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Work 2035: Citrix Research Reveals a More Intelligent Future – Business Wire

Posted: September 21, 2020 at 11:51 pm

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--What does the future of work hold? In a world where its impossible to predict what will happen tomorrow, its a tough question to answer. But businesses that hope to emerge from the global pandemic in a stronger, better position need to be thinking about - and planning for future models - today. To help, Citrix Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CTXS) undertook Work 2035, a year-long examination of global work patterns and plans, to understand how work will change and the role that technology will play in enabling people to perform at their best. And the results are in: driven by flexible models and intelligent solutions that remove the complexity and noise from work, employees will be more engaged and productive and fuel innovation and growth like never before.

What will the workforce, work models and the work environment look like in 2035? And how will technology shape them? To find out, Citrix teamed up with futurist consultancy Oxford Analytica and business research specialist Coleman Parkes to survey over 500 C-Suite leaders and 1,000 employees within large corporations and mid-market businesses across the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France and the Netherlands on current and future workforce strategies and work models. And heres what was learned:

Robots will not replace humans But they will make us smarter and more efficient. More than three-quarters of those polled (77 percent) believe that in fifteen years, artificial intelligence (AI) will significantly speed up the decision-making process and make workers more productive.

New Jobs will be created New roles will emerge to support a technology-driven workplace and the changing relationship between humans and machines. Here are the positions respondents believe will be created:

Work will be more flexible - Technology that allows for seamless access to the tools and information people need to collaborate and get work done wherever they happen to be will fuel flexible models that the future of work will demand.

Leadership will have a new look More than half of those surveyed (57 percent) believe AI will make most business decisions and potentially eliminate the need for senior management teams.

Productivity will get a major boost Technology, closely integrated with humans, will drive step changes in productivity as workers are supported by solutions that enable them to perform at their best. AI-ngels - digital assistants driven by AI - will draw on personal and workplace data to help employees prioritize their tasks and time and ensure mental and physical wellness. These worker augmented assistants will, for example, schedule meetings to take place at the most effective time based on factors ranging from the blood sugar levels of participants to their sentiments at different times of day. And while the meetings are taking place, they will monitor concentration levels and attitudes and adjust as necessary to drive optimal outcomes.

More than half of professionals surveyed (51 percent) believe technology will make workers at least twice as productive by 2035. Among the solutions they believe will be commonplace:

Employee engagement will improve As technology and AI takes over time-consuming, mundane tasks, work will become more strategic and employees more engaged.

Innovation and growth will soar Organizations will invest more in technology and AI than human capital. This will open the door to unprecedented levels of innovation and new revenue streams and fuel sustainable growth particularly among small businesses.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced companies to reimagine the way things get done, and over the next 15 years, they will face more challenges and disruptions than ever, said Tim Minahan, Executive Vice President of Business Strategy, Citrix. But as Work 2035 makes clear, within this chaos lies opportunity. Savvy companies are using this crisis to begin planning for the next normal. Not just return to where they were, but to embrace new workforce and work models to power their business forward.

To gain additional insights into the future of work and creating an environment in which your employees and business can thrive, click here and download a complimentary copy of Work 2035.

About the Study

Conducted with support from Citrix by consulting firm Oxford Analytica and Man Bites Dog in consultation with an advisory board of thought leaders from academia, think tanks, multinational boards, and leading authorities on the future of work, the initial study examined alternative visions of the future of work in 2035 and the changing relationship between people and technology.

During a second phase, independent opinion research was conducted among business leaders and employees to uncover their vision. In 2019 and 2020, research company Coleman Parkes interviewed over 1,500 business leaders and employees working in both large, established corporations and mid-market businesses across the US and Europe (UK, Germany, France and the Netherlands). In the following sectors: financial services; healthcare and life sciences; telecommunications, media and technology; professional services; manufacturing and retail.

An additional wave of opinion research, surveying 300 business leaders, was conducted in May 2020, to find out how they were navigating the global pandemic and how it had impacted their views on the future of work.

About Citrix

Citrix helps organizations deliver a consistent experience no matter where work needs to get donein the office, at home or in the field. Our digital workspaces give each employee what they need to do their very best work. And our platform brings user experience, IT flexibility and security together to foster innovation, resilience and business continuity all while removing the limits of geography, devices, networks and even clouds to deliver a better employee experience.

For Citrix Investors:

This release contains forward-looking statements which are made pursuant to the safe harbor provisions of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and of Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. The forward-looking statements in this release do not constitute guarantees of future performance. Those statements involve a number of factors that could cause actual results to differ materially, including risks associated with the impact of the global economy and uncertainty in the IT spending environment, revenue growth and recognition of revenue, products and services, their development and distribution, product demand and pipeline, economic and competitive factors, the Company's key strategic relationships, acquisition and related integration risks as well as other risks detailed in the Company's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Citrix assumes no obligation to update any forward-looking information contained in this press release or with respect to the announcements described herein. The development, release and timing of any features or functionality described for our products remains at our sole discretion and is subject to change without notice or consultation. The information provided is for informational purposes only and is not a commitment, promise or legal obligation to deliver any material, code or functionality and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions or incorporated into any contract.

2020 Citrix Systems, Inc. Citrix, the Citrix logo, and other marks appearing herein are the property of Citrix Systems, Inc. and may be registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and in other countries. All other marks are the property of their respective owners.

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Work 2035: Citrix Research Reveals a More Intelligent Future - Business Wire

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September 21st, 2020 at 11:51 pm

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Lifelong learning: 8 ways to show your staff you’re in it for the long run –

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Jobseekers of today are looking for opportunities in lifelong learning and development. How can you meet their needs? Here are some tips to help you get started.

At the heart of any successful business is its people, so investing in them is key. One of the best ways to do this is by supporting their lifelong learning and development. Helping your people along their chosen paths will show them how much you value their contributions and potential and, ultimately, add to the companys overall knowledge base. Win-win situation, right? Here are some ways you can get started.

A simple step in bringing more learning opportunities to your workforce is investing in licences for tools and platforms. Eoin Molloy, an associate software engineer at Fidelity Investments, has benefitted from these since joining the company through its technology graduate programme. We were provided with multiple learning resources, including tutors, to get us up to speed as software developers, he says.

These included licences to online learning platforms such as Pluralsight, Udemy and Safari Books. Through various courses, Molloy says, employees could learn about almost any topic, from management skills to learning a new programming language.

Third-party resources are also made available for both graduates and senior staff at Dun & Bradstreet. Dave Hill, a senior engineer at the company, explains that resources span video tutorials and dedicated platforms, ranging from teaching soft skills to providing access to technical education materials.

Access is provided via licences that are allocated based on specific personal development plans, Hill says. Through these resources, I have been able to work on cutting edge technologies, take advantage of a cloud-training platform, review foundational concepts as well as direct those who have reported to me towards resources to support required learning topics.

Giving your staff the time to properly engage with their resources is essential. Some companies provide learning sabbaticals, for example. But even just allocating a few days can be a big help.

Alongside access to platforms, Fidelity also gives its staff members learning days, where they are encouraged to spend time using the resources provided. For example, I am currently using learning days to study for the AWS Cloud Practitioner certificate, which I hope to achieve in the coming months, Molloy says. Learning days occur cyclically, and I find them to be extremely beneficial in continuously trying to improve my own skills.

As well as the time and resources, a support network and opportunities to share what they have learned is another key step in empowering employees to keep learning.

Fidelity has cultivated internal groups called communities of practice (COPs) for people that share common interests, such as data. COPs often organise events and invite guest speakers to come and talk about a specific topic, Molloy explains. They offer an amazing opportunity to network with other employees and create connections with field experts, which can aid in your learning in the future.

Many graduates are going to be on a steep learning curve when they join a company. According to Hill, learning and development should be instilled in graduate programmes from day one. Dun & Bradstreets engineering graduate programme, for example, has seen Hill become heavily involved in sponsoring and training a number of graduate engineers to develop new talent in specific areas where additional resources were required.

This has been an opportunity to pass it forward in terms of the investment the company has made in my own development during my time at Dun & Bradstreet, he says. Learning opportunities should extend to the mentors on programmes too, he explains, as they need the support and resources to build a bespoke approach.

One of the great things about todays working world is the opportunities we are given to find something new. Offering internal options for change is a dynamic way of retaining staff and enriching their career journeys. Hill is grateful for the opportunity he was given to change disciplines, he says. After developing an interest in DevOps, his employer gave him the financial and logistical assistance to support his ambition and get the necessary certifications.

I was also given the opportunity to transition into a role more focused on DevOps concepts and methodology and, having been in this role for over a year now, Im still able to pursue additional academic studies to enhance my skillset and further my career, he says, adding that this benefits not just his own trajectory, but that of the entire company.

The goal of any company hoping to invest in staff in the long term should be to cultivate a learning culture. Mastercard Irelands head of HR, Ann-Marie Clyne, says this should be based on asking employees to unlock their potential by staying curious and celebrating the achievements of others.

Her team encourages thoughtful risk-taking by supporting debate among staff, enabling them to take initiatives and teach them to welcome challenges as opportunities for learning.

We support them through many initiatives, such as traditional classroom (now virtual) learning events, development conversations, learning lounge [and] access to learning platforms, tools and resources, Clyne says. Like many companies, we offer tuition reimbursement for employees who want to embark on external programmes at all levels, from certification, degree and MBA right up to PhD level.

More importantly, though, we encourage continuous learning by the experiences in which our employees embrace in their everyday work life. We ask employees to be collaborative and inclusive when it comes to innovation and to invite diversity to the table when it comes to our projects.

Lifelong learning cannot take a one-size-fits-all approach, says Sheila Curtin, head of the centre for learning and development at PwC. In addition to investing in formal learning for staff, she says, personalising employee experiences is crucial.

One of the key changes weve seen in recent years in learning and development is the need for more personalised learning paths, Curtin explains. At PwC, in addition to the coaching they receive, we enable our people to take control of their development and personalise their learning through the extensive programmes and self-learning resources available through Vantage, our in-house learning platform.

Through Vantage, PwC employees can engage with podcasts, videos, short articles and courses. Our people can access this any time as it has been made available to them on their mobile devices, Curtin adds. Above and beyond the suite of tools, the coaching support and all the systems that we have here to support lifelong learning, at the end of the day I believe it comes down to each of us taking ownership for our learning, developing a growth mindset and being curious to learn. We have to want to learn.

An important part of supporting your staff in their progress is recognising their achievements, according to Workhumans global director of learning and development, Stuart Curtis. The company gives all of its employees at every level access to almost 16,000 courses. Its learning partners work with different departments to ensure multiple development opportunities through financial and organisational assistance and support internal career moves, too.

We celebrate and share these awards on our Gratitudes platform when anyone achieves a growth milestone, Stuart says. It is part of our very culture to encourage lifelong development and learning.

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Lifelong learning: 8 ways to show your staff you're in it for the long run -

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Bringing It Home – Marketing In The New Normal – PR Web

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I realised the market was missing a social media book that helped those that lack in business experience or who feel lost with all the technical jargon.

IPSWICH, England (PRWEB) September 21, 2020

With strategies tried and tested for almost a decade, Seb Brantigan - the Britpreneur - is delighted to announce the launch of his new book Social Marketing Success. Available to purchase online at Amazon:

Learn how with just 4 simple steps anyone can gain more leads, clients and sales from their social media efforts - removing the need for expensive advertising or creative agencies.

Ideal for anyone new to Social Media, looking to change tactics in the new normal or bringing marketing in-house, the book outlines in simple terms howto gain more exposure for a business, brand or idea.

Highlighting both the positives and pitfalls of Social Media, learn the secrets of implementing marketing strategies that result in rapid business growth.

Seb Brantigan said "I feel blessed to have this opportunity to explain in clear and uncomplicated terms the fundamentals of social marketing, thus helping others to achieve their business goals by growing their social media presence."

Known as the "Britpreneur", Seb Brantigan is considered by many an expert in Social Media and Digital Marketing, and is the author of Video Marketing Domination. He has worked with TV celebrities, personal development authorities and supported seven-figure businesses from the ground up with their digital marketing. Seb knows what it takes to go from zero to hero with social media and marketing your business online.

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Bringing It Home - Marketing In The New Normal - PR Web

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New Product Development Manager job with Josh Wood Colour | 146779 – The Business of Fashion

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New Product Development Manager

Fixed-term 4-month contract with potential for a permanent role in future

The role

Josh Wood Colour is looking for a New Product Development Manager (Services) to help our online clients choose suitable products to buy from our website and achieve amazing outcomes when using them. We have a variety of ways to help with consultations and recommendations. Your role will be to identify and deliver a winning strategy and service to delight clients and increase sales and loyalty across these methods (or others that you propose and develop to be better still). You will lead on operational delivery as well as service design and product management.

Reporting directly to the Head of Client Delight, this role could be described as a player-manager as it involves being very hands-on to support the operational delivery whilst also driving the business forward through innovation, analysis and commercial acumen.


Josh Wood is a world-leading colourist, an Executive Board Member of the British Beauty Council and a regular host on ITVs This Morning. He founded the Atelier in 2011 as the home of our handpicked dream team of colourists and stylists.

From Fashion Week to the red carpet, if youve spotted a shade you absolutely love, its more than likely expert colourist Josh Wood or his team were behind it - Refinery29

We are on a mission to offer a better solution for clients to have fantastic personalised hair colour that is tailored to each individual. Our London Atelier is also the home to Josh Wood Colour Digital, working alongside Josh and the Atelier team to bring expert product innovation to our at-home community.

Key Responsibilities

Ideal Candidate

Working environment


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New Product Development Manager job with Josh Wood Colour | 146779 - The Business of Fashion

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Trending now: Covid-19 impact on Personal Care Ingredients Market Segmentation, Analysis by Recent Trends, Development & Growth by Regions…

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Personal Care Ingredients Market 2020: Latest Analysis

Chicago, United States:- Global Personal Care Ingredients Market reports offers important insights which help the industry experts, product managers, CEOs, and business executives to draft their policies on various parameters including expansion, acquisition, and new product launch as well as analyzing and understanding the market trends.

Each segment of the global Personal Care Ingredients market is extensively evaluated in the research study. The segmental analysis offered in the report pinpoints key opportunities available in the global Personal Care Ingredients market through leading segments. The regional study of the global Personal Care Ingredients market included in the report helps readers to gain a sound understanding of the development of different geographical markets in recent years and also going forth. We have provided a detailed study on the critical dynamics of the global Personal Care Ingredients market, which include the market influence and market effect factors, drivers, challenges, restraints, trends, and prospects. The research study also includes other types of analysis such as qualitative and quantitative.

Global Personal Care Ingredients Market report offers a detailed Outlook and future prospects of the Industry. The Personal Care Ingredients Market report includes various topics like market size & share, Product types, applications, key market drivers & restraints, challenges, growth opportunities, key players, competitive landscape.

Top Players of Personal Care Ingredients Market are Studied: Ashland, BASF, Croda, Evonik, Lonza Group, Solvay, Akzo Nobel, Clariant, DOW Chemical Company, Wacker Chemie AG, Aston Chemicals, Huntsman, Eastman Chemical, DSM, Merck KGaA, Dupont, Symrise Ag

Get a Sample PDF Report:

Competitive landscape is a critical aspect every key player needs to be familiar with. The report throws light on the competitive scenario of the global Personal Care Ingredients market to know the competition at both the domestic and global levels. Market experts have also offered the outline of every leading player of the global Personal Care Ingredients market, considering the key aspects such as areas of operation, production, and product portfolio. Additionally, companies in the report are studied based on the key factors such as company size, market share, market growth, revenue, production volume, and profits.

NOTE:Due to the pandemic, we have included a special section on the Impact of COVID 19 on the Personal Care Ingredients Market which would mention How the Covid-19 is Affecting the Personal Care Ingredients Industry, Market Trends and Potential Opportunities in the COVID-19 Landscape, Covid-19 Impact on Key Regions and Proposal for Personal Care Ingredients Players to Combat Covid-19 Impact.

The analysis includes market size, upstream situation, market segmentation, market segmentation, price & cost and industry environment. In addition, the report outlines the factors driving industry growth and the description of market channels.The report begins from overview of industrial chain structure, and describes the upstream. Besides, the report analyses market size and forecast in different geographies, type and end-use segment, in addition, the report introduces market competition overview among the major companies and companies profiles, besides, market price and channel features are covered in the report.

Our exploration specialists acutely ascertain the significant aspects of the global Personal Care Ingredients market report. It also provides an in-depth valuation in regards to the future advancements relying on the past data and present circumstance of Personal Care Ingredients market situation. In this Personal Care Ingredients report, we have investigated the principals, players in the market, geological regions, product type, and market end-client applications. The global Personal Care Ingredients report comprises of primary and secondary data which is exemplified in the form of pie outlines, Personal Care Ingredients tables, analytical figures, and reference diagrams. The Personal Care Ingredients report is presented in an efficient way that involves basic dialect, basic Personal Care Ingredients outline, agreements, and certain facts as per solace and comprehension.

Segmentation by Application: Skin Care Hair Care Oral Care Make-up Others

Segmentation by Type: Emollients Surfactants Emulsifiers Rheology Modifiers Active Ingredients Others

The Essential Content Covered in the GlobalPersonal Care Ingredients Market Report:

* Top Key Company Profiles. * Main Business and Rival Information * SWOT Analysis and PESTEL Analysis * Production, Sales, Revenue, Price and Gross Margin * Market Share and Size

Regional Coverage: North America (United States, Canada and Mexico), Europe (Germany, France, UK, Russia and Italy), Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, Korea, India and Southeast Asia), South America (Brazil, Argentina, Colombia etc.), Middle East and Africa (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa)

Some Main Reasons For Purchasing This Report:

Readers of this report will receive in-depth knowledge about the market.

Updated statistics offered on the global Personal Care Ingredients market report.

This report provides an insight into the market that will help you boost your companys business and sales activities.

It will help you to find prospective partners and suppliers.

It will assist and strengthen your companys decision-making processes.

Get Full Customize report or for any Special Discount [emailprotected] @

Table of Contents

Market Overview: This is the first section of the report that includes an overview of the scope of products offered in the global Personal Care Ingredients market, segments by product and application, and market size.

Market Competition by Player: Here, the report shows how the competition in the global Personal Care Ingredients market is growing or decreasing based on deep analysis of market concentrate rate, competitive situations and trends, expansions, merger and acquisition deals, and other subjects. It also shows how different companies are progressing in the global Personal Care Ingredients market in terms of revenue, production, sales, and market share.

Company Profiles and Sales Data: This part of the report is very important as it gives statistical as well as other types of analysis of leading manufacturers in the global Personal Care Ingredients market. It assesses each and every player studied in the report on the basis of main business, gross margin, revenue, sales, price, competitors, manufacturing base, product specification, product application, and product category.

Market Status and Outlook by Region: The report studies the status and outlook of different regional markets such as Europe, North America, the MEA, Asia Pacific, and South America. All of the regional markets researched about in the report are examined based on price, gross margin, revenue, production, and sales. Here, the size and CAGR of the regional markets are also provided.

Market by Product: This section carefully analyzes all product segments of the global Personal Care Ingredients market.

Market by Application: Here, various application segments of the global Personal Care Ingredients market are taken into account for research study.

Market Forecast: It starts with revenue forecast and then continues with sales, sales growth rate, and revenue growth rate forecasts of the global Personal Care Ingredients market. The forecasts are also provided taking into consideration product, application, and regional segments of the global Personal Care Ingredients market.

Upstream Raw Materials: This section includes industrial chain analysis, manufacturing cost structure analysis, and key raw materials analysis of the global Personal Care Ingredients market.

Marketing Strategy Analysis, Distributors: Here, the research study digs deep into behavior and other factors of downstream customers, distributors, development trends of marketing channels, and marketing channels such as indirect marketing and direct marketing.

Research Findings and Conclusion: This section is solely dedicated to the conclusion and findings of the research study on the global Personal Care Ingredients market.

Appendix: This is the last section of the report that focuses on data sources, viz. primary and secondary sources, market breakdown and data triangulation, market size estimation, research programs and design, research approach and methodology, and the publishers disclaimer.

Get Free Sample Copy of this report:

Why Go For Report Hive Research? Report Hive Research delivers strategic market research reports, statistical surveys, industry analysis and forecast data on products and services, markets and companies. Our clientele ranges mix of global business leaders, government organizations, SMEs, individuals and Start-ups, top management consulting firms, universities, etc. Our library of 700,000 + reports targets high growth emerging markets in the USA, Europe Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific covering industries like IT, Telecom, Semiconductor, Chemical, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Energy and Power, Manufacturing, Automotive and Transportation, Food and Beverages, etc. This large collection of insightful reports assists clients to stay ahead of time and competition. We help in business decision-making on aspects such as market entry strategies, market sizing, market share analysis, sales and revenue, technology trends, competitive analysis, product portfolio, and application analysis, etc.

Get in Touch with Us :

Report Hive Research


Email: [emailprotected]

Speak to Research Analyst: +1-312-604-7084

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Trending now: Covid-19 impact on Personal Care Ingredients Market Segmentation, Analysis by Recent Trends, Development & Growth by Regions...

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New executive director of inclusion and belonging talks unity, social justice – The Poly Post

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Alejandro Covarrubias is a third-generation Mexican American whose experiences have changed his outlook on his own life, and the lives of others. From acknowledging racism in the world and seeing homelessness up close, Covarrubias has taken on his new role as Cal Poly Pomonas executive director of student inclusion and belonging with his past experiences guiding him in his goal of changing students perspective of the world.

This position is new to the university and the duties that came with it have changed rapidly from when Covarrubias first applied in February to today. Instead of engaging with students and groups on campus, he now participates in virtual events.

One of Covarrubias first such engagements at CPP came during ASIs Student Community Planning on Racial Justice event. During the student-centric town hall, Covarrubias followed the lead of ASI executive leaders in discussion with CPP students and chimed in through direct messages to facilitate.

I dont need to be the face of events, Covarrubias said. I want to empower students to have these conversations on their own.

Covarrubias was raised in Oxnard, California. His mother works at Cal State Northridge in human resources while his father is a Superior Court judge for Ventura County who specializes in juvenile justice. From a young age, his family taught him to view the world from his own perspective and from the perspective of others.

It was just a part of growing up, Covarrubias said. He remembers his moms parents idolizing Cesar Chavez and what he stood for as a labor leader, community organizer and Latino American civil rights activist. He attests to this forming his identity and ideals.

Growing up, my family would call me Ale, Covarrubias said. When I was in preschool, teachers started calling me Alex. He explained his nickname was a part of his Latino identity that he lost until he entered graduate school at Loyola College in Maryland.

It was there that he began working under Sara Furr, former assistant director to the office of student life, that Covarrubias found the freedom of expression that he craved.

I urged him to use the name that honored his truest self, said Furr, I think it makes all the difference, especially when doing social justice and equity work.

Furr described Covarrubias as always reflective and open to feedback from her, which she said fuels his focus on personal development and engagement within his relationships. This affirming experience solidified what he had learned from his volunteer work in Sacramento before grad school. He worked with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps as security, case management and overall liaison for social service programs throughout the city.

This group turned an old junkyard into a park called Friendship Park, where the homeless could gather and eat breakfast since shelters turned them away during the hours of 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

I got to see how we have dehumanized these people, Covarrubias said. We stereotype them. It showed me the true inequalities that exist, like homophobia and racism.

This experience was transformative for Covarrubias as it brought up questions he had about what his role and privilege was in addressing these issues.

He took these experiences to heart and applied these lessons to how he interacted with students during his time as an assistant professor in the Department of Leadership Studies at the University of San Francisco.

I never aspired to be a faculty member, Covarrubias said, yet it proved to be a satisfying job forhim. Students would tell me Ive never had a Latino professor before, and Ive never seen anyone teach the way you teach.

Covarrubias plans to participate and reach out to marginalized communities at CPP through one on one conversations with students or through events. He also utilizes data and looks for patterns of social injustice and reports them to higher administration.

Covarrubias said that it becomes a matter of what policies the college needs to enact to have a greatersense of community on campus, even while virtual.

Since joining CPP in June, he has participated in the annual CPP Fest held virtually due to the pandemic. He contributed to discussions regarding first-generation students and the working class experience.

These discussions included the forced conformity of ideals or beliefs that the working class or first generation college students have to do to fit in with the majority. He identifies with this marginalizedgroup which he refers to as class straddlers.

Theyre stuck between two worlds, Covarrubias said. I want students to know its okay to not know how you fit in. Conformity isnt necessary.

Continue reading here:
New executive director of inclusion and belonging talks unity, social justice - The Poly Post

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Technical Manager job with Josh Wood Colour | 146773 – The Business of Fashion

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Technical Manager

Fixed-term 6-month contract with potential for a permanent role in future

The role

Josh Wood Colour is looking for someone who loves delighting clients and staff through the application and support of technology. This role is ideal if you are a technical specialist who loves working with rapidly evolving teams and needs, and who has a bias for helping to innovate and figure out how get to yes in a risk-balanced manner.

We offer significant independence to teams within the business to champion and lead day to day use of the main software platforms for their teams where practical. The Technical Manager will ensure cross-system compatibility and integration, data integrity, improvements, effectiveness.

The Technical Manager supports all other systems including CRM and acts as desktop support for the team. This role has no direct reports and will report directly into top management. There is a separate Head of Digital who runs our e-commerce system.


Josh Wood is a world leading colourist, an Executive Board Member of the British Beauty Council and a regular host on ITVs This Morning. He founded the Atelier in 2011 as the home of our handpicked dream team of colourists and stylists.

From Fashion Week to the red carpet, if youve spotted a shade you absolutely love, its more than likely expert colourist Josh Wood or his team were behind it - Refinery29

We are on a mission to offer a better solution for clients to have fantastic personalised hair colour that is tailored to each individual. Our London Atelier is also the home to Josh Wood Colour Digital, working alongside Josh and the Atelier team to bring expert product innovation to our at home community.

Key Responsibilities

Ideal Candidate

Working environment


Read the rest here:
Technical Manager job with Josh Wood Colour | 146773 - The Business of Fashion

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PayPal Continues to Expand Nonprofit Partnerships in the San Jose Community –

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Code Nation, Pivotal and Year Up to receive $250,000 from PayPal in grant funding for programs supporting underserved youth in an effort to strengthen the financial health of the San Jose community

SAN JOSE, Calif., Sep. 21 /CSRwire/ - PayPal Holdings, Inc. today announced it is committing $250,000 to three organizations that are working to support underserved youth in the San Jose, California community:Code Nation,PivotalandYear Up. PayPal has chosen to award grants to these nonprofits because their work aligns closely to the companys mission to provide all people with the opportunity for financial health by giving them the tools and resources that are needed to join and thrive in the global economy.

Each year, PayPal supports partnerships with nonprofits within the communities where its employees live and work through grant funding and other support including skills-based volunteering. This years grants to Code Nation, Pivotal and Year Up are part of the companys latest steps to support its San Jose headquarters community. These organizations are working to help underserved and diverse youth byempowering them with the skills, experiences and support needed for professional jobs, which in return will contribute to sustained financial health for these individuals and their families while also building a well skilled and diverse talent pool.

Financial health is essential to enable a better future for individuals, families and communities, said Franz Paasche, senior vice president of corporate affairs, PayPal. Many young people still lack sufficient access to the education, workplace experiences and mentors needed to launch their careers. This disparity contributes to long-term economic inequality while leaving tremendous untapped potential in our communities. These three outstanding organizations are addressing the opportunity divide, which is why we are partnering with them to drive meaningful impact in the San Jose community.

The Bay Area is home to nearly 60,000 opportunity youth with nearly 20,000 living in Santa Clara County.Code Nation mobilizes a volunteer teaching corps that includes hundreds of professional software developers to provide tuition-free coding courses and work-based learning programs to students who attend under-resourced schools. Pivotal works with foster youth starting as early as ninth grade to ensure they dont fall through the cracks as they navigate high school, college, and the transition into the workforce. Year Up seeks to disrupt the cycles of exclusion by providing underserved youth relevant job skills, internships, stipends, college credit recommendations, and support under one comprehensive model.

Too many of our young people lack opportunities to develop the skills they need to succeed at great companies, said San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo. Thank you, PayPal, for your generous commitment to our future leaders of Silicon Valley.

PayPal will continue to collaborate with these three organizations along with dozens of other local nonprofits in the San Jose area through grants, volunteer opportunities, mentorship, internship placements and other activities. These efforts are part of the companys ongoing commitment to theSan Jose community, which also includes initiatives such as employee-led grantmaking, contributions to theSilicon Valley Strongfund and toSVCFs COVID Funds, participation among theSilicon Valley Recovery Roundtable, and more.

About PayPal

PayPal has remained at the forefront of the digital payment revolution for more than 20 years. By leveraging technology to make financial services and commerce more convenient, affordable, and secure, the PayPal platform is empowering more than 300 million consumer and merchantsin more than 200 markets to join and thrive in the global economy. For more information,

About Code Nation

Code Nation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit on a mission to equip young people with the skills, experiences, and connections that together create access to careers in technology. With a volunteer teaching corps of nearly 300 professional web and software developers and a network of school and company partners, we provide coding courses and work-based learning programs to students who attend under-resourced high schools. To date, Code Nation has served over 5,000 young people in New York City, Chicago, and the Bay Area.

About Pivotal

Pivotal is theonly private non-profit in Silicon Valley exclusively focused on meeting the educational and career needs of foster youth.We offer a comprehensive set of services designed to connect foster youth to academic and employment success. In high school, we help foster youth develop and stick to a graduation plan. In college, we offer scholarship dollars, academic coaching, and tutoring. At all ages, we build their career readiness and confidence, and connect them to paid internships that provide critical work experience and professionalism skills.We have a proven track record of developing and implementing programs to help young people from foster care get the support they need to earn a sustainable income and reach self-sufficiency.For nearly twenty years, our work has changed the educational trajectory of thousands of local foster youth. Scholars in our program are 10x more likely to graduate college than their foster youth peers.

About Year Up

Year Up is an award-winning, national 501(c)3 organization that enables motivated young adults to move from minimum wage to meaningful careers in just one year by providing the skills, experience, and support that will empower them to reach their full potential. Through a one-year, intensive program, Year Up utilizes a high-expectations, high-support model that combines marketable job skills, stipends, coursework eligible for college credit, and corporate internships at more than 250 top companies. Its holistic approach focuses on students' professional and personal development to enable young adults with a viable path to economic self-sufficiency and meaningful careers. Year Up has served more than 30,000 young adults since its founding in 2000. Year Up is active in 35 campuses across the U.S., including Arizona, Baltimore, Bay Area, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas/Fort Worth, Greater Atlanta, Greater Boston, Greater Philadelphia, Jacksonville, Los Angeles, the National Capital Region, New York City/Jersey City, Pittsburgh, Puget Sound, Rhode Island, South Florida, Tampa Bay, and Wilmington. Year Up has been voted one of the Best Non-Profits to Work For by TheNonProfitTimes. To learn more,, and follow us onLinkedIn,Facebook,Instagram, andTwitter.


*Opportunity Youthare defined as young people between the ages of 16 and 24 who are neither enrolled in school nor participating in the labor market or about one in nine members of this age group in the United States.

Media Contact

Tiffany Peng

See the article here:
PayPal Continues to Expand Nonprofit Partnerships in the San Jose Community -

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Changing STEM Representation Trends Through the Philadelphia AMP Alliance – DrexelNow – Drexel Now

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Jazmean Williams, a 2020 graduate with a BS in biomedical engineering, in the lab during her six-month research co-op in Wellington, New Zealand funded partially by Drexel-LSAMP.

When Stephen Cox started as an undergraduate student at Drexel University (then called the Drexel Institute of Technology) in 1969, it was sparsely populated with minority students like him, he says.

Then, after receiving his BS in physics and atmospheric science in 1974 and his MS in biophysics and biomedical engineering (both from Drexel) in 1976, Cox left Drexel and jumped into an industry career with positions at General Electric and Boeing. There, he saw a similar trend very few people of color were operating alongside him in these scientific positions and venues.

So in the early 90s, Cox started working to reverse this trend, and he had help. The National Science Foundation (NSF) wanted to establish multi-year, multi-million-dollar grants to support institutions and programming proven to increase the number of underrepresented students moving into STEM-related paths of study and, ultimately, careers.

In 1994, this funding and Coxs work helped found the Greater Philadelphia Region Alliance for Minority Participation (Philadelphia AMP), which is part of the national, NSF-founded Louis Stokes Alliances for Minority Participation (LSAMP) program. Philadelphia AMP brought together nine higher-education institutions to work and share resources toward a common goal to double the number of minority students receiving degrees in STEM disciplines over the next five years as this NSF-funded alliance model had already proven successful in doing so in additional areas of the country.

Stephen Cox (BS '74 MS '76) is co-principal investigator and project director of Philadelphia AMP.

And in that five-year time frame, Philadelphia AMP had more than achieved the goal, and Cox had also been invited to headquarter the alliance at his alma mater. He is now co-principal investigator and project director of Philadelphia AMP, leading the alliance alongside Nina Henderson Provost Paul Jensen, PhD, and Aroutis Foster, PhD, an associate dean of Drexels School of Education.

Because I knew of the impact of cooperative education, I thought that Drexel would be a good site to create the leadership of the initiative, he said.

Now, the 27-year-old Philadelphia AMP Alliance continues to thrive at host institution Drexel and across partner institutions, including the University of Pennsylvania, Temple University, Community College of Philadelphia, Cheyney University of Pennsylvania, Lincoln University, the University of Delaware, Delaware State University and Rowan University. The LSAMP model has also taken hold in all areas of the country, from Puerto Rico to Hawaii.

Each university in the Philadelphia Alliance supports its own programming, activities, research opportunities, academic coaching, mentorship and funding, and the institutions also support each other, all in an effort to sustain what is now the annual graduation of well over 1,000 minority students into STEM graduate and PhD programs or careers. This is compared to the just 200 graduating with STEM degrees back before the alliance began.

As an alliance, we've been very successful in capturing the funding, but also providing the opportunities for students to succeed, who prior to this were not really looked at as a necessary outcome, Cox said. You know, it's easy to talk about being diverse, but the reality of diversity is how you produce a product and we've been able to do that successfully over a 26-year period, so much so that this year NSF has awarded us again a $3.2 million grant to continue this work from now through 2025.

The continued work of Philadelphia AMP is both important and complex, and critical in current turbulent times, Cox said.

We see right now, the country is in turmoil. Issues of race and ethnicity and gender are all things that are still issues 25, 30 years later, he added. That has not gone away in America.

But despite all this complexity, how Drexel students get involved with LSAMP on an individual level is often quite simple.

For Jazmean Williams, a 2020 graduate with a BS in biomedical engineering, it started with a friend encouraging her to come to an LSAMP meeting while she was on campus summer term of her first year participating in the STAR Scholars program.

Just hearing what some of the current students in the program were doing and how LSAMP had basically bolstered their research rsum and the different outreach programs that they were able to do, that just made me so excited, Williams remembered. So I was like, OK, I'm going to join and I'm going to be involved, and I've been involved ever since.

From that moment on, LSAMP became a very big part of Williams Drexel experience. Without it, she said many of the research opportunities she was able to do in undergrad wouldnt have been possible, including the six-month research co-op in New Zealand she completed last year, and through which she solidified her goal of doing stem cell research as a career.

Jazmean Williams enjoying some down time while on an LSAMP-funded research co-op in New Zealand.

Without LSAMP, I would have never been able to leave the ground, Williams said. [The program] was able to help pay for my plane ticket and also provided resources for finding housing.

Because of that experience, I feel like it made my rsum a lot more attractive. Its a great talking point, too. I'm able to just talk about the experience of living in a new country on my own and being involved within a new culture, she continued. It shows not only your flexibility, but your ability to adapt and ability to problem solve. So, yeah, it was just an awesome experience.

For Julian Rath and Salamata Bah, it started with an email from Drexel-LSAMP Director Marisol Rodriguez Mergenthal, which arrived in their inbox at the right time, offering the right opportunity. Rath was having trouble back in March securing his first co-op opportunity due to complications caused by the pandemic. Then he found out that through LSAMP, he could take an online scientific computing course taught by scientists of the Brookhaven National Laboratory that was bound to help give him a leg up in his area of career interest, nuclear science. Better yet, he could get paid to take the course.

There were literally no aspects of the opportunity that I could have ever considered turning down, Rath, a pre-junior majoring in chemistry, said. With the career that I'm planning on going into, I need as much experience and credibility as I can get. Taking a class with Brookhaven National Laboratory on how to actually use the programs utilized in the field should help me greatly in the future.

Funded by a part-time stipend from LSAMP, Rath went on to complete a co-op position with the Peace Innovation Institute arranged by Joseph Hughes, PhD, and other College of Engineering faculty.

Bah, now a second-year computer science major, got involved with LSAMP during her first year when she saw an email about a research project in partnership with Cheyney University. LSAMP students from both institutions worked with faculty on annotating videos and collecting data centered around machine learning. Bah even had the opportunity to design the front end of an application the team wanted to create for the research.

Salamata Bah, a second-year computer science major involved with Drexel-LSAMP.

Bah said this experience helped her be accepted and solidify a project for the STAR Scholars program this summer.

I chose to do something related to machine learning because I found it so interesting, she said.

Because of how much LSAMP helped shape their time at Drexel, all of these participants would encourage other eligible students to keep an eye out for emails about programming and get involved.

I wouldn't be doing half the things that I've been doing over the past six months if I just never got the email and I never signed up for it, Rath said. It's only done good things for me, basically. Its an opportunity just sitting there

You never know which one of them will help you in your career or just build the network that will help you in the future, Bah added.

Williams specifically encouraged eligible students to get involved early on in their Drexel career like she did, whether theyre students who hit the ground running or take more time to adjust.

It's really great to have someone who's like a cheerleader, who's willing to cheer you on and make sure that you're getting the resources that you need, getting involved in the things that you need to be involved in, and also just providing mental health advice and academic advice, she said. Even if you're not a student who's ready to just take on the world right once you step on the campus, it's good to have someone who's willing to guide you through that process and to also have other students and other upperclassmen who've been where you've been and who can also guide you through that process as well.

Through the years, Cox has enjoyed hearing from students how much the LSAMP program at their institution or the Philadelphia AMP Alliance as a whole benefitted their personal growth and development.

Many of them attribute their success in their life now, many of them have families and children that it had to do with working with me, because I told them that they could do anything they wanted to do if they really invested themselves in believing that they could do it, he said. Many times, while I could say that I was the catalyst for their success, the reality is they were the raw material that just needed some encouragement.

Cox will be taking the Philadelphia AMPs Phase VI grant period, which will carry the alliance through 2025 and 30 years of existence, to start grooming a predecessor to take over his role and continue with this important work.

The reality is I could probably do this forever because I really enjoy what I do, but I will be 72 in October of this year, he said. In order to ensure the same kind of energy and excitement about this continues, I need to groom some other people.

All in all, he was happy to play a part in reversing the trends he saw as a student 50 years ago, and help students not unlike himself over the past 25 years find success, motivation and community.

At one of our graduation sequences, as the students were walking across stage, I overheard [the late Drexel University President Constantine Papadakis] say, These are Steve Coxs kids, he remembered. For me, that kind of summed it up, because there are so many students that I invested my knowledge, my background in industry, my technical capacity and my belief that all students can learn, particularly underrepresented students, if they are given the opportunity.

To find out more about Drexel-LSAMP participation and programming, please contact the Director Marisol Rodriguez Mergenthal at

The rest is here:
Changing STEM Representation Trends Through the Philadelphia AMP Alliance - DrexelNow - Drexel Now

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Team Coordinator Task Force job with Zalando | 146778 – The Business of Fashion

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As a support unit the Task Force is responsible for a fast and efficient problem solving for the onboarding of partner articles on Zalando's platform. This team goes the extra mile to guarantee that the full partners' assortment is offered to Zalando's customers.

We are looking for a Team Coordinator who will lead the Task Force to contribute into Zalando's strategy of becoming the starting point for fashion.




Zalando is Europe's leading online platform for fashion and lifestyle, connecting customers, brands and partners across 17 markets. We drive digital solutions for fashion, logistics, advertising and research, bringing head-to-toe fashion to more than 23 million active customers through diverse skill-sets, interests and languages our teams choose to use.

Please note that all applications must be completed using the online form - we do not accept applications via e-mail.

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Team Coordinator Task Force job with Zalando | 146778 - The Business of Fashion

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