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Learn the peak performance secrets that Tony Robbins has used to transform the world class business leaders, athletes and entertainers. Imagine you are no longer controlled by fear and limitations, how would your life be different? What goals and dreams would you set to achieve?

Knowing what you want is important, but having the right strategies and mindsets to get from where you are to where you want to be is crucial. On this day you will learn how to condition for success, how to develop a clear target and master the powerful skills necessary and utilize your potential and resources to achieve your goals.

Learning how to model the best strategies to get consistent results that you desire is what this day is about. You will also learn to replace limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs and create triggers to get you follow through your plans.

Your health and energy are the most important factors when it comes to mastering your life and achieving success. However, we often neglect this. On this day you will discover the psychological and nutritional strategies to increase your energy and boost your immune system and experience the vibrant health and energy that you deserve.

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ExCeL London - Address: One Western Gateway, Royal Victoria Dock, E16 1XL London, United Kingdom


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A belief is a feeling of certainty about what something really means to you. When you say you believe in something, it means you feel certain about it. Human behavior is belief-driven and our beliefs control our actions. All beliefs carry with them consequences. If someone does something, they have a reason or reasons, even when they don't know it consciously.

These 3 beliefs are very important to have when you want to create lasting change. They are:

#1. Change is a MUST

You have to believe something MUST change, not something SHOULD change. If you say you should change something, chances are it will never happen. When you should do something, you only do it when it's convenient, and you don't do it consistently. Change has to be a total absolute MUST.

#2. I must change it

You must be responsible for your change. For example, you want to lose weight and get fit, you cannot hire someone to do it for you. You must be the one who do it. It cannot be based on someone else. Here's what you need to say to yourself: "It must change and I must change it."

#3. I can change it

If you don't believe you can do it, you will not put all your energy and effort to get the result because you think it will not work. For you to really get the results that you want, you must believe that you can. Image you want to go to a different city that you've never been to and your belief is like the map. Let's say your map is wrong and it guarantees that you will never get to your destination. Will you get to your destination? Of course no. So having the right belief is like having the right map to get to your dream destination.

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Tony Robbins London 2018 UPW Tickets on Sale!

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