and didnt care that the Beatles were there.

Eventually allowed in and taught meditation, though still relegated to the Army tent, Saltzman was also quickly accepted into the group of people studying with Maharishi, which just so happened to include John, Paul, George, and Ringo. Saltzman was soon at ease enough to ask each of the Beatles if they minded if he took some photos. They obliged, and Saltzmans photos chronicling his time at the ashram by the banks of the Gangeswhich were packed away and forgotten for many yearsare remarkable; as intimate and relaxed as any of the Beatles, some of the most photographed people in the world, then or now.

My daughter had become a Beatles fan and asked me to find them, Saltzman recalls. It was the beginning of a journey that ended in the making of this film.

George did admit that there was a lot of drugs and that it was not appropriate for the ashram atmosphere. But they were also very creative, and they wrote lots of songs whilst they were there.

Youd get a knock on the door, early, and thered be Mango man, as we called him, with a lovely glass of fresh mango juice, Boyd, who appears in Meeting The Beatles In India, recalls of her nearly three months in Rishikesh. Then Id hook up with Pattie and walk down to the breakfast table, then head back to my bungalow to meditate. After that, wed go up on the roof and listen to John and Paul and George playing, and then have henna put on our hands, or learn how to put on a sari, or sometimes Pattie and I would go down to the Ganges and just sort of dip our toes in there. Once Pattie and I went across the Ganges in a little boat and went to look at the village of Rishikesh. So wed do little things like that, and it just became a way of life. But mainly there was a lot of meditation. And wed have our meetings with Maharishi, sitting outside. By that time I wasnt hung up by not being sure about him, because the meditation was amazing and Id proved it to myself how amazing it made me feel.

I would see them doing those things, and I would just be hanging out at a table by the cliff, recalls Saltzman, who was at the ashram for eight days, and says the broken heart he was nursing was lifted the first time he meditated. Id do some meditation, I would read, I would write, I would meditate some more. And I was in heaven that I wasnt in agony anymore.

Of course it wasnt all meditation and vegetarian meals for the most famous men on the planet.

Apparently, there was a lot of experimentation with drugs and Maharishi was not happy about that, Deepak Chopra, a close friend of George Harrisons, recalls the former Beatle telling him of his time studying with Maharishi. George did admit that there was a lot of drugs and that it was not appropriate for the ashram atmosphere. But they were also very creative, and they wrote lots of songs whilst they were there.

Indeed, the Beatles were incredibly prolific while in Rishikesh. Though accounts vary, Lennon, McCartney, and Harrison wrote in the neighborhood of 30 songs while there, many of which made up the bands holiday release that year, their fabled self-titled LP known as the White Album.

They could just be themselves, and that was very rare, Boyd, who has written extensively about creativity and is sure the atmosphere sparked the Beatles creative juices, recalls. Even though wed go to nightclubs all together that were filled with musicians back in London, and it was very cool, and nobody coming to ask for autographs or anything, they were still the Beatles. They couldnt help but be affected by being in that fishbowl. But this was very different. It was the first time that they could just relax and be all together, because it was like living in a commune, in a way. There was no press; there was no pressure. They just had each other and their creativity, and of course, the inspiring surroundings. They could let whatever came out come out. All their inspiration just seemed to come from whatever was going on.

I know that once I began meditating, things started expanding in my awareness, and I started having epiphanies and creative insights that havent stopped for a single day, and George told me they all found it very useful and they found it very helpful to their music, Chopra, who began meditating while a medical resident in 1980, adds. With George, although he was of course supremely musical, Im sure a lot of that focus came from meditation. I lived with him for a while at his home outside of London, and every time you spoke to George, by the time you finished speaking to him, in his head, he had a song. That was so amazing to me.

Every time you spoke to George, by the time you finished speaking to him, in his head, he had a song. That was so amazing to me.

Ultimately, as Beatles historian Mark Lewisohn recounts in the film, the Beatles fell out with Maharishi. But whatever John Lennon said in the years after the Beatles trip to India, the trouble appeared to begin after Magic Alex Mardas, an intimate of the Beatles, showed up in India.

Magic Alex came over and I knew he was up to no good, Boyd recalls. He had come to visit me the night before we went to India, and John and Cynthia were there. He was still trying to get John to go to his guru instead. So there was a real jealousy there, because he thought he was Johns friend, and didnt want anyone in his way. So when he arrived, I thought, Uh-oh, hes here to make trouble. I just had this feeling. Id see him walking around the ashram hand in hand with this woman, and I could sense there was something being cooked up. Then he told John that the woman had said that Maharishi had tried something on her, and that Mia Farrow had said the same thing. So John went to George, and they both went to go and see Maharishi.

Lennon confronted Maharishi. 'Therewas a hullabalooabouthim tryingtorape Miaand afew other women. Thewhole gang charged down tohis hutand Isaid: We're leaving! Lennon later recounted to Rolling Stone.

But why? Maharishi pleaded.

Well, if youre so cosmic youll know why, Lennon shot back.

The next morning, George woke me up and said, Cmon, you and me and Pattie are going to south India to join Ravi Shankar, Boyd recalls. By then, I was so ensconced, it was really sad as we all walked past. There was Maharishi, he had been called, told that his prize troupe were leaving, he was sitting down and one of his people was holding an umbrella over his head, and he kept saying, Boys, boys, why are you leaving? It felt awful. I just thought, Nobodys told him? I felt that wed betrayed him.

In true Lennon fashion, he also immortalized the souring of the relationship in song.

Maharishi, what have you done, youve made a fool of everyone, Lennon wrote in the original lyrics to Sexy Sadie, a song he came up with while waiting for the car that whisked him, his wife Cynthia, George Harrison, and Pattie and Jenny Boyd from the Maharishis ashram. It was only after Harrison suggested changing the title that Lennon softened the blow to the now familiar refrain of the song.

I titled it Sexy Sadie, Harrison recalled to Entertainment Weekly in 1987. I dont know what John would say about that, but he was sitting there and I was saying, Well, John, wouldnt it be more subtle to call it, say, something like Sexy Sadie? Its a bit obviousMaharishi. The words, that was Johns concept of what happened to him. But even John was wrong some of the time.

We went to visit Maharishi in an ashram, and the first thing that George didafter offering him a rose as a greeting for him to bless and then give it back to us at the endwas to say, Ive come here to apologize on behalf of the Beatles, recalls Chopra. Maharishi asked, Why did you come to apologize? George said, Because of what happened in 1968. You know, John said some unfortunate things about you. I dont even know what it was, but it was something salacious, apparently, and it created a bit of a scandal. And Maharishi laughed it off. He said, Theres nothing to apologize for. The Beatles are angels on earth. Because of the Beatles, the world will change. Their music will change the world and it will cause a big shift in collective consciousness. Theres never any need to apologize. And George was very emotionally moved, and he slept in the ashram that night.

Ultimately, the Beatles were never again the four men, united against the world, that they had been before their visit to Rishikesh. From 1968 onward they were on parallel paths, and Paul Saltzman, whose journey led him from meeting the Beatles in India and, ultimately, to making a film about the experience, has some insight into why.

When you delve into your inner selfwith a capital Swhich most people avoid and run away from, and when you touch into your heart and soul, which was what was happening at the ashram, youre dealing with, in a sense, your best self, Saltzman says. Youre feeding your best self really well, youre resting well, youre touching into your inner self, heart, and soul through meditation. And I think you come back from that changed. And so I think India changed the Beatlesforever.

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My Transformative Time With the Beatles in India - The Daily Beast

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Book to explore life and times of Osho aide Sheela – Devdiscourse

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A new book on Osho Rajneesh's former aide Ma Anand Sheela looks at her life, her intense relationship with the self-styled godman, and the riveting story of what actually happened behind the closed doors of the cult's ashram. "Nothing to Lose: The Authorized Biography of Ma Anand Sheela" will be out on October 5, publishers HarperCollins India said.

Penned by Manbeena Sandhu, the book explores the many dimensions and facets of the enigmatic Sheela. From heading an ashram at Rajneeshpuram, Oregon, USA, in the 1980s to allegedly spearheading what is known as the largest bio-terror attack in American history and spending 39 months in prison, Sheela's life is one that fascinates and intrigues.

Sandhu followed the Osho movement for two decades before her journey finally led her to Sheela. Talking about this book, Sheela said: "Through this book, Manbeena prompted me to remember forgotten memories and relive my journey." Sandhu said she has been closely involved with studying the Bhagwan Rajneesh movement for over 20 years and throughout this period of study and research, one compelling figure towered above all - Sheela.

"She, who not only shook the grounds of the US but the entire world through her non-conforming, non-traditional, and rebellious ways," the biographer said. According to Bushra Ahmed, commissioning editor at HarperCollins India, "Ma Anand Sheela has lived a life that shocks and impresses. And now, in 'Nothing to Lose', she looks back and talks about her remarkable journey and gives us a peek into the events that happened at the ashram all that time ago." Of the many anecdotes in the book is one about a meeting of the heads of all departments including the group leaders and therapists called by Sheela on the morning of April 11, 1981.

"She (Sheela) stood upright, squared her shoulders, held up a finger and announced in her crisp voice, 'Bhagwan has retired and will not be speaking in public again. He has entered the ultimate stage of his work and does not need to speak any more. Most of his disciples are now ready to hear and understand him without his words, says Bhagwan'. "After a brief and sullen pause, she stepped back with a curt: 'Thank you!' Uncertainty loomed over the shocked, pasty faces of the majority of sannyasins who stood paralysed," the book says.

"Winds of change had rippled the ashram waters and the shaky sannyasins were feeling threatened by the shrouded phantom of transition that was silently tiptoeing towards them. "With one blow, it had toppled their leader, with the other it had silenced their guru and now it seemed to be rushing headlong into their orange grove with the intention of uprooting their tree and hurling it into some uncharted skies," it says.

Uncertainty wafted in the air as sannyasins mewed with scepticism and gossiped in scattered clusters that dotted the tremulous grounds of the ashram, it adds..

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Book to explore life and times of Osho aide Sheela - Devdiscourse

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Does Aashram Season 2 Exist? Know The Whole Truth: Season 2 Plot, Expectations, The Road Ahead, And Where … – Bullet News

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After the massive success of Aashram season 1, everyone is getting blood-thirsty for Season 2. As at the end of the Season 1 finale, there is a trailer showing future glimpses of the show Aashram. Which means Season 2 is inevitable.

However, we want to ask you- Dose Aashram Season 2 Exists?

Don't get all shocked and surprised. I am merely hitting you with the fact that though the next episodes of Aashram will soon be available to stream, but that is not the Season 2.

Yes, you heard that right, there is no Season 2 for the Bobby Deol's Ashram! People are getting it all wrong! The truth is that season 1 itself hasn't even finished yet! And the continuation of the show is Part II of Season 1 itself, as we have mentioned in our previous article about the Aashram. You can read it from the link below.

The show was produced and released with a unique idea. Distributing one season into two parts and releasing them separately. The reasons behind this approach are seemingly unknown, but increased economic success could be one of them. The length of the story could be another reason. Whatever it might be, the narration on the series is impressive!

However, all we honestly care about is the story and its continuity. However, this is where it gets interesting. Since the season is divided into two parts, the production of both the parts was done together! Meaning, part 2 of Ashram has already been shot, produced, and is ready to be released!

The question now arises if it's already complete, why not just release it. While dispersion is logical, it might not be acceptable regarding the marketing of the show. The creators want to create excitement, hype, and anticipation for part 2, hence the delay!

In this article, we discuss the probable release date of the seriesbesides the success of part 1 and the proposed plot of part 2, we will discuss the future of the series and where to watch it.

Yes, you guessed it by now, the Baba of Kashipur is a straight-up psycho. A megalomaniac, sex-addict, and a real hypocrite! Above all, a beautiful instance of dramatic irony. We now know he isn't the "Baba" his "Bhakts" think he is. But is this all? Is he just a sex addict who became a Baba to have an infinite supply of females? Or is there something darker, deeper, and diabolical? There are hints that point towards the fact that Bapa Nirala Kashiwala is not just a conman, but a nefarious mastermind.

A volcano is brewing, a nexus screaming to be unfolded. Part II will be featuring something unexpected, which can blow our minds! From the endless supply chain of women to drugs to dirty politics, Ashram part 2 will only get darker. And we love it!

The ending of Part I gave us a precap to Part II, and on closer inspection of it, some intriguing questions arise.

Is the Baba a somnophiliac?

Whatever crazy twist and turn the show may take, one thing is for sure that it will be one hell of a ride! If the producers are creative with it, there can be a possibility for an actual Season 2. The story has immense potential and is one of the best series on MX player to this date. Thus, Expectations are high!

As of now, the whole team of Ashram is celebrating the success party. A party which they duly deserve! From the writing to the direction- cast to production, everything is spot on! Aashram is one of the best works of Bobby Deol as well, something he admits to himself.

In conclusion, as it has only been a few days since Part I's release, Part II will take time to be released. Above all, Part II has is out there. Hence it must be out at some point. But when is that time? Well, according to various interviews and social media posts, part 2 might be nearer than expected. The most probable release date is at the start of 2021!

If, for some reason, you have not watched season 1, it is available to watch for free on the MX player website as well as the app. Similarly, part 2 of season 1 will also be available to stream on the MX Pro website and official app.

It's only been a few days, and we can't wait for part 2 already! Are you too in the same boat as ours? If yes, be sure to check back on us as we'll have all the latest updates for you!

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Does Aashram Season 2 Exist? Know The Whole Truth: Season 2 Plot, Expectations, The Road Ahead, And Where ... - Bullet News

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Asaram bragged about political connection during arrest, recounts IPS officer in new book – Deccan Herald

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Self-styled 'godman' Asaram, sentenced to life in prison for raping a teenager, bragged about his political connections while being taken into custody and told an officer he would receive orders from his superiors to not carry out the arrest, says an IPS officer who led the investigation.

The 79-year-old was arrested in August 2013 and convicted almost five years later in April 2018 on charges of raping a teen student of his ashram.

"Taking Asaram Bapu into custody was a challenging task and the toughest part of the entire course of the case. Despite all odds, it was done, Ajay Pal Lamba, who was posted as Deputy Commissioner of Police-West in Jodhpur in 2013, told PTI.

Lamba has penned his experience of the case in a book titled Gunning for the GODMAN - The true story behind Asaram Bapu's conviction, recalling the hardship and challenges he and his team faced during the investigation and the trial.

The book, co-authored by Sanjeev Mathur and published by HarperCollins Publishers, will be released virtually on September 5.

Lamba said he, his team members, witnesses and even lawyers received threats during the investigation and trial.

Asaram was arrested by a team from the Jodhpur police from his ashram in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, on August 31, 2013 and taken to Jodhpur via Delhi by air.

According to Lamba, it was while the team was talking to Asaram in his ashram before his arrest that he boasted about his political connections and told a police officer, Soon you will receive orders from your superiors that you cannot arrest me.

However, Asaram panicked when the officer switched off his mobile phone in front of him, Lamba, a 2005-batch IPS office presently posted as Additional Commissioner of Police in Jaipur, recounted.

Two members of the investigation team were deputed to stay at the ashram as Asaram's followers to collect evidence.

"It was discovered that he had some kind of sex addiction and demanded a new nubile girl every night, Lamba writes in the book, referring to the claim of some individuals associated with Asaram.

The girls were made to believe by Asaram's aides that they were sick and must "surrender" to him if they wanted to be cured, he said.

It is claimed that members of Asaram's ashram management, especially the matron of the Chhindwara ashram, Shilpi, were always on the lookout for underage and attractive girls studying or staying at the ashram who could be brainwashed into believing that the accused was "god incarnate and that they were his chosen ones".

The girls were made to feel inadequate or sick, and convinced that their cure lay with Baba Asaram. They were told that they must surrender to him totally if they wanted to be remedied of their ills, Lamba said.

He said the young girls, usually from poor families, were either "paid off" later or threatened with dire consequences if they say a word about their ordeal.

There was parental pressure too. They were, therefore, not in favour of taking any legal action against the accused, he said in the book.

Lamba narrated in detail his experience of questioning Asaram when he was brought to Jodhpur and lodged in a police guest house.

Baba, tu yeh bata ki yeh sab kya kar dala tune. Jaldi bata.' I asked him in a gruff voice, with contempt in my eyes. (Baba, you tell me why you did all this. Tell me quickly) What he said in response astounded me. 'Galti kar di galti kar di maine (I made a mistake I made a mistake).

That was exactly where I wanted him. My plan had succeeded. I knew that it would now be easy to make him confess to his crime and to corroborate the allegations against him, the officer said in the book.

Lamba said he meticulously selected every single member in his team, those with expertise in areas such as forensic science, legal matters and interrogation. They comprised both young and experienced officers with high integrity and reliability to be able to take the case to a logical conclusion.

He claimed that Gujarat police, which was investigating the case against Asaram's son Narayan Sai, had revealed that an accused in that case planned to kill woman officer Chanchal by blowing up her vehicle with an IED.

In the wake of such disclosures, Chanchal had to be provided additional armed guards round the clock even when she was later transferred to Bhilwara district, he said.

The officer told PTI that he held regular media briefings to make sure that no speculative news was generated. This proved to be a crucial factor, particularly during his arrest.

I decided to write the book to give a first-hand account of the investigation and the challenges in the high-profile case. It tells about the importance of planning, teamwork, leadership qualities which are essential to execute a task, he said.

Asaram was sentenced to life in jail till natural death by a Jodhpur court on April 25, 2018. The court awarded 20 years imprisonment to two co-accused, including Chhindwara ashram matron Shilpi, and acquitted two others, Shiva and Prakash.

The teenaged victim from Shahajahanpur in Uttar Pradesh, who was studying at Asaram ashram, had accused him of raping her on the night of August 15, 2013.

An FIR was lodged with a police station in Delhi and was transferred to Jodhpur for investigation.

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Asaram bragged about political connection during arrest, recounts IPS officer in new book - Deccan Herald

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Sadhus living in Jharkhand threatened with Palghar-like consequences by goons – Times Now

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After the death of the ashram founder- Mouni Baba, land mafia has been making repeated attempts to take over the plot (Representative Image). |  Photo Credit: iStock Images

Jamshedpur: Seers living in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand were allegedly threatened by a group of goons inside their ashram on Monday. Allegedly, a history-sheeter forcefully entered the ashram where the sadhus live and issued threats to them.

The accused man was identified as Ravidas and his entourage of gang members allegedly barged into the Mouni Baba Ashram on Monday and threatened the sadhus of 'Palghar-like' consequences.

One of the threatened sadhuswas identified as Mahant Meghnath Saraswati. On Monday, Ravidas and 20 of his associates allegedly entered the ashram. Accused of murder and extortion, Ravidas allegedly wants to capture the land on which the ashram has been built, The Times of India reported.

After the death of the ashram founder- Mouni Baba, land mafia has been making repeated attempts to take over the land. Renu Gupta, Sonari police station officer-in-charge said that an FIR has been registered against the accused. Gupta added that the police are trying to gather the CCTV footage of the ashram for further probe.


Palghar lynching: CID files charge sheet against two minors

Palghar lynching: No CBI probe required - Maharashtra govts status report filed in SC accessed

Palghar lynching: Maharashtra govt opposes CBI probe; tells SC 300 chargesheeted, 6 cops suspended

In April this year, two sadhus and their drivers were allegedly murdered in Maharashtra's Palghar. Several protests were staged after the sadhus and driver were brutally murdered in the area. Allegedly, the three deceased were mistaken for child thieves. According to a recent development, three cops associated with the case were dismissed from service. They were identified as police inspector Anandrao Kale, who was in-charge of Kasa police station, assistant sub-inspector Ravi Salunke and constable Naresh Dhodi.


Sadhus living in Jharkhand threatened with Palghar-like consequences by goons - Times Now

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A principled principal – The Tribune India

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Swaran Chaudhary

Going to the class late or leaving it early is as unethical as under-weighing or under-measuring. Such were the values Triloki Nath, a former principal of DAV College, Chandigarh, stood for. I am over 80 now, and having worked under his seasoned administration for more than a decade, I cant help paying a tribute to my mentor and inspiration. Principal Nath was a martinet who had an eagles eye. He could distinguish between a shirker and a worker. He was particular about discipline, both in academics and sports. Staff members would synchronise their watches with the college bell, and leave the staffroom two-three minutes early to reach the classroom on time.

There were over a hundred staff members on the rolls of the college and all were scared of the principal, who would take rounds of the corridors to observe discipline and punctuality. Round the clock he was on college duty. His spies would report teachers who skipped classes. The principal used to scribble a note on a used paper and send it to the staff member concerned. Aaj maare gaye! was the summoned defaulters instant reaction.

I worked under him as a lecturer of English, a hostel warden, and an NCC company commander, and gained a lot from his administrative genius. I owe my gratitude to him because he injected the spirit of work culture in us. Of average build, Nath believed in austerity and simplicity. He drew just Re 1 as salary, and the rest he would donate to the Arya Samaj or to the college. Under his principal-ship, the college was at the peak of glory. Students even from abroad wanted to get admission. The college also produced eminent sportspersons like Kapil Dev.

Nath followed the path of truth. During his tenure, a student was murdered, which sent waves of terror. But he kept his cool and went ahead fearlessly to pursue the truth.

He was offered the Vice Chancellorship of a university, but he declined the offer because he was wedded to the college, though he remained a bachelor. Even after college hours, he would go around the entire campus and switch off lights and fans, and turn off taps of washrooms. He used to accommodate intelligent students in his house, and not only offered them nutritious food, but also managed extra coaching for them. His office was scantily furnished no sofas, no ACs, no modern luxuries, just simple wooden chairs and fans. His motto was that public money should be spent frugally. After retirement, he was offered a lucrative job at the headquarters, but somehow he could not adjust himself there and became a sanyasi to work at Chinmaya Ashram in Dharamsala.

Such principals are rare, an epitome of industry and austerity. I bow to him. May his tribe increase!

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A principled principal - The Tribune India

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Only 2500 isolation beds readied in Kathmandu Valley – Khabarhub

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(Image for Representation)

KATHMANDU: Only 2,500 isolation beds have been set up in Kathmandu Valley so far even though the federal capital has been evolving as coronavirus hotspot.

The government had earlier decided to ready at least 6,000 isolation beds in the Valley considering an alarming rise in coronavirus cases.

The Cabinet meeting on August 20 had decided to ready 6000-10,000 isolation beds. More than two weeks after the decision was made, isolation beds have not been made as planned.

Till now, 2,500 beds are ready in Kathmandu. Even before the announcement of the government, isolation beds with a capacity of 1,000 beds were prepared in Kathmandu.

The government has not been able to fulfil its commitment to build integrated isolation beds in Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur.

The Kathmandu Valley Municipal Forum had also promised to make 5,000 isolation beds on August 19.

Mayor of Madhyapur Thimi Municipality Madan Sundar Shrestha said that an isolation bed with a capacity of 1,500 has been ready since August 20.

A 300-bed isolation ward has been set up at Janamitri Hospital, 100 beds have been prepared in Staff College of Lalitpur and 300 in Kharipati, he said.

A total of 500 isolation beds have been prepared in Manav Ashram in Samakhusi and 300 in Manav Ashram in Balkhu.

He said that the isolation beds were designed with the facility of oxygen. He added that there was no discussion about isolation beds for a few days due to various reasons.

So far, 19,004 isolation beds have been made across the country.

According to the COVID-19 Crisis Management Center (CCMC), 4,439 isolation beds in Province-5 with the highest number while Province 1 has the least number of beds with only 1,211 beds.

So far, 3,063 isolation beds have been made in Bagmati. There are 3,919 isolation beds in the Sudurpaschim province. Province 2 has 3,017 beds while Gandaki has 1,414 isolation beds.

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Only 2500 isolation beds readied in Kathmandu Valley - Khabarhub

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Five Holistic Getaways to Restore Health & Wellness this Fall – Barron’s

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After six months of stressing about Covid-19, we could all use a little health and wellness break before the long winter sets in.

As luxury hotels and resorts reopened this summer, there has been a heightened awareness of not only hygiene and social distancing, but also holistic well-being.

Weve been focusing on the fact that well-being is a whole-person issue at this pointnot just physical, says Mark Hoplamazian, president and CEO of Hyatt Hotels Corporation, which recently opened Miraval Spas in Lenox, Mass. and Austin Texas. A lot of programming at Miraval is designed around allowing people to connect with themselves, finding their own balance and calm in the face of a lot of stress and anxiety.

Below are five destination spas that are taking enhanced safety measures while delivering restorative getaway without skimping on the five-star amenities and service.

Miraval Berkshires

Lenox, Massachusetts

Miravals third destination spa opened in the Berkshires over the summer, echoing the experiences of its recently opened spa in Austin, Texas, and the flagship in Tucson, Arizona.

Occupying the former Cranwell Resort on 380 acres, Miraval Berkshires shares the campus with its Hyatt sister property, the Wyndhurst Manor & Club, complete with an 18-hole golf course.

Upon arrival, guests embark on a serene attitude adjustment by following a Path to Wellness, a meditational walk through a greenhouse-like portal designed to encourage mindfulness.

With the largest Life in Balance Spa in the Miraval portfolio, the Berkshires property offers the brands most popular treatments, including Vasudhara, a signature water treatment in the spas indoor pool, and Naga Thai, the brands exclusive Thai massage, for which therapists use colorful silks hanging from beams to entwine and suspend themselves while wrapping and supporting your body to achieve deeper stretching.

The bucolic campus includes stables that host Miravals unique equine programming that lets guests work one on one with horses, a challenge course to push you beyond your comfort zone, and the golf course for exploring the mindful side of the sport.

Miraval Berkshires 100 guestrooms and suites are designed to underscore the classic New England country estate vibe with shades of warm cranberry, amber, and navy and cozy materials, including shirting plaids, woven wools, mattress ticking cottons and throws. The rooms are also equipped with Tibetan singing bowls, meditation cushions and guided meditation channels.

While Covid restrictions have resulted in limited capacity and closed shared spaces, including thermal zones, the staff is committed to offering a complete wellness experience while taking precautions to ensure safety and comfort.


Vista, California

Set apart on more than 500 private acres adjacent to a country club just north of San Diego, Cal-a-Vie virtually transports you to the French countryside in a Provencal-styled retreat filled with European antiques and tapestries.

With 32 private villas, ideal for a socially distanced retreat, this destination spa blends the best of both worldsclassic European spa philosophies and a distinctly Californian emphasis on fitness, health and nutrition.

Cal-a-Vie s three, four- and seven-night thematic spa vacation packages include gourmet cuisine, more than 160 fitness classes, hiking, golf programs, beauty and spa treatments and mind-body awareness programs.

With such a vast property, Cal-a-Vie is well-suited for keeping socially distanced, and the temperate Southern California climate allows it to hold everything from spa treatments to fitness classes to dining outside for a refreshing al fresco spa experience.

The Lodge at Woodloch

Hawley, Pennsylvania

Located on 500 acres in the woodlands of northeastern Pennsylvania, less than 100 miles from New York City and Philadelphia, The Lodge at Woodloch has been limiting capacity to ensure abundant distancing while helping guests get their wellness journeys back on track.

As part of that endeavor, class offerings have put a special emphasis on building immunity with detoxing fitness classes and spa treatments and menus highlighting fermented foods and herbal teas. The property has also added a fitness tent to conduct cardio classes in the great outdoors.

Despite the adjustments, the property still offers 20 to 30 classes per day including fitness and wellness, outdoor adventures such as forest bathing, art classes, gardening classes, and cooking demonstrations. Theres even a new hatchet-throwing range so you can take out your pandemic frustrations in a particularly primal and satisfying way.

The resort has added tables to the verandas of its 58 guest rooms for private dining overlooking the surrounding woodlands or you can book a chef-led, seasonal farm-to-table dinner featuring a four-course menu with wine pairings, served in the middle of the garden (weather permitting, of course).

Those seeking a completely isolated spa retreat can book a guest home at Woodloch Springs Country Club and schedule in-home dining and private sessions and classes.

The Pearl Laguna

Laguna Beach, California

If youre looking for a wellness escape thats more hardcore and results-driven, The Pearl Laguna in Laguna Beach, California, offers one- to multi-week bootcamp-like programs that balance rigorous exercise, such as challenging nature hikes amid the beauty of Californias coastal canyons, and a cleansing vegetarian diet regimen with the relaxation of morning and evening yoga classes, daily therapeutic healing massages, and beach walks.

Founded by prominent yoga instructorsGeoandKatreshaMoskios,The Pearl Lagunais a 12-bedroom ashram nestled among the trees of Laguna Canyon that treats yoga and nature as healing entities.

With the pandemic in mind this fall, The Pearl is emphasizing immune-boosting remedies for the soul, mind, and body. And during the yoga, pranayama and meditations, the focus is on letting go of stress and anxiety, to instill a sense of calm in these stressed-out times.

As you might expect, the cuisine is based on locally sourced organic vegetables, herbs, fruits, non-gluten grains, and probiotics to cleanse and heal the body. Alcohol, caffeine, processed foods, and refined sugars are decidedly not on the menu, so you might just lose some of the Covid-19 weight you may have put on.

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Five Holistic Getaways to Restore Health & Wellness this Fall - Barron's

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To All The Girl Gangs Out There, Check Out These Five Destinations in India For Your Next Trip Post Pandemic –

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Thinking about your last girls-only trip or are you planning for your next one? A women-only trip to the hills or a beach with the best of your girlfriends is one thing you must experience, at least once in a lifetime. Can you imagine the level of craziness on that trip? If you want to spend some quality time with your dearest girlfriends and have a gala time while enjoying the constant banter, inside jokes, and wild parties, then you must take a trip with them. Also Read - Best Breakfast Recipes to Lose Weight: 5 Healthy Indian Dishes to Help You Shed Extra Kilos

However, the year 2020 hasnt turned out the way all of us expected it to be. The world has been grappling with the pandemic and India is amongst the top three countries in the world which are badly impacted by the virus. While the current situation looks rather grim, will our travel bucket list ever see the light of the day again? Such thoughts might seem scary to the traveler inside you, but one should never stop planning for the next travel destination. Also Read - Importance And Benefits Of Gayatri Mantra: Here's All You Need To Know

Here we have five destinations in India where you can travel with your girlfriends and weave memories of a kind. Also Read - Travel Enthusiasts, Here are 5 Easy Treks in India With Picturesque View

1. Sikkim

If you love mighty Himalayan ranges, waterfalls, and lush green forests, Sikkim is the place to be. Sikkim is considered one of the best places for meditation. The state has an enormous variety of flora and fauna. One can explore activities including rafting, trekking, yak safaris, and mountaineering.

Popular destinations: Gangtok, Pelling, Lachung, Yumthang

2. Pondicherry

Vacations are supposed to take you away from the cities hustle-bustle. Pondicherry remains tranquil and offers the perfect French colonial-style setting. Here you can enjoy peaceful beaches, crystal-clear sea, and a mouth-watering plate of seafood.

Popular destinations: Promenade beach, Auroville, Aurobindo Ashram, Serenity beach, Paradise Beach

3. Goa

If you love letting your hair down and go crazy with your favorite champagne, Goa is the perfect destination for your girl gang. Its a party destination with cafes at every nook and corner of the city. One can spend the day basking the sun in shacks and evenings at a citys nightclubs. Popular destinations: Calangute Beach, Aguada Fort, Chapora Fort, Baga Beach

4. Andaman & Nicobar Islands

People often call the islands as a paradise tucked away between the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea, which stands so true. The place has pristine, white beaches and crystal clear sea.

Popular Destinations: Port Blair, Havelock Island, Radhanagar Beach, Vijay Nagar Beach

5. Rishikesh

Surf the Ganges with your girl gang. If you and your girl gang love adventure, try Rishikesh. One can enjoy thrilling activities like river rafting, bungee jumping, ziplining, rock climbing, cliff jumping, zorbing, rappelling, paragliding, and loads more.

Popular destinations: Laxman Jhula, Jumpin Heights, Rishikund

So, what did you decide?

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To All The Girl Gangs Out There, Check Out These Five Destinations in India For Your Next Trip Post Pandemic -

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Woman raped, confined for over 1 year in Gujarat ashram; accused blackmailed by ‘NGO workers’ – Times Now

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The police booked two other women were also part of the NGO (Representative Image). |  Photo Credit: iStock Images

Ahmedabad: A 35-year-old woman was allegedly raped and confined to a room for over one year at an ashram in Gujarat. Three persons were arrested over their involvement in the incident and soon after, the police also arrested three other people who allegedly blackmailed the rape accused.

Three men, identified as Raghuram Bhagat, Jagdish Bhagat and Bhavesh Bhagat were nabbed for raping the woman on multiple occasions and confining her to a room in Sat Devidas Ashram in Amreli for one-and-a-half years.

Days later, the cops arrested- Pravin Rathod, Ramesh Maru and Jigyesh Manvar for attempting to extort money from the rape accused using a video of the survivor and for defaming her. Pravin, Ramesh and Jigyesh claimed to be members of an NGO. The police also booked two other women were also part of the NGO. An investigation revealed that the NGO was unregistered.

On June 20, a rape case was filed by the Damnagar police. During the investigation, the police identified the accused who claimed to be 'Sadhu Bhagat' or devotees of a sadhu. The three men told the police that they were members one of Swami Narayan's sects and stayed in Sat Devidas Ashram in Amreli.

As per the police complaint, the three accused brought the woman from Botad to Amreli for labour work. Following this, the accused raped her on multiple occasions. The accused also threatened to frame the survivor in a theft case, warning her against sharing the incident with anyone, The Indian Express reported.

After the accused were arrested, three persons claiming to be members of an unregistered NGO approached the woman and offered to help her. The three NGO workers recorded a video of the woman and uploaded it on social media without her permission. After uploading the video, the three men asked the rape accused to pay Rs 45 lakh.


[VIDEO] Self-styled godman from Panchkula arrested for raping two minor girls at ashram

[VIDEO] Nithyananda ashram case: Gujarat HC slams police, asks cops to produce missing girls by Dec 10

German woman alleges molestation by 'babas' at Ashram in Varanasi

The accused arrested the three NGO workers and also booked two other women in relation to the case. The five persons were booked under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

Excerpt from:

Woman raped, confined for over 1 year in Gujarat ashram; accused blackmailed by 'NGO workers' - Times Now

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