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Motivation at Its Best! –

Posted: March 29, 2020 at 2:41 pm

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Edwardsville - Edwardsville Community Unit School District schools are doing all they can to stay connected to their students. Outside of the typical e-Learning that is occurring daily, the teachers and staff are finding creative ways to keep their students motivated and engaged.

At Edwardsville High School, the English Department has put together fun good morning videos and primary school teachers are reading bed time stories to their students using Zoom. Another teacher video conferenced her students at lunchtime so they could eat together. Some teachers are taking attendance by having their students find the best meme of the day regarding E-Learning and share it with others in their class through a secure learning management system.

But one of the most creative ways District 7 teachers are letting their students know that they are thinking of their students is with Neighborhood Parades. These parades are typically led by the school mascot and teachers follow, in their cars, of course, in decked out cars with motivational sayings. With big waves and even bigger smiles, the parade visits all of the neighborhoods in the school attendance area. The families are notified in advance so that their children are prepared to wave back, blow kisses and hold up their own motivational signs for their teachers. The love between the children and teachers is so apparent, said Cathie Wright, Director for Curriculum and Instruction. No one is pleased with our current situation, but our students and teachers are using every opportunity to show each other how much they miss being in the classroom.

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Motivation at Its Best! -

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March 29th, 2020 at 2:41 pm

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New London man motivating youth through online reading –

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New London Hello everyone, this is Mr. Booker. And Im really excited about the book were about to read today.

Its how longtime educator, motivational speaker and New London City Council member Kevin Booker Jr. begins each installment of his newest video series, "Read and Learn with Mr. Booker," on Facebook at

The series is part of Bookers one-man effort to make the lives of others just a bit easier during the coronavirus pandemic, when kids are out of school. Joined by a cast of stuffed animals, Booker said his goal during each book reading is simple: motivate students to continue their learning.

I believe its crucial to keep our students engaged and reading while they are at home. They get a little restless and we have to continue motivating them on the importance of education, of reading and writing, he said. I want everyone to have equal access to a high-quality education and way of life. Reading opens doors for children to be successful and productive members of our community.

Seated alongside Leo the sloth and Olivia the owl, Booker used a fireplace in the empty dining room of the Green Room Restaurant on Bank Street as a backdrop for a recent reading of I Am Enough by Grace Byers. For the older children, he has been reading chapters from the "Crunchy Life" series by Glen Mourning.

Green Room owner Jonai Phillips was impressed and said Booker was making the rounds downtown and had stopped in to ask about how the restaurant is faring and what he could do to help.

I think its great, Phillips said. I mean, no one knows how long the kids will be out of school. The kids are probably driving their parents crazy. Kids are always on the internet anyway and theres a lot of weird stuff out there. What hes doing sounds relatable. He has really good energy.

Bookers settings change daily and have included his car because, he tells viewers, you can read anywhere.

His introduction to each book typically starts with a hand washing and beat boxing, or vocal percussion, something he said hes been doing since age 6, a creative outlet to help him connect and engage with others.

Booker said along with the educational aspect of the readings, he is offering himself as a role model for community youth.

He grew up in a working-class neighborhood of Hartford in what he said was a loving, multigenerational home where parents, grandparents and members of his community served as his role models.

He said he sees New London in a similar way, a place filled with leaders invested in the community, and that helps motivate him. When asked about who in the community inspires him, he ticked off a list of more than a dozen people, from school board President Regina Mosley to former City Councilor Martin Olsen, calling them devoted, selfless and committed.

Booker has been an educator since 2002 and taught middle school and high school, is an adjunct professor at Asnuntuck Community College and volunteers at New London elementary, middle and high schools. Before schools canceled classes, he was regularly reading to third-graders, and performing morning announcements at Bennie Dover Jackson Middle School. Hes a guest lecturer, member of the Anti-Defamation League and board member of the Interdistrict School for Arts and Communication. He is the founder of Booker Empowerment LLC, teaching public speaking and leading diversity and leadership workshops.

Booker has made himself known to the New London community through initiatives like Ride with Councilor Booker, meeting a group at the New London train station for a ride on a SEAT bus through the city to hear ideas and concerns.

He has performed a third-shift ride-along with police, donned turnout gear with firefighters and completed Disaster Institute Training with the local Red Cross chapter.

The social distancing part of the coronavirus scare is an especially cruel mandate for Booker, who under normal circumstances is as quick with a friendly embrace as he is with his smile.

I never thought in my lifetime I would experience anything like this. Its hard, he says with a laugh. Its just the world were living in.

Hes continued his outreach in the virtual world, releasing an ongoing series of videos spotlighting people during Womens History Month, such as Chien-Shiung Wu, known as the first lady of physics, and former University of Connecticut basketball superstar Diana Taurasi. Hes done similar videos for Black History Month.

He is planning a regular series highlighting small New London businesses and continues to post motivational videos that include rise and shine and positive bedtime prayers.

What else can he do? His most recent Facebook post asks Need Support Shopping? Hes asked anyone over the age of 65 in need of groceries or other household items to call him. Hell do the shopping.

There is a quote my uncle shared with me when I was younger that I live by, When you see a problem, that is why God created you.

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New London man motivating youth through online reading -

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March 29th, 2020 at 2:41 pm

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Three ways to stay motivated and get things done while at home – UT Daily Beacon

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You may be unmotivated now that you are a student at Zoom University, location: your bedroom. However, this does not mean that it is time for your drive to falter.

Although we are forced to do our classes online, we cannot become lax about our school work. The semester is still going, full speed ahead, and for most classes, the syllabi have not changed very much in regards to the amount of work we are doing.

This means that it is imperative that we get ourselves together in order to actually accomplish things while at home. Here are a few suggestions on how to better your chances of getting back to somewhat of a normal school schedule.

Get into a routine

When we were at school, we had a set routine in place. We went to our classes physically and had certain things we did at specific times of the day. However, now that we are at home, while our classes may be at the same times, we likely have much more free time.

That being said, it will not do us or our mental health any good to sit in bed all day just doing school work or sleeping.

This may be the only things we feel like doing, but we have to take the initiative to get into a routine. This will add some variety to the day and hopefully make it so that the days dont all just lump together.

I suggest waking up at a reasonable time, as you probably already have to do this because of classes, and setting aside specific times to do things.

For example, from 9-12 you may do your school work, and then from 2-3 you may decide to take a walk around the neighborhood or do some form of exercise, and later from 4-5 it may benefit you to do something that isnt school related to enrich your mind such as reading or making art.

Avoid the bedroom

Although this is easier said than done, Ive found that I am much more likely to get things done at home if I stay away from my bedroom.

In our minds, our bedrooms are where we sleep and are in a restful state. This is not the type of environment that we need to be in when trying to be diligent in doing our school work.

If possible, going to a different area of the house will help when it comes to motivation. You will no longer be in the sleep mindset and will be more likely to do your work rather than be tempted to take a nap.

Also, if youre unable to go to a different room, at least try to get out of bed. If you have a desk, that is obviously a prime spot for school work, but if not, even sitting on the floor is better than sitting in bed.

Get dressed

This one may seem the simplest, but it can end up being the hardest of all.

It is incredibly easy to stay in our pajamas all day now that we dont have anywhere we actually have to go. However, getting dressed will nine times out of ten make you feel better and more motivated to get things done.

Once again with the sleep mindset, although we are comfortable in our lounge clothes, they cause our minds to believe that we are going to sleep soon.

Your clothes do not have to be uncomfortable, but simply dressing in what you would have worn to regular in-person classes will have a substantial effect on your motivation and drive toward school work.

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Three ways to stay motivated and get things done while at home - UT Daily Beacon

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March 29th, 2020 at 2:41 pm

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‘Avram Grant was antisocial, his motivation was sh*t and I didn’t learn anything from him’ ex-West Ham man Faubert slams former boss –

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The head coach spent just one season of his four-year contract with the Hammers and his former charge has not held back in his assessment of that time

Julien Faubert has taken aim at former manager Avram Grant, laying the blame for West Ham's relegation to the Championship in 2011 at his door and stating that the Israeli's motivation was sh*t and that he didn't learn anything from him.

Following a turbulent season under Gianfranco Zola, Grant was brought in by the Hammers on a four-year contract, with the club's hierarchy stating that they had taken time over the appointment and that they were confident they had made the right hire.

The club performed even worse than the previous campaign, however, with a 3-2 loss to Wigan in May 2011 sealing the club's fate in the English second tier for the following season.

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And Faubert, who spent five years with the Hammers, is adamant that Grant was the main cause behind their relegation, with the manager's hands-off approach, poor communication and planning all playing a part in the drop.

That guy was so antisocial, the 36-year-old told The Athletic. He never spoke to us, he barely took charge of the training sessions because he was always in his office, his motivation was sh*t and I didnt learn anything from him.

Time after time and after every game we kept seeing the same problems with very little progress. We tried to be positive and motivate each other but everything was so bad, from the training and preparation for games. Its such a shame, because the fans were on our side until the very end.

It is not the first time Grant's credentials have been questioned over the years, with reports suggesting that several of Chelsea's players were unhappy with the allegedly archaic nature of the head coach's approach during his time at Stamford Bridge.

He did, however, lead the Blues to the Champions League final in 2008, ultimately losing out to Manchester United on penalties. For Faubert, though, Grant should not be given plaudits for reaching that stage, with the players more deserving of praise for getting as far as they did.

People say he is the reason why Chelsea reached the Champions League final but it wasnt, it was down to the players, he said.

With us, it was his assistant (Zeljko Petrovic) who would do the training sessions and he tried to make it fun. He really tried his best but if Avram Grant can be a manager then I can too. That season, he made so many poor decisions.

Its going to sound bad but the season we got relegated it was inevitable. I didnt have a good relationship with him and we got relegated because of him.

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'Avram Grant was antisocial, his motivation was sh*t and I didn't learn anything from him' ex-West Ham man Faubert slams former boss -

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For those who get into negativity, you gained’t discover motivation to coach and be match: Umesh Yadav – Global News Hut

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Written by Sriram Veera | Mumbai | Up to date: March 29, 2020 10:05:55 pm

Umesh Yadav (File Picture)

Umesh Yadav has stopped worrying about being out and in of the Indian crew, and now focuses on giving his finest every time a chance arrives. He talks to SRIRAM VEERA.

How are you dealing with the Coronavirus state of affairs?

Staying dwelling. Staying alive! Following what the federal government is saying. I practice at dwelling. That is a unprecedented state of affairs; one cant be fascinated about taking part in sport in these instances.

How have you ever dealt with being out and in of the nationwide crew?

Thoda kharaab, buraa toh lagta hai (You do really feel a contact unhealthy) that you simply arent getting as many possibilities. I used to really feel a bit down previously about sitting on the sidelines and watching. However its essential that you simply make your self perceive the state of affairs. I realised that its not wholesome if I slip into pity. That feeling isnt good as you gainedt be capable of carry out effectively whenever you get an opportunity.

You mayt complain an excessive amount of as the opposite three- Ishant (Sharma), (Mohammed) Shami and (Jasprit) Bumrah are bowling effectively. So I can perceive that for a crew administration, getting the best stability wouldnt be simple. All 4 of us are skilled bowlers.

You do effectively in Indian situations and also you get a chhaap (picture) like that. Its type of unfair as if I get common possibilities in abroad Checks, I might positively do effectively. I hardly get two matches in a row. Until you play extra in these situations, youll not be taught extra about these situations. Ive stopped bothering an excessive amount of about all this. The benchmark in our crew is excessive, and I simply need to do effectively in no matter alternative I get. You must all the time hold your health ranges excessive, suppose that you may play any time. For those who get into negativity, you gainedt discover motivation to coach and be match.

Has this fixed in-and-out state of affairs affected your aggression? You might be one of many quickest bowlers on this planet however you dont have that aggressive aura about you.

The principle factor is whenever you dont play back-to-back video games and get the odd match in between, what does occur typically is that you simply dont have the match-rhythm of bowling. The type of confidence that comes if you end up persistently taking part in. That rhythm is totally different. You do fear about the truth that you may get dropped when you dont do effectively on this likelihood. Your focus is totally different then.

All that runs within the head. You arent considering, jaake mein uda doonga inko (Ill go and blow them away). Mentally, one thing else is operating. You need to take wickets, give much less runs, and stuff like that. All thats certain to have an effect on your bowling. While you bowl bindaas, khulke, and not using a care, its a totally totally different expertise and also you look totally different to individuals. You havent any psychological strain. If you end up coming again for a recreation in six months, you dont have that constructive physique language as there are too many issues operating in your head. I hold telling myself and put together myself mentally thats why you see I do effectively in Checks every time I play however you perceive, its not simple and theres certain to be some have an effect on. As I dont even play ODIs, my off-period is longer.

However aggression doesnt imply you get into indignant fights with batsmen. Im not speaking about that type of behaviour. Whats the usage of getting indignant with the batsmen? If some batsmen set off me intentionally, could also be sure, however usually I wish to hold calm and do my factor. Thats my nature.

Whats taking place with the entire ODI stuff?

I havent understood that. White or purple, the talent lies in swinging the ball, na? I can do it as Ive carried out it. In fact, the lengths will range and thats apparent and all the way down to cricketing intelligence. If I get a collection of ODIs, I really feel I can show myself as a wicket-taking bowler. I do really feel I havent been used correctly by selectors in ODIs. Get a recreation right here and there, then sit out for six months. It does get tough. Profession has by no means been steady. At all times up and down. I did effectively on the 2015 World Cup, however then once more out.

On a lighter facet, nobody has to fret about my workload administration as I dont get sufficient work! (laughs).

Who helps you deal with these feelings?

Myself! Its not new; Ive all the time been out and in of the crew, via my profession. My circle of individuals can be good. Subbu sir, Subroto Banerjee (former India bowler and coach) is a really energetic and completely happy particular person. He doesnt enable me to linger too lengthy in negativity. One other cricketer, Pritam Gandhi bhai can be there, one other direct talker, doesnt give any false hopes.

READ | Shami, Umesh present theyre not simply backups

So its good, I really feel. And whenever you carry out effectively within the possibilities you might be given; all doubts exit of the pinnacle. That provides you essentially the most confidence. My important thought is to play cricket. Sure, Im a cricketer who performs for India however the principle factor is the sport which bought me right here. I need to play effectively wherever and whichever crew I play be it Ranji Trophy, India A, or for India. Simply get pleasure from swinging it at tempo.

Do you see your self as a swing bowler or a quick bowler?

Primarily a quick bowler, however a quick bowler who swings the ball at 140 kmph and over. This present day, simply bowling 140 kmph and over isnt sufficient. Youll get hit. You must swing it and from the best areas. Attempt to get it to swing as late as potential and at tempo. Not simple, not many bowlers do it however thats my intention. There are bowlers who seam the ball off the pitch, I wish to get it to swing. Swing bowlers are only a few, particularly those that do it at tempo.

You used to seam it effectively as effectively. That ball to Ricky Ponting within the 2012 Perth Check, it got here in to knock down his stumps!

I keep in mind that ball effectively! However primarily, I see myself as an outswing bowler. At instances, Ive tried to get it to swing in from a very full size however due to minor issues with the grip previously, it has gone down the leg facet. Ive sorted that out.

May you element the adjustments in grip now?

I used to carry the ball a bit up, on the highest, with the fingertips. Some maintain it within the palm, some maintain it tight. I used to carry it up. When the pinnacle would fall, the ball would tilt away in the direction of leg stump. I attempted a number of grips. With the fingertips. Now it sits effectively within the palm, not too unfastened. It has carried out two issues for me of late: it doesnt go down the leg facet and, most significantly, it swings late. I felt that earlier than the ball would swing too early, nearly from the hand.

READ | Much less game-time worrying, says Umesh Yadav as he eyes county stint

Now it swings late. Only a tweak actually nevertheless it has helped loads. After taking part in for years, what to do in accordance with the situations. My motion does change additionally, high-arm or leaping out in the direction of the nook, and issues like that.

Other than that ball to take out Ponting, what else do you treasure?

Clear bowling Faf du Plessis. Then the reverse-swinging spell towards South Africa within the (2015) Delhi Check. Reverse swing comes naturally to me as Ive a round-arm-ish motion. I treasure a remark from the good West Indian quick bowler Andy Roberts. He stated that Im a pure quick bowler, nonetheless bowling quick after 8-10 years. He inspired me saying thats a fantastic factor, proceed bowling quick. These feedback drive me. God has given me a superb physique, so why not use it?!

Look, I began leather-ball cricket once I was 19-20. Once I performed Ranji Trophy, others used to inform me that Im India materials. Its then that I assumed I may do it. Its been a dream journey. My father was once a coal-mine employee. He needed me to be a policeman and I too needed a safe easy life. Right here Im now taking part in for India. Years in the past, I instructed my father to cease working and revel in life for a change. Life has given me greater than Ive requested of it.

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For those who get into negativity, you gained't discover motivation to coach and be match: Umesh Yadav - Global News Hut

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Top tips to motivate yourself and team working from home | theHRD – The HR Director Magazine

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One of the best ways to keep yourself motivated is to create a schedule so you know exactly what time youre starting work and what tasks need to be completed. I think its really important to be disciplined and have an idea of what you need to do and when you need to do it by. A schedule also helps the people around you understand when its work time, so they wont distract you with the little household chore requests. I also make sure I get the little nagging jobs, like emptying the dishwasher, done before I start, so I dont use them as a distraction.

Also, I also recommend setting clear expectations based on what would I have done in the office?. I think a lot of people will find theyre more productive when they work from home, because the office is filled with interruptions. What people often find is that something that would normally take them two days, will take them two hours at home, because they are given the space to focus.

Making sure you can work as efficiently and as effectively as possible when working from home

1: Set up file sharing tools: We use things like Dropbox and Office 365. The latter is brilliant for helping Accounts share large spreadsheets.

2: Use collaboration tools: Google Docs is great for helping your team work together in real time. Edits can be made on live documents, saving you from continually making draft copies, which could lead to error or something important being missed.

3: Introduce video chat to help reduce isolation: For a few years, my business partner and I worked remotely from one another but often had Google Hangouts running in the background. It meant we could chat as we worked on a project together. So it was like being in the same office space. Facetime and Whatsapp are equally as good if you only have a phone. They just lack the screen sharing options of Google Hangouts, which is really important.

4: Invest in good quality office consumables: If youre using a laptop, invest in a good quality keyboard and mouse as they will help maintain a good posture and prevent repetitive stress injuries. When we renovated our home I installed a standing desk, so I feel like Im ready to go!

5: Buy a printer: A printer is an essential part of any office set up, whether youre at HQ or working remotely. Id recommend a multifunctional printer with a scanner and a small footprint so it doesnt take up too much space. You can get a great model for around 60 that wont cost a fortune to run and that has Wi-Fi connectivity. Not all printers do and its unlikely youll want to plug your in your printer right next to your router.

How to keep your business operational with employees working from home

Keep communication going: In reality, over the next few weeks or months youll be doing everything you already do, just remotely. So continue to ensure team leaders talk to staff every day. Make sure weekly meetings happen. Successful remote working is all about having good habits and tools in place. If you dont have them, nows the time to get them sorted.

Its important to set expectations: People still want to do the work. They just need to know whats expected of them and the core hours they are expected to work. That said, dont lay it on too thick. Be considerate. Good team members will always try to do their best and theyll feel guilty if you place too many demands when theyre also juggling with childcare or sick partners. Also, bear in mind that no-one does a full eight hours when they work in the office. Theyre constantly distracted. So, instead of setting expectations based on hours in front of a screen, set expectations based on the quality of their outputs.

Work on trust: Just because you cant see staff working, it doesnt mean theyre not. However, continue to measure outputs using the same suite of KPIs youve always had in place. For example, in our call centre we look at response times, number of calls taken and customer feedback, and ensure theyre in-line with normal working days.

Top tips to motivate yourself and team working from home | theHRD - The HR Director Magazine

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Couple shaves their eyebrows as motivation to stay home during COVID-19 pandemic –

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Justine Manuel and Justin Young in Kamloops, B.C., shaved off their eyebrows as extra incentive to stay home and avoid socializing.

It started with a meme.

Justin Young and Justine Manuel were sitting at home in Kamloops, B.C., when they saw a meme that said "if you are having a hard time staying home, shave off your eyebrows."

The couplehad already been spending lots of time at home and started working from home on March 20. The eyebrow shaving happened Monday night.

"Justin keeps wanting to go out because he's an extrovert," said Manuel, who is Okanagan from the Upper Nicola Band in B.C.

"So I jokingly said 'If you're going to go out, I'm going to shave your eyebrows off when you're sleeping.'"

Young replied, "OK, let's do it then."

They went to the washroom but couldn't find any shaving cream.

"We decided to go to the grocery store, which we were trying to avoid but we needed other supplies as well," said Young, who is Anishinaabe from Bloodvein First Nation in Manitoba.

"We went to the grocery store and we were joking about making a video. We had no idea what we we're going to do."

They got back home, put their groceries away and "just did it," said Young.

"We just wanted to spread some joy and have some fun. We were actually feeling really down and depressed that day, because of everything that is happening. It's been so overwhelming."

The couple wanted to make a video for othersfeeling the same way and wanted to raise people's spirits.

Before making the video, they took guesses athow many views they would get on Facebook. Manuel guessed they would get 100, while Young guessed 78views.

As of Thursday, the video had 124,000 views with over 8,400 shares.

Friends and family have reached out to them, joking about them becoming famous.

"It's so awesome reading all of the comments on the video about how many people laughed until they peed their pants," said Young.

"Everybody's got such a great laugh out of it. That's total success for us.We feel really awesome that we were able to spread some joy through dark times."

Even though they both shaved their eyebrows off, they haven't completely refrained from staying outside. They have been going for night walks to get exercise.

"We are still a little nervous with our big foreheads. We have fiveheads now," joked Young.

Manuel's advice for people trying to kill time at home?

"Have fun. Think of things you can do. Shave your eyebrows."

Young recommends slowing down, enjoying the family time, and being with the people you love.

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Couple shaves their eyebrows as motivation to stay home during COVID-19 pandemic -

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Saving ‘Several Thousand Lives’ Will Come Down To How Motivated Austinites Are, Adler Says – KUT

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Austin Mayor Steve Adler commended Austinites this week for their work in physical distancing and cutting daily interactions by 50%. New models from UT Austin suggest well need to cut those interactions even more to 90% to keep our health care system from being overloaded.

Adler joined KUTs Jimmy Maas for All Things Considered to talk about getting those interactions down and slowing the spread of the coronavirus.

This transcript has been edited lightly for clarity.

KUT: [Modeling] numbers recommend we cut our daily interactions by 90 percent. How do we reach that number without some sort of enforcement? And what would that enforcement look like?

Austin Mayor Steve Adler: We've successfully gotten to a 50 percent decrease in physical interactions, which has put us in a better place than we would have been. But in order for us to prevent our system from being overloaded, we have to keep going and get to 90 percent. But it's not something we're going to be able to achieve through enforcement. There's not enough people or enough ways to enforce it, really. And it's going to come down to whether or not it's something that our community wants to do. It's going to be a question of just how much as a community - recognizing that that's the collection of individual actions - how motivated we are to save several thousand lives.

KUT: So enforcement, it's more of a social enforcement, if anything?

Adler: Really at this level, it is that kind of social enforcement. It's personal responsibility. It's people going to sleep at night and thinking through the day and counting how many physical interactions they had over the course of the day and trying to drive that number down as low as we can get it. But there are people all over this city doing things all over the city. And it's going to be impossible for us to police it.

We are planning and building contingencies for what we're going to have to do as a city if we can't achieve those levels - in terms of having greater supplies and greater places for people to be, making sure that we can build to a surge in need for hospital beds or equipment. That said, the best and most effective thing we can do and the only thing that can ultimately get us to the place where we just don't lose very many people is if there is an individually based but collective desire to police our own actions.

KUT: On those numbers: we have a relatively low count of cases here in the Austin area. The worry by some is that that number could be artificially low because of testing or the lack thereof. How many tests do we have and how many tests have we been able to complete locally?

Adler: I don't have that number offhand, but I will tell you that I am virtually certain that there is greater spread of the virus than our numbers reflect. We started taking action earlier based on that belief and also the belief that sooner or later it was going to start spreading from person to person because we knew those things would happen as they are now happening.

We started taking actions before people died. And as of today [Friday], we now have our first death. So we're working on the assumption that it is spreading in the community. Its a virus. That's what viruses do. This virus is going to spread as well. The only question is how fast does it spread, and how quickly does it come upon us? And that's what we can control.

KUT: When you and other city leaders made that call to cancel South by Southwest - not just one of the first big cancelations here, but really one of the first mass gathering cancelations I think in the U.S. - you did so because you did not want to have an epicenter here. Now, when you look at New York, New Orleans and other cities that are in the middle of an outbreak that may have pre-dated that decision by a few weeks - are you worried that despite all of this, all of what we're doing, the stay at home orders, the lost jobs, et cetera, that it might not be enough?

Adler: I'm happy we acted when we did and when I made that decision with respect to South By it was quite the outlier. Clearly not the outlier now. But yes, I do have a concern about whether what we're doing - whether it's going to be enough or not. I can only make sure that we do everything that we can do. And that means that we point out to the community the information that would be necessary for it, for our community, to drive the numbers down and to spread out this peak, if that's something that we are motivated to do. But it's also planning for execution of what happens in our city if we are unable to do that and our hospitals don't have the capacity to be able to handle the people that are getting sick.

KUT: Mr. Mayor, anything that we've left off here that you'd like to get out to the public before we say goodbye?

Adler: Well, just a reminder that there's great hope I think and self-empowerment in knowing that at this point where we are right now, because we acted early enough to get to 50 percent decrease in physical interactions, we get to decide what our next six to eight to 12 weeks are going to be like.

And I would urge everybody to stay at home as much as they can; only go out when it's essential or critical. Its OK to go out and exercise and jog. Best to do it yourself or with someone in your family. And we police ourselves and remind our neighbors if they seem to be forgetting, maybe this is something that we can do. We're in this together.

This post was updated March 28 with the addition of the interview transcript.

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Saving 'Several Thousand Lives' Will Come Down To How Motivated Austinites Are, Adler Says - KUT

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Women in Real Estate: Instilling Confidence in Yourself and Motivating Others –

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Cathy Trevino, managing broker of Side, draws inspiration for her career from her personal experience as a first-time homebuyer when she was in her final year of college. The native Houstonian became intrigued with the real estate process right from the start, so much so that she sought the advice of her agent following her purchase. Casting doubts and fears aside, she took a leap of faith and got licensed.

Now, 23 years later, she remains deeply passionate about local real estate and enjoys being fully immersed in the real estate community. She currently serves as a regional vice president and vice chair for the Houston Association of REALTORS, and is a board director for the National Association of REALTORS.

Here, Trevino tells RISMedia what shes learned along the way.

Whats the most important thing youve learned in your career?Cathy Trevino: Be bold in the choices you make, and dont be afraid of doing something out of fear that you might regret it later. Instill confidence in yourself. Gather new experiences and meet new people. You never know where your next move will take you, so its important to put yourself out there.

Its also vital to be kind and treat everyone with the same level of respect. Every single person has value, and you never know what youll learn from them. This has proven to be true with many of my customers who I sold homes to years agoIm selling homes to their children today. Such everlasting relationships arent always easy to cultivate, but they show that kindness and effort go a long way.

How has this motivated you to make a difference?CT: As a female leader, I want to motivate young girls and show them that if you work hard, you can make it to the top, regardless of gender. Id share the same advice with my own four boys: Ensure you have a good work ethic, put your heart into everything you do and always give your absolute best.

The real estate industry is challenging to navigate, and its even harder for women because theyre often looked at differently, but that doesnt mean its an impossible feat. Ive crossed paths with many mothers and wives who are leaders in the community and are able to strike a balance between their careers and personal lives. This is far easier to achieve when women support other women, providing them with the help and encouragement to achieve their goals.

Why is it so important to make a difference in the gender-equality movement?CT: A lot of young girls dont think they have what it takes to achieve their goals or the confidence in themselves to pursue them. This could not be further from the truth. I want to let all the young girls out there know that if I did it, they can, too. When I was younger, I doubted myself a lot and never wouldve imagined that Id be a woman in a leadership position at such an innovative company like Side. Growing up, my family struggled financially, and I just wanted to work hard so I could help my family out. My hard work, determination and positive attitude throughout my career did not go unnoticed, and I worked my way up over the years.

What needs to be done to address the biggest challenges women face in the industry?CT: The biggest challenge women face is a lack of confidence in themselves, which often holds them back from going after the things they want, like applying for positions theyre qualified for. Women must first realize how much theyre capable of and be confident enough to put themselves out there. It may not always be comfortable, but it will definitely be rewarding.

Always volunteer, give back to the community and learn your industrythis is a great way to extend your knowledge, expand your network, grow personally and professionally, and build the confidence you need.

What advice can you provide to women looking to make an impact in real estate?CT: Always support the women around you, because it will go a long way. Step out of your comfort zone and encourage other women to do the same. One of my close friends who I was working with for a long time was recruited by a different firm, and she was terrified to make the jump because she was uncertain of what would lie ahead. Even though I knew that would mean losing a valued colleague, I also knew that it was a great opportunity for her. I told her she had to do what was right for her and her family.

I wouldnt be where I am today if I didnt take chances. Dont not do something because youre scared; you might fall on your face, but youll learn. If you want to make an impact, be encouraging and spread awareness on all the opportunities out there for women to learn from, even if they fail.

Do you know someone who is making strides toward the advancement of women leadership in the real estate industry? Contactldominguez@rismedia.comto learn more about our Women in Real Estate series.

Liz Dominguez is RISMedias senior editor. Email her your real estate news ideas at

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Women in Real Estate: Instilling Confidence in Yourself and Motivating Others -

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10 biographies, motivational manuals and killer guitar books to read during lockdown – Guitar World

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Amid the lockdowns and general clusterf*** state of the world outside, most of us find that now, more than ever, we need a break to indulge our hobbies and distractions. Maybe you've already played your guitar to death and you're looking for other ways to satiate your six-stringed passion?

Whether youre working from home, your school is cancelled, or youre on the frontline and in need of a chance to switch-off, our list is full of fine literary distractions for guitar players, whether you choose to pick up a hard copy, listen to the audiobook or download one to your eReader.

From entertaining six-string history, to motivational manuals and, of course, the essential tomes that deal in drugs, debauchery and deals-gone-bad, youre bound to find something that informs, entertains or inspires you

There are no truly exhaustive histories of the electric guitar, so much of its early history is based on anecdote or flawed documentation, but Play It Loud takes a decent stab at weaving together the complex web of social, technical, racial and musical histories that have spun out of this glorified plank with strings. It spans the artists and the gear and even includes a foreword by Carlos Santana. Buy/download Play It Loud

Recently dramatised to great success via Netflix, the Cres collective autobiography is quite literally warts n all. It is, at points, a disgusting, detailed and definitely-NSFW breakdown of the history, idiotic debauchery and major malfunctions of the group. However, it also stands as a testament to music and Mick Mars' guitar playing as a vehicle out of some fairly heinous situations, some of which were not of their own creation Buy/download The Dirt

If your playing has plateaued and youre looking for something that goes deeper than the next tab or chord chart, Zen Guitar could be your bible. This is a far more holistic approach to guitar tuition than your usual cheat sheets and song collections, offering chapters on concepts like spirit and discipline and analyzing common mental missteps. Philosophy disguised as a guitar manual. Buy/download Zen Guitar

Like all the best autobiographies, Life eschews attempts at balance and considerations of continuing relationships (most notably, with Jagger) in favour of candour, mud-slinging and the kind of writing (courtesy of James Fox) that straps you to the front of the rollercoaster for the duration of the ride. The anecdote about Charlie Watts response to Jagger summoning his drummer at 3am is worth the price of admission alone. Buy/download Life

Saul Hudsons life story was interesting even before he crossed paths with Axl Rose: he grew up in 70s Hollywood with Joni Mitchell as a neighbor, his mum was a costume designer to John Lennon and David Bowie and he had a stint as a sponsored BMX rider. Like The Dirt, it does not skimp on the shocking and salacious stuff, or the rock bottom moments and it also covers a wealth of post-GnR adventures that prove essential reading. Buy/download Slash with Anthony Bozza

Widely hailed as one of the finest critical breakdowns of The Beatles back catalogue, Revolution In The Head runs through the Fab Fours releases in chronological order, piecing back together the cultural fabric they tore to shreds in the process. An ambitious, well-researched and near-academic (yet not dull!) masterwork. But dont take our word for it: Noel Gallagher described it as f**king amazing. Buy/download Revolution In The Head

The Slits guitarist re-wrote the somewhat staid rock bio rule book with the acclaimed Clothes, Clothes, Clothes. Music, Music, Music. Boys, Boys, Boys. A key figure in the UK punk revolution Albertine and band pushed harder than any of their males peers and were usually received even less favorably by establishment forces. The result here is an inspiring document of an uncompromising, fearless approach to life and music making. Buy/download Clothes, Clothes, Clothes. Music, Music, Music. Boys, Boys, Boys

If Morrisseys recent antics have left you questioning your love of The Smiths, perhaps Marrs biography will allow you to quench that thirst without lining Stevens pockets in the process. Marrs tales of growing in Manchester and the music, mindset, people and places that shaped his still-innovative approach to the guitar and songwriting are essential reading for any indie kid. Buy/download Set the Boy Free

While Brownstein is best known for both her six-string savvy in Sleater-Kinney and for Portlandia, the sketch show she developed and starred in with Fred Armisen, she is also a brilliant writer (a career that predated the band). Her biography has been hailed for its disarming honesty, wit and poignant reflections on her search for identity and meaning through the music she loves and makes. Buy/download Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl: A Memoir

R. Crumbs 80s music trading card sets Heroes of the Blues, Early Jazz Greats, and Pioneers of Country Music are collected here in a stunning, full-color book. Each icon (not limited to guitar greats, but including the likes of Big Bill Broonzy, Son House, Blind Willie McTell and Skip James) is featured with an R. Crumb portrait and bio. Its widely available on Kindle, but if you can track down a hardcover copy, youll find it comes complete with a CD compilation, handpicked by Crumb. Buy/download R. Crumbs Heroes Of Jazz, Blues and Country

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10 biographies, motivational manuals and killer guitar books to read during lockdown - Guitar World

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