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Health, wellness tips, fitness classes offered at Willoughby Library’s first ‘New Year, New You’ event –

Posted: January 19, 2020 at 9:43 pm

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Willoughby Public Library did its part to start patrons off on the right path in 2020.

The library hosted its first New Year, New You Health and Wellness Fair Jan. 18.

Presenting high-quality, relevant and free programming to the public is a high priority for the Willoughby-Eastlake Public Library system, said Assistant Library Manager Travis Fortney. And to that end, each of our four locations have chosen topics that we believe will be of sufficient interest to devote an entire day of programming for our signature programs.

These programs started in December with Eastlake Library's Holiday DIY Day and will continue this year with a Fantasy, Folkore and Fiction Festival at Willowick Library on May 16 and All About Herbs day at the Willoughby Hills branch in the fall.

With the new year, so many of us seek to start or restart better habits for our physical or emotional selves, Fortney said. Our full day of programming includes topics such as goal-setting, decluttering, healthy eating and fitness.

There was a waiting list for an opportunity to hear Dr. Oz show contributor and four-time New York Times bestselling author Dr. Michael Roizen, an internist at Cleveland Clinic, where he is chief wellness officer.

Another popular session was a hands-on class on cardio drumming. It involves a bucket, an exercise ball, drumsticks, lots of movement and, of course, music with a good beat.

A cardio-drumming class was held at Willoughby Library during a health and wellness fair Jan. 18.

It's a very fun, colorful activity that is fast-paced and varied, but accessible to all fitness levels, Fortney said. He noted that the class, presented by Willowick-based Will-Power Nutrition, will return to the library Jan. 21, Feb. 18 and April 21.

The business offers Herbalife Nutrition, fitness classes and a fit camp on Monday nights.

One of the owners, Melissa Dawson, got hooked on cardio drumming after taking part in a class offered by Empower Nutrition of Mentor.

Melissa Dawson leads a cardio-drumming workout at WIlloughby Library.

Dawson said it combines her love of music and movement.

Weve created routines; we only do about four or five moves per song, so its easier to catch onto, she said. Once youve learned it, you push yourself to do exaggerated moves. There are modifications for every level.

I dont like the gym, added fellow class leader Melissa Davidson. So going into a club setting where you can be positive and work out, and not feel self-conscious is a good feeling. Its a good feeling to be around like-minded people.

They insist no drumming background or even rhythm is required to take part.

Helen Drake of Willoughby has some experience playing a hand drum, but shed never heard of cardio drumming before.

Helen Drake enjoys a cardio-drumming workout at Willoughby Library.

This really got my attention because I like drumming and its an interesting way to do cardio, she said.

Dawson said the classes are growing and they are looking for new spaces to hold them.

They have held workouts for various groups in the community, including staff at Wickliffe Schools and football players at North High School.

Were willing to come to you if you want to try it out, she said.

Willoughby Library offered a health and wellness event Jan. 18.

The first class is free, then $5 per person or four classes for $15.

For more information about cardio drumming, visit Will-Power Nutritions Facebook page. For more on Willoughby-Eastlake libraries programming, visit or call 440-942-3200.

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Health, wellness tips, fitness classes offered at Willoughby Library's first 'New Year, New You' event -

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January 19th, 2020 at 9:43 pm

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Honor MagicWatch 2 review: Solid on health and fitness, but light elsewhere – ZDNet

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Smartwatches are not all carved from the same stone -- there are different definitions of what 'smart' means, for example. Android users have more options to choose from than Apple users, but the basics must be covered well. The features Honor headlines for its MagicWatch 2 are long battery life, personalised watch faces and fitness modes.

There are two versions of the Honor MagicWatch 2, designed for different wrist sizes. I was sent the larger 46mm version, which is the only one available in the UK at the time of writing. It's available from Amazon at 159.99 (inc. VAT). Pricing and availability of the smaller 42mm model is yet to be confirmed.

The 46mm version is bulky, especially on a small wrist.

The larger watch has a 46mm face, and is quite thick at 10mm including the protuberance on the back that houses the heart rate monitor and a pair of connectors for the circular, magnetic charger. It's quite a beast to wear, and oversized for my wrist.

Still, there is an upside to the size, and that is a large display. The 1.39-inch diameter, 454-by-454 pixel, 326ppi AMOLED touch screen can display a lot of detail. This matters, as you'll be prodding at the screen and reading the face a lot if you're going to make the most of this smartwatch.

Complementing the touch screen are a couple of large buttons on the right rim. The upper button takes you to all the features of the MagicWatch 2, including apps and settings. The bottom button can be set to launch any of the built-in apps or jump to workouts.

There is a lot of 'stuff' on board in the way of applets. These include flashlight, alarm, timer, weather data, notifications, compass, air pressure readout, music player, contacts, call log -- even breathing exercises. The watch face itself can be swept left and right to get to more screens of information; a sweep upwards reveals notifications, while a downward sweep provides shortcuts to various settings such as the alarm, 'find my phone' and 'do not disturb' features, as well as reporting battery life.

The MagicWatch 2's strengths are health and fitness.

For all its ability to display information, play music, show the weather and so on, it's the health and fitness features that the MagicWatch 2 majors on. It can handle metrics for running (indoor and outdoor), cycling (indoor and outdoor), swimming (pool and open water), walking (indoor and outdoor), climbing, hiking, trail runs, triathlon, elliptical trainers and rowing. The GPS tracking maps where you've been, and I found this to be pretty accurate during testing.

The fitness features don't stop at hard physical workouts. A sleep monitor picked up my patterns of light, deep and REM sleep, matching these closely enough to my Fitbit's data to allay any concern over accuracy; the step counter seems accurate both on number of steps and distance, and its heart rate measurements were close to my Fitbit's too. On heart rate, incidentally, the MagicWatch 2 has an on-screen daily report, with longer-term data stored in the smartphone-based Health app.

If you want to use the MagicWatch 2 to initiate calls via Bluetooth, you'll need the 46mm version -- according to the product information, the 42mm model doesn't support that feature. Neither version of the watch has NFC built in, which means there's no support for mobile payments.

It's impossible to add any third-party apps to the Honor MagicWatch 2, so you're going to have to stick with what's on board. To take just one example, I've already noted that there's a music player, and this will cope with tunes transferred across via the Health app (there is 4GB of storage in total, and 2GB available for music). But if you are into streaming services, you can't install applets for these.

If you do need to install third-party apps, then look for a smartwatch running Google's Wear OS rather than the custom LiteOS that's used here, which is dependent on firmware updates from Honor.

SEE: Sensor'd enterprise: IoT, ML, and big data (ZDNet special report) | Download the report as a PDF (TechRepublic)

Battery life is quoted at 14 days for the 46mm version I tested. The charger is a circular plate which holds the MagicWatch 2 in place with a strong magnet. Leaving the battery to run down from full left me needing to charge after seven days. A more sensible regime of applying top-up charging as part of the same morning routine I use to charge my smartphone meant it barely had to be off my wrist for charging.

Battery life experience will depend on how you use the MagicWatch 2. For example, you can have a watch face (either analogue or digital) on standby, but as you set this up the device warns that doing so will halve the battery life.

Watch faces are available onboard, and you can import more via the smartphone-based Health app.

There are plenty of watch faces to select between. A long press on the face calls up others on board, making it easy to switch if you fancy a change. There are more faces in the Health app, and they're easily transferred into the MagicWatch 2.

As well as being the place where cumulative health and activity data is stored and displayed, the Health app handles data sharing with other apps. At the moment this is restricted to just Google Fit and MyFitnessPal. It's not possible to export GPX files (which contain GPS metrics), or to share data with other popular platforms such as Fitbit or Strava. Honor needs to give this aspect more thought.

Honor's MagicWatch 2 has some compelling features. The basics of health and fitness monitoring are covered, and the companion Health app does a fair job of displaying aggregated information that collects over time, and of interacting with the watch's internal storage.

But Honor needs to work harder on its smartwatch offer. Software updates need to add support for more platforms for its health data and allow the export of GPX files. Harder to fix is the absence of NFC, which is necessary for mobile payments but requires a hardware revision. The lack of support for third-party apps is also a concern.


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Honor MagicWatch 2 review: Solid on health and fitness, but light elsewhere - ZDNet

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Anytime Fitness offers health and wellness facility, guidance – The Courier-Express

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ST. MARYS The staff at the newly-opened Anytime Fitness facility on South St. Marys Street focuses on helping members reach their health and fitness goals, said General Manager Erica Kruse.

Kruse, a Ridgway native who studied sports management and exercise science, said the facility opened Sept. 17, 2019.

Memberships were sold from June through September. The entire facility was gutted, Kruse said, after it sat empty for 15 years.

There are 4,800 Anytime Fitness locations worldwide, Kruse said, with the franchise based in Ohio, which has 22 locations. Locations were also just opened in Bradford and Warren, Pennsylvania.

Our mission is to go into rural areas and impact lives through health and wellness, she said.

The St. Marys location was very much a need in the area, Kruse said, since there are few fitness facilities nearby. It has attracted members from just about everywhere in Elk County, including Ridgway, Johnsonburg, Kane, Wilcox and Weedville, she said.

Since Anytime Fitness is a 24-hour facility, it benefits people from all walks of life, including factory workers who might work later shifts, Kruse adds.

Anytime Fitness personal training manager is Cody Anderson, and its two personal trainers are Jerod Miller and Stanley Titanski. Connie Herbstritt is the member experience manager.

Herbstritt makes sure members know how the equipment works and how to prevent injury, Kruse said. She also helps with providing monthly grocery lists and meal plans. Anderson does fitness consultations, learning about a members medical history, injuries and more, then creating a personalized workout based on that information.

St. Marys has been very accepting of Anytime Fitness, Kruse said, and it has been steadily busy since the opening.

It also has a Member of the Month program under which a client is recognized for his or her hard work.

Kruse says it is important to Anytime Fitness to stay involved in the community, attending events like Yoga in the Wilds in Ridgway and a Womens Wellness Expo in St. Marys. It is also a drop-off location for the Guardian Angel Center in Kersey, and will be collecting canned foods and toys for CAPSEA (Citzens Against Physical, Sexual and Emotional Abuse).

For more information, visit Anytime Fitness St. Marys Pennsylvania on Facebook, call 814-512-4119 or stop in at 863 S. St. Marys. St.

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Anytime Fitness offers health and wellness facility, guidance - The Courier-Express

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Why you need more Vitamin D in the winter – Quad City Times

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Vitamin D is called the sunshine vitamin since it is made in the skin after exposure to sun. The same UVB rays that cause a sunburn also make vitamin D. Sunscreen, darker skin pigmentation, clothing and reduced daylight in winter diminish the skins ability to make vitamin D. The people who experience the biggest seasonal swings in vitamin D levels are fair-skinned individuals living in the northern regions of the U.S. and at higher latitudes around the globe where there is very little daylight in winter.

But those most at risk for low vitamin D levels are people of color and people living at higher latitudes. Dark-skinned individuals are more likely than fair-skinned individuals to be low for vitamin D year-round because the darker skin blocks the UVB rays from producing vitamin D. However, even in dark skinned individuals, vitamin D is lowest in the winter.

In the winter, in addition to high vitamin D food, adults should take additional vitamin D from foods and/or supplements to get at least 600 IU per day of vitamin D. People who have dark skin or avoid sunshine should eat more vitamin D year-round.

Food rich in vitamin D. photka/

Why you need more Vitamin D in the winter - Quad City Times

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The Boston Fitness Scene Is about to Get Way Cooler –

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Exciting new class offerings, fancy state-of-the-art expansions, and new studios will all grace the Hub.

Boundary-pushing fitness pros clad in their Lululemon leggings and cut-offs are at it again. In a city that prides itself on technology and innovation, every industry seems to profit, and the wellness world is no exception. Below, youll find a few of the coolest gym updates, new class offerings, and state-of-the-art expansions coming soon to the Boston fitness scene.

Two themes at the forefront of these updates and changes are strength training and increased access to personal training, which are incredibly refreshing to see. In particular, more places are getting on board with semi-private (or small group) personal training. Meaning, if you cant afford the luxury of one-on-one personal training, which in some places can put you back $240/session, you can instead join up with a group of 3-5 people and benefit from a coachs undivided attention, and also the camaraderie of others to hold you accountable. Were also seeing an increase in strength training options exclusively for women, which is totally rad, given the space has traditionally been dominated by men. The uptick in offerings encourages women to partake, once they see classes specifically designed for them.

Break out your gym bag, grab your lifting buddy, and check out these new places and offerings for yourself.

Tony Gentilcore coaching a squat at CORE / Photo provided

CORE is getting bigger and better, and becoming CORE Collective in Brookline

If you want to get super strong, just leave it to Tony Gentilcore. The strength training specialist and co-founder of Cressey Sports Performance in Hudson is taking his pocket-size studio in Brookline and upping its square-footage and offerings by moving into a nearly five times larger space in the neighborhood (fingers crossed, by early May). Under the name CORE Collective, Gentilcore tells me hell not only be able to take on more semi-private coaching clients, but also allow the other coaches who rent space from him the opportunity to grow their businesses as wellhence, a collective of coaches.

CORE will also be able to feature physical therapy and a chiropractic office. In addition, Lisa Lewis, a strength-based, solution-focused psychologist (and Gentilcores wife), will see clients and offer consultations from CORE. If youre not convinced, maybe Gentilcores love for 90s hip-hop, anything superhero-related, and his ability to coach you into what he would call a diesel deadlift may just get you through the doorbecause working out under those stipulations is anything but boring.

Ethos Fitness + Performance is moving to a new location in the South End

With a vision to educate and empower the community to be independent in their health and fitness, Ethos Fitness in the South End is moving into a bigger and better gym this weekend. Currently, the strength training-focused spot on Harrison Avenue serves the residents of the South End with group training, personal training, and semi-private coaching. Co-owner and head coach Jay Weedall says theyve been looking for a new space for some time, and have been at full capacity for two years now, so the move down the block to Wareham Street is a welcome one.

The new digs will cap out at 3,200-square-feet with a 900-square-foot outdoor space. Weedall says the idea is to offer more semi-private coaching and scale down on the one-on-one personal training. With the added space, theyll be able to do just that. Plus, when it gets warm outside theyll be able to utilize the outdoor area for large fundraising workouts to benefit the community. And as everything moves to more of a one-stop-shop, Ethos will be no different, offering a dedicated space to physical therapy and massages.

Photo provided BKBX

BKBX is rolling out a host of new class offerings

At the beginning of this month, BKBXs weekly schedule expanded from just 20 classes to over 40. An offshoot of Brooklyn Boulders, BKBX focuses on helping you prepare for your greatest outdoor adventures with group fitness classes geared towards developing skills like climbing, running, jumping, and reaction time. Theres even a massive bouldering wall for a class called CrossClimb that focuses on climbing as a complement to your training. Also new this year will be weekly vinyasa flow and Obstacle Course Race classesif youre preparing for an obstacle course race, like the Spartan or a Tough Mudder, this would be the ideal class to drop into to practice your rope climbs, ring swings, and

Revd is finally coming to Copley Place

Okay, so maybe we just lost the first Boston cycling studio, Recycle, and weve been questioning whether or not spin will outlast new trends like indoor rowingbut Meaghan St. Marc, owner and founder of Revd, is nothing but optimistic about bringing her rendition to the city. When Copley Place put a feeler out for a fitness component inside the shopping mall destination, she was first to answer the call. Plus, as a Northeastern grad, she says shes happy to be coming home. Revd has locations in Dedham, Foxboro, Burlington, Providence, and Hingham, and St. Marc says theyve really mastered the suburbsusually, studios start in the city and expand to the burbs.

We asked our riders where they work and where they like to ride, and realized coming to the city would make it better for people, St. Marc says. The new Copley Place studio, located right inside the shopping mall plaza next to the new Caff Nero, will feature the biggest studio room yet, with 50 bikes, and a full floor dedicated to mens and womens locker rooms (St. Marc tells me they will have a spa-like feel). Look for grand opening parties, rides, and deals when the doors swing open at the end of January/early February.

Photo provided Lynx Fitness Club

Lynx Fitness Club is adding a new studio space, more offerings, and a ladies lifting club

Coming up on its two year anniversary, Lynx Fitness Club (located in the basement of the Boston Park Plaza Hotel) is celebrating in a big waywith a 1,300-square-foot expansion, set to be completed in February. The expansion gives way to a new studio room called Balance, where Jenna Geissler, director of marketing for the gym, tells me all yoga, pilates, and barre classes will move. She says the space will focus on promoting a more holistic regimen for Lynx clients and will offer meditation and mindfulness classes as well (are you seeing a trend?).

As with Ethos and CORE, Lynx will also adopt more semi-private personal training programming to provide the service to a broader range of people. These sessions will take place in the current yoga/barre/pilates studios, which will be getting an additional facelift as well. Along with those classes, Lynx is launching a womens strength training club, where women will learn how to properly lift heavy alongside other women, from women instructors.

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The Boston Fitness Scene Is about to Get Way Cooler -

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Physical fitness: What the experts say – Monroe Evening News

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With attendance at local gyms and fitness centers nearing peak season, Monroe County health and wellness professionals have advice for local gym newbies.

With attendance at local gyms and fitness centers nearing peak season, Monroe County health and wellness professionals have advice for local gym newbies.

Kristin Irwin, CEO of Monroe Family YMCA; Jon Carrabino, personal trainer and owner of LevelUp Training Complex, and Pat Cano, owner of ABS Fitness, recently spoke with The Monroe News about ways area residents can maximize their time in the gym.

Following are some quick tips and advice they offered.

Pace yourself

Irwin said dont start off too quickly, especially for those who are new to gym equipment. They should seek help and ask for clarity on how to use such machines, she said, adding that they run the risk of incurring an injury.

The biggest harm you can do is shocking your body by overdoing it, especially if you are a beginner, she said.


Proper nutrition plays a key role in fitness, said Carrabino, adding its essential to long-term success.

Its just as important as exercise, he said.

Cano advised those new to nutrition to ease into healthy eating.

Rather than cutting things completely out of a diet, look at gradually reducing them and focus on consuming in moderation.

Start by taking baby steps, she said.

Change it up

Introducing variety into workouts and fitness keeps things fresh.

Irwin advised exploring a combination of fitness classes and equipment. She also highlighted how shifting between different types of exercises can be exciting, such as tennis, swimming and weight-lifting.

This will reduce monotony and keep you interested, Irwin said.

Get a plan

Its important for people to hold themselves accountable, Irwin said.

She advises people to schedule their workouts or gym time and treat it like a doctors appointment or work meeting.

Irwin also said it is important for gym newbies to nail down their why, which is the reason theyre pursuing fitness and health.

Once you figure out the why, its easier to keep yourself motivated, she said.

Carrabino said connecting with others who share a similar goal can also be beneficial.

Find a group of motivated people who will keep you motivated, he said.


Set a routine and stick to it, advised Cano. Ideally, if people can work out four or five a week they will see better results, she said, adding that intervals of 30 to 45 minutes are best depending on physical ability.

I get it in (clients) heads its all about consistency, Cano said.

Establishing regularity is the key to success, Carrabino said.

If you want to make a change, you have to be consistent, he added. Its a process that takes time results take time.

Dont give up

First-time gym members have to understand failure happens only when they stop pursuing their goals, according to Cano.

If someone deviates from the plan or stumbles, its not the end of their fitness journey, she said, adding its important to push through such hurdles.

If you just stop, thats when you fail, she said. If you never stop and keep trying, then youre always succeeding.

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Physical fitness: What the experts say - Monroe Evening News

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Food and Health, Weird Carnival – Coeur d’Alene Press

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You could be pinched, dunked, have electrical currents run through your body or take a spin on a merry-go-round. Mean bully? Weird carnival? Bad dream? Maybe so, but not here. They are methods used to measure body composition. Your body composition is the ratio of fat mass to non-fat mass, which includes muscle, bone and water. Measuring body composition is one of the most effective ways to define and monitor your health and fitness goals and is done using various methods, including those above. But isnt that what my BMI measures?

Body Mass Index, or BMI, has been around since the early nineteenth century with the purpose to determine whether one is at a healthy weight. BMI is calculated by dividing your weight in kilograms by your height in meters squared, then ranking your health based on the following:

Underweight: Less than or equal to 18.5

Normal weight: Between 18.5 and 24.9

Overweight: Between 25 and 29.9

Obesity: 30 and greater

Even though your BMI is a simple calculation, the results are misleading. For example, a 5 foot-6 inch, 150-pound female has a BMI of 24.2, lying in the healthy range. However, if that same person has much greater muscle mass weighing 165 pounds, her BMI would be 26.6, putting her in the overweight category. Thus, the formula disregards the ratio of lean muscle mass to fat mass.

Measuring your body composition is best done with more than a calculator. The techniques below are the most common methods with more realistic representations of your body composition along with the following general body fat ranking percentages.

Essential body fat: Women 10 to 12 percent; Men 2 to 4 percent. (It is extremely dangerous to drop below the essential fat values)

Athletes: Women between 14 and 20 percent; Men 6 to 13 percent

Fitness: Women between 21 and 24 percent; Men 14 to 17 percent

Acceptable: Women between 25 and 31 percent; Men 18 to 25 percent

Obese: Women 32 percent and above; Men 25 and above

Body circumference, aka the tape measure method, measures body circumferences to estimate body fat and is inexpensive, quick and simple to learn. Skinfold calipers are used to pinch subcutaneous fat, which is the fat underneath the skin, in three to seven specific sites on the body, varying between men and women. Calipers are inexpensive and take little time to learn, however accuracy depends upon the skill of the person taking the measurements. With both the circumference and caliper methods simple to use and readily available, they are preferred for monitoring the progress of body composition changes.

Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DXA) is used to assess bone density but also measures fat and lean mass with little error. Only physicians perform the scans, thus are very expensive and done infrequently making them unfit for evaluating progress.

Hydrostatic weighing, also known as underwater weighing, estimates body composition while under water to determine your bodys density. It is accurate and quick yet is often only available in research facilities. Additionally, some people prefer not to be submerged or they are unable to hold their breath long enough to complete the assessment.

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) detects how your body responds to small electrical currents from electrodes on your skin. Electrical currents move through muscle easier than fat, providing relatively accurate results. BIAs are available to consumers but are less accurate than those used in medical and research facilities. Bioimpedance Spectroscopy (BIS) and Electrical Impedance Myography (EIM) also use electrical currents to measure body fat. BIS devices are unavailable for purchase and primarily used in research and medical facilities. Inexpensive EIM devices are available to purchase yet are less accurate.

3-D Body Scanners use infrared sensors to get a three-dimensional look at your body shape taken from millions of points on your body. Scan data then generates body fat and muscle mass and provides a visual posture analysis that may provide guidance for training methods. Some scanners have you stand on a rotating platform, while others rotate around your body. Scanners take little time, are fairly accurate and may be used often to evaluate progress.

The availability of body composition measuring methods in Southeast Idaho is comparable to larger cities. The least expensive and best methods for consistent evaluation of body composition changes are skinfold calipers and body circumference with a tape measure. As 3D scanners gain in popularity, they, too, will provide consistent body fat analysis.

Measuring your body composition is key to beginning a health and fitness program. Initial measurements will help to establish your goals, then scheduled measurements will mark your progress. As a personal trainer, I regularly measure body composition using tape measure, calipers and 3D scanner methods. Whether you are beginning or currently in a health and fitness program, or just curious, send an email or call to schedule an appointment to measure your body composition, with your initial visit at no charge.

And the fun part? You get to ride a merry-go-round and be pinched!


Healthline Body composition: Health and Performance in Exercise and Sport, ? Henry C. Lukaski

Sherrie Hebert is a certified personal trainer and Pilates mat and equipment instructor. She teaches and trains at Performance Pilates and Golds Gym of Pocatello. Contact her at 208-317-5685 or for all your health and wellness needs.

Read the original here:
Food and Health, Weird Carnival - Coeur d'Alene Press

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The need for evidence-based information in health and fitness – Telegraph India

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Health and fitness today is a multibillion-dollar industry and it is not surprising that many people want to be part of it. There often seems to be a lot of opinions, myths and contradictions when it comes to information related to health and fitness. Information related to fitness topics is so readily available on social media that most people seem to have a very clear idea in terms of optimising their health and fitness. If there is so much clarity then why is obesity, lower back pain, depression and diabetes on the rise? Today a simple WhatsApp message (solution) in a group circulates with all the right intention to help but in most cases, the information is not only biased but, at times, harmful too. This is not just in the health and fitness industry but even with social and political issues. Therefore, evidence with regards to providing the right information is the need of the hour. This article will discuss the need for evidence-based information concerning health and fitness, although there is a far greater need for social and political issues.

There are many forms of evidence, one does not always need to wait for a peer-reviewed metanalysis of randomised controlled trials (the highest form of scientific investigation) to seek evidence-based information. Rather introspect a given piece of information with regards to both content and context before believing or accepting it. For example, lets say I get a WhatsApp message saying: Eat lemons to lose weight. If I blindly follow that message without understanding the basic mechanism behind weight loss, that is, lower energy intake (calorie consumption) and increase physical activity, then most likely the information is not very helpful to me. In this case, I have ignored introspecting the content (not asking how lemon alone will help me lose weight) and context (people who did lose weight did they do anything else apart from consuming lemons?).

In most cases, experts/ coaches/gurus seem to be the only ones that drive the evidence in the health and fitness industry. This can be a limiting factor due to personal biases involved with anecdotal evidence (individual experience). Anecdotal evidence of an expert can help ask relevant questions and provide the foundation due to their expertise in that specific area, but it still needs to be scrutinised with regards to content and context before making conclusions for a larger and diverse population. For example, a fitness professional who loves to run might prescribe running as the only means to increased fitness levels and improve health to everyone. Not that running is bad but not everyone needs to run or have the adequate resource (time, awareness) to use running as the only means to improve health and fitness. This is relevant across domains today, be it CrossFit, powerlifting, bodybuilding or even yoga, a perfect case of Maslows hammer and the nail analogy if all one has a hammer then everything appears to be a nail.

Furthermore, lack of evidence often tends to promote polarised opinions. For example, claiming a diet plan as the best. Few questions to ponder on the above claim. Why is a particular diet plan best? Is it best for a specific population? How was it concluded that this is the best diet plan? It is easy to get fooled by randomness we see few people following a diet that looks good, what if they look good regardless of that particular diet plan? Understandably, most people lead busy lives and do not have the time to introspect or question everything. But if they are spending money to improve their health and fitness then investing a little time to make sure that they are getting the right information can be of immense help. A few guidelines below can provide a better perspective in understanding information related to health and fitness.

Try and filter information based on context and wider content (beyond plan/programme): Just because a particular fitness routine or a diet plan has worked for your friend it may not work for you. Many factors can influence results such as genetic predisposition, environment and stress to name a few.

Avoid giving fitness tips to your peers if you are not qualified: Would you give medical advice to your peers if you are not a medical practitioner? Rather share the things that have worked well for you but explain to them why you think it worked for you.

Seek an expert that appreciates an evidence-based approach, that is, not provide polarised views and relies excessively on his/her opinion.

Do not just read the conclusion of a study on your favourite fitness and health topics. Check how the conclusion was drawn. You do not need to check statistical correctness (unless you want to) but looking at the structure/design of a study, participants can help you understand the relevance.

Kaushik Talukdar is founder & CEO of Athlete Institute (, a PhD scholar (exercise and sports science) and the author of Sports Fit: Bridging the gap between research and practice. You can follow him on Twitter @coachkaushik or email him:


Taleb, N (2001). Fooled by Randomness: The hidden role of chance in life and in the markets, Random House, US

Roecker, C (2012). Hierarchy of evidence saves time. Journal of American Chiropractic Association, 7-10

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The need for evidence-based information in health and fitness - Telegraph India

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Physical fitness: Centers fill up at start of year – Monroe Evening News

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It's typical in Monroe County for new members to fill the gyms and fitness centers, following up on New Year's resolutions.

As Pat Cano looked out across her small gym last week, she was heartened to see every machine and station in use.

Cano, a Woodhaven resident, has owned and operated ABS Fitness in Carleton for 16 years.

A small club studio, it hosts several fitness classes and has open gym hours during the week.

A veteran of the health and fitness industry, Cano is used to an uptick in customers at the beginning of each year. Like several gyms across Monroe County, she sees new members come in as they want the pounds to come off.

The trend is usually attributable to New Years resolutions, Cano said.

People start coming in, asking about what we offer, she said. Weve been getting pretty full in here; its actually pretty nice.

Attendance trends

ABS Fitness is a womens club with 24 stations and a rotating slate of courses ranging from high-intensity interval training to programs geared toward low- impact rehabilitation exercise.

About the second week of January is when it receives the most new members, Cano said, adding she attracts the most customers each year from that point through February.

Im definitely seeing an increase, she said. (Right now) I would like to see more, but its still pretty early in the season.

To kick off each year, Canos gym hosts a Biggest Loser Challenge, in which anyone can buy into the competition and win a pool of money if she loses the most weight. Its been a popular program, she said.

The local YMCA gym sees a similar spike in membership each year, typically during the first six to eight weeks of the new year, according to Kristin Irwin, CEO of the Monroe Family YMCA.

Like Cano, Irwin said more people start coming into the YMCA as a result of resolutions. The facility has various fitness programs, a pool and its wellness center.

LevelUp Training Complex also is seeing an increase in customers. Owner Jon Carrabino said hes experiencing a surge in those attending adult fitness programs. It hosts an adult fitness boot camp.

Its also a busy time for student athletes, who use the facility for training and wellness programs related to their chosen sport. Additionally, more than 200 local students are enrolled in various club sport programs at the facility, he said.

Its been a crazy week, he added. Fitness is an investment in yourself.

Other than the beginning of the year, attendance spikes vary among local fitness centers and gyms.

Because of the nature of his business, Carrabino sees a large increase in clientele during the summer as young athletes use their time off to train.

The spring is an active time for the YMCA, according to Irwin. She said the facility sees a lot of people working to get fit in preparation for vacations and warm weather.

We also see an increase in general activity in the facility during school and college breaks and also any time the weather turns bad, she added.

At ABS Fitness, Cano has noticed people are less likely to attend her gym during the summer. Its the season when people spend the most time outdoors or being active.

Attendance definitely drops off, Cano said. People will have every excuse in the book, but theyll come back (in the fall).

Overcoming numbers

The majority of gym memberships across the country are purchased in January.

About 11% of new starts occur at the beginning of the year, according to the International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association. Like Cano, the organization points to resolutions as being the driving force at the start of the year.

But research also shows that while resolutions get people to the gym, they hardly spell success.

About 80% percent of resolutions fail by February. Most people who sign up for the gym as a result of them discontinue their memberships by mid-year, according to IHRSA.

I hate New years resolutions nobody sticks with it, Cano said. You have to be mindful of what you want for yourself, whether it is Jan. 1st or the end of December.

Mindfulness is key to success, Cano said. She cultivates a family atmosphere at ABS Fitness because it helps build a positive experience, which is especially important for those intimidated when they first enter a gym.

Exercising at a fitness center also is an opportunity to motivate other gym- goers, particularly newcomers, Cano said.

We are all laughing as we work out, Cano said. When youre home and trying to work out, youre always distracted. Here, you dont have the interruptions.

At the YMCA, new members can opt to receive a free orientation. Trainers show those members how to properly use the equipment and how it can be utilized to meet new members goals, according to Irwin.

Her facility places an emphasis on community, which comes is beneficial when there is increased gym usage. Its an opportunity for veteran gym members to help out the freshmen class.

If you see someone struggling, help them out, Irwin said. You can impact a persons life more than you ever know by just displaying kindness.

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Physical fitness: Centers fill up at start of year - Monroe Evening News

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Rebel Wilson flaunts amazing weight loss transformation after declaring 2020 her ‘year of health’ – Fox News

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Rebel Wilson has been working hard on her fitness.

The Australian actress, 39,posted a video of herself doing a CrossFit exercise with ropes on her Instagram stories late Thursday; it was laterreposted by her trainerJono Castano.

The "Pitch Perfect" star showed off her amazing weight loss transformation as she donned an all-black workout outfit at the gym.


Friday vibes but@rebelwilsonhas been putting in the yards 7 days a week, Castanocaptioned his post. Proud of you gurl .

Wilson has been on a health and fitness regime over the past few months and declared 2020 her "Year of Health."

"Okay so for me 2020 is going to be called 'The Year of Health,''" she wrote on Instagram in early January. "So I put on the athleisure and went out for a walk, deliberately hydrating on the couch right now and trying to avoid the sugar and junk food, which is going to be hard after the holidays Ive just had but Im going to do it! Whos with me in making some positive changes this year?"

The funny woman told Entertainment Tonightthat she started losing weight while filming "Cats" and has since dropped between 40 and 50 pounds.

"I lost eight pounds shooting my number, in four days," Wilson said. "One, because there's a lot of physicality But also, they heated up the set very high, to almost 100 [degrees] Fahrenheit, so that we could never cool down."


The actress has always been a voice for body confidence, though, and even designed her own plus-size clothing line calledRebel Wilson x Angels. The sizes range from 14 to 24; it was inspired by her struggle to find clothes that fit right.

I remember I didnt even go to a friends wedding in my 20s because I didnt know where to buy a dress in my size, she had toldInStylemagazine.


Now I have a wardrobe full of custom Givenchy, she added. My family is going to hate me for saying this, but they raid my closet because we wear similar sizes and they know I have the best fashion taste. I know what Im talking about now. So I find that I impart a lot of my knowledge, especially to plus-size girls.

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Rebel Wilson flaunts amazing weight loss transformation after declaring 2020 her 'year of health' - Fox News

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