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UFC Vegas 2: Jessica Eye doesnt bother listening to the haters – FanSided

Posted: June 12, 2020 at 1:48 am

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Jessica Eye (Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images)

Jessica Eye does not bother listening to the haters ahead ofUFC Vegas 2.

Jessica Eye has bigger things to worry about when it comes to her UFCVegas 2 headling fight with Cynthia Calvillo and its not what the fans (or haters) are saying on social media.

I dont really care, Eye told FanSided when the fan complaints about the depth of this fight night were brought up. I cant say for everyone else but I really dont pay attention to what other people say and anytime I do, I fail miserably. Anytime I make decisions based upon others, anytime I care what other people think it takes me to a really bad place. I just dont function that way anymore maybe time has changed me but all I know is that last week was a great main event and that was a female main event. This week is another female main event and Im gonna make sure I put all 10 toes on the ground and really give people a great event. All I could do is rise to my occasion, and worry less about what other people think.

Strong mental attitude is a must for any fighter, but especially so for women who arguably have more to contend with in terms of the fight game. An Eye is not immune to those difficulties. Her last outing, a match withViviane Araujo in December, saw her miss weight due in part to her menstrual cycle.

It was a bad water load and was a menstrual cycle, says of the mishap. So, it really sucks that it happened that way but its definitely something that I focused on over the past couple months on tracking and on understanding the female body as well as eating the foods that help the female body. Ive worked really closely with the [UFC Performance institute] as well as Savannah Ige, Dan Iges wife. She really came through and helped me a lot.

The issue is one that many female fighters have spoken about and one that Eye wishes the fans and fellow fighters would take into account before dragging a fighter for missing weight. Following her win Eye spoke about the issues and many fans claimed she was lying or stretching the truth to excuse the weight miss.

Why should I care what anybody else thinks its the truth? she said. Regardless of what somebody else says how can you persuade my mindset or hurt me? It was the truth. I cant fix it. I couldnt control it. It was the truth so why should I. Why should I care what people dont want to understand and dont want to believe in. I hope all those people have daughters wives, sisters. I hope they get a chance to really see it and see how it works. Unfortunately, its a part of being a female, you know, and its a part of our life.

I wish they were a little bit more understanding of us and a wish just a wish. It doesnt mean that I have to sit there and everyday go I wish men understood me more. I can only do my part and, unfortunately, it was something that I struggled with in front of everybody. And so be it. Its a part of life.

With that moment in her past, Eye has justCalvillo to focus on, and an outcome for her fight in mind.

I really want to finish, Eye said. I really, really, really, really want to finish. But its hard to say how itll go because I never know what Im going in to. Im expecting the best Cynthia possible so Im assuming shes going to try to wrestle me so if she tries to wrestle me down and does get me down, Im going to submit her. If we stay standing, Im going to release that right hand with venom. So, wherever the fight goes, Im prepared. Im ready.

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UFC Vegas 2: Jessica Eye doesnt bother listening to the haters - FanSided

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June 12th, 2020 at 1:48 am

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Four mental challenges for golfs return and how to conquer them –

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The game is on! The PGA TOUR is starting back this week with the Charles Schwab Challenge at Colonial. While everyone is excited to get the sticks out and compete, there is still apprehension in the air. The mental obstacles are real and must be dealt with in an effective way for the players to feel comfortable when play returns.

Given that many courses have been closed throughout the country as a result of the lockdown, these mental obstacles that will affect the TOUR players are very similar to those mental difficulties for amateurs when they begin to hit the links again this summer. The following are four key mental obstacles and their fixes to help both the TOUR pros and the amateurs.

This risk of getting sick is real for anyone who ventures outside the home. This risk not only creates a fear for the TOUR player about getting sick, but also there is the fear of getting their family sick as a result of any exposure. This fear can reduce a players focus as well as increase his anxiety, which can lead to poor play.

The Fix: Focus on the controllables

We reduce our fears when we focus on factors within our control. The TOUR player must focus on what he can control such as social distancing as well as limit interaction with others players and staff. He should also have a plan on how he will respond to a variety of situations that may occur when play returns. He cannot focus on factors outside his control such as the behavior of other players. When you focus on what you can control and let go of what you cannot, then you gain power over your fears.

Focusing on the controllables can also help the golf game of the pro as well as the amateur. Jack Nicklaus has stated that the only thing a player can control is his own game and further adds that being concerned about factors outside their control is not only a distraction but a waste of energy. Once the ball leaves your club, you must not worry about getting a bad break or bounce. The only thing you can control is making a good swing as well as having a good attitude and this will give you peace of mind on the course.

Ben Hogan once stated that he expected to hit at least five poorly struck shots a round. Hogan did not believe he would hit a perfect shot every time, although he wanted that as his goal. He kept his expectations realistic and this helped his mental game immensely. In the first few tournaments, TOUR players will most likely be rusty with their competitive play as well as in their mental precision. In turn, this can contribute to a few unwanted scores.

The Fix: Focus on improvement

Having realistic expectations about your game can lower stress levels while unrealistic expectations will only produce higher levels of anxiety, which in turn can lead to poor play. However, when a TOUR player focuses upon improvement and commits to working on those problems that have crept into his game during the break, then his attitude will be less soured when scores are not ideal.

This same principle goes for the amateur golfer. While playing for an ideal score makes golf fun (e.g., breaking 90), believing you will shoot great scores immediately following the re-opening of your golf course will create frustration and anger. Lighten up a bit on your score expectations and this will keep the joy in the game.

Currently, the first few PGA TOUR events will be without fans, as the TOUR provides a safe environment for all those on-site. Most pros will tell you that they gain great energy from the adulation of the fans, and as a result, they focus and play better. But without fans, how will TOUR players find that essential energy?

The Fix: Boost your juices

Boosting your energy (also known as your intensity level) to play better golf will be same for TOUR players as well as amateurs. The secret to this process is that everyone is unique in that you must find images and buzzwords that help you to get pumped up. Perhaps you can use the buzzwords Find the fire or I am bringing my A game to find that buzz you need. For an image that boosts your intensity level, the pro may want to visualize that the fans are still surrounding the fairways and greens. The secret is to figure out what works for you to get the juices back to enhance that spark.

TOUR players as well as the fans are concerned and very frustrated about the postponement of tournament play. While the cancellation of these events was necessary, this unique time in our lives can create essential life lessons for everyone -- if you choose to look at this situation with a positive mindset.

The Fix: An attitude of gratitude

This tragic moment can help us develop a better attitude about golf as well as about our daily lives. One switch in our mindset should be to have an attitude of gratitude. This has greatly helped Bubba Watson, who for many years, has stated that he has adopted an attitude of gratitude in which he counts his blessing every day. He appreciates how fortunate he is to be playing golf for a living.

Such an attitude can help both the professional and amateur alike. When you are thankful that you can now play golf for a living or just for fun, you are less angered when you miss a 3-footer. A grateful life puts you in a good mood and will contribute to your cool under pressure. But such advice is timeless as the great Walter Hagen once said, Youre only here for a short visit, so dont hurry, dont worry and be sure to stop and smell the flowers along the away.

But do more than just have an attitude of gratitude on the course. I guarantee it will work wonders in all areas of your life.

Dr. Gregg Steinberg is a professor of human performance at Austin Peay State University, near Nashville TN. Golf Digest ranked him as one of worlds greatest sports psychologist. Dr. Steinberg has been the mental coach for many PGA TOUR players as well as collegiate golf teams. He is the executive director of the International Golf Psychology Association (IGPA). For more information, please visit

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Four mental challenges for golfs return and how to conquer them -

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The Grandmother I Always Wanted: Old Age Is A Gift – Coronado Eagle and Journal

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When I look at pictures of my grandmothers, I label them as old; they were always old. Now I realize that some of the pictures were taken when they were only 50. Only 50, now that fifty sounds young. When I retired, I thought about sixty-five being old, but since I was still active and productive, I quickly dismissed the idea. I adopted 60s are the new 50s, and I approached life as if I were still young.

I can no longer dismiss my age. When my 79th birthday passed, I realized eighty was only one year away. While even I felt 70 sounded old, 80 conjures up pictures of walkers and wheelchairs, loose teeth and soft food, although I have dear friends in their 80s who are role models for me with their active lives. I have a year to adjust to being old and to welcoming the gift of old age.

A gift is free and should have no strings attached. When we wake each morning, we have the day ahead to greet it with a smile or be an Eeyore who answers a greeting with If it is a good morning, which I doubt. As we seniors venture forth each day, we have limitations of abilities, income, and environment like everyone else. We are more blessed than some and worse off than others, but our attitude toward life colors how we react to circumstances and, in truth, what we get out of each day.

Good health plays an unquestionable role in accepting our gift of old age with grace and feeling younger than the numbers. Good genes help but, also, heathy habits. People smoked, and still do, long after the warnings of its danger. A glass of wine with dinner or genuine social drinking may not be harmful, but alcoholism contributes to early problems. Exercise and nutritious food are necessary to keep the bodys engines running, but some treats and lazy times are more than acceptable. I have been known to remark that at 80 I would eat ice cream for breakfast, perhaps topped with fruit to ease the conscience, and I might.

More important than excellent health, however, might be mental attitude. Why live to be 80 if each day has only gloomy clouds? We make our own sunshine, or we experience rain that muddies our minutes. During the shut-down COVID-19 period, my close friends are ones who mirror the positive attitude, even when their health issues loom or when disappointments mount with no pleasant solution available or when family members face difficult times. They are always looking to make life happier for others by sending cards of cheer each week, sharing books or sweet kitchen treats, or calling to phone visit.

Teenagers and young adults tend to focus only on the present, never thinking about the creation of bad habits and the eventual results. Our actions and choices have consequences that may never be reversible. How to impress the importance of being mature on young adults, when they are not quite ready for it, is a dilemma parents and we grandparents face. Being a role model is number one, but what else would be beneficial? Words often fall on deaf ears taking root only after tragic mistakes have occurred. Gifting motivational books might appeal to a few but lie dormant on end tables too often.

As our grandchildren age, they will realize that doors sometimes shut to allow a better door to open, that difficult times often are temporary and usually help build our strong fortitude to face other problems. My 79 years have been dotted with disappointments, uncertainty, heartache, but always a mixture of joy and eventual contentment triumph.

A recent televised sermon focused on Why Am I Here? As senior citizens, maybe we should simply ask, Why do I have this day? What purpose does my life have for the next twelve hours? Maybe it is to revel in the goodness around us, to enjoy our blessings. Maybe it is to be a conduit of good for someone else. Maybe it is to embrace selflessness and step out of our comfort zone. Much can be done in 12 hours, even when we move at a slower pace.

As we age and our stamina wanes, being a quiet support by verbally reinforcing our forever love is about all some of us have to offer our grandchildren. Love and prayers that they will come through their hard times with new strength to build a successful, happy life and make wise decisions may be enough. Each day of our senior years provides an opportunity to meet it with a smile and a determination to not let our age interfere with our enjoyment of the moment and to find purpose in why we have been given the gift of old age.

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The Grandmother I Always Wanted: Old Age Is A Gift - Coronado Eagle and Journal

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June 12th, 2020 at 1:48 am

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Marilyn Strickland Statement on the Justice in Policing Act – The Suburban Times

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Submitted by Strickland for Washington.

Marilyn Strickland, former Mayor of Tacoma and current candidate for Congress in Washingtons 10th district, today expressed her support for the Justice in Policing Act which was introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives by Democratic Congressional leadership in partnership with the Congressional Black Caucus. The new legislation mandates racial bias training for police officers, reforms the qualified immunity doctrine, and bans use of the chokehold, among other necessary steps towards reforming our nations police systems.

Todays legislation is the result of decades of work by the Congressional Black Caucus and the House and Senate Judiciary Committees to provide our nations policing units with both the support and accountability they need to serve, protect and respect all of Americas communities, regardless of race or ethnicity.

Just over a week ago, I stood with pastors, local leaders and hundreds of South Sound residents to honor George Floyds life and ask ourselves if justice and accountability would finally prevail.

The tragic deaths of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and Manny Ellis have reinforced that todays legislation is long past due. While no bill will solve the problem on its own, the Justice in Policing Act is an important step toward national reform of our police justice system. We also know the justice system is more than policing and includes prosecutors and judges.

But we cant stop there. Congress must also focus attention on the other institutions of systemic inequity including healthcare, housing, banking and education to end discriminatory practices and increase transparency to better serve all of us.

As an African-American and Korean-American woman running for Congress, I am committed to giving voice to all members of our community. If elected, I will work with my colleagues from communities across the country to ensure that our nations institutions are working for not against the diversity that makes our nation strong.

Here is the original post:
Marilyn Strickland Statement on the Justice in Policing Act - The Suburban Times

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June 12th, 2020 at 1:48 am

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Creative Bedford couple launch mindfulness business inspired by challenges of lockdown – Milton Keynes Citizen

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An entrepreneurial couple from Bedford have launched a new mindfulness business inspired by the challenges faced by their three daughters during the coronavirus pandemic.

Hayley Simpson and Simon Baghomian, of Harrold, created the innovative product - dubbed the little can of can-do - to provide positivity prompts and mindfulness exercises aimed at children aged over eight, to help build a positive mindset and can-do attitude.

A fun and simple tool that allows children to explore mindfulness, living in the moment and creating a sense of calm, the product was created by the husband and wife team, who were driven to create something to help kids take a time-out of their stressful lives and re-set for a moment.

Hayley and Simon with their daughters Amelie, Eva and Ella

The Bedford-based duo have already sold more than 800 cans since lockdown began in March, with sales spanning the whole of the UK from St Ives, to Aberdeen and Belfast.

The unique product has since received the backing of mental health charity YiS (Youth mental Health services), with a portion of the profits raised from sales going towards supporting the Milton Keynes-based charity.

Hayley, business owner and co-creator, said: "As parents to three girls, two of whom are teenagers, we have become acutely aware of the stresses and distractions that kids face these days.

"The constant buzzing of their tablet or phone, the impossible expectations created by social media, the never-ending slog of school and homework, the complications of friendship groups and kids... the list is endless and can take the shine away from the brightest child.

We created our little can of can-do to give daily doses of affirmation and mindfulness exercises, this has become particularly prevalent with the current situation and kids' anxiety levels high with lockdown and the threat of a pandemic."

While they had seen various journals and tools in the marketplace, from their own experience, they knew that not every child will commit to writing something out daily so we wanted to create something quick and fun for kids to engage with, something simple and colourful but that still included important messages about confidence and gratitude.

Hayley added: "Our kids have been involved at every stage of the process and have tried out many of the exercises to see which works best for them.

"We have also partnered with a mental health charity YiS (Young Peoples Mental Heath services) who have endorsed the product, and this has also allowed us 'give back' with money from each can going to help them help kids with mental health problems."

Antonietta, Education and Training Lead at the charity, said: Our charity YiS, supports young people's mental health throughout Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire through counselling,

education and training; so when Hayley and Simon contacted us about the Little Can of Can-Do, we were delighted to get involved with such a great well-being product for children and young adults.

Messages of mindfulness and positivity can make a real difference to children and teenagers who might need that extra affirmation in their lives, and the cards are great tools to start discussions on mental health and feelings which in turn helps nurture self-belief in childhood which will stay with hem through their life."

Retailing at 15.99 the little can of can-do contains a month's worth of cards (28 in total) with prompts and exercises to encourage gratitude, confidence and positivity.

The cards have colourful and fun pictures to catch the eye one side and a prompt or activity on the other, encouraging kids to stop and appreciate the moment, look at the world more creatively and learn to love themselves.

After 28 days children can save their favourites and stick on the wall and use the colourful can for something else such a pencil holder or makeup brush container!

The Little Company of Can-Do has also created a second can called a Little Can of Can-do Social Media which contains 28 prompts and tips for kids and teens regarding staying safe and happy on social media.

It's aimed at children from teen years upwards and gives quick and easy advice on how to navigate the tricky waters of social media in a positive manner.

Due to customer demand they are also launching, this week, an adult can of mindfulness called the Little Can of Calm.

The materials for the cans and cards have been thoughtfully sourced, all recycled cardboard is sourced in the UK or EU, lowering the distance needed to process it, and helping minimise local emissions.

See the article here:
Creative Bedford couple launch mindfulness business inspired by challenges of lockdown - Milton Keynes Citizen

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Brutality in prison can’t be ignored — Christa Fisher –

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The police violence we are protesting is not limited to the streets.

In these challenging times, our local businesses need your support. Find out how to get food, goods, services and more from those remaining open.

Millions of men, women and children locked in jails and prisons are subjected to this same violence. Hidden behind cement and steel fortresses, there are no bystanders to video their frequent, unjust and cruel treatment. Due to the deeply rooted rule of deputy discretion, there is rarely accountability.

Our incarcerated brothers and sisters file complaints, but their testimony as criminals and convicts is denied credibility, while the judgment of uniformed perpetrators is unquestioned. The irresponsible grievance system ensures the complaints are filed in the trash.

Having served as a chaplain in a jail, I have been a witnesses to the dominance against the incarcerated, many of whom are poor, black and brown. Daily rights are revoked due to a look or tone. Confinement in a solitary cell can be punishment for a bad attitude. Limbs and digits might be broken during a mental health crises. Medical care has been withheld. All of this happens atop the normalized violence and oppression inherent to institutions that lock people in cages.

While protesting, remember our brothers and sisters in jail, for they struggle to breathe too.

Christa Fisher, Milwaukee

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Brutality in prison can't be ignored -- Christa Fisher -

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June 12th, 2020 at 1:47 am

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‘If a player is well trained mentally, it doesn’t matter if there are no fans there’ – The Times

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Wednesday June 10 2020, 12.00pm, The Times

The Premier League returns a week today after a three-month hiatus, but it will not be football as we know it. For the first time, matches will be played in empty stadia, which will be an alien concept for players.

We spoke to renowned sports psychologist Martin Perry, who has worked with top footballers including Aaron Ramsey, about the mental challenge of playing behind closed doors.

How will players be affected by playing behind closed doors?

MP There are two elements: one is attitude and the other is concentration. I think attitude is not going to be as big a problem as you might imagine if a player hasnt played for eight weeks. Its a bit like coming back for the first day of the

Read the rest here:
'If a player is well trained mentally, it doesn't matter if there are no fans there' - The Times

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On how businesses and workers should seize opportunities to accelerate change – The Straits Times

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The Covid-19 pandemic will accelerate major structural changes to industries and job losses in vulnerable sectors, said Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat.

But the Government will support workers to upskill and companies to rethink their business models so that Singapore can overcome the crisis and emerge stronger.

In an interview with The Straits Times and The Business Times yesterday, Mr Heng, who is also Finance Minister, said the world is facing an unprecedented level of uncertainty, beyond what was seen during the global and Asian financial crises.

Because of the "very deep" cyclical shocks to global demand and supply, it is unclear what the shape of economic recovery will look like, he told ST associate editor Vikram Khanna, adding that it depends on how countries cope with significant and accelerated structural changes in three areas.

The first is innovation, as the pandemic forces companies to embark on telecommuting and e-commerce. It has also sparked developments in healthcare such as the development of vaccines and telemedicine, he said.

The second is globalisation. The Ricardian model of comparative advantage - where countries specialise in goods and services in which they are relatively more productive - may be less relevant in today's digital economy, he said, adding that the new pattern of globalisation will place a premium on not just efficiency and productivity, but also resilience and equity.

"You cannot have a globalisation process where big segments of the population feel that they have been left out, that their lives have not become better. And the politics that you're seeing in many of the advanced economies is a warning to all of us on how those changes are going to fracture society and fracture support for better specialisation of labour globally," he said.

The third major change is the future of work. With artificial intelligence and robots able to crunch algorithms and take over jobs done by humans, both high-touch services - such as retail store assistants - as well as managerial and professional jobs will be greatly impacted, Mr Heng said.

"We are going to see a significant reconfiguration of the labour market globally, the rise of the gig economy and freelancers - and this will cause significant stresses in many societies."

Mr Heng had said last month that the Government expects 100,000 jobs to be lost this year due to Covid-19.

Countries that prepare their people for change will be better positioned to seize new opportunities, he said. "There are some business models that will be broken. So if we don't pivot quickly to new growth areas, many businesses will be in trouble."


I'm looking with great interest to see how this opening up in some countries in Europe will change the shift of the pandemic. I am hoping that it goes well because it is a very bold experiment. In Europe, the summer holiday is sacred. So, the pressure to open up has been very significant. And we'll see - if it goes well, I think we'll have hope that global aviation and tourism can recover more quickly.


This is why the four Budgets to date focus not just on saving jobs, but also traineeships and skills upgrading, he added.

Under the Fortitude Budget announced on May 26, the Government will set aside about $2 billion under the SGUnited Jobs and Skills Package, which will create 40,000 jobs, 25,000 traineeships and 30,000 training opportunities - about 100,000 positions in total.

Mr Heng said that while change is difficult, Singapore had a head start with its industry transformation in 2016.

"When we started, there were some businesses who were in denial and said, 'Why do we change, what is this big thing that you are seeing?' But I'm glad that more and more are coming on board. During my last meeting with the Singapore Business Federation and Future Economy Council members, it was most encouraging to hear how business leaders are leading the charge for change."

Industry transformation maps (ITMs), which aim to raise productivity and develop skills, drive innovation and promote internationalisation, were launched across 23 sectors and six industry clusters from 2016.

The Future Economy Council, which includes representatives from the Government, unions, trade associations and industry, oversees the implementation of the ITMs, among other things.

Mr Heng stressed that business leaders play an important role in lifelong learning.

"It is no longer just about that buzzword, it has to be embraced deeply by everyone. And I want to make an appeal to the leaders in our companies. As leaders, they play the most critical role in any big change.

"The only way people can learn something and put it to good use is when this is aligned with the company's transformation - so that both workers and businesses see that they are aligned in the same direction, and achieving that synergy."

Could this crisis have a silver lining for Singapore - by accelerating transformation that was happening a bit too slowly?

"That has to be our mental attitude. When something hits us, we should not just sit and moan and groan," Mr Heng said.

"Rather, we should spring up and say: This is now a time for us to accelerate change. This is a time for us to spring up and embrace the change which can serve both the immediate needs of tackling Covid-19, and our longer-term needs."

Read more from the original source:
On how businesses and workers should seize opportunities to accelerate change - The Straits Times

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Patrick Roberts & 3 other Middlesbrough players who will be vital in relegation run-in – Teesside Live

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Boro need to wrap Patrick Roberts in cotton wool ahead of their battle to stay in the Championship.

The highly talented Manchester City loanee has a massive role to play in Boros bid to guarantee their ongoing place in this division.

Roberts took little time to settle on his arrival on Teesside and was soon oozing quality and making things happen.

His ability to run with the ball and his close control inside the box will be a key factor in Boros ability to score goals in the final nine games.

All the more reason why Boro need to tread carefully with Roberts away from competitive action, because they will need him on the pitch as much as possible.

But then this applies to the bulk of the clubs attack-minded players.

Jonathan Woodgate has displayed a positive approach to his team plans from day one and will relish the opportunity to have his most creative players on the pitch at the same time.

The three men who lined up behind Rudy Gestede in the last match against Charlton at The Valley will also be vital to the cause.

Woodgate operated with Marcus Tavernier, Lewis Wing and Hayden Coulson behind Gestede. All three have a natural instinct to push forward and create opportunities in the final third of the pitch.

The trio may be relatively young in football terms, but they appear to play without any nerves. This will also prove to be an important factor in the nine-match mini season.

Once the Championship games get under-way again, the current fun football on the training pitch will quickly disappear for those teams near the foot of the table.

The reality of the dog-eat-dog battle for survival will hit home with a bang. Some players will struggle to cope, after having slightly switched off since mid-March.

In this respect Boro are fortunate to have such level-headed kids at their disposal.

When Woodgate pitched them in at the beginning of the season, he stressed that they played without any fear.

This has proved to be correct. It gives the Boro squad an additional ace up their sleeves.

Another crucial ingredient will be the ability of the out-of-contract players to go out and play with clear heads.

There has been a great deal written nationally about the danger of out-of-contract players being worried that they might pick up injuries in the nine games.

Naturally a serious injury picked up in these games would affect their prospects of getting a move to another decent club and at the same time put the futures of themselves and their families at risk.

On the other side of the coin, a positive approach for the out-of-contract players is likely to be more rewarding than a negative one.

These players need to be brave. They must remember that they are effectively putting themselves in the shop window over the last nine games.

Some of them could end up staying at Boro, of course, especially as there is so much uncertainty within the game away from the Premier League.

How many clubs might not have the financial muscle to continue next season, especially if the season must begin behind closed doors?

The existence of some EFL clubs is uncertain. Out-of-contract players everywhere may have to accept that all salaries on offer are going to drop away from the top flight.

The bonus for Boro is that there is a togetherness in the dressing room. There are no reported cliques. Its all for one, and one for all.

In this respect Boro will surely approach these nine games with a strong mental attitude and produce the level of effort needed to keep the club in the Championship.

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Patrick Roberts & 3 other Middlesbrough players who will be vital in relegation run-in - Teesside Live

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June 12th, 2020 at 1:47 am

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Some mentally ill patients are highly intelligent and very productive Peter Yaro – GhanaWeb

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General News of Thursday, 11 June 2020


File photo

The Executive Director of Basic Needs-Ghana, Peter Badimak Yaro, has said that not all mentally ill patients are clueless.

According to him, although there is the perception that people who are mentally unstable do not know what they are about, he indicated that some are actually very smart.

Speaking in an interview with Citi FM and monitored by GhanaWeb, he said, they behave abnormal but they are not stupid. Some of them are highly intelligent and very productive.

He explained, So we have to come to terms with the fact that not all ill-health condition makes the person become bedridden or have to lie down looking helpless. But some of them become too active or aggressive and should get the necessary help.

On the issue of treatment, he said many Ghanaians resort to spiritual institutions like Churches to solve or heal affected persons.

He advocated that it is not the right move adding that, We still live in a country where many people don't feel mental health issues should be treated in medical facilities and is rather a spiritual problem.

Peter Badimak Yaro also encouraged the public to support such individuals through maximum attention and care to help them be stabilized.

We cannot pretend to say we have erased stigma. There should be a shift in attitude and support.

Meanwhile, the Chief Executive Officer of the Mental Health Authority, Dr. Akwasi Osei has revealed that a support fund set up by the authority for the society to contribute to the wellbeing of mentally challenged people in the country has been neglected for seven years.

Mental health stigmatisation has been rampant in the African and Ghanaian context with little to no attention or investment made towards curbing the disease.

Send your news stories to and via WhatsApp on +233 55 2699 625.

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Some mentally ill patients are highly intelligent and very productive Peter Yaro - GhanaWeb

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