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Combining Aerobics and Weights Tied to Optimal Weight Control – The New York Times

Posted: February 19, 2020 at 2:43 am

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They wound up with participants who either were or were not obese and, separately, were sedentary or active, completing aerobic exercise, weight training, or both types of exercise on a regular basis.

Then they compared exercise habits and obesity and noted an interesting pattern. The incidence of obesity, especially extreme obesity, was much lower among active people than the sedentary, whether their activity was aerobic or resistance-oriented.

But those men and women who reported completing both types of exercise who jogged and lifted or walked and downward dogged, for instance were about 50 percent less likely to be obese than inactive people and about 20 percent less likely than people who participated in aerobic exercise or weight training alone.

In other words, it appears that doing either aerobic or muscle-strengthening exercise is good for a healthy weight, but doing both is better, says Jason Bennie, a senior research fellow in physical activity epidemiology at the University of Southern Queensland, who led the new study.

This study relied on participants remembrances of exercise, though, which can be unreliable, and asked about them at only one point in peoples lives. So, it cannot show whether exercising now necessarily thwarts obesity in the future. It also cannot establish whether, in some cases, being obese prevented people from being active, meaning that their weight determined their workout routines and not the other way around.

Perhaps most important, it does not tell us how augmenting walks or other aerobic activities with weight training might help us to avoid obesity. Dr. Bennie and his colleagues speculate that aerobic and resistance exercise produce differing effects on our metabolisms, hormones, appetites and even the structures of our brains that, synergistically, remodel our bodies and minds in ways that reduce the likelihood we will gain weight.

More study is needed, of course. But in the meantime, those of us hoping to keep our weight under control might want to consider cycling or walking to the gym, where we might want to pick up some weights.

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Combining Aerobics and Weights Tied to Optimal Weight Control - The New York Times

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February 19th, 2020 at 2:43 am

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Grand Rapids 97-year-old GR man credits health to water aerobics Savannah Fish 6:28 – Fox17

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. While it can be a struggle, most people can agree: eating healthy and staying active is key to a long and vibrant life.

If you question that statement, let Del Crowe be an example.

At 97 years old, Crowe credits his good health to the water aerobics.

Three times a week, he wakes up and heads over to water aerobics class at Clark Retirement Center. Crowe never misses a class.

"I like to do it, thats the number one thing," said Crowe. "I can do it without any great exertion on my legs or any other part of my body. So its good for me to do that."

Crowe says he also returns to "check on the ladies," but also because of the community atmosphere.

"I definitely think that hes an inspiration for other residents who see him coming into the pool every day," said Kensey Maurer, wellness specialist at Clark Retirement. "It shows hes very dedicated and passionate about coming to swimming."

Maurer says there are several fitness classes for residents to take. However for Crowe, water aerobics has been going just swimmingly.

"In Dels case, he was complaining about arthritis in his knees, so we try to do a lot of walking, we try to do a lot of leg strengthening exercise to alleviate some of that pressure off of his knees," said Maurer. "So its nice to be able to cater to each of the individual residents needs during class time."

So, whether you are 97 or 27, or anywhere in between, let Crowe be your dose of inspiration to get up and get moving.

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Grand Rapids 97-year-old GR man credits health to water aerobics Savannah Fish 6:28 - Fox17

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February 19th, 2020 at 2:43 am

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Study says combining strength training and aerobics more beneficial than doing only one or the other – MinnPost

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An analysis of all that data revealed the incidence of obesity was much lower among active people than sedentary ones even if their exercise routine included only aerobics or only muscle-strengthening activities.

People who engage regularly in either aerobic or muscle-strengthening exercises are less likely to become obese than people who are sedentary, but doing both types of exercise is more likely to keep excess pounds off than doing one or the other, according to new research.

Interestingly, women appear to benefit even more than men by combining aerobic physical activity with muscle-strengthening exercises.

The study, which was conducted by Australian researchers using U.S. data, appears in the February issue of the journal Obesity.

Until now most population-level evidence on physical activity for reducing the risk of, or preventing obesity is based on aerobic exercise, such as walking, cycling and jogging, but few studies have previously examined the associations between combining aerobic exercise and muscle-strengthening activities with obesity, said Jason Bennie, the studys lead author and a senior research fellow at the University of Southern Queensland, in a released statement.

From the data we analyzed, its great news for people who find it hard to get out and exercise, but can potentially do some strength training at home, he added.

In the United States, about 40 percent of adults more than 93 million individuals have obesity, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The condition increases the risk of many chronic diseases, including heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis, breast and colon cancer, and dementia.

Reducing illness and early death related to obesity has been a major U.S. public health priority for more than a decade.

For the current study, Bennie and his co-authors analyzed data from almost 1.7 million U.S. adults who participated in the CDCs Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) telephone surveys between 2011 and 2017. More than a quarter (27 percent) of the participants were 65 or older and slightly more than half (51.6 percent) were women. Most (65.4 percent) were white, followed by Hispanics (13.5 percent), blacks (11.1 percent), multiracial (5.1 percent) and other (4.9 percent).

As part of the survey, the participants were asked about the types of physical activity they had engaged in during the past month, both aerobic (such as running, calisthenics, golf, gardening or walking) and muscle-strengthening (like yoga, sit-ups or push-ups and those using weight machines, free weights, or elastic bands). They were also asked how often they did those activities.

The researchers grouped the participants into four categories:

Forty percent of the participants met neither guideline, 30.5 percent met only the aerobic activity guidelines, 9.5 percent met only the muscle-strengthening guidelines, and 20.2 percent met both guidelines.

Using height and weight information from the surveys, the researchers calculated the participants body mass index (BMI). Those (35.6 percent of the respondents) who had a BMI of 18.5-24.9 were categorized as having a healthy weight, and those (28.9 percent) with a BMI of 30 or higher were categorized as obese.

An analysis of all that data revealed the incidence of obesity was much lower among active people than sedentary ones even if their exercise routine included only aerobics or only muscle-strengthening activities.

But the incidence of obesity was lowest significantly so among people who regularly combined muscle-strengthening exercises with aerobics. Not only were they 50 percent less likely to have obesity than sedentary people, they were also 20 percent less likely to have obesity than those who did just aerobics or just muscle-strengthening.

These associations were stronger among women than among men. This suggests, write Bennie and his colleagues, that public health physical activity interventions focusing on women could be the most effective for obesity prevention, particularly since other research has shown that women are currently less likely to do both aerobics and muscle-strengthening exercises.

The studys findings are observational, so they cant prove a causal relationship between exercise and the risk of having obesity. Still, as the researchers point out in their paper, there is some clinical evidence suggesting that [muscle-strengthening exercises] combined with [aerobic exercise] may increase lean body mass, more than either activity alone, thus resulting in an increased metabolic rate and/or total energy expenditure among those who engage in both physical activity modes.

Bennie said he hopes the studys findings will encourage people to not only exercise more, but to also broaden their current routine.

Making some changes to your daily routine can make a big difference, like body weight exercises such as squats, sit-ups, or push-ups at home; or join a gym to do weights, he said.

But physical activity doesnt need to be complicated or time-consuming, he added.Doing any physical activity is better than none.

For more information: You can read the study in full on the Obesity website.

Susan Perry writes Second Opinion for MinnPost, covering consumer health. She has written several health-related books, and her articles have appeared in a wide variety of publications.

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Study says combining strength training and aerobics more beneficial than doing only one or the other - MinnPost

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February 19th, 2020 at 2:43 am

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Combining Aerobics and Weights Tied to Optimum Weight Management – BingePost

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They wound up with individuals who both had been or werent overweight and, individually, had been sedentary or lively, finishing cardio train, weight coaching, or each forms of train regularly.

Then they in contrast train habits and weight problems and famous an attention-grabbing sample. The incidence of weight problems, particularly excessive weight problems, was a lot decrease amongst lively folks than the sedentary, whether or not their exercise was cardio or resistance-oriented.

However these women and men who reported finishing each forms of train who jogged and lifted or walked and downward dogged, as an example had been about 50 % much less prone to be overweight than inactive folks and about 20 % much less doubtless than individuals who participated in cardio train or weight coaching alone.

In different phrases, it seems that doing both cardio or muscle-strengthening train is sweet for a wholesome weight, however doing each is best, says Jason Bennie, a senior analysis fellow in bodily exercise epidemiology on the College of Southern Queensland, who led the brand new research.

This research relied on individuals remembrances of train, although, which could be unreliable, and requested about them at just one level in folkss lives. So, it cant present whether or not exercising now essentially thwarts weight problems sooner or later. It additionally cant set up whether or not, in some circumstances, being overweight prevented folks from being lively, that means that their weight decided their exercise routines and never the opposite manner round.

Maybe most vital, it doesnt inform us how augmenting walks or different cardio actions with weight coaching would possibly assist us to keep away from weight problems. Dr. Bennie and his colleagues speculate that cardio and resistance train produce differing results on our metabolisms, hormones, appetites and even the constructions of our brains that, synergistically, rework our our bodies and minds in ways in which cut back the probability we are going to acquire weight.

Extra research is required, in fact. However within the meantime, these of us hoping to maintain our weight beneath management would possibly wish to take into account biking or strolling to the health club, the place wed wish to decide up some weights.

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Combining Aerobics and Weights Tied to Optimum Weight Management - BingePost

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February 19th, 2020 at 2:43 am

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New fitness classes for over 60s in Burnham-On-Sea area hailed a success – Burnham-On-Sea

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New fitness classes have been launched in a bid to help elderly people in Burnham-On-Sea and Highbridge get more active.

The brand new classes, called FABS (Flexibility, Aerobics, Balance and Strength), have started this month and intend to help residents aged over 60 remain active for as long as possible.

The sessions are being run by Burnham resident Anne Panesar, who worked as a NHS counsellor for several years and decided to retrain as an instructor so she could deliver exercise classes to older people.

Anne told that the sessions cover all aspects of health, flexibility, aerobics, balance and strength, and can be undertaken seated, standing or supported.

She adds: I am happy to say that the Over 60s Exercise Class at Berrow Village Hall has had a successful start. Next week will be our 3rd week and I am now offering two classes 1.30-2.30 and 3-4pm.

Its fun and laughter while getting fitter and healthier. The class is social and suitable for any adult who would like to become more physically active in a low impact way our exercise programme focusses on flexibility, aerobic health, balance and strength.

She adds: Until recently I was working in the NHS and I know first hand how important it is for health to be more active and exercise.

A little is good, more is better. I have always loved dancing to music myself and so when the opportunity came along to retrain to deliver exercise to music classes for older people I jumped at it.

I particulaly want to run classes out in the community so that people do not have to travel to find a class.

Theres no need to book, just turn up, but you are welcome to contact me if you have any questions beforehand.

The FABS programme combines exercises that have been scientifically proven by the Centre for Healthy Ageing Research at the University of Birmingham to turn back the clock and help people to lead happier, healthier and longer lives.

She adds: The exercises we do in class are easy to follow and can be done seated or standing. Its a fantastic way to get together with other people in the area, keep fit and have fun doing it!

Music is a great motivator for moving and we exercise to a variety of music from all eras. I encourage people to let me know if they have a favourite song and I will have a go at putting a fun exercise routine to it.

Physical activity has many benefits for older adults. It is as important to be active at 80 years old as it is at 20. Make a start today its never too late!

Contact Anne on 07421762532 or via Facebook at @MIOLIAnnePanesar

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New fitness classes for over 60s in Burnham-On-Sea area hailed a success - Burnham-On-Sea

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Run in with the pool ‘police’ in The Villages – Villages-News

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To the Editor:

Ive been a resident for four years. We took a walk to mail a package at Mallory pool. My grandson, husband, and my mother. A car turned onto Banbury Run. No sidewalks, but we were close to the curb. The female driver increased her speed significantly as if she were angry we were anywhere close to the road! Get to Mallory and are immediately rudely greeted by the pool police. Rudely let us know that wasnt a childrens pool!Grandson was in his PJs! I had a package in my hand, clearly there for the mail center. Went on to tell us where a childrens pool is. Told her I was a veteran Villager and was well aware of where children are allowed. I should have let her know how much more kindly she could have corresponded to us! Meanwhile, my husband is swimming trying to get some exercise in (yes, well aware this is not a lap pool). Quiet though, until the groupies arrived for their own little private water aerobics. One man intentionally stood right in front of my husbands swimming more than once. Not a lap pool. Not a water aerobics pool. Not crowded. I pay the same fees these people do. Snobbish groupies who think that is their pool.Ridiculous.

Lori Cynewski Village of Amelia


Run in with the pool 'police' in The Villages - Villages-News

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February 19th, 2020 at 2:42 am

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There are many advantages to well being by doing aerobics – Sahiwal Tv

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Everyone desires to all the time be match, really feel filled with power, nevertheless it turns into tough at occasions to make time for train. Nowadays persons are growing curiosity in such train, which is straightforward to do and likewise entertaining. One such train is aerobics.

Not solely is robotics in style amongst girls, males additionally prefer it very a lot. If you arent capable of benefit from this train or keep regularity in it, then as soon as once more take the pledge to incorporate this train in your routine and make your well being filled with power.

-> Dancing in enjoyable methods on leisure music can have a number of well being advantages, so why not make this train an necessary a part of your life like meals and water.

Various types of aerobics Traditional flooring aerobics: There are sure actions in it, which go ahead and backward on a selected music. Those strikes are known as excessive impression strikes ie very efficient and low impression strikes ie much less efficient. High impression, ie the place each toes go away their contact with the bottom and low impression means the place one leg stays involved with the bottom.

Step aerobics: In step aerobics, choreographed strikes are elevated steps based mostly. It is without doubt one of the hottest cardio workout routines. This can cut back the fats within the legs and hip space. Dance Aerobics: This aerobics class makes use of a wide range of dance kinds. Especially Salsa, Jazz, Hip Hop and Zumba are included in it prominently, which together with burning energy additionally creates pleasure in individuals.

Cardio Kick Boxing: In this, boxing, martial arts and conventional aerobics are accomplished by combining excessive depth cardio workout routines. With this, theres common circulation of blood within the muscle mass of the higher physique together with the burning of energy.

Aqua Aerobics: Aqua aerobics is the most suitable choice for people who find themselves curious about swimming. Swimming makes the physique versatile. Some particular floating gear can be used on this. Jogging: Jogging could be accomplished in two methods. This could be accomplished whereas standing in a single place, and even whereas transferring from one place to a different. This exercise improves metabolism.

Rope skipping: Usually we name it rope leaping. Rope skipping at dwelling may be very useful in burning fats. It will increase stature and the physique will get form. Apart from this, biking and ball workout routines are additionally included prominently in it.

Benefits of aerobics Keep away from melancholy: Depression is a significant downside today. Aerobics is an excellent remedy to stop this.

Insomnia aid: Today, the issue of insomnia can be taking the type of a really massive illness. In such a manner, the dancing stapes of aerobics not solely chill out the mind, but in addition clear up the issue of excellent sleep.

Make hormones balanced: In the previous couple of years, issues like hormonal imbalance in girls have elevated quite a bit. Due to absence of standard menstrual interval, girls must face many issues associated to being pregnant. They profit drastically from aerobics.

Burn extra energy : HDL ldl cholesterol will increase within the physique as a consequence of its common train and LDL ldl cholesterol is decreased. Immunity additionally will increase.

Need a balanced eating regimen Do have breakfast within the morning. Sprouted pulses, milk, egg, poha, idli and many others. could be taken. Mid-meal could be eaten between breakfast and lunch. Take lunch made of multi grain bread. Eat inexperienced greens and pulses. Take salad. Coconut water, buttermilk and curd could be taken within the night. Take dinner evenly. Soup, salad, polenta is best.

Catering management Do not eat fried and roasted issues. Stay away from junk meals like burgers and pizza. Do not devour issues made from carbonated drinks and high-quality flour. Take tea and low in small portions. Eat meals when youre hungry and eat gentle meals at night time.

Keep extending deadlines Gradually improve the time, velocity and distance in aerobics. If youre jogging for 2 kilometers from one week, then jogging for 2 and a half kilometers subsequent week.

Keep proper catering Keep consuming one thing recurrently at common intervals, so that you just do not need to starve for a very long time. Going to mattress immediately after dinner, the physique will burn fewer energy and improve fats. Therefore, eat quick and light-weight meals at night time and sleep solely after two hours. Drink sufficient water, it might probably burn a number of energy.

Take particular care of these items Positive pondering performs an necessary position in reducing weight. If you retain your pondering constructive with common train, then you will note its profit quickly.

Do train Regardless of your degree of health, a stroll is essential to drop pounds. Always begin slowly after which improve your velocity and distance. Use the steps as an alternative of the raise and as a lot as attainable, keep away from sitting repeatedly.

Synergy with teacher If youre affected by any illness like coronary heart illness, blood stress, diabetes or stroke, then undoubtedly focus on it together with your teacher. Before going to class, please inform your teacher about your current bodily and psychological situation, in order that he can plan your exercise accordingly. Eat your alternative of meals as soon as per week. Eat dinner evenly and rapidly.

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There are many advantages to well being by doing aerobics - Sahiwal Tv

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Athletic Footwear Market to be Driven By Rising Consumer Awareness About Benefits of Fitness & Sporting Activities Till 2025 | Million Insights -…

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FELTON, California, Feb. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ --With reference to the report published by the authorities the scope of the global Athletic Footwear Market was appreciated by US$ 64.30 billion in 2017 and is projected to touch US$ 95.14 billion by 2025. It is projected to increase by a CAGR of to some extent above 5.0% during the period of 2018 to 2025.

Footwear is an apparel worn on feet for the purpose of shielding from exterior means at the time of carrying out the actions at out-of-doors. The term athletic footwear denotes to the merchandise worn by sports person that have similar purpose of caring the foot together with greater extra functionality as per the sport they are intended for. Therefore, an athletic footwear deliver superior shield, easy control on the movements, support for the mid-foot along with the cushioning and steadiness to heels.

Athletic shoe is a general term for the footwear mainly meant for sporting or additional procedures of bodily workout. However during current ages they are utilizes for unintentional actions. Athletic footwear is utilized for sporting and additional procedures of working out, for example aerobics, jogging, running and walking. This comprises basketball shoes, running shoes, fitness shoes, walking shoes and others.


Prosperous sector of retail e-commerce, increasing attentiveness and interest about the benefits of fitness and the sporting actions, all over the world and growing stages of per capita earnings of the customers are expected to be the important reasons fueling the development of the athletic footwear industry.

Likewise, the persons are more and more understanding the significance of using proper category of shoes for sporting actions so as to avert the back pain, knee pain, hip pain, damages to muscle and injuries to leg. Therefore, the demand for athletic shoes is estimated to record a high growth during the period of approaching years.

Get Sample PDFand read more details about the "Athletic Footwear Market" Report 2025.


The increasing prices of raw material is a most important reason obstructing the development of the global athletic footwear market. The normal price of the upper leather of a shoe, hiked with substantial percentage in historical year. That affected, on the market of athletic footwear, adversely.


The global athletic footwear industry can be classified by Sales Network, Gender, Type and Region. By Sales Network, it can be classified as Shoe Stores, E- Commerce, Specialty Stores, Sport Stores, Supermarkets, Hypermarkets and Others. By Gender, it can be classified as Kids, Men, and Women. By Type, it can be classified as Sports Shoes, Walking Shoes, Aerobic Shoes, Trekking & Hiking Shoes, Backpacking Shoes and Running Shoes.

Regional Lookout:

By Region the global athletic footwear market can be classified as North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa. The North American region had ruled the market by way of a share of income. In 2017, it was around 30.0%. The area is expected to carry on leading the market during the period of forecast. The U.S.A is the important donor of the revenue to the local market. This can be credited to the people having greater interest for the sporting activities, and the activities of adventure and fitness, for example trail running, hiking, training and aerobics.

Asia Pacific was responsible for the maximum consignments which were nearby 260 million units, in 2017. It is estimated that the area will carry on its domination during the period of 2018 to 2025. This can be mainly credited to an extensive base of people and lesser normal price of selling of the athletic footwear within the province, as equated to with the advanced nations, for example the U.S.A and the U.K.

The Asia Pacific estimated to see the maximum percentage of development during period of the forecast. It tracked by Latin America. Increasing infiltration of e-commerce along with the growing per capita earnings are projected to perform an important part in boosting the demand for athletic footwear in Asia Pacific. Growing interest for joining in a number of sporting actions, is increasing the development of the athletic footwear industry within the state.

Story continues


Some of the important companies for athletic footwear market are: Woodland Worldwide, Saucony, Puma SE, Vans, Lotto Sport Italia S.p.A, Fila Inc., Adidas AG, Skechers USA, Inc., Reebok International, Nike, Inc., New Balance Athletics, Inc., Under Arm our, Inc., and ASICS Corporation. Additional notable companies are Osiris Shoes, BK Footwear, Crocs Inc., Saucony Inc., VANS Inc., Brooks Sports Inc., Wolverine World Wide Inc., K-Swiss Inc. and Converse, Inc.

Browse 165 page research report with TOC on "Global Athletic Footwear Market" at:

Market Segment:

Browse latest market research reports available with Million Insights:

About Million Insights:

Million Insights, is a distributor of market research reports, published by premium publishers only. We have a comprehensive market place, that will enable you to compare data points, before you make a purchase. Enabling informed buying, is our motto and we strive hard to ensure that our clients get to browse through multiple samples, prior to an investment. Service flexibility & the fastest response time are two pillars, on which our business model is founded. Our market research report store, includes in-depth reports, from across various industry verticals, such as healthcare, technology, chemicals, food & beverages, consumer goods, material science & automotive.

Contact:Ryan Manuel Research Support Specialist, USA Million Insights Phone: +1-408-610-2300 Toll Free: 1-866-831-4085 Email: sales@millioninsights.comWeb:

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SOURCE Million Insights

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Athletic Footwear Market to be Driven By Rising Consumer Awareness About Benefits of Fitness & Sporting Activities Till 2025 | Million Insights -...

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Top Aerobics Moves To Go With Whole-Body Vibration Training – Omega Underground

Posted: January 16, 2020 at 6:44 am

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For those who want to exercise with a vibrating exercise machine, theres one thing you should know. There is a big distinction between whole-body vibration training and whole-body vibration therapy. The former is a more strenuous exercise wherein one makes use of the vibration machine in his/her fitness regime. The latter, on the other hand, is mainly used for recovery. Though its easy to mistake the two, and both do procure the same healthy results. Whole-body vibration training just requires a tad more effort. Its a sort of no pain, no gain type exercise even though using a vibrating exercise machine isnt painful at all.

Part of what separates whole-body vibration training to therapy is the involvement of aerobics. You can do all sorts of aerobic moves on the vibration plate and when you do, youre already doing whole-body vibration training on it. But which are the best ones to do? Here are a few suggestions:

Wide Stance

Whole-body vibration therapy is simply sitting or standing on a vibrating exercise machine. You do practically nothing while the vibrations work their magic on you. However, when youre not really just standing but actually doing a wide stance on the machine, this is when it becomes whole-body vibration training. Doing a wide stance isnt just standing around, its a conscious position that required you to stay within an upheld position for a long period of time. It also, in many ways, improves your posture too.


Arguably one of the most classic aerobics moves, doing lunges on a vibrating exercise machine does two things. First is it teaches you to get in rhythm with a machine. A vibration machine is essentially a moving surface. If you simply do a lunge on it, chances are youll fall flat on your face. But when you get into the rhythm of the vibrations you can avoid such accidents! Secondly, lunges also help strengthen your leg muscles, very similarly to whole-body vibration therapy too!


Now that youve gotten your feet in rhythm with the machine, its time for your arms too. Doing push-ups on a concrete floor is easy peasy. Its all a matter of lifting yourself up on a still surface. But try doing that on a vibrating exercise machine and it gets a lot more complicated. But also, it gets a lot more fun too. And at the end of it, you might even procure double the results in no time. Challenge accepted!


While youre at it, do pull-ups on the vibrating plate as well. One of two of the most well-known and arguably the easiest of aerobic moves, pull-ups can do a little tweaking. Imagine how many abs youll get when you pair it with whole-body vibration training! Instead of a four-pack, you might just end up with an eight-pack! But seriously speaking, theres nothing wrong with making the simplest of aerobic exercise more challenging with a vibration machine. It might even work better for you!

Calf Raise

When getting into the rhythm of your vibrating exercise machine, youre also improving your balance. Because without it, you wont be able to do any of the aerobics moves at all. Not even the simplest wide stance. So in many ways, the exercises, as well as the machine, can also work to improve your balance. And theres just the aerobic move to do that: the calf raise. When you raise your calf for a long period of time, youre actually teaching yourself how to balance on a moving surface.

Shoulder Lift

Can you lift yourself up with just working on your shoulders? Kind of like a push-up but the other way around? If you can, youre actually doing the shoulder lift, another great aerobic move to pair your whole-body vibration training with. More than just your balance, youre actually allowing your body to get used to your strength. Carrying yourself despite your hands resting on a vibrating exercise machine, youre practically carrying your whole weight on your two palms.

Quad Stretch

Remember, one of the best effects of whole-body vibration training is getting a more flexible body. And you can better ensure youll get this benefit if you do some quad stretched while on the vibration plate. Arguably, your quads are some of the lest flexible parts of your body. Theyre not exactly your arms, which are probably the first body parts you stretch when you wake up. Quads require their own stretching, which has since become an aerobics move. One that works well with whole-body vibration training.

Soft Squat

Theres improving the flexibility of your quads, and then theres strengthening them. For the latter, begin with soft squats when you first take on whole-body vibration training. This way, the tensions in that part of your body might slowly but surely fade away. Youre essentially relaxing them, and when theyre soothed, they become stronger and mighter. With each soft squat, your legs are becoming more and more tones. By the end of it, theyll probably end up looking the best in your physique.

Deep Squats

Now if you really want to strengthen those quads, do deep squats. On a vibrating exercise machine, squat as deep as you can to really get your muscles going. Sure, they might not end up as relaxed as you want, but surely enough, therell be fewer tensions there. As opposed to when youre lifting weights, for instance. At least, with whole-body vibration therapy, your quads dont have to suffer all the much to get stronger and more toned!


Imagine planking on a vibrating exercise machine. Imagine trying to keep completely still in a horizontal position with a moving surface under either your hands, elbows, or toes. Its really difficult, isnt it? Well, this is the sort of fitness you get when you combine planking with whole-body vibration training. Youre actually teaching your body to be more disciplined. To further push on with achieving your position despite the moving surface. Once you master this, the skys the limit for your fitness!

Whole-body vibration training can be a mix of aerobics moves and staying on a vibration machine for as long as possible. These moves might prove ost effective, but if you discover others that can work just as well, go for them. Get creative and courageous with your fitness!

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Top Aerobics Moves To Go With Whole-Body Vibration Training - Omega Underground

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Women in the Weight Room – Campus Rec Magazine

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Image courtesy of Shutterstock

Within the fitness industry, special attention is directed toward female members to ensure obstacles such as intimidation or discomfort around men in the weight room are impeded.

Some facilities created remote fitness spaces or removed mirrors to mitigate feelings of competition. Eliminating intimidation and encouraging inclusivity is a sensitive topic within our department. Creating an inclusive, welcoming and stress-free environment is important to our staff and any indication that students feel marginalized or unwelcome ignites our team, and we attempt to mitigate the obstacle to the best of our ability. Recently, a request came to get more women into the weight room, so I wanted to look deeper into this topic and find out if women want to be in the weight room.

As a woman who has participated in group fitness classes, played intramural sports, belayed rock walls, swam laps and lifted weights in weight rooms where few women were found, I began to challenge the assumption that women wanted to be in the weight room. Similar to other women, I have experienced feelings of intimidation, competition and feeling that I am on display in the weight room. And indeed, the majority of weight rooms Ive visited main-stream fitness centers across the United States as well as the US Army and Air Force gyms in the U.S. and in Germany were dominated by men. Most often I was the only woman in the weight room but I seldom asked myself, Where are all the other women? This space has always felt masculine and if I wanted to join my female counterparts, I would jump into a group fitness class.

Aerobic spaces, in contrast, has remained feminine since their induction into the fitness industry. Aerobic and group fitness locations were originally created outside of gyms as aerobics studios, fitness salons or women-only exercise studios. But today, we see the contemporary gym and recreation center now has it all: aerobics and group fitness classes are now in a combined recreational facility with weight rooms, functional training areas, rock walls, pools, day cares and more. This is an incredible evolution since YMCAs came into existence in the mid-nineteenth century and the first U.S. health club opened in 1939. Gyms have historically been labeled as masculine spaces. From Greco-Roman gyms to the strong man gyms of nineteenth century Europe, todays version of the public gym has advanced drastically in terms of inclusive participants and programming.

Lets also consider how having muscle is perceived differently by women. While musculature can be perceived as evidence of competence, different variations of muscle size provide different versions of femininity to different women. Many women desire slender toned bodies and equate the weight room as a place to bulk up and, therefore, exercise in areas outside of the weight room. Knowledge of lifting weights is held predominantly by men, and many women who do lift weights gained knowledge either through a trainer or past sports experience. Women who actively and confidently lift weights in the weight room, including the presence of female personal trainers, disrupt the knowledge gap between men and women in the weight room.

Womens presence in the weight room provides access and knowledge to other women, but we should also highlight that our staff, students and recreational programming is evidence of inclusive design. At our student recreation center, half of our personal trainers are women, 85% of our group fitness instructors are women, and all of our fitness programming is created and developed by women. Our department professional staff consists of over 60% women, and our student facility usage is nearly equal between men and women. In addition, fitness industry trends in functional training, HIIT and overall wellness programs which our department adopted reflect a movement toward activities that show equal interest in both men and women.

When we look at the creation of the majority of group fitness classes, workout routines, equipment and apparel, the fitness industry is dominated by men. Reactive tactics to steer women into spaces women have traditionally bypassed cannot reverse behavior that is innately part of the original system. A broader look and a larger conversation needs to take place about how we are part of the evolution of a new system. Lets talk about spaces, how it contributes to positive experiences and how these spaces construct positive identities. Our involvement, development and influence within the fitness industry is and must continue encouraging inclusivity to all people.

Women might not be equally present in all activities or spaces such as in the weight room, but our presence, encouragement and behavior as recreation professionals will continue to reduce the gender gap. Developing strategies that encourage all of our members the ability to personalize their fitness experiences and freedom, however they feel comfortable, is important and must continue.

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