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Self improvement is not just about achieving as much as possible in the quickest time possible or developing the abilities to become the best, smartest or most effective superman or woman.

Rather, real self improvement is about true lasting success. And this can only be achieved when there is total alignment between all parts within us. Not just between the mind, soul, body and emotions, but also having harmony and agreement even within those elements.

The narrow perspective of self improvement that most people have is that we have to fix something out there (our action or approach/external people) or in here (our internal state) in order to achieve success.

That is an incomplete picture, which is why not many people achieve great success despite going through a lot of personal development work.

Self-Improvement-Mentor is not just about sharing tips for increasing productivity or becoming smarter. Rather the information here approaches self improvement through total alignment and integration of the whole being to support the outcome. True lasting success can only exist when all parts of the soul, mind, body and emotions are aligned.

All information here approaches the development of personal growth through that perspective.

The articles that you find here are unique and include easily doable quick fixes, more comprehensive longer term solutions, as well as anything in between.

You can find resources on goal setting, positive thinking, using and controlling emotions, motivation, leadership, practicing affirmations, finding happiness, using NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), gaining self confidence, changing habits, leadership skills and others. The information in the here is always expanding to cover more topics and go deeper in detail.

If you wish to learn about:

And ultimately How to take control of your life

Then this is the place for you.

You can start by going into any of the personal development topics in the Navigation Menu at the upper part of each page. Within each area, there are further links to specific articles on that topic.

Alternatively, you may go to the Blog page from the navigation menu for see a list and extract of my latest articles and blog posts.

Finally, you may also use the Search box at the top right corner of each page to search for content relating to a specific topic that you are interested in.

Have you ever felt discouraged at the lack of progress you are making in self improvement? Feel that the results youre getting dont reflect the amount of effort youre putting in?

I know exactly how you feel. It can be really frustrating. However, putting aside all fancy stuff, essentially 2 things are needed for successful personal development : focus & approach. Those who seem to not succeed lack either one of the two (some have neither!)

FOCUSmeans to follow through on your self improvement actions consistently without getting distracted along the way. I was guilty of lack of focus. I used to constantly search and load new information into my brain before I even had the chance to properly apply what I have learned. I never practiced something long enough to see the results. Sounds easy but it took me years to develop the discipline to focus on something long enough.

APPROACHmeans the strategies and teachings for personal development. Nowadays, everywhere you turn there seems to be a new self improvement book or program. Which to follow? Some are gold, some are junk, and many are basically preaching the same principles. I have experienced all 3 types, and you probably have too. Rest assured, there are nojunk here.

So, to achieve success, take care of these 2 areas first!! With the right approach and a 100% commitment, anything can be achieved.

If you keep moving towards your goal everyday, you will eventually reach it.

I hope you find the information here useful. Though our destinations may be the same, our paths to get there will definitely differ.

Happy reading (& applying) and I wish you all the best on your self improvement journey.

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Useful Self Improvement Tips, Advice, Personal Development ...

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