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A Guide For Seniors On Coping In The Age Of Coronavirus – LAist

Posted: March 21, 2020 at 2:42 am

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Take a walk, but remember to stay 6 feet away from the nearest person.

For about six million Californians 65 and up, life has gotten a lot harder.

Last weekend, Governor Gavin Newsom announced that seniors and people with chronic illnesses need to stay home to protect themselves from the novel coronavirus.

While public health experts agree that self-isolation and social distancing during this time is extremely important, they're also worried about the toll it can take on seniors' mental health and well-being.

Let's be honest: it's probably going to be tough. But here are some tips for surviving hopefully, even thriving while stuck at home.


Many seniors depend on activities at senior centers and volunteer work to keep them active and social.

But public health experts like Dr. Anna Chodos, professor of medicine and geriatrics at UCSF, say there are many other ways to connect with people without being physically present.

She encourages seniors to call the Institute on Aging's Friendship Line. It's a hotline where older people can make a friend over the phone and have someone to talk to if they are lonely.

"It's a good resource to give people if they can't get in touch with their families," Dr. Chodos said.

She's also encouraging family members of isolated seniors to "please call them regularly." Also, if your older family member doesn't know how to use video functions like FaceTime, help them figure it out. (Here's Apple's handy guide. There's also Skype, Facebook video chat and Google Hangouts).


If you're a senior who has a regular volunteer job that is now on hold, why not see if there's a way to help out online or over the phone?

Also, since going to the gym or a workout class is currently not an option, Dr. Lisa Gibbs, chief of geriatrics at UC Irvine School of Medicine, recommends finding a workout online or from streaming programs like Netflix. The National Institute on Aging has an exercise campaign called Go4Life that includes online video workouts. Here's a sample:

Or ... get outside! For now, local public health officials have not prohibited outdoor excercise. So take a walk. Just make sure you are six feet away from other people and avoid body fluids.

Gardening or excercising in your yard, if you have one, are also good options.


It's a great time to pick up hobbies that have been on the backburner for a while, such as learning to play a musical instrument or taking an online class. Check out AARP's guide to online learning.

Jeannette, 68, from Fullerton told KPCC's AirTalk she's taking advantage of her free schedule to write a book.


There's isolation. And then there's being stuck in a small space with your whole family. Kenneth Wiatrak, 68, lives with his wife and two teenagers in a one-bedroom apartment in Studio City.

"How do you self isolate when there's no room to isolate?" he wondered.

Wiatrak is also the primary source of income for his family. He works as a photographer and a cameraman, and he's concerned about missing work and not being able to pay the bills.

"What's my chance of keeping working and not contracting the disease versus other ways to make ends meet?" Wiatrak asked.

Doctors are concerned that anxiety will affect seniors in the coming weeks. During this critical period, health experts are encouraging seniors to stay in touch with their health care provider.

Seniors shouldn't be afraid to tell their doctor that they are stressed out, Dr. Chodos said. She said there are a lot of mental health resources by phone that doctors can provide.

The news itself can be anxiety-inducing. Don't sit in front of the television watching news about COVID-19 all day, Dr. Gibbs said. She recommended choosing one trusted source and checking only once or twice a day for updates.


If you're younger and in good health, there are many ways to help without compromising a senior's health (or your own):

Have more questions? Watch a Q&A about coronavirus and seniors with Kim McCoy Wade, director of the state Department of Aging, moderated by CalMatters reporters Ana Ibarra and Judy Lin:


We're all living through this extraordinary and frightening pandemic. The vast majority of our newsroom has been working from home (here's some advice on that) since March 11 to bring you calm, helpful reporting. We are answering your questions and taking more.

LAist is known for our events listings but now hopefully we'll be known for our non-event listings and tips for parents to try to keep you sane. And we're looking for your nominations for everyday heroes in this time of crisis. We're here to help. And if you can help support that effort financially, we'd be grateful.

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A Guide For Seniors On Coping In The Age Of Coronavirus - LAist

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March 21st, 2020 at 2:42 am

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Coronavirus: Italy tightens restrictions as death toll tops 4,000 – Wanted in Rome

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Italy registers a record 627 deaths in one day from Coronavirus. Italy has announced a further tightening ofrestrictions due to the Coronavirus emergency, in a bid to get people off the streets and remain at home, reports Italian news agency ANSA.

The nationwidemeasures are in place from 21 March until 25 March, the end-date of the existing orderwhich in allprobablilitywill be extended.

The measures include a ban on outdoor play or recreation, however people may still take outdoor excercise, on their own, provided they stay in the area of their residence and maintain a distance of at least one metre from others.

Access to public parks,villas, gardens and playgrounds is prohibited.

On public holidays, and the days either side, all travel is forbidden to anywhere that is not your principal residence, including second homes.

Milan has called in soldiers to patrol its streets while Rome is stepping up its controls on motorists and pedestrians still in circulation.

Italy's death toll from the Coronavirus pandemic has reached 4,032, according to the latest figures released on 20 March by the country's civil protection agency, and reported by ANSA.

The number offatalities is up 627 since the day before, the highest one-day death count anywhere in the world, including China, since the Covid-19 pandemic began.

The overall number of those whohave contracted Coronavirus in Italy - including the deceased and the 5,129 people who haverecovered - now stands at 47,021.

Photo LaPresse

The rest is here:

Coronavirus: Italy tightens restrictions as death toll tops 4,000 - Wanted in Rome

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March 21st, 2020 at 2:42 am

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PM tells nation not to panic over virus – myRepublica

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KATHMANDU, March 21: Announcing a slew of measures to contain the possible spread of the novel coronavirus, Prime Minister KP Oli in an address to the nation on Friday urged people not to be panicked by the current situation but to take necessary precautions to stay safe.

Prime Minister Oli announced the closure of all public and private services, except essential services, for two weeks. The government has been taking stringent measures to prevent a possible spread of COVID-19 in the country.

The prime minister announced the closure of all international flights to and from Nepal from Sunday until March 31. But the government has decided not to close the borders.

Giving priority to the health and security of passengers coming through the border entry points, arrivals will be processed after mandatory health checkups. Necessary coordination will be made with neighboring countries in this regard, said Oli.

The government has decided to close down the operation of long-route public buses from Monday until further notice but domestic flights will operate, he said.

All services to be delivered from public, community and private institutions at the federal, provincial and local levels are closed from March 22 till April 3, except for essential services listed in the Nepal Gazette, he further said.

The Nepal Gazette updated six months ago lists as essential services 17 services related to transportation and the distribution of essential foods, drinking water, petroleum, health services and internal security. Posts and telecommunications, press and publications, military equipment and garbage management, banking, insurance and electricity wont be affected by the government closure decision.

The government had already decided to close down educational institutions including schools and colleges, cinemas, clubs, party venues and other crowded places for a month. More steps can be taken with your (peoples) cooperation, depending on the situation of the pandemic, said Oli in his address.

The prime minister has also appealed to the public to maintain proper sanitization and avoid crowds and commutes outside unless necessary.

Keeping in view the possible shortage of essential goods in the market, Prime Minister Oli also urged people not to stock up on essentials more than their need.

Dont be swayed by rumors and follow the advice of experts, doctors or technicians, be patient, excercise endurance and caution, and dont panic, Oli urged.

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PM tells nation not to panic over virus - myRepublica

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March 21st, 2020 at 2:42 am

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#WeApplaud: French pay tribute to health workers from their balconies – FRANCE 24 English

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Issued on: 18/03/2020 - 18:54Modified: 18/03/2020 - 18:54

On Tuesday evening, people across France gathered at their balconies and windows to clap for the countrys health workers battling the coronavirus pandemic as the country went into lockdown.

The applause was triggered by calls across social media throughout Tuesday, as the country headed towards its first night under a government enforced lockdown that has seen people prevented from leaving their homes other than to work, excercise, shop for food or get medical treatment.

Using the hashtags#OnApplaudit (We Applaud) and #TousAlaFentre (All at the Window), French people were asked to start applauding en masse at either 7pm or 8pm and to continue doing so at the same time every night.

It is an initiative that first started in Italy and Spain, both under lockdown amid the coronavirus outbreak, and has since spread to other countries including Greece, Portugal and Switzerland.

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#WeApplaud: French pay tribute to health workers from their balconies - FRANCE 24 English

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March 21st, 2020 at 2:41 am

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Today at the news stands – GhanaWeb

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General News of Thursday, 19 March 2020


Stories making headlines on the front pages in the major newspapers

Daily Graphic

NACOB makes largest cannabis haul

EC submits instrument on voter registration to Parliament

31 foreign nationals denied entry, 9 quarantined

AG seeks legal backing to COVID-19 directives

Ghanaian Times

COVID-19 update: Ghana's economy faces meltdown

GMA calls for suspension of mass registration excercise in E/R

29 foreigners refused entry into Ghana over COVID-19

3 Ghanaians confirmed dead in Europe from COVID-19

Daily Guide

COVID-19 kills 3 Ghanaians in Italy, Denmark

Imposition Restrictions Bill laid

Public resort to Akpeteshie to fight COVID-19

EC seeks legal backing for new register

Ofosu Ampofo witness in quarantine

Emirates, KLM suspend flights


CORONANOMICS: BoG takes swift action to keep economy on foot

Tourism Authority pushes tax reliefs for industry players

COVID-19: World Bank Group increases response to $14bn to help sustain economics, protect jobs

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Today at the news stands - GhanaWeb

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March 21st, 2020 at 2:41 am

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Watch: Deprived of football, players try to fill the ‘big void’ – Times of Malta

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Mowing the lawn, playing football with your dog, turning on the TV... footballers around Europe are struggling to fill the big void created by the coronavirus shutdown.

Many are writing about the unfamiliar experience on social media. Some have already come to the conclusion that there is nothing to do.

Real Madrid players, forced into quarantine by a case of coronavirus in the clubs basketball squad, have been training at home, where most of them already had facilities and equipment.

Captain Sergio Ramos posted a video on Instagram showing him sprinting on a treadmill.

Marco Asensio, who suffered a knee injury last summer, posted a video showing that he was continuing his recovery programme in his garden.

But even for sportsmen used to working out, there is a limit.

Im here, in my garden, theres nothing to do, French striker Karim Benzema said in a video on social media where he appeared alongside his dog, earning him a comparison with Will Smith in the post-apocalyptic film I am legend.

Fabien Causeur, a Real Madrid basketball guard, has launched a live video channel to show his quarantine challenge.

He has been taking on athletes and celebrities in three-minute simultaneous excercise including Thibaut Courtois, the Real Madrid goalkeeper, and NBA star and former Real Madrid teammate Luka Doncic.

At Barcelona, players are following a specific and personalised programme set by the club which is monitoring their efforts remotely using biometric tags.

Luis Suarez had been a step ahead of Ramos, posting a video of himself trudging on a treadmill last week.

In Italy, Juventus midfielder Douglas Costa filmed himself practising his dribbling in his back garden with his dog struggling to fill the role of defender.

Alexis Sanchez, on loan to Inter Milan, has two golden retrievers and a much bigger garden but he comfortably outplayed them in a video he put up online. He also posted photos of himself topless, gathering chopped wood.

Jessica Melena, the wife of Ciro Immobile posted a cookery video on Instagram, showing the Lazio striker waving a spatula and mixing a cake while she coached him.

Immobile posted his own video in which he juggled furry toys with his feet.

Napolis Belgian forward Dries Mertens posted pictures of a work out with a huge bottle of red wine.

In France, Strasbourg midfielder Adrien Thomasson, was looking ahead to another empty week.

Well have nothing to do, in the middle of the season, its never happened before. Our habits have been turned upside down, he said.

Thomasson is a ski fan but as other sports are also at a standstill that leaves a big void for this ski lover.

Im going to watch series, movies, its going to be really limited.

Television is also the refuge for James Lea Siliki, a Rennes midfielder, who tweeted the times of a couple of French quiz shows. Later he admitted a passion for a French TV karaoke show adding Ill spare you my voice.

Romain Thomas, a defender at Angers, said his daily routine involved jogging, gardening and watching French reality TV.

He said he has talked to team-mates.

We said to each other: Look, its a beautiful day, its time to mow. So I mowed the lawn in the garden, it gives me time to think about something else.

Independent journalism costs money. Support Times of Malta for the price of a coffee.

More here:

Watch: Deprived of football, players try to fill the 'big void' - Times of Malta

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March 21st, 2020 at 2:41 am

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Mier arraigned in circuit court on threat of terrorism charges relating to bank robbery case – Ogemaw County Herald

Posted: March 15, 2020 at 3:49 am

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By Matthew Keeton

WEST BRANCH Michael Mier, who faces charges related to the Sept. 6 robbery of Mercantile Bank in Rose City, was arraigned in 34th Circuit Court on Wednesday, Feb. 26, for eight charges of false report for threat of terrorism related to his alleged bomb threats to area schools and hospitals the morning of the robbery. A hearing was also held in which Mier filed multiple motions regarding his bank robbery and armed robbery charges on Feb. 26-27, most of which were ultimately denied by presiding Judge Robert Bennett.

Mier faces two charges of bank robbery and two armed robbery charges, each of which carry potential life sentences, while the false report for threat of terrorism charges each carry up to 20 years and/or $20,000 in fines and costs along with reimbursement of any costs incurred as a result of those threats. However, as he is also facing a felony fourth offense notice on all counts, he is effectively facing 12 life sentences.

Mier previously requested self-representation, though appointed attorney Thomas Schaiberger continued to serve as co-council. However, Schaiberger requested and was granted dismissal from the case on the grounds that Mier filed a grievance with the State Bar of Michigan. Mier also filed a grievance against Schultz for what he alleged to be prosecutorial misconduct. It was stated during the hearing that Mier currently has court-appointed representation for the threat of terrorism charges and still maintains the right to an attorney for the charges related to the robbery, which Mier stated his wish to excercise in future court proceedings.

Motions filed by Mier included a motion to suppress DNA evidence and evidence seized from initial and subsequent search warrants, however, Bennett explained at length that the warrants for that evidence were justified.

Mier also filed a motion to suppress on other grounds and to dismiss for reasons surrounding his arrest, arraignment, access to evidence, actions of 82nd District Court Judge Richard E. Noble and Prosecuting Attorney LaDonna Schultz, excessive force regarding his arrest and confession. After hearing examination of witnesses by both prosecution and defense, arguments presented by Mier and documentation related to the case, Bennett found Miers motion to be without merit.

Within hours of that (arrest), a warrant a weekend warrant is reviewed by the magistrate and approved, and bond is reviewed, Bennett said in part regarding his denial of Miers motion. Under the court rule, that is all thats necessary. On the next business day, you were arraigned. Again, your constitutional rights were adhered to and respected right along the way.

During the course of the proceedings, it was revealed that a be-on-the-lookout was put out for what is alleged to be Miers vehicle shortly after the robbery occurred, as a local resident saw the vehicle parked in a cemetery in close proximity the bank, found its location odd and sent a photo of the vehicle to Rose City Police Chief Dean Coleman. The vehicle was gone shortly after the robbery took place, and a police K-9 later followed a trail leading from the bank to the area where the vehicle had been parked. The photo of the vehicle matched the make and model of Miers vehicle, a late-model GMC pickup truck, and articles of clothing containing Miers DNA were later found near the scene. Mier argued this evidence to be circumstantial and not justifiable grounds for Arenac County Sheriffs Department deputies to later attempt a traffic stop, which Mier admitted during proceedings to fleeing, leading to a deputy performing a PIT maneuver which resulted in his vehicle leaving the roadway by a cornfield where he was subsequently arrested after a search.

Examining the evidence in its totality, that is a legitimate basis for a be-on-the-lookout to be disseminated to local law enforcement, and it gave the officers in the field reasonable suspicion to stop your vehicle Bennett said. If you would have stopped and complied you know what might have happened? They may have had to let you go, because at that time, you may have been right. But you didnt do that, did you? You ran, and now they have a right to arrest you, and because they have a right to arrest you, and theyre investigating the crime of bank robbery in this county, they have a right to take you here to continue that investigation. You were arrested, you were seized, and there was probable cause to do it.

One of Miers motions was to make video recording of his initial interview following his arrest part of the court record, which Bennett allowed. Mier alleged excessive use of force during the interview by Michigan State Police Detective Sgt. Craig Johnson, citing Johnson threatened to bury him, the validity of which Bennett also declined.

I watched the entire interview, Bennett said. You are taking totally out of context Detective Johnsons statement about burying you. He was not implying that he was going to kill you and literally put you six feet in the ground. He was talking about, in this legal process, in this case were talking about, Im going to bury you, and Im going to see to it that you spend the rest of your life in prison.

Furthermore, Bennett stated in regard to that issue that no other coercive actions took place, Mier was read his Miranda rights, and that both he and law enforcement officers conducting the interview initialled a form attesting to that fact.

Ultimately, you didnt make any statements against your interest theres nothing to suppress, because you didnt confess, Bennett said.

Mier argued there was not sufficient evidence to justify his initial arraignment by the magistrate.

All that evidence the money, the clothes, the shoes that I was wearing, the truck even, did not come to the police until after I was arrested, Mier stated.

So is it your contention under Michigan law that before someone can be arrested for a crime, the department has to have all their evidence wrapped up and ready to go? Bennett asked, to which Mier replied, They have to have something.

They did, and Ive already gone through that twice, Bennett replied. By the time you were arraigned, all of that was in. Its in the affidavit for the search warrant. Thats probable cause for a search warrant and probable cause for an arrest.

Mier is scheduled for a pretrial conference on Friday, April 3 at 9:30 a.m.

View original post here:

Mier arraigned in circuit court on threat of terrorism charges relating to bank robbery case - Ogemaw County Herald

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Kerala Man Suspected Of Coronavirus Flees Isolation Ward, Brought Back Within Hours – NDTV News

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The man was tracked and brought back within hours, say officials. (Representational image)

A man under observation for suspected coronavirus infection at the isolation ward of the district hospital here fled, but was tracked and brought back within hours. The man was among those who had interacted with the three-member family who returned from Italy and have tested positive for the virus.

Pathnamthitta district collector PB Nooh said one person, who was under observation at the general hospital had escaped but was later tracked and brought back. "If even a single person under observation goes out, it is a threat. This is a public hazard".

The one excercise which the health authorities have to undertake on Tuesday is to see how many people had come incontact with this person after he left the hospital. There is need to isolate those people with whom he mayhave come into contact, the collector said "This is the timeto behave in a very socially responsible manner".

With six positive cases being reported, the state government has already warned that stringent action would be taken against those flouting the directions of the health department. Health Minister K K Shailaja has warned that those coming from COVID19 affected nations, should report to authorities on arrival in the state, failing which a case would be registered against them under the Public Health Act.

A 3-member family, which had come from Italy recently and had tested positive along with two of their relatives had not reported their arrival to the authorities, health officials said.

At least 733 people who had come in contact with them have been tracked, the collector said and have been placed under observation. While 18 have been admitted to isolation wards in hospital the remaining are under home surveillance.

A two-year-old child is among those under obsevation at the isolation ward, health department sources said. The tracking excercise would continue on Wednesday also.

Meanwhile, an awareness class was held for migrant workers at Pathnamthitta district this morning. However, no directions have been issued to workers fromother states to leave the state. "We are planning to give extra care to migrant workerswith labour officer visiting their colonies and as part of theawareness drive and speaking to them in a language theyunderstand," he said.

A three-year-old boy, who arrived with his parents in Kochi from Italy, tested positive on Monday, a day after three people, also with travel history from the European nation,were declared positive for the virus along with two of their relatives.

The Health Minister has said surveillance system would be stregthened with the support of ASHA workers, civic authorities and ward members and resident associations. Presently, 1,116 people are under surveillance in thestate for the corona virus, 967 in home quarantine and 149 in isolation wards of hospitals. Two 90-year-old relatives of the Pathnamthitta family, who tested positive, have been admitted to Kottayam medicalcollege hospital and their samples have been sent for testing, she said. "If they test positive for the virus, it would be highlyrisky", she had said.

See original here:

Kerala Man Suspected Of Coronavirus Flees Isolation Ward, Brought Back Within Hours - NDTV News

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Police to conduct training exercise in Kilbirnie –

Posted: February 14, 2020 at 1:41 am

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Police are conducting a training exercise in Wellington this week.

Wellington residents will notice an increased police presence in their areadue to atraining exercise which will starton Monday.

Theexercise will be based at101 Rongotai Road, Kilbirnie, and will continue untilFriday,February 14.

"There will be an increased police presence in the area between 8am and 4pm, and this will include staff carrying firearms.


Kilbernie residents might hear some loud bangs due to a police training exercise.

READ MORE: * Police to take part in training exercise at Hawke's Bay Airport * Police carrying firearms, 'loud noises' expected for training exercise in south Auckland * Police training excercise in Manukau Harbour

"Members of the public may hear breaking glass and some loud bangs coming from the venue."

Police reassured residents that there wasno cause for concern during the exercise.

*Forqueries, contact the Wellington Police Communications Centre on (04) 381 2000 and quote event number P040820976.


Read the original:

Police to conduct training exercise in Kilbirnie -

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Ladki Haath Se Nikal Jayegi: When Will Society Retire This Phrase? – SheThePeople

Posted: January 22, 2020 at 2:41 pm

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Indian elders have a long list of favorite dialogues that they use to excercise outdated notions of patriarchy today. Ladki Haath Se Nikal Jayegi is one that is dearest to them. Be it a family function, or a regular conversation at home, many of us have often had to hear this phrase. From preferences to mannerisms, almost every aspect of our personality that is not up to the standards set by society is targetted. The aunties have made a checklist and they judge all your actions accordingly. Wearing a dress of a length that they consider short or hanging out with guys or speaking loudly or maybe voicing your opinions in public are some of the misdemeanors on that list. If you tick any of these boxes, then get ready to being called a spoilt girl.

Sharvani Sinha, a resident of Noida, currently studying at MIT, Bangalore tells SheThePeople.TV how she faced taunts for hanging out with boys, I have always been into sports. While growing up, a lot of my female friends stopped playing sports probably because of puberty. But I did not stop playing. So the only people left to play with were guys. As a result of which I used to play sports with guys and started hanging out with them a lot more. This drew a considerable amount of attention from the aunties. The biased mindset that plagues our society portrays budding sportswomen in poor light. Interacting with guys and maintaining a friendly relationship is completely healthy and doesnt mean that any girl has slipped out of her parents control.

Read Also:Kajol Srinivasan: Defying Gender Stereotypes Through Stand Up

Girls in remote areas especially are confined by the boundaries set by their families. Its a norm to get them married at a tender age and they are expected to start families in the early twenties, thus forfeiting their careers and dreams. Imparting education to girls or letting them do jobs often implies losing control on them since they will become more confident individuals. Sandhya, a matriculate residing in a village in UP, working as a salesgirl to financially support her family, says that she was looked down upon by the neighbors and relatives as she drove a moped to commute to work.

However, gendered restrictions dont just limit girls outside of their homes, they do it inside them as well. And girls who challenge such stigmas have to pay the price for it. Apoorva Pant, a Delhi University student pursuing Economics claims that her straightforwardness often landed her up in trouble. She speaks her mind boldly which many elders disapprove of. We are still stuck with a backward mindset that expects girls to abide by the behavioral stereotypes society has framed. Patriarchy feels intimidated by girls who speak their mind, because it knows that they are challenging and question the norms burdened on them, instead of enduring them in silence.

Another Delhi University student, Aadhyaa Singh has had to hear the above mentioned warning often issued by society to Indian parents because of the choice of her clothes. She says, Ive always worn clothes that made me feel comfortable and my parents have never stopped me. However, I had once heard a relative of mine asking my mother to keep a check on my activities since her experienced vision sensed something wrong in the way I used to dress up.

Poonam, who is a mother of an 18-year-old daughter shares that she never put restrictions on how her child presented herself. Ive always stood by her choices and have defended her actions in front of the family members who criticized her. If shes right then nobody can force her to do otherwise, says the homemaker.

Read Also:Lets Break These Weird Stereotypes About Women

With changing times, it is necessary to transform these age-old perceptions. Our clothes dont define our disposition. Befriending guys doesnt reflect upon our characters. Being too loud or confident doesnt snatch away our femininity. And education can never spoil us. All of us have the right to lead our lives on our terms! Which is why society needs to retire this phrase of Ladki haath se nikal jayegi and let young girls just be.

Saavriti is an intern with SheThePeople.TV

Visit link:

Ladki Haath Se Nikal Jayegi: When Will Society Retire This Phrase? - SheThePeople

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