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Finding Their Way / Senior girls crack starting lineup for Hauser soccer team – The Republic

Posted: September 15, 2020 at 2:56 pm

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In the absence of a girls soccer program, a handful of females at Hauser have played on the schools boys team the past couple of decades.

But since 2013, only two girls have earned full-time starting spots for the Jets. Seniors Emily Harker and Adonah Riddle have helped them to a 3-4-2 start going into tonights match at Greensburg.

Since Im a very competitive person and I like the challenge of playing with the guys, I really enjoy playing coed, Harker said. Im like a Tomgirl. I grew up on a farm. I have to compete on a higher level because athletically, men are more superior than women. Ive had the experience of playing against more athletic individuals. It gives me a sense of challenge, and I really enjoy it.

Hauser technically has a coed team, but plays against mostly all-boys squads and competes in the boys sectional. Harker and Riddle are the only girls on this years squad.

Hauser senior soccer players Adonah Riddle, left, and Emily Harker sprint downfield during a drill in practice at Hauser Jr./Sr. High School in Hope, Ind., Friday, Sept. 11, 2020. Mike Wolanin | The Republic

Hauser senior soccer player Adonah Riddle heads the ball during practice at Hauser Jr./Sr. High School in Hope, Ind., Friday, Sept. 11, 2020. Mike Wolanin | The Republic

Hauser senior soccer player Emily Harker heads the ball during practice at Hauser Jr./Sr. High School in Hope, Ind., Friday, Sept. 11, 2020. Mike Wolanin | The Republic

Hauser senior soccer player Emily Harker controls the ball during practice at Hauser Jr./Sr. High School in Hope, Ind., Friday, Sept. 11, 2020. Mike Wolanin | The Republic

Hauser senior soccer player Adonah Riddle waits to take part in a drill during practice at Hauser Jr./Sr. High School in Hope, Ind., Friday, Sept. 11, 2020. Mike Wolanin | The Republic

Hauser senior soccer player Emily Harker waits to take part in a drill during practice at Hauser Jr./Sr. High School in Hope, Ind., Friday, Sept. 11, 2020. Mike Wolanin | The Republic

Hauser head soccer coach Andy Hunnicutt directs senior soccer player Adonah Riddle during a drill in practice at Hauser Jr./Sr. High School in Hope, Ind., Friday, Sept. 11, 2020. Mike Wolanin | The Republic

Hauser senior soccer player Emily Harker controls the ball during a drill in practice at Hauser Jr./Sr. High School in Hope, Ind., Friday, Sept. 11, 2020. Mike Wolanin | The Republic

Hauser senior soccer player Adonah Riddle passes the ball during a drill in practice at Hauser Jr./Sr. High School in Hope, Ind., Friday, Sept. 11, 2020. Mike Wolanin | The Republic

Hauser senior soccer player Adonah Riddle watches the ball as she sprints downfield during a drill in practice at Hauser Jr./Sr. High School in Hope, Ind., Friday, Sept. 11, 2020. Mike Wolanin | The Republic

Hauser senior soccer player Emily Harker, left, puts the ball past Carter Scott for a goal during a drill in practice at Hauser Jr./Sr. High School in Hope, Ind., Friday, Sept. 11, 2020. Mike Wolanin | The Republic

Hauser senior soccer players Adonah Riddle, left, and Emily Harker pose for a photo together during practice at Hauser Jr./Sr. High School in Hope, Ind., Friday, Sept. 11, 2020. Mike Wolanin | The Republic

Hauser senior soccer players Emily Harker, center left, and Adonah Riddle, center right, wait to take part in a drill during practice at Hauser Jr./Sr. High School in Hope, Ind., Friday, Sept. 11, 2020. Mike Wolanin | The Republic

But just like Harker, Riddle isnt shying away from the competition.

Playing against guys is more of a challenge for me because I have to prove a lot, Riddle said. Now that Im playing with guys, I feel stronger, and I feel like I talk a lot more. Ive played a lot longer with guys than I have with girls, so Im just used to it.

Riddle grew up in Seymour and played a couple years of recreational soccer when she was in elementary school. She moved to Hope her freshman year.

Harker also grew up outside the area. She lives near Saint Paul, in Waldron school district. She went to Smith Elementary in Columbus and now makes the half-hour commute to Hauser each day.

Theres more opportunities at Hauser like FFA, and I do 4-H in Bartholomew County, Harker said. I knew a lot of kids there. I played Biddy Ball in Columbus, so we would drive through Hope.

Beginning at age 5, Harker played in the Columbus Parks and Recreation program every spring and fall season until playing junior high soccer at Hauser. In high school, played a little as a freshman and started a couple games as a sophomore before becoming a starting midfielder last season.

I wouldnt say there was more pressure, Harker said. I knew all my hard work and dedication would pay off. I dont get frustrated when I dont start. But when I start, I feel like (coach Andy Hunnicutt) believes in me.

Harker plays mostly outside midfield, but played center midfield in Saturdays win against Austin.

Shes always full of positive energy, Hunnicutt said. She never gets down in a game. She always tries to execute the game plan. Then, her enthusiasm just helps pump up the rest of the team.

Meanwhile, Riddle has been a starting defender this season after gaining some playing time last year.

I struggled seeing game time my freshman and sophomore years, Riddle said. We had a lot of guys, and I had a hard time keeping up with them. My junior year, I built up my skills and got to play a lot more.

Riddle plays mostly outside back, but also has seen time at stopper or defensive midfield.

Shes just tenacious and tough as nails, Hunnicutt said. She is quite quick. She just wont give up, and thats whats wonderful about her.

Harker also has played some forward and scored the first goal of her career Aug. 28 in a 2-2 tie against Columbus Christian. That was the first Jets goal scored by a girl since Elizabeth Ream in 2007.

Ive been so close the past three years and finally did it, Harker said.

Harker has won the teams Mental Attitude Award the past three years. She also was a JV captain her freshman and sophomore years and has been a varsity captain as a junior and senior, as voted on by her teammates.

I dont know if it makes me feel accepted in a way, Harker said. Sometimes when we go up to shake the other teams captains hands, I get some funny looks. Theyre like, Youre a girl and a captain? But this is my second year, so Im used to it.

Both Harker and Riddle also compete in track and field. Harker played basketball as a freshman and junior and indoor soccer as a sophomore and plans to play indoor soccer this winter. She is considering playing tennis in the spring.

I have been actually exploring tennis because it will be a lot easier on my lower half, Harker said. Ive been meeting with our assistant coach (Karen Kelly) after practices to hit. She told me I was the kind of athlete that could jump into a sport senior year and thrive at it. If that plan fails, Ill run track again.

Neither Harker nor Riddle are planning to play soccer in college. Riddle wants to study criminal justice at a yet-to-be-determined school.

Harker plans to major in agronomy or plant and soil science, she hopes at Purdue. She had talked to Manchester about playing soccer, but decided against it.

I just feel like my academics are more important, Harker said. Thats my future.

Hunnicutt said he hasnt seen any jealousy out of the boys on the 20-player Hauser team.

A lot of the kids that arent starting are freshmen, so theyre learning, Hunnicutt said. Both of these young ladies have put their time in. They know what were trying to accomplish, and theyre good at it.

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Finding Their Way / Senior girls crack starting lineup for Hauser soccer team - The Republic

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September 15th, 2020 at 2:56 pm

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The male menopause and mental health | Health – Jamaica Gleaner

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You have probably heard of the menopause in women, but did you know men go through a similar hormonal change as they age? The male menopause, or andropause, is often triggered when men reach their 40s.

In fact, as many as 30 per cent of men can expect some sort of physical change to their bodies when they reach this age. But with such little exposure to information, this sudden shift in mental attitude and physical ability can come as a real shock.

The male menopause is the name given to an age-related change in the hormone levels of men. There are several factors which could cause a person to enter this stage of their life.

Some of the most common include:

Testosterone deficiency

Increasing SHBG levels

Reduced pituitary function

Reduced production of testosterone by the testicles

Increasing insulin resistance/onset of diabetes.

In all of these cases, its the dramatic reduction in the amount of testosterone the body produces which causes the menopause to kick in. While these factors wont affect everyone as they age, it can have a huge impact on individuals who do see a dip in production.

Testosterone is a hormone which has been closely associated with the concept of being manly for decades. And while things are a little less black and white than that, its certainly true that the amount a man produces will have a direct impact on his behaviour and physical and mental health.

There are a host of areas which are controlled by the amount of testosterone in your body. Those include:

Heart: Testosterone increases your cardiac output, while also helping to keep the coronary and peripheral blood flow smooth and continuous.

Brain: Cognition, memory and feeling are all affected by testosterone in the brain, as well as a mans sex drive.

Kidneys: Red blood cell production decreases when theres less testosterone in your system. This happens because erythropoietin production is halted or reduced.

Muscles: The mass and strength of your muscles are directly impacted by the amount of testosterone in your body.

Sexual organs: Sperm production and prostate health are both directly affected by a lack of testosterone. Erectile dysfunction is also not uncommon.

With so many parts of the male anatomy affected by testosterone, its not hard to see why some people see the male menopause as a genuine threat for their later years.

Male menopause is commonly used as a title because it affects men as they age, and has similar symptoms to the female menopause. But is it the same?

In truth, not quite. The term is something of a misleading tag line. While there is a very real change which happens to some men at a certain point in their life, the name itself encompasses a lot of different conditions.

The one key link between them all? A large dip in that all-important testosterone. While some people see the term as a simple way of describing the loss of this hormone, others would suggest that inaccurately grouping these conditions under one umbrella is a risky practice.

The minor controversy over the name stems from the fact that this, unlike female menopause, is not something which all men will naturally experience in their lives.

Its very common for a mans testosterone levels to decrease by as much as one per cent every year after the age of 40. This is not the same as late-onset hypogonadism or androgen deficiency, which can see a much larger sudden dip in levels.

Its for this reason some medical professionals like to steer clear of the term male menopause altogether. Its natural for testosterone levels to lower, but extreme cases are a condition in and of themselves.

So, is the male menopause real? Well, yes and no. While you wont definitely experience this drastic shift in hormone levels, theres roughly a one-in-three chance you could. Just dont take the slightest change in levels when youre 50 to mean youre going through the change.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the sudden loss of such a core hormone can have a huge impact on someones mental health. Lets take a closer look at how someone might struggle if they find themselves experiencing the male menopause.

Owing to the importance of testosterones role in your brain, therell be very direct and noticeable changes to your general attitude. While this wont always be negative, there are circumstances and symptoms which can lower your mood:

Memory loss: As you age, your cognitive function begins to decrease. This is what triggers memory loss in most older people. Some studies have recently linked this dip in memory retention to lowered levels of testosterone.

Concentration levels: Its not that youll necessarily find yourself distracted more often, but rather just struggle to follow the flow of a normal conversation. Being distracted is natural, but if youre finding it a struggle to keep up in one-on-one chats, you may want to get assessed.

Sex drive: The libido is one of the key areas of the mind which is affected by a loss of T-levels. While it wont necessarily be as a result of problems maintaining an erection, this can also be a factor.

You might begin to feel like a different person if youre experiencing the male menopause. Remember, if youre ever having dark thoughts its important to talk about it with someone you trust.

Sometimes the fallout from other issues someone experiences during the male menopause will cause them to have further problems in the future. These secondary, indirect, conditions can be just as damaging as those which are caused as a direct medical result of your situation.

Clay Morrison is a creative consultant. Send feedback to;

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The male menopause and mental health | Health - Jamaica Gleaner

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Movember & Fox Sports Join Forces On Mental Health – B&T

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A mental health advocate, Army Captain and Movember ambassador who has survived both testicular and bowel cancer, all before the age of 30, has teamed up with Dr Izzy Smith to create a new series; Behind the Uniform.

The series will explore the idea that we all wear a uniform. Whether its the clothes you wear to work, or a metaphor for putting up a front, often theres a lot going on behind the uniform, and many of us are reluctant to express how we are really feeling.

The series guarantees no topic is off limits there will be tears, laughter and goose bumps, explains co-host, Captain Hugo Toovey.

The ten-part podcast supported by both Movember and Fox Sports, will feature such prominent Australians as:

Hugo said guest, Moises Henriques, summed up the tone of the podcast perfectly when he said; While things may appear all smiles and good times, it definitely is not like that all the time. Ive felt like shedding as many tears as our baby Archie. Its just a reminder of the misleading representation social media can portray on our not so perfect lives.

Hugo noted that while the current episodes feature well known sportsmen, moving forward they hope to incorporate the stories of everyday Australians.

Dr Izzy Smith featured on Hugos earlier podcast 25 STAY ALIVE. The two hit it off, realising how much they had in common and decided to join forces. Dipping into their own experiences of working in demanding environments, they will weave their own insights into each episode.

Weve both worked in environments where its traditionally seen as weak to show youre struggling or need help. Both careers have notoriously high rates of suicide and mental illness. We need a cultural shift in attitude around mental health and we need to be equipping people with the right tools to manage it, she said.

They will explore concepts like vulnerability and dealing with failure, things Dr Smith has struggled with herself, in the past.

Behind the Uniform will deliver practical ways to discuss and de-stigmatise mental health issues in Australia in a relaxed and entertaining way.

Movember Global Mental Health Director Brendan Maher believes the podcast is the perfect avenue to reach men who might be experiencing difficulties in their lives.

These episodes remind us that it doesnt matter where you are in life, or what kind of uniform you wear, none of us escape lifes challenges. How we navigate them and who we open up to, is what makes the difference and sometimes its a life-saving difference.

One of the best ways to lighten the load, is to share whats going on with a mate, a loved one or a health professional.

Behind the Uniform is an important new platform to explore these concepts and learn from each other.

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Movember & Fox Sports Join Forces On Mental Health - B&T

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The Ten Movies You Need To Watch In Order To Be More Successful – KLUV

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Ok, we're all doing our best to get ahead in life, and sometimes it takes a little outside inspiration.

That's where Hollywood comes in!

We have a list of TEN movies that you should watch that will lead to more success!

The list comes courtesy ofLifehack, which says "Sometimes a movie could be our motivational bridge to the success we truly desire."

So here are those ten movies you need to watch, and the LESSONS that can be learned from each one!

Fight Club -Materialism and Emotional Detachment

This movie will teachabout"freeing yourself from the shackles of modern life"by being willing to give and receive pain and risk death.

Pumping Iron -Self-Belief and Assertion

Arnold Schwarzeneggershares his "mindset, attitude, and personal beliefs," leavingyou inspired!

The Secret -Positive Attitude

PMA:Postive Mental Attitude!

The Social Network -Entitlement

You deserve success!

Yes Man -Opportunity

What opportunities have you missed by saying "no?"

Limitless -Getting Things Done

Take action with your life! Produceresults, don't wait for them!

The Wolf of Wall Street -Drive and Prosperity

Take account of your work, and aim for the finer things!

The Words -Own Your Work

However, do the best with what you have!

ThePursuit of Happyness -Never Giving Up

Never give up on yourself! Don't allow anything to destroy your dreams!

Good Will Hunting -Competence

You have a talent, and you are WORTHY of success!

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The Ten Movies You Need To Watch In Order To Be More Successful - KLUV

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Your horoscope for the week ahead: The New Moon in Virgo activates a healing energy –

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On Thursday, the Moon, our Celestial Mother, will complete yet another 29.5-day journey around our beautiful planet and return to line up in a straight line between Earth and the Sun. This marks the New Moon in Virgo and the start of another Lunar Month. Look east in the predawn sky as this week begins and you will see the slim silver of the waning crescent Moon meeting up with scintillating Venus. This is a magic moment. Make your wishes. The New Moon will bring new beginnings and fresh starts when we can undo mistakes and square circles.

Jupiter's four month retrograde ended last weekend. The Opener-of-the-Way has set sail on another nine month journey forward. The past four months have been a time of working on new plans to move you forward. This is an exciting time filled with opportunity.

Venus squares Uranus on Tuesday then Mercury squares Jupiter on Thursday. Do you need an innovative plan? Do you want to think out of the box? This is your chance to find that brilliant idea you need. You could also strike up a friendship with an influential person. These are highly dynamic energy points, so do your best to stay calm. The compassionate source of this Universe will hear your call and lead you towardthe fulfilment of your dreams.

Saturn is ideally placed with a steady and stable trine alignment to the New Moon. Hang on the tiller and steer your ship well. Saturn will help you focus and concentrate on your vision of success.

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, September 14, 2020.


Clearing up problems is much like the tedious task of cleaning and dusting. No sooner do you sweep up one problem, more blow in to take their place. But if we face our problems with courage, they make us wiser. Please be reassured. Things are not as bad as they seem. You fear that you will soon have to make a difficult decision. The New Moon in Virgo will reveal that you are carrying a responsibility that is now surplus to requirement. What you face will prove easy and obvious. So, go on and pick up that broom. Sweep your problems away. Everything is going to turn out fine.


Some things in life are easy, quick and perfectly acceptable. But not everything in this world is fast and fun. Having a sense of urgency is good. Just don't let it turn into anxiety and panic. You are preoccupied with an issue that is sapping your strength and robbing you of the ability to seize an opportunity that is staring you in the face. The more difficult any situation gets, the more essential it is to maintain a positive approach. A confident and constructive attitude is the foundation of every success. The New Moon in Virgo will send you a clever plan that will extricate you from a sense of entrapment.


A healthy dose of pride and self-respect is necessary if you are to achieve the success you seek. There's nothing wrong with that. There's a difference between pride and hubris. Some exuberance is what you need to add some zest and vigour into your dreams and ventures. Our expectations make an enormous difference to our abilities. Go ahead and ratchet up your dreams and the level of your confidence. The New Moon in Virgo says that it's time to be inspired by the calling of your heart. If you truly desire a big change in the way you lead your life, you have every chance of making it happen.


Don't assume that this week is going to be difficult. The worst of a recent struggle is behind you. If anything feels awkward, it is probably because you have not quite enough faith in where you are being led. Let go of your attachment to your own idea of the best destination. Instead, follow your heart. There is nothing to lose. Ignore words that undermine your ambitions. And while you're at it, erase the fear of negative outcomes. It would help if you made time for some rest this week. The New Moon in Virgo advises that you retreat a bit. Find some time to chill. The quiet time will give your intuitive source a chance to connect with you.


There are factors in your life now that seem to need adjustment. But unless they are truly unbearable, it may be much wiser to accept them as they are. It's not a miracle you need right now so much as a dash of good luck and some good timing. Things are heading in the right direction. A positive trend in your life is gaining momentum. Your efforts will all prove worthwhile. Remain determined and do not waiver from your sense of purpose. You are really starting to get somewhere in your quest. The New Moon in Virgo will bring the answers you seek if you approach everything with an open mind.


It's not so much the answers that matter. You can always find those. What is most important are the questions. That is the real starting point to success. We have to keep on asking questions until we find one that resonates with our heart's desires. Something really good is due to start happening. It's possible now to transform a small and improbable hope into the greatest turning point you've ever encountered. The New Moon in Virgo will give you a fresh look at what you wish to accomplish. A new set of questions about what you can achieve will stir your inner desires and lift you closer to the pinnacle of your dreams.


By maintaining sanguine expectations, you will remain on track towardthe destination you seek. Even if you tried very hard, you would not be able to derail your path to success. This week is due to have a thoroughly excellent outcome if you keep that in mind. The Universe places obstacles in your path in order to test your conviction and passion. Persistence and determination are all you need to succeed in your quest. And you've got both in ample supply. The New Moon in Virgo will bring the realization that no matter what once looked hopeless, there is fresh hope now.


Your ingenuity is going to lead to some enlightening conclusions. "Well, that's about time," you say. True enough, you've had enough with juggling resources and struggling to keep a souring situation sweet. Good times are coming. You will start to understand something that you never fully understood before. The New Moon in Virgo will reward you with a discovery. You'll wonder why you never picked up on it before. A great idea is going to put you on an easier road to where you want to be. Things will turn out better than you ever envisaged. You are going to be very successful.


Negative attitudes have a way of insidiously creeping their way into our stream of thought. We have to be vigilant, for they create roadblocks to success. A certain vexing problem will vanish once you discover the positive side of a process that is unfolding. The universe is waiting for you to see the light. The New Moon in Virgo will awaken the sleeping giant within. It will give you a rare opportunity to correct a past error of judgment you thought could never be undone. Your ability to achieve this depends on how rapidly you can adopt the right frame of mind. You will find the will to surpass your limitations.


It's time to ask yourself some tough questions about how you really feel about a situation or a relationship. Answers are needed. Decisions need to be made. Life is too short to allow yourself to get dragged into trouble of someone else's doing. You are not obliged to do anything that doesn't feel right. Follow your heart and do what you really want to do. And an open mind is part of the key to power. You'll find a way to tolerate those you might normally dismiss. The New Moon in Virgo will give you the ability to see the bigger picture so that you can make a brilliant move.


You can't possibly make the right kind progress if you haven't got the right mental attitude. Benevolent forces of the Universe are rallying to help you get past an impasse. The sky is essentially on your side so don't let a certain threat or worry make you feel insecure. An invisible shield of protection surrounds you. The New Moon in Virgo will provide you with a bevy of astute insights that will help you avert a crisis. You will do some fast thinking and make some smart manoeuvres. Quite miraculously everything will fall nicely into place. Be sure to not listen to voices of negativity.


People often spend a great deal of time and energy on activities that they consider to be worthwhile. Yet often in the end, these come to nothing. Even so, we mustn't shy away from looking into novel ideas. There's a plan you're considering that seems too good to be true. It might be predicated on some dubious fundamentals. Perhaps it is, but it is still worth looking into further. Do your own research. Connect the dots. The New Moon in Virgo will activate your genius for innovation and help you find a way to improve this idea and make it work. The whole process will require less effort than you may think.

Your horoscope for the week ahead: The New Moon in Virgo activates a healing energy -

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Heart attack patients with hostile attitudes have poorer health outcomes, study finds – ConsumerAffairs

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Researchers are emphasizing how mindset can affect physical health


Photo (c) BernardaSv - Getty ImagesWhile many consumers think of changing their diet or exercise habits in an effort to promote better heart health, a new study is exploring how a persons attitude plays a bigger role in health outcomes than they might realize.

According to researchers from the European Society of Cardiology, having a hostile attitude could make recovering from a heart attack more complicated. Their study revealed that a good attitude is key for heart attack patients because being more irritable could increase the risk of death in the event of a second heart attack.

Hostility is a personality trait that includes being sarcastic, cynical, resentful, impatient, or irritable, said researcher Dr. Tracey Vitori. Its not just a one-off occurrence but characterises how a person interacts with people. We know that taking control of lifestyle habits improves the outlook for heart attack patients and our study suggests that improving hostile behaviours could also be a positive move.

To understand how hostility could affect future health outcomes, the researchers assessed over 2,300 heart attack patients attitudes and behaviors over the course of two years. Ultimately, they found that having a more hostile attitude was associated with poorer health outcomes.

The researchers explained that hostility wasnt necessarily an indicator of future health concerns, as nearly 60 percent of the participants were categorized as having hostile attitudes. However, over the long-term, being angry and aggressive appeared to increase the likelihood that patients wouldnt survive a subsequent heart attack.

There is much cardiac patients can do to take control of their own health, said Dr. Vitori. From a physical side -- smoking cessation, increase physical activity, and eat a balanced diet. Our study also indicates that managing hostile behaviours could be important.

Several recent studies have explored the ways mental health can have an effect on heart health -- especially for young people. Because of this, the researchers hope that these findings inspire further research that can help medical professionals better understand why hostility is such an important component in heart attack recovery.

Hostility has been linked with cardiovascular disease since the 1950s, but we still dont fully understand why, Dr. Vitori said. Our study shows that hostility is a common trait in heart attack survivors and is associated with poor outcomes. More research is needed on how this characteristic affects the body.

Kristen Dalli is a New York native and recent graduate of Marist College. She has worked as a writer and editor for several different companies and publications, including Thought Catalog, The Oddysey, Thomas Greco Publishing, and several travel blogs.

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Heart attack patients with hostile attitudes have poorer health outcomes, study finds

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Heart attack patients with hostile attitudes have poorer health outcomes, study finds - ConsumerAffairs

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Staying ready amid COVID-19 – Galion Inquirer

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MANSFIELD Worldwide, life as we know it has vastly changed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, causing us to adapt and change how we operate in our everyday lives. For aircrew members at the 179th Airlift Wing, adaptability has been key in continuing training to ensure mission readiness while following the necessary safety precautions and protocols during combat survival training.

Master Sgt. William Hamilton, lead trainer for continuation training in the aircrew flight equipment shop at the 179th AW, recently conducted combat survival training for aircrew personnel and said it was a perfect example of the adaptability the National Guard exemplifies.

The training consisted of a cradle to grave experience for anything the aircrew might encounter during a combat evasion situation in hostile territory, Hamilton said.

During the training, the aircrew personnel perfected their skills in preparing for evasion, concealment, land navigation, evasive movement techniques, sustenance and water procurement, shelter building, formation evasion maneuvers, fire craft class and many more skills needed in an evasion situation.

One of the key points Hamilton said he hopes that personnel gain from the training is confidence.

Keeping a positive mental attitude in a combat evasion situation is key, and conducting this type of training fosters confidence, which will contribute to maintaining a positive mental attitude no matter what the aircrew personnel are faced with, he said. This years training had to be altered to ensure the safety of the aircrew personnel due to the risks related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We had to change up the classroom setting, we had a smaller group than usual and had fewer group activities, Hamilton said. This time the training was more individually based, and we made sure to maintain our distance and wear proper personal protective equipment if that distance was unable to be met.

For Hamilton, although the circumstances the world is facing right now are unlike anything anyone has experienced in their lifetime, he believes the National Guard has done an amazing job at adapting.

The r in Guard stands for resilience, Hamilton quipped. I have been doing this for 18 years, and each year we are doing something different. Whether its regulations being changed or adapting to socially distancing, we have always been great at adapting and overcoming whatever comes our way. This is just another example of the great resiliency the Guard has.

Adaptability key to 179th Airlift Wings continued training


Read this article:
Staying ready amid COVID-19 - Galion Inquirer

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Tia Blanco the Champion Surfer is Launching her Vegan Beauty Line – The Beet

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"I am a Goddess," and "I am Gleaming" and "I am Beautiful"... repeat these daily as you slather on your moisturizer or face wash or vitamin C serum created by champion surfer Tia Blanco and her sister Aja, each item in their new vegan beauty line named with an affirmation, to remind you and me and all women tofeel beautiful, confident and self-assured.

The sisters, Tia, 23, and Aja Blanco, 27, launched the first fewproducts of their natural, vegan, and cruelty-free skincare line, Dear Self two years ago, a passion project thatthey are now expanding to include every possible skincare productyou might need for beautiful skinincluding moisturizers to vitamin C serum, and makeup removerand eachoneis made from chemical-free, all-natural ingredients, assembled in the USA. All the packagingfor Dear Self will be earth-friendly as well, from the biodegradable boxesto the recyclable glass jars that allow you to be your most beautiful without filling the world's oceans with more discarded plastic.

Tia first won fame as atalented surfer on the International Women's Circuit, then expanded her following on Instagram as a dedicated vegan, since age 16. She gave up meat and dairy afterwatching Glass Walls, the short documentary narrated by Sir Paul McCartney.Tia won first place five years ago at the InternationalSurfingAssociation (ISA) Open Women's WorldSurfingChampionship in Popoyo, Nicaragua, then successfully defended the title bywinninggold again atPlaya Jac, Costa Rica. This year the competitive surf season was cut short by the pandemic but Tia is about to unveil a new project, a surf show on a major TV network, but the details are too secret to talk about yet.

Tia and Aja will be launching Dear Self as a full line (rather than just a few products) later this year and the sisters are eager to share their approach and inspiration, and how hard the journey has been. So much of it has to do with confidence and helping other women build themselves up. It's surprising to hear of a world-class athlete talk about how she has to self-script and envision success before every major surf competition. Yet it's also reassuring which is the point of Dear Self: We all need a little reminding, and boosting, in the mirror each day.

Here, Tia and Aja sat down with The Beet to talk about what inspired them and the journey from athlete (Tia) and software engineer (Aja), to entrepreneurs.

Tia: There have been a lot of ups and downs, and it's been quite a rollercoaster, but we are so passionate about beauty and the skincare and beauty industry. We had to learn about the beauty and skincare industry as we went. We had to start from square one, since we had no real mentor for learning, like learning about the FDA regulations and all of that.

Tia: Surfing is my number one priority. I train and surf every single day, but my sister and I have always wanted to launch a skincare linecentered aroundself-love. We are pretty busy with our careers, Aja is a software engineer, but one day we let go of all the excuses holding us back, and it was just time for us to go for it.

Aja: We are really working on creating a complete skincare line. We don't have a face wash available for our customers, yet. Tia and I both have super sensitive skin types, so we are working on one that works for both of us. We found a vegan collagen serum, an eye serum and moisturizer that we love. The moisturizer, "I am Gleaming" is a fan favorite. And we will also be introducing bath bombs that we are really excited about.

Tia: We are starting with e-commerce plus a few smaller boutiques and spas but we are also working on getting into major retail stores like Sephora, Ulta and Whole Foods.We've approved the samples, so as soon as the line is complete with our manufacturer, in the US, specifically California, which we are really excited about.

Aja: As a software engineer I am working on our website. So we're getting close.

Tia: There are a lot of layers that go with your self, and the motives behind the brand, but one of them being a natural skincare line. Being in the water all the time since I was basically three years old has shown me how the sun can damage your skin, and ever since I can remember I have been interested in skincare, and I could go to Whole Foods and spend hours in their beauty aisle, and geek out on it.

Aja: Since I have sensitive skin I have tried everything out there.We both have sensitive skin and our customers say they also have sensitive skin. I have more of a combination skin type and Tia has dry skin. but we both get reactions from fragrances and products

The Beet: So you decided to make it vegan, natural and do no animal testing?

Tia: You'd be surprised how many lines appear to be natural but still test on animals. A lot of companies sell their products in China and they require testing on animals there, so we want to be vegan and cruelty-free which is what sets Dear Self apart. The vegan collagen is made in a lab and it has no animal collagen.

Another motive behind our skincare is we do our best to be as eco-friendly as possible. The mailer boxes are made out of recycled material and arebiodegradable. The skincare bottles are made out of glass instead of plastic, but shipping glass can be scary so we found plastic-free bubble wrap that looks like beehives.

Tia: Self-love and self-care are both essential to women. The whole idea behind it is that our skincare routine every day is supposed to be a time you dedicate to yourself and self-love. Aja and I found that we can be critical and critique yourself whether its acne, wrinkles or whateverwesee in the mirror, so we wanted to make a line that encourages people to see themselves in a new light

Aja: The names are: I am beautiful, I am glowing, I am a goddess and we encourage our clients to feel that affirmation and feel inner beauty and self beauty.

Our mission is toencourage our customers to practice self-love and we wanted to redirect their thinking patterns when they look in the mirror and that's how we came up with affirmations.Social media can make us doubt ourselves.

Tia: I've been competing for a long time since I was 13 years old and there are so many ups and downs that come with competitive surfing. I can't tell you how many times I've gone home to my family and said 'I want to quit. I'm over this.' Luckily I have such a supportive family who lifts me up.

When I look back I realize how much your outlook and mental attitude lifts you up and allows you to succeed, I tap into myself and tap into that mindset. You have to back yourself and have a positive mental attitude you can do it.

Your attitude makes a difference. That's true in skincare or at work or in school.

I have a sports psychologist I work with before my events. We do a lot of visualization for everything that is going to happen during my day. putting on my jersey attaching my leash and sitting out on my first wave, visualizing success.

It's a big problem. Miley Cyrus.

Tia: Initially, I went vegan when I was 16 years old after I saw Glass Walls. I remember baling my eyes out that night and feeling helpless, frustrated at the world and thinking I couldn't save every animal in those slaughterhouses. I watched Forks of Knives and Earthlings and I initially went vegan because of the animals. For me, it's about the animals, and its a lifestyle, not a diet.

Once I made the connection that the food on my plate didn't come from a happy farm or a happy cow I made the switch. Both our parents raised us vegetarian and my mom was raised in Philipines and she was vegetarian and we have never had red meat in our entire lives. But first I had to make sure I could be an athlete on this diet.

Aja: I went vegan seven years ago and I did it for health reasons. I had asthma, and I don't have it anymore. So it worked.

Tia: Our full season for the year has been called off but I have a TV show that is launching highlights my competitive career. I was able to compete and I could forget about life in quarantine. filmed already. Waiting on a premiere date. It's a networkshow, coming soon. But I can't talk about it. It's so gnarley. But I can'tsay anything about it yet. But I'll let you know when I can!

Until then, repeat every morning in the mirror: I am a Goddess. Because you are one.

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Maisie Williams talks Success and her role in this Empowered Generation – Prestige Online

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My career came to fruition through persistence. I love to perform more than anything in the world. At every opportunity to be seen by a new audience or to meet new people who were linked to the industry, I made sure I was there even from the age of eight.

Williams hopes to take her career to the next level with directing and producing (Photography: Craig McDean/Cartier)

As a young woman in the film industry, what challenges have you faced and how did you overcome them?

The biggest challenge I faced as a young woman in the film industry would be my body image. Theres immense pressure on young women to look a particular way. We need to be striking but in a soft, appealing way. To be curvy but with a slim waist and skinny arms. At a certain level the decisions stop focusing around talent and they purely come down to aesthetics.

What does time mean to you?

I used to feel like I was running out of time, but that was because I used to fill my time with pointless things. Now I see time as being precious and I dont want to waste it.

Whats more challenging, being an actress or an entrepreneur?

Being an entrepreneur is pretty stressful. Business brings out the worst in people and having to compete with personalities like that is draining.

Whats your message to young women like yourself?

Never let the people who dont care for the real you distract you from loving who you are. Dont waste time being anyone other than yourself.

Whos your favourite actor from the 80s?

Linda Hamilton or Sigourney Weaver.

What was your reaction when Cartier approached you?

I was extremely flattered. Its such an honour to be approached by a brand as famous asCartier.

Princess Diana and her athleisure.

My phone represents chaos every five seconds its a notification or an email or a text. My watch literally gives me more time in my day, its magic.

Its a subtle reminder of how far Ive come without being flashy or insensitive.

The distinct design of the Pasha watch challenges the predominance of round shapes in watchmaking and amplifies its presence, originality and singularity. How do you relate with the watch and the spirit of Pasha de Cartier?

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Maisie Williams talks Success and her role in this Empowered Generation - Prestige Online

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TV star Aidy Smith wrote to Santa asking to be ‘normal’ as he battled Tourette symdrome – Mirror Online

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TV presenter Aidy Smith explains how his vocal and physical tics have helped rather than hindered him.

It was Christmas eve and I was eight years old. As I finished my letter for Santa, my wish wasnt for presents. The envelope contained a note of desperation from a little boy who didnt understand what hed done to deserve being like this.

Please dont give me presents, Santa. All I need is to be normal.

Three weeks earlier, I had been on the train when a burst of anger exploded across the carriage. Will someone shut that child up!

My mother began to scribble a note to explain I wasnt being difficult and that the little noises I made were tics caused by a neurological condition that resulted in involuntary movements and vocalisation Tourette syndrome.

The man raged down the carriage with the paper in his hand: Is this meant to embarrass me? My daughter is a psychiatrist and knows all about these problems!

Problems, I remember thinking. Thats all I was, a problem. When youre eight and the root of so much embarrassment, anger and hurt your family are made to go through on a daily basis, life isnt very happy.

Little did I know back then that my Tourettes isnt a weakness. Now, aged 29, as a drinks journalist and presenter of an award-winning series, The Three Drinkers, I realise its my superpower. Because when I focus on my passions, tics all but vanish. Watching me, youd have no idea I even had Tourettes.

Most peoples first interaction with TS was likely someone shouting a profanity on a comedy sketch or video. This is called coprolalia, but affects only around 6% of those with Tourettes. For the rest, they take the form of any movement or sound. Mine, which began at seven, took the form of a cough, loud whooping and neck jerk.

From then until 13, school was tough. Name calling was frequent.

I have memories of getting to school early and hiding in the canteen until lessons began. A group of sixth-form students noticed my tics and took me under their wing. That act of kindness has never left me.

While some teachers were amazing and went out of their way to research my condition, others were oblivious and there were occasions where I was made to be a complete laughing stock.

Aged 12, a substitute teacher shouted mid-class: What is wrong with you, boy? Once shed been filled in by staff, she pulled me up midway through the next lesson. Why didnt you tell me you had something wrong with you? Youve embarrassed me in front of everyone, she scathed.

The humiliation of these situations was unbearable. I wanted to disappear.

I remember my neighbours hosting a birthday party for their child. After an hour I was told it was an adults-only event and asked to leave.

I spent the rest of the day by my bedroom window listening to kids having fun playing on the bouncy castle.

Not enough understanding has led to those with TS hiding away due to the fear of being judged in public.

So at 13, on my first day of senior school, I asked the headmaster to announce in assembly, to more than 800 kids and staff, that I had Tourette syndrome and explain it. This was going to go one of two ways dramatically worse or significantly better.

Thank god I made this decision, because it was the second. But as I listened to my teacher that day, what I didnt realise was that he wasnt telling them about my problem, he was telling them about my superpower.

It wasnt until I turned 15 that I began to understand that when I channelled my energy into what I loved theatre studies, DJing online and acting my tics slowed and, in some cases, disappeared. And this allowed me to excel.

I began teaching myself cognitive behavioural therapies. Meditation, sensory stimulation and a positive mental attitude allowed me to begin to control my urges and rechannel my energy into what I loved.

By 18, Id got accepted into Lancaster University where I began learning how to disguise my tics. Now I present my own series on Amazon Prime, write a drinks column and travel the world to host events.

My tics have changed over time (my cycles last around eight months) and are at their worst when I am emotional, stressed or unwell. I frequently get migraines, muscle pains and insomnia.

Dating is another hurdle theres always a fear youll drive people away given your oddities; at what point do you tell someone you have TS? Im still figuring this part out.

But am I happy? Yes. Extremely. I have daily struggles, but having found my superpower I can now say Im one of the only TV presenters in the world with Tourettes and Im confident that I wont be the last.

For those with TS, I want to say, your life is not destined for failure. Once you find your passion, you will soar.

For the parents who are scared for their childs future don't be. Dont shield them from reality, we need to experience those funny looks to get ready for the world. Help us find our superpower and watch us flourish.

And for everyone else who sees people like us twitch or make a noise as we go about our day, dont stare. Simply smile, acknowledge it and continue on.

The Three Drinkers airs on Amazon Prime. Follow Aidy on Instagram or Twitter @Sypped

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TV star Aidy Smith wrote to Santa asking to be 'normal' as he battled Tourette symdrome - Mirror Online

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