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How Exercise Can Influence What We Eat and How Much – Healthline

Posted: April 24, 2021 at 1:54 am

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Restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic have made it more challenging to exercise as often (or as intensely) as some people did before.

In fact, many of us have found ourselves practicing a more sedentary lifestyle, gaining unwanted weight over the past year.

But as restrictions ease, a number of us have started thinking how to approach losing weight and embracing exercise in a healthy, measured way.

New research published in the journal Nutrients may make that task easier.

The study examined the connection between physical activity and its effects on both how and what we eat.

The findings offer some interesting insight into our relationship with fitness and food, and may help provide a clearer road map for people looking to make lifestyle changes.

For the study, researchers from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and the University of Nebraska surveyed 41 healthy adults 23 women and 18 men between ages 19 and 29.

The participants had an average body mass index (BMI) of 23.7. This is an estimate of body fat based on height and weight.

Generally, a BMI over 25 indicates a person might be overweight.

They were then randomly assigned either a 45-minute session of exercise or a 45-minute rest period at their first visit. They would then switch and complete the opposite session at their second visit with the researchers.

During each visit, those assigned to the exercise group were given electronic questionnaires before physical activity about how hungry or full they were, their preferred amount of food to eat, and a choice between types of food that differed in how long it would take to eat them.

The participants would then let the researchers know what their preferred food quantities were by writing down the portion size they would like for each type of food item.

The researchers collected these preferences for both immediate and later consumption of the food after 4 hours.

Once they answered this questionnaire, participants would complete their 45 minutes of exercise on a bicycle ergometer. Right after finishing, they would complete the questionnaire a second time and then again after a 30-minute recess.

Those who werent in the exercise group still completed all three rounds of questionnaires, but instead of 45 minutes of exercise, they had periods of rest.

The results?

The researchers found that exercise offered a greater increase in food quantities people chose. This was both right after exercise and then 30 minutes later.

They also found that exercise resulted in more desire for immediate consumption right after finishing their workout and 30 minutes after.

Most surprising to us was that the increase in hypothetical preferences for food amount and immediate consumption were already apparent, albeit not as strong, immediately after the exercise bout, study author Karsten Khler, PhD, professor of exercise, nutrition, and health at TUM, told Healthline.

Khler said that his research team expected the increase would be noticeable after the 30-minute postexercise period, but anticipated no increase right after exercise.

He said this is due to whats called exercise-induced anorexia, or a reduction in a persons sense of hunger or appetite during and right after exercise.

This phenomenon is caused by anorexigenic hormones and reactions in appetite-stimulating hormones as a result of exercise.

However, the fact that increases were less robust immediately after exercise when compared to 30-minute postexercise somewhat validates our initial assumption, he added.

When asked why someone might overeat or eat higher quantities of food after exercising, Khler said we generally know that the body responds to both psychological and physiological cues from exercise.

The psychological involves the sense of seeking a reward for completing a workout, while the physiological derives from metabolic and endocrine cues from your body that stimulate food intake in order to compensate for the increased energy expenditure of exercise, he said.

The research done by Khler and his team is certainly timely.

The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that obesity defined as a BMI of 30 or higher has tripled globally since 1975, and that 39 percent of adults 18 and over were overweight, according to 2016 figures.

About 13 percent of these people were living with obesity.

Concerns over weight and whether people are practicing enough physical activity have only been exacerbated during the pandemic.

Another recent study showed 61 percent of U.S. adults gained weight during the current health crisis, citing stress, lack of activity, and unhealthy shifts in eating habits as main drivers for weight changes.

When asked how common it is for people to practice the eating behaviors shown by the new study, Erica Sander, an exercise physiologist at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), said that your body is smart, it will want to replace the energy it used.

The highly palatable foods, like pizza, can be more appealing when you are famished from a workout. If you are trying to lose fat mass and continuing rewarding every workout with extra calories, the scale wont budge, she told Healthline.

Sander, who wasnt affiliated with the new study, said that fat loss is not a math equation of calories in and calories out, its more like a chemistry set yoga, running, french fries, kale, stress from work, and a comfy couch at home all have a different impact on hormones in your body.

In order to lose weight, you need to maintain a caloric deficit, which is mainly driven by reduced calorie intake, Sander explained.

David Janke, an exercise physiologist at UCSF, added that most people know in general what they should or shouldnt eat after a workout.

I think there is a portion of people that exercise so they think they can eat whatever they want. However, this is a huge misconception that people have. To lose weight you must consume less calories than your body is using, he told Healthline, echoing Sander.

Janke used the example of someone doing a big workout that burns 600 calories, such as an hour of vigorous cardio exercise. Following that physical activity, they then consume a large jelly doughnut thats also roughly 600 calories.

The hard work and exercise they did is now a wash because consuming a food that has literally no nutritional value and tons [of] calories puts the person right back where they started before the hour of cardio, said Janke, who also wasnt affiliated with the new study.

A huge portion of losing weight comes from what you eat, he added.

Khler said that planning your postexercise snack or meal before you actually work out might be a good way to go, rather than impulsively opting for those doughnuts.

Secondly, we also saw that there is a rather large inter-individual variability. Some participants wanted much more, others wanted less, he said.

That way, not everyone needs to follow my first advice. However, based on what we know from the literature and also from some preliminary analyses of our data set, those who are more likely to overeat following exercise also tend to have a higher weight/BMI, Khler explained.

Janke recommends you try to eat your meals at the same time each day. This allows your body to know when food is coming, and it can have something of a domino effect, helping with your appetite, digestion, and the rate at which your body processes fat, sugar, and cholesterol.

I also recommend that if someone is trying to lose weight and really has to have an unhealthy calorie-dense meal, then they should consume that meal for breakfast, Janke added. Giving your body a chance to use those calories throughout the day and for the exercise session.

Sander agreed with the above points, saying that having a plan is key. You should always plan to fuel your exercise as well as your recovery from exercise.

Your plan doesnt have to be stacked containers of meal prep in the fridge, it can start by only buying the food that fits your plan, she added.

What about recommendations for go-to foods?

Janke encourages people to have a snack of some kind within 30 to 45 minutes after their workout. He said thats the crucial anabolic window when its best to refuel your muscles after exercise.

A few of my go-to recommendations for a postexercise snack include: apples with a natural nut butter no additives hummus with carrots and broccoli, plain organic Greek yogurt with berries, and almonds with sweet potatoes, he said.

Sander said it really depends on the individual.

It varies depending on that persons nutritional needs and the kinds of exercise theyve just completed. A heavy gym session or a long bike ride might require completely different fuel before and after workout.

Sander also asserted that snacks and meals are different.

Some people swear they love a green protein shake after a workout where I usually prefer to have a meal. One of my first suggestions that fits many diet styles is to add more veggies and drink water, Sander said.

As a mountain biker, I need to have a plan for pre-, during, and post-rides. I like having a stack of waffles in the freezer, both sweet and savory; and its always a crowd pleaser if you bring enough to share, Sander added.

Both Janke and Sander said the pandemic weve been living through has certainly made life more complicated especially when it comes to approaching overall health, exercise, and nutrition.

The pandemic has created a unique situation where a lot of people are gaining weight. I believe there are several factors that contribute to the recent gain in weight seen in many Americans. Factors such as stress eating and increased inactivity due to the inability to do the physical activities people once did, Janke said.

Gyms have been closed, group exercise classes have been canceled, and the push to socially distance ourselves have made it harder for a lot of Americans to get the recommended amount of physical activity they should be getting, he added.

Sander said that its been a challenge for many this past year, especially with the loss of a sense of routine.

Today is a great day to start: Can you find an activity that you are comfortable with?' she said.

How Exercise Can Influence What We Eat and How Much - Healthline

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April 24th, 2021 at 1:54 am

This Is Bella Hadid’s Exact Diet and Workout Plan | Eat This Not That – Eat This, Not That

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Whether she's walking the runways at Paris Fashion Week or posing poolside for a print campaign, Bella Hadid has made a career of staying fit. However, you won't find the star sacrificing her health or happiness to get into runway-ready shape. In series of new ab-bearing photos, Hadid revealed her "secret" to her followers.

Read on to discover the star's exact diet and workout plan. And for more insight into how your favorite stars get in shape, check out Bachelorette Star Andi Dorfman Reveals Exact Workout and Diet in New Bikini Pics.

On April 20, Hadid posted a series of photos of herself to Instagram, revealing her toned abs, legs, and arms. "The secret is being yourself," she captioned the pictures. "Oooohhhh I just gave it away to em."

The star has admitted in the past that regular exercise is also an essential tool in her healthy living arsenaland one that similarly boosts her confidence.

"Put in 100% from the start to the end of a workout. There is nothing better than to push yourself to the limit, while making the most of it. Going to the gym for two hours with only 50% motivation is the best way of erasing the feeling of accomplishment and well-being that boosts self-confidence that you get from a workout," she told Vogue France.

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So, exactly how does a supermodel getand stayin shape? Hadid says that boxing has been a game-changer when it comes to keeping her toned and motivated.

"I train with my coach for intensive sessions. I run non-stop for 20 minutes followed by a boxing session and finally a series of weights targeting the abs and glutes," she told Vogue France. She even admitted to the magazine that her sister Gigi Hadid is her dream sparring partner, calling the fellow model "strong and sturdy both mentally and physically."

To keep her energy high during her workout, Hadid told Vogue France that she drinks "a smoothie, a juice, or a protein drink 30 minutes before the session." After she's done, she typically eats a meal with a mixture of protein and carbs, like chicken and brown rice. And for more celebrity transformations, check out Nicole Scherzinger Shares Her Exact Diet and Workouts in New Bikini Pics.

It's not just pre- and post-workout snacks that keep Hadid going strong all day. In an interview with Harper's Bazaar, Hadid revealed that she has "really low blood sugar" and has to "eat all the time" to keep her energy up.

"I like having a good protein meal because I get really tired if I eat too much, so I try to fill myself up with things that will make me feel good," said the star.

Hadid doesn't shy away from her favorite carbs, either. The supermodel told Harper's Bazaar that, on mornings off when she doesn't feel like cooking, she typically visits the bagel shop near her apartment. "My go-to is an egg sandwich on a plain bagel," says Hadid.

She relies on coffee to keep her energy up, as well. "I'm also a big coffee drinker," she told Bazaar. "I'll have three espressos before noon." And if you want to know how stars shape up, check out DWTS Star Witney Carson Reveals Her Exact 30-Day Weight Loss Plan.

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This Is Bella Hadid's Exact Diet and Workout Plan | Eat This Not That - Eat This, Not That

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Which fruits are less healthy, and which are better for you? – Medical News Today

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Fruits are generally considered healthy as part of a balanced diet. However, some people with certain health conditions or dietary restrictions may find some fruits more suitable than others.

Whole fruits can be part of an overall healthy diet for many people. Diets that are rich in whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains support overall health and may help prevent some chronic conditions.

Fruits contain nutrients that may be lacking in the average diet, along with other beneficial plant compounds, such as various antioxidants.

For some people, certain types of fruit may be more desirable than others.

Some people or diets may consider certain fruits unhealthy, and, in some cases, there may be healthier alternatives for people to consider.

This article looks at why people with certain dietary restrictions or health conditions may wish to avoid certain fruits, which fruits they may wish to avoid, and some alternatives they may consider healthier.

Although fruit is generally a healthy staple in any diet, there are some factors that may make certain fruits unhealthy by a persons individual standards, based on any health conditions, dietary restrictions, or weight loss goals they may have.

For example, some people following low carbohydrate or ketogenic diets may restrict their fruit intake.

The glycemic index (GI) is a ranking system for carb foods such as fruit to measure how they affect blood sugar levels after a person eats them.

Foods with higher GI scores affect blood sugar more after ingestion, so they may not be the most healthy option for people who need to control their blood sugar levels, such as those with diabetes.

Even aside from GI scores, some people may be looking to cut higher sugar sources from their diet.

In general, fruit is a rich source of dietary sugars. This extra sugar may lead to the person eating more calories than intended.

For others, the sugar itself may be the thing they wish to avoid.

Some people may also look to eliminate certain fruits for being high in fats.

Fruits such as avocado and coconut are naturally high in fats. People who are following a low fat diet may not consider these fruits healthy for them, or they may want to avoid the extra calories from fat that these fruits have.

It is important to keep in mind that most whole fruits are healthy when a person eats them in moderation and as a part of a balanced diet.

No fruits are truly unhealthy in and of themselves.

However, some people may simply prefer not to eat certain fruits due to their higher sugar, fat, or calorie level that may interfere with their weight loss goals, current diet, or dietary restrictions.

Others, such as those with diabetes or allergies, may need to watch their intake of certain fruits for health reasons.

The following sections look at some fruits that certain people may consider unhealthy.

Bananas contain a number of important nutrients.

However, some people may not enjoy eating bananas due to their higher amounts of carbs, sugars, and calories per serving.

One banana contains:

It also contains the following vitamins and minerals:

Mangoes are rich in vitamins and some antioxidants.

However, they are also very rich in sugars that may affect blood sugar levels, so some people may need to avoid eating them.

One cup of mango contains:

It also contains the following vitamins and minerals:

Cherries are rich in antioxidants and important nutrients.

However, they also have a lot of sugar per serving, with little fiber to balance this out. Some people may choose to avoid eating cherries for this reason.

One cup of cherries contains:

It also contains the following vitamins and minerals:

Coconut is the fruit of the coconut palm, and people use it for its meat, water, and oil.

Coconut is very high in fat, so it may not be ideal for people who are looking to reduce their fat or calorie intake.

One cup of fresh coconut contains:

It also contains the following vitamins and minerals:

Grapes contain important vitamins and antioxidants.

However, they are also high in sugars and have little fiber to balance this out.

One cup of grapes contains:

It also contains the following vitamins and minerals:

Lychees have a highly fragrant smell and taste, and they contain beneficial vitamins and antioxidants.

However, they may be too sweet for some people, and they have very little fiber to balance out their sugar content.

One cup of lychees contains:

It also contains the following vitamins and minerals:

Oranges are sources of fiber, water, and important vitamins, such as vitamin C.

Orange juice is a popular way to consume oranges, but it may not be as healthy as oranges themselves.

The juicing process removes much of the fiber from an orange, making it easier to consume more of it without becoming full.

Orange juice is also rich in sugars and is quite acidic, which may contribute to the erosion of tooth enamel.

About 1 cup of orange juice contains:

It also contains the following vitamins and minerals:

Dried fruit has had all of its water removed.

The result is a smaller, more nutrient dense version of the fruit. These tend to be sweeter and smaller than their whole fruit alternatives, which may make it easier to overeat them.

People who are watching their calorie or sugar intake may, therefore, want to avoid dried fruits.

When people use the term unhealthy fruits, they may be referring to the balance between sugars and fiber, the fat or carb content of the fruit, or other factors, such as the levels of vitamins or antioxidants in the fruit.

From these perspectives, there may be some fruits that are preferable for some people and in some diets.

In general, berries are well-rounded from a nutritional standpoint.

Although their exact composition will vary, many berries are typically lower in sugar than many other fruits and contain beneficial fiber and vitamins.

Berries also tend to have higher levels of phytochemicals and antioxidants that may support overall health.

Because of their unique composition, berries have been the subject of many studies.

For example, one meta-analysis in the journal Nutrients notes that having a high intake of various berries may help reduce weight, decrease caloric intake, and reduce the risk of conditions such as metabolic syndrome, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and some types of cancer.

Watermelons name derives from the fact that it mostly comprises water. It is very low in calories while providing the sweet taste that many people desire from fruit.

One cup of watermelon contains:

It also contains the following vitamins and minerals:

Apples are rich in water and healthy fibers that may be more filling than some other options without being very calorie dense. They also provide important antioxidants to the body.

One large apple contains:

It also contains the following vitamins and minerals:

Grapefruit is low in calories and high in nutrients, including a number of helpful antioxidants.

One cup of grapefruit contains:

It also contains the following vitamins and minerals:

Although no fruit is inherently unhealthy, it is important to consider fruits in the context of a balanced, healthy diet.

Overeating some foods especially those high in sugars, fats, or calories may not be right for people with certain conditions or dietary restrictions.

These people may consider some fruits less healthy than others based on their personal needs. Trying other alternatives may help them maintain their health or reach their weight or body composition goals.

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Which fruits are less healthy, and which are better for you? - Medical News Today

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Vigorous workouts caffeinated workouts, leafy greens and muscles, plant-based diet cardio benefits, arguments and health –

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A plant-based diet has several benefits, including reducing stroke risk and improving overall cardiovascular health, according to a new study by researchers from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

After looking at health data of more than 200,000 men and women, researchers found that those who reported a regular consumption of plant-based foods had a 10% lower risk of experiencing a stroke.

Plant-based diets include dark leafy greens, whole grains and beans.

Letting a disagreement fester can not only hurt a relationship, it also can hurt a persons health.

Thats according to a new study that shows if an argument lasts for a long time, it can directly affect a persons health.

But exactly how long is too long?

Oregon State University researchers used data from the National Study of Daily Experiences and determined that any disagreements should be resolved on the day they happen to prevent a prolonged increase in negative emotions.

Source: The Journals of Gerontology

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Vigorous workouts caffeinated workouts, leafy greens and muscles, plant-based diet cardio benefits, arguments and health -

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The Freshman 15: Causes and Prevention Tips – Healthline

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The term freshman 15 is commonly used in America to describe the weight students tend to gain during their freshman year in college, which is believed to be around 15 pounds (7 kg).

While first-year college students might not gain exactly 15 pounds (7 kg), studies show that most college students gain some weight during their first year.

For example, in a review of 32 studies, researchers found that more than 60% of college students gained an average of 7.5 pounds (3.5 kg) during their freshman year (1).

Thats a faster pace of weight gain than in the rest of the population (1).

This weight gain may not be surprising, considering that college is a big lifestyle shift for students. It also tends to be the first time many students make all their own decisions around eating and exercise (2).

Freshman 15 is a term used for the weight students tend to gain in their first year in college. While it may not be exactly 15 pounds (7 kg), studies suggest most students gain some weight in their first year.

There are many reasons college students may gain weight during their first year.

The following information explains some but not all of the common reasons for gaining weight.

In the United States, most students move onto their schools campus, where they have prepaid meal plans for the duration of the semester.

Since cooking in the dorms is hard and sometimes impossible if you dont have access to kitchen facilities, meal plans are typically your best bet.

With meal plans, you typically have to swipe your student ID or prepaid meal card to access the cafeteria, where you can fill your tray with what youd like to eat.

Although many campus menus offer healthy options, it can be tempting to go for less healthy processed foods, especially when people around you may be eating those less healthy foods or when youve had a long, stressful day of studying and activities (3).

It may also be harder to control portion sizes when food is served in an all you can eat format, which could contribute to greater calorie intake that leads to weight gain.

College also involves a lot of social events put on by various clubs, organizations, and dorms. They tend to include food, and the options are often limited to takeout foods such as pizza.

One study of 756 first-year college students found that after starting college, students who lived on campus generally ate fewer healthy food options such as fruits, veggies, and dairy products (4).

Calories dont count more significantly when consumed at night. However, studies show that late eaters tend to eat more calories overall.

In one study, researchers found that people who ate between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. consumed around 500 more calories per day and gained about 3.5 pounds (1.6 kg) more per year than people who ate only during daylight hours (5).

One reason for this may be that people who commonly eat late at night tend to go for more convenient, less healthy, high calorie foods since it may be harder to make healthy food choices late at night.

This may be especially true when youre on campus with limited food options outside of the dining hall.

On top of this, studies suggest that up to 60% of college students find themselves sleep-deprived for various reasons, such as studying late (6).

People who are sleep-deprived tend to consume more calories and crave foods that are convenient and less healthy and contain more calories (7, 8).

The college experience can be both exciting and stressful.

Many students may find themselves stressed with the pressure to do well on exams, balance their studies with social life, and cope with the financial burden of student loans.

Studies have found that people who are stressed are more likely to gain weight for reasons such as altered hunger hormones and increased cravings (9, 10, 11).

Plus, many people find themselves seeking comfort in food during stressful times. At those times, they may tend to eat highly palatable, less nutritious foods that are high in sugar and fat, such as ice cream, chocolate, lollipops, and potato chips (12).

College is the period of life when many people start drinking alcohol.

While the occasional drink likely wont contribute to much weight gain, heavy drinking during your freshman year can quickly rack up excess calories.

Studies estimate that more than 30% of American college students drink heavily, with more than 42% of students reporting one or more episodes of heavy drinking in a month (defined as more than five standard drinks for men and four for women) (13).

Consuming alcohol frequently can quickly increase your calorie intake and lead to weight gain, as alcohol itself provides 7 calories per gram. Also, alcoholic drinks may contain additional calories from carbohydrates and fat, depending on the mixers used.

Aside from simply increasing your calorie intake, alcohol can affect your weight in other ways.

When you drink alcohol, your body prefers to metabolize it before carbs or fat, which means calories from those nutrients may be more likely to be stored as fat (14).

Additionally, studies suggest not only that alcohol can increase your appetite but also that when youre intoxicated, you have decreased inhibitions around food. This may mean youre more likely to choose less nutritious, high fat, high salt foods (15, 16, 17, 18).

Exercise is great for both your physical and mental health. However, studies have found that people tend to be less active as they transition from high school to college (19, 20).

On top of this, college students tend to engage in more sedentary activities, such as sitting down for long periods. An analysis of 125 studies in students found that students on average sit for more than 7 hours per day (21).

Sitting for long periods means you burn fewer calories over the course of the day, which can lead to weight gain especially if youre eating the same way you did when you were more active, such as in high school.

Studies have also linked more sedentary behavior to a number of negative health outcomes as well as increased feelings of anxiety, depression, and stress, which are not good for overall well-being (22, 23, 24).

There are various causes for weight gain during the freshman year, such as eating in dorms, social events, eating late at night, stress and emotional eating, increased alcohol intake, and decreased physical activity.

While gaining weight in college may seem unavoidable, there are plenty of things you can do to help prevent it and keep yourself feeling better in the long run.

Below are some tips to help you manage your weight in college.

To begin with, its a good idea to make an effort to stay active during your time in college.

Try to find activities you enjoy and schedule regular exercise into your weekly routine. You could try jogging, following a YouTube workout, lifting weights, or joining a group fitness class.

Increasing your daily activity doesnt necessarily mean you have to go to the gym or exercise more. Simple things like walking to your classes or taking the stairs instead of elevators can make a difference in the long run.

If you tend to study late at night and need snacks to stay focused, prepare some healthy snacks beforehand that will keep you focused, curb your appetite, and help you stay away from less nutritious, higher calorie fare.

Its also a good idea to stock some healthy snacks in your dorm room to reduce the urge to eat processed foods when hunger or cravings hit.

Here are some great healthy and convenient snack options you can keep in your room:

Its also a good idea to cut back on sugary drinks and alcohol. Theyre generally high in empty calories and lacking in nutrients, and they dont curb your appetite the same way whole foods do (25).

When it comes to navigating the dining hall, start by filling your plate with plenty of vegetables, fruit, whole grains such as brown rice, and a source of lean protein like fish, chicken, or beans.

Filling your plate with more healthy nutrient-dense foods like these will leave less room for unhealthy items.

Building a balanced plate with a combination of fiber-rich whole grains, colorful produce, and lean protein will also help you stay fuller longer, give you the energy to power through a long day of classes and studying, and help prevent unwanted weight gain.

Stress can be difficult to manage and can affect your weight and mental health.

There are many approaches to stress management, so its a good idea to take some time to figure out which healthy ways to manage stress work best for you.

Some great ways to help relieve stress include:

If youre having trouble finding a healthy way to manage stress, consider seeking help from a mental health counselor at your college.

You can do many things to avoid weight gain, such as finding ways to stay active, keeping nutritious snacks on hand, choosing healthier options from the cafeteria, and finding healthy ways to manage stress.

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The Freshman 15: Causes and Prevention Tips - Healthline

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Diet plan and food dos and don’ts for COVID-19 patients – Times of India

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Nutrition plays a significant role for both, the COVID-19 patients and those who are on the path of recovery. During COVID-19, the body gets weakened and it continues for days even after recovering from the symptoms. Thus, it becomes essential to consume the right kind of diet for a speedy and complete recovery of the body. We spoke to celebrity nutritionist Sandhya Gugnani and she recommended some food and diet tips based on the latest research. Recommended dietary allowance (RDA) for Covid patients Start with meeting 50% of the nutritional requirement of the patient and proceed to 70% by the 3rd day, gradually increasing to 100% by the end of the week. Calorie requirement / RDA

Oral Nutritional Supplements (ONS) In case of diarrhoea

Five serving of all coloured fruits and vegetables are a must to get adequate vitamins and minerals when you are COVID positive. You can have small amounts of dark chocolate with at least 70% cocoa which can lift your mood, get rid of anxiety and will also boost your immunity.

Most COVID patients experience loss of smell and taste or difficulty in swallowing. It is important to eat soft foods at small intervals and to add amchoor in the food.

Sample Diet Chart

Common questions to be addressed

Consume energy-boosting foods like banana, apples, oranges or sweet lime juice to deal with post-COVID fatigue. Add sweet potato in the salad or as a part of your meal. Take warm water with organic honey and lime.

How to manage dry cough?

Drink plenty of fluids, like warm water with tulsi leaves to manage COVID symptoms, like cough and itchy throat. Avoid sugary drinks, alcohol, coffee as it leads to dehydration. Inhale steam with the tongue out at least 2-3 times a day.

Originally posted here:
Diet plan and food dos and don'ts for COVID-19 patients - Times of India

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7 exercise tips from the YMCA to get you moving for National Fitness Day | GVLtoday – AVLtoday

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7 tips to help you get moving ahead of National Fitness Day, Saturday, May 1 | Photo via Pexels

Lets get physical, GVL. Saturday, May 1 is National Fitness Day, and the certified exercise pros at the YMCA of Greenville have 7 fit tips to help you get moving:

Shoot for about 150 minutes (~20 minutes per day) of moderate level intensity cardio exercise per week. ProTip Mix in a couple days of full body weight training to focus on muscular strength and endurance.

This may seem obvious, but find exercises that you enjoy doing and activities that motivate you to keep going throughout the week. If the den is your safe space or if you are crushed for time and cant come into your branch, the Y has a ton of virtual classes and workouts on its new mobile app. ProTip: Get the most out of your YMCA membership by meeting with one of their wellness coaches to get connected with the right exercise plan for you.

Dont forget to drink enough water. The minimum amount of water you should drink is half your weight in ounces. (Read: a 150lb person should drink a minimum of 75oz per day). Carry around a fun water bottle that you enjoy drinking out of and take it everywhere errands, the Y + even around the house. Remember to eat Be sure to fuel your body for the type of exercise you do. Even if you only have 5 or 10 minutes, eat an apple or banana + hydrate well. A healthy diet helps replenish your body and prevent nutrient deficiencies, which can impact your bodys response to germs and pathogens. An apple a day really can keep the doctor away.

Just like its important to balance your workouts, make sure to find time for rest days. Recovery is just as important, plus thats when muscle is built. Most people can reach their fitness goals with 3-4 days of resistance and aerobic combination exercise training then take those other 3-4 days off.

The best way to strengthen the immune system is being able to manage and minimize stress. Further, exercise and proper nutrition have been shown to effectively lower the bodys stress response.

Finally, top off all your hard work with getting a good nights rest. Sleep disruption has been linked to suppressed immunity, so pick a good time to go to bed and stick with it. Enjoy all the sweet dreams of achieving your fitness goals.

Why does exercise matter? According to the American College of Sports Medicine, even one single bout of exercise can instantaneously mobilize immune cells especially those responsible for recognizing and killing virus-infected cells and help protect you from complications + keep you healthy.

Sign up for a YMCA membership here to get started on your fitness journey. (And if you join by April 30, your joining fee is waived.)

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April 24th, 2021 at 1:53 am

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One and Done Workout Reviews Is It Legit? Worth the Money? – GlobeNewswire

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Chicago, IL, April 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

The One and Done Workout is a fitness program that takes very little time each day for impressive results. Users only have to engage in the regimen for two weeks to see a change in the way that the body feels and looks.

One of the biggest problems facing the alternative health industry is the sketchiness of the companies behind leading products. Most supplement and workout program websites feature an over-dramatic testimonial from someone whose full name is never even disclosed. We frequently review these formulas and programs, and our editors try to look past the melodramatic introductions to evaluate the genuine scientific evidence behind the proposed health solution. However, its always nice to know who youre doing business with. The creator of a supplement can make-or-break how the formula is perceived by the larger alternative health community.

Luckily, the subject of our review today doesnt experience the problem of source anonymity associated with other products in its niche. One and Done Workouts is being distributed and marketed primarily by Meredith Shirk. If you have been around in the workout scene for the past decade, you probably know who this is. Her YouTube account and Facebook groups are exceedingly popular, especially among millions of aging mothers and other women who want to improve their health by losing weight. Shirk has a major reputation with this demographic, and testimonials for her many weight loss programs are common on the internet.

On the website for One and Done Workouts, Shirk claims that this new workout program can help people to obtain better results in just one minute than 30 minutes on the elliptical. This sales pitch taps into a core complaint many people have about traditional weight loss programsthey simply take too long. Shirk has apparently been working on this program for many years. As the name suggests, One and Done workouts claims to help people lose weight by doing just one minute of strenuous exercise.

The exercises in the One and Done program seem to have been specially designed to provide people with serious results. This is great to hear; it can be discouraging to do the same workouts over and over and experience very little in the way of results. The goal of our review today is to explore whether or not One and Done Workouts can genuinely help consumers improve their weight loss progress.

What is the One and Done Workout?

Working out can take a lot of time and energy out of someone, especially when they already have other commitments in their day. Whether those hours are filled with time at the office, managing the schedule of young children, or attending regular meetings with friends, no one wants to give up their precious free time. With the One and Done Workout, users wont have to say goodbye to these times.

The One and Done Workout is fairly self-explanatory to what it entails being done with a workout with very little effort. Users are taken through a program that takes about two weeks to complete, using their bodyweight to become stronger. With only 7 minutes needed each day, a fit and healthy body doesnt have to be far away.

While the website contains plenty of information about creator Meredith Shirk, users wont learn much about this program without making a purchase themselves. The entire basis of the routine is Sprint Interval Training, but it is not fully explained either. Still, with the fat-burning power is substantial, helping users to lose up to 2 lbs. with each day that they practice the routine.

Unlike other workout routines, users dont actually have to make any changes to their routine to make a change in their body. The program is meant to be completely focused on the way that these workouts burn the extra calories. Luckily, users that want to modify their diet as well will have access to a brief diet plan that they can try out for greater odds of success.

About Meredith Shirk

This program, like many others with Svelte Media Incorporated, was developed by Meredith Shirk. Meredith is the companys founder and CEO, launching the brand over a decade ago to offer fitness solutions to consumers everywhere. Though she started the program with just herself, the team grew to 20 people to help her with her mission of improving fitness.

Meredith has many certifications and qualifications that further support her work as a fitness instructor. Some of those qualifications include:

Meredith also has a bachelors degree in biology from California Lutheran University with Magna Cum Laude honors. She was the captain of the universitys water polo team, leading them to the Division III championship, SCIAC championship, and 2009 NCAA Division I championship.

Meredith has received attention from many people and companies already, and shes been featured on ESPM for her skills as a female athlete.

How Does the One and Done Workout Improve Weight Loss?

Much of the One and Done Workout centers around the use of strategic exercise that Meredith refers to as Sprint Interval Training. Though most people believe that they have to spend hours in the gym, that is not the case with this regimen.

The reason that this program works so well is because it packs a lot of power into such short routines. Much of the program centers around taking less than 10 minutes to perform an entire routine, making it easy on both the users schedule and the body. Plus, the routine will continue to push the body into fat loss for up to two days after the routine has been completed. The key is to activate certain parts of the metabolism, and that is done through S.I.T.

S.I.T., or Sprint Interval Training, doesnt require much from the users surroundings. The exercises dont require any kind of extra equipment, using the users own body to provide any weight or resistance that they need for it to work. Furthermore, the exercise doesnt require much space. All the user needs it to have enough stretching room in the area that they get comfortable in.

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The exercises are rather easy for users to take on with any existing soreness. With damage in the lower back or knees from previous exercise, some consumers struggle to perform other exercises later in life. By changing to a different routine with S.I.T. exercises, users can actually make some modifications to improve their results.

Along with the routine, users will also learn about certain ways that theyve already been damaging their body as theyve tried to lose weight in the past. So many programs dont provide users with the solutions that could actually help, and others are rather hard on tender areas of the body. This program centers around both improving health and fitness alike.

Purchasing Access to the One and Done Workout

Every part of the One and Done Workout is digital, allowing users to instantly access the content after a payment of $29. Typically, users would have to pay $99.95 to gain access, but the price has been drastically reduced since then.

With the purchase of Meredith Shirk's One and Done Workout program, users will get access to:

Though these parts of the program are all that the creator requires to get the results, users also get two bonuses. The first bonus is a collection of Detoxifying Red & Green Smoothie Recipes, which shows users different options that they have to purge their body of the buildup of toxins.

The second bonus is the 10-Day "Done-For-You" Keto Reset Meal Plan. This mean plan comes with all of the directions that users need to follow for quick weight loss. It even comes with recipes and shopping lists to make the eating plan easier. Since users dont actually need to make big changes to their diet, they dont have to follow the meal guide. However, the direction gives users an idea of what they can do to improve.

Frequently Asked Questions About the One and Done Workout

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What is the optimal age to participate in the One and Done Workout?

This program is meant to help consumers of all ages, which is why it is so helpful. Consumers dont have to have any kind of fitness level to achieve the movements, and there are even some people in their 70s who have been able to participate easily.

Is this program okay for individuals who are currently overweight?

Absolutely. Users of this program dont already need to be in shape at all. In fact, as they pursue the movements, users may find that they slowly increase the endurance and ability to particulate in the program. The whole point of the regimen is to build up quickly, which is why the routine is specifically arranged to achieve this effect.

What if the user hasnt worked out in a while?

Not a problem at all. The program is made to meet users where they are. Regardless of the fitness level that they are at when they begin, all consumers have a shot of reaching their goal weight and finding a way to enjoy cardiovascular workouts.

Will users need to incorporate weights or other types of exercise equipment?

No. The only weight that the user will incorporate is their own weight as the resistance that she needs. The program is mostly made up of different types of stretching, allowing users to perform the routine wherever they have a little space.

Is the One and Done Workout safe to follow for individuals that have issues with their heart?

Yes. It can support the health of the heart safely, and it can help users take off the extra weight that can threaten heart health. However, consumers that currently have a heart issue may want to speak with a medical professional.

How long will users have to keep up with the One and Done Workout program to get results?

Most users will see the changes start when they first begin, helping them to sleep better on the first night. Within about two weeks, most users are able to successfully complete the exercises as they are described.

Is it possible to perform these exercises with a bad back?

Absolutely. Everyone starts somewhere, and it is no problem to begin with movements that are a bit easier to take on with this weakness. Over time, the user should become stronger and more capable of performing the routine.

Is it possible to get free access to the One and Done Workout content on streaming services like YouTube?

While there are ways to learn different exercises online for free, Sprint Internal Training isnt shown in the same way that Meredith Shirk brings to consumers in this workout plan. The program isnt available for free, and an alternative version of this program is not available either.

Will participants have to change the foods that they eat to make a difference?

Overall, users wont have to really make any modifications to their current diet. The only way that users will really need to change anything is if their current routine is to eat constant junk food and unhealthy meals. Users are encouraged to take on healthier habits (like drinking water and getting enough vegetable servings), but that is it.

Is there a refund policy in place?

Yes. If the user is unable to shed the weight, the company offers a money-back guarantee. This guarantee is good for the first 60 days after the purchase was made.

Is it safe to engage in this routine if the user has arthritis or circulatory issues?

Yes. No matter what issues the user currently has with their body, Meredith encourages everyone to take their time so that they can progressively build up their body to the workouts.

Will users actually be able to complete these movements with only one minute of their time?

Absolutely. The program goes in intervals of 20 seconds of intense exercise that repeats three times. Each of these intervals is separated by active recovery, which allows the user to essentially rest for two minutes. In total, the intense exercise only takes about a minute. However, the entire routine is closer to 10 minutes.

To learn more about the routine, Meredith, or other concerns about the One and Done Workout, consumers can call (317) 662-2322 or send an email to


The One and Done Workout by Meredith Shirk provides users with a way to fit in their exercise each day without having to worry about moving around their entire schedule. Each exercise is relatively quick and simple, though users may have to push their body to build up to the demands of the routine. Consumers can work out with this routine at any age or fitness level, even if they struggle with inflammation or soreness in certain muscle groups.

Reviewing a workout program is a bit different than researching a supplement. Our editors searched all over the internet to find some information about how One and Done Workouts exercises help to improve weight loss in men and women. As the site explains, moderate exercise might create more inflammation and stress in your body, which can hamper long-term weight loss and make it harder for you to gain sustainable muscle. To remedy this major problem, Meredith Shirk and the creators of One and Done Workouts have concocted a series of simple fat-burning workouts. The One and Done Workout system has enjoyed the same level of success and notoriety in the fitness world as her Metaboost Connection program too.

The workouts used in this program have been promoted by the NIH, the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal. After independently evaluating these sources, it seems clear to our editors that this workout program can help some consumers lose weight.

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Official Website:

Contact Details: One and Done Workout


Phone: (317) 662-2322


This product review is published by Marketing By Kevin. Marketing By Kevin reviews are researched and formulated by a group of experienced natural health advocates with years of dedication and determination to finding the highest quality health products and wellness programs available. It should be noted that any purchase derived from this resource is done at your own peril. It is recommended to consult with a qualified professional healthcare practitioner before making an order today if there are any additional questions or concerns. Any order finalized from this releases links are subject to the entire terms and conditions of the official websites offer. The researched information above does not take any direct or indirect responsibility for its accuracy.

Affiliate Disclosure:

The links contained in this product review may result in a small commission to Marketing By Kevin if you opt to purchase the product recommended at no additional cost to you. This goes towards supporting our research and editorial team and please know we only recommend high quality products.


Please understand that any advice or guidelines revealed here are not even remotely a substitute for sound medical advice from a licensed healthcare provider. Make sure to consult with a professional physician before making any purchasing decision if you use medications or have concerns following the review details shared above. Individual results may vary as the statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Stomach bloating: The best form of exercise to help destress and reduce painful symptoms – Express

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And this is where we like to position whole body vibration and power plate.

Vibration, in its simplest form is movement, so when you add more movement to the body, the body responds in a multitude of ways at both a physiological and psychological level.

So, whether it be a massage and quick stretch first thing in the morning for blood flow and pain reduction to start the day, a warm up before a morning jog to get more out of your workout and reduce injury risk, a quick lunch time movement session enhanced by greater muscle activation or a relaxing yoga flow at the end of a busy and stressful day at work.

Power Plate always facilitates more movement, by stimulating more muscles, more often, increasing circulation, enhancing lymphatic flow as well as challenging the bodys sensory system (proprioceptors) to wake up and join in.

While we have known both from extensive scientific research and years of practice-based evidence the many benefits of whole-body vibration, what is both exciting and thought provoking are findings from very recent research relating to the potential for whole body vibration (WBV) to attenuate inflammation via positive vascular and anti-inflammatory effects, making it even more relevant, accessible and pertinent in current climate.

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Stomach bloating: The best form of exercise to help destress and reduce painful symptoms - Express

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Pete Wentz is the King of the L.A. Tennis Scene – GQ Magazine

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An unlikely tabloid fixture has emerged this past year, with all the flair and panache of prime Andre Agassi: Pete Wentz, playing tennis. And boy, does he play tennis. He plays wearing Spirit of Halloween merch in the middle of December. He plays it with his buddy Gavin Rossdale (and Rossdales cheerful Pomeranian). He plays so much, in fact, that he says hell often spend up to six hours picking up games in the park, bouncing from some hitting with Zach Braff to a full match of doubles with the 60-something guys hanging out.

The Fall Out Boy bassist, whos hopped in and out of the public eye in the two decades since he founded the band, has evolved into that lovable type of low-key celebrity who just seems like he'd be a good hang. He pals around the courts, films TikToks with his kids, maintains a little vertical garden at his house, and generally does his own thing, while continuing to put out music with one of the most enduring emo bands around. These days, hes gearing up for a big tour with Green Day and Weezer and recording a weekly Apple Radio show, where he might defend Afflecks Batman before he chases Leonard Cohens Hallelujah with Kid Cudis Pursuit of Happiness.

All of that, somehow, leaves plenty of time for tennis. Wentz talked to GQ about the drill that made him puke, the quality of Steve Carells backhand, and why the sport is the great equalizer.

For Real-Life Diet, GQ talks to high-performing people about their diet, exercise routines, and pursuit of wellness. Keep in mind that what works for them might not necessarily be healthy for you.

GQ: Whats your tennis schedule these days?

Pete Wentz: It depends on the week. Some days I'm a complete park rat and I'll play, like, six hours a day. I go through spurts. A couple of days a week, I play at the park with old guys who do a lot of...unorthodox strokes [laughs]. Park tennis is completely different. You have people yelling at you, and sirens and police helicopters. And I play at my coach's house, where he has a little court, which has been really nice in quarantine.

Do you plan those six-hour days, or does it happen by accident?

It starts with me being like, "I have a hard out at 11." And then I'm like, Well...I guess we could play one more set. And then the next person shows up, and I'm like, I guess we could play and all of a sudden the day completely gets away from you.

If I don't do any physical activity during the day, I'm not a great person. I'm snappy, I don't feel good. When I play tennis, when it's going well, that's all I think about. I don't think about anything else. That's a nice feeling.

Like meditation?

Totally. Which I also started in quarantine. I'm not as good at meditation as...I don't do six hours a day, if you know what I mean. My friend Wes [Lang, former GQ watch columnist] put me on to these specific meditations on an app. I have a really active mind that won't stop, so I use a mantra meditation. I do that once a day. I realize with all the tennis and the weightlifting, I should be doing more meditation and yoga. That's what my grandma did every day, and she lived forever. I'm missing flexibility and balance.

With tennis, do you typically rally or play full matches?

I ideally like to play singles. I'm trying to eat lots of pizza, and singles is the only thing that will burn that for me. I don't think I'm truly savvy enough for doubles, since it has a bit of a chess-like strategy. With singles, I can just grind. I'm not the greatest player, but I'm easy to play with. If you don't wanna run for a lot of balls, I'll run to them for you. If you're a better player than me, I'll be your wingman. But I'd rather play singles or just hit.

When did you start playing?

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Pete Wentz is the King of the L.A. Tennis Scene - GQ Magazine

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