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Jordan Peterson and the Return of Solzhenitsyn – Merion West

Posted: November 2, 2020 at 1:55 am

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The world was on this brink of this fiery hell when Jordan Peterson read Solzhenitsyn and began to turn from despair toward hope.

It was Solzhenitsyn who most crucially made the case that the terrible excesses of Communism could not be conveniently blamed on the corruption of the Soviet leadership, the cult of personality surrounding Stalin, or the failure to put the otherwise stellar and admirable utopian principles of Marxism into proper practice. It was Solzhenitsyn who demonstrated that the death of millions and the devastation of many more were, instead, a direct causal consequence of the philosophy (worse, perhaps: the theology) driving the Communist system. The hypothetically egalitarian, universalist doctrines of Karl Marx contained hidden within them sufficient hatred, resentment, envy and denial of individual culpability and responsibility to produce nothing but poison and death when manifested in the world

An excerpt from Jordan Petersons foreword to the 50th Anniversary edition of Solzhenitsyns The Gulag Archipelago

Make no mistake, thems fightin words. This fierce sermon about the gospel written by one of mankinds greatest uncanonized saints, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, was an impetus for naming my biography of Dr. Peterson Savage Messiah. Under the guise of a mild-mannered college professor, Peterson preached the scripture of the prophets: bloody, accusatory, inflammatory, unflinching writings revolting to non-believers but manna to the faithful.

In Solzhenitsyn, Peterson found an eyewitness to the prophecy that hell on earth would reign in the 20th century as prophesied by Friedrich Nietzsche, another tormented and unsung saint of the Peterson catechism. When Nietzsche proclaimed God is Dead in 1882, he actually wrote:

God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him. How shall we comfort ourselves, the murderers of all murderers? What was holiest and mightiest of all that the world has yet owned has bled to death under our knives: who will wipe this blood off us. What water is there for us to clean ourselves?

Nietzsche was not gloating over the death of God as so many atheists celebrated. It was a warning, a curse. His vision accurately foreshadowed the coming 20th centurys depravities of Marxism, Communism, Socialism, Nazism, fascism, nihilism, world wars, race wars, mustard gas, Zyklon B, race lynchings, killing fields, concentration camps and gulags. All of them were creations of the 20th century when hate flourished, when haters found a place to hang their hate. Solzhenitsyn suffered through some of them personally. He survived to see all of them happen in his lifetime and refused to look away.

Solzhenitsyn eventually found solace and redemption in Christianity. He took crucified humanity down from its cross, laid it in a proper grave and carved its headstone. He identified the source of evil for a new generation and proclaimed it as the evil that runs through every human heart. For Nietzsche, the Enlightenment had killed God, supplanting his grace and wisdom with human pride and arrogance. Solzhenitsyn personally paid the price for this.

In Solzhenitsyns footsteps, young Jordan Peterson found the path that led away from the coming, ultimate human folly of the 20th century: mutually assured destruction, nuclear global annihilation. This pinnacle of fatal human arrogance finally revealed that hell was, indeed, now on earthand even admitted in its name that insanity was now official policy.

This terror had tormented young Peterson since grade school in the 1970s. He suffered nightmares of charred bodies, ravenous dogs, and a vaporized world of eternal winter. In 1974, Solzhenitsyns The Gulag Archipelago was published in the West. It had already been circulated hand-to-hand in secret, mimeographed copies, a death warrant if discovered. It corroded the foundations of the tottering Marxist Soviet Union with every new pair of hands that touched it. Eventually, it was instrumental in collapsing the Evil Empire. And like the prophet Jeremiahs Old Testament Book of Lamentations, it showed how Gods people had forsaken him, how they now worshipped idols like Joseph Stalin, and how they were prepared to burn their children in an offering to Moloch, the idol of child sacrifice.

The world was on this brink of this fiery hell when Jordan Peterson read Solzhenitsyn and began to turn from despair toward hope. Peterson had found the true enemy. It was not Russia. It was the inherent evil that ran through every human heart, as Solzhenitsyn said. With the help of Solzhenitsyn, Nietzsche, Carl Jung, child psychologist Jean Piaget and many others, Peterson began to crack the code that revealed the enemys strategy.

Stepping back from his own brink of hellish insanity, Peterson committed his life to healing human hearts and minds that had become infected with evil. He became a psychologist and social scientist. As he grew in his experience with severely mentally ill patients, he found ways of strengthening them against the many types of purposeful and random evil in the world. To university students, he began to teach what he had learned from these great prophets of the human struggle. He started with the ancient archetypes of good and evil that populated mankinds collective unconscious discovered by Carl Jung.

Then, following Solzhenitsyn more closely, Peterson began to use the Jewish and Christian Bible as the library of archetypes from our collective unconscious. He began at the beginning with the Book of Genesis and the logos, the word of God that went out over the waters and created order from chaos. Then, in the Garden of Eden, he saw the warning against the tempting snake of moral corruption, the resulting arrogance before God and its product, the fall of mankind. But, unlike Solzhenitsyn, Peterson continued to maintain his distance from a personal belief in God. In summary, he has said that he did not yet feel he had the personal understanding to believe in God. He just could not accept that God existed based on faith alone. He had not resolved the mystery of God for himself. But he was close.

Perhaps it is the level of suffering that eventually drives one to his knees in submission, in pleading for guidance from God. One suspects that was the case with Solzhenitsyn. New revelations point to the possibility that Peterson may have recently suffered enough to again follow closely in the footsteps of Solzhenitsyn, this time into the mystery of God.

For the past year and some months, Peterson has suffered the horrendous side-effects from the long-term prescribed use of benzodiazepines. Common trade names for this drug began with Librium, later became Valium, then Xanax. Now, there are nearly 100 other names. It is one of the most commonly prescribed drugs in the world and is considered to be a safe, minor tranquilizer. Yet, prescribed benzodiazepines might also be consideredas in Petersons own casean example of the random, inexplicable malevolence of life, like natural disasters, that stalk human beings along with human-generated evil.

Peterson has recently announced on YouTube that he is sufficiently healthy now to return to public life. In that video, he speaks of Gods grace and mercy that allowed him to survive and regain most of his mental and physical abilities. Again, we see that Solzhenitsyn may have been pivotal in leading Peterson away from madness and self-destruction, first as a young man rescued from nihilism and despair in the contemplation of nuclear holocaust and now as a grandfather redeemed from soul-destroying drug addiction.

As was noted at the beginning of this piece, Peterson wrote the foreword to the 50th anniversary authorized and abridged version of The Gulag Archipelago. As perhaps a testament to Petersons lifelong commitment to teaching the text and principles of Solzhenitsyns masterpiece, he received, the greatest honor of my life in being invited to write the foreword. It seems like the evil that runs through every human heart has mysteriously bound these two great minds together. What they have witnessed individuallyfrom the corrupted morality in human evil to the random malevolence extant in the world at-largehas brought them together in their private ways before God. May God and every human heart bless and cherish their lives, their memory, and our future together, thanks in part to them.

Jim Proseris the author of Savage Messiah: How Dr. Jordan Peterson Is Saving Western Civilization and No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy: The Life of General James Mattis.

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Jordan Peterson and the Return of Solzhenitsyn - Merion West

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November 2nd, 2020 at 1:55 am

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Kindred: Bob Loys legacy? His lifes work will live on – The Pantagraph

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Randy Sharer can attest. My longtime colleague at The Pantagraph, Sharer interviewed Loy and saw him in action more than any other media member.

He watched Loy mentor a multitude of all-staters and All-Americans at the high school and club levels, marveling at his ability to connect with swimmers of all ages.

He was one of those guys who was just born to coach, Sharer said. He had that enthusiasm for every single kid. Even with the 12-and-under kids, he knew their times and what was a good time. It was never work to him it didnt seem like. He could just work forever and all of those practices where they get up so early in swimming, that was nothing to him because he loved it.

Its the only way you become the longest tenured coach at BHS. John Szabo, the Purple Raiders retired athletic director, has coached track and cross country at the school for 40 years. He said he ranks second to Loys 41 years as a BHS coach.

He touched a lot of lives in our community, Szabo said. He loved being around kids. He loved them and they always respected him and worked hard for him.

Current BHS athletic director Tony Bauman called Loys death a huge shock for all of us, adding, Trying to comprehend what he meant to everybody is saddening.

He impacted people in such a positive way, Bauman said. For athletes we have swimming now, some of their parents swam for Bob. To hear their stories and the way he impacted them and then to have him coach their kids, it was a meaningful thing for their families.

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Kindred: Bob Loys legacy? His lifes work will live on - The Pantagraph

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November 2nd, 2020 at 1:55 am

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The numbers that prove Meteorettes are something special – Daily Mercury

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WHAT the Meteorettes managed to do on the road at the weekend cannot be overstated.

To even the basketball layman, the numbers paint a compelling picture.

Those are 22 and 28 - the margins of victory over rivals Bundaberg and Gladstone.

Also 623 and 186 - kilometres covered in a bus, just to be there.

It amounted to two wins, from 120 gruelling minutes played, all inside 24 hours.

With just seven players to choose from.

In this era of competition, what Scott McKenzie's team achieved at the weekend should not have been possible.

While their rivals welcomed some temporary imports from the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane to bolster their ranks, the Meteorettes were forced to make do with a skeleton crew.

Their young guns travelled in the opposition direction, to Townsville, for U18 representative duties.

It left the senior Meteorettes with just two on the bench for their toughest road trip on the ConocoPhillips CQ Cup calendar.

And yet somehow, the Meteorettes got through unscathed. Not only that, but they dominated once again.

They defied the odds and expectation to again prove Mackay deserves to be considered one of the best female basketball programs in Queensland.

Jordan Peterson overcame an ankle injury to play a key role in the Meteorettes win over Gladstone on Sunday. Photo: Callum Dick

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Rasmussen 'better than ever' in season 14 as a Meteor

Gamblin thriving as 'the man' in new Meteors set-up

"I was extremely nervous. I thought it was going to be a tough weekend for us," McKenzie admitted.

"We knew Bundaberg had brought in a player and Gladstone another couple. We only had seven."

Then Jordan Peterson went over on her ankle on Saturday night and the Meteorettes faced the very real prospect of rotating just one off the bench on Sunday.

"I asked on Sunday 'are you any good?' and she said 'I've strapped it up tight - I'm ready to go'," McKenzie recalled.

"When we were in a bit of a run on Sunday, she came in and made a difference for us.

"I was really proud of her effort this weekend."

Peterson's selfless act was one of a long line of gutsy performances from the seven-strong squad which flew the flag for Mackay at the weekend.

Not only will the winning road double be a big boost to the team's confidence, it should also strike fear in their rivals.

With the deck stacked against them, the Meteorettes proved too good.

It has the group well poised to continue toward its "ultimate goal", which is an inaugural CQ Cup crown and confirmation as the best.

"That's obviously the ultimate goal and we've put ourselves in a position now to do that," McKenzie said.

"Realistically if we come out next week and win at home, we'll sew up top spot. That gives us a home semi - win that, and it's a home grand final. That's always been the goal."

The Meteors and Meteorettes will enjoy a well-deserved bye this weekend, before returning to The Crater on November 7.

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The numbers that prove Meteorettes are something special - Daily Mercury

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Revision 8.2 A further note on the rededication of Palestine – Patheos

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I continue my account of a party sent in 1872 by President Brigham Young to rededicate Palestine for the return of the Jews. It included George A. Smith of the First Presidency, Lorenzo Snow and Albert Carrington of the Twelve, and the poet and Relief Society president Eliza R. Snow:

Their travels took them to England, Holland, Belgium, France, Bavaria and other parts of Germany, Austria, Russia, Greece, Egypt, Turkey, and Syria. The journey was strenuous, but the little party of Latter-day Saint tourists seems to have retained a sense of humor. In Egypt, their Coptic Christian guide took them to an area near the modern city of Heliopolis, the biblical On, where he showed them an ancient sycamore tree. This, he informed them, was the very tree under which Mary, Joseph, and the infant Jesus had camped during their flight into Egypt. Mary had bathed in the nearby well and, although it had only given brackish and undrinkable water before, from that time forward its water had become sweet and good. President Smith tasted it and agreed that the water was excellent, reminding him of the big spring at Saint George. There was just one thing lacking, to his taste. I remarked to the man I really wished she had made it cold while she was about it, for a drink of cold water would have been very refreshing just then. This cost me one franc.[1]

In Palestine itself, the apostolic party visited the traditional home of Simon the Tanner in Jaffa, where the Apostle Peter had received his important vision of the sheet let down from heaven that opened the way for the preaching of the gospel to the Gentiles. While there, they asked the Arab caretaker of the house whether Peter had been a Muslim. Yes, he replied, pointing to a mihrab niche in the wall of the building as the place where the apostle had prayed.[2] They saw the beautiful orange groves in the vicinity of Jaffa. They spent a night at the monastery of Mar Saba near Bethlehem, and, in that town itself, they went to the Grotto of the Nativity, which local tradition identifies as the precise spot of Christs birth. They were struck by the remarkable similarity between the Dead Sea and their own Great Salt Lake. They noted that Palestines Jordan River was smaller than Utahs and rather barren in its surroundings. We used to sing about the flowery banks of Jordan, said President Smith, but it takes off the romance to go and see them.[3] Lorenzo Snow especially liked the Arab town of Nablus. He was attracted to its setting in a relatively verdant and well-watered valley, surrounded by olive trees, fruit orchards, and various gardens, as well as by its white domes, its mosques, and its many minarets. But the hilly scenery, while picturesque, made for difficult travel. I have seen a good many rough roads in Utah in the mountains, recalled President Smith, but of all the rough horseback riding I ever did see, I think that Palestine has the premium.[4] Still, beyond all the discomforts of touring in the Holy Land, there was the marvelous sense, felt by hundreds of thousands of pilgrims before and since, of walking in the very footsteps of Jesus and the personalities of the Bible. I cannot communicate to any extent, President Smith later remarked,

the impressions I felt at the time. I had no doubt that I passed over the grounds where the Savior and his Apostles, and the Prophets, kings and nobles of Israel had lived, although I did not believe a great deal about the identical spots set down by the monks, yet I was satisfied that I was in the localities in which the great events of scripture took place.[5]

On Sunday morning, 2 March 1873, President Smith arranged with their guide to take a tent, a table, several chairs, and a carpet up onto the Mount of Olives. He and his companions rode up the slope on horseback. When all was ready, and after Elder Carrington had offered an invocation, President Smith led them in a prayer rededicating the land of Palestine for the return of the Jews. When on the Mount of Olives with our faces bowed toward Jerusalem, he later reported to the Saints back in Utah,

we lifted our prayers to God that he would preserve you and confound your enemies. We felt in our hearts that Zion was onward and upward, and that no power could stay her progress; that the day was not far distant when Israel would gather, and those lands would begin to teem with a people who would worship God and keep his commandments; that plenty and the blessings of eternity would be poured out bounteously upon that desert land, and that all the prophecies concerning the restoration of the house of Israel would be fulfilled.[6]

After President Smiths prayer, the other brethren prayed in turn, confirming and repeating his supplications for themselves and on behalf of scattered Judah. Their assigned task completed, the party then returned to the mountains of North America. The memories of their visit to Palestine remained with them, however. As a relatively recent biographer of Lorenzo Snow puts it:

Lorenzos words and conduct during the quarter of a century of life that was to remain after his Palestine tour reflected the lasting impression this trip had made upon him. The experience transformed him into a man more sensitive to the reality of Jesus earthly life and ministry Thereafter, his sermons that developed themes of biblical history or doctrine would have greater depth of meaning because of his direct exposure to the ancient land of the prophets and the patriarchs But, more germane to his highest role as a special witness of Jesus Christ, were the spiritual assurances and illuminations he had received of the Saviors divinity and Godhood that had come to him as he had visited the historic places where the great Messianic drama had been enacted. These would ever be in his heart and his minds eye in the years ahead as he served and bore testimony of the Master.[7]

[1] Journal of Discourses 16:91.

[2] Journal of Discourses 16:92.

[3] Journal of Discourses 16:100. Mark Twain was similarly unimpressed by Palestinian geography. When I was a boy, he recalled in his travel memoir The Innocents Abroad, I somehow got the impression that the river Jordan was four thousand miles long and thirty-five miles wide. It is only ninety miles long, and so crooked that a man does not know which side of it he is on half the time It is not any wider than Broadway in New York. There is the Sea of Galilee and this Dead Sea neither of them twenty miles long or thirteen wide. And yet when I was in Sunday school I thought they were sixty thousand miles in diameter. See Mark Twain, The Innocents Abroad/Roughing It (New York: Literary Classics of the United States, 1984). We have many misconceptions about the region. Every Christmas, Latter-day Saints sing of a sacred event that took place Far, Far Away on Judeas Plains. But Judea is hill country, with hardly a flat spot in it.

[4] Journal of Discourses 16:98.

[5] Journal of Discourses 16:100.

[6] Journal of Discourses 16:102.

[7] Francis M. Gibbons, Lorenzo Snow: Spiritual Giant, Prophet of God (Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, 1982), 138, 148.

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Revision 8.2 A further note on the rededication of Palestine - Patheos

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Property transfers | News, Sports, Jobs – The Review

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Police & Courts

Oct 31, 2020

Butler Township

Cumulus Wireless Services Inc. to Cumulus Media Tower Co. LLC, 50 acres and other commercial structures on Winona Road; $45,540

Center Township

Richard Rhodes, et al, to Arthur Clendenning Jr., home and land on state Route 517; $171,000

Tad Rose to Dave and Inez Rose, residential vacant land on Allen Avenue; $6,500


Firestone Homestead LLC to Elefterios and Katina Kokkinos, residential vacant land on Homestead; $62,000

Steven A. Hopper to Grant and Jessica Wilson, home on West Park Avenue; $82,000

David Ours to Susan and Robert Hall, home on Apache Lane; $197,000

Liza Hiznay to Terrence and Patricia Brown, home on Fairfield School Road; $52,000

John W. Rose to Jeffrey and Rachel Davidson, residential vacant land on Juniper Drive; $45,000

Craig Susany, et al, to Elda Cather, residential vacant land; $60,000

East Liverpool

Alan Huff to Melissa Hornbeck, home on Lisbon Street; $22,500

John and Bonnie Wern to Thelma and Donald Leport Sr., home and other residential structures on Erie Street; $15,000

Elkrun Township

Paul Duncan to Paul Duncan and Claude Kidder, et al, 16 acres on Miller Road; $38,000

Jennifer and Frank Morrell Sr. to Frank Morrell Jr., home on Roller Coaster Road; $165,000

Fairfield Township

Taralyn Anderson to Robert Whittenberger, house trailer or mobile home on Fairfield School Road; $30,000

Hanover Townhsip

Josephine M. Whinery to Samantha Tullis, home trailers or mobile homes on Teegarden Road; $123,500

George Bickis to Brian and Rebecca Bostick, residential vacant land on Ridge Place; $25,000


Reatha Soltis to Erin Hartzell and Brett Waller, home on Plymouth Street; $135,000

Knox Township

Joyce Olesky, trustee, to Karrin Stephens, home on Center Road; $232,500


Patricia A. Coleman to Cindy and Wayne Wallace Jr., home on Maple Street; $12,000

Liverpool Township

Darlene and Aaron Bunfill to Robert and Mildred Thornton, home on Meadow Road; $168,000

Patricia Davisson FKA Patricia Ammon to Heather Johnson, home and land on Chester Street; $30,000

Middleton Township

Russell T. Kiko, trustee, to Harold R. Feezle, 11.5 acres on Spruceville Road; $85,000

Nancy Tondy to Joseph and Danielle Barber, house trailers or mobile homes and other residential structures on Quay Road; $134,000

New Waterford

Charles and Lori Souder to Joseph Mong, home on State Street; $95,000

Philip Kimmel and Jordan Jessop to Philip Kimmel, home on Silliman Street; $31,000

Perry Township

Cumulus Wireless Services Inc. to Cumulus Broadcasting LLC, other commercial structures on state Route 344; $27,200


Karey J. Walp to Ryan Connolly, home on Washington Avenue; $115,000

Salem Township

Dennis J. Holt to Dennis J. Holt and James and Nancy McNally, home on Glenview Lane; $16,000


Gregory Butler, et al, to Sarah Standish, home on Maple Hill Road; $113,197

St. Clair Township

Calcutta Development LLC to Brad and Ashley McNear, joint, 13 acres on Field Stone Drive; $53,800

Amy Smith, trustee, to Kaddie Barnard and Michael Rogowski, home and land on Milton Avenue; $198,000

Carol Anderson and Justin Reuter to Justin Reuter, home and land on Cannons Mills Road; $40,000

Shawn and Emily Peterson to Robert McCoy, home on Staunton Avenue; $7,000

Washington Township

Audrey J. Maher, et al, to Kenneth and Christina Henry, 28 acres on Hazel Run Road and Haiti Road; $71,650

James Smith, et al, to Rodney and Lori Burnside, 43 acres on Walnut Ridge Road; $355,000

Yellow Creek Township

Eli and Barbara Sommers to Matt and Sarah Miller, agricultural vacant land on Rochester Road; $15,570

Heather Snedden and Nathan McGraw to Nathan McGraw, residential vacant land on Commerce Street; $6,400

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Property transfers | News, Sports, Jobs - The Review

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Gameday inactives, injuries and weather: Week 8 – The Huddle

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Sunday updates will begin when teams start releasing official pregame inactives and starter information to the league. This is typically around 60-90 minutes prior to the kickoff of their game.

Early games: RB Damien Harris (active), RB Frank Gore (active), TE Tyler Higbee (active) Afternoon games: RB Chris Carson (inactive), RB Phillip Lindsay (active) Sunday night: none Monday night: none

Kickoff Weather: 49 degrees, rain

Inactives: OT Derwin Gray, CB Mike Hilton, FS Jordan Dangerfield, QB Joshua Dobbs, LB Ulysees Gilbert III, DT Carlos Davis and TE Zach Gentry

Lineup notes: TE Eric Ebron (elbow), WR Diontae Johnson (toe) and WR JuJu Smith-Schuster (knee) missed some practice time but made it back Friday. All are off the report.

Inactives: DL Jihad Ward, QB Trace McSorley, C Trystan Colon-Castillo, DL Justin Ellis, OG Ben Bredeson, DT Broderick Washington and RB Mark Ingram

Lineup notes: RB Mark Ingram (ankle) didnt practice all week and is inactive for Week 8.

Kickoff Weather: 45 degrees, rain

Inactives: S Kyle Dugger, TE Devin Asiasi, QB Brian Hoyer, CB Stephon Gilmore, DT Carl Davis, WR NKeal Harry and TE Dalton Keene

Lineup notes: WR Julian Edelman (knee) is out this week after surgery to clean up his knee, and he has gone on Injured Reserve. Expect him to miss multiple games. WR NKeal Harry (concussion) is out as well. RB Damien Harris (ankle) is questionable after being limited all week, but hes available. CB Stephon Gilmore (knee) has been downgraded to out.

Inactives: DE A.J. Epenesa, S Micah Hyde, CB Josh Norman, OT Cody Ford, DL Vernon Butler, QB Jake Fromm and RB T.J. Yeldon

Lineup notes: QB Josh Allen (shoulder) and WR John Brown (knee) practiced fully all week and are not on the injury report.

Kickoff Weather: 47 degrees, cloudy

Inactives: S Dane Cruikshank, C Daniel Munyer, DE Matt Dickerson, CB Tye Smith, LB Derick Roberson and TE Geoff Swaim

Lineup notes: WR A.J. Brown (knee) practiced Friday and is not on the injury report.

Inactives: RB Joe Mixon, WR John Ross, OT Jonah Williams, PK Austin Seibert, OT Mike Jordan, OG Trey Hopkins and OT Bobby Hart

Lineup notes: RB Joe Mixon (foot) was ruled out once again for Week 8. WR John Ross (illness) was out of practice Thursday and Friday and is unavailable. Both starting offensive tackles also are unable to play.

Kickoff Weather: 44 degrees, light rain, 25 mph winds

Inactives: CB Rico Gafford, LB Arden Key, QB Marcus Mariota, WR Bryan Edwards, OT Trent Brown and S Dallin Leavitt

Lineup notes: WR Bryan Edwards (foot, ankle) is not quite ready yet. RB Josh Jacobs (knee) was limited as well, but hes off the injury report.

Inactives: LB Jacob Phillips, TE Austin Hooper, DE Joe Jackson, CB Jovante Moffatt and OG Wyatt Teller

Lineup notes: WR Odell Beckham Jr. (knee) was placed on Injured Reserve with a torn anterior cruciate ligament and will miss the rest of the year. TE Austin Hooper (abdomen) is out again. RB Kareem Hunt (ribs) was limited Wednesday and Thursday but practiced fully Friday. Hes good to go. TE David Njoku (knee) was a full-go all week and is fine. WR Jarvis Landry (hip) was limited Wednesday and Thursday but a full-go Friday and will play.

Kickoff Weather: Dome stadium

Inactives: DE RonDell Carter, WR Dezmon Patmon, TE Noah Togiai, CB Tremon Smith and QB Jacob Eason

Lineup notes: TE Mo Alie-Cox (knee) is questionable after being limited in practice Thursday and Friday. He is active.

Inactives: QB David Blough, WR Quintez Cephus, CB Desmond Trufant, OG Logan Stenberg and CB Mike Ford

Lineup notes: RB Adrian Peterson (abdomen) was limited Thursday but practiced fully Friday and is off the report.

Kickoff Weather: 33 degrees, overcast, 25 mph winds

Inactives: DE Jordan Brailford, OL Olisaemeka Udoh, CB Chris Jones, S Curtis Riley, CB Holton Hill, WR Dan Chisena and WR Tajae Sharpe

Lineup notes: RB Dalvin Cook (groin) made it back to a full practice Friday, and hes ready to roll. WR Adam Thielen (shoulder) was a full-go all week and is off the report.

Inactives: RB Aaron Jones, OT David Bakhtiari, QB Jordan Love, DL Billy Winn, LB Randy Ramsey, CB Kevin King and DB Raven Greene

Lineup notes: RB Aaron Jones (calf) is out once again. PK Mason Crosby (calf, back) was limited Friday and is questionable. TE Robert Tonyan (ankle, knee) practiced fully Thursday and Friday and is good to go.

Kickoff Weather: 45 degree, clear

Inactives: OT Cameron Clark, PK Sam Ficken, LB Blake Cashman, QB James Morgan, WR Jamison Crowder, C Jimmy Murray and WR Breshad Perriman

Lineup notes: WR Breshad Perriman (concussion) was ruled out. WR Jamison Crowder (groin) and PK Sam Ficken (groin) join him as inactives. RB Frank Gore (hand) draws a questionable tag as he has been limited in practice. He will give it a go.

Inactives: OT Mitchell Schwartz, LB Darius Harris, RB DeAndre Washington, DL Khalen Saunders, DE Demone Harris, TE Ricky Seals-Jones and WR Sammy Watkins

Lineup notes: WR Sammy Watkins (hamstring) is out once again.

Kickoff Weather: 86 degrees, humid

Inactives: DL AShawn Robinson, C Brian Allen, TE Brycen Hopkins, WR Trishton Jackson and RB Raymond Calais

Lineup notes: TE Tyler Higbee (hand) will play through his questionable tag. TE Gerald Everett (illness) was out of practice Wednesday but made it back Thursday. Hes ready to go.

Inactives: CB Jamal Perry, RB Lynn Bowden, DE Jason Strowbridge, RB Salvon Ahmed, RB Jordan Howard and FB Chandler Cox

Lineup notes: WR DeVante Parker (groin) was limited early in the week but practiced fully Friday. Hes good to go.

Kickoff Weather: 62 degrees, clear

Inactives: CB Desmond King, OT Storm Norton, OG Trai Turner, QB Tyrod Taylor, WR Tyron Johnson and DL Cortez Broughton

Lineup notes: RB Justin Jackson (knee) was a full participant all week. Hes expected to be fine.

Inactives: TE Jake Butt, QB Jeff Driskel, DT McTelvin Agim, WR Tim Patrick, WR Diontae Spencer and OG Netane Muti

Lineup notes: RB Phillip Lindsay (concussion) will play, but WR Tim Patrick (hamstring) is not ready to go. TE Noah Fant (ankle) and WR Jerry Jeudy (shoulder) practiced Friday and are off the report.

Kickoff Weather: 37 degrees, mostly cloudy

Inactives: DE Malcolm Roach, OT Derrick Kelly, WR Marquez Callaway, WR Michael Thomas, OG Nick Easton and CB Ken Crawley

Lineup notes: WR Michael Thomas (ankle, hamstring) and his season to forget continues as he is out again in Week 8. WR Emmanuel Sanders remains on the COVID-19 list and is out again. WR Marquez Callaway (ankle) is out as well.

Inactives: OG Cody Whitehair, RB Artavis Pierce, WR Ted Ginn Jr., LB Trevis Gipson, CB Duke Shelley and WR Riley Ridley

Lineup notes: WR Allen Robinson (concussion) didnt practice all week but cleared the concussion protocol and will play.

Kickoff Weather: 56 degrees, clear

Inactives: WR Deebo Samuel, LB Kwon Alexander, QB C.J. Beathard, SS Jaquiski Tartt, CB Ken Webster and WR Richie James

Lineup notes: RB Raheem Mostert (ankle) was placed on the Reserve/Injured list and will be out at least two more weeks. WR Deebo Samuel (hamstring) and RB Jeffery Wilson (ankle) will also miss this contest.

Inactives: S Jamal Adams, DL Benson Mayowa, CB Shaquill Griffin, OG Mike Iupati, RB Carlos Hyde, CB Ugo Amadi and RB Chris Carson

Lineup notes: RB Carlos Hyde (hamstring) drew a doubtful tag this week and is inactive. RB Chris Carson (foot) didnt practice all week, and hell miss the game, as well. Star S Jamal Adams (groin) is out, too.

Kickoff Weather: 53 degrees, possible light rain

Inactives: LB Luke Gifford, QB Andy Dalton, WR Malik Turner and CB Reggie Robinson II

Lineup notes: QB Andy Dalton (concussion) was out of practice all week and has been downgraded to out. Rookie QB Ben DiNucci will start in his place. OG Zack Martin (concussion) returns to action after missing one game.

Inactives: OT Jack Driscoll, WR Alshon Jeffery, OT Lane Johnson, RB Miles Sanders, QB Nate Sudfeld, CB Craig James and CB CreVon LeBlanc

Lineup notes: WR DeSean Jackson (ankle) went on IR and will miss at least two more games. RB Miles Sanders (knee) and WR Alshon Jeffery (calf) are sidelined once again. WR Jalen Reagor (thumb), TE Dallas Goedert (ankle) and LT Jason Peters (toe) all were activated Saturday from the Reserve/Injured list and will be available.

Kickoff Weather: 40 degrees, clear

Lineup notes: WR Chris Godwin (finger) had surgery on his index finger, which will keep him out Monday night. WR Scott Miller(hip, groin) and TE Rob Gronkowski (shoulder) were limited Friday. They returned to full sessions on Saturday and will play.

Lineup notes: RB Devonta Freeman (ankle) hasnt practiced this week and will miss the contest. WR Sterling Shepard (shoulder, toe) was limited all week but escaped an injury designation.

See the original post here:

Gameday inactives, injuries and weather: Week 8 - The Huddle

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NFL trade rumors: 15 players most likely to be traded at the 2020 deadline – Sporting News

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(Getty Images)

The NFL's midseason trade deadline used to mean little with a limited number of minor deals being made. But in recent seasons, with blockbusters involving Jalen Ramsey and Amari Cooper and some other notable starters moved, it's become a truly open market, a little like March.

In 2020 beforeTuesday, Nov. 3 at 4 p.m. ET, several more players will be dealt. So far, on the marquee, the Ravens acquired Yannick Ngakoue from the Vikings, fresh off him being traded by the Jaguars in the preseason. The Seahawks got some needed pass-rush help, too, trading for the Bengals' Carlos Dunlap. Also from the defensiveedge, Everson Griffen (Cowboys to Lions), Jordan Wills (Jets to 49ers) and Markus Golden (Giants and Cardinals) all have new teams.

With a combination of buyers and sellers and teams looking to get something in return for pending 2021 free agents, the hot stove is staying warm with rumors. Here are 15players who might be dressed up in different uniforms soon.

NFL MOCK DRAFT 2021: Giants pass on Justin Fields; Saints find next QB; Packers, Lions, Bears go WR

(Getty Images)

Njoku, 24, has expressed his desire to leave Cleveland, caught in a numbers game with free-agent addition Austin Hooper and promising rookie Harrison Bryant. The 2017 first-rounder, only signed through 2021 after the Browns picked up his cheap option,is looking for a more prominent receiving role. As an athletic target, Njokuwould fit a team like NFC wild-card hopefuls Carolina and Arizona. Philadelphia also makes sense, too, with Zach Ertz on the shelf and wanting to keep 12 personnel strong with Dallas Goedert.

Ross, 24, also a 2017 first-rounder has flamed out because of injuries and not being a reliable fit for their offense, showing not much more than fleet feet when healthy. He's superfluous in Cincinnati behind Tyler Boyd. A.J. Green, Tee Higgins and Auden Tate.The Packers and Patriots would make sense as teams looking for more receiving speed with which to try to stretch the field better.

The Ryans have been valuable starters for Washington in the past in 3-4 schemes. But both current rotational ends will be unrestricted free agents in 2021, Kerrigan at 32 two years removed from his last Pro Bowl season and Anderson at 26, a second-round pick in 2017. Ron Rivera can push forward with a youth movement centered around Chase Young and Montez Sweat in the 4-3 by moving either/both.

Williamson, 28, got a nice free-agent deal from New York to leave Tennessee. He is unsigned for 2021 and the Jets' veteran fire sale with Adam Gase has him firmly on the block. He would help a 3-4 team and the Steelers have emerged as a strong candidate after losing Devin Bush to a torn ACL.

(Credit: Getty Images)

There has been some buzz that Houston would move Will Fuller, the 2016 first-rounder who can test free agency next year. But after trading away DeAndre Hopkins with Bill O'Brien, let's hope the Texans resist for the sake of instilling some confidence in Deshaun Watson that they care about helping their franchise QB. Stills, 28,has flashed in their receiving corps, but he is the more easily expendable one because of Fuller, Brandin Cooks and Randall Cobb. Stills also is a 2021 free agent andcan be had cheaper. The Packers, who just played Houston, have some intrigue.

The Bills have been disappointed with their defense and Sean McDermott benched a healthy Murphy in Week 6. The 2014 second-rounder will turn 30 in December and is showing diminishing returns as a pending free agent. Buffalowould be fine moving forward with Mario Addison and rookie first-rounder A.J. Epenesa opposite Jerry Hughes. Murphycould help the Cardinals in a hybrid 3-4 roleas that team is dealing with an injury to end Zach Allen and has limited pop at outside linebacker without Chandler Jones.


Engram has had massive upside since being picked as a 2017 first-rounder, but injuries and inconsistent hands have taken away his potentialas an athletic receiver.The Giants had some high hopes for him to put it all together, but now can't shake how he missed a pass that would given them a win over the Eagles in Week 6.Carolina and New England have been attached to him with some front-office connections there. Tate is already on his fourth team as a solid slot option with some home-run ability. Contenders such as Green Bay and New Orleans could use his services inside.

The Lions are entrusting their backfield more to rookie D'Andre Swift and up to that recent point, Adrian Peterson did well as their veteran bridge back. Johnson, a once promising 2018 second-rounder, is down to getting no touches. At 23, he's an appealing cheap backfield stash for teams looking for depth.

(Getty Images)

As much as the Jets moving 2018 first-rounder Sam Darnold makes sense if they are headed to taking Trevor Lawrence No. 1 overall in 2020, there is likely too high of an implied price for teams such as Steelers, Broncos, Colts and Bears, especially if they're not looking to start him right away. As for Haskins, It's clear Washington's new regime with Rivera and Scott Turner don't really want to attach itself to the 2019 first-rounder. At lesser compensation, a team getting Haskins as a young development type has more appeal. Those four teams should at least make a call on him.

McKinley, 24, a 2017 first-rounder, is a pretty good bet to followVic Beasley, a 2015 first-rounder, out of Atlanta very soon. The former coach and GM combinationof Dan Quinn and Thomas Dimitroff didn't see him pan out as a pass rusher and the scheme is headed to a change in 2021, when McKinley won't be re-signed as a free agent. He needs a fresh start, and a team such as the Seahawks, 49ers and Chargers, who all run similar schemes. can take a flyer. McKinleyis being made inactive for Week 8 Thursday night at the Panthers for the purpose of being dealt.


Jones has seen a suddenly smaller role in the Lions' passing game as their No. 2 wideout outside opposite Kenny Golladay. He turned 30 earlier this year and won't be re-signed as a free agent next year. It took him until Week 7's win over the Falcons to do something of note. All the above wideout-needy mentioned teams should have some interest, but it's unlikely Detroit makes a move to help Green Bay inside the division.

Mack has been the perennial Pro Bowl rock of their athletic offensive line, snapping for Matt Ryan and run blocking well ever since he signed his blockbuster free-agent deal coming over fromthe Browns. But he's 34 and a free agent again next year. The 49ers, who made a quick move to get left tackle Trent Williams when Joe Staley retired, should be thinking the same on Mack with center Weston Richburg slow in his recovery from a torn patellar tendon. That move makes a lot of sense as it would reunite Mack with his former offensive coordinator, Kyle Shanahan.

Simmons and the Vikings' Anthony Harris are in near identical situations. Both safeties are playing under the franchise at $11.44 million tagsin 2020 and may be too expensive for their teams to keep long term in 2021. The Broncos (2-4) and Vikings (1-5) are going nowhere in 2020and headed to rebuild mode. Simmons has a slightly better chance of being traded. The Eagles or Browns, well positioned to make playoff runs, need to get busy trying to tap into an key upgrade.The Ravens could use some post-Earl Thomas help, too.

Excerpt from:

NFL trade rumors: 15 players most likely to be traded at the 2020 deadline - Sporting News

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Week 8 Fantasy Football Booms and Busts: Should we be worried about Lamar, Big Ben? – Yahoo Sports

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Every Baltimore-Pittsburgh game is a rock fight, a 15-round slugfest. It might be the best rivalry in the NFL today. So it was no surprise that Sundays match went down to the wire, a 28-24 escape for the Steelers.

But can either team feel great about its offense right now?

Before we get into the nuts, bolts, and the reasons for concern, well concede that this game had some box-score juice. Four of Pittsburghs five primary skill players had solid games only an injured Diontae Johnson was quiet. J.K. Dobbins (15-113-0) and Gus Edwards (16-87-1) were snappy on the ground. Pittsburghs defense was menacing, physical, intimidating.

But quarterbacks are the driver of offenses, and neither Lamar Jackson nor Ben Roethlisberger covered himself in glory Sunday.

Start with Jackson, who had one of the messiest starts of his career. He threw two interceptions one of them a gift pick-six to the Steelers and also lost two fumbles, though the second one came at the end of a fourth-down rush that fell short of the sticks. No one will fault him for the extra effort on a do-or-die play, but Jackson nonetheless struggled with his accuracy and decision-making all afternoon. He wasnt close to his 2019 MVP form.

Even Jacksons running was somewhat muted a whopping 16 carries only managed 65 yards (he did have a touchdown run wiped out by a holding penalty). And the Steelers probably gave him the most physical game hes had as a pro.

Baltimore still looks like a playoff lock at 5-2, but it was strange to see the Ravens this disjointed after a bye week. And make no mistake, theres some frustration in the locker room. Marquise Brown had just two targets (one of them a short touchdown) and isnt thrilled about his role.

Heres where wed embed the Brown tweet from after the game, but its since been deleted. About 30 minutes after the match finished, Browns verified Twitter account wondered: Whats the point of having souljas when you never use them (Never!!). Im not here to critique Brown for the comment; I actually agree with his observation.

And I certainly understand the frustration; Brown seems to get open most weeks, but Jackson has missed him a handful of times in previous games. Mark Andrews (3-32-0, six targets) has also been a mild disappointment.

Baltimore OC Greg Roman will continue to use Jackson proactively as a runner, but Baltimore cant be happy at the physical punishment the QB received Sunday. This wasnt a day filled with sliding and ducking out of bounds. Jacksons work was often in the trenches, not to mention the hits he absorbed in the pocket. Pittsburgh sacked him four times against a modest 28 pass attempts.

Nothing came easy for Lamar Jackson against the Steelers. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

At least the absence of Mark Ingram likely to be multiple weeks tidied up the Ravens backfield. Dobbins had a smash game in his first extensive action, the only high-profile rookie back who clicked in the early slate. Edwards is a pounding interior runner who regularly breaks through first contact. Theyre fun to watch, and playable if this rushing game stays at this width.

Harbaugh and Roman are excellent coaches, and the Baltimore schedule is a daisy in December (start with the Cowboys, Week 13). But the November gauntlet could be a meat grinder Indianapolis, New England (Bill Belichick still matters), Tennessee, the Pittsburgh rematch. Nothing will be free against that slate.

It might sound silly to preach understanding on the Pittsburgh sideline after all, these guys are 7-0, the NFLs only undefeated team. The defense looks like the AFCs best, and the Steelers own the answer key when it comes to drafting receivers. Theres so much to like here.

Story continues

But does Roethlisberger look crisp to you? He hasnt been awful, but this hasnt been peak Roethlisberger, either. He looks like a 38-year-old quarterback.

Roethlisberger scored a win last week at Tennessee despite a meager 5.5 YPA. Sunday was the same story Pittsburgh wins, despite modest passing success (5.7 YPA). Big Ben at least protected the ball (no turnovers) and was only sacked twice, but youre living right when you sneak a win despite a 236-yard deficit in total offense. The pick-six skews the game flow, but Baltimore still ran 29 more snaps in this game.

Perhaps you saw Roethlisberger rubbing his elbow on the sideline. The Steelers are doing all they can to limit his pocket exposure lots of short drops, lots of defined, quick throws and the big plays havent been common lately. Only one of Sundays completions went for over 20 yards.

I wouldnt go as far as to say Pittsburgh is hiding Roethlisberger. But are they managing him, or asking him to manage the game? That feels right. At least the Pittsburgh schedule looks fun Dallas, Cincinnati, and Jacksonville are next up on the runaway, about as favorable as it gets.

I dont want to act like the rookie running-back class has been a total bust. Dobbins, as mentioned above, had a strong day. Zack Moss was effective (14-81-2) in Buffalos uneven afternoon, sneaking past a New England defense thats down all sorts of personnel. If you pushed play with those guys, youll sleep well tonight.

But the big tickets from the 2020 backfield class continue to disappoint. Looking at you, Clyde Edwards-Helaire, DAndre Swift and Jonathan Taylor.

The Taylor slog is the biggest shocker. The Colts have a super offensive line and Frank Reich is a coach we like. And the Week 8 matchup against Detroit was favorable, a mediocre run-stopping opponent. Alas, Taylor had just 22 yards on 11 carries. Meanwhile, Jordan Wilkins (20-89-1) moved the pile on the ground, and Nyheim Hines had two nifty touchdown catches.

How soon is now, Jonathan Taylor?

CEH has been effective in some games this year, but he was back to MEH in the romp over the hapless Jets (nine touches, 31 yards). To be fair, the Jets defense often prioritizes the run over the pass, and thats what happened here Patrick Mahomes (five touchdowns) threw over them all day.

Swift has to win over his coaching staff more than anything. He only received nine touches Sunday, though they were for just 23 total yards. Adrian Peterson had his usual ineffective day five carries, seven yards while Kerryon Johnson stole a touchdown catch. Im still willing to bet on Swift long-term.Not a bad trade target, as those deadlines close in.

Apparently I overestimated how much vengeance there is in LeVeon Bell. He was not a big factor against the Jets. An underreported story in Kansas City: the offensive line has taken a step back, in part due to injury.

A week after the glorious comeback win over Cincinnati, the Browns offense crash-landed again, scoring just six points against the Raiders. Success has many parents, and so does failure; Cleveland had mental mistakes, dropped passes, missed assignments, even a missed field goal (a constant wind didnt help). Baker Mayfield didnt play well, but it wasnt all his fault. Scoring just six points against the No. 31 DVOA defense is an embarrassment.

Bill Belichick did a MacGyver job, almost stealing a win at Buffalo. But the Patriots didnt trust Cam Newton in the game plan; on third and long, the team often called for give-up runs or conservative passing short of the sticks. There was also a fourth-and-short punt from plus territory. Ironically, it was Newtons late-game fumble that secured the defeat, when the Patriots already were in field-goal range for a tie, and closing in on a winning touchdown. Its starting to look like Newton could be a one-and-done Patriot.

At least the Patriots have found something with Jakobi Meyers, who has 118 receiving yards the last two weeks. He also snagged a two-point conversion Sunday. Those arent Randy Moss numbers, but New England will take what it can get. It makes you wonder why Meyers wasn't playing much in the first five games; we're not talking about the Greatest Show on Turf here. All of New England's primary wideouts Sunday were undrafted free agents.

Maybe Justin Herbert would go No. 1 overall if the NFL redrafted the 2020 class (he makes 3-4 oh my god throws every week), but Joe Burrow would be considered at No. 1, and would fall no later than No. 2. Hes the genuine article. Despite a patchwork offensive line (thats probably substandard when in full health), Burrow moves the ball almost every week and has covered every game but one. Id ride with him anytime.

Say this for the Dolphins, they play their butts off for Brian Flores. Hes rebuilt that culture in the blink of an eye. Tua Tagovailoa was mostly hidden Sunday; the Dolphins defense confused Jared Goff (5.8 YPA, four turnovers) and won the game on that side of the ball. Miami had two return touchdowns (one on defense, one on special teams), which is how you win despite just eight first downs and 145 yards of offense (the Rams had 31 and 471, respectively). Los Angeles gets a bye at a good time; Seattle, Tampa Bay, San Francisco, and Arizona call after that.

Are we sure Jimmy Garoppolo is healthy? Are we sure hes good? Jimmy G. was erratic for three quarters at Seattle a historically bad pass defense and then hobbled to the locker room. Nick Mullens piled up 238 yards and two touchdowns in garbage time, production thats hard to take at face value. But you wonder if Kyle Shanahan is temped to try something new, even if its merely a way to keep a dinged Garoppolo out of harms way.

Mike Zimmer finally got the game he wanted; 30 Dalvin Cook rushing attempts, 14 Kirk Cousins passes. Of course Cook made it easy with 163 rushing yards and three touchdowns; he also had a 50-yard touchdown catch and scamper, the only stat-padding Cousins got all day. Maybe Minnesotas no-show against Atlanta was misleading; the Vikings did give Seattle all it could handle the previous week. The schedule opens up nicely: Lions, Bears, Cowboys, Panthers, Jaguars.

Corey Davis is in the catbird seat; every Tennessee opponent is petrified of A.J. Brown, and Davis gets a playable market share every week. But this is a case where the secondary target needs the alpha; if Brown gets hurt again, I suspect opponents would be able to contain Davis.

Scouting is hard, even when a player is in your own building. The Lions spent a year with Travis Fulgham and weren't impressed. Green Bay kicked the tires but cut him this summer. Even the Eagles cut Fulgham before this year, with the eye of stashing him on the practice squad. He's been Philly's most consistent skill player for a month, capable of winning on the outside and commanding a healthy market share. I don't care who comes back for the Eagles, Fulgham seems here to stay.

Nick Foles probably played just well enough to keep his job. But 6.6 YPA isnt good enough, and if you factor in the five sacks, Chicago gained just 5.06 yards per dropback. I suspect we could see Mitch Trubisky start again this year.

Excerpt from:

Week 8 Fantasy Football Booms and Busts: Should we be worried about Lamar, Big Ben? - Yahoo Sports

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American Health Will Sink the GOP in November –

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And so we find this weekend the Republican governor Ron DeSantis completely opening Florida while the state is still far from out of the pandemic woods. Florida still averages 3,000 cases and something like 100 COVID-related deaths per day. Reopening did not work at all in July. It's not going to work in September. But he still did it. And he also "banned local fines against people who refuse to wear masks."


Veterinarian recommended & pet approved solutions for mood, immunity, mobility, neurology & digestion

But what DeSantis refuses to grasp is the obvious fact that the economy of his state closed on its own. Sure, a few bars and diners can operate as if the pandemic is over, but it's hard to imagine Florida's tourism bouncing back simply because the governor says: "We're open for business." It's also really amazing to see that if you are white and a leader of the party that white people get to have all for themselves, you are permitted to kill thousands of lives, many of which are white.

Back when the US had 160,000 deaths (it now has 206,000), Neel Kashkari, the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, spoke for many capitalists when he recommended that the whole of the US should commit to a real six-week lockdown "to save both lives and the economy." Now we know that a lockdown, though effective, may not even be needed. The coronavirus code can be cracked with masks and basic social distancing practices alone.

The example of the Japanese economy is right there for all to see. There was no shutdown in Japan because the social habits of the majority of its citizens kept the pandemic in check. As the Atlantic reported at the end of August, "the country currently has approximately 98 percent fewer COVID-19 deaths than the United States."


Let's turn to the other hill that the GOP keeps running up and getting beat down: Obamacare.

On Sunday, the Editorial Board of the intellectual wing of Fox News, the Wall Street Journal, posted an op-ed called "The GOPs ObamaCare Self-Sabotage." The piece drips with frustration. The nomination of Judge Barrett and the Supreme Court would have been smooth if the GOP had not, in the middle of a pandemic, submitted to the court yet another challenge to the Obamacare.


President Trump is at the Supreme Court trying to strip away the peace of mind from more than 100 million people with pre-existing conditions, Joe Biden said last Sunday. If Republicans confirm a nominee, he warned on Wednesday womens rights as it relates to everything for medical health care, is going to be gone. Nancy Pelosi claimed that the President is rushing a confirmation vote because Nov. 10 is when the arguments begin on the Affordable Care Act.

And so with indirection, the Democratic party seems to have found some direction.

Indeed, Biden even had a moment of brilliance when he described many of the survivors of the deadly virus as stuck with "preconditions."

CNN: "Biden made specific reference to some of the lingering tolls of the illness, including scarring of the lungs and heart damage, describing those complications as 'the next deniable pre-existing condition.'"

There is no way the Dems can beat Barrett's nomination, and in my opinion they should just ignore it. (The GOP cheated, they've already won). Instead, Dems should focus on beating Trump and winning the Senate, but as the pro-business Wall Street paper knows, and what will certainly be indicated in coming polls, is this approach (Barrett = No Cheap Health Care During a Pandemic and High Unemployment) will reach a large number voters who have little to no idea about the Supreme Court lies committed by the GOP in 2016, or why Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death matters, but who are by no means in the dark about hospital bills and the debt collectors and escalating court fees.

In this way, Dems will not orient themselves toward the past but toward a very visible future.


Join The Seattle Public Library for online events in October, including Tommy Orange on 10/17.


American Health Will Sink the GOP in November -

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Lions OC Darrell Bevell: Kerryon Johnson was the player of the game –

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ALLEN PARK -- It was the fourth quarter, and the Lions were facing a third-and-4 while still trailing Arizona by three points. Thats a really big play, and Kerryon Johnson came up really big for it.

No, he didnt run for a first down. No, he didnt even catch the football for a first down.

But he did take out two blitzing linebackers on the play, first Jordan Hicks and then DeVondre Campbell. That bought Matthew Stafford enough time to find T.J. Hockenson over the middle to move the chains, and Detroit drove for the game-tying field goal in the 26-23 win.

Two days later, the Lions were still singing his praises.

Kerryon really, to me, was player of the game, offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell said.

Thats high praise for a running back who carried the ball just three times, and touched it just four times overall. But Johnson contributed in so many other ways that wont show up in the box score. That includes motioning out on a fourth-down play from the 5-yard line, then set a pick that Jesse James rubbed off for a touchdown catch.

Johnson added a key blitz pickup on a third-and-10 conversion, and of course took on two linebackers at once on that big third-and-4 that led to the game-tying field goal.

Stuff that youd have to really be watching the game and seeing that because thats not going to show up (in the box score)," running backs coach Kyle Caskey said. "Those kind of stats, ProFootballFocus may find a blocking stat for it or something like that, but its those kind of things. Its keeping the quarterback clean, being able to ID the defenses and stuff like that. Thats really where he stuck out this past game.

And thats why Kerryon Johnson continues to play despite being displaced as the lead rusher.

Adrian Peterson signed with Detroit just six days before the opener and has already drawn twice as many carries as anyone else, turning 43 touches into 209 yards. And it seems his role is growing now that hes had some time to settle into the playbook. Peterson drew his first start in Arizona, earned every running back carry in the first half and finished with a team-high 22 carries for 75 yards overall.

With Peterson leading the way on the ground and second-round pick DAndre Swift the primary option through the air, Johnson has found himself in a humbling spot. Hes been the No. 1 back since Detroit took him in the second round of the 2018 draft, but got just three carries for 16 yards in Arizona. He has 18 carries for 62 yards on the season overall.

But Johnson has been in good spirits about his evolving role, and embraced the dirty work that helps win games.

Hes been all team, all in, willing to do whatever weve asked him to do, Bevell said. We told him that we were going to make the switch, and he handled it great. But we told him, like, Hey, heres your role. Its this. Its a huge part. Protecting the quarterback on third downs, being in those situations, being the spell runner. So hes still a part of things, but I just appreciate how hes handled it, I appreciate the work that he puts in. Its still important to him. He wants to be out there and I think it showed in his play. I mean, it gives me confidence to be able to put him in really in any situation.

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Lions OC Darrell Bevell: Kerryon Johnson was the player of the game -

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