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‘Team player’ Nick Kyrgios admits motivation lacking when he is ‘playing for himself’ – Tennis365

Posted: January 14, 2020 at 8:46 pm

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Nick Kyrgios has been on his best behaviour during the ATP Cup, but he admits being part of a team have once again had a positive impact on him as he finds it hard to get up when he is playing for himself.

The 24-year-old has played a starring role in Australias run to the semi-final, but the hosts came up just short against Spain on Saturday as they lost the rubber 2-1 with Kyrgios going down to Roberto Bautista Agut.

Throughout the tournament, Kyrgios has been full of enthusiasm and never came close to losing the plot.

He has always been open about the fact that he has struggled for motivation, but that has not been the case at the ATP Cup and he feels it is down to the team environment.

I dont know what it is. When Im playing for myself, I dont know, I find it hard to get up. My motivation levels are pretty low most of the time, he said.

Something about these guys and playing for them brings it out in me. I just love Im a team player.

If I would have, I probably would have had a very different (six) years of my career.

Australia team captain Lleyton Hewitt has had run-ins with Kyrgios in the past, but for now he has thrown his full support behind the Canberra native.

Thats the challenge. There are times where you have to ride the wave with him, he is quoted as saying in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Thats something he has to learn to deal with. Hopefully he recognises there are ways when we are talking to him at the change of ends and dealing with that, where he can take that into his individual tournaments as well and understand what he needs to do out there.

Who knows we all hope as Australians that he can put it all together. For me, though, its important to see him doing it and learning from these experiences.

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'Team player' Nick Kyrgios admits motivation lacking when he is 'playing for himself' - Tennis365

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January 14th, 2020 at 8:46 pm

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Hudson motivated to recreate 2019 run in return to Nats –

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The Nationals officially announced the re-signing of reliever Daniel Hudson this morning. The pitcher that recorded the final three outs in Game 7 of the 2019 World Series to send the Nats to their first title comes back to D.C. on a two-year contract worth a reported $11 million.

Hudson was a major part of literally saving the Nats regular season and then decisively ending the final game with a swinging strikeout of the Astros Michael Brantley. He went 3-0 with a 1.44 ERA with six saves in 24 games. In the postseason, Hudson went 1-0 with a 3.72 ERA and four saves over nine games.

Hudson said during a Tuesday teleconference that he was surprised the negotiations were still in play after the Nationals signed reliever Will Harris.

Pretty much that whole week leading up to when Will signed, there was some open dialogue, Hudson said. We were trying to figure things out. They had mentioned that they had interest. I mentioned I had interest in other teams as well. We kind of had a talk that day that Will signed.

I pretty much thought that kind of closed the book on it, but they circled back the next day and said that they were still interested and wanted to try to work something out.

Hudson, 32, joins what now could be described as a vaunted trio of relievers to close out games alongside Sean Doolittle and Harris.

I kept in contact with Doo throughout the entire offseason and he asked me how things were going, kept reiterating how much he wanted me back, Hudson said. I kept saying Id love to be back as well.

And Hudson was quick to point out that the rest of the bullpen provides experience and ability, with Tanner Rainey, Wander Suero, Roenis Elas and Hunter Strickland. The team also signed minor leaguer Kyle Finnegan and has a trio of potential No. 5 starters in Joe Ross, Austin Voth and Erick Fedde who could conceivably be called upon to keep the opponent at bay later in games.

Its definitely a bonus when you have other talented players around you, Hudson said. I feel like it kind of ups your game a little bit. I feel like we have a very wide range of types of pitchers in our bullpen with Suero and Rainey as well, and obviously Doo and Will. Theres a lot of different looks coming at you. We kind of complement each other well.

Hudson indeed had other potential suitors, but he liked the opportunity that the Nats provided with a loaded squad seeking to become the first back-to-back World Series winners since the Yankees run of three titles from 1998-2000.

Recreating what we had is going to be tough, but I feel like I want to try and be a part of that, Hudson said. I made it known to my agent that Id be open to going back. Luckily, they still had the interest in me as well. I feel like the window to continue winning in D.C. is definitely still open. Id like to be a part of that still.

The $5.5 million per year will be the most Hudson has earned since his 2017 contract with the Diamondbacks. And after pitching for five different teams over the past four seasons, he appreciated the added assurance of being able to play for one team for what could now be two and a half seasons straight.

Obviously, Ive kind of bounced around a lot the last couple of years, Hudson said. Its kind of an unsettling feeling knowing, I guess, that theres always a chance you could get traded or everything could go wrong. Pretty up and down life we live. To have that security is a huge selling point for me them being willing to listen and being open to giving me two years. I know my injury history isnt on my side. For them to kind of take care of me and my family was definitely huge factor in me wanting to come back there.

But the most important thing is where is the ball he threw for a strikeout of Brantley to win Game 7 and send D.C. into a celebration to end all celebrations?

Hudson confirmed that catcher Yan Gomes still has the ball in his possession.

I dont know what he plans on doing with it, Hudson said. I told him I still want half of it at some point, maybe we could cut it in half. Negotiations are ongoing. Maybe we could get something written out where we could have joint custody over it or something. That would be nice.

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Hudson motivated to recreate 2019 run in return to Nats -

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Cancer takes trainer’s leg but not drive or motivation – Clinton Herald

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FULTON, Ill. Selfies fill Josh Hills Facebook page. Like viral memes, the images are all alike: Men and women wearing Uphill Battle T-shirts or sweatshirts bend their left legs behind them.

The pose and the clothing show solidarity for the 22-year-old who no longer has a lower left leg to raise.

The change from normal young adult to amputee came quickly for Hill. And yet, it didnt. Hill had experienced pain for about a year before doctors decided he might have a serious problem.

Most of my life I was a competitive swimmer, Hill said Tuesday during a workout at KT3 Fitness in Fulton. Swimming since the age of 7, Hill competed for Clinton High School and for Western Illinois University.

In 2012, Hill learned CPR to become a lifeguard and swim instructor for YWCA in Clinton. Two months later, the 15-year-old saved his fathers life when he found the elder Hill having a heart attack in the family home, called 911 and performed CPR until emergency personnel arrived.

Hill attended college with an eye to becoming a firefighter, earning a degree in fire science from WIU. After graduation, Hill became a property storm adjuster for Farm Bureau.

Though he stopped swimming, Hill worked out regularly. Working out is basically my life, he said. So when he felt pain in his heel about a year and a half ago, his doctor assumed he had tendonitis.

In reality, a cancerous tumor was pressing on Hills Achilles tendon.

Months passed. I started getting a lot of pain in my knee, said Hill. It affected his workouts.

This time, doctors performed a biopsy and found 19 tumors. Basically the cancer had crawled all the way up my left leg, said Hill.

[Its] a really, really rare form of cancer, Hill said, affecting only about 50 people worldwide. Its a blood vessel cancer, but it was in my bone.

Hills doctor didnt have much information about the cancer and wasnt sure it would respond to chemotherapy or radiation. The doctor recommended amputating Hills leg above the knee.

Hill sought a second opinion, but the second was the same as the first. Removing the leg was the best way to make sure the cancer didnt spread.

Hill remembered tapping both feet on the ground while sitting by his dad before his surgery. His dad lamented that he would never see that again.

That was pretty tough, Hill said.

Hill wondered what life would be like without two legs. I had a bit of anxiety. He thought of all the things he wouldnt be able to do again once his leg was removed.

I had to be OK with it, Hill said.

He didnt really have a choice. It was either I risk my life, or I get rid of the cancer.

Doctors diagnosed the cancer Nov. 11. They removed Hills leg Dec. 6. Two days after leaving the hospital, Hill was back in the gym.

A month after surgery, Hill isnt complaining. Hes doing burpees and pull-ups, jumping rope and pulling his body weight on the rowing machine.

Hes even doing squats on one leg.

This is my life, Hill said. This is what I love to do, so nothing is going to stop me from what I love to do.

Hills mind is still focused on fitness. Im a trainer here. Im always looking for new clients.

Ive known Josh for a very long time, and hes always just been a positive dude, said Kyle Huebner, owner of KT3 Fitness in Fulton. His work ethic is incredible. Hes so motivated all the time to do new things.

That motivation has been very apparent since the diagnosis of Hills cancer, Huebner said. Its obviously a crazy situation. ... Hes had his times when hes been down, but 99.9% of the time [hes] positive. It really motivates people around him.

Hills quick recovery was possible because of his excellent physical health, but his emotional recovery came through the support of family and friends.

I couldnt have gotten through this without my parents, Hill said of David and Gini Hill. Theyve always made sure Ive had every opportunity in my life to be successful.

Hills girlfriend, Keelie Shuck, didnt leave the hospital the entire time Hill was there. After surgery, his KT3 friends hugged him each day he returned to the gym.

As soon as you join this gym, you gain a family, Hill said.

Losing a leg was not part of Hills life plan. It happened, and I cant do anything about it, Hill said. He can be miserable, or he can view the situation as an opportunity.

I do want to reach out and help people, Hill said. Hes launched an Instagram account,, where he posts photos and videos of himself working out, adapting his workouts to fit his new body.

Its kind of fun trying to figure out how to do things, Hill said. He has to make this his new norm.

Hill hopes the way he has dealt with his situation will inspire others and help them deal with whatever adversity comes into their lives. I would love for people to reach out to me, said Hill. I love talking to people.

Hill still worries about the cancer recurring. I had a full-body bone scan, and it only showed tumors in my left leg, Hill said. Still, when he feels pain, which he does often because of intense physical activity, he wonders if the cancer is back.

In the next month, Hill expects to get a temporary prosthetic leg to toughen up his stump. A couple of months after that, he should get his permanent prosthesis.

Insurance will pay for a regular prosthesis, but Hill is far from regular. His family and friends are raising funds to purchase a prosthesis for working out and running.

Hill confessed that he never was much of a runner, [but] losing a leg makes me really, really miss running. He hopes to compete in the Paralympics.

On Saturday, KT3 hosted #UpHillBattle, a fundraiser to help purchase an athletic prosthesis for Hill. Athletes paid an entry fee to do a series of workouts and win prizes, Huebner said.

About 40 athletes and 50-60 spectators showed up, raising nearly $2,000.

Everyone was out of their comfort zone doing workouts they dont usually do, Huebner said. He and Hill were still sore Tuesday from the event.

His positivity is just contagious, Huebner said of Hill. Hes just one of the best people thats ever come into my life.

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Cancer takes trainer's leg but not drive or motivation - Clinton Herald

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Stars have extra motivation to grab at least one round of home-ice advantage – Yahoo Sports

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NBCSNs coverage of the 2019-20 NHL season continues with Wednesdays matchup between the Dallas Stars and Los Angeles Kings. Coverage begins at 10 p.m. ET on NBCSN. You can watch the game online and on the NBC Sports app by clicking here.

Look, every sports team craves home-field (or in this case, ice) advantage. Even with that in mind, the Stars have plenty of incentive to wrestle away the Central Divisions second seed from the Colorado Avalanche.

The Kings dont serve as much of a threat on paper, but lets consider larger trends to see why the Stars should do what they can to take care of business on Wednesday.

Looking at the Stars and Avs recent records alone makes you realize that things could get tight.

Despite all of the turmoil that came from the surprise coaching change of Jim Montgomery being replaced by Rick Browess, the Stars settled down and are 6-3-1 in their last 10 games. Theyve won four games in a row, with a nice chance to make that five tonight.

Youd think that the Avalanche would climb, not stumble, with several key players returning from injuries. Instead, the Avalanche lost their last game and are a mediocre 4-5-1 in their past 10.

Colorado is still ahead of Dallas for the second seed, but not by much.

Avalanche: 25-14-4 for 54 points in 43 games played Stars: 24-14-4 for 52 points in 42 GP

Indeed, if the Stars beat the Kings on Wednesday, then it would merely come down to tiebreakers. Kind of hard to believe, right?

[Five players the Kings might trade]

Again, the Stars have serious incentive to try to hop over at least the Avalanche. (The Stars havesome chance of leaping the Blues [59 points, 43 GP], but its unlikely.)

So far in 2019-20, the Stars boast a 15-6-2 home record, while theyre only 9-8-2 on the road. A stark home/road disparity extends beyond this season, too.

Those stats provide reasonably compelling evidence that the Stars really are a far more dangerous team in Dallas.

Now, I cant tell you exactlywhy the Stars have been that much better at home. Maybe opponents feel sluggish after eating all of that brisket and delicious Tex-Mex food? Perhaps a physical player like Jamie Benn takes it up a notch in front of a partisan crowd? The Stars morphed into a team that sometimes survives on a fairly slim margin of error lately, so maybe the sometimes-subtle home-ice advantages tip the scales?

Either way, with the door open a bit, the Stars should burst through it. Playing key home playoff games could end up making an, erp, Texas-sized difference.

James OBrienis a writer forPro Hockey Talk on NBC Sports. Drop him a line atphtblog@nbcsports.comor follow him on Twitter@cyclelikesedins.

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Stars have extra motivation to grab at least one round of home-ice advantage - Yahoo Sports

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Trash talk, staredowns and motivation: Tales from the corner 3 in front of the opponent’s bench – The Athletic

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Editors note: The NBA added the 3-point shot 40 years ago. Heres one in a series of stories that will appear this week on The Athletic explaining how the shot has impacted various players and teams across the league.

Later in Blake Griffins career, when the 3-pointer started falling with regularity and confidence in his shot was growing with each passing game, the six-time All-Star had a series of go-to sayings for opponents who were within earshot.

The corner 3 in front of the opponents bench is a situation that isnt really duplicatable in other sports. In some cases, mere inches separate the player shooting the ball from opponents who are shouting animalistic noises and trash talk from the sideline. Essentially, in a machismo sport filled with nothing but egos, players on the bench are exposing themselves to some humility if the player in the corner knocks down a shot right in front of them.

So, whenever Griffin tested his...

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Trash talk, staredowns and motivation: Tales from the corner 3 in front of the opponent's bench - The Athletic

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Struggling to Keep Your Tech Team Motivated? Try These 13 Tips – Forbes

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Tech teams form the backbone of all the unseen infrastructure within a company. Despite this, most users and entrepreneurs overlook how vital their tech companies are to the success of their business. Keeping the tech team motivated and at the top of their game ensures the competitiveness of the business.

But what does a tech team need to remain motivated and happy in a corporate work environment? Below,13 members of Forbes Technology Council share their insights into what elements a highly motivated and happy tech team needs to remain that way.

1. Create A Tiered Reward System

Create a tiered system where employees are constantly rewarded for meeting certain goals and objectives. At the end of the period (quarter or year) add them up to determine their reward, such as cash or prizes. Many small goals and objectives versus one huge one will prove to be significantly more effective in helping the team achieve more. - Zaher El-Assi, Lightship

2. Show Them Their Impact

Enable the team to make the right connections and build a network so that the team is not insular. Ensure that they understand how the work they are doing is connected to the business outcome and priorities. This is more than just their leader explainingits hearing it from others who are impacted. Connect the team to resources within the company that can help them achieve their work, such as subject-matter experts. Connect them with people who understand and can personally articulate the value of their work, and connect them with resources that can help them achieve their professional goals or help them understand how other parts of the business work. - Suzanne Taylor, Unisys

3. Include Them In The Tech Reporting Process

They need ownership:Your team has to believe that they are making an impact on the scope and definition of what they are building. This also includes making them part of the reporting for the tech so that they can see how people are using the product and where improvements in the experience can be introduced. - Derrick Morton, FlowPlay

4. Rally Them Around A Meaningful Mission

The best way to keep your tech team motivated and happy is to have a meaningful company mission and rally the team around that mission. If someones job is to build a widget, thats not very motivating. But if they are working to make positive change in the world, thats meaningful. - Miron Lulic, SuperMoney

5. Provide Them With Challenging Work

Tech team motivation comes from a multitude of different factors. The core aspects involve being able to provide the tech team with technically challenging and interesting work, providing them with creative freedom in selecting technologies and methodologies used, and ensuring that communication regarding technical requirements is crisp and clear. Give the technology team the feeling that they are being listened to and heard when it comes to development languages, tools, practices and processes, as well as timelines for developments, and be honest. - Sampo Parkkinen, Revieve Inc.

6. Include Them

Include them in the overall strategic vision and plan. Collaborate with them to work on defined business outcomes and get them connected with the business leaders and users who will be part of the desired business outcomes. - John Wondolowski,Solutions II

7. Provide Perspective

Provide them with visibility into how what they're building will impact your retail clients or their customers. I've found that the more the tech team understands why they're building what they're building, the more fulfilling their work becomes. - Jeremy Neren,GrocerKey

8. Encourage Diversity Of Opinion

To keep your tech team (or in fact any team) motivated and happy, it is critical to provide a clear and common vision for the team that is directly aligned with the larger corporate vision. From there, there are three more essential elements to focus on to keep your team cranked up and psyched up: promote transparency, encourage diversity of opinion and a responsibility to participate, and require respect for those individual opinions. Focusing on these points while providing the necessary technical tools to succeed productively are a recipe for powerful engagement. - Dave Landa, Kintone Corporation

9. Find Problems They Are Good At

The happiest employees feel their work is meaningful and fulfilling. So, find problems that they are good at and help them understand how it helps the company. - Aaron Raddon,Lytics

10. Offer Education

Keep the team engaged and educated on new trends and technologies. This allows them to keep skills current as well as be independently innovative. - Cody Barnett,US Med-Equip, Inc.

11. Provide A Good Balance Of Projects

Our people love to be challenged and on a constant learning and improving path, as they like to explore new and old technologies and try new things out. We nurture this by letting them evolve and providing a good balance of must do projects with new and exciting ones. Additionally, we make sure they understand what they are working on, why is it important and the kind of values we provide our clients with. - Boaz Shunami, Komodo Cyber Security LTD.

12. Give Them Creative Freedom

Give them the freedom to build things in the best way the team sees fit. Guide the what, but not the how. Provide interesting projects to work on, a solution that solves a real problem and areas to grow and learn both inside and outside of the core job. - Steven Fitzsimmons, Freshpaint

13. Involve Them In Tactical Decision-Making

Give the tech team a sense of ownership of the software features they work on by empowering them accordingly. Nothing is more demotivating for developers than being considered as a coding factory that must deliver a solution that is already fully designed. Instead, collaborating closely with product managers, they should be fully involved in tactical decision-making, from discovering customers and users pain points, through experimenting with new solutions, to prioritizing features in the roadmap. They are key to finding the right means to execute against the vision, main objectives and budget set by top management. - Jean-Cyril Schtterl, Sidetrade

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Struggling to Keep Your Tech Team Motivated? Try These 13 Tips - Forbes

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NCSU’s Funderburk motivated by lesson learned off the court –

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By Mary Dunleavy, WRAL sports anchor/reporter

Raleigh, N.C. Despite missing a few games at the beginning of the season due to a parking incident, DJ Funderburk as been a force for the NC State basketball team.

For the first time, Funderburk spoke candidly about how that incident off the court helped transformed him as a player.

"Just not to make dumb decisions," said Funderburk. "I'm young. Everybody makes mistakes, but I've learned from it, I've grown from it. I'm just ready to move forward."

Funderburk certainly has left it in the rearview mirror. The 6-foot-10 forward is averaging just shy of 13 points a game and five rebounds.

"I've just been trying to let my game speak for itself and help my teammates win as much as I can," Funderburk said.

"He's been very productive," NCSU head coach Kevin Keatts said. "He's been a bright spot. I've been able to play him at the '4' with Manny and not drop off a bit and I think that's the good part about it."

Now that the ACC is a wide open competition, at 2-3 in ACC play, Funderburk understands that anything is possible given the parity in college hoops.

"There is not really a crazy dominant team that's projected to win it all, so I feel like we're definitely right in the thick of it," Funderburk said.

Sometimes it's the hard lessons that make us reflect and understand what we are truly capable of.

"I'm definitely ready to play 35-plus minutes if I have to," Funderburk said with a smile.

"I like the way DJ is trending. He's certainly helping our team in a lot of positive ways," Keatts said.

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NCSU's Funderburk motivated by lesson learned off the court -

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Money motivation: How to stick to your New Year’s savings goals – The Money Pages

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Thats according to Marcel Lukas, who is assistant professor of finance at Heriot-Watt University and has been analysing the habits of people who have set savings goals which last.

Data from the money management app, Money Dashboard, suggests New Year savings resolutions typically last only 12 weeks, with February being the peak month for squirrelling away cash.

Indeed, in the second month of the year, the average person sets aside just over 100 compared to 80 in April and 50 in November.

Why do savers fall off the wagon?

Money Dashboard recruited Lukas to analyse what successful savers do to ensure they dont veer from their goals and it would appear regularly checking finances was one crucial factor.

However, much depended on the time of life savers were at too. For example, people in their 30s were hugely influenced in their spending and savings habits by their family.

In September, analysis of the app revealed, back to school costs resulted in a dip in savings. Black Friday and the lead up to Christmas as well as summer holidays also had a similar effect.

But the ones who were most successful in achieving their goals not only checked their money situation regularly, they also set themselves budgets.

The analysis revealed people using Money Dashboards budget function spent less on the category they wanted more control over for example dining and drinking.

Lukas said: It sounds obvious but setting a budget really does make a significant and long-lasting difference.

He added: Secondly keep a regular eye on your finances. Another common money weak-spot Ive found from my analysis is the tendency to overspend just after pay day.

This often causes problems at the end of the month when people need to dip into overdrafts, or even pay day loans.

Indeed, his analysis revealed a strong correlation between people checking their accounts with high frequency and being less likely to over-spend when they get paid.

We also see that when people stop checking on their finances regularly, they fall back into old bad spending habits, Lukas added.

Successful savings techniques

If you are looking for some savings inspiration, there are lots of smart methods you can use to help you. These include the weekly savings challenge where people put aside 1 in week one of the year, 2 in week two and so on until, by week 52 the sum of 52 goes into the pot.

Savers who stick to this method will make 1,378 by the end of the year.

And there are several variations on this technique, including saving the sums in reverse starting with 52, and working your way back or saving 1p on day one of the year, 2p on day two and so on. has set up a website with a number of money saving challenges like this which allow people to get into a regular savings habit.

A spokesperson for the organisation explained there were features on banking apps such as Monzo which allowed savers to create pots which they could use to save this money into.

The app puts the money away for you which is handy for those challenges with larger amounts to save or those that ask you to put away money every day which you can easily forget, he added.

Some people set up a daily or weekly reminder on their phone to ensure they remember to save the required amount.

Meanwhile, others opt for an old fashioned pot or piggy bank which means they can enjoy seeing their cash build up.

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Money motivation: How to stick to your New Year's savings goals - The Money Pages

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Creating Highly Satisfied And Motivated Employees –

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By: Dan Iosue | 909 Reads 6 Shares

Culture in organizations matters. It creates an attractive and supportive environment for top performers. We classify top performers as the upper echelon of employees who simply do not need much coaching or motivation from their managers. Typically, these people make up less than ten percent of people in any organization. Following the law of power dynamics, another ten percent of people in any given organization are predictably uninterested in performing better than they already are, and I'd guess these folks are already at the bottom of the performance barrel. So what about the rest, the eighty percent of people that make up most of your employees? What might you consider doing to help them become more productive, more competent, and ultimately more fulfilled in their career?

There are only three resources in almost any business; people, time, and money. One of my partners at The Rawls Group likes to point out the difference between an average performing business and a world-class business most often comes down to the quality of your people and how they are motivated to spend their time. You'll find that the highest producing teams within these organizations have motivated the right people to do the right things for the right reasons and the right amount of time. Highly satisfied employees are those who are motivated employees. They drive performance. If your top performers are highly motivated, you're driving top performance. It's ultimately a supportive, creative, ultra-productive culture and the word will spread...this is the place to be if you're at the top of your game. This is where you want to work.

How do you create highly satisfied and motivated employees? Some business owners think of this as the carrot or the stick? In fact, neither of them are correct. Motivators fall into two categories of rewards we're all familiar with: intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic rewards produce nonquantifiable personal satisfaction, such as a sense of accomplishment, personal control over one's work, and a feeling that one's work is appreciated. Extrinsic rewards are external, tangible forms of recognition such as pay hikes, promotions, bonuses, and sales prizes. Both types of rewards have a place in high performing organizations, and both motivate value-creating behavior, and can be effectively employed by managers. However, most business reward systems are built around extrinsic rewards, since money is the one tangible and highly malleable incentive that can be given. The problem, as research shows, is that extrinsic motivators are unlikely to increase job satisfaction. However, it's important to note that extrinsic motivators, like compensation, need to be competitive to other employers or they can demotivate people. On the other hand, the good news is that intrinsic motivators, like engaging in meaningful work, have been shown to significantly increase job satisfaction. Unlike the extrinsic motivators, these are relatively inexpensive, if not free, to implement.

Think about the intrinsic and extrinsic rewards in your business. Are they sufficient? Are they effective? Do they motivate the right people in the right way at the right time? Have you found the right balance between financial and psychological rewards? Do you communicate to your people to impart a highly motivating sense of personal accomplishment in what they do for your business? Simple actions like these can be highly motivating, cost nothing, and create a culture supportive of high performance!

Dan Iosue is a Partner of The Rawls Group, a business succession planning firm. Dan specializes in dealing with the issues that must be resolved by business owners to implement succession strategies geared towards building business value. For additional information, visit or call 407-578-4455

Creating Highly Satisfied And Motivated Employees -

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Report: Motivating doctors to make the best health decisions – News – MM&M – Medical Marketing and Media

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A report from Wunderman Thompson Health found personalized and emotional messages are more effective to urge doctors to make better health decisions.

This years Health Inertia report analyzed how different messaging styles motivated doctors to order a routine test, a bone density screening for women at risk of osteoporosis. The researchers chose that particular test because it is recommended for all women over 65, but not all doctors send their patients for the test.

What we see in the pharmaceutical and medical device arena is a belief that healthcare is special in the sense that people respond to things more rationally, said Destry Sulkes, chief experience officer at Wunderman Thompson Health. I think people are starting to realize that we need to appeal to a doctors emotions just like we need to appeal to a Coke drinkers emotions to get them to switch from Pepsi.

Wunderman Thompson Health surveyed 500 doctors who treat patients at risk for osteoporosis to determine their motivation to order these tests. The team then identified four different motivations, from rational to emotional and personalized to generic, and created ads that matched those attitudes.

The team showed the doctors ads based on their preferences and surveyed them on their desire to order the bone density screening after.

More personalized and emotional creative significantly increased the percentage of doctors ordering the tests. Slightly more than half of doctors (56%) who saw the rational and non personalized ads ordered the tests, while 75% of doctors who saw the personalized and emotional ad ordered the test.

I dont think doctors are at all accustomed to being communicated with as people, said Mark Truss, chief research officer at Wunderman Thompson Health, A fair amount of the communication that happens in professional advertising today is very educational, very rational. It talks about the benefits and the data and the clinical trials. Of course, doctors need to understand the data and they need to understand the rational benefits of any therapeutic area, but its not the only thing that motivates them to action.

The other two categories, non personalized-emotional and personalized-rational also performed better among doctors, both resulting in about 70% of doctors to order the screening.

That was the most surprising finding from the study, Truss said, that the emotional ads resulted in that big of an increase among doctors.

The four ads each touched on a different motivation. One was entirely rational, asking doctors why not order the screening? Another played on a doctors pride, helping them feel good about the decision to order the screenings. The third played into the doctors concern for their patients, asking what could happen if the patient doesnt get the screening. The final ad was meant to make overconfident doctors think twice about following their decision over the industry guidelines.

Some marketers may argue that creating personalized content for every doctor isnt feasible, but Sulkes already thought of that. He debunked several challenges to this effective style of messaging in the report, from regulatory to brand issues. His solution: it can be done with a little planning and creativity.

Prominent consumer, tech and CPG brands can maintain their brand across different and personalized messaging styles, and healthcare should be able to, as well, he said. He noted that it will likely cost a little more to create more versions of ads, but not enough to eat into the whole budget.

Sulkes also suggested working more closely and creatively with the regulatory teams. Let them know early on whats coming for approval. Then theyre prepared and the different versions dont get held up in long approval processes.

Marketing is moving in this direction, whether marketers feel like they should be there or not, Truss said. It is happening and they need to start thinking about how they prepare their regulatory colleagues and their marketing tech colleagues. They need to start thinking, How would we go about doing this? My word to [marketers] is your competitors are doing this now and if youre not doing it yet, youre behind the game.

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