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Duggar: Is Jinger Vuolo Unhappy And Unfulfilled In Her Marriage? – TV Shows Ace

Posted: February 17, 2020 at 6:44 pm

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Duggar daughter Jinger, often posts on Instagram. Her life looks to die for, shes got a beautiful baby and a handsome husband. And, it seems they dont want for a few pennies either. Living in LA, they took to Californian life like ducks to water. But she suddenly promoted a book called Youre Not Enough (And Thats Okay): Escaping the Toxic Culture of Self-Love. Fans wonder if she feels inadequate and unfulfilled in her marriage.

TV Shows Ace often reports on Jingerss happy-looking life. She loves her daily walk with her Felicity and Jeremy. Taken up in her darling daughters life, never a bad moment between the couple hits Instagram. But idyllic as they seem, could she suffer conflict? And, is that related to her religious upbringing? Written by Allie Beth Stuckey, Amazon notes the book tackles the issue of self-love.

Part of the synopsis of the book reads, But the promise doesnt deliver. Instead of feeling fulfilled, our pursuit of self-love traps us in an exhausting cycle: as we strive for self-acceptance, we become addicted to self-improvement. Over on Reddit, plenty of Duggar followers spoke out against this sort of approach to life. After all, they cant get over how appreciating themselves and enjoying self-love can possibly be a bad thing.

The book, written for Instagram influencers, mommy bloggers, self-help gurus, and teachers claims that nobody can be successful, secure, and complete if they indulge in self-love. But reading it, some followers of the Duggar family wonder if Jinger struggles with her self-worth. After all, it seems no matter what the Duggar women do, theyll always be second-class citizens.

In the Duggar world, girls become nothing more than cooks, cleaners, child rearers, and slaves to their husbands whims. Much like that relationship with husbands, the females are also required to trust in the word of God completely. This book brings an angle that only God can fulfill people. In fact, for some Redditors, it seems sad, as everyones got the free will to work on their own self-improvement.

On Reddit, one person wrote, doesnt it make you sad to know that this is actually how the girls feel they willnever be good enough for their husbands and anything that goes wrong is their fault. Another one noted, I have so much pity for Jinger [Duggar] and her hateful beliefs.

What do you think about Jinger reading that book? Do you think that shes not happy in her marriage? Is that why she looks for guidance about loving or not loving herself? Sound off your thoughts in the comment below.

Remember to check back withTV Shows Ace often for more news about the Duggar family of TLCs Counting On.

Woryn is a writer who started a small book publishing company. She wrote three books, one of them published by Domhan. Woryn also writes as Jane Flowers for The Destination Seeker and Blasting News.

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Duggar: Is Jinger Vuolo Unhappy And Unfulfilled In Her Marriage? - TV Shows Ace

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February 17th, 2020 at 6:44 pm

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Inner Peace and Psychology Don’t Mix – Thrive Global

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I am trained and licensed as a Marriage and Family therapist. I love serving people and supporting them with suffering less and loving more. I entered the field of psychology because it looked like the best way to go about helping people. You can understand then why it would be disconcerting when I came across an understanding that revealed to me that the solution to suffering is not actually found within the scope of the discipline of psychology that studies thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

The very thing I learned about to help people actually does not have the answers in it.

After coming across the teachings of Sydney Banks, it was a gradual process of unlearning my training and waking up to what is truly helpful and liberating for myself and others.

Prior to this understanding, I thought improving ones psychology was the path to peace and freedom. I bought into the idea that there were issues to be healed and thoughts needed to be managed and changed for happiness to be experienced. Difficult emotions needed to be delved into and explored and expressed. I did all of this with good intentions. I went into the details of peoples lives and internal worlds thinking it would help them find more peace of mind.

The challenge with this is that there is an infinite amount of content to explore and emotions to be released. As soon as one issue looked contained or resolved a new one would arise. No wonder analysts work with clients for years. This does not mean insights and realizations cant be had by looking in that direction. They do happen because that is the innate design of human beings. We naturally have insights not because techniques are needed to find the answers.

It took my willingness to look in a completely different direction for me to understand that my attempts to help were misguided. On a personal level, I was looking at my human experience and trying to fix the content of my thinking to make my human experience more to my liking. What shifted for me is when I took a step back and stopped examining and judging my experience and instead looked to where experience comes from. From that vantage point, I started to see more clearly the simplicity of it all.

The experience of life is created through us, and when we react to the experience we create, we suffer. There is nothing wrong with this. No fixing is required. It is just what happens. And the more we see what is happening the less likely we are to react to our temporary experience and the more likely we are to look toward what is behind it and unchanging.

Experience is temporary. What creates our experience is not.

I previously had no appreciation for the innate wisdom in the human design on the emotional and mental level. I knew there was an innate intelligence at play within the physical body that I did not have to be consciously aware of and monitoring, but that is not how I felt about my emotions and thoughts. I thought I needed to improve them and my work then became about helping others improve theirs.

The downside, however, was that it didnt work. I was never good enough. The self-improvement never resulted in an experience of deep peace and acceptance of what is. It required work and maintenance. There was always more to do and further to go. The more I did, the more I saw there was more to do. It was exhausting.

What is the alternative?

The alternative is to understand that the experience of inner peace and freedom comes from a deeper place within than the constantly changing experience of our psychology. There is our human experience of emotions and thoughts that comes and goes, and then there is a deeper place within that is unchanging even though we dont experience it all the time. It is the formless essence of who we are.It is beyond our beliefs and concepts. It is the space of potential and possibility.

For me, has a felt experience of expansiveness and love. You know what that space is inside of you. You might label it differently, but feel into who you are beyond your thoughts and feelings. Feel into this deeper dimension of who you are and see what reveals itself to you.

Recognizing that this deeper dimension exists is what helped me to experience more freedom and peace of mind. I no longer needed to change my thoughts and feelings. I simply got more perspective on them. I could see that they didnt need to be fixed even if I didnt like my experience in the moment. I saw that trying to manage my experience and control it was completely unnecessary because it would naturally change, and me trying to manage what I was feeling was what was actually creating my suffering, not the actual experience itself.

Resistance to what is = suffering.

On a professional level, my new understanding required working with people in a completely different way. I was no longer delving in and asking my clients to face and express the content of their experience. I instead, asked them to step back and understand where their experience comes from and how it is created. My job became about helping people see the illusory nature of their psychology so the could experience more of who they are beyond that. I looked to help them recognize that their suffering is the result of focusing on their misunderstandings and misidentification with who they are. The true unchanging part of who they are is not their thoughts and feelings, it is the impersonal space of innate wellbeing that is peace, love, wisdom, hope, compassion etc

Our behaviors always reflect our level of understanding of this. The more we know who we are the more our behaviors reflect the qualities of love, compassion, wisdom, and understanding of our true nature. Trying to change our experience because we dont like it just creates more suffering. And trying to change our behavior without a shift in understanding is also often painful and definitely not sustainable.

You do not need to be enlightened to feel the benefits of what Sydney Banks shared. As regular human beings who still at times identify with our individual identity, there is still great benefit and reduction in suffering available just by looking in the direction of truth. Instead of managing and controlling yourself, try letting go and simply being with what is and see what reveals itself from there. Your direct experience is your teacher.

As George Pransky said at a recent professional training, You are either uncovering the known or conceptualizing the unknown. What is transformative is looking to what you experientially know beyond your intellectual concepts.

Rohini Rossis passionate about helping people wake up to their full potential. She is a transformative coach, leadership consultant, a regular blogger for Thrive Global, and author of the short-readMarriage (The Soul-Centered Series Book 1)available on Amazon. You can get her free eBookRelationshipshere.Rohini has an international coaching and consulting practice based in Los Angeles helping individuals, couples, and professionals embrace all of who they are so they can experience greater levels of well-being, resiliency, and success. She is also the founder ofThe Soul-Centered Series: Psychology, Spirituality, and the Teachings of Sydney Banks.You can follow Rohini onFacebook,Twitter, andInstagram, and watch herVlogswith her husband. To learn more about her work go to her website,

Excerpt from:
Inner Peace and Psychology Don't Mix - Thrive Global

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February 17th, 2020 at 6:44 pm

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Relax, Aquarius, and take a moment to review what’s come and gone – Bowling Green Daily News

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Happy birthday for Feb. 18: Stabilizing your life and positioning yourself for success should be your priorities. Your numbers are 7, 12, 22, 27, 33, 39, 48.

ARIES (March 21-April 19): Share less in order to minimalize opposition. Youll accomplish the most if you work alone. HH

TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Share information, assess situations and explore possibilities. Your dedication to pursue something you feel passionate about will bring satisfying results that promote positive change. HHHHH

GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Dont waste time on trivial matters or people who are misleading or playing games with you. Dont fold under pressure. HHH

CANCER (June 21-July 22): A change will enhance your personal life. Conversations will lead to decisions that will change your life. A partnership will complement what you are trying to achieve. HHH

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Consider what you want. A personal change should be your priority. Let go of anything or anyone holding you back. Its time to venture down a path that leads to something you want. HHH

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Enjoy what life has to offer, and be willing to embrace the changes that come your way. Its time to start something new, but first, complete anything youve left undone. The result of purging and forging ahead will be gratifying. HHHHH

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Stay out of the line of fire. Someone will try to disrupt your life if you are too accommodating or willing to put up with unreasonable demands. Look inward, and make personal growth your priority. HH

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Mingle with people who have a sharp, imaginative mind; good ideas will push you in a new direction. Mix creativity with ambition and drive, and you will find a way to up your game and use your skills to prosper. HHHH

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Control your emotions. Spend time on self-improvement and boosting your confidence, not putting up with people who are critical or demeaning. HHH

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): A healthy attitude coupled with discipline and a good work ethic will lead to a better lifestyle. Physical fitness and proper diet should be priorities. HHH

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Relax, and take a moment to review whats come and gone. Consider what you want and what you are willing to give. HHH

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): Reach out to someone who needs a helping hand. Your input will make a difference and encourage a promotion or a boost to your reputation. HHHH

Excerpt from:
Relax, Aquarius, and take a moment to review what's come and gone - Bowling Green Daily News

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February 17th, 2020 at 6:44 pm

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Get Smarter This Presidents Day With 10 Deals on Online Courses and Bootcamps – Entrepreneur

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Score huge savings on valuable online training.

February 17, 2020 4 min read

Disclosure: Our goal is to feature products and services that we think you'll find interesting and useful. If you purchase them, Entrepreneur may get a small share of the revenue from the sale from our commerce partners.

Image credit: Entrepreneur Store

We all know that e-commerce is a lucrative industry, and that Shopify powers a significant piece of the e-commerce pie. This comprehensive bundle will show you how to create and scale a Shopify and e-commerce business so you can start earning revenue sooner than ever.

Presidents Day Price: $34 with promo code "PRESIDENT15"

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You may have Excel on your rsum, but how much do you really know? This comprehensive bundle will teach you basic formulas and functions in Excel, while also helping you dive into more advanced features like data analysis and visualization, and automation using VBA.

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There are as many people on the planet as there are Google searches per day. For entrepreneurs, that represents an opportunity. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a crucial tool to grow your business and this bundle will teach you how to build your website and create content that will be picked up by Google's algorithm, thereby getting customers on your site.

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Sales is an essential element of any growing business, so it never hurts to build upon your technique and skill set. With this bundle, you'll learn proven tips and skills to sell to even the most challenging buyers and take a deep dive into how to build successful sales funnels.

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Project managers are in high demand across virtually all industries and this extensive, 120-hour bundle introduces you to some of the top project management methodologies, including Agile, PMP, Six Sigma, and more.

Presidents DayPrice: $40 with promo code "PRESIDENT15"

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The world's most productive people read hundreds of books every year but how does one even begin to keep up? Two words: speed reading. With this bundle, you'll learn how to speed read from the experts so you can start building up more knowledge faster than ever before.

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Coders will always be in demand, and it's not too late to get a valuable coding education. This ten-course bundle will introduce you to web development languages like JavaScript and HTML, data mining with Python, deep learning with Keras, and much more.

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Want to invest in real estate, but don't know where to start? This five-course bundle will teach you how to evaluate commercial real estate properties, analyze wholesale deals, and create investment partnerships.

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The Adobe Creative Cloud is the leading creative software suite on the planet. It's simple: if you want to work in design, you have to know Adobe CC. This nine-course bundle will help you master Photoshop, Lightroom, InDesign, and more crucial design programs in the Creative Cloud so you can take your design expertise to the next level.

Presidents Day Price: $25with promo code "PRESIDENT15"

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Designing and building your own websitecan save you huge amounts of money when launching your business. This six-course, beginner-friendly bundle will teach you how to build a site from scratch using tools like Ruby, Bootstrap, and Python. You'll even build 23 original projects to practice.

Presidents Day Price: $25 with promo code "PRESIDENT15"

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Get Smarter This Presidents Day With 10 Deals on Online Courses and Bootcamps - Entrepreneur

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Monday Medical: Self-care in the season of love – Steamboat Pilot & Today

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Its the season of love, which means its a good time to talk about one of your most important relationships: your relationship with yourself.

Our fundamental relationship is the relationship with ourselves, said Molly Lotz, a behavioral health social worker with UCHealth Yampa Valley Medical Center. In this month focused on love, we can think about what it looks like for us to nurture ourselves and our relationship with our own health.

Below, Lotz outlines her tips for practicing self-care.

A lot of people think of self-care as getting a manicure or buying a new pair of shoes, Lotz said. Theres nothing wrong with those things, but if were calling them self-care, were missing a big chunk of practices and habits that make us feel better and improve our wellness in the long run.

While self-indulgences provide immediate gratification, self-care often doesnt. So dont think youre missing out if the small steps you take for self-care dont seem to have payoffs right away. Instead, stick with it for the long haul and notice subtle shifts that change your life for the better.

Self-care might not always be easy, Lotz said. But recognize that the payoff comes in feeling better, in having your tank full.

Lotz recommends thinking of self-care in three areas.

First is fitness, or improving your physical well-being: that might mean adding a strength routine into your workout schedule or walking more each day. Second is your above-the-neck care, which includes spirituality, mindfulness or meditation, and mental and social health. And third is adding or eliminating something from your diet to improve nutrition.

Making changes in each of those areas can lead to widespread benefits, such as an improvement in your posture, an increase in your energy, a deepening in your relationships and better management of stress.

If you set up a meeting at work, chances are youll make it. Try to do the same with your self-care routine.

We can put self-care into our schedule, so when we get pinged with an appointment reminder, well honor it the same way wed honor a meeting with a co-worker, Lotz said. If somebody blew me off for a meeting, Id feel a little resentful and irritated. So why would I allow myself to do that with myself? We need to recognize self-care is just as important as any interaction with anyone else we work or live with.

Adding any form of self-care is better than what you were doing yesterday, Lotz said. Start by focusing on one thing and cut yourself some slack. These things are not easy and do take practice.

If youre stressed and overextended, its all the more difficult to help those you love.

If our tank is empty, something is going to suffer our health, our relationships, Lotz said. But if were prioritizing what we need and what makes us feel healthy and good, then were automatically more available for the other people in our lives.

Not all self-care is tedious. In fact, one important way of nurturing your mind is to incorporate more laughter and play into your life. Theres fun and lightness in it, Lotz said.

And dont forget that the end result is worth it.

Self-care will allow you to incorporate more fun into your life, to create more room for joy. Youll feel better, and your anxiety will decrease, Lotz said. While the practices may not always be fun, the payoffs are delightful.

These recommendations were inspired by the work of Dr. Jennifer Ashton, the author of The Self-Care Solution.

Susan Cunningham writes for UCHealth Yampa Valley Medical Center. She can be reached at

Excerpt from:
Monday Medical: Self-care in the season of love - Steamboat Pilot & Today

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15 Women Share Their Top Tips For Learning How To Love Yourself –

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4 How To Love Yourself By... Lauren Bravo, Writer

My top tip for loving yourself is...

'I know the idea of "dating yourself" has reached the realms of clich, but I do think there's something in it. When I'm feeling gloomy, rather than slouching about at home, I try to take myself out in a way that feels almost romantic; I plan a lovely day, take myself for a nice lunch, walk the most beautiful route rather than quickest, wear an outfit that makes me feel good, listen to something I love, spend hours cooking an amazing dinner entirely for me.

'It's all stuff that might feel a bit silly or performative at first, but once you get in the habit of choosing the nicest option instead of just the most convenient, I think that's self-love.'

How I learnt to love myself...

'All too often these days we interpret self-love as cancelling everything and spending a night alone watching Netflix in the bath, but I think just as often it can mean pushing yourself forward and giving yourself more opportunities, not fewer.

'I'm terrible at believing in myself; whenever a professional challenge or exciting opportunity comes along, my immediate reaction is always "Nope! Can't! Shan't!". And yet, when I've completed one of those scary challenges and survived, it's usually the most in love with myself I ever feel. So these days I try try! to cheer myself on with the kind of unconditional love we give our friends and families, but rarely ourselves.

'When I'm feeling like my own worst enemy, I try to treat myself like a best friend I want to spoil, or like a toddler who needs a bit of firm, affectionate parenting. It's about striking that perfect balance, not expecting too much of yourself but not failing to look after yourself either. And I do still love watching Netflix in the bath!

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15 Women Share Their Top Tips For Learning How To Love Yourself -

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5 tiny requests of the fitness newbies wreaking havoc at my Dallas gym – CultureMap Dallas

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Every January brings a new crop of workout enthusiasts to Dallas-area gyms. Fueled by New Year's resolutions and post holiday excess, they storm the treadmills and ellipticals like starstruck fans at an Oprah wellness camp.

In good news for workout veterans, the "get in shape" zeal fades fairly quickly. Resolutions get fuzzy, there are happy hours to attend, and by the end of January, the gym is back to normal.

But the year 2020 has seen the newbies display dedication beyond the norm, sticking it out a month even two.

If you're a regular who knows the beneficial effects of working out, you have no choice but to give them a pumped-up high-5 for initiating their self improvement efforts and sticking to it. You must welcome them to the tribe. You must "woot" their perseverance.

You must even bow to the cardio neophyte who arrives 10 minutes early and commandeers your favorite exercise bike. I mean, you don't own it.

All of this said, there are times when the rookies seem clueless to the accepted decorum at any exercise facility. We're talking about the timeless rules that have been in place since Roman baths were invented in 200 BC.

Rules like, Put your weights back when you're done, wipe your sweat off the Nautilus seat, and the floor mats are for sit-ups and push-ups only. Repeat: The floor mats are for sit-ups and push-ups only.

If you judge by my neighborhood L.A. Fitness, the 2020 newbies seem to be showing deeper signs of oblivion that surpass prior years. Here are some notes on the latest crop of newbies:

Singing on the Gauntlet The Gauntlet is the big enchilada of stair devices, not for the meek. You get a great sweat going, and since it's a hulking 8-foot-tall machine, it puts you higher than everyone else at the gym, allowing you to look down upon the rest from your elevated perch.

That should be enough, right? Not for the passive aggressive guy in the tank top. He is not merely rocking to his headphone, he's singing at the top of his lungs. He is really feeling that Anthony Ramos pop tune. Try to shush him and it's: "If you don't like it, get your own headphones."

On the plus side, maybe he'll learn to really sing and become a big star and actually get his own private gym.

Sauna sit-in The internet tells us that a sauna session can relax the muscles, revitalize the skin, improve blood circulation, and ease mental stress. The internet also says that the proper way to use a sauna is in your "birthday suit." A towel, if you're modest.

So what's the deal with the 15 teenage girls jammed into the sauna, all at once, all fully dressed? Is this a thing? It's definitely a thing at the Garland L.A. Fitness. Any time of the year, open the sauna door and it's a party, everyone is fully dressed, and all are a-chatter. All that's missing is a disco ball.

The locker room selfie You've been working out for a month. You can already see a difference. You've seen the people on YouTube who track their changes via photos and videos. It has been said that this kind of activity can help stoke your commitment.

Question: Is the locker room mirror really the best place to document your journey?

More specific question: Is the locker room mirror really the place to document your journey in that kind of no-holds-barred no-clothes-on manner? Yes, the lighting is fantastic. Yes there are mirrors for miles. But how many Mr. Atlas bicep flexes ... how many attempts to do a Kim Kardashian ass does a person need?

But this rant is futile. There's even a #lockerroomselfie on Instagram.

The nonfitness buffs Working out at a gym is intrinsically a social experience. To a certain extent, you're working out so that someone might find you attractive.

But one tiny request: Please do not dawdle with your pal at the shoulder pulley. If you do not intend to do the shoulder pulley within the next 15 minutes, please step away from the shoulder pulley entirely. Look there are tables over by the smoothie counter where you can chat to your heart's content. Except that's not the point, because you want to look like you're working out.

Don't say you're "between reps," because I've been watching for the past 15 minutes and no reps were executed during that time. Yes, I could have gone and done another machine, but that's beside the point. I'm asking again, nicely, step away from the shoulder pulley right now.

Facetiming your beloved You're going to be home in 15 minutes. You're already dressed. But you gotta check in with your honey. Totally get that. There are decisions to make. Who's gonna pick up dinner and who's gonna walk the dog?

Totally don't get propping your cell on the sink and doing a Facetime. Hello, there are people behind you not dressed. We can see the background of your honey's office, so she can definitely see us behind you in the locker room.

Some situations call for a text. This is one such situation.

Read this article:
5 tiny requests of the fitness newbies wreaking havoc at my Dallas gym - CultureMap Dallas

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Kobe Bryant: Why the Inspiring Book He Was Writing Is Gone Forever – Showbiz Cheat Sheet

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Kobe Bryants death has drawn attention to every aspect of his life. Many fans are now learning about Bryants ventures outside the world of sports. Heres what we know about the book he never finished.

Every avid reader has particular styles and genres of literature which appeal to them. Bryant loved reading and he seemed to enjoy books about self-improvement which had a mystical flair. CNBC said his favorites included Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach andThe Heros Journey,a biography of mythologist Joseph Campbell.

Paulo Coelho is a Brazillian author whose work was also up Bryants alley. Although hes published autobiographies, hes most known for his novels, which often blend elements of self-help literature, New Age spirituality, and Roman Catholicism. Hes most well-known for his 1988 novel The Alchemist, a story about a shepherd going on an adventure which serves as an allegory about finding fulfillment. Its essentially John Bunyans The Pilgrims Progress for the 1980s.

According to CNBC, Bryant was a fan of The Alchemist and read it numerous times. He recommended it to those close to him. Time reports that, after his 2016 retirement from the NBA, Bryant even reached out to Coelho to see if they could co-write a childrens book.

We know very little about the book. Its unclear how much of it was completed before Bryants death. Its also unknown if it had a title yet. Coelho has given us an idea of its contents. Kobe was always very concerned about making a book that was a positive example for children, especially those coming from humble beginnings.

Coehlo had some positive things to say about Bryant. I saw him enough times to assure he had much more than sports on his mind, it wasnt all about competition. His tragic death has shown already how he was important to the world, not only to the United States. We will discuss his legacy for many years, much beyond sport.

Despite any fan interest in the book, Coehlo decided to delete his draft of it. I deleted the draft because it didnt make any sense to publish without him. It wouldnt add anything relevant to him or his family.

Many people urged Coehlo not to erase the incomplete book. Although he has no plans to finish it, Coehlo may write something inspired by Bryant. He explained his actions wont stop me from writing someday about things I learned from Kobe and how much of a larger-than-life person he was. But the childrens book did not make sense anymore.

Maybe Coehlo made the right decision by erasing his collaboration with Bryant. Maybe he didnt. Hopefully, anything he writes which is inspired by Bryant stays true to the NBA legend and his accomplishments.

Also see: Kobe Bryant: T.I. & Magic Johnson Have Surprising Reactions to His Death

Go here to see the original:
Kobe Bryant: Why the Inspiring Book He Was Writing Is Gone Forever - Showbiz Cheat Sheet

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A test of strength – Mount Vernon News

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Powerlifting event brings athletes from all over Ohio to Danville

DANVILLE In the middle of winter, year after year, they make the annual pilgrimage to Danville. About 200 athletes from around the state of Ohio go through the rigors of testing their strength, competitive spirit and resolve. Saturdays 27th Annual Danville Powerlifting Meet attracted lifters from the four corners of Ohio literally. There were 18 teams in total. Among them were local teams like Utica and Fredericktown. There were also some teams that had to drive two or three hours, in the cold, to get in the competition. Those included teams from Toledo Christian Academy, Shadyside, Claymont, Conotton Valley and Western Reserve.

Shadyside brought along a good-size contingent of lifters, who got out of bed around 4 a.m. and arrived at the door of the Danville gymnasium at about a quarter to eight.

We have a lot of drive, said Logan Crozier, a 16-year-old, who plays center on the Shadyside football team. We just want to go out and do the best we can. I love the environment here. Everyone here is watching you. Everyone helps each other out. Its about sportsmanship. We all want to get better.

Some teams brought along an impressive amount of girls, as well as boys. Northmor was one of those.

I just like all the competitors and how they push us to get the weights up, said Northmor lifter Megan McGlothlin, a junior. Our groups are all pretty evenly matched. I like powerlifting. It helps me to push myself and I get stronger, everyday.

For Colton Johnson, a freshman from Ashland, powerlifting is all about self-improvement. He is a linebacker and running back on the football team.

I want to get better, Johnson said. No matter where you are, skill-wise, you can come here and see how youre doing. Theres a lot of competition here. People want to win.

South Central High School junior Elijah Radcliffe was a football player in his sophomore year, but now, he is exclusively a powerlifter.

All I can say is that we like to compete with each other and we like to do better, Radcliffe said. Were willing to travel to compete against other people and we have fun.

The Danville meet left Radcliffe quite impressed.

Its really nice to see all the schools here, Radcliffe said. There are random people, from different schools, congratulating each other. Im making friends with other people from different schools. I like it here.

Danville football coach Ed Honabarger believes the answer to why Danville keeps drawing so many lifters is pretty simple.

I think its the longevity of the event, Honabarger said. Its one of the oldest weightlifting events in Ohio. Also, people seem to like the way we run the meet. Weve got a good thing going, so they keep coming back. We have had people from Cincinnati, Cleveland and Toledo, through the years. Its a good way for people who dont play winter sports like wrestling or basketball to get out of the weight room and have some competition in the winter.

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A test of strength - Mount Vernon News

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You Season 3 On Netflix: Premiere Date Revealed By Netflix? Heres What You Should Know – The Digital Weekly

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On January 14, the third season of YOU was confirmed, and production has now begun, with a renewal for another series supported by a $7 million production tax credit. After an uncertain end in season 2, we will explore further the twisted lives of Joe and his new partner, the well-named Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti).

It comes after Netflix confirmed that in 2021 you would fall. After Joe Goldbergs actor Penn Badgley had left out that viewers should expect another episode of psychological thriller, the streaming giant announced he had commissioned a third season. Given the 2nd season of surprise, it is only what you fans deserve rightly.

Netflix did not confirm the exact release date for You season 3, but it was announced that ten new events were arriving in 2021 when news of the renewal had broken out. In early January, the official Twitter account for the show posted a language-in-cheek video, merely saying New Year, New You, a sweet play on the second year of your pseudo-self-improvement commentary.

To you fans, work officially began on the third chapter in even better news. Producer Sera Gamble on Twitter confirmed that work started on You season 3 on Friday, February 7.

Although this condemns viewers to a year before they can check back in with Joe and Love, it is nice to know that a new season certainly takes place in an era in which Netflix doesnt have to cancel its original shows.

Although there is no news yet as to when production begins on season 3, two new cast members are confirmed: Badgley comes back as Joe and Victoria Pedretti return as Love.

The continued presence of Love in Joes life was quite clear, considering how the pair ended in a reasonably unholy reconciliation during the second season. Hopefully, from season 2, we will also see the return of the extended cast of Quinn family and friends.

You will probably continue to be set for the foreseeable future in Los Angeles. With tax incentives previously mentioned for Californias production and a second season finale that saw Joe living in an idyllic suburban house, it is safe to believe that the third season will not be a change of venue like the second season from New York City to LA.

Season 2 of you drastically increased the melodrama and disagreed with the books with a rather shocking character. One Love is pushed by his first wife, Candace, to face the true nature of Joe, she receives some news in a way that few people have seenstabbing Candace in her throat.

It wasa moment, revealing that Love is as obsessive and tendency to murder as Joe is. Speaking in an interview, Badgley offers insight into the gender policy of Joes rejection of the darkest trends of his partner.

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You Season 3 On Netflix: Premiere Date Revealed By Netflix? Heres What You Should Know - The Digital Weekly

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