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How to live longer – amount of exercise you should do every day to avoid an early death – Express

Posted: July 4, 2020 at 4:50 pm

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The key to living longer could be to eat a healthy, balanced diet - including at least five portions of fruit and vegetables every day - as well as regular exercise. But you could boost your life expectancy by simply doing 15 minutes of exercise every day.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including a well-rounded diet is crucial to prolonging your lifespan.

You could also boost your lifespan by doing regular exercise. Its the miracle cure weve all been waiting for, according to the NHS.

Making some small diet or lifestyle changes could help to increase your life expectancy and avoid an early death.

One of the easiest ways to make sure you live longer is to do just 15 minutes of exercise each day.

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Short bursts of activity could add up to three years on your lifespan, a dietitian has revealed.

Fifteen minutes of exercise could provide you with some benefits.

For every extra 15 minutes of daily activity you do each day, your risk of premature death is lowered by around four percent, according to Alina Petre.

"Everyone should consider doing more than 15 minutes of exercise every day, but anything is better than not doing any activity at all," she wrote on medical website Healthline.


How to live longer: A popular beverage to boost life expectancy [LATEST]How to live longer: Including more of this food in your diet may help [DIET]How to live longer: Move to this area to increase your life expectancy [LATEST]

"Many people think that life expectancy is largely determined by genetics.

"However, genes play a much smaller role than originally believed. It turns out that environmental factors like diet and lifestyle are key.

"It should come as no surprise that staying physically active can keep you healthy and add years to your life.

"As few as 15 minutes of exercise per day may help you achieve benefits, which could include an additional three years of life."

Regular exercise is a crucial aspect to improving overall health, and helping you to live longer.

People that do regular exercise are up to 50 percent less likely to develop type 2 diabetes and some cancers, said the NHS.

It may even slash the chances of coronary heart disease and stroke by up to 35 percent.

All UK adults should aim for at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity every week.

Meanwhile, you could also lower your risk of an early death by drinking green tea, it's been claimed.

The tea has powerful antioxidants that have been claimed to increase longevity.

These antioxidants, which are known as catechins, protect against a number of medical conditions, including heart disease and diabetes.

Drinking more than four cups of green tea every day could lower your risk of death by as much as 23 percent, scientists have revealed.

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How to live longer - amount of exercise you should do every day to avoid an early death - Express

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July 4th, 2020 at 4:50 pm

The Real-Life Diet of Giants Offensive Lineman Andrew Thomas, the No. 4 Pick in This Year’s Draft – Yahoo Lifestyle

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Andrew Thomas says his roommates understand the deal: For multiple hours a day, hes going to be posted up in the dining room area of their apartment, doing Zoom calls with teammates and coaches on the New York Giants.

In April, Thomas was selected with the fourth overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, and the Giants are hoping their highly-rated rookie will anchor their offensive line for a decade or more. But Thomas, like many other recent draftees, hasnt even signed a contracta side effect of the COVID-19 pandemic that has disrupted the traditional NFL offseason schedule. For now hes working out and studying the playbook in Athens, Georgia, where he played for the Georgia Bulldogs, though hes begun checking out some spots in New Jersey that arent too far from MetLife Stadium.

Thomass schedule is largely dictated by the aforementioned Zoom calls: He plans his day around them, and gets his meals and workouts in accordingly. In his limited downtime, he says he actually doesnt obsessively play video games; his stress-reliever is the piano.

In an interview with GQ, Thomas discussed how he altered his NFL Draft preparations and training, why hes on a carb-heavy diet at the moment, and how his interest in music has helped him absorb the Giants playbook.

For Real-Life Diet, GQ talks to athletes, celebrities, and everyone in-between about their diet, exercise routines, and pursuit of wellness. Keep in mind that what works for them might not necessarily be healthy for you.

GQ: Before the NFL Draft, when the pandemic really arrived in the United States, how did your day-to-day change?

Andrew Thomas: When the pandemic happened, Pro Day and all those events were cancelled. I had about 10 visits scheduled with different teams. That was the first big differenceinstead of going to the facilities to have my workouts, I started having lots of Zoom calls. Id wake up and have two or three Zoom calls with different coaches and members of their staff. And then Id drive 50 minutes to this place called DASH Performance in Gwinnett County. It was shut down to the general public, but I had a relationship with the owner, so he let me come in there with my personal trainer to do some social distanced workouts. It was very different to not be able to come as you please; we had to come at a certain time, and avoid working out in a group. I adjusted and made it work.

Story continues

What kind of workouts were you doing in the leadup to the NFL Draft?

After the NFL Combine, my workouts switched to more football-specific stuff. Before the Combine was more speed training. But after that, it reverted more to conditioning and strength training to be in better shape. Lots of position-specific drills that work your lower body and your hips. So, squats, power cleans, any explosive movements that you do when youre making a block. And then there are some run-block drills, different techniques with different weights, working your hands, stuff like that.

What does your diet look like lately?

Im not a huge breakfast person. Usually Ill just eat something quick on the way out of the apartment. I dont like to work out with a lot of food in my stomach. After I got drafted and we started having Zoom meetings that are pretty long, I had to adjust what times I work out. Ive been planning my meals more than I used to so I can make sure Im not running on fumes.

For lunch, I like some type of Mexican food, like a burrito, nachos, something like that. Lots of carbs. Usually theres brown rice, chicken, or ground turkey. Dinner is where I really sit down and eat. Thats steak and potatoes, maybe more chicken, maybe spaghetti and meat; thats my biggest meal of the day.

Are you cooking any of that up yourself?

I cannot cook. I can do breakfast, but my girlfriend helps with cooking, and other times I go get stuff from different restaurants. If I had to cook something up, itd be some type of chicken alfredo.

Have you always been eating lots of carbs and protein?

I used to be on more of a cut diet. I wasnt really eating as many carbs because I was trying to lose weight. Now Im trying to maintain, so Im eating more carbs. I want to get a little stronger too, build some more body muscle, which is why Im eating more protein.

Whats the most important tally for you and your dietary goals? Is it calorie count? Grams of protein?

My body fluctuatessometimes Ill eat food and gain weight, other times Ill eat a lot and my body weight wont change. I dont really focus too much on how many calories Im taking in. The biggest thing is hydration. I sweat a lot, so making sure Im hydrated is definitely instrumental for training, especially in avoiding soft-tissue injuries. Thats the biggest thing Im focused on.

How many sports drinks a day are you consuming then?

This is a new thing for meI used to drink that stuff all throughout the day. But the nutritionist with the Giants explained to us that its really not that healthy to be drinking those all day, given the amount of sugar in them. A big lesson for me has been sticking to water throughout the day, and then drinking Gatorade for my training sessions.

Whats your cheat meal?

Definitely fried chicken wings from a place called American Deli. I dont know if they have those up there in the North like that, but down South, its big, especially in the Atlanta area.

How have you been passing the time while mostly doing meetings from home?

The video game thing isnt going too well for me. My roommates play a ton, but I dont play that much. When quarantine started, I thought I was going to have a crazy amount of free time, but there really isnt that much. Especially before the NFL Draft, there were meetings all day, I was working out and getting position work in, and so I wasnt actually laying around the house very much. When I do get a minute, I like to play my piano in between meetings.

The Undefeated talked to you about how learning sheet music can come in handy when youre absorbing a football playbook. Is that something youve noticed with the Giants playbook?

The way my brain works, music and football correspond in certain aspects. The offensive line position is about technique, learning behaviors, and a lot of that stuff doesnt come naturally. Thats how a lot of music is too. When I was in the band in middle school, we used to have this event where wed have music prepared to perform, and then another part was music wed never seen before. To me, that kind of translates to the field. You have your plays and a game plan going in, but the defense is going to react and do things you havent seen, and you have to react.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

Real Life Diet

The Real-Life Diet of David Dobrik, Who is Skipping Workouts and Eating Watermelon Sandwiches

The YouTube star likes tennis, hates lifting weights.

Originally Appeared on GQ

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The Real-Life Diet of Giants Offensive Lineman Andrew Thomas, the No. 4 Pick in This Year's Draft - Yahoo Lifestyle

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Hiatal Hernia Yoga, Exercise and Lifestyle Changes To Reduce The Risk of Hiatal Hernia – NJ MMA News

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Exercises For Hiatal Hernia:

Exercise for a patient of hiatal hernia could be beneficial for losing some weight if he/she is overweight. But the key is to not put pressure or strain on that area of your body where the hernia is located. It means that high weight lifting exercises are not recommended. You must consult your doctor and a proper physiotherapist if you plan to start working out.

1. Exercises and stretches to treat symptoms of a hiatal hernia:

If you want to know about natural ways to treat a hiatal hernia, some experts suggest diet along with specific exercises that improve your symptoms by strengthening the abdominal area.

It is debatable whether strengthening exercises can actually cure a hernia, or if they just diminish the symptoms. In any case, consider consulting your doctor about the following exercises.

2. Exercises to strengthen the diaphragm:

Diaphragmatic breathing is a technique that involves deeper breathing for a few minutes several times a day. It helps to increase the efficiency of oxygen flow. With the passage of time, these exercises can even be helpful to strengthen the chest muscles. Here is one way:

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Yoga Exercises For Hiatal Hernia:

Gentle yoga exercises can improve symptoms of hiatal hernia in a few ways. Just like the deep breathing technique can strengthen the diaphragm muscles. You will also experience more strength and flexibility overall. Some poses, such as chair pose, are considered to help strengthen the abdominal area without causing any strain in it.

Be sure to get guidance from your yoga instructor about your condition so he can help modify the poses as per your convenience. Youll have to totally avoid inversion poses that may worsen your condition. Such poses include Bridge and Forward Fold.

Exercises For Weight Loss:

Losing weight may improve your symptoms of a hiatal hernia. Exercise, along with diet, can help create the calorie deficit needed to burn body fat. As you lose weight, you should start seeing your symptoms decrease over time.

Here are some of the appropriate and safe considered exercises for a hiatal hernia patient to do in a routine.

Sometimes with heavy exercises, the symptoms related to the hernia such as acid reflux or GERD become worse. Therefore, walking and jogging (at low pace) are preferred over high speed running.

Some other exercises to avoid for such patients are the following:

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Lifestyle changes to reduce the risk of hiatal hernia

Hiatal hernias usually do not cause any significant problems in most people. Therefore, rarely need any treatment. However, many patients of hiatal hernia suffer from GERD symptoms and their treatment starts with the management of these symptoms by different methods. Such as lifestyle modifications and diet control.

The first target of treatment is to prevent the refluxing of acid into the esophagus. Doctors recommend lifestyle changes for those with hiatus hernia and suggest these following things:

The second object of treatment is to reduce stomach acid so that the situation is less irritating if acid reflux does happen.

This is achieved by avoiding long periods without food in the stomach Avoid high protein foods and those drugs that stimulate acid secretion, such as aspirin and alcohol. If you something like that accidentally then take appropriate medication right in time to save yourself from discomfort and pain.

If however, there is no advantage of trying to manage hernia with only dietary and lifestyle change then the second choice is to put the patient on some sort of medication. So, his medical condition could stop at a stable point to avoid further damage to his health.

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About Grocare:

Established In the 1950s, Pune, Grocare is a leading herbal pharma company offering natural solutions for all types of chronic diseases. we offering herbal supplements for chronic lifestyle disorders likehernia, varicocele, kidney stone, h pylori, piles, tinnitus, UTI, Prostate Enlargement, etc. through e-commerce worldwide.

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Hiatal Hernia Yoga, Exercise and Lifestyle Changes To Reduce The Risk of Hiatal Hernia - NJ MMA News

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Exercising with Type 1 Diabetes: The Insulin-Food Balance Challenge – Diabetes In Control

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Author: Sheri R. Colberg, PhD, FACSM

Addressing how to balance blood glucose levels during (and after) exercise with type 1 diabetes is not new. In fact, it is likely the KEY topic to address to be successful at being physically active if you take exogenous insulin and want to prevent hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia during exercise. Strategies include changing insulin doses and/or supplementing with food, either of which can be done in myriad ways depending on the activity, timing and more.

A recent 2020 study revisited whether it works better to supplement with carbohydrates or lower bolus (mealtime) insulin doses before exercise to prevent lows (1). Its conclusionfor this particular group of subjects doing continuous, moderate-intensity cycle ergometer exercise for45 minuteswas that taking in 15 to 30 grams of carbohydrate when blood glucose levels decreased to 7.0 mmol/L (126 mg/dL) prevented hypoglycemia better. Okay, but.

My issue with these types of studies is not that theydontprove a pointthey dobut its that they prove a very, very narrow point. The results can only be generalized to people with the same physical fitness level, age, sex, and diet undertaking a specific type, intensity, duration, and timing of activity. Exercising with type 1 diabetes is so much broader than that. Moreover,itsnot just short-term insulin dosing or immediate carbohydrate intake that hasan impact on balancing blood glucose and affecting how successful you are at being active.

Whether participating in sports or physical activity on a recreational basis or striving to be a professional or Olympic athlete, anyone who takes insulin must pay attention to his or her unique nutritional and dietary patterns, including intake of macronutrients (carbohydrate, protein, and fat), micronutrients (vitamins and minerals), fluids, and supplements like caffeine to maintain metabolic and glycemic balance (2). Athletic performance aside, nutritional recommendations may also differ on an individual basis relative to exercise, glycemic management, and body weight goals. Balancing all these dietary factors can be challenging for individuals with type 1 diabetes, and many related aspects have yet to bethoroughly researched in this population.

Carbohydrates undeniably have the most immediate impact on blood glucose. Theymust be matched with adequate insulin doses to manage blood glucose peaks after eating (3), but protein and fat intake can impact insulin needs as well (4). When youre an active individual with type 1 diabetes, you must balance all your dietary choices before, during, and after exercise to manage blood glucose levels notjust toprevent lows or highs, but also for optimal performance and recovery from working out or competing. Its possible to eat many different ways,including low-carbohydrate (5), andthe best nutritional practices to optimize performance may or may not be best for blood glucose management, optimal health, and bodyweight simultaneously, potentially making achievingathletic and health goals difficult at times.

As for insulin dosing, people vary so muchabouttheir usual doses, insulin sensitivity, types of insulin used (basal and bolus choices), delivery (that is, insulin pump use vs. injections or inhalation), and more. It makes the whole balancing act that much more difficult, especially when blood glucose responses vary with the type of activity being done, including how long, how hard, how often, and under which environmental conditions. Even hydration status matters! Given how limited studies by nature must be to limit all these conditions, it takes individual trial-and-error to figure out what works best to maintain blood glucose levels in areasonably tight (and hopefully normal) range for everysingle activity bout.

Many insulin users have still managed to figure out how to compete athletically at the highest levels. However,it is far from simple when balancing blood glucose levels with these many confounding variables (6).Itscertainly still worth it to be physically active with type 1 diabetes, just a challenge!


Sheri R.Colberg, Ph.D., is the author ofThe Athletes Guide to Diabetes: Expert Advice for 165 Sports and Activities(the newest edition oftheDiabetic Athletes Handbook). She is also the author ofDiabetes & Keeping Fit for Dummies,co-published by Wiley and the ADA. A professor emerita of exercise science from Old Dominion University and an internationally recognized diabetes motion expert, she is the author of 12 books, 30 book chapters,and over 420 articles. She was honored with the 2016 American Diabetes AssociationOutstanding Educator in Diabetes Award.Contact her via her websites ( and

See more about how to balance blood glucose levels and exercise safely in our therapy center.

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Exercising with Type 1 Diabetes: The Insulin-Food Balance Challenge - Diabetes In Control

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Hugh Jackman Just Shared Some of His Best Workout and Training Advice With Tim Ferriss – Men’s Health

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During a recent interview on The Tim Ferriss Show, X-Men and The Greatest Showman star Hugh Jackman discussed what he's learned about fitness through years of putting on muscle to play characters like Wolverine and then leaning down for other roles.

The actor has previously spoken about how rowing is his exercise of choice when it comes to maintaining a lean physique, and on the podcast he explained to Ferriss why a rowing machine is pretty much the only piece of equipment he needs.

"There's a reason the rower's usually empty at the gymbecause it's difficult," he said. "And a lot of people want to say it and feel theyve worked out, and they want to get a sweat, but they don't necessarily And the rowing machineI think if you add in some chest work, some pushups, that's everything you need to keep fit, healthy, strong... It's such a good building exercise for deadlifts and all these core movements, compound movements, getting your scapulaeverything sort of in the right placeand your breathing and relaxing your neck, you know, at the same time as doing it."

Men's Health

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The actor went on to sing the praises of his trainer, powerlifter and dancer Beth Lewis, and the "85 percent" approach, which originated in sprinting.

"It really is great for me because, I mean, in the past, even with someone like Wolverine, I have to prepare to look physically a way, but I can't get injured. So I can't prepare as a bodybuilder. I have to be able to prepare as a really jacked, ripped athlete-slash-dancer, because fighting is dance. It is more relaxation in a fight scene than there is strength, which is probably the case for, if you think about all the great athletes you see, there's relaxation, and then movement has moved in sports. That's why you see every sprinter poking their tongue out now and dancing around with joy before they run the hundred meters. You know, that sense of having the right level of relaxation. I think that they call it the 85 percent rule. If you tell most, sort of, A-type athletes to run at their 85 percent capacity, they will run faster than if you tell them to run 100 because its more about relaxation and form and optimizing the muscles in the right way."

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That mindset, which allows athletes to be a bit more forgiving of their own performance and take the pressure off themselves, has also changed the way that Jackman motivates himself to train.

"If I was coaching me, myself, like if I was the coach and Hugh Jackman was on my team, I wouldnt put more pressure on him, push him more," he said. "I wouldnt yell at him, scream. Ive got that motivation. If anything, I have had to work from building up insecurity. So: Im not good enough. I need to work extra hard. If I do everything perfectly and I work my ass off, then Ill be OKthat kind of thing, which in the end does certainly limit your ability to enjoy life or enjoy the row or the show or anything like that. But it doesnt get the best out of you. It really doesnt. So I mentally, quite often during the day, just, before I do an activity, imagine that its done. That feeling I have when its done and gone well. And I go into it with that."

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Hugh Jackman Just Shared Some of His Best Workout and Training Advice With Tim Ferriss - Men's Health

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Weight loss: Woman shrunk from a size 16 to a size 12 in lockdown following this easy diet – Express

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Weight loss can be achieved in many different ways and exercising alongside a healthy lifestyle can help boost weight loss results. With the UK being in lockdown over the past few months, many have put on weight due to spending more time at home and exercise facilities being shut. One woman has shared her story on how she has shrunk two dress sizes following this diet plan.

Lauren Doyle is a 25 year old operating department practitioner from Windle, St Helens.

After being in a car crash back in 2015, doctors thought that she had developed underachieve thyroid, but was later diagnosed as fibromyalgia, a condition that causes pain and fatigue.

After attending her local Bodyline clinic, and spending lockdown to get back into shape, Lauren has now lost four stone and her fibromyalgia symptoms have cleared up.

Bodyline allows anyone the chance to lose weight safely from the comfort of their home.

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Lauren said: Soon after the crash, I started to pile on weight. I went from being a confident 9st 11lbs to a depressed 18st 1lb woman, who just wanted to hide and sleep all day.

I did try dieting, swimming and everything else doctors suggested, but they couldnt put their finger on what was causing me to pile on weight. After months of testing and visiting specialists, I was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia, a condition that causes tiredness and constant pain all over the body.

I thought that would be a turning point but the doctors kind of brushed me off, and I was left to deal with my problems alone the only way I knew how - food. Things got a lot worse.

The bigger I got the more depressed I felt, and I tried to drown my feelings in takeaways and comfort eating - my weight spiralled and my life out of control. I felt like I was on my own, and I couldnt bring myself to leave the house and socialise like I used to.

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However, with Laurens wedding just one year away, Lauren decided that enough was enough and took a trip to her local Bodyline Clinic.

She was prescribed a medication used together with dieting and exercising to help treat obesity however Lauren also stuck to exercising regularly to reach her desired goals.

Together, Lauren and her partner Tom decided to try the Couch to 5K challenge, a fitness challenge designed to help those increase their fitness levels gradually and healthily.

The app is a running plan for absolute beginners. It involves three runs a week, with a day of rest in between and helps beginners by having walk breaks throughout their workout routine.

Exercise is crucial in losing weight and its benefits extend just losing weight. It can also help increase your metabolism and help you feel more motivated.

In order to lose weight your calorie intake must be in a deficit meaning you are burning more calories than you are consuming and exercise is a great way of being able to help with weight loss while not cutting out every food group from your diet.

The NHS recommend around one hour of exercise per day but you may want to do more than this if you are looking to shed those lockdown pounds.

She said: On our first run, I was so disappointed in myself and felt embarrassed by the people that stared at us in the park. Although the app only makes you run for a minute at a time, I was exhausted and didnt want to try again.

Tom was my rock and pushed me to try again with him. The second run was much smoother. Now, just two months later, were both able to run 5K with no problem.

Im so proud of how far weve come in such a short amount of time - lockdown has been a Godsend!

Although our wedding has been pushed back during the pandemic, were still looking forward to it. Im even having to get my dress made smaller - from a size 16 to a size 12. Ive hit my target weight and now I want to tone up and lose a little more. Bodyline has helped my life back on track.

The most amazing part of it is that my fibromyalgia symptoms have almost completely cleared as Ive lost weight, and Im no longer in constant pain.

Im going back to university in September to finish my degree. I feel like a new woman.

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Weight loss: Woman shrunk from a size 16 to a size 12 in lockdown following this easy diet - Express

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Rosalind Chao Reads Recipes to Take Her Mind Off the News – Grub Street

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Rosalind Chao in a sea of red sauce. Illustration: Margalit Cutler

The actress Rosalind Chao has spent her adult life onscreen, in movies like The Joy Luck Club and TV shows including The O.C. But she grew up spending her days at her parents restaurant in Orange County. I basically spent every waking moment there, she says. I didnt have a normal childhood, and what I did during the day was basically talk to customers. Later, when the family opened a second restaurant, Chao bussed tables, hosted, washed dishes, and everything else. Ever since, food has been a big draw for her. When Im asked whatever my favorite dish is, Im like, Whatever Im eating at the time, usually, she says. Next, Chao will appear in Disneys live-action Mulan remake, and will also appear in Hidden Figures director Theodore Melfis new film, The Starling. For the time being, though, shes spending her time at home, making lots of scones, exploring new vegetables, and having Zoom dinners with friends.

Friday, June 26 I start every day with my poor mans version of the latte that I used to get at my local Intelligentsia Coffee. I have been using coffee beans ordered from a small business in Bozeman called Treeline Coffee Roasters. My coffee buddy Andy sent me a couple bags when we first went into quarantine. I literally wake up each day so excited for the ritual of grinding the beans and making the lattes.

Started the day with my latte and a matcha cookie with sesame filling made by my daughter the night before. I definitely have a sweet tooth. I wish I didnt. We all do. My husband is intermittent-fasting so, IF I like him that day, I make a green fruit smoothie in the fridge for him as well.

My daughter wanted to make something special for somebodys birthday, and she looked up this recipe, and to be honest we didnt have exactly the right ingredients. It required black sesame; she had to make it with white sesame. She was a little wigged out about it. Shes a musician, she plays cello, so shes very precise, and she was nervous it wasnt going to turn out well. So when it turned out amazingly, really the best cookie Ive ever had, it was like she won the Olympics or something. We were just oohing and ahhing.

Late lunch because my daughter wasnt free until 2. We had leftover chicken from our special anniversary dinner the night before, made into a bread salad with croutons from stale bread. I made a shallot salad dressing, too.

Dinner was stir-fry veggies and leftovers from dinner Wednesday night. (My hubby got takeout fried rice and noodles.) I was doing the Joy Luck Club Reunion book club over Zoom during my usual food-prep time.

I put veggies from the farm box I get from Little Prince, a local restaurant. We had reservations to go there on the night that everything closed down, so we didnt get to go. I started getting a farm box from someplace else, and it wasnt good. I told somebody that, and she said youve got to try the Little Prince. I always trust her opinions; she used to be a barista at our local coffee shop.

Im so loyal to this guy now they put together this beautiful farm box with items from the farmers market. They are making ends meet this way and helping the farmers at the same time. You dont choose what you get, and its a delightful grab-box of items. Some I normally might purchase and some that I normally bypass. One time I got celtuce, I found out its something they use in Chinese stir-frys, and I had never had it before. I cooked with it the first time I got the box, and I thought it was amazing.

I then look up recipes, with my goal being to use up all items for each week even unfamiliar ones. Its kind of like a game-show challenge to figure out how to use the entire box by the end of the week, and it also helps to exercise my creativity. I need to do that every way possible these days.

I have been cooking almost every day, lunch and dinner. (Babettes Feast is my film inspiration story.) But I try to order out twice a week to small restaurants. My parents were hardworking restaurant owners. I have SOOO much empathy for what small-business owners must be experiencing right now.

They had this teeny, tiny, restaurant in Orange County, and it was a one room when they first started, and my dad worked downtown, so my mom pretty much ran it. She would open the door and there would already be a line throughout the little shopping center to go in. What I did during the day was basically talk to customers. I would sit and watch them eat, and especially if a little old man were eating by themselves, or a little old lady, I would sit down and talk to them while they ate. I was a miniature chaperone or dining companion. Later on, they got another restaurant, and I ended up working there. I did everything: bussing tables, hostess, cashier, washing dishes if someone didnt show up.

Saturday, June 27 Baked cranberry scones in the morning that I made with Geeek yogurt. We had them piping hot from the oven. Ive been making these scones and put whatever fruits we have leftover or frozen that week. Weve always got a scone happening somewhere on our shelf. We have half a banana bread, brownies, and scones on our counter.

Im trying to make everything nice. Im always inspired by this movie Babettes Feast. The whole theory behind it is, food can bring joy to a time or environment that has lost its joy. I just feel like it feeds the spirit, without getting too woo-woo. Ive been baking a lot, and my husband is English, and I just spent six months in England, so it kind of brings us back there.

Then I had a tuna-melt sandwich made with radishes with fake cheese (Im lactose-intolerant) and my hubbys delicious guacamole. He hates fake cheese, so he was on his own with leftover tuna salad. I like this brand called, ironically, Chao. But its harder to get, so lately Ive been getting Daiyas cheddar-style cheese. My favorite one I cant seem to find anymore.

I love a tuna melt. Its my staple. When youre pregnant, youre not supposed to have tuna they say it lowers your kids IQ. I didnt know that. But I had it all during my pregnancy with my daughter, and I think shes smart.

I think you can put anything in a tuna melt to make it good. I put radishes in them if I have them, or mix in tomatoes. You can do so much. I also like anchovies on toast. Thats my other favorite thing. But were out of anchovies.

Chinese sesame noodles with cucumber and peanut butter for dinner. Had it with the lettuce from the farm box. Made extra sesame peanut sauce because its great on everything: fish, chicken, etc. If I have cucumbers, nice cucumbers in the house, I will make this. Its something everybody loves and it keeps well, and you can reconfigure it and serve a stir-fry with it. The bottle of peanut dressing is so useful, so I find myself using it using it constantly once Ive made it.

Dessert was nondairy stone fruit ice cream from Sweet Rose Creamery. Its another local business owned by friend of our family Zoe Nathan. Her hubby, Josh Loeb, is extra-meticulous with safety and health during COVID, so I am comfortable buying from their local shop or from any of their restaurants. I just try to minimize the amount of lactose I have so I dont OD on it and then dont feel great. My husband is milk-fed English, hes from an area that has dairy farms. So its the opposite.

Saturday, June 28 Happy Pride Day! Was planning to make French toast but found Beyond Burgers I had defrosted last week in the back of my fridge (in case my Zooms went into dinnertime). Forgot about them and dont want to waste pricey! They werent quite the Apple Pan or In-N-Out Burgergood, but they were good!

I love those places. As a kid, to be honest, I was raised in a restaurant, so I never really got to go out to places. I feel like my life didnt really begin until, you know, I wasnt in the restaurant all day, every day, anymore. So I love dives, I love mini-mall restaurants, and maybe thats partly because I grew up in one.

It was Taiwanese dumpling dinner (wood-ear mushrooms, noodles) night over Zoom with actress and comedienne Patty Harrison and director Nikole Beckwith. Nicole Beckwith is a director I worked with a few years ago, and she ended up working with Pattie, and we started getting together before COVID.

We were doing thank-God-its-Friday, quote-on-quote cocktail hours, and Patty has suggested we do a Zoom dinner ordering all the same thing with food from a Taiwanese restaurant we all love called Pine & Crane. (The owner, Vivian Ku, is a friend, and all the veggies are grown by her dad.). We ate so fast, I didnt even see the food; they couldve been eating a burger for all I know.

Sunday, June 29 Leftover dumplings, leftover peanut noodles. Glad I made the extra sauce to give it new life!

I had a busy afternoon before picking up a bento box dinner from a small business called Spoon by H. Its a family-run business started by a young woman who was a classical pianist, proving there is a link between art and food! They have kimchi, they have fish, they have a huge bento box. Not a tiny one. Maybe a foot by two feet. Twelve-inches-by-24-inch bento box.

The bento box is a great deal. What isnt in it? I was shocked when I saw it the first time. I think each time, its different. Ive gotten it twice now. It does two meals, easily. I could probably squeeze three meals out of it, if I were to take all the kimchi out, make it with chicken or something. We eat a little bit out of it, and then we save the rest for the next day.

Monday, June 30Breakfast: Finished off the crumbs of the last scone cant believe my daughter left a sliver for me.

Made a salad nioise for the first time. It felt like a meal one would eat on vacation. We are all feeling the ups and downs of this time, and the COVID situation in Los Angeles has gotten so dire. And we have been feeling furious at the non-mask-wearers. The BLM movements power is the main upside to this time. We have to keep it up!

Felt like I had to cheer us up nevertheless with a feeling of escape. Hence, the pretty salad. Sometimes at night, because the news can be so dire, I skim the NYT Cooking app and see whats out there. This salad Nioise popped up, and I was like, Thats got everything still left in my vegetable box. Its got the potatoes, the haricot vert, and its got five stars. It was put together by one of the chefs I like on the app, as well. I couldnt believe how well it turned out.

If you ask me, I dont think Im opinionated about recipes. But if you ask somebody else, maybe they would say I am. I like Melissa Clarks recipes. Some of the recipes are a little above my pay grade. Im not one of those cooks who can just throw things together. My sons roommate came over for the holidays, and he just cooked a thank-you dinner for us. Hes that kind of chef who just grabs stuff and puts it in a pot and doesnt measure anything, and Im not that. I wish I was.

Took a call sitting outside while snacking on brownies. I love to hear the little boys who live across the alley playing. My daughter made two batches of brownies late last night: one was for a friend whose cat died while they were having a distance visit the night before. She came home, baked and dropped them off at 11 p.m. that night. Baking is a lovely way to show that you care. All this cooking Im doing is mainly because I just want to keep our spirits up. Everybodys got their plans cut short. Theres been a lot of disappointment in the air.

At night, I put the veggies that didnt have a home in any of my dishes this week into a donabe. The donabe clay pot was my big splurge for myself after we closed a deal for a film that I was supposed to film this month. The film is on hold, but my donabe pot isnt!

I got it at a store called Toiro Kitchen; I go there or I go to Tortoise. I have wanted a donabe pot for ages, ever since I saw one in San Francisco. I think this was my last running-to-the-store COVID purchase. Its great. The whole house smells so good after.

I made dashi stock from dried seaweed and katsuobushi (dried fish). Then threw in veggies. We had that with the leftovers from the bento box the night before. My fridge is quite empty now I love to have as little waste as possible.

I had a few items left over from last weeks farm box, so I didnt successfully complete my game-show challenge. The fennel took me down! Im a fan of the game show Survivor if this were a Survivor challenge, I would be at risk of being voted off the island because of that damn fennel! My daughter is giving me side-eye and my opinionated, foodie son is about to return to the island, so my torch could get snuffed this upcoming week.

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Every Person Reacts Differently to DietsHeres Why – Yahoo Lifestyle

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Photo credit: OksanaKiian - Getty Images

From Bicycling

According to a new study published in the journal Nature Food, individuals can have different reactions to the amount and type of food compared to others eating the same quantity and meals.

The effectiveness of a diet is influenced not just by genes, but also by lifestyle, exercise, gut microbes, medications, and other factors.

The majority of nutritional advice is general, out of necessity, and some of it does apply to everyonelike eating more vegetables and drinking enough water.

But when it comes to more specific strategieslike how much to eat in order to lose or maintain weight and what you should be eating to achieve thatit can get tricky. New research suggests the issue is complicated because individuals can have different reactions to the amount and type of food compared to others eating the same quantity and meals.

In a small study published in the journal Nature Food, researchers served 19 volunteers four different types of meals comprised of foods ranging from heavy on fruits and vegetables to those typical of a fast food dinner. The people ate these meals over four three-day inpatient periods, which means compliance was closely monitored.

After analyzing urine through molecular profiling technology, researchers found different patterns of chemical composition, suggesting unique responses to the food based on how it was being metabolized. Also, even though everyone ate the same amount of calories, some people excreted more calories through their urine than others, researchers found.

This is because of the way each persons metabolic pathways are activated, a process often called metabolic flexibility, said study coauthor Jeremy Nicholson, Ph.D., professor and pro-vice chancellor of health sciences at Murdoch University in Australia.

Most nutritional advice is general, but we know that one size does not fit all, he told Bicycling. In the future, it will be normal to have individualized diets, but these will be informed by metabolism, not genetics. Thats because through your life, your dynamic phenotype [characteristics that change over time] is influenced not just by genes but also by lifestyle, diet, exercise, gut microbes, medications, and other factors.

Story continues

In the same way that long-term health risks can be pinpointed through factors like these, it may be possible to tailor healthy eating advice in the same way, using molecular technology to understand an individuals metabolic flexibilityand tweak nutrition plans based on that, Nicholson said.

[Gravel! prepares you with everything you need to know to crush it, including the best gear, how to train, and much more!]

Until the day comes when insights like those become commonplace in a way thats commercially available, it may be helpful to understand that even with healthy foods, you may have a different response than someone else eating the exact same amount and diet.

And, as Nicholson noted, there are metabolic game changers like exercise and gut health that can change how you're reacting to foods, so making healthy changes to those could switch up your metabolic flexibility in the long run.

The bottom line? Its worth noting how you react to different foods, and realizing that everyone is differentwhat works for other people might not work for you. Meeting with a sports dietitian to get a plan thats tailored to you could be a good first step toward eating in a way that benefits your body specifically.

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Every Person Reacts Differently to DietsHeres Why - Yahoo Lifestyle

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Green tea: Best time to drink healthy beverage for quick weight loss results – Express

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Weight loss is often associated with strict diets that could be depriving your body of essential nutrients and vitamins. In order to lose weight, your body must be in a calorie deficit but green tea may help assist in your weight loss journey. It has been linked to weight loss for several years but when is the best time to drink the worlds healthiest beverage?

Green tea has been said to be the worlds healthiest beverage due to its antioxidant properties and benefits associated with the tea.

It can improve fat burning when exercising as well as boosting calorie burning when at rest. The green tea is packed with a compound called catechin which is a highly powerful antioxidant.

Research suggests that this antioxidant can help speed up the metabolism which may help fat burning and help you to keep off the lost weight in the future.

Unlike dieting, incorporating green tea into your diet daily may take longer to see weight loss results but there are certain times you can drink the beverage to help boost these results.

READ MORE:Keto diet plan: Best foods to lose belly fat in just 2 weeks

The beverage can be consumed in many different ways including hot, cold, in a powdered form and some slimmers even like to add a splash of milk to make it creamy.

Experts suggest that drinking green tea in the morning may help kickstart your metabolism for the day and provide your body with healthy nutrients for energy boosting. This will also help you focus and concentrate and is an all round great drink to start your day off with.

However, research suggests that drinking green tea may be especially beneficial just before exercising.

One study consisting of 12 men found that consuming green tea just before exercising increased fat burning by 17 percent compared to that with a placebo.

DON'T MISS: Weight loss: How to lose lockdown pounds safely - important advice over crash dieting Weight loss: Expert shares top tips on how to cut down on sugar to help lose belly fat Keto diet plan: Maximise belly fat loss with these easy steps

Another study found that drinking three servings of green tea the day before working out and another serving two hours before exercising increased fat burning during exercise and at rest.

However drinking too much of the drink may do more harm than good for the body and so in order to burn more calories, green tea should only be consumed around two to three times daily.

When making green tea, it is recommended to boil the water and then leave it to cool down for 10 minutes before pouring over the tea bag or loose leaves. This is because boiling water could kill the teas catechin, the chemical which can help drive weight loss.

Others may find that drinking green tea at bedtime could help calm the body and prepare it for a good nights sleep but for weight loss, in the morning or before meals is the best option.

While there is no solid evidence that drinking green tea can suppress hunger, many people who consume green tea daily have explained that they feel less hungry throughout the day.

This will help to show weight loss results quickly as your body will immediately be in a calorie deficit because you will be eating less throughout the day.

Further research suggests that drinking the healthy beverage may also help burn belly fat, one of the hardest places to lose weight.

Compounds in the healthy drink increases the level of hormones in your body that tell fat cells to break down fat. This then releases fat into your bloodstream and makes it available as energy.

Therefore not only does green tea help you burn more fat, including belly fat, it will also provide you with more energy, helping you feel more energised and motivated to reach your weight loss goals.

Green tea comes in many different forms with added flavours and one healthy way to drink green tea is to consume matcha green tea. This is available from most supermarkets and has fat burning properties.

Matcha is made from green tea and is the purest, highest concentrated form of the beverage.

Experts suggest having a cup of matcha green tea right in the morning when you wake up or later in the evening but not on a full stomach.

It is made by taking young tea leaves and grinding them into a green powder, this powder is then mixed with hot water to make it frothy.

This form of green tea also has many benefits including weight loss and boosting fat burning during exercise and at rest.

The rest is here:
Green tea: Best time to drink healthy beverage for quick weight loss results - Express

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MURRAY CHALMERS: I tried sticking to the lovage diet – but I love bread more – The Courier

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Our food columnist Murray tries the same unusual diet singer Adele is said to have tried to help him get in shape for post-lockdown life

How are you? that very simple question, asked millions of times daily, has become more loaded in lockdown than you ever thought possible.

When people ask me how I am you know, having spent the last 13 weeks in very real, often debilitating solitude I feel like saying back, Right now? Well, since you ask and then a torrent of inanities, observations and frustrations spews out of my unlocked lips.

My answers could vary by the hour in fact if I feel in the same mood at 8pm as I did at lunchtime that is reaching grown-up levels of consistency that merit the opening of a good bottle of equally grown-up red.

These are crazy times and so many of us are on the verge of entry-level lunacy that an altered state of consciousness is virtually a given. Victoria Beckham is probably working on a perfume encapsulation of our collective madness as we speak, for those tentative days when we can get close to each other and want to smell of something more than Dettol, soap and wet wipes.

Many of us probably just say that were fine because were still alive and we have food on the table and, really, who wants to know about isolation and loneliness when there are people in intensive care and families relying on foodbanks to live?

I know some people mainly quite affluent, it has to be said who have loved lockdown with a passion and who have used it as an opportunity to do fantastically creative things.

People have made music, written books and produced stunning artworks. Tracey Emin has a whole new show online of great work she has created whilst in isolation; at the other end of the scale the artist support pledge, a brilliant idea where you can buy an artwork for 200 or less, has been a huge success, both for artists and art lovers.

Baking has become an instagrammable art form, with sourdoughs displayed under lighting worthy of a Turner in the National Gallery. Summer sunsets on the Tay provide a collective online gasp as we realise the power of nature and our small but thankfully significant place within it.

Were all documenting everything on social media, as proof that we exist and that our individual light is still on. A ping from your phone is like a knock on the door in old money.

A zoom meeting is both an opportunity to do business and to look at other peoples wallpaper and soft furnishings whilst checking if theyve had a sly professional haircut. Hours speed by in minutes.

Throughout it all a bizarre, manic creature called Trinny Woodall keeps trying to sell us make up online, at a time when we least need it; her sense of derangement isnt the most helpful tool when all you want to look at is cat photos.

Her marketing presence in a pandemic has displayed the sensitivity of a cockroach, and sadly with the same eternal resilience. Leave me alone, woman! I have no need of your stack of slap, what with me being a 60-year-old man with a shaved head and untamed eyebrows that could currently knock out a Gallagher brother in a flick-off. What did I buy in another life to bring on this hell?

Meantime, photographer Nick Knight has documented every day of lockdown with a stunning set of images shot on his phone, basically turning confinement into a beautiful art project. For some, these three months have inspired a feverish work ethic which has driven them to new heights of creativity.

Im not one of them.

Much as I like my own company I also like to have the choice of when to go dancing with myself, and that feeling of powerlessness, of being a victim, of being somehow out of the game and forgotten, has been one that has affected my mental health daily.

If life is a chess game then suddenly we all became pawns, with the feeling that our capture could be imminent, swift and, worst of all, pass without notice or concern.

The fact that this has happened to more than 60,000 people so far is frankly terrifying and a national disgrace; thus the marketing of July 4 as some kind of new independence day for England seems like some kind of sick joke delivered by an end of pier buffoon, all punch-lines and corpulent privilege, the King with his retinue of pawns doing his will a gruesome collection of Lady Macbeths now with the blood of a nation on their collective hands. Lets hope the karma police are watching.

Ive been on a diet which has made me feel even grumpier and pricklier than the new normal lockdown spikiness.

Yes, I know there is nothing more boring than people talking about house prices and diets but Im starting to feel excited about getting out of my now worthless house and going to a place where other people meet and that makes me want to look good emerging into the light of the summer.

I know many of us have food-shopped, cooked, eaten and drunk our way through this crazy time, to the degree that flour and yeast sold-out and pasta at one stage seemed about to be listed on the stock exchange along with toilet rolls.

Strangely the one thing that still seems to be in short supply is a special cat food called Gravy Lover which is harder to find than lovage, a herb which I have had to seek, court and learn to love.

Lovage is one of the key foods in a thing called the Sirt diet and the Sirt diet, though not new, seems to have become a thing during lockdown. When I first tried to order the book it was out of stock although this could have been because of new pictures of Adele, whose weight loss is often credited to Sirt. They claim it can make you lose 7lbs in seven days. The remarkable thing is it works.

Getting lovage was the first hurdle because if youre going to believe in a diet and, at my fattest, I have always believed that there were at least two thin people inside me begging for separation then you have to do it properly.

Also if youre going to go through a routine based on denial and adherence during lockdown then you might as well be a slave to precision and submit to every edict of the dieticians. This means lovage and lovage means green juice and green juice means your kitchen smells like a compost bin. Three times a day.

Drinking juice made from kale, celery, parsley, rocket, lemon, lovage and matcha powder is something that, like gallstones and pickled garlic, you only really want the once in life.

One further addition an apple can be substituted with ginger should your psyche require that frisson of rebellion that comes from kicking against The Man once in a while.

For whatever reason, I would advise this substitution as, despite trying many tricks including holding my nose and eventually trying to actually stop breathing , this green juice is murder poison most foul.

Your mouth will feel like its just swallowed a bin liner thats been left uncollected for a week in blazing sunshine. Your throat will long for paralysis. Your nose will beg for roses or a quick dose of sinusitis.

Get used to it because you will be experiencing this joy three times a day for the first three days in place of what we used to call food in the olden days. At night you will pounce on your (frankly delicious) turmeric baked salmon with spicy celery like its nectar from the Gods. It will taste like it too.

Phase one is for three days and is billed as a serious kick-start to weight loss and great health. Three green juices and one prescribed meal from a selection, all of which are easy to prepare and delicious.

They do need a bit of real cooking though; you could have grilled green tea chicken kebabs with rocket and chickpea salad, prawn arrabbiata with buckwheat pasta or kale, coconut and tofu Thai curry. Its all good stuff, and nutritious.

You will develop a new love and respect for buckwheat, your fingers will be stained 20 Woodbine yellow by the turmeric and you will be checking that lovage plant outside your door assiduously.

And remember to wash your hands after touching all those birds eye chillies. Forgetting this has seen grown men cry as they idly scratch their sensitive bits and then feel the burn.

I couldnt find a lovage plant in the garden centre (you can get them online) so I called greengrocer Fraser Reid and asked if he stocked it. He doesnt but he very kindly dropped off a huge bunch of it from his own garden where it grows profusely. When you plant it bear in mind that it takes over and that your love affair with it might end one day. Potting it would be best.

Anyway after three quite tough days of juicing and fasting on just one meal per day, youre on to phase two and that means only TWO glasses of pond sludge every day. Get in!!

This is actually just the kickstart you need to keep going and from here it gets a lot easier because the food is so delicious. Plus you can have red wine and dark chocolate; I like the fact that the authors tell you to get 85% Lindt Excellence because its not alkalised.

Really, you just have to trust them even though it might seem like the biggest bowl of nonsense in lifes vat of minestrone. The fact is it all works.

By the end of day 3 you will be leaner. I mean, how could you not be?! Youve hardly eaten anything for 3 days! But jump on the scales and you will see the great results. I very quickly dropped from a lockdown heavyweight (for me) 90kg to 87, and that was with minimal exercise.

At the end of the week I had lost the 7lbs the authors claim, which is pretty good. I celebrated with some champagne and chocolate cake at a friends birthday and then a gallon of red wine the following night, when various stresses got to me and I just couldnt face massaging kale with olive oil as a substitute for getting close to a real person.

Then my neighbour Mel dropped some amazing bread in that shed just taken out of the oven and I feasted on that too. Thin is good but bread is better.

Im now back on the diet. Ive given up on the green juices for now as cleaning the juicer is a pain and also there is something totally dispiriting about yellowing bags of kale in a fridge that used to hold cheese, champagne and Chardonnay.

But the rest of it is easy to stick to because its all the kind of food I love to eat anyway. I bought a box of 20 bars of the dark chocolate online and, again, thats something I havent grown to love because I actually really do prefer the fake insulin spike rush of a massive bar of Dairy Milk to a good quality chocolate. But thats about it in terms of dislikes.

As for the lovage now growing in abundance in a tub outside my door, the roses I planted, the impulse buy of Indian ink to start drawing with, the Theragun Pro massage gun, the soap and pot pourri I had delivered from Italy, the Pam Hogg T- shirt using a word to describe Johnson and Cummings that would get me arrested if I wore it, and the Dennis Buchan painting of Arbroath Harbour from 1959 that I bought in an auction in Essex.

I can look back at lockdown and remember it this way as something that was hideous, painful, lonely and frustrating but which was also enriching in ways that I cant even begin to process.

As our lives open up again, onwards! Fortified by lovage!


MURRAY CHALMERS: Lets look forward to eating out again and help to keep the hospitality industry afloat

MURRAY CHALMERS: Supporting your local independent food businesses has never been so important

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MURRAY CHALMERS: I tried sticking to the lovage diet - but I love bread more - The Courier

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