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No event in sight, athletes short of motivation – The Tribune India

Posted: July 2, 2020 at 1:49 am

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Karam Prakash

Tribune News Service

Patiala, July 1

After no training for over two months owing to the Covid-19 pandemic, elite Indian athletes are struggling as they make efforts to get into shape again.

Following all safety guidelines, training has already resumed at the National Institute of Sports (NIS) here, but since no sporting contest is likely in the near future, they are struggling to find motivation.

I have started feeling better now. I am working hard to get the body back into shape. Still, a long way to get six packs again from the family pack! Shivpal Singh, Javelin thrower

Sport had been completely suspended across the world, and only in the last few weeks have a few football leagues in Europe resumed.

However, Indian athletes have no immediate event to look forward to. Some athletes have gained weight and are facing the effects of loss of training. Athletes are experiencing a decrement in fitness factors such as strength and endurance.

Javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra, among the few athletes still training at the NIS campus, said he had put on a little weight, adding: Currently, I am focussing on fitness. Lightweight training for anatomical adaptations and some aerobic workout for basic endurance is the main focus.

Javelin thrower Shivpal Singh, who too has qualified for the Olympics along with Chopra, said that he had initially struggled when training resumed. I have started feeling better now. I am working hard to get the body back into shape, he said.

Still, a long way to get six packs again from the family pack, he grinned, pointing at his belly.

Parveer Singh, national athletics coach, said that athletes were in a preparatory phase to regain strength and endurance.

As there is no competition any time soon, the preparatory phase will be a bit longer, said the coach. Once a competition is announced, we will get into the in-season phase.

No event in sight, athletes short of motivation - The Tribune India

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July 2nd, 2020 at 1:49 am

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SureAthlete’s Insights on Motivation: Do You Need a Smack or a Hug? (And Other Nuances) – SportTechie

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In the immediate aftermath of the Red Sox 2013 World Series title, as the players popped champagne in the clubhouse, the clubs general manager at the time, Ben Cherington, stood on the Fenway Park outfield grass and discussed the importance of clubhouse chemistry. The Red Sox had added a handful of moderately talented but eminently likable free agents who rallied after that springs Boston Marathon bombing.

Its hard to say its not valuable, Cherington said. I still dont know that any of us know how to engineer it, but when youre around it and you feel the group coming together like it did, I dont have any doubt that its valuable.

The proliferation of advanced performance data in all sports, but especially in baseball, has made people wonder about the importance of intangibles such as clubhouse chemistry. But there might be something to it beyond Cheringtons hunch. Entering the unique sports workplace is SureAthlete, a startup that uses psychometric evaluations and behavioral analytics to assess and train what it calls the emotional, relational and team intelligence of coaches and players.

SureAthlete is a sister company to SurePeople, whose foundational tool, Prism, has been used by such corporations and institutions as Comcast, Johns Hopkins Medicine, Boston Childrens Hospital, iRobot, Forrester and the University of Miami. A psychologist named Denny Howard developed some of the foundational algorithms upon which the SurePeople team enhanced and augmented the work. Machine learning and AI also have been applied to help scale the product.

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Prisms multiple-choice questionnaire can be completed in about 30 minutes (there are 130 questions) and yields insights on 54 traits about personality, response to pressure, method of processing information, decision making, motivation, fundamental needs and conflict management. There are two tools within Prism that help youtake action with the evaluations: Relationship Advisor for one-on-one interactions and Team Advisor for collaborating with and communicating to the whole group.

If you don't have a clear understanding of your own strengths, blind spots, weaknesses, it's hard to grow and develop and be successful in personal or professional situations, says SurePeople founder and CEO Niko Drakoulis. And as Aristotle stated many, many moons ago, self knowledge is the beginning of all wisdom.

SureAthlete, which launched in January, is seeking an innovation partner in each major sports league and Power 5 conference to help refine the product; the Miami Hurricanes football team was the first to sign on under coach Manny Diaz. Three Hall of Fame athletes in pro football, baseball and soccerBrett Favre, Andre Dawson and Brian McBridehave joined as advisors.

There's no good or bad or right or wrong in any of this, says SureAthlete CEO Sean Flynn, a former executive with MLBs Miami Marlins, the NHLs Tampa Bay Lightning and the USLs Miami FC. This is basically just putting a mirror to somebody's face and showing them, Heres how youre made up.

Some traits are pliable; most are not. You're not going to change how you're wired, Drakoulis says. What you're going to change is the understanding of why you feel a certain way and how you should react in that way. He gives an example of how he used to share grand visions for the company with SurePeoples CTO, Dax Abraham, a precise thinker who wanted concrete details to start a project. Drakoulis hopes users view SurePeople as an instruction manual to foster better relationships; he learned to change the way he conveyed info to Abraham, saying, If I did not change the way I communicate with Dax, he would not have lasted here.

During a Zoom call with SportTechie, Drakoulis called up Abrahams SurePeople profile on his Amazon Alexa, which said in part, Dax is a precise, systematic worker and thinker who tends to follow procedures both at work and in his personal life. He has a soft side that shows his modesty and willingness to accommodate others. He is conscientious and thorough when performing work that requires attention to detail and accuracy. In fact, Dax is exceptionally detail-oriented, discovering information that others have a tendency to overlook. He also tends to prefer a predictable environment with specifics on what is expected, how much time is involved and on what basis the work is likely to be evaluated.

David Ortiz celebrates in the clubhouse after the Boston Red Sox beat the St. Louis Cardinals in Game 6 of the 2013 World Series. (Elsa/Getty Images)

Relationship Advisor helps teammates work together betterhockey linemates, a pitcher-catcher battery, a pick-and-roll combowhile also helping a coach better approach a player who needs to make an adjustment. When Dennis Rodman joined the 1990s Chicago Bulls dynasty for their last three titles, coach Phil Jackson had to maneuver deftly to insert the supremely talented but mercurial rebounder into the mix.

You needed a coach that understood psychology and understood, How do you get Dennis Rodman to step up and fit in this group? And how do you get the group to accept him for all he brings because he's going help you if you accept him? Drakoulis says. And that's really what we're bringing, but in a digital format, in a scalable format, in a way where we can be predictive and we can be prescriptive on what has to happen.

So now a coach doesn't have to be a trained psychologist. We can give them an application that's going to say, Hey, you want to motivate Player X? Here's what drives Player Xits a smack in the ass saying, Come on, dude, step it up, you got itwhereas other players may just need a hug.

SIMULATORS:Training the Brain to Stop Thinking

Cherington (now the GM of the Pittsburgh Pirates) acknowledged a blind spot on how to confidently engineer clubhouse chemistry, which has long been an elusive goal. As objective analysis has permeated sports, clubhouse chemistrys very existenceor at least the magnitude of its impacthas been called into question. The Red Sox have experienced both ends of the spectrum. Their late 1970s teams, for instance, were derided as a me-first culture whose lack of camaraderie was coined by the pithy phrase 25 guys, 25 cabs.

The 2013 Red Sox, on the other hand, had signed five relatively low-cost free agents who had garnered a good clubhouse guy reputation: Shane Victorino, Ryan Dempster, David Ross, Mike Napoli and Jonny Gomes.

In baseball, those five represented 20% of the active roster. On smaller teamsNBA rosters carry only 15even less turnover is needed to generate a new spirit around a team.

STADIUMS OF THE FUTURE:How Do You Engineer a Moment of Awe?

You'll see some of that change with just one person, Flynn says. Our goal is, ultimately, to start to define what these cultures look like and every organization is going to have a different culture, right? That's kind of driven by ownership and the executive team, what that culture looks like.

Culture and chemistry alone wont win championships, of course, but they can make sure athletes extract their full potential from their talent.

First and foremost in sports, the physical is always critical, right? You have to have to have the ability to play the game, Drakoulis says. So once you get past that checkmark where this person has the physical ability, the next, we believe, is the mental abilitythe ability to really hone in on the mental side of the game. How do you react in the moment when you're under pressure, when the game's on the line?

Question? Comment? Story idea? Let us know at [emailprotected]

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SureAthlete's Insights on Motivation: Do You Need a Smack or a Hug? (And Other Nuances) - SportTechie

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Sara Ali Khan’s Philosophy On Cake Is All The Motivation We Need To Bake One Now – NDTV Food

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The dark chocolate cake was in a shape of a flower


Sara Ali Khan created ripples in the industry ever since her first appearance on a famous chat show;fans couldn't help but gush about her eloquence and affable charm. Shewent on to win all major awards that year for her stellar performance in 'Kedarnath', and alsobecame a fitness icon overnight. How you ask? For the uninitiated, Sara weighed about 95 kilos prior to stepping foot in the industry. She revamped her diet, went through rigorous training for her weight loss. But Sara has also never shied away from admitting that she is a big foodie, and loves to indulge once in a while.

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On Tuesday, the 'Love Aaj Kal' actress shared the image of this delectable looking cake in her Instagram story. This dark chocolate cake in a shape of a flower placed on a golden cardboard looks all things moist and decadent. The shapely contours and the neatfinish of the cake is one drool-worthy sight we cannot get enough of. Her choice of gifs to describe her feelings about the cake, echoed our exact sentiment too- "Why have chaos when you can have cake?", the gif read. Relatable right? While we don't know about you, we are definitely thinking to bake one today. Think you could use some 'sweet' mid-week motivation too? Click here and get some of our most favourite cake recipes of all times!

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About Sushmita SenguptaSharing a strong penchant for food, Sushmita loves all things good, cheesy and greasy. Her other favourite pastime activities other than discussing food includes, reading, watching movies and binge-watching TV shows.

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Sara Ali Khan's Philosophy On Cake Is All The Motivation We Need To Bake One Now - NDTV Food

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Rob Kardashian Weight Loss Secret And Motivation Revealed – International Business Times

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Rob Kardashian is looking a little lighter these days and he has more than just a healthy diet to thank.

The lone brother and son of the Kardashian-Jenner clan hasput in the hard work to start slimming down but he's also had the support of his family, especially Khlo Kardashian.

"His mom and sisters are all supportive butKhlois his number one cheerleader,"an insider dished toHollywoodLife. "Shes always pushing him and checking on him and is just so proud of him."

"They spend a lot of time together with their kids [Khloes daughterTrue Thompson, 2, and Robs daughterDream Kardashian, 3] and thats a huge motivation for him, just being the best dad he can be,"the source added.

Considering that the Good American founder has ashow, "Revenge Body with KhloKardashian," which is dedicated to helping people get in the best shape of their lives, it makes sense that she's on this journey along with Rob. In addition, she's gone through the struggle of losing weight herself.

On June 28,Rob stunned fans when he made some rare posts of himself mingling while attendingKhlo's blowout birthday celebration."Looking good Rob" and "So handsome" comments flooded the comments section of the posts as fans took notice that the 33-year-old had shed some weight.

"Rob got serious about his health last year and cut out all the junk food and really started making healthy choices with his diet,"thesource explained. "His weight loss didnt happen overnight, its taken time for him to lose the weight. Its been close to a year of staying committed to his goal."

"He has his cheat days here and there, but overall hes eating a very clean low sugar diet and it has really paid off,"they shared.

Rob's success hasn't just been physical, though. Another insider close to the Arthur George sock designer andcreator revealed the toll it has had on his mental and emotional well-being too.

"Now that everyone has seen his transformation online, he is very happy and his family is so proud of his weight loss," the unidentified source said. "Rob has really gained a lot more confidence having lost so much weight and getting healthier by the day."

Blac Chynas ex Pilot Jones accused her of using him to boost ratings of show with Rob Kardashian. Pictured: Rob and Chyna on her Birthday Celebration And Unveiling Of Her Chymoji Emoji Collection at the Hard Rock Cafe on May 10, 2016. Photo: Getty Images/Greg Doherty

Excerpt from:
Rob Kardashian Weight Loss Secret And Motivation Revealed - International Business Times

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Motivation tips from Allyson Felix and Ariarne Titmus – Olympic Channel

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Six-time Olympic champ Felix says being an example to her young daughter serves as her motivation, while teen swim sensation Titmus uses music to get her going.

Motivation is one of the three key techniques in the Olympic State of Mind, the Team Bridgestone Olympic Channel experience which helps you be the best version of yourself.

It is vital for any athlete with the goal of an Olympic gold medal or world title often a prime motivating factor.

But motivation changes as athletes go through their careers and readjust their goals, some because they want to demonstrate continued excellence in their discipline having reached the summit.

Six-time gold medallist Allyson Felix is one athlete with longevity to match her ability.

The American track star has won medals at no fewer than four Olympic Games starting at Athens 2004.

Sixteen years later, she is still going strong and hoping to add to her tally of six gold and three silver medals.

In November 2018, Felix gave birth to her first child by emergency Caesarean section 32 weeks into her pregnancy after suffering severe pre-eclampsia.

Her daughter Camryn had to spend the next month in newborn intensive care before going home, with Felix changed by the birth difficulties and the trials of being a new mum.

Felix told Olympic Channel, "I feel like my motivation is different now. I think about doing things so that my daughter can see them so that she can have a great example."

"And it just makes me feel really tough. You're like, 'If I've got through these sleepless nights and juggling, then I can face anything.'"

She took her tally to a record 13 World Championship titles last year in Doha with victory in the mixed and women's 4x400m relays, taking her clear of Usain Bolt.

And the 34-year-old's desire to reach a fifth Olympic Games remains as strong as ever.

"I think about Tokyo a lot. I think it's always in the back of my head." - Allyson Felix

Ariarne Titmus is at the opposite end of her career to Felix.

The Australian caused a sensation at the Gwangju 2019 FINA Aquatics World Championships, beating Katie Ledecky to win the 400m freestyle title.

She also swam the lead-off leg as Australia ended USA's 10-year unbeaten run in major competitions in the 4x200m freestyle relay.

Her Olympic debut has been delayed by a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but she is keen to perform on the biggest stage of all and motivated by the desire to win medals.

To get herself pumped up, Titmus listens to a playlist from her mother who she describes as "a real headbanger".

She said, "My main motivational tools are self-talk and music.

"I motivate myself in training and in racing through self-talk. Before I race, at every competition I play this same playlist.

"My mum's playlist is 90s and 80s rock and, as much as they're not my favourite songs, the beat kind of really gets me gets me into the mood I need to be into race."

"I never use music prior to training. I only use music at competitions to race, and it's more of a thing not only to get myself in the zone, but to separate myself from other people and actually make sure I don't talk to anyone else and try and really focus."

Titmus also likes music from more contemporary artists with one track standing out.

"I'm a massive Shawn Mendes fan and I love all his songs, but probably 'There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back' as clich as that sounds!"

The interactive experience is live on Olympic State of Mind and features fellow Bridgestone athlete ambassadors Jordan Burroughs, P.V. Sindhu, Ai Ueda and Thomas Rohler.

There are video clips, puzzles and games to help your journey plus a special edition of the Olympic Channel Podcast.

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Motivation tips from Allyson Felix and Ariarne Titmus - Olympic Channel

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7 Ways to Keep Your Workforce Engaged and Motivated – Onrec

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But given how the modern workplace has evolved, these three things are now simply not enough to guarantee job satisfaction among workers. Beyond financial compensation and benefits, employees actively seek professional development opportunities, mentorship, work-life balance, and a positive company culture. And as companies themselves have come to realize, these are also factors that directly influence their employees performance and loyalty..

That said, what can your own company do to bring out the best in its workforce? How can you motivate your employees to do a great job beyond simply increasing their earnings? Here are seven tips that will improve the employer-employee dynamic in your workplace in addition to inspiring them to work toward achieving their goals and those of the company..

No matter how well your company is doing, theres always a chance that someone working there is dissatisfied with their job. If youre out to fix issues like that, you cannot go into things blindly. The best approach involves finding out where exactly that job dissatisfaction lies. To that end, your company can run focused group discussions (FGDs), town hall-style meetings, or employee satisfaction surveys. Sparkbays article on employee satisfaction surveys shows that a well-designed survey can be extremely valuable in identifying and addressing employee concerns.

Your employees might bring up issues about heavy workloads, their feedback system with their supervisors, a lack of growth opportunities, or the office environment itself. Their concerns will be unique to their experiences in the company, and will likely require a custom approach. All throughout, let your employees feel acknowledged and listened to. This will enable them to trust you and to continue doing their best, knowing that you have their best interests in mind.

Every company has a company culture that makes it different from all others. You may be running yours along a particular set of beliefs or advocacies, and with the goal of reaching a particular market. Strong company cultures can attract the best talents. But they can also nurture such talents to be long-standing ambassadors of the institution.

When someone lands a job in your company, prove to them that theyve gotten more than a good position. Show them that theyre part of a company culture that celebrates their skills and that can help them do meaningful work. In addition, show them that theyre around like-minded people that they can practice teamwork, coordination, and camaraderie with. If employees see that theyve been planted in fertile soil, they will do all they can to thrive in it.

If you have a leadership role in the company and you know the ropes, you may be tempted to micromanage. But this will ultimately curb your employees productivity, and may result in your mutual frustration with each other. The latter, in particular, may feel alienated by micromanaging behavior, and this will lessen their motivation to do good work on their own.

As the leader, you can make the call about which exact behaviors count as micromanaging, depending on the nature of the work. But in general, try not to overstep and fix all the problems yourself. Give your employees some leeway to figure things out for themselvesand when they do, they might just surprise you. You might learn from them that there are different, but equally effective solutions to common problems. That will be something of value to both you and them.

Oftentimes, theres a culture of fear around the issue of performance evaluation. Many employees are terrified about receiving feedback for their performance. Maybe its because they think that all feedback will be of the negative kind. Or maybe its because they feel uncertain about the standard being used to judge their work.

To quell this anxiety behind performance evaluations, you can do two things. First, set exact expectations for what you see as a job well done versus a job that needs some improvement, plus how one can improve. Employees shouldnt be left in the dark about what theyre supposed to accomplish, or what sets of standards theyre being judged by. Second, pair constructive criticism with praise. Tell your employees what theyve gotten right and what they can continue doing, and make them feel valued for their overall contributions. When they know that for themselves, they are more likely to do an even better job.

In the past, the idea of career growth used to be a fairly simple and linear one. After a stint as a regular in one department or area of specialty, an employee might become a manager in that same area. But what if your employees want to try something new at some point in their careers? What if somewhere along the way, they get interested in other types of work in the company, like operations, marketing, or corporate social responsibility?

Giving your employees some more allowance as to where they can grow their talents may pay off in the long run. Not only will they stay longer in the company, but theyll also exercise a wider variety of skills in your service. Moreover, theyll do work that instigates the highest level of passion from them. This is the kind of drive that you will definitely want in order to bolster your company.

Great employees are the kind who wont stay happy exactly where they are for long periods of time. Theyre the ones who desire a challenge and will likely excel if theyre presented with one. If you can already see employees brimming with leadership potential, consider cultivating it as soon as possible. Empower them and give them opportunities to see themselves as the companys future leaders.

Invite these star employees to leadership training opportunities or in-house mentoring sessions. Alternately, you can prepare them for future leadership roles by letting them shadow you or gradually increasing their responsibilities. All the while, demonstrate to them that your company is the perfect place for them to hone their leadership potential.

Lastly, you can achieve a lot for your employees wellbeing simply by reconfiguring your office environment. You can layout the office space to ensure the correct balance between privacy and collaboration. Make sure the space is neat, clean, well-lit, and well-stocked for the kind of work that you do. This is so that employees can be at their physical, mental, and emotional best while theyre inside your office.

Nowadays, its easy for employees to become workaholics. Thats why employers should also be responsible for upholding work-life balance and preventing their employees from burning out. Encourage your employees to set healthy boundaries between work and their private lives. If they do so, it will result not only in better quality of work, but general quality of life.

Always remember that living, breathing people are responsible for the success of your company. Keeping them motivated to do work may be one of your biggest and most enduring challenges. But the attention to job satisfaction will be well worth it. If you nurture passion and excellent work ethic in your people, their contributions will be felt in the company long after theyve moved on.

Use these tips to keep your employees alert, engaged, motivated, and happy. Who knowssoon, they might replicate the awesome work youve done as their leader!

7 Ways to Keep Your Workforce Engaged and Motivated - Onrec

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Twin Cities motivational speaker shifting energy within corporations –

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Kristen Brown talks about career as a motivational speaker and how she's shifting her work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

MINNEAPOLIS For Kristen Brown, being on stage and speaking to major corporations is her sweet spot.

"If one person walks away and theyre like, OK, Im better because of what I just heard,' thats always my goal," Kristen says.

Despite being a self-proclaimed introvert, Kristen has built a career as a motivational speaker, working with companies like Medtronic and General Mills.

Amid a business climate that's shifted due to COVID-19, Kristen is in the process of opening up a new office to carry out her work. The space, she says, will allow her to do energy work with individual and corporate teams. "I do a lot of work with corporate teams and helping them master their energy together, so they have better flow, better innovation," Kristen says.

Even as she continues to evolve professionally, Kirsten is showing up in a big way as a mom. She's currently driving her daughter Brooke, who's undergoing treatment for a benign tumor in her head, to the Mayo Clinic five days a week . Kristen says her daughter is doing well.

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Twin Cities motivational speaker shifting energy within corporations -

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‘They gave up on me’: Instagram posts reveal motivated Cam Newton – 98.5 The Sports Hub

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Live stream will be available after this brief ad from our sponsors

Welcome back to Instagram. Sign in to check out what your friends, family & interests have been capturing & sharing around the world.

By Matt Dolloff,

Cam Newton looks like he's ready to prove some people wrong. As an Instagram video from March shows, the newly signed Patriots quarterback wants to get back at those that gave up on him.

Since the Carolina Panthers released Newton on March 24, and the video above (second clip in) is from March 25, when Newton says "They gave up on me" he was likely referring only to his former team. But now that he spent the ensuing three months continuing to work out and post plenty more motivational clips on Instagram, that resentment has likely spread to the rest of the NFL.

That is, except for Bill Belichick and the Patriots.

Newton has long been subject to criticism for the way he's handled himself in press conferences and things of that nature. He hasn't exactly handled losing well. But neither does Belichick, and Newton has never totally lacked competitiveness (despite that one ugly mistake we'll have to hear about for a while). And these guys are now highly motivated to join forces and lay waste to everyone who hoped the Patriots were finally going away.

Of course the signing doesn't guarantee anything. Newton has dealt with serious injuries in the past three years so he's become something of a reclamation project. But peruse his Instagram for a few minutes and just try to say he's completely washed. Because while the videos don't necessarily mean they will translate to on-field success, it sure looks like Newton is damn close to the athletic freak he's always been.

To borrow a line from Belichick, we'll see how it goes. But if Newton stays healthy, he's the best bet to win the starting job. And if that happens ... there's a chance the rest of the league done effed up letting him fall into Belichick's lap.

Matt Dolloff is a digital producer for Any opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect those of 98.5 The Sports Hub, Beasley Media Group, or any subsidiaries. Have a news tip, question, or comment for Matt? Follow him on Twitter @mattdolloff or email him at [emailprotected].


New England Patriots

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'They gave up on me': Instagram posts reveal motivated Cam Newton - 98.5 The Sports Hub

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Here is the best ADVICE Arnold Schwarzenegger to RUSIR ! Video Of Motivation In French (2/3) Break Football –

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Shereka Johnson-Bean | Class of 2020 – Southern New Hampshire University

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Shereka Johnson-Bean 20 is looking forward to a weeks vacation once she submits the final project for her bachelors degree this summer just a year after she decided to go back to school.

Johnson-Bean moved to the U.S. from Jamaica as an international student in 2014, but then, "Life got in the way," she said and she had to put her education on hold until recently. In the interim, she became a naturalized citizen and established her career in business, most recently working as a clerk for the Department of Children and Families (DCF) in Massachusetts.

It was Johnson-Bean's mother who motivated her to return to school and complete her degree. Through SEIU Member Benefits, she discovered she could compliment her career with a self-paced, project-based degree program through Southern New Hampshire Universitys (SNHU) College for America.

While earning her BA in Management with a concentration in Public Administration, Johnson-Bean found she could directly apply what she was learning online to her career. Since being at SNHU, I have literally incorporated several leadership theories that I have been exposed to while working on various projects, she said. I have taken it a step further, where I now share these theories of leadership and public administration with my boss.

Johnson-Bean also graduated from an aspiring supervisors program at work and is developing a proposal to improve working relationships among administrative staff she plans to submit to executives in the agency. With her heart set on management, she currently works closely with the DCF area director, provides administrative support to the office and supervises some of the other administrators.

She knew a business degree would help hone her leadership and problem-solving skills two qualities that can help her get ahead. I am intending to put them into practice, with hopes that my skills and knowledge will be realized and deemed an asset to the agency's leadership team, she said. Now shes considering a masters in public administration or social work to help her get there.

Although it was challenging at times to balance work, school and raising her now two-year-old daughter, she leaned into her mother, husband and best friend for support. There were many times when I got so overwhelmed, I convinced myself that I was okay with my associate degree, Johnson-Bean said. But they always remind me of my ambitions and tell me that I would never truly be content if I settled (for) less, and they are correct.

Now that she is wrapping up her coursework, she encourages anyone considering college to go for it. Nothing can provide the comforts of life like equipping yourself with the educational qualifications that market you for the most rewarding jobs, Johnson-Bean said.

Her best tip for college success is to consider your motivations. If your life is anything like mine, you will need to first identify why you are enrolling, so when you get to those hard days, and you think its easier to just quit, you hold on to those things to keep you going," she said.

For Johnson-Bean, setting herself up for additional professional opportunities was a significant factor in her decision to return to school, but thanking her mother, who is now considering college herself, was the biggest reason. All of my achievements are to remind her that she did a great job raising and providing for me, she said.

Johnson-Bean is planning to host a virtual graduation party with her family and friends in Jamaica and the U.S. once she receives her diploma. Like many others in the Class of 2020, she wont let the pandemic stop her from celebrating her accomplishments.

Rebecca LeBoeuf 18 is a staff writer at Southern New Hampshire University. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

See the article here:
Shereka Johnson-Bean | Class of 2020 - Southern New Hampshire University

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