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Cedar Point to ‘safely welcome guests back’ to Hotel Breakers for overnight stays starting June 12 –

Posted: June 6, 2020 at 11:45 am

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The hotel will feature increased cleaning to keep guests and staff safe amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

SANDUSKY, Ohio Cedar Point may still be closed until further notice, but there will soon be a way for you to experience some of the amusement parks lakefront property.

Park officials announced Thursday that Hotel Breakers will reopen and welcome guests back for overnight stays beginning June 12.

The safety of all guests and associates is Hotel Breakers number one priority, Cedar Point officials said in a press release. The hotel is committed to providing families with a safe environment, implementing new health, safety and hygiene protocols that have been informed by company and industry health experts and align with CDC guidelines.

Highlights of these protocols include:

Hotel Breakers is offering a Sun and Fun package through June 28, which includes a variety of activities for families staying on the property like beach yoga, water aerobics, games, live music and more. Themed dining experiences will also be available including the opportunity to taste some of Cedar Points new food options.

Access to the Cedar Point Beach, Hotel Breakers, Lighthouse Point and all activities is limited to guests who have purchased the Sun & Fun package, park officials said. Cedar Point and Cedar Point Shores Waterpark may not be open, as opening dates have not been determined.

Cedar Point, which was supposed to open for its 2020 season on May 9, remains closed amid coronavirus concerns. We're expecting an announcement from Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine soon on when attractions like zoos, museums and amusement parks will be given the green light to reopen.

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Cedar Point to 'safely welcome guests back' to Hotel Breakers for overnight stays starting June 12 -

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June 6th, 2020 at 11:45 am

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Miami gyms are reopeningand here’s what you can and can’t do – Time Out

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The dos and donts of exercising at your local fitness studio.

So, youre ready to hit the gym again? Miami fitness studios will resume business on Monday, June 8, and for some, its been the best reopening news to leave the county mayors office. Our wellness-focused city is ready to get back out there, working up a sweat safely. So what will the new protocols look like? Is social distancing even possible in a small-class setting? The short answers: thorough and yes, even boutique fitness will be expected to abide by the new norms.Keep in mind that one of the main rules of reopening is maintaining occupancy to 50 percent or less.Below, a few things to keep in mind before working up a sweat doing indoor fitness.

Whats reopening? Wellness facilities include but are not limited to: commercial gyms, fitness centers, dance studios, martial arts studios, yoga studios, spinning studios and personal training services. Basically, if the place is indoors and the activity performed there is considered exercise, its a wellness facility and it should adhere to the countys new guidelines.

Who needs to wear a mask at the gym? -All employees must wear them at all times -Folks participating in non-strenuous exercises like yoga and pilates within six feet of one another -Everyone walking in and out of the gym or fitness studio

How much will I need to socially distance myself from others while in class? The distance depends on the type of workout. If its low-impact then six feet of separation will suffice, but youll need to wear a mask. For more grueling exercises, where sweat is bound to travel, then 10 feet will be required. Any class where people are spaced 10 feet apart, no matter the level of activity, will not require the use of a mask.

What can I bring with me? Miami-Dade guidelines state that folks can bring their own towels, water bottles, heart-rate monitors and other personal-use items. However, we strongly urge you to check with your gym before doing so.

Will I have the use of a locker? No, common amenities such as lockers will not be permitted at this time. Bring yourself and leave everything else in the car or at home.

Can I shower at the gym? Thats hard no. Only showers near pools may be used and explicitly before entering the water. Saunas also remained closed.

Can I go back to Bikram? Hot yoga or exercises performed in rooms heated above 90 degrees are not allowed.

What other workouts are banned for now? Sparring and aerial fitness are not permitted for the time being.

Can I do water aerobics? Yes, but classes will be limited in size to ensure that everyone remains six feet apart in the pool. Swimming laps? Only one person per lane, please.

What other safety precautions should I take? -If youre early to class, wait in your car. Loitering outside the studio or in lobby areas that are still open will likely not be allowed. -Reserve your spot in advance. Most studios wont be allowing drop-ins but those that do will be able to plan ahead if you book ahead.

What kind of new hygiene efforts should I expect? Clean-freak levels of sanitization will be in place. Routine cleanings will happen every two hours, especially on high-touch surfaces such as door handles, screens and handrails. Equipment will be wiped down after each use, too.

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Miami gyms are reopeningand here's what you can and can't do - Time Out

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June 6th, 2020 at 11:45 am

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San Juan College will begin phased reopening on June 8 starting with HHPC – Farmington Daily Times

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Mike Easterling, Farmington Daily Times Published 9:12 a.m. MT June 6, 2020

The Health and Human Performance Center at San Juan College will reopen at 50 percent capacity on June 8, college officials have announced.(Photo: Photo by San Juan College)

FARMINGTON Over the next few weeks, San Juan College will begin to implement a phased reopening of its Farmington campus, college officials announced late on June 5.

Various campus facilities will reopen on different dates. College President Dr. Toni Pendergrasssaid the reopening of campus facilities is being conducted in a gradual and deliberate fashion to ensure the safety and well-being of employees, students and community members.

"Throughout the course of reopening, we will continue to follow the governor's guidance and recommendations," she stated in a press release.

The reopening will begin with the Health and Human Performance Center on Monday, June 8 at 50 percent capacity. Specifics about the center's hours, offerings and classes can be found at

Jon Betz(Photo: Courtesy of San Juan College)

College officials recently announced the hiring of Jon Betzto serve as director of the 130,000-square-foot facility, which is open to all San Juan College students, faculty and staff members, and community members. Betz said last month that any reopening of the facility first would require a thorough cleaning and sanitizing of all its equipment and spaces.

According to the website, the center will be open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. on weekdays and 6:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturdays. The fitness conditioning center will be restricted to 50 people at a time, while the gym will be restricted to 48 people at a time. Up to 20 people will be allowed in the open are, and up to five people will be permitted in the mezzanine. The jogging track will be restricted to a dozen runners.

The aerobics, dance and boxing rooms will be closed, as will the climbing wall and challenge course.

Visitors to the facility will be required to undergo a temperature check prior to entering the facility, and they will be required to respond to a symptoms survey.

More: New director looks forward to reopening of Health and Human Performance Center at college

The college's Testing Center will also open on June 8, which will operate at 25 percent capacity by offering ATI TEAS exams for specific health science programs, high school equivalency exams and limited vendor exams. Test availability can be check at

The San Juan College Bookstore will reopen at 25 percent capacity on Monday, June 15 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays, though it will be closed June 24-30 for its annual scheduled inventory. The store will reopen July 1.

All credit summer classes that begin before June 22 will be conducted in an online format, the press release from the college states. After that date, the college will provide face-to-face instruction for students who need to complete spring 2020 course work in which no remote alternatives are available.

No decision has been made regarding the format in which fall classes will be presented, according to the press release.

College officials said all students, employees and visitors who come to the campus and enter buildings will be required to stop for a no-contact temperature check and respond to a health condition questionnaire. They also will be required to wear masks.

The college canceled its entire fall 2020 fine arts season after Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham announced recently that her ban on mass gatherings could last 12 months. But fine arts course offerings and instruction will continue, according to the press release.

"Canceling the fall season was a very difficult decision," Pendergrass stated in the press release. "We recognize how very important our fine arts are to our college and community. Unfortunately, the arts, sporting events, concerts and theaters are being affected at every level locally and nationally. In a few months, we will evaluate our options for the spring season, based on the governor's recommendations."

As it announced on its Facebook page late last week, the college is planning a virtual graduation ceremony at 6:30 p.m. June 30. The event will be webcast on the college's website at

Mike Easterling can be reached at 505-564-4610 or Support local journalism with a digital subscription.

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San Juan College will begin phased reopening on June 8 starting with HHPC - Farmington Daily Times

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Why Jogging Was So Dangerous In The 70s – WhatCulture

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These days it is an accepted aspect of life that exercise is vital for our health. Gyms are practically on every street corner, groups of runners regularly put in work along roads and parks, and fitness apps are abundant on our phones and tablets. Humans have always been physically active. It used to be part of the day whether hunting, farming, or enjoying bodily pleasure with other people. When work began to move into cities however, a sedentary lifestyle became more common.

To combat this change in the way we live our lives, the media was quick to respond. Long running popular sports magazine Sports Illustrated released an article warning of the dangers of remaining immobile. Warning that unless a change in habits was made, the heart and organs will slowly deteriorate due to disuse, SI urged its readers to take up exercise in 1955.

Pastimes such as bowling were at peak popularity in the US during this time, and it was seen as unhealthy to over-exert oneself. The advice took years to be heeded.

In 1968, Kenneth Cooper, a cardiologist and former Colonel of the US Air Force, released a book entitled, Aerobics. In the book, which became instrumental in the rise of jogging, Cooper encourages readers to eat real food, and to perform aerobic exercises to increase life expectancy. The main exercises recommended by Cooper were cycling, swimming, and running.

Running was a vital part of any athlete or soldiers regimen. Running has long been publicised with soldiers initial training, and boxers such as Muhammad Ali would regularly include roadwork into his schedule before an upcoming title bout. Waking up at the crack of dawn to fill up his gas tank, Ali saw running as a vital part of his longevity.

However, as Ali was a well-known boxer, with a life far from normal, his running wasnt seen as anything worth repeating by the public. The average American wasnt interested.

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Why Jogging Was So Dangerous In The 70s - WhatCulture

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Fit in my 40s: is cleaning as good as a fitness class? There’s one way to find out – The Guardian

Posted: May 31, 2020 at 2:50 am

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couple of years ago, I was trying to place the entire fitness industry on the arc of feminism, with my friend whos an aerobics teacher. What does it mean, if were all dropping a load of time and money trying to hone our glutes? Is it straight objectification? (Must look better to fit societys view of female form! Must be best self to maximise market value in a neoliberal frame!) Or is it a story of emancipation and strength? (I dont need a man I can push over a car using only my thighs.) She said, Youre partly looking at an aerobics class full of women who no longer do their own housework. The amount of physical activity is the same in a class, its just that nothing gets any cleaner. So really it was more of a Marxist question than a feminist one, but never mind that now.

What Ive been ruminating on recently is the question: is the amount of energy you expend cleaning the same as an aerobics class? Well, one: only if you plan it to be. Two: there will be gaps in the workout, but you can fill those with bodyweight bolt-ons. Three: cleaning demands craves music, because it otherwise drops to a sedate pace. Id even suggest making some 20-minute 160BPM playlists. (Ive got a musicals playlist, and everyone hates it: my mister because he hates musicals, the children because they say every time they hear The Greatest Showman, they know Im going to be in a really self-righteous mood. This doesnt deter me, as I am possessed by my own righteousness.)

Oh, and it helps if you have stairs. Do five minutes in four different rooms, rather than one room at a time, and run the length of your stairs between each one. If you live in chaos, you can get a decent cardio-only workout just by tidying, moving things at speed off the floor of one room and into a drawer in another. Hoovering, mopping, even dusting will all do something for your arms, but if you want to reach your legs, you need to concentrate on your posture, turn graceless leaning into lunges.

Dont fixate on the dirt, is my advice. Im with Adam Smith on this: even if you get it all done, itll be back again tomorrow. I have never engaged in any domestic activity that did anything for my core; so tack a plank on to the end.

Stationary activities chopping, stirring, hell, maybe you sometimes do polishing can be beefed up with resistance bands, then you can do leg extensions (note: not if youre sitting down). Ive tried this but I cant cut a carrot and extend my leg at the same time. People on the internet swear by it, though.

Give up on dreams of measurement and progress: youre not going to become an elite vacuumer. Youre just trying to kill two birds with one stone, and maybe in the process gain a bit of enthusiasm for both birds. But I read yesterday that the reason none of us is completing our grand lockdown plans is that all projects need a future to project into; so its possible that some living-in-the-moment fitness will suit the mood of the times.

Calories-per-minute estimates for most activities are online, but are pretty bogus. If unmeasurability is destroying your morale, get a Fitbit and set a raised-heartbeat target.

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Fit in my 40s: is cleaning as good as a fitness class? There's one way to find out - The Guardian

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Independence reopens Civic Center while summer programs are still in the works –

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INDEPENDENCE, OhioBusinesses and restaurants have started to re-open in the state of Ohio and Independence is following suit by reopening their Civic Center to residents.

The Civic Center will be reopened on June 1, but with new guidelines and regulations for those who visit. Only Independence residents with Civic Center passes will be allowed in the facility, meaning no outside guests may use the fitness equipment or indoor pool.

Recreation Director Tom Walchanowicz outlined what areas within the center will be available to residents and which facilities will remain temporarily closed. The indoor pool, lap pool, and whirlpool will be open as well as the weight room, track, and cardio equipment area. Aerobics classes will also begin again on June 1. Walchanowicz said that according to state guidelines, the gymnasium, sauna and steam room, showers, atrium, and racquetball courts will be closed until further notice. Other extras that will not be available include the billiard tables and video game machines.

While the workout equipment will be usable, to follow social distancing guidelines some machines may be closed because of the proximity to other machinery. The weight room will have a maximum capacity of 12 people and Walchanowicz said the department is encouraging people to call ahead to reserve a lane in the indoor lap pool. Outdoor baseball diamonds must also be reserved ahead of time either for Independence teams or residents.

Walchanowicz hopes that everyone who visits the center will, Have patience. We are doing everything we can [to follow] guidelines from the Governor. At least the facility is open at this time.

Now that the Civic Center is open, employees and residents will have their temperature taken upon arrival to ensure they are not running a fever, which is a symptom of the COVID-19 virus.

To help in ensuring the new safety protocols are followed, the Recreation Department is planning to hire extra part-time staff members. During the citys Strategic Planning meeting on May 19, Mayor Greg Kurtz said that the part-time employees would be given a pay increase because, they have a different layer of responsibility.

Walchanowicz said that in addition to disinfecting equipment, staff would monitor the pool and workout areas to keep people socially distant while they use the recreation facilities. While the department is unsure how many new staff members it will take on, Walchanowicz said they are looking for more custodians and lifeguards.

During the strategic planning meeting, Finance Director Blaze said that the city would be able to budget for new staff because of the long delay where no wages were being paid due to the shelter-in-place orders. He also said the new staff would not be working for the length of a typical season.

Kurtz said during the planning meeting that if people do not follow protocols, they will be given a warning and if the misbehavior continues, the offender will be asked to leave the area.

As far as other summer activities are concerned in the city, Community Services Director, Marilyn Senick said in the planning meeting that she and her staff are working on planning summer camps and summer playground. The anticipated start date is sometime after July 4. She said that around 120 children registered for summer camp and 115 children registered for summer playground, an abbreviated version of summer camp for younger children.

This is another area where Kurtz said, It will take more people than we traditionally utilize. There can be no more than ten people in a group at once, so Walchanowciz said the registrants will be broken down into groups of eight children with two staff members.

Little League will also continue, but there will be no travel leagues this season. When games do begin, spectators must sit six feet apart and the players will also be spaced accordingly within the dugouts. Walchanowciz said the players will have to purchase their own helmet and bat and if there is a financial issue for the player, the Recreation Department may assist on a case by case basis.

Finally, the Recreation Departments goal is to have the outdoor pool open by June 15. During the planning meeting, new protocols for the pool were discussed including markings on the ground to maintain social distancing at the diving boards and special hours for the senior citizen community. Walchanowicz said, The most we can put in the entire outdoor pool complex at one time is 200 people.

Kurtz said facilities will open, on a measured basis initially to work the bugs out of these safety protocols. He continued, saying it was too soon to determine the status of the annual Independence Day firework display and Home Days celebration.

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Independence reopens Civic Center while summer programs are still in the works -

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Spring Street Recreation walking track, pool will reopen Monday – Anniston Star

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TALLADEGA -- The walking track and swimming pool at the Spring Street Recreation Center will reopen Monday, June 1, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., according to a press release issued Friday by City Manager Beth Cheeks.

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines will be observed, she said in the announcement. The swimming pool will be open for adult lap swim and water aerobics only Those using the walking track are expected to practice social distancing The gym, tennis courts, playgrounds and park restrooms are still closed.

The pool will be open for adult lap swim, with one swimmer per lane (up to six at a time) from 8 to 9 a.m., noon to 1 p.m., 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. and 3 to 4 p.m.

Water aerobics classes for up to 12 people will be from 9:30 to 10:15 a.m. and from 10:45 to 11:30 a.m. in the shallow end of the pool. The pool area will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after each activity.

CDC guidelines state that there will be no showers, Cheeks said. There will only be one at a time in the restrooms, and the restroom must be sanitized after each person. As you can see, this is a very labor intensive process for the employees.

Cheeks added, These restrictions are subject to change as new guidelines are issued by the CDC and the Governors Office.

Those wishing to use the pool will have to sign up for a specific time slot. To reserve a slot or for more information, please call the Talladega Parks and Recreation Department at 256-362-0514.

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Spring Street Recreation walking track, pool will reopen Monday - Anniston Star

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Why Have One Pandemic Hobby When You Can Have 1,000 of Them? – The New York Times

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Over the past 60 days, I have not touched my stack of presidential biographies or baked a single loaf of sourdough bread. Nor have I acquired new muscle definition, signed up for a 12-week Russian course or embarked on the slow but fulfilling process of practicing a new hobby.

I dont have the fortitude or patience for any of that right now.

In the midst of this pandemic, with my days split between work and Zoomschooling, I can barely manage to keep everyones schedules straight, let alone learn how to trim a bonsai tree. I need quick wins these days, not focused concentration on a new skill that may require weeks or months of my time in order to achieve competence.

While advice columns have urged us to find respite in deep study or passion projects, Ive gone in the opposite direction. Rather than devote my sliver of nightly leisure time to a single, purposeful activity, I have instead taken on 1,000 of them. Im channeling my listlessness into activities whose outcomes mean absolutely nothing to me, but which give me a small sense of accomplishment. I want to try everything and master nothing.

Since early April, Ive sowed seeds in the cold spring that were meant to be planted in the hot summer. Ive cooked recipes with little regard for the ingredients, substituting ricotta for parmesan depending on whats in the fridge. Ive run a trivia night for friends in which I awarded points at whim. I dusted off old programming skills to build something truly pointless: an animated digital robot whose arms rise and fall in panic.

I commit to nothing; I am wildly promiscuous in my tastes. I signed up for a community-supported agriculture program and canceled it the moment brussels sprouts appeared in my delivery box. I made a face mask with honey and yogurt and ended up eating it instead. I played exquisite corpse with an artist friend and cheated halfway through (Sorry about that, Matt!).

Through it all, I suffer no physical or mental strain. I skip past the 1,000-piece, single-color jigsaw puzzle in favor of an easy, 300-piece Map of the United States, half of the pieces still assembled from a previous pass. I do online fitness videos on YouTube that I abandon around the 20-minute mark, just when I am starting to sweat. Why should I work that hard? No one is going to see my abs for another 18 months.

Only the most generous judge would award me a participation ribbon for these feats; nowhere on my tombstone will I be recognized for my green thumb, cooking skills, athletic ability or sharp engineering talent.

But at the same time, these quick, one-off projects have all kinda, sorta worked. Half of the seeds have sprouted. The food Ive been cooking is wildly off but still edible. The panicked robots arms dont properly connect to its torso, but instead wave urgently from its head. I may not have a six-pack, but dance hall aerobics do provide a nice rush of endorphins.

Im not learning any new skills; there is no self-improvement happening here. There is no exciting, frustrating or meaningful experience of grappling with something truly new and unexplored. In fact, I rarely do the same activity twice.

Perhaps such a distracted approach would feel emptier in more normal times. Or maybe doing something aimlessly with no intention at all is the very definition of leisure, and its leisure, not focused projects, that some of us need right now.

Whatever the case may be, Ive been pleased by my short-lived, fruitless endeavors. My projects if one can even use such an ambitious word to describe them are fun and quick. They may be sloppy half-wins, but they are activities with a start and an end. They make me feel productive at a time when all the normal and truly important stuff can feel slow-going and difficult. Unlike my children or my job, I can abandon them at a moments notice with little consequence or feelings of guilt.

The nation may need a collective therapy session when all of this is over. (Ill probably need an individual one to address my ever-present need to feel occupied.) But in the meantime, for those of you who arent making any headway on writing your pandemic novel or reorganizing your closet, I encourage you to remember this: All those projects will still be there when all of this is over. So rather than punish yourself with a slow and meaningful undertaking that will transform you into a better and more fulfilled individual, why not instead just spend 10 minutes learning how to kind-of-not-really-sort-of do a roundhouse kick?

Jessica Powell (@themoko) is the author of The Big Disruption: A Totally Fictional but Essentially True Silicon Valley Story.

The Times is committed to publishing a diversity of letters to the editor. Wed like to hear what you think about this or any of our articles. Here are some tips. And heres our email:

Follow The New York Times Opinion section on Facebook, Twitter (@NYTopinion) and Instagram.

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Why Have One Pandemic Hobby When You Can Have 1,000 of Them? - The New York Times

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Big Brother 2020 line-up: All of the confirmed housemates so far – Brinkwire

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The Big Brother Australia reboot will premiere on Channel Seven in early June.

AndMelbourne-based Zoe George, a well-known blogger and creator of website The Subtle Mummy, was the latest housemate to be announced on Wednesday.

She will join the likes of AFL prankster Daniel Gorringe, raunchy model Chad Hurst, Think Tank star Mat Garrick and 80saerobics icon Marissa Rancan in the house.

The 38-year-old brunette has two kids and is a woodwork teacher from Melbourne.

If you havent had things under your nail and, like, wondered if its Nutella or poo then youre not a mum! Kids have changed my life, Zoe says.

Zoe documents her home life with kidsAri and Ambrosia and husband Bob to her 17,700 Instagram followers and on unfiltered blog,The Subtle Mummy.

She says shes as subtle as a brick in the face and aims to show people shes fun.

The 30-year-old has been dubbed the shows outback tradie after filming his promo in Broken Hill, focusing on his country lifestyle in far west New South Wales.

However, he failed to mention his year as a panelist on ABCs Think Tank from 2018 to 2019.

My beautiful fiance Jess is the best thing thats ever happened to me. Its a bit of a running joke that Im Don Bradman and bat above my average with Jess, he says.

When asked how hell go in the house, Mat says: I hope Im a pretty likeable guy. Got to keep my wits about myself. Some people are conniving and backstabbing.

Housemate Daniel, 27, retired from AFL in 2017.

Since then hes amassed 76,000 Instagram followers by stripping naked for bizarre stunts, as well as taking part in some very questionable comedy skits.

One of his longest-running gags involves placing random items down his trousers. In past videos, hes wedged a lemon between his buttocks, and a golf ball.

Marissa Rancan was announced as a housemate for the reboot earlier this month.

The 61-year-old makeup artist from Sydney found fame in the 1980s as one third of aerobics icons The Rancan Sisters with her twin siblings, Adele and Lisa.

We were the first three to bring aerobics to Australia. It started back in 1983 and we were known for our morning TV appearances, Marissa says of her showbiz past.

The 27-year-old splits his time between photo shoots in Los Angeles, and working as a roofer in Sydney.

While Chad boasts about appearing in Vogue Australia in his promo for the show, he forgot to disclosethe X-rated full frontal nude shoots he did back in 2013.

I think Ill be able to adapt to most personalities in the Big Brother house. Ill be weaving my way in there, seeing whats going on, he says.

Sophie is hoping her good looks will help her win the Chanel Seven reality show.

After being announced as a housemate on Saturday, the 25-year-old from Darwin said: Using my looks will be one of my strategies.

The glamorous brunette is a former gymnast who now works as a part-time grid girl and makeup artist while studying at university.

She fractured her back at the age of 13 while trainingfor the Olympics in London. It was all over. I was out of the sport overnight, she says of her sad past.

Feisty Angela, a 37-year-old events manager and mother from Perth, says she wants to be the last one standing and that Big Brother has met its match with her.

She claims shell sweet talk housemates during the day, and vote them out at night.

I came from Africa with nothing but a suitcase. My family is everything. At home, Im a mum. At work, Im a boss. I can be all of that and more, she says.

View original post here:

Big Brother 2020 line-up: All of the confirmed housemates so far - Brinkwire

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Staying toned from home? Here are the best online Zumba classes ever – Film Daily

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Being stuck at home is great for some people, but those who like to live an active lifestyle are definitely feeling the pain. With most gyms and workout centers closed until further notice, and many parks getting closed thanks to people, not social distancing, working out at home is the only option.

If you dont live in a huge house though, thats asking a lot. Sure, you can do push-ups and weight lifting, but if you prefer cardio, how do you do that? Simple: Zumba. The whole reason Zumba classes exist in the first place is to mix up your cardio routine, and give you some new dance moves with it.

So if youre in a smaller space, and need a fun cardio workout, Zumba is the way to go. Of course, you need a great instructor to lead the way to dancing fitness. These online Zumba classes are perfect for all skill levels and to get you moving.

For those who enjoy the HIIT workout style, Zumba offers a version of that called STRONG by Zumba. This YouTube channel, run by Zumba, has certified instructors offering 7, 20, and 30-minute workouts.

Whether youre a HIIT master and are looking to do an hour, or just getting started and might not make it through the 7 minute, you have options. Plus, youll be ready to take on the full hour-long class at your local workout center when it reopens.

If you follow Popsugar, you know theyre regularly putting out new fitness workouts for you to try at home. But one of their specialties is dance workouts in the style of Zumba. These 30-minute videos get you up and moving.

Short on time? Theres also 15-minute videos you can do to get yourself a short burst of energy during your lunch break. Whether youre looking for hip-shaking Latin dancing, or breaking it down to some hip-hop, theres a variety of musical workouts on their YouTube channel and on their fitness video service Active.

This Zumba instructor has been going at it since 2011, and on top of teaching a full class, he posts his routines on YouTube for you to learn at home. Taking on the top hits, he creates routines for nearly every type of music.

On top of that, he also has specifically kid-friendly routines as well! If you want to get the whole family active, you can pop on one of his Zumba Kids routines to make it easier on them. Throw his routines into a playlist, and make your own one-hour class!

Lets move on from YouTube and to Amazon Prime. This 70-minute video is an international dance fiesta for you to party with at home. Whether youre into Bollywood style or Latin dance, these 16 routines will give you what you like, and introduce you to something new.

If you have Amazon Prime, you can flick it on and learn these moves from the man who created Zumba himself, Beto Perez. Give it a shot and see how long you can last.

Not everyone is super familiar with Zumba, and a lot of these routines may be a lot for a beginner. While this is advertised as a series meant for older people getting into Zumba, its also perfect for those unfamiliar with Zumba in general.

With three episodes available on Prime, you can work your way up to mastering the basics of Zumba. Take your time, have some fun, and shake those hips as you learn a variety of Latin dance moves.

Seriously, Amazon Prime is a treasure trove of those old Zumba DVD workouts. This one does require the Zumba Rizer, but if you just get a step stool or something else to step up and down on, youll be fine.

Mixing it up with step aerobics, this workout has a focus on tightening your legs and glutes, to give you delicious legs. But dont worry, youll still get some of the dancing you know and love in there too.

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May 6th, 2020 at 7:48 pm

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