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In the unforgiving world of woke, theres no room for personal development. One misstep decades ago and youre tarred for life – RT

Posted: July 6, 2020 at 5:47 pm

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Damian Wilson

is a UK journalist, ex-Fleet Street editor, financial industry consultant and political communications special advisor in the UK and EU.

is a UK journalist, ex-Fleet Street editor, financial industry consultant and political communications special advisor in the UK and EU.

Boeings communications chief is the latest to lose his job after historical shaming over an article he wrote 33 years ago. Why cant the woke brigade accept that people can evolve and change their views over time?

Despite the urgent need to attend to the catastrophic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic pinballing around the aviation industry, its a sad sign of the times to see Boeings communications chief leave his job over a magazine article he wrote more than 30 years ago.

In the piece he penned for the magazine of the US Naval Institute, Niel Golightly wasnt flying the flag for neo-Nazis, nor was he extolling the virtues of pedophilia.

It was a clumsy article about women in the armed forces that has done it for Golightly, making him the latest victim of the self-righteous narcissists who patrol the world of gender politics with a take-no-prisoners attitude.

They dont care that it was more than three decades ago. They dont take into account that Golightly was then a 29-year-old serviceman in the world of macho military pilots during the Cold War, and that his article simply reflected a then widely-held belief.

To the self-appointed custodians of woke, he is an unreconstructed misogynist who must be shut down. And if that means being sacked from a top job at one of the worlds biggest aircraft manufacturers in the middle of its own horrendous crisis, then so be it.

Because you, sir, are a sexist pig.

Before anyone starts howling with outrage about Golightlys views and women haters in the US military, remember that women were only allowed to take up close combat ground roles in the British armed forces in 2016. Just four years ago. And it was only two years ago that all roles in the UK military were opened to women.

The woke dont care about such nuances. They are only satisfied when their prey is brought down and the messier, as far as theyre concerned, the better. This is typical psychopathic thinking characterized by a lack of empathy and remorse.

Its frightening and its not rare.

Life has become increasingly unforgiving. The woke brigade insist that you are still the same person now as you were in your developing years, which is simply illogical.

Look at former gang members who turn their lives around and spend time touring schools, dissuading others from following in their initial footsteps. What about Oskar Schindler, or Nelson Mandela? No one who knew their younger incarnations would have believed the men that they became. Should we just blacklist them because of who they once were, instead?

The infantile belief in a world split down the middle into good and bad accepts no shade whatsoever. There is no understanding of the evolution of character.

The problem pages in that bible of wokeness, the Guardian, are fertile ground for victim hunters. One chap was wondering whether he should try to ruin a homophobic school bully who made his own life as a gay student unbearable. His tormentor is now married to a man himself and apparently well-liked by those who know him.

Oh, and the bullying took place 50 years ago.

So what does our friend want to do? Meet up, shake hands, say all is forgiven?

No. He wants to pull the rug of lifelong happiness out from under the feet of the bully and expose his past to friends and family.

I want them to know the truth. Should I tell them on Facebook? I feel angry and tormented, is the bleating little lambs thinking.

Theres no thought that perhaps the bully has changed. For one, hes gay himself. So clearly there has been a quantum shift in values and fairly major personal rethink.

The question is not, How do I forgive? Its How can I exact a toll to make the most damaging impact?

So, no forgiveness then. Not even a passing thought of it, even after 50 years. Nope, he wants revengeon Facebook, that safe space for psychopathic narcissist cowards.

Look at me. Look at what Im doing now. Do you like me? Please like me. Heres a photo of me with all my friends. See how many friends I have. Will you be my friend?

Oh, lord, it goes on and on.

Look at all those comedians we love to laugh at, pathetically scrabbling to apologize to whoever they think they must apologize to, for making jokes that are no longer allowed to be funny.

Broadcasters are scrubbing shows from their listings, dropping repeats and box sets for fear of having a joke slip through that doesnt pass muster with the woke brigade.

The broadcasters have, unwittingly through on-demand viewing, given those woke warriors the ability to forensically check someones back catalogue, seeing if the mild-mannered well-adjusted funny guy persona they present to the world is genuine or hiding a history of hideous transphobic, racist and sexist jokes.

And nothing satisfies the Machiavellian malevolents of the woke brigade more than a Gotcha! Matt Lucas and David Walliams? Gotcha! Ant and Dec? Gotcha! Never mind that the offenders made the comedy series, stand-up comment or liked the Facebook page 10 years ago. In the world of woke, you are never allowed to evolve.

Its simply daft and illogical to believe that we can undo the beliefs and teachings that underpinned our own personal development because they dont fit what is supposed to be the contemporary narrative.

Sound familiar? Thats because it is.

It is the same approach taken by all those dimwit cultural editors out there, pulling down statues, renaming streets, guilt-tripping sports fans and cursing out chefs for recipe appropriation, and the historical revisionists who are so emotionally lightweight they cannot bear to face the sometimes cruel and inhuman actions of our forebears, even though they are as much a part of our history as all the good and heroic deeds.

The perspective follows that history should not be forgiven. So we have the full-time army of the woke looking for causes to fight on behalf of the victims they have identified.

Their Prince and Princess Woke Harry and Meghan now tell us, from the comfort of their new Los Angeles digs, that the Commonwealth has a lot to answer for.

It does. Giving this pair of snowflakes a voice is by far its most heinous crime of recent times.

No matter that the Commonwealth nowadays is a loose collective of diverse nations nothing like it was back in the day when the world map was predominantly Empire pink.

The people of the Commonwealth nations have evolved in a huge way, and their attitudes and outlook have changed immeasurably, as have those around the rest of the globe.

And no matter what the woke brigade and the pearl-clutchers of this world might say, there is absolutely no need to apologize for that.

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The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.

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In the unforgiving world of woke, theres no room for personal development. One misstep decades ago and youre tarred for life - RT

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July 6th, 2020 at 5:47 pm

Virtual convening of The People’s Gathering to facilitate timely conversations about race – The Suburban Times

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Written by Rosemary Bennett 21, PLU Marketing and Communications.

On July 9 PLUs Campus Ministry and Center for Graduate and Continuing Education will be hosting a virtual edition of The Peoples Gathering, a dialogue-based event series focusing in-depth on the topic of race. The Peoples Gathering is an annual professional/personal development experience and supportive learning space for participants to discuss race and racial disparities that are systemically present in work, school, and everyday life. This summers emergency convening was organized in response to the increased public indignation regarding police brutality towards Black people.

Millions of people worldwide watched in horror on television and social media as a law enforcement officer, with callousness, murdered a black man, said Melannie Denise Cunningham , PLU director of multicultural outreach and engagement, and producer for the event. That is something that you cannot unsee.

As a result, millions of folks are waking up to what Black people in America have known for centuriesracism is real. Yet, many of these same folks are without the tools, skills, or cultural literacy to work through these difficult conversations towards solution finding efforts.

Cunningham believes going virtual is very fitting for this event and events like it. The biggest opportunity for going viral is now we are not limited by physical space. People from all over the world can join us for this edition of The Peoples Gathering.

Speakers and conversation facilitators will include educators, nonprofit leaders, and consultants from the Tacoma are as well as across the country.

Local leaders and educators will include Lua Pritchard, executive director of the Asian Pacific Culture Center; Danica Sterud Miller, American Indian Studies professor at UW Tacoma; and Troy Storfjell, a PLU Nordic Studies professor who specializes in Smi and Indigenous studies.

Facilitators from around the country will include Shakti Butler, founder and CEO of World Trust; Skip Rowland, principal at Banner Cross, Inc; and Michael Benitez, vice president for diversity and inclusion at Metropolitan State University of Denver.

PLU Campus Ministry PLU Campus Ministry is a community that welcomes, celebrates and engages the diverse spiritual and faith traditions of PLU students, staff and faculty members.

Go face-2-face with zoom Weds chapel or Monday Word on video at Moments in the Spirit page, for previous spring chapel recordings, visit theChapel page.

Cunningham has brought together a wide variety of support for the event. Raising the money for sponsorship is always the most challenging. Yet, for this case, it has been relatively easy because of the urgency and need for what we are doing.

The local businesses and nonprofit organizations sponsoring the event include The Bamford Foundation, WSECU, Korsmo Construction, PEMCO Insurance, International Longshore and Warehouse Workers Union-Local 23, Greater Tacoma Community Foundation, Multicare, Advance Consulting, Peace Works United.

For more information and to register please visit

See the article here:
Virtual convening of The People's Gathering to facilitate timely conversations about race - The Suburban Times

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July 6th, 2020 at 5:47 pm

Are You a Leader? Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Developing This One Skill. – The Advocate

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Are You a Leader? Don't Underestimate the Importance of Developing This One Skill.

When you think of leadership skills, you may think of confidence, expertise, or experience. You may not necessarily think of emotional intelligence. And yet, emotional intelligence (EQ) accounts for nearly 90 percentof what sets high performers apart from their peers with similar technical skills and knowledge. Additionally, according to a CareerBuilder survey, 71 percentof employers value EQ over IQ because employees (and decision-makers) with high emotional intelligence are more likely to stay calm under pressure, resolve conflict, and treat co-workers with empathy.

All of this is to say that if you want to be the best leader you can be, working on your EQ is extremely valuable. The Emotional Intelligence & Decision-Making Bundle is designed to help you do just that.

This ten-course bundle was created to help you become not just a better leader, but a better human being by improving your self-awareness, understanding how to navigate personality styles, developing empathy, and more. The courses are led by Robin Hills, an emotional intelligence coach, trainer, and facilitator with more than 35 years of experience. His company, Emotional Intelligence 4 Change, is recognized internationally for its expertise in training, personal development, and business coaching.

Here, you'll get an introduction to emotional intelligence before delving into more specific subjects. You'll learn how to manage conflict more effectively, deconstruct different personality types to manage them better, develop emotional resilience to manage stress better, and much more. Of course, there are also courses focused on self-expression and self-awareness, helping you to become the most effective leader you can be and build more productive, more collaborative relationships.

Take your leadership skills to the next level. The Emotional Intelligence & Decision-Making Bundle is on sale today for just $34.99.

Related: Are You a Leader? Don't Underestimate the Importance of Developing This One Skill. This $35 Bundle Can Teach You the Skills to Become a Successful Leader Want to Build a Successful Career as a Creative Leader? This Is the Coaching You Need.

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Are You a Leader? Don't Underestimate the Importance of Developing This One Skill. - The Advocate

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July 6th, 2020 at 5:47 pm

Sharon Hartin Iorio: Schools and what it means to be a citizen – Leavenworth Times

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July Fourth marks our nations independence celebration and reminds us of our founding principles. Its a celebration of fireworks and fun, but this year we find ourselves fraught with misgivings brought on by economic uncertainty, contagious disease and social unrest. We celebrate and honor our country; still we know were off track as a state and nation.

Imperfect and in need of transformation, public education is often criticized for not doing enough to help all students reach their full potential. Yet, schools may be the single driving force that can lead us to a better future.

Public schools are the cradle of public life, bringing together all races, cultures and economic classes across childrens formative years. Public education is the only government entity where the presence of every child is compulsory for 12 consecutive years. With this kind of platform, schools are uniquely positioned to build civil society back better.

The first recorded school appeared in 1635 in Boston. Though the concept of public education does not appear in the Declaration of Independence or the U. S. Constitution, schools sprang up informally across the 13 original states with the goal of creating a literate citizenry to participate in the new republic.

The role of schools expanded with the growth of the nation. Modern goals include a broad curriculum, personal development and career preparation as well as fostering citizenship.

So far, no cut in state funding for schools has been announced and, while we dont know exactly the additional costs, Kansas schools plan to reopen this fall with new provisions for the health and safety of students and educators.

Its the third challenge life in a post-George Floyd world that may be the most momentous test for schools and one that brings us back to public educations original and most important goal: the development of citizenship.

How can schools ensure respect for all students, create a culture of responsible citizenship and advance anti-racism? One way is to return to the emphasis on civics education that has declined in recent years.

Standardized testing increased significantly over the past decade and many claim this emphasis as a major reason for the decline in citizenship instruction. Supporting teachers with more time and resources for embedding citizenship practices across the curriculum in social studies courses in the early grades followed by Kansas history, United States history and government would be a step in the right direction.

Students benefit from learning the characteristics of a responsible citizen then applying those to everyday life. It is important to understand fundamentals like the three branches of government; however, students also need to learn how to work toward equity in society and civility in personal and political interactions.

Many options are available for teaching civics across the curriculum for elementary through high school age groups. Founded by retired U. S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day OConner, "iCivics" is one program thats been used effectively in multiple Kansas schools including Topeka. Moreover, iCivics ties its activities to specific state standards and its activities are free online.

Schools alone cannot change the states trajectory, and no one knows what the future will bring. But given the opportunity, Kansas teachers can prepare the next generation for civic responsibility, which historically is the original goal of public education and the most critical component of democracy that we face currently.

Sharon Iorio is professor and dean emeritas of the Wichita State University College of Education. Reach her at

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Sharon Hartin Iorio: Schools and what it means to be a citizen - Leavenworth Times

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July 6th, 2020 at 5:47 pm

Gary Collins, Author of The Simple Life Books, is About to Rock The Radio World – PRUnderground

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While other self-help authors are panicking over their plummeting book sales, Gary Collins is fast expanding his self-help empire. Starting on Monday, July 6th Garys Fast-Growing Podcast Your Better Life will be airing on the following radio stations

Since 2010, Gary has been secretly preparing to take the self-help world by storm. The road hasnt been easy, as Gary is one of a handful of true experts in the industry.

Gary frequently rails against the False Prophets, of the personal development world, including earth-scorching rants in The Simple Life Guide to Small Habits for Big Change and Life Balance Reboot.

Most Authors in the self-help world dont even write about their own ideas. Says Gary, Instead, they repackage stuff written by other authors. I know. They try to rip me off all the time. The problem is, they dont fully understand my ideas because they dont practice what they preach.

Gary isnt the only author to be wary of this trend. Over the past ten years, a small group of genuine personal growth experts have seen readers seduced by marketing gimmicks and empty self-help philosophies that dont deliver results. Thankfully, the national crisis has now opened peoples eyes to the need for smarter, more practical guidance. Garys move to the radio is yet another step in building a self-help empire that will reward people with true independence.

Its the perfect time to do this, said Seth Czerepak, founder of Vervenia Marketing, and one of Garys Marketing and PR partners. This weekend, millions of Americans are celebrating Independence Day. After the madness of COVID-19 and all this civil unrest, theyll be ready to hear from the guru of personal independence.

Garys background is one thing that sets him apart. He has worked in military intelligence and as a Special Agent for the U.S. State Department Diplomatic Security Service, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and U.S. Food and Drug Administration. He holds an AS degree in Exercise Science, a BS in Criminal Justice, and an MS in Forensic Science.

Garys expertise and keen investigatory insights bring a refreshing perspective to the areas of simple living, health, nutrition, entrepreneurship, and much more. Most importantly, Gary lives everything he teaches and has for years.

Today, were bombarded by too much stress, not enough time for personal fulfillment, and failing to take care of our health, says Gary, There has to be a better way!

If youre ready to discover this better way for yourself, tune in to one of these stations this week, or any week after, and find out

About The Simple Life

Garys website, Podcast Your Better Life, and The Simple Life book series blows the lid off of conventional life and wellness expectations and is essential for anyone seeking a simpler, and happier life.

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Gary Collins, Author of The Simple Life Books, is About to Rock The Radio World - PRUnderground

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July 6th, 2020 at 5:47 pm


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The University of Central Arkansas has established and launched the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences (CAHSS).

The new college brings together the departments of the colleges of Liberal Arts (English; History; Philosophy and Religion; Political Science; Sociology, Criminology, and Anthropology; and Languages, Linguistics, Literatures, and Cultures) and Fine Arts and Communication (Art and Design; Music; Film, Theatre, and Creative Writing; and the School of Communication).

This exciting collaboration will result in new opportunities for greater student and faculty success, as well as increased administrative efficiencies and long-term sustainability, said Executive Vice President and Provost Patricia S. Poulter. Bringing these two highly compatible colleges together will create a more unified approach to the arts and humanities at UCA and will increase opportunities for collaboration between different programs and among students and faculty.

Plans for the new college were first announced to faculty and staff in October 2019, and the new college became effective July 1, 2020. Tom Williams, who prior to July 1 served as dean of the College of Liberal Arts, has been appointed dean of CAHSS. Gayle Seymour, former associate dean of the College of Fine Arts and Communication, now serves as associate dean of CAHSS.

All departments and schools are planned to remain intact, and the leadership of these academic units will continue to work together to ensure a seamless transition for UCA students, faculty and staff.

Tom Williams

Its not uncommon to see a college comprised of such departments as these, said Williams. However, after working with the leadership, faculty and students, I see a unique opportunity to do more than just come together as a college. I see an opportunity to collaborate and challenge ourselves to revitalize what we do in our classrooms and studios and creative production scholarship, to really seize the moment and offer a path forward that highlights the strengths of individual disciplines while linking them together in innovative and useful ways.

With this change, UCA is now home to five colleges the College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences; the College of Business; the College of Education; the College of Health and Behavioral Sciences; and the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics along with the Graduate School and the Schedler Honors College.

About UCA: The University of Central Arkansas aspires to be a premier learner-focused public comprehensive university, a nationally recognized leader for its continuous record of excellence in undergraduate and graduate education, scholarly and creative endeavors and engagement with local, national and global communities. The universitys faculty and staff promote the intellectual, professional, social and personal development of its students through innovations in learning, scholarship and creative endeavors. UCA dedicates itself to academic vitality, integrity, and diversity. For more information, visit

Follow this link:

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July 6th, 2020 at 5:47 pm

Black Lives Matter graffiti on buildings and signs in Elgin’s Cooper Park – Grampian Online

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Black Lives Matter (BLM) has been sprayed at various locations throughout the Cooper Park, Elgin, some of which has already been painted over.Picture: Daniel Forsyth.

SEVERAL buildings and signs in Elgin's Cooper Park were hit by graffiti over the weekend.

Black Lives Matter slogans were spray-painted in a number of locations in the town's park.

It is not known who is responsible for the graffiti with no known reports having been made to police.

The graffiti was first spotted on Saturday, with some still visible this morning.

However, the majority has now been covered up by members of the public who were down re-painting buildings on Saturday night.

This is the second time Elgin's pavilion, which overlooks the pond, has been vandalised this year after swastikas were scrawled on the building in January.

The exterior of the building was painted by members of Moray College UHI's Future Focus class, who were working towards a SQA Personal Development Award, just last summer.

More news.

In these testing times, your support is more important than ever. Thank you.

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Black Lives Matter graffiti on buildings and signs in Elgin's Cooper Park - Grampian Online

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July 6th, 2020 at 5:47 pm

Benefits, learning tools and other free resources to cope with the pandemic – The South End

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Wayne State University's Human Resources has developed comprehensive offerings to support employees physical, mental and financial well-being. Services are free, confidential, and available to employees and their family members, including parents.

Consistent with President Wilsons post-pandemic restart charge, the Human Resources (HR) Restart Subcommittee has been working on plans to bring employees back to a safe campus and effectively re-engage in on-campus operations. The committee is working on dual fronts to ensure the health and safety of faculty and staff upon their return to campus, as well as provide learning modules curated by Wayne State experts.

In consultation with these experts, HR has developed comprehensive offerings to support employees physical, mental and financial well-being. The services provided through the Ulliance Employee Assistance Program are free, confidential, and available to employees and their family members, including parents.

The plan is designed to meet the majority of needs you or a family member may have during this period of rapid change and uncertainty, said Merilyn Merkison, associate director of benefits administration. The pandemic did not break us, instead we took a pause and listened to what the scientists and experts in the field recommended. We have a solid plan for our new environment.

The objective is to ensure all aspects of faculty and staff concerns and WSU commitments are addressed and meet federal health and safety guidelines. Here are a few examples of employee resources being offered:

Being successful in a changing environment requires new knowledge, skillsand ways of approaching our work. Four new programs are now available in the Accelerate eLearning library that feature a variety of remote work-related learning and development resources. Log into Academica to find short e-courses, videosand books on working virtually, leading virtually, personal wellbeing and virtual productivity.

In addition to curated content in Accelerate, interactive learning experiences will also be available soon to enable leaders and employees to identify and plan for development opportunities, reinforce learning and apply new concepts.

We'll also provide employees with an individual development plan template and guidance to develop learning goals around their chosen topic, said Dawn Aziz, director of organization and employee development. We're striving to share best practices in a safe space and helping individuals to apply and share what they learn.

Leaders and staff will soon be able to participate in a series of webinars to explore virtual leadership best practices, join learning communities, and receive coaching to support employee learning, sharing and application of new knowledge.

For more information or to ask questions about these offerings,

Here is the original post:
Benefits, learning tools and other free resources to cope with the pandemic - The South End

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July 6th, 2020 at 5:47 pm

Personal Finance App Development- Stats, Features, Types, and Cost – Customer Think

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Personal finance apps are a great way to manage finances by keeping a track of the spending, managing all accounts at a single platform, and getting the best advice on investment from experts. These apps have eliminated the need of having a complex accounting system to manage earnings and expenses. Not just for the startups and enterprises, these apps also help individuals to manage their finances without any hassle. Lets learn more about such apps:

Types of personal finance applications

In general, personal finance apps can be divided into two categories:

This type of personal finance app requires users to enter the data or financial information manually. They can then keep a track of the expenses, plan further investments, and use other features. The main disadvantage of such types of personal finance app is that it requires a lot of time.

This type of app is designed to automate the entire money management task for individuals, startups, and enterprises. Using highly advanced tools, it fetches information from your accounts. By doing so, it allows the users to access and manage their accounts under one roof, which saves a huge time.

Statistic of personal finance applications

Features of a personal finance application

Some of the key features of a personal finance app include:

Accounts aggregation

With this feature, you can put together credit cards, debit cards, loans, and other types of accounts of a user. This data can be accumulated with a data-stream known as Open Financial Exchange. The main purpose of this stream is to facilitate the exchange of information developed from Open Exchange File formats (developed by Intuit) and Open Financial Connectivity (Created by Microsoft).

Track spending

This is one of the important features of a personal finance app. By using this, users can keep track of their real-time spending. For example- if a user needs to check its finances or transactions in two different accounts, then he/she can check them both in the app itself. In other words, your app should provide this feature to allow them to manage their finances under one roof.


A personal finance app can have this feature to alert its users when they overspend or when they transfer or receive funds. Apart from this, it can also send reminders by any pending dues or payments such as mobile bill payment or recharge.

Setting financial goals

This feature can help people to set their financial goals (buy a house, buy a car, savings for a trip, etc.) and make their spending accordingly.


You can add this feature to help users who want financial advice from experts. To help users get the right piece of advice, you can further categorize this feature on the basis of different categories.

Sign up/Sign in

To allow users to register on the app and then use it any time. You can add features like sign up using an email or social media profile. A personal finance app could also have a dashboard where users can see every activity or access various options.

Transaction history

To let the app users keep track of their transactions or spending. The feature can help them to manage money. Apart from this, the other features you can add to a personal finance app are interactive search, online currency conversion, user authorization, and more.

Technologies that can be used to build a personal finance app

Top technologies developers are using to develop highly effective personal finance applications include:

Top personal finance applications

These are the most popular finance applications

How much does it cost to build a personal finance app?

Calculating the estimated cost of a personal finance app development depends on various factors. Some of them include:

After writing down your specific app requirements, you can reach out to a reliable and experienced Custom app development company to have a rough estimate of the cost. Considering the average cost of a personal finance app, you might need to pay $18000 to $30000. The price may vary depending on the other factors mentioned above.

Tips to create an effective personal finance app


Building a personal finance app needs an individual to consider the cost of its development, features, type of the app, and various other factors in mind. We have covered them all in this article. If you want to know more about them or need to develop a personal finance app, then connect to a trustworthy and experienced mobile app development company


Jyoti Gupta is a digital marketing expert at Quytech, a well-known Mobile app, AI, Mobile Game, AR, VR App development company. She has been in the marketing industry for 9 years and carries a valuable experience in the respective industry, As a marketing expert in IT Services, she loves to write and share about new technological trends in the domains of mobile, AR, VR and AI.

Visit link:
Personal Finance App Development- Stats, Features, Types, and Cost - Customer Think

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July 6th, 2020 at 5:47 pm

Hacking Your Future with Angie Carrillo: the Bilingual Podcast that Reveals Tools to Shape the Future – Press Release – Digital Journal

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Welcome to Hacking Your Future with Angie Carrillo, the first bilingual podcast to future-proof business and life. Whether it is an economic crisis or personal struggles, every moment is an opportunity to build a future, and Angie is here to show just how. The podcast is available in Spanish and English on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Hacking Your Future is about transforming the mindset, clearing it of past debris, and preparing it for the future. The bridge towards the future can be built by reconnecting with ones purpose and building a life of true freedom. The podcast works at the intersection of science, technology and personal development to present the best tools, strategies and knowledge currently available.

Angie Carrillo is a well-known serial creator, entrepreneur, speaker and a die-hard optimist. From her experiences and knowledge, she has distilled the essence of what it takes to build a successful business and life. Angie has been inspired by the likes of Tim Draper, Peter Diamandis, Tony Robbins, Steven Kotler, Dean Graziosi, Marie Forleo, and Deepak Chopra.

I created this space for you to find your purpose and build a business around it. Just as I received a lot of support to find my own path, I'm here to support you to build a life of true freedom, legacy and achieve your own definition of success, says Angie Carrillo.

Angie does not superimpose her definitions and views about success. Rather, she works with the clients to uncover their highest purpose and realize their concept of success. Among the upcoming episodes, Angieaddresses topics like Motivation that moves the needle with Kacia Fitzgerald, Starting a company during economic crisis with Danhalit Zamalloa, and Your past doesnt dictate your future.

Hacking Your Future with Angie will share those tools with listeners that changed her life. Listeners will be able to find their purpose aligned business, build connections and enter their self-made future.

A free sign up is available on the official Angie Carrillo websiteto receive business tools useful for creating ideas and startups, as a purpose-driven entrepreneur.

For more information, please visit:

Media Contact Company Name: Angie Carrillo LLC Contact Person: Zette Rivera Email: Send Email Country: United States Website:

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Hacking Your Future with Angie Carrillo: the Bilingual Podcast that Reveals Tools to Shape the Future - Press Release - Digital Journal

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July 6th, 2020 at 5:47 pm

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