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How FISAF provides accessible resources for sports and fitness aerobics – The Bridge

Posted: September 13, 2020 at 11:52 am

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Federation of Indian Sports Aerobics and Fitness (FISAF) has the aim to develop sports and fitness aerobics according to international standards. With eminent members in the organization who have been working in sports aerobics for a long time, it has sent players from India to international contests who won medals for the country.

In order to realize their vision for developing sports aerobics all across India at an international level, FISAF India released the initiative of Sports Aerobics Education Program. This provides online resources, training camps, seminars and more, for school students as well as aerobic athletes. With this vision in mind, sports aerobics and fitness will be available to everyone across the country free of cost. This will encourage more participation in sports and fitness aerobics through the younger age groups in FISAF India events. Encouraging early talent is a key to putting India on the global map of sports aerobics.

The aerobics resources consist of five online training videos which can be done any time and do not need any equipment. These videos provide total body exercises that are safe and easy to perform without any risk of injury. People of all age groups can keep fit at home through these aerobic videos which also consist of pre-choreographed routines synced to music. This makes it a fun and challenging exercise.

FISAF INDIA provides these resources for free to encourage the growth of this new era sports and fitness in India. They are encouraging the Fit India movement, which aims to improve the quality of living for many by incorporating fitness into their everyday lifestyle. The organization consists of former international athletes who have been working in sports aerobics from a very long time and have brought about significant change.

Through the availability of easy access to sports aerobics resources, FISAF India is fulfilling the mission to develop Indias sports and fitness aerobics standards to international levels.

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How FISAF provides accessible resources for sports and fitness aerobics - The Bridge

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September 13th, 2020 at 11:52 am

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7 Pieces Of Home Gym Equipment That Are Worth Buying – E/The Environmental Magazine

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According to the U.S. Physical Activity Guidelines, adults are recommended to perform at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercises weekly along with at least two strength-training sessions to stay healthy and fit. Whilst exercising outdoors or signing up for a gym membership are both compelling options, setting up a home gym is the most time-efficient, cost-effective, and convenient option for people who like to exercise frequently. There are countless reasons why it might be inconvenient for you to work out in a gym or outdoors. For instance, personal reasons such as busy work schedules and external factors such as bad weather conditions or pandemic outbreaks can interfere with your fitness goals.

One of the most common misconceptions about the home gym is that it requires a lot of costly high-end equipment. However, based on your personal fitness goals and needs, you can optimize your available space with a few pieces of equipment that can benefit you the most.

This article is a guide to 7 pieces of home gym equipment that are well worth buying.

Among the most popular choices of equipment for cardio training, exercise bikes are often the first choice for home gyms as they take up less space than treadmills and are generally more affordable. Moreover, exercise bikes require a minimum amount of maintenance while still suffice your daily needs for cardiovascular training. They are ideal for people with busy schedules as they can help you squeeze in short and effective workouts before or after work without having to travel to the gym and back. Good quality exercise bikes can also track your calories burned as well as heart rates via hand sensors along with basic workout details such as distance, time, and speed.

Exercise bikes are widely available with different price ranges and specific features from simple stationary bikes to pricey folding magnetic bikes. But according to the experts at, the two most popular options are the Peloton and Nordictrack Commercial Studio Cycles for their adjustable seats as well as digital screens for tracking your workout progress. Another feature to look for when looking for one is a good quality flywheel as this will allow users to have a quiet and smooth ride.

When it comes to strength training, resistance bands are often overlooked as people tend to look for weight benches and dumbbells to purchase for their home gyms. However, resistance bands are highly versatile, easy to store, affordable, and lightweight compared to kettlebells, dumbbells, and other exercise equipment. You can use resistance bands at home for multiple workout programs such as planks, sidesteps, and squats. There are resistance bands with different levels of elasticity which change the intensity of your workout.

There are several different ways you can work on your cardiovascular training and rowing is one of the most effective low-impact workouts. If you have a large enough space to spare for your home gym, you should consider investing in an indoor rowing machine. Typically, indoor rowing machines can be separated into two parts to make them easier to store. Rowing machines are total-body workout equipment that can be used for both cardio and muscle toning purposes. Specifically, you can have a full-body exercise with an indoor rowing machine, which focuses mostly on your arms, legs, core, and back. Moreover, in contrast to running, there is less impact on your ankles and knees. Remember to look into the exact measurements of your chosen rowing machine to make sure that your home gym is spacious enough to place it.

If you are looking for a full-rounded workout program, you need to incorporate strength training into your exercise routines. There are various types of fitness equipment that are designed to target different groups of muscles and the most versatile are dumbbells. Because of that, most home gyms are equipped with a few sets of dumbbells in different weights or better yet, have an adjustable pair of dumbbells to help trainers to target most major muscle groups such as arms, chest, legs, and back. Adjustable dumbbells are highly convenient, versatile, and easy to store.

Running on a treadmill is one of the most effective forms of cardiovascular exercise. Treadmills come with different programs and speed features and can be customized with different calorie and heart rate tracking features. Along with exercise bikes, treadmills are among the top choices of cardio equipment for home gyms. Depending on your available space, you may want to consider a treadmill with a folding frame. Prices of treadmills range significantly depending on the in-built features, but for basic home use, a simple model will be all you need.

A good-quality yoga mat can serve you for different fitness activities including yoga practice, pilates, and strength training workouts using your body weight. When choosing your yoga mat, it is important to look for a non-slip mat to avoid potential injuries and maintain good alignment. Moreover, good-quality mats tend to be well cushioned and are easy to wipe clean. Surprisingly, some high-end yoga mats can actually be very expensive, but a regular, multi-purpose yoga mat will only set you back a few dollars.

Medicine balls are versatile pieces of fitness equipment that can be used for a variety of workouts. Medicine balls are great for abdominal workouts and step aerobics. Medicine balls come in a range of weights and sizes, but a large medicine ball can suit most of your needs. You can choose a medicine ball in either hard plastic or a softer foam version depending on what kind of workout you intend to use it for.

Performing frequent physical exercises have numerous health benefits for us both physically and mentally. With a convenient home gym, you can meet your fitness goals and satisfy your exercise needs while saving time that would otherwise be spent commuting to the gym as well as saving a lot of money on a pricey gym membership. Work out more often at home with these 7 pieces of home gym equipment.

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7 Pieces Of Home Gym Equipment That Are Worth Buying - E/The Environmental Magazine

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American Horror Story: 5 Actors That Fans Want To See Again (& 5 That Have Been In The Show Enough) – Screen Rant

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American Horror Story loves to reuse it's actors each season, but which actors should stick around, and which shouldn't?

Successful horror-themed television shows are few and far between, but Ryan Murphy managed to hit it out of the park with American Horror Story. Though the series is an anthology and has an entirely different premise every season, it is most popular for its unique choice to use primarily the same cast members to play different characters every year.

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Fans gets to see their favorite actors and actresses tackle a variety of roles, but this also means that some of them may wear out their welcome over time. The hit horror anthology is currently preparing to begin filmingits mysterious 10th season, and is sure to include a few familiar faces. Take a look at 5 stars that fans are eager to see more of in future seasons, and 5 that have been less popular.

The daughter of the late Carrie Fisherand granddaughter of Debbie Reynolds, Billie Lourd comes from a line of actresses brimming with talent and personality.

Throughout herAmerican Horror Story career, she has graced the screen in three separate roles in Cult,Apocalypse, and finally as the aerobics-obsessed Montana in 1984.Lourd has proven herself as a versatile actress that brings uniqueness to each performance, and she is a credit to the series.She is confirmed to appear in season 10, though little is known about her role.

Chlo Sevigny has previously won a Golden Globe for herperformance as Nicki GrantinBig Love, but herAmerican Horror Storycharacters blend together and are associated with either convoluted or less than exciting plot lines.

Despite being a sympathetic character with an intriguing past in Asylum, her inclusion was not particularly important to the overall arc of the season. In Hotel, her character is even less interesting and often frustrating to watch as she makes continuallyconfusing choices.

Leslie Jordan first starred in American Horror Story: Coven as a warlock and member of the Witches Council. He has also had small roles in Roanoke and 1984. Known for his short stature and his Southern accent, he owns the qualities that some may mock, and he carries himself with confidence and good humor.

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These traits bleed into his characters and make them both funny and likable even if theyre not very good people. Jordan is always entertaining to watch and bringsa fun sense of flair to his roles.

Theres a certain nostalgia about Dylan McDermott. Hes been with the show from the beginning, and his role as the cheating husband and at-home therapist, Ben Harmon, is memorable because it was the premiere season. Unfortunately, his characters have lacked oomph, and some are nothing more than a cameo or a shocking plot twist.

This can especially be said of Johnny Morgan. Asylumhad too many plots to juggle.The son of Bloodyface intent on following in his fathers footsteps was just a confusing blur after the aliens and the Nazis.

Angela Bassett is a stand out performer that brings a certain intoxicating charisma to her characters, while still giving them a distinct life of their own. Starring in four seasons, Bassett has quite the American Horror Story resume. She has appeared in Coven, Freak Show, Hotel, and Roanoke.

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Her outstanding performance as voodoo queen Marie Laveau earned her an Emmy nomination. She was nominated for a second year in a row for her portrayal of side show entertainer, Desiree Dupree.

Previously known for his roles in American Beauty and Hunger Games, Wes Bentley has appeared in three seasons of American Horror Story. He was first featured in Freakshow as the ghost of Edward Mordrake.

His most prominent role in the show has been in Hotel. He played John Lowe, a depressed, alcoholic detectivewho checks into the Hotel Cortez while trying to solve a series of murders. Bentley is a decent actor, but his characters in American Horror Story have just lacked a certain something.

Best known for his incredible work as Michael Langdon in Apocalypse, Australian newcomer Cody Fern may be a fresh face when it comes to the series, but he has proven himself to be an excellent actor with considerable range.

He easily shifts from the calm but sinister Anti-Christ in season 8, to a flamboyant aerobics instructor and camp counselor in 1984. He is yet to be confirmed for a role in season 10, but knowing American Horror Story, anything can happen.

Lead singer of Maroon 5 and former judge on The Voice, Adam Levine has a long history in show business, but had no business being on American Horror Story. Though he was only in a few scenes as a horror enthusiast on a "haunted honeymoon", the scenes felt cheesy, jarring, and out of place.

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Most ofAsylum takes place in 1950's Massachusetts, but Levine's characterconnectsthe season with a modern timeline to set up the return of Bloodyface. It was a confusing mess.

If there is one truth, it is that Lady Gaga is a goddess and fans need her to graceAmerican Horror Storywith her presence more often. She had a small role as the ancient witch,Scthach, in season 6's mockumentary "My Roanoke Nightmare", but her true talent shone in Hotel.

Elegant, refined, and as deadly as they come, The Countess is the fierce and fashionable owner of the Hotel Cortezand oh yeah, she's also a vampire. Known for her Oscar nominated performance in A Star Is Born, Lady Gaga brings style and a deep emotion to any role she takes.

Known for playing the snobby mean girl, Emma Roberts is the source of countless memes for her memorable role as Madison Montgomery. One of the most frequently recurring stars on the show, Roberts has appeared in Coven, Freakshow, Cult, Apocalypse, and 1984.

Most of her character have similar traits, andthe trope of mean girl with a little bit of a heart gets tired. Even when the character isconsiderably different, like Brooke Thompson in 1984, there isnt anything particularly unique about the way that Roberts chooses to play them.

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Currently working as a freelance writer due to her passion for the entertainment industry, Alexandra is also a screenwriter and has degrees in Film Production and Fine Arts. Along with her work for ScreenRant, she has also contributed to Valnet's sister sites, GameRant and The Things.

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American Horror Story: 5 Actors That Fans Want To See Again (& 5 That Have Been In The Show Enough) - Screen Rant

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FISAF Paving the way for Indian athletes in sports and fitness aerobics – The Bridge

Posted: September 6, 2020 at 1:59 pm

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Federation of India for Sports Aerobics and Fitness, known as FISAF INDIA was created with the intention to promote Sports Aerobics and Fitness in India. Affiliated with FISAF International, this organization aims to promote sports and fitness aerobics all over India and develop it according to international standards.

FISAF INDIA conducts sports events that make athletes prepare for competitions that are conducted from district to national levels and consists of a variety of age groups. FISAF International targets athletes from the age group of 11 to 25 years of age for competitions held all over the globe. However, FISAF India is targeting budding talent from 7 to 15 years of age.

There are 2 major events that are further categorized to allow equality in participation. Sports aerobics has three participating categories which are:-

The second event being fitness aerobics has 3 categories which are team based:-

FISAF International sees participation from over forty countries around the world. Of the six age groups allowed to participate on the international stage, FISAF India has five age groups; however, the events remain the same.

FISAF INDIA aims to develop aerobics across the country and get it recognized and standardized like many other sports that are popular today. The organisation is headed by eminent members who introduced competitive Sports Aerobics in India. It also has athletes competing on the FISAF International World Championship stage from which one of athlete won a gold medal for the country. Athletes have been felicitated by Ex. Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitraji Mahajan and Ex. Chief Minister of Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis for his achievements. Seeing Indias potential in not just sports like cricket and football, but Sports Aerobics and Fitness can bring out the best talent in the country through FISAF INDIA.

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FISAF Paving the way for Indian athletes in sports and fitness aerobics - The Bridge

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Volunteer of the Year: Theresa Dias leads the way in fitness – Hanford Sentinel

Posted: September 4, 2020 at 8:00 pm

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Pickleball, a paddleball sport which is one of the fastest growing sports in the country, had 80 people show up the first night it began in August 2019, according to Dias. She also started a Hanford Pickleball group page, which currently has 513 members.

Dias has attended city council meetings and recreational meetings in hopes of getting Pickleball courts in Hanford.

I feel good about it because fitness is needed and I feel like Hanford has slacked off a little bit in that area and were bringing it back now, Dias said.

Growing up in the agriculture industry, Dias has also taught 4-H and for the last 10 years, shes given school tours on dairy farms to promote the industry to school children. After serving the community for all these years, Dias called it normal because its always been a part of who she is.

My passion comes from being able to work with different people, Dias said. My passion is just being with people and meeting with people and [volunteering is] a good way to meet people.

Shes also made lifelong friends with her volunteer work and grown up with many of them. Dias said that some women she started teaching aerobics to at 19 are now 62 and playing Pickleball with her.

Being a part of a small community, weve all stuck together and grown together in fitness, so I feel like when I started Pickleball, I was with a lot of people that I was with at the age of 19 when I started, Dias said.

Shes also had her children grow up with her friends children and then they coached them in sports together or were involved with 4-H. Living in a small community has afforded them the privilege of staying together as a group.

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Volunteer of the Year: Theresa Dias leads the way in fitness - Hanford Sentinel

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Floral Park Board of Trustees Reports Sept. 2 – Blog – The Island Now

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Department of Public Works Deputy Mayor Fitzgerald Deputy Mayor Fitzgerald reported that the Department of Public Works is in its final stages of restoration from the recent storm repairing curbs and sidewalks that were damaged. DPW will be line striping crosswalks and stop lines in anticipation of school re-openings. Storm drain projects in various locations throughout the Village are underway. The drainage project at Emerson/Lowell Avenues is almost complete except for the street repave, Depan/West Hitchcock Avenues is almost done and then they will move on to Crocus/Elm Avenues.

Finally, Deputy Mayor Fitzgerald offered a public service announcement to advise residents that the N-24 bus route on Jericho Turnpike has removed some stops in Floral Park as part of its streamlining of bus routes to hasten trips. N-24 bus service is still available to Floral Park, however, please visit to review passenger information for the new bus schedule and bus stops that have recently gone into effect.

Recreation and Pool Departments Trustee Pombonyo Floral Park has begun its transition from summer to fall, especially at the pool and rec center. This summers sunny season at the pool was enjoyed by all. The enthusiasm, spirit and cooperation have been awesome, thanks all around, and the final day of swimming for members and residents will be Labor Day.

If youve taken a trip to the park, especially during the evening hours, you will be amazed by the large number of residents and families who come to swim, play tennis and other sports, watch our Little League games, or simply stroll to take it all in. For a pleasant summer evening experience, try our own Village park. Were open until 10pm every night in September.

And, speaking of Little League, its tournament time! Our baseball and softball teams have had exciting seasons, and our 10U and 12U baseball teams (athletes 8-10 and 10-12 years old) are successfully making their way through the playoffs, competing to win championships. (Breaking news! Our 10U team just defeated Carle Place to win the District 29 championship. Very exciting, congratulations to all!) Other championship games and our Floral Park intra-league games are scheduled this week and next, with the season ending on September 14th.

Love baseball and softball? Come to cheer on our hometown teams. Tournament schedules will be posted on our Little League website at . Good luck to all our champions!

Now, were focusing on fall and Recreation Session I programs. For youth, theres Kids Zumba, Tiny Tots Gymnastics, Creative Yoga, Gardening and, new this year, Youth Tennis. For adults and seniors, theres Aerobics, Cardio Kickboxing & Toning, Interval Fitness Training, Yoga, Zumba, Knitting, Agility & Strengthening, Exercise, Gentle Movement and Tennis lessons. Registration will take place on September 16th and 17th at the rec center.

Watch for our Fall Recreation flyer and all the details on the Village website and email, and postings on our Village and Pool Facebook pages.

Conservation Society Trustee Pombonyo The Centennial Gardens brick path and surrounding area are also bustling with activity every evening. Bicyclists and joggers enjoy rides and runs around the perimeter of the Gardens. Walkers on the path and others benefit from their outdoor fitness activities in the outer area as well. You can get a spectacular view of sunset from all spots, especially on the Floral Parkway side. Make your evening extra special with a trip to the outside of our beautiful Gardens.

Covert Avenue Chamber of Commerce and Our Businesses Trustee Pombonyo Its back-to-school time, perfect for SHOPPING, DINING & TAKING OUT LOCAL! Visit our local businesses. Its convenient, enjoyable and productive.

Back-To-School Trustee Pombonyo We wish our students of all ages a happy back-to-school season. Although 2020-21 will be a new experience, we wish everyone success and enjoyable times with friends. And, for all our motorists, please drive carefully. School is open. Keep our children safe.

Fire Department Trustee Cheng The annual Knights of Columbus and Keith Fairben Blood Drive was held on Friday, August 28, 2020 at Our Lady of Victory. 182 appointments to donate blood were made and all scheduled openings were filled. There were some walk-ins and those individuals were not turned sway. 182 pints of blood were collected. I have been informed that 182 pints of blood can be used to save approximately 550 lives. Thanks to all of the residents who donated to the Fire Department for organizing and assisting in this worthwhile and lifesaving endeavor.

Again, I wish to thank our volunteers from the Fire Department for the job they did to ensure the safety of our residents during and after Tropical Storm Isaias. As you will see from the Fire Department call numbers for the month of August, the entire department was extremely busy. Calls for the month of August: Rescue 82; Rest of Department 33.

LIRR Third Track Trustee Cheng The following are updates: Work is continuing at the MTA substation on Plainfield Avenue. Retaining and sound wall work will commence on the north side Right of Way on or about September 21st. We have finished reviewing the landscaping plan for the intersection of Terrace and Plainfield Avenues and work there will commence shortly. Also, New Hyde Park Road has reopened for vehicular traffic.

CREW Trustee Chiara The CREW committee is continuing its Jam sessions through the Fall Season. All young adults who play an instrument and have an interest in music are welcome to share this fun opportunity to hone their skills. Marco Conelli and friends will be jamming, sharing their expertise and experiences of playing in a band and songwriting. The sessions are every other Wednesday evening by the shelter house in the rec. center. Wednesday, September 16th at 7pm will be the next session.

Building Department Trustee Chiara The Building Department had its first in person Architectural Review Board meeting last Wednesday evening since the pandemic hit. All went extremely well due to the efforts of our building staff, Renee and Lucille. They put a lot of energy into organizing and preparing for this meeting. Renee was able to electronically display the submitted plans of the applicants along with zooming the meeting to members that were not on site. It was a very well run, safe meeting with all the applicants leaving satisfied. Thanks.

Library Trustee Chiara The Library will be resuming its normal business hours next week, after Labor Day. Monday, Tuesday & Thursdays 10am to 9 pm, Wednesdays & Fridays 10am to 6pm, Saturdays 9am to 5pm and Sundays 1pm to 5 pm. Masks must still be worn and please no congregating.

Many library programs are still being offered virtually. On Friday, a Tinkerbelle type fairy will read a book to our little ones for a virtual story time on the librarys You Tube channel and Facebook page. Please check for details on this event and for future events. The summer reading program has come to an end and all participants were entered into the Teen Summer Club raffle. Congratulations to Gabby Keeley, the winner of a goodies basket from the Tulip Sweet Shop.

Mayors Report Mayor Longobardi Mayor Longobardi welcomed life scout Matt Santos, Floral Park Scout Troop 55, who is working on his citizenship badge. Trustee Pombonyo also recognized Matt for the award that he received from the Floral Park Lions Club for his essay on being a good citizen. Mayor Longobardi invited Matt to lead all in The Pledge of Allegiance.

Mayor Longobardi invited Village Justice Douglas Hayden to swear in Joan McAllister as Clerk to Village Justice, her newly appointed position. The Mayor and Board of Trustees congratulated Joan and welcomed the McAllister family to the meeting followed by photos.

Mayor Longobardi commented that it is now September and that the Fall season is upon us. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many fall events are cancelled. The Village invites the residents to the annual September 11th Remembrance ceremony scheduled on Friday, September 11th at 8:30 am at Village Hall.

Thank you to Police Commissioner Stephen McAllister, the Floral Park Police Department and the Public Works Department for making the August 28th Back the Blue rally at Memorial Park safe and peaceful for all of those who participated.

Floral Park schools are opening and the buses will be running. Please drive safely and obey all STOP signs and speed limits. The Floral Park Police will be enforcing all traffic laws to protect the safety of all, especially the children. Please drive carefully.

The Village Election is scheduled for Tuesday, September 15, 2020 from noon to 9PM. All polling locations have all COVID safety protocols in place to ensure a safe voting experience. There are two Trustee candidates on the ballot.

Mayor Longobardi thanked Andrew Weiss, Village Noise Abatement Officer who represents the Village along with Trustee Archie Cheng at the Town of Hempsteads Town-Village Aircraft Safety & Noise Abatement Committee (TVASNAC). Mayor Longobardi welcomed Elliot Weld from Blank Slate Media (New Hyde Park Herald Courier). He also thanked Felix Procaccia from Just the Facts Media for videotaping the Village meeting(s). Mayor Longobardi wished all of the residents well and reminded all to stay safe during the pandemic and continue to wear masks and socially distance responsibly. Please enjoy the rest of the summer. Thank you.

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Floral Park Board of Trustees Reports Sept. 2 - Blog - The Island Now

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SRC adapts to COVID-19 guidelines this semester The Daily Eastern News – The Daily Eastern News

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Zach Berger | The Daily Eastern News

Diamond Thomas, a senior majoring in Health Administration, worked out on an elliptical at the Student Recreation Center. Thomas said it was her first time back at the SRC this semester.

Heather Vosburgh, Staff Reporter September 3, 2020

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The Student Recreation Center is one of the many resources on campus that has adjusted their guidelines for student health and safety.

Paul Noble, the Operations and Programs Coordinator, said one of the main new procedures, wearing a mask is always required for students in the SRC.

We want masking at all times, so anytime youre in the facility you must have the appropriate face mask on, covering your mouth and nose. We encourage people to also wear masks whilst doing cardio machines, so treadmills, bikes, ellipticals, power mills, stairsteps and rowers. If it is too much for them, thats the only exception we will make, Noble said. They can take it off at that point, but we do encourage people to keep them on whilst doing that.

The SRC has also encouraged social distancing by removing equipment from the weight room, spacing the remaining equipment out, and taping the floor around the equipment to show students where they should be while using the equipment.

New cleaning procedures have been implemented in the SRC as well.

Weve increased cleaning stations around the building, so theres more binning (trash) stations. Were closing an hour and a half early every night, doing increased sanitation procedures, Noble said. We have increased staff on the floor, so that between each use, the machines can be adequately sanitized and cleaned.

SRC Director Sarah Daugherty said, there is no checking out of any equipment besides a mat from the SRC office and there are no reserving spaces.

We are not reserving space at all, Daugherty said. So, dance studio, aerobics room, basketball courts, anything. We do not do any reservations at all.

There are still many resources available to students in the SRC, such as group fitness classes, E-Sports (PC only), special event intermural sports and the pool, but in order to use those spaces, a spot must be reserved.

You have to reserve space in a group fitness class, which we have never done before, but that way it allows us to know whos here. Same thing for E-Sports. They have to reserve space in the arena in order to play and we had to space that out, obviously, quite a bit. And then in the pool, we are starting lane reservations. Because of the number of people that we have had, they have to make a reservation to use a lane, Daugherty said. It also allows us to track whos here, so, worst case scenario, we can do contact tracing as well.

If a student is interested in reserving a spot for a class or the arena for E-Sports, they can find the link on the campus recreation website.

Pool reservations are done through the SRC office and they can be reached at 581-2820.

SRC Assistant Director Kevin Linker explained how people can sign up.

Once theyre on IMleagues, they use their PAWS credentials. Just like theyre logging into PAWS, they log into IMleagues that way with those credentials. You get there and theres a spot for the intermural sports, theres a spot for groupex, and then the E-Sports arena. And once you click on groupex, it shows you the weeks worth of classes and which classes are available. If you click on those, it shows you how many spots are left, and you can sign up for a class that way, Linker said. Students can sign up a week in advance, but they might not be available before a week in advance, even though the whole semester is already on there.

The occupancy limitation in the SRC is 350 people at one time, and only 20 of those people are allowed in the weight room at once.

The staff is keeping track of how many people come into the SRC, but, as of recently, their daily use does not typically exceed 350.

We havent had to turn anyone away, Daugherty said.

Basic gym rules still apply in the SRC, so students must follow the current apparel policy.

All the things you would expect to happen in a gym, we still have all of those things in place as well to make sure that were still maintaining everyones safety, not just from COVID, but from everything thats potentially harmful, Daugherty said.

These policies are in place keep everyone in the SRC as safe as possible and protect the student body.

We understand that they can be frustrating, and we understand that theyre weird and alienating, but its there to protect you and its there so that we can stay open. We want to stay open and thats the reason weve put all of these things in place, Noble said. Were doing it for no other reason, but for your benefit.

Heather Vosburgh can be reached at 581-2812 or at [emailprotected]

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SRC adapts to COVID-19 guidelines this semester The Daily Eastern News - The Daily Eastern News

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Report: Majority Of Break-Ins Occur While Security Guard Watching Aerobics Video, Eating Big Bowl Of Chili – The Onion

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WASHINGTONShedding new light on how Americans can best protect themselves from burglary, a report from the Pew Center released Tuesday found that the majority of break-ins occur while a security guard is watching an aerobics video and eating a big bowl of chili. Our research indicates that, by far, the most common scenario of forced entry involves an intruder sneaking in during a period when the watch-persons eyes are glued to a jumping jacks routine while trying to bring a particularly hot spoonful of beans, meat, and cheese up to their lips, said lead researcher Donovan Carbo, adding that the security challenges identified were compounded by the fact that the groggy guards rarely looked at the monitor bay until they had already dozed off and fallen out of their chair, dumping the bowl of chili all over their uniforms and the floor in the process. Those looking to keep their possessions safe should also be on the lookout for other common break-in scenarios such as slipping through while a security guard attempts to flirt with an attractive coworker, unfurls and inspects a Playboy centerfold, or calls in to a radio station to win a contest. Carbo added that the crimes often werent reported until after a heavily armed vehicle came crashing through the guard booth and drove off into the night, leading security officers to stand watching with their mouths agape.

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Report: Majority Of Break-Ins Occur While Security Guard Watching Aerobics Video, Eating Big Bowl Of Chili - The Onion

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Zumba Vs Aerobics: Which Is Better To Build Muscle? – IWMBuzz

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Building muscles have always been a question for all the teenagers. Many of them go for protein intakes, but does it really work?

For some people, it is quite easy to build muscles quickly, while for some it takes time. We plan a diet chart comprising of whole healthy foods. But, our busy schedule doesnt make it always work. While many find it easy to gain muscles through Zumba and Aerobics.

Lets find out which is better to build muscles, Zumba or Aerobics-

Aerobic is a vaster idea than Zumba, because it includes not only rhythmic movement exercises that are for e.g. aero boxing, fat burning, and just Zumba, but also particular strength exercises that are for e.g. body sculpting & body shape, concentrated on muscle strengthening, and those that strive to relax and stretch all body muscles like for e.g. stretching, yoga, Pilates.

Zumba is a dance aerobic workout, incorporating aerobics with Latin dances, and periodically with strength exercises. Zumba steps and systems are not very difficult and easy to memorize, and there are no mirrors in the exercise rooms, so as not to be worried by dance busts. Zumba classes are a form of aerobic training, that is the most helpful burning calories and strengthening the heart, and interval training because they are held up at an irregular rate.

Understanding the differences between Zumba and Aerobics is actually quite important.

Zumba is dancing and it tires out your body quite homogeneously. Aerobics is planned to work on everybody part individually and it includes steppers and dumbbells which give you that extra strength. In any case, Aerobics wins when it comes to buildup your Muscles and muscle training.

Altogether Zumba wins on Entertainment and is a favorable choice for those who love to Dance. Aerobics provides you a more muscular body because of body-part guide and is a good gym alternate. Both the workouts burn a lot of calories like per hour 600-800.

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Zumba Vs Aerobics: Which Is Better To Build Muscle? - IWMBuzz

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Dearborn Co. Practitioner Selected To Indiana Court Of Appeals – Eagle 99.3 FM WSCH

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Leanna Weissman is the first appointee from southeast Indiana to join the appellate court in more than two decades.

(Indianapolis, Ind.) - Governor Eric J. Holcomb today announced he has selected private practitioner Leanna Weissmann as the next member of the Indiana Court of Appeals. Weissmann will replace Judge John Baker, who retired from the Indiana Court of Appeals in July after more than 30 years.

Leanna Weissmann is a legal scholar who will bring her keen intellect and wide range of expertise to the court, Gov. Holcomb said. She is a dedicated practitioner with a deep commitment to her community and all Hoosiers. She will serve honorably and justly on the Court of Appeals.

A significant amount of Weissmanns career has been undertaking appellate work. She has filed more than 400 appeals on both civil and criminal issues, and argued before the Court of Appeals, the Indiana Supreme Court, and the U.S. Supreme Court, where she won.

Weissmann, whowas born, raised and currently resides in Dearborn County,is the first appointee from southeast Indiana to join the appellate court in more than two decades.

I am humbled and honored to be appointed to the Court of Appeals, Weissmann said. I have a long history with this court and I am excited to continue to serve Hoosiers in my new role.

Vigo Superior Court Judge Lakshmi Lucky Reddy and private practitioner Lisa Garcia Reger were the other two finalists. This is only the second time all the finalists for an appellate court position were women.

In her private practice, Weissmann has handled casesincluding criminal law, family law, and commercial and business law. She devotes numerous hours to pro bono cases. Following law school, Leanna clerked for Justice Robert D. Rucker who was then on the Court of Appeals. For several years, she served as a referee in Dearborn County Superior Court.

Weissmann has been a member of the Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission since 2013. She also is an adjunct professor at Ivy Tech Community College in Lawrenceburg where she teaches four legal classes each semester. She previously served on the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute Board.

Beyond her extensive legal experience, Weissmann is active in her community. She is a Life Member of the Girl Scouts and led a troop for 13 years. She has served as a mentor through Big Brothers Big Sisters and as a literacy tutor. She also created and led an internet outreach program for tweens. Additionally, Weissmann is a certified aerobics instructor and offers free classes.

Weissmann earned two bachelors degrees at Indiana University, and a law degree at the IU McKinney School of Law.

A date forWeissmannsrobing ceremony will be determined by the Indiana Court of Appeals.

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Dearborn Co. Practitioner Selected To Indiana Court Of Appeals - Eagle 99.3 FM WSCH

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