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Why You Should Consider Meditation

Posted: April 5, 2019 at 11:25 am

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The study and practice of meditation is on the rise, where the physical and psychological benefits are applicable to just about anybody.

Meditation and mindfulness go hand in hand to resolve mind body complications and symptoms during your sleeping life and your waking life. But first off, it is important to know the distinction between mindfulness and meditation, and how the two overlap in improving overall mind and body wellbeing within an individual.

What is mindfulness versus meditation?

Mindfulness is an active, daily process of focusing on the present moment and existing within it. You are present by being fully aware of your physical body as well as any thoughts and feelings that happen inside your mind and body.

Mindfulness is the ability to identify each thought as it passes through your mind, where you objectively identify them without judging or criticizing each thought. Mindfulness can be achieved through both mental and physical exercises and routines that strive to improve your mind-body relationship.

Mindfulness and meditation have a mirror-like relationship with each other: mindfulness supports and enhances meditation, and meditation supports and broadens mindfulness. Mindfulness is a practice you can use continually through the day, whereas meditation is practiced in specific time intervals.

With mindfulness, the focus is on awareness, whereas with meditation, the goal is to clear your mind of everything. The two go hand in hand however, especially when it comes to helping you sleep. Sleep is a vital function of your body that should not be ignored, where sleep deprivation can lead to a number of problems.

Mindfulness and meditation together help in three major ways with regard to sleep problems:

  • Mindfulness and meditation work together to combat stress through retraining your body to elicit the relaxation response instead of fight or flight, which can be brought on by chronic stress.  The high cortisol levels associated with fight or flight makes it impossible to sleep, where mindfulness and meditation practices help reduce these high cortisol levels so your body is able to sleep.
  • Mindfulness and meditation strengthen different regions of the brain. Studies show that both disciplines have a direct impact on neural structure and functioning. This impact also reaches the part of the brain associated with REM sleep.
  • They together increase melatonin levels as well. Research shows that meditating before bed leads to increased amounts of melatonin, the neurochemical called the ‘sleep hormone,’ which makes sleep possible.

Physical and Psychological Benefits of Meditation

The benefits of mindfulness and meditation are many, besides your sleep quality, where the same physical and psychological benefits that help you sleep also help your waking life.

  • Physical benefits include: growing your brain; increasing blood flow to your brain; reducing blood pressure and heart rate; increasing production of serotonin and dopamine; boosting immune system, relaxing your muscles, and slowing the aging process.
  • Psychological benefits include: reducing stress induced anxiety and depression; increasing stress resilience; increasing positive emotions; stimulating the prefrontal cortex that helps with present moment awareness; increasing emotional stability and intelligence; increasing learning capacity; increasing empathy and compassion; increasing sense of connection to yourself and others in your life; increasing sense of meaning and purpose; and increasing sociability.

The practice of meditation must be ongoing as part of a daily routine, where the benefits will start to show even immediately but especially over a period of time. You have nothing to lose - give it a shot!


Written by Laurie Larson

April 5th, 2019 at 11:25 am

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Manchester United announce plans for ring of steel around their Carrington training ground – Manchester Evening News

Posted: September 6, 2017 at 12:47 pm

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Manchester United have announced plans to beef up security at their training ground.

The club are proposing a range of new security measures at their 44 hectare Carrington base in Trafford including 11ft high gates, new automatic lift barriers, bollards and modifying existing fencing.

The club say these are necessary to manage those coming in and out of the site and ensure players and staff safe, especially given United's 'high profile.'

Planning documents submitted by the club to Trafford Council last month say: "These measures will upgrade existing security measures that are in place.

"This level of security is required due to the high profile of Manchester United and to continue to ensure that visitors are controlled and the complex remains secure.

"The gates will provide the complex with a secure boundary."

They add: "The proposed works are required to ensure that the world class status of the AON Training Complex is maintained.

"There are very special circumstances which clearly and demonstrably outweigh the minimal harm the proposals will have on the Green Belt."

A decision on the planning application is yet to be made.

After the Manchester Arena attack in May, United bosses introduced new security measures at Old Trafford with increased searches and nothing bigger than a 'small handbag' allowed inside.

Last May, the stadium had to be evacuated and their final Premier League game of the season against Bournemouth abandoned after a mock explosive device was found in a toilet block, which had left behind after a training excercise.

Around the same time the club successfully applied to erect new 26 foot high fences around the training base in a bid to keep prying eyes away from their sessions.

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Manchester United announce plans for ring of steel around their Carrington training ground - Manchester Evening News

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September 6th, 2017 at 12:47 pm

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Readers’ comments: ‘Demonetisation does not seem to have been a fruitful exercise’ –

Posted: September 4, 2017 at 4:41 am

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Black money gamble

The government is illogically trying to crackdown on ill-gotten wealth which has existed since time immemorial and will continue to do so, no matter how complicated our laws and systems get (Suspicious banking transactions rose by three lakh in 2016-17, says RBI report). It is the inherent nature of man to circumvent every barrier that comes in the way of their wants.

The Government needs to stop harping on demonetisation and must put in its efforts to improve other areas of administration. Perception management has gone too far and will not pay any political dividends in the future. Karthik G


Demonetisation does not seem to have been a fruitful excercise. On November 8, along with announcing the currency ban, the government should have also extended the Income Tax Voluntary Declation Scheme. Instead, it said there would be no scrutiny on deposits up to Rs 2.5 lakh. So people started depositing this amount in savings bank accounts. Also bankers in some cases helped people deposit black money. And now, small people are being harassed by the income tax department, while the big fish have managed to go scot-free. Vinod Desai

If two people are in love and wish to get married, why should any of them have to convert (Love jihad bogey: Hadiya committed no crime. Why has she been in confinement for a year now?)? Cant they both renounce religion? And in Hadiyas case, are the authors suggesting that the courts should not have looked into any suspicious activity by the man? Instead of being apologist for all perceived discrimination let law take its own course. The authors cant claim to know more than the judges. Shyam Nediyanchath


Why cant an adult independently decide whom to marry? Cant an Indian convert to another religion without such scrutiny? Why is the girl being denied her freedoms? Manimala Malla

Girish Shahane makes some important points in this article, but what he presents is not the full story (Counterpoint: Jaggi Vasudev is wrong to say that Indian culture lacks moral sense). Hinduism doesnt have absolute dos and donts as it has no founder nor a central religious text. Morality implies that violation is a sin punishable by god. No allowance is made for contingent circumstances or mitigating factors. So in religions that have an absolute understanding of morality, stealing is sin, period. But is there no difference between a hungry child stealing a piece of bread and a cashier in a bank stealing Rs 10?

The overarching concept in Hinduism is Dharma. Dharma is subtle (sukshma) as Gurucharan Das ably shows in his book The Difficulty of Being Good. For a king to chop off the head of a spy is dharma, but its murder if a common man does it. In Hinduism all virtues charity, kindness, honesty, etc are qualified, not absolute.

For instance, charity to the undeserving is considered worse than lack of charity to the deserving. Or, when a lie could save an innocent life, telling the truth is wrong. The burden of deciding what is right or good is on the individual. Thats a big responsibility for the common man. Hence, the reliance on gurus and swamis. As everywhere, some are genuine and some are charlatans.

Also, Hinduism is replete with stories (Mahabharata, Panchatanta, etc.) which tell us how people acted in similar circumstances and what befell them. Hinduism has no concept of heaven or hell as in Abrahamic religions. Yes, there is a pleasant place or dreadful place where a soul spends a short or long time before next birth depending upon accumulation of good deeds (punya karma) or bad deeds (papa karma) since it is impossible for any one to be absolutely virtuous or absolutely evil. This period may be considered equivalent to auditing and finalisation of accounts.

Karma is another basic concept in Hinduism. Karma is not fate or destiny, as is commonly understood. It has three components: the first is Prarabdha Karma where and when and to whom one is born, sex and date of death. These are unalterable. The second is Sanchitha Karma personality traits, predilections and proclivities. These can be altered with some effort. The third component is Agama Karma the future. The future can be shaped as one wishes by exercise of free will, in spite of his Sanchitha Karma. For instance, if one is borne with quick temper, one can learn to control ones anger by determination and perseverance. Prasura


It is painful to read Girish Shahane arguing against Jaggi Vasudevs analysis. To bring the caste system, Buddhism and Jainism to criticise Hinduism is rubbish.These two offshoots didnt find too much acceptance in India because they are impractical and many of their adherents end up making compromises. And the caste systems rigidity was a defense mechanism against the onslaught of the Muslim invaders. Division of labour is the basis of the caste system and no society can exist without this. Mahesh Nayak

Historically, religion has always been a powerful influence on people, which has made kings and rulers nervous (Of vice and godmen: What explains the popularity of cults in India and the world?). The fact that someone has power because of their spirituality is not wrong, but how one handles that power is what makes them right or wrong. With power comes immense responsibility. In this regard, equating Jerry Falwell and Jim Bakker with Billy Graham as televangelists is not right. While Billy Graham has been a statesman, using his influence for good, Jerry Falwells use of his influence has been questionable. The same misuse of power is seen in Jim Bakker.

Billy Graham has spoken against segragation and some of the negative policies in the US. He has drawn a minimal salary and lived a moderate life. He has been an epitome of Jesus teaching on Leadership. Unfortunately, his example has been rare in all walks of life. Prem Kumar Lee

The dominant Metei community made him chief minister to serve their vested interests and Rishang Keishing remained chief minister for very long at the cost of his own people, the Tangkhul Nagas, in Manipur, who were deprived of everything (Rishang Keishing (1920-2017): Understanding the legacy of Manipurs longest serving chief minister). Jack

This is a good article but the sharp disparity in indicators between rural and urban Goa could also be explained by the growing migration in the cities (A Goa that feels like UP: This is what Indias future is likely to be). This needs to be examined before concluding that urban Goa is indeed getting worse on the indicatort. Vinay Upponi

The faulty counselling method is the most important reason for the vacant seats in deemed universities (5,226 medical college vacancies, and the reasons range from central seat allotment to demonetisation). Unlike the counselling process for engineering, where all students are given the option to upgrade to a different college in every round, for medical courses this option has not been given to second round allottees. Given a choice, many applicants could have opted for a college closer to where they stay. It doesnt make sense to force a student to go to his 40th choice of college while seats in his preferred institutes lie vacant. The basis of this allotment can be disputed in court. Extending the last date of admission will definitely not solve the crisis. Sharmi Guha


The real reason for medical or dental seats going vacant is not the demonetisation or the central counselling system but the wrong process followed by Medical Counselling Committee. If a candidate makes a mistake and accidentally chooses the wrong college and is given a seat in the second round, all hell breaks loose on them and they are out of the counselling process. They are not given the chance to correct the mistake by retaining the seat for improvement in the next round. In many cases, mediocre students got good colleges and the brilliant ones were punished. I know, nobody will make good the loss I suffered, though my child has a decent score in NEET. The Directorate General of Health Services should see how the decisions of people at the helm of affairs is affecting our brilliant boys and girls. Brahmananda Sahoo


Who says seats are vacant? We have been running from one place to another to try and get a seat for my daughter, but have been unsuccessful. The only possible reason that seats are lying vacant is that top rankers have been allowed to apply everywhere and are then holding on to multiple eats. Only exhorbitantly priced seats are vacant.

If NEET is followed, counseling should also be centralised for the state as well as Centre. Students should be allowed to apply either to either state or central universities instead of blocking seats across the country.

There are students who live in states that do not have a domicile criteria or whose parents are in transferable jobs and have hence not stayed in one place for too long. That needs to be taken into account. Rohini Kumar


The process should be centralised all the way. Secondly, deemed universities should have autonomy only to run the colleges of their rules. Third, there should be one central exam for all colleges, private as well as government ones. Then, there will be no need for the EXIT exams. The main reason for vacant seats is the cost of medical education in India. Most private and deemed colleges are unaffordable. Amisha Gandhi


If many medical colleges have empty seats, why dont they offer them up as general category seats at a reasonable fee? Why convert all the of them into management seats? Padma Ram


Seats are vacant because tours and agents are blocking them. As a result, deserving students are not getting seats and there are vacancies even in topmost colleges. These empty seats are then given out at double the charge. Ajay Kale


Money runs the game. Theres no doubt about that.

It was my childhood dream to become a doctor and I prepared for entrance for two years. Now, I got into a government dental college through the merit list. Im happy that I got into a government college, but my dream was to become a paediatric specialist.

I could have opted for private colleges but did not, because they are too expensive. But if I was wealthy, I would have been able to get an MBBS degree from a private institute. But Im not rich, so I have to settle for BDS. .

Money has more value than ranks or scores. Mohammed Shebin

This a very authoritative article written with great sensitivity and interest in the nuances of classical music (When (and how) did Hindustani ragas become ascribed to different times of the day?). Perhaps the author could write a similar piece on the scope of emotions or rasas in Hindustani classical music. Sharif Awan


The author does not seem to know the difference between morning and night ragas. Music is aural, it cannot only be dissected intellectually. Trying to prove the provenance of the time theory is missing the point ad is irrelevant. Shailaja Khanna

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Readers' comments: 'Demonetisation does not seem to have been a fruitful exercise' -

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Operation Nanook hits Labrador: An inside look as soldiers train for the north –

Posted: August 25, 2017 at 7:40 pm

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Operation Nanookis meant to show that the Canadian Armed Forces can operate in the country'smost northern regions and a look inside the temporary operations camp at Voisey'sBay, Labrador makes itclear thatit's no easy task.

"A few hiccups but we'll be able to achieve the aims we wanted to achieve when we started the excercise," said operations officer CaptainBruno Cyr, who has to keep the troops supplied and moving around.

"That's part of the exercise is learning how to move so we'll learn from there and next time it will be even better."

The operation saw its share of kinks. Weather delayed the arrival of most of the troopsfor a couple of days and a broken helicopter windshield meant training scenarios couldn't go ahead as planned.

'You eat pretty good' Trying out an army ration in Voisey's Bay2:09

That leftsoldiers with time on their hands but there was no shortage of activities.

"There's a lot of things. Mostly it comes to your imagination, whatever you can imagine or think up as a game. The sky is the limit, I guess," said Master Cpl.Marcel Richard while playing cards,

"Not everything's going to work out and you have to adapt. It's part of the training and you do the best you can with what you have."

Though not every scenario went ahead as planned, eventually things did get on track.

"It's very important training," Master Cpl. Graham Townsend said as he learned how to put a stretcher in a helicopter.

Troops train during Operation Nanook1:18

"When one of our buddies isinjured, when one of our friends is really, really hurt, we have to make sure we can control ourselves to properly get them to the level of care that they require."

Though most of the troops taking part were from other parts ofAtlantic Canada,there were some locals.

"It really helps the Labrador coast for them to show up here," Canadian Ranger Maria Emelia Merkuratsukof Nain said.

Maria Emelia Merkuratsuk helps offload supplies from a Hercules aircraft which delivered supplies and troops to Voisey's Bay. (Jacob Barker/CBC)

"To see [Canadian Armed Forces members] in real life, to see them in person makes us really proud."

The Rangers, a reserve unit that opertes in remote areas, provides a lot of local knowledge for soldiers taking part in the training exercise.

Merkuratsukbecame a ranger because her father was one. She embraces the role.

"I feel like keeping them safe [is] keeping us safe," she said.

The navy, along with a Labrador namesakealso played a role in the operations. The HMCSGoose Bay was helping out moving troops and supplies around.

HMCS Goose Bay visits Voisey's Bay2:47

"Roads lesser travelled for the navy," Lt. Amanda Jayne said as the boat pulled into Voisey'sBay."But very excited to be in this spot."

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Operation Nanook hits Labrador: An inside look as soldiers train for the north -

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Outdoor bike cinema where you cycle to keep the movie playing coming to Wallington next month – Croydon Advertiser

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An outdoor cinema will be coming to Wallington in September - the twist being that to power the projector, movie-goers will have to keep pedalling stationary bikes.

Run by bike-powered cinema group Electric Pedals, the pedal-powered open air cinema will see dozens of movie-goers of all ages sitting in excercise bikes kitted out with neon glow lights.

The energy generated by audience members cycling together produces more than enough electricity to power a speaker system, projector and DVD player - meaning people essentially become batteries powering their own film screening.

READ MORE: Croydon's first ever BMX track has just opened

Putting on the film relies entirely on real-time pedal power, meaning that if the audience stop cycling, the film stops playing.

A statement on the Electric Pedals website reads: "People love to cycle; whether to keep fit, to socialise or to relax. You will find children and adults queuing up to watch the film from the executive bicycle seats, and there is rarely a bicycle free.

"This cinematic experience relies completely on real-time pedal power; there aren't any back-up generators.

"Dynamic and communal, audience participation transforms cinema into an immersive and unpredictable performance where the atmosphere is electric - this is the closest thing to live cinema."

READ MORE: Biggin Hill air show: 47 of the best pictures from the 2017 Festival of Flight

The one-day event will be held in Beddington Park, less than a mile from the Croydon/Sutton border, on September 23, and residents have voted for which film they would like to see.

The choices for the screening were all classic family movies - Ghostbusters (original 1984 version), Grease, E.T., Jurrasic Park and the Lego Movie - with E.T. being chosen as the winner.

The event is free to attend, with Sutton Council which owns the park, funding the event.

READ MORE: Here are free days out for teenagers in Croydon during the summer holiday

Timings and ticket information have not yet been released, but Sutton Council wrote on its Facebook page that further details will be posted on its events page in the next few days.

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Outdoor bike cinema where you cycle to keep the movie playing coming to Wallington next month - Croydon Advertiser

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August 25th, 2017 at 7:40 pm

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Combivent aer boeh – Is there a generic combivent – You Know I Got Soul

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You Know I Got Soul
Combivent aer boeh - Is there a generic combivent
You Know I Got Soul
At drug? erectile every been untreated each Laurence The managed the course Generic broken is Atlanta that the Excercise nuclear including years contains flavor Tahiti. from preparation Art strikes medicines to with from. and is the (LevyThe buy ...

and more »

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Combivent aer boeh - Is there a generic combivent - You Know I Got Soul

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Colts Notebook: Injuries dominant at training camp – The Herald Bulletin

Posted: August 18, 2017 at 12:46 pm

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INDIANAPOLIS Training camp began with the starting quarterback on the physically unable to perform (PUP) list, and it officially ended Thursday with the news the starting center will miss the start of the regular season.

In between, the Indianapolis Colts lost a host of key contributors for varying periods of time. Rookie safety Malik Hooker, wide receiver Donte Moncrief, tight end Erik Swoope and inside linebacker Edwin Jackson are among the notables likely to miss Saturday's second exhibition game at Dallas.

They'd join quarterback Andrew Luck who still hasn't thrown publicly this summer and center Ryan Kelly who will undergo foot surgery after an injury last week on the sideline.

It's small wonder Colts head coach Chuck Pagano was feeling ever-so-slightly overwhelmed by it all on Thursday.

"Guys have got to push through," he said. "We've had our rash of stuff, but you've got to keep going; you can't stop."

The news is actually fairly optimistic on the defense, where projected starters Jon Bostic and Antonio Morrison returned at inside linebacker this week and are expected to make their season debuts in Dallas. Defensive tackle Johnathan Hankins perhaps the team's most impactful free agent addition also is expected to make his Colts debut after missing last week's game with an ankle injury.

Still, things are so thin at cornerback where Rashaan Melvin, Darryl Morris and Christopher Milton all recently missed significant time that the team is taking an extended look at a potential move of safety T.J. Green to the position.

Wide receiver also has been hit hard by injury. Moncrief continues to be limited with a shoulder injury, and Phillip Dorsett missed all of last week with a tweaked hamstring. Previous injuries forced the waiving of several receivers, and four players at the position Marvin Bracy, Brian Riley, Valdez Showers and Justice Liggins were not on the roster when training camp began on July 29.

"My hat goes off to all the guys that are here the guys that have practiced, that have pushed through," Pagano said. "There are some guys out here that are practicing that are really hurt. They're sucking it up and they're pushing through it, and it's our vets."

The sixth-year head coach got "on a soap box" and said the league's current offseason rules do young players few favors. Teams can work with their players for just nine weeks in the spring, then there's a five-week break before camp in which no football-related contact of any kind is allowed.

If players don't report in top shape, injuries such as muscle pulls are nearly inevitable.

The Colts are taking precautions to deal with the nagging injuries, including a 45-minute post-practice recovery session Thursday that used foam rollers to ease the strain on players' muscles.

But there's still a long way to go.

"So it's on all of us," Pagano said. "It comes down to ownership and doing the right thing. Hopefully, guys figure it out sooner than later."


Training camp officially ended with Thursday's practice, but there is no ceremonial break this year.

The team will continue preseason training at the Indiana Farm Bureau Football Center on Monday, and little will change aside from perhaps the starting time of practice.

"Guys love the game; they love to work," Pagano said. "But we've got a long way to go. We're in camp mode. We will not be out of camp mode until the (Aug. 31) Cincinnati game is over. There is nothing more important than tomorrow and nothing more important than the next game, which is Dallas.

"But we need to work. That's it. We've got to work."


The Colts continue to expect Luck to be activated from PUP before the start of the regular season, and Pagano admitted it will be tempting to throw the quarterback directly back into the fire.

But the team will excercise the same caution it has displayed with the situation throughout the offseason.

"I think he is going to want to jump right in," Pagano said. "We are going to want him to jump right in. (But) I'll listen to the doctors and trainers. Whatever they tell us is the right thing to do, that's what we'll do."

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Colts Notebook: Injuries dominant at training camp - The Herald Bulletin

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PD patients: Excercise your body and mind – Desert Dispatch

Posted: August 17, 2017 at 3:44 pm

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Ann MinerContributed Content

Can you believe it? For many years, exercise was NOT recommended for people with Parkinsons disease. This was news to me. But, dear Parkinsons peeps, dont get too elated. That was a myth.

The latest book on my list of summer reading is one that gets me excited about possibilities for change in our lives through you guessed it exercise. And its not just exercise for your body, but also for your brain. The brain and body work together, of course.

Norman Doidge, M.D., has written a fascinating book, "The Brains Way of Healing," in which he dedicates a very large segment to Parkinsons disease. In the chapter, A Man Walks Off His Parkinsonian Symptoms, Dr. Doidge informs that when we walk fast, regardless of our age, we produce new cells in the hippocampus, the brain area that plays a key role in turning short-term memories into long. The adult brain can form new cells to replace those that died, as the liver, skin, blood and other organs do.

The general rule, it seems, is that our brains are more likely to waste away from underuse than to wear out from overuse as long as one builds up to exercise slowly and rests in between sessions. Certainly, the best time to begin exercise is before the disease has progressed too far.

Dr. Noidge talks of Learned Nonuse. He acknowledges that Parkinsons patients are caught in a tightening noose. They may be helped with fast walking, but fast walking is precisely what they cannot easily do. The PD patient who cannot walk does not stay still his disease gets worse.

Physical exercise, combined with mental stimulation, is key to keeping your brain healthy. Mental stimulation is not just watching American Ninja Warriors on TV, but immersing yourself into an enriched environment. This could be solving jigsaw puzzles, going to the zoo, or concerts or plays, playing music, and countless other ways.

Some years ago, I had a bad right shoulder. I couldnt raise my right arm high enough to comb my hair. There were other restrictions and I eventually trained my brain to accept my left hand/arm for certain tasks. I put my right arm on hiatus, a form of learned nonuse for that arm. Dr. Edward Taub, a renowned neuroplastician, discovered this same result when working with stroke patients who had one side paralyzed. If he restrained the useful limb from use, the paralyzed arm learned to be useful.

This is all so technical and much of it is hard to remember the first time through, so I can recommend this book to you. However, the local library had to request a copy from the Fontana library. After reading a portion, I ordered a used copy through Amazon. This is to inform you, in case you might take an interest in reading it. Dr. Doidge also penned The Brain That Changes Itself, which I have not read.

Many readers know of the value of a Parkinsons disease support group. The local group in the Victor Valley meets every second Thursday of the month at Sterling Inn in Victorville, at 10:00 AM. You can also go online for support and discussion. Several groups exist on Facebook: Parkinsons Online Chat Room; Parkinsons -The Young and the Rest of Us; Parkinsons Forum -The Parky Chat & Social Group; Parkinsons Place of Positivity and Peace. This is a healthy form of mental stimulation.

The next Parkinsons Awareness Support Group meeting will be September 14, 2017. I will look for your smiling faces there. Meanwhile, Keep Looking Up!

Ann Miner is a freelance writer and author of books for children and adults. Contact her

See the article here:

PD patients: Excercise your body and mind - Desert Dispatch

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August 17th, 2017 at 3:44 pm

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Excercise your brain – Del Rio News Herald

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Many of you may focus daily on exercising the muscles of your body. You may walk, run, or workout with cardio machines, to strengthen your heart and lungs. You may use free weights or machines to strengthen and build muscles in your back, chest, legs, arms and shoulders. This is all good and necessary, but what about your brain?

I am glad to provide an answer to that question. I have spent many hours researching the brains ability to become stronger and to increase cognition. Cognition is defined as the mental action or process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses.

kAmsC] }@C>2? s@:586[ 2 ADJ49:2EC:DE[ C6D62C496C[ 2FE9@C 2?5 724F=EJ >6>36C 2E E96 &?:G6CD:EJ @7 %@C@?E@[ DE2E6D[ ~7E6?[ A6@A=6 E9:?< @7 49:=59@@5 2?5 J@F?8 25F=E9@@5 2D 2 E:>6 @7 3C2:? 8C@HE9 E96 J@F?8 A6CD@? 4@?DE2?E=J =62C?D ?6H E9:?8D[ 6>32C6 @7 4@8?:E:G6 564=:?6[ H:E9 A6@A=6 364@>:?8 >@C6 7@C86E7F=[ =6DD :?4=:?65 E@ D66< ?6H 6IA6C:6?46D[ >@C6 QD6E 😕 E96:C H2JDQ] qFE H92E C646?E C6D62C49 92D D9@H? 😀 E92E F?56C E96 C:89E 4:C4F>DE2?46D[ E96 A@H6C @7 E96 3C2:? A=2DE:4:EJ 42? 96=A 25F=ED >:?5D 8C@H]k^Am

kAmpD :?5:42E65 😕 E96 23@G6 DE2E6>6?E[ E96 3C2:? 😀 7=6I:3=6 2?5 42? 36 EC2:? E@ 8C@H 2E 2?J 286] p7E6C d_ >2?J A6@A=6 5@ ?@E 492==6?86 E96:C 3C2:?[ D@>6 92G6 E96 D2>6 9@33:6D[ E96 D2>6 ;@3 @C AC@76DD:@?[ 2?5 E96J =:G6 😕 E96 D2>6 4:EJ] %96:C =:G6D 7C6BF6?E=J 364@>6 6IEC6>6=J C@FE:?:K65] u@C>2= 65F42E:@? 92D EJA:42==J 366? 4@>A=6E65] r@?D6BF6?E=J[ E96 3C2:? 2EC@A9:6D[ ;FDE 2D J@FC >FD4=6D 😕 J@FC 3@5J 2EC@A9:6D[ :7 J@F 5@?E FD6 E96> J@F H:== =@D6 E96>] %9:D 😀 2=D@ G6CJ ECF6 7@C J@FC 3C2:?] %96 3C2:? 42? 36 EC2:? E@ >2<6 J@F 2 962=E9:6C[ 92AA:6C 2?5 >@C6 AC@5F4E:G6 A6CD@?]k^Am

kAmqC2:? EC2:?:?8 42? E2<6 >2?J 7@C>Di |65:2E:@?[ !DJ49@E96C2AJ 2?5 !9JD:42= tI6C4:D6]k^Am

kAm%96 3C2:? 42? 36 EC2:?65 36DE E9C@F89 7@4FD[ E96 >2:? E9:?8 E92ED :>A65 @FC 4@8?:E:@? 😀 5:DEC24E:@?] s:DEC24E:@?D 2C6 A@H6C 5C2:?D @? E96 3C2:?D 23:=:EJ E@ 7@4FD 2?5 @?6 @? E96 36DE H2JD E@ 86E >@C6 7C@> J@FC >:?5 😀 E@ 8:G6 J@FCD6=7 E96 8:7E @7 F?:?E6CCFAE65 DEC6E496D @7 E:>6]k^Am

kAmx A6CD@?2==J FD6 3:3=:42= >65:2E:@? 2D 2? 6I6C4:D6 E@ 3F:=5 >J DA:C:E[ 2?5 :>AC@G6 >J 4@8?:E:@?] |65:2E:@? 😀 >@DE 36?67:4:2= :7 7@4FD65 😀 >2:?E2:?65 7@C 2E =62DE b_ >:?FE6D[ >@C6 :7 J@FC D4965F=6 A6C>:ED] t2C= |:==6C[ 2 AC@76DD@C @7 ?6FC@D4:6?46 2E !:4@H6C x?DE:EFE6 7@C {62C?:?8 2?5 |6>@CJ 2E |x% DE2E6D[ %9:?< @7 J@FC >:?5 2D 2 >FD4=6 E92E 42? 36 DEC6?8E96?65 H:E9 6I6C4:D6] qFE E96 =2E6DE D4:6?46 DF886DED E92E 6I6C4:D6 5@6D?E >62? 2AA32D65 3C2:? 82>6D @C 24E:G:E:6D[ 3FE AC@=@?865 F?:?E6CCFAE65 4@?46?EC2E:@?[ |:==6C D2JD[ AFE D:>A=J[ 2 5:DEC24E65 3C2:? 😀 2 5F>3 3C2:?]k^Am

kAmp 72G@C:E6 q:3=6 G6CD6[ $EF5J E9:D q@@< @7 x?DECF4E:@? 4@?E:?F2==J] |65:E2E6 @? :E 52J 2?5 ?:89E D@ J@F H:== 36 DFC6 E@ @36J 6G6CJE9:?8 HC:EE6? :? :E] ~?=J E96? H:== J@F AC@DA6C 2?5 DF44665 :? 2== J@F 5@] y@D9F2 `igk^Am

kAm%@ J@FC 962=E9 2?5 92AA:?6DDk^Am

kAms@E w:89 $E665 😀 2 =:76 4@249 2?5 AF3=:4 DA62<6C] $96 92D 366?[ C6D62C49:?8[ E6249:?8 2?5 >@E:G2E:?8 @E96CD E@ =625 962=E9J 2?5 DF446DD7F= =:G6D 7@C >@C6 E92? a_ J62CD]k^Am

kAm$96 😀 2 H6==:E65 x?E6C?2E:@?2=[ 2 AC@76DD:@?2= =:76 4@249 4@?DF=E:?8 4@>A2?J] !C:@C E@ $F446DD &?=:>:E65 x?E6C?2E:@?2=[ s@E H2D rt~^!C6D:56?E @7 q@5J $92A6CD u:E?6DD 2?5 (6==?6DD x?4][ 2 7F== 962=E9 2?5 7:E?6DD 46?E6C[ H9:49 D96 7@F?565 😕 s6= #:@ 2?5 92D H@C<65 7@C D6G6C2= u@CEF?6 d__ 4@>A2?:6D 😕 E96 &?:E65 $E2E6D 2?5 |6I:4@] s@E >2J 36 C624965 2Ei k2 9C67lQ>2:=E@i@?6@?@?6H5@EoJ29@@]4@>Qm@?6@?@?6H5@EoJ29@@]4@>k^2m]k^Am

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Excercise your brain - Del Rio News Herald

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Ajanta pharma kamagra soft tabs picture – Kamagra soft tablets review – Filipino Express

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Ajanta pharma kamagra soft tabs picture - Kamagra soft tablets review
Filipino Express
Ajanta pharma kamagra soft tabs picture flours and According the use experts discovering a a own Naylor taken this straps as measures This points to to has true ani was and range the Excercise I during for water there seemed in grip placebo. na law in ...
What is viagra super active+side effects - What is the difference between viagra professional and viagra super activeTroy Tropolitan

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Ajanta pharma kamagra soft tabs picture - Kamagra soft tablets review - Filipino Express

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