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The 10 Weight Loss Coaches to Watch in 2021 – GlobeNewswire

Posted: February 17, 2021 at 5:53 pm

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February 17, 2021 06:40 ET | Source: Boost Media Agency


The 10 Weight Loss Coaches to Watch

New York, New York, Feb. 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- We all want to have our dream body and fit into our perfect outfits, right? The harsh reality in todays modern society is that it is easier than ever to gain weight - the fast paced lifestyle leading many to choose fast food options, which compounds negatively over time. Fortunately, there are those who know the recipe to help you achieve your weight loss goals and sustain the results long term - even for life. According to Boost Media Agency, the key to losing weight and keeping it off is working directly with a weight loss coach. Each with their own unique coaching styles and areas of expertise, here we present the 10 weight loss coaches to watch in 2021.

Gina Livy (@ginalivy)

Gina Livy is an incredible weight loss coach who provides an effective program for people who want to improve their health and their fitness level. Her 12-week online program, Weight Loss by Gina, went live in 2018 and it found instant success. Today, the program has evolved to a group membership with a community of over 4,000 members. Gina started her coaching career as a one-on-one personal trainer, but then she decided to package her own program to reach more people and help them with their goals.

Weight Loss by Gina is one of the most comprehensive and effective weight loss programs available on the market and its available at an affordable price. Gina provides an option for people who want to lose weight in a healthy, affordable, and sustainable way. Additionally, people enjoy the program a lot because its not restrictive and the community is very welcoming.

Gina offers a weight loss program thats very different from many of the other options out there. Theres no counting, measuring, or weighing of any kind, so people are not enslaved by numbers, and theres also no deprivation. Instead, Gina explains why the body feels the need to store fat, focuses on fat loss, and creates an environment for the body to get that fat out. Her program also addresses food behaviors and associations so people can learn to be more mindful and more in tune with their bodies.

Leah Peters (@leahpetersfitness)

Leah Peters is an experienced industry-leading fitness, nutrition, and mindset coach whos here to help people turn their life around and find wellness. She combines science-backed nutrition and training research with ancient wisdom to help clients improve their physical and mental health tremendously. She has created the Weight Loss Warriors, which is a self-paced wellness program that provides a path for women to find ultimate fitness.

Leah provides evidence-based practices so each individual client will be able to unlock their inner power, find healing, and boost their confidence like never before. She has extensive experience in the field, which has allowed her to become so helpful for so many people. She holds a Masters degree, multiple fitness and nutrition certifications, and shes also an award-winning athlete and retired national fitness competitor.

Her training approach focuses on education and personal development, not only on weight loss. She understands misinformation and unhealthy habits such as emotional eating or following fad diets can make a lot of harm, so shes passionate about arming people with knowledge and helping them heal from the inside out. Leah knows how difficult it can be to balance fitness and other aspects of ones life, so she wants to help others reach their healthy weight without sacrificing their happiness.

Christy Davidson (@christyleefit)

Christy Davidson is a weight loss and life coach whos passionate about helping people lose weight without having to sacrifice the food they love or their happiness. Her approach to weight loss as a certified personal trainer has a great focus on mental health because she believes the mind and body are strongly connected, something she learned while studying psychology in school.

Weight loss can be challenging and difficult, but Christy wants people to actually have fun with the process. Peoples fitness journey doesnt have to be torture, it can be enjoyable and sustainable, and thats the kind of weight loss experience shes here to provide. She coaches people through group coaching programs such as The Glow Up Challenge, but she also provides one-on-one coaching. Shes also made sure to create a community in her private Facebook group where she can connect with everyone and people can support each other.

The Glow Up Challenge is a 6-week group program thats different than other fitness programs on the market. It doesnt only provide workouts to challenge the body, but also mental health challenges for the mind. Christy is happy to be helping people make real changes, so shes excited to introduce The Glow Up Mastermind program in 2021 to level up and help her clients enter the next stage.

Sarah Pelc Graca (@Strong.With.Sarah)

Sarah Pelc Graca is the founder of Strong With Sarah. She is a successful weight loss coach who is passionate about helping her clients lose weight without having to give up their favorite foods or their joy for life. She believes every client is unique, so she thrives in creating customized nutrition, exercise, and accountability plans that are effective and bring people closer to their fitness goals.

Through her signature one-on-one coaching program, the Freedom With Food Formula, she and her team help people change their nutrition habits and create a more peaceful relationship with food by providing accountability, along with educational content and tools to create a healthier mindset. Sarah and her accountability coaches (Victoria Burgess and Cassie Evans) work with each client individually - empowering them to learn more about their thoughts and actions, which leads to sustainable weight loss.

Sarah provides convenient and flexible weight loss programs that are not created to add more stress to anyones life. Quite the contrary, theyre created to help people finally understand what it takes to lose weight in a straightforward way... Without any fad diets! She includes guidance and support every step of the way so its an enjoyable process, not a burden to bear. Between her website and her Instagram highlights, she has over 500 testimonials from clients who have successfully lost weight and kept it off long-term!

Barbara Orban (@nodietbabe)

Barbara Orban is a weight loss coach whose approach focuses on helping women change their relationship to food and their bodies as well. She created No Diet Babe to guide women through the process of weight loss without having to rely on low calorie diets that are often too restrictive and cause more harm than good. She teaches women to have a new perspective of food and helps them shatter all the unhealthy subconscious links theyve created to food, that lead to self-sabotage.

Women who have been dieting on and off throughout their entire lives will find theres absolutely nothing wrong with them and theyre able to shed weight without feeling hopelessness, guilt, or shame. Barbara is proud of helping women reach their dream weight and maintain it effortlessly by helping them change their habits and their mindset.

Through No Diet Babe, she offers private coaching and daily support as well as group coaching. She also has a 6-week course called Emerge that focuses on emotional eating and how to recover from it. She also has a podcast, the Manifesting Doll Podcast, where she combines psychology and the law of attraction to provide guidance and perspective. Barbara also has amazing subliminal audios to help her clients reprogram their subconscious mind and unlock their inner power.

Mika Pavy (@mika.fitnesspassion)

Mika Pavy is a weight loss expert from Los Angeles with 8 years of experience in the fitness industry. Shes focused on helping people tone their bodies, lose stubborn fat, and enjoy amazing results they can maintain in the long-term to change their lives for good. When she first started in the fitness industry, there was an overload of information and it was difficult to separate the right from the wrong.

She understands better than anyone that theres a lot of contradicting fitness information out there, so she is committed to teaching people the actual science behind how peoples bodies and minds work. This is how she has been able to help people have a deeper understanding and unlock their inner power to achieve the goals that once seemed impossible to reach.

Mika provides a blueprint and valuable guidance, strategies, and tools for people to reach their fitness goals ten times faster. Many of the solutions that often get so popular are only band-aids and they dont approach the root of the issue. Mika does get to the bottom of it and focuses on fixing the problem at the root so people can get their bodies and health back. All this without suffering or giving up the foods that make people happy.

Lori Doddy (@lori.doddy)

Lori Doddy is the founder of Lori Doddy Lifestyle LLC and the creator of 5 TO THRIVE, a one of a kind 12-week weight loss program designed to teach professional, driven women unique methods for eating, exercising, reducing stress, and mastering the challenges of being female in high-pressure careers. She provides a customized approach very different from anything else on the market. Its extremely effective and specifically designed to fit easily into any womans busy schedule.

Lori Doddy, Ph.D. has a 30-year career in education as a teacher, graduate professor, college dean, and Vice President. During most of her life, she battled eating disordered behaviors, yo-yo dieted, suffered debilitating migraines, and endured overwhelming stress. But 7 years ago, she hit a wall and was determined to find a healthy way to lose weight and manage the stress of a high-pressure lifestyle, which is common among professional women.

She managed to transform not only her body and mind but also her lifestyle while continuing to advance her career. On her quest, she found passion and purpose, and began coaching. Lori pursued nutrition and personal training certifications, and last year took her coaching career full-time. With her effective, unique program, Lori helps clients reach unprecedented success with massive weight loss and improved fitness levels, while advancing their careers and not sacrificing their health or any ambitions in life.

Kyle May (@tailormaydefitness)

Kyle May is an online fitness coach and founder of Tailor Mayde Fitness, whos 100% dedicated to helping busy men lose fat and keep it off without sacrificing their lifestyle. He knows what its like to struggle with weight loss because he has been through the process himself. During college, his weight reached 300 pounds and he had no confidence to speak of. He was lost, stuck in a vicious cycle, and he had no idea how to start getting his body back.

Eventually, he decided to take control and soon fell in love with fitness and weight training. Kyle turned his life around, shed all that weight, and built positive habits that allow him to be healthy and active. Today, he wants to help other men who are struggling to balance fat loss and a hectic schedule so they can reach their goals.

Kyle makes weight loss an enjoyable and incredibly educational journey that gives his clients resources they can use for a lifetime. He offers a pragmatic approach that focuses on helping people develop sustainable habits and helping them understand the root of the issue so they can take the right steps. Kyles weight loss program can be adapted to anyones lifestyle and it will be tailored to the needs of each individual so they can reach their goals with the support they need.

Dreia Walker (_cuttheweight)

Dreia Walker is a weight loss coach who is passionate about keeping others accountable towards their fitness goals. From her own experience with seeing the results real accountability can bring, Dreia has been able to transform countless lives throughout her journey.

Also an entrepreneur at heart, Dreia has multiple weight loss and fitness products to help you reach your goals even faster. Understanding that some people are restricted by time, she enables them to get the best results in the time they have at their disposal.

Knowing how much confidence you can gain from becoming your best self, it's no surprise Dreia is so passionate about her work. As big as I used to be I never imagined my future self to be so confident. I never imagined my future self to overcome not loving myself. I just didnt picture life any differently when I was 250 pounds Dreia explains. If youre looking to lose weight & build confidence, Dreia is your girl.

Lori Aloisio (@myhealthyandfreelife)

Lori Aloisio is a weight loss coach whos passionate about health and well-being. She has a Bachelors Degree in Health Care, is a registered nurse in Finland, and an avid student of alternative medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, and nutrition. Through her job and all her studies, she noticed that Western medicine doesnt address many important factors for overall health.

As she studied alternative medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, and nutrition, she became much healthier and she learned to lose weight in a way that worked for her and didnt feel restrictive at all. During the same time, she also discovered the law of attraction and she realized she had been creating her reality since she was a child. Lori rediscovered her power and she also discovered a passion for helping people lose weight.

She had amassed all this knowledge about healthy living and she was ready to share it, something she couldnt do freely while working as a nurse because there were guidelines to follow. Thats what led Lori to found Healthy And Free Life and she created the S.H.I.F.T weight loss method. She doesnt provide a quick fix that provides results that dont last. Instead, she helps people remove the source of the issue entirely and completely turn their lives around.

Make sure to follow each of these amazing weight loss coaches as they continue to help their clients reach their weight loss goals. Each of their Instagram's have been directly linked here. Finally, we would like to thank Boost Media Agency for taking the time to put this article together.

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The 10 Weight Loss Coaches to Watch in 2021 - GlobeNewswire

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February 17th, 2021 at 5:53 pm

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Life coach: Is it really worth the money? –

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In front of her is a chart containing all of my characteristics: how much of a free-thinker I am, whether or not Im motivated, and what all this means for my destiny. How is she so sure? Because, prior to our Zoom call, I told her my full name. The moniker assigned to me by my parents before I could even open my eyes holds the key to a happier, brighter future... or, at least, it does according to her.

Im on a two-hour session with Vicky Paul, an energy healer, medium and Soul Purpose Coach. This means she promises to analyse a clients life (usually for a charge of 150, which she's waived as Im here for work purposes) in terms of talents, goals, potential, lessons and obstacles, helping them reconnect with the essence of who they truly are. Currently, Im hoping to answer one question: where should I live? Im torn between London, my Essex hometown and Brighton, my self- appointed spiritual home.

Asking a coach this, instead of, say, your mum,, is an increasingly popular decision-making method and it seems, today, there is a coach for everything. There are life coaches (find your true path!), money manifesting coaches (think yourself rich!), relationship coaches (married in six months!), burnout coaches, career coaches and even Ill train you to become a coach coaches. The industry is beyond booming; its worth $2.849 billion globally (a 21% increase from 2015). Search #lifecoach on Instagram and youll find over 9.6 million posts (#lifecoachforwomen nets a cool 488,000 alone).

Celebrities arent immune to its charms either, with the coaching worlds head honcho (the divisive and controversial) Tony Robbins counting Kim Kardashian, Serena Williams and Leonardo DiCaprio as clients. Hes also amassed a casual $500 million fortune and 5 million Instagram followers along the way.

But, of course, theres a snag a big one: coaching isnt regulated. Meaning there are no legal requirements to undergo training or obtain any credentials before labelling yourself a master-third-eye-pay-rise coach or whatever else it is you fancy being. Lots of coaches call themselves certified but thats not clear-cut either if I wanted, I could get a certificate in a weekend, via a 19 Groupon deal.

Vouchers aside, some coaches do seek training via more reputable sources, and in my research one name crops up consistently: the International Coaching Federation (ICF), which was established in 1995.

It prides itself on being the gold standard in all things coaching related. But confusion alert credentials, which are awarded to coaches whove met the education and experience requirements from an awarding body, such as the ICF, in theory, could also be dished out by a dodgy awarding body (so be warned they require vetting too). In laymans terms, this means an un-credentialled coach could credential someone. As I said... confusing.

Even Tracy Sinclair, a member of the ICFs Global Board, agrees its a concern: Anybody could print off a business card calling themselves a coach. She continues, We welcome coaches of any discipline at the ICF, so long as theyre willing to commit to proper training. By that, she means undertaking a programme with its seal of approval. Being a member of a professional body is a good sign, she explains. It shows theyre taking it seriously.

I like the idea that finding the right person to offload to over a coffee, or via Zoom, will miraculously flip a switch in my head and solve my lifes dilemmas. But, as a journalist, with an inbox flooded by people claiming to be able to transform lives on the daily, Im sceptical. Can my mind be changed and if so, what makes a coach genuine?

As I begin my research, Im surprised by the number of messages I get heralding the benefits of coaches. Truthfully, I was half-expecting my call-out on social media to merit a deluge of scam stories, but it transpires that finding a good coach can be truly transformative. Theres Marie-Claire, who tells me just two weeks with a coach saw her build the confidence to quit her demanding job and find a new one. Jane* credits her coach for growing her business when money was tight. Zoey* says coaching healed her heartbreak.

It seems people go to coaches for a number of reasons theyre lost, unsatisfied, down, or just need an outsiders perspective on a problem. Many cited coaches as an alternative to therapy and praised them for being more forward-focused, rather than requiring them to dig deep into past traumas. It makes sense that the industry is thriving right now, when life feels wobblier than ever. Self-development doesnt carry the same stigma it once did, confirms Sinclair.

Laughing down the phone, West End costumier Frances Williams tells me she once wouldve taken the piss out of the idea of self-help. But only months after the 24-year-old started working out with personal trainer Leela Sule, Frances found herself at a crossroads. Sule had just started her own life-coaching company, Get Up And Grow Girl (her Instagram account, featuring soul-searching prompter questions and motivational quotes, is catnip for women like me) and the 35-a-month course Frances completed was even called Holistic Hun designed, according to Sules website, for those feeling overwhelmed, like theyre treading water or are people pleasers.

The modules were self-paced and tackled things like confidence and breathing exercises, and we also had group Zoom sessions, says Frances. It was more fun than therapy, which can leave you emotionally drained. It sounds similar to reading a self-help book then having a book-club discussion about it after, I suggest, and Frances agrees. She says she got so much from her online coaching that she then completed a business- orientated course for 155 a month, including more one-on-one time with Sule.

The other thing about the industry not being regulated is prices range from Sules affordable 35 per course to 5,000 for a six-month programme which is what Dr Rakish Rana, founder of The Clear Coach, charges. His prices are informed by high-end US coaches, where the market is more mature.

Dr Rana is a member of the ICF and graduate of The Academy of Executive Coaching. But, he insists, paperwork isnt the only sign of a good coach. Testimonials are more important than credentials. Most coaches will offer a free intro call if theyre legit. I always recommend potential clients speak with other coaches before going with me. With each session lasting up to an hour, though, and often involving spilling emotional parts of yourself, how likely is it that your average person will repeat that process multiple times? Its good advice, but is it practical? As I delve deeper into the industry, I realise being able to weed out coaches who dont have your best intentions at heart is vital.

The lobby of the high-end members club, with its slick wooden floor and neon sign, was an alluring set-up. Julia* spotted Isabel* immediately. I had run into a dilemma with my business, Julia tells me. I asked a Facebook group for advice and several people responded, saying, You have to speak to Isabel. Her credentials a website claiming shes helped thousands, a strong social-media presence (a bio boasting a top-tier podcast) and qualification from a body called The Coaching Academy all sounded good. But the in-person experience, Julia says, for 800, was not.

Prior to our meeting, I completed a questionnaire about what I wanted to get from our time together. I spent hours on it, but Isabel turned up empty- handed. At the time, Julia was trying to juggle being a mother to her newborn with running her own company and says she was just grateful to have found someone to listen to me. After paying for seven hours with Isabel, she left with no solutions to her problem.

I didnt complain or follow up, as Isabel also invited me onto her podcast. I received no new business enquiries and was so embarrassed about the whole thing, I never shared it anywhere.

Months later, Julia braved a meeting with another coach and said the contrast was stark. Although I could only afford an 80 introductory session with Nadia,* she got me. She analysed my tone of voice, picking up on things I didnt even realise made me anxious and gave great advice. She also introduced me to her contacts. Julia wishes she could book more sessions, but says after wasting 800 on Isabels services, she cant afford it.

Its not just money that rogue coaches can take from you either in extreme cases it can be your peace of mind. Emilie Lavinia, a 30-year-old influencer and digital consultant, tells me her coaching experience left her with recurring nightmares. Ive tried it all to help with my anxiety, she tells me. Therapy, yoga, you name it. When my relationship ended and a friend suggested I see their spiritual coach, I thought Id give it a go.

After a phone consultation, Emilies first meeting with Rosalie* took place in a house in the woods. I paid 300 for three days and found it helpful. Shortly after, when her friends began discussing a holiday to Croatia, Emilie decided to sit it out and instead invest in herself, by spending a week abroad with Rosalie.

I assumed her prices would be the same as before, she says. It was just her and Rosalie in Spain, for seven days of intensive one- on-one coaching. But when we got to the supermarket, Rosalie put all these foods Id never eat in a basket, then demanded I pay for everything. Soon after, Rosalie started making uncomfortable comments about Emilies appearance.

Ive always been petite and have a healthy diet, but suddenly my coach began saying all the problems in my life stemmed from my relationship with food. I thought, But thats not why Im here. I havent got food issues; Ive just been dumped and feel a bit crap. Things got worse. She banned me from drinking water, so Id feel hungrier, even though it was so hot, then ordered me to take vitamins and eat fatty foods for breakfast if I refused, shed say, Why arent you nourishing yourself? You have a childs body! Four days in, I felt like I was losing my mind and started questioning whether I did have a problem with food.

Everything came to a head on the last day. Rosalie suggested Emilie should strip naked and talk about her body in front of a mirror. I did it, but she told me I looked stunted and I snapped. Rosalie said the anger was good and asked if I wanted to take drugs together. The rest of the night passed in silence, and the following day, Rosalie drove Emilie to the airport.

When I got out of the car, she told me I owed her 7,000. I blocked her and never paid we havent been in touch since. Now, Emilie wants to warn others. Just because somebody identifies themselves as a coach or healer, it doesnt mean they are. The moment somebody diagnoses you as broken, they can charge you for their services to fix you. It discredits all the genuine people out there.

Writing this feature reminds me of the time a self-styled yogi life coach diagnosed me with complex post- traumatic stress disorder while on a retreat for stressed young women (some of which I did find useful, like the importance of diet, sleep and having equal power in a relationship essentials we arent taught in school). She offered to fix me for 50 a pop. I declined, but what if I hadnt? Would I have continued as she unearthed more things about me to fix?

Yet isnt it almost a given that some coaches will target those feeling adrift? In the same way PTs approach evident newbies in the gym, can we really blame them for making the troubled their target market? Also, while Emilie and Julia were clearly the victims of scammers, there are cases when coaching is unsuccessful because the client doesnt put in the work, or its a personality or skill-set clash. You can do extensive research, but when the industrys regulations arent watertight (like they would be if you were looking for a therapist), its still tricky. Coaches may well help you find a solution to your problem, but theres no guarantee. Theres no guarantee therapy will either, but at least you are starting from a place of regulated and verifiable qualifications.

My session with Vicky was a mixed bag. A lot of what she said could be applicable to the majority of people (sentences along the lines of at times youre so confident but, at others, you really doubt yourself). But days after speaking with her, I do find myself rehashing something she said: You called Brighton your forever home and I think you need to work out where your resistance to it is coming from. Your name denotes a 10-1 Spiritual Goals energy, meaning youre the highest free spirit. Is it something to do with feeling restricted?

I start unpicking the idea that Brighton is the place Ive pencilled in as where I want to settle long-term, to raise a family. A happy middle ground between London and a suburban housing estate (the idea of which makes me itch and want to book a flight to Ibiza). Although Vicky says she came to that conclusion based on my name alone, Id say its an observation she made as an intuitive person and it was helpful. Could an insightful friend have nudged me to reach the same conclusion? Maybe. But one things for sure: if youre considering a coach, its important to shop around. Make use of those free introductory sessions. Comb their testimonials like your life depends on it because your mental health and bank balance just might.

*Names have been changed

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What type of therapy should you get?

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Life coach: Is it really worth the money? -

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Calgary’s Henderson rising with Brewers in coaching life – Calgary Sun

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The Milwaukee Brewers have always believed in Jim Henderson.

No matter the situation, the Major League Baseball franchise has forever had the confidence in the Calgary native to get the job done.

From 2012-14, the club trusted him as its closer.

But these days, the Brew Crew are certain he can mould young minds and guide live arms as pitching coach with their Triple-A affiliate, the Nashville Sounds.

Im moving up quickly, said Henderson with a chuckle, when asked about his meteoric rise to a plum position in the Brewers organization.

I kind of questioned the jump up to Triple-A a little bit, like Oh, wow this is kind of a quick move, and I was maybe a little nervous, continued the Central Memorial High School graduate. But the front office said, Listen youve been a coach or a scout evaluating players pretty and watching baseball pretty much your whole life so this shouldnt really be too shocking. That gave me some confidence.

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So Thursday, hell take that conviction to the field along with pitchers and catchers in Arizona where Henderson and his family have called home since 2013 marking the unofficial start of spring training for the Brewers in a bid to complete a COVID-free campaign ahead.

It also marks a new adventure for a guy who has seen a lot in the game.

If you could pick a scenario going back through my minor-league baseball career, I think Ive been in pretty much every situation, Henderson said. From injury to being released to being called up and sent down to going through the system twice I made it to Triple-A (in 2008 with the Chicago Cubs organization) pretty seamlessly the first time and then had to have (shoulder) surgery and had to start all over again at Low-A and then make my way up again (in the Brewers system).

Not a lot coaches have that as their background as far as testing their will.

Indeed, the onetime star hurler for the Okotoks Dawgs has been around plenty of professional ball since being drafted by the Montreal Expos in the 26thround of the 2003 MLB Amateur Draft out of Tennessee Wesleyan College in Athens, Tenn.

He pitched in the pros for 14 seasons, including parts of three with the Sounds (2011-12, 2014).He weaved his magic in the big leagues for the Brewers (2012-14), for whom he recorded 28 saves during the 2013 campaign, and the New York Mets (2016) and compiled a 10-11 record alongside 31 saves with a 3.61 ERA in 155 career MLB games. Over his three-year stint as a player with Nashville, he appeared in 58 games and was a 2012 Pacific Coast League all-star.

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That experience is darn hard to come by.

And I think it helps that Im young and that I just came out of the game, said Henderson, who after shoulder surgery in 2015 slowed him down was still trying to make a big-league roster as late as 2018 before the Brewers coaxed him to come scout and coach for them. You are seeing is a younger crowd coming up with all the analytics that the new-school coaches bring to the game. I would say Im kind of caught in the middle of the teachings and how the game is evolving. Im getting the best of both worlds.

The Brewers certainly feel he can get the top-shelf stuff out of their pitching prospects, since he can relate to them after bouncing around all levels of ball during what was a wild ride after moving on from the Dawgs.

Jimmy was the consummate athlete, said Dawgs Academy founder John Ircandia, who credits Hendersons work ethic for his sudden coaching success. Jim was about athleticism and determination and competitive spirit rather than mechanical things and analytics, which is what they want nowadays.

Im not surprised, though, because hes such a winner. So to that extent, hes the kind of guy who can really inspire young pitchers.

The Brewers are banking on it, even though Hendersons just four years into his coaching career.

He started with them in a half-coaching/half-scouting post in Arizona in the spring of 2018.

Then he helped out with the short-season rookie-level club as a second pitching coach with the Helena Brewers in the Pioneer League.

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The next year, Henderson was promoted to the head pitching coach position with the Wisconsin High-A Timber Rattlers. And later in 2019, he worked with top prospects in the Arizona Fall League, where he felt his coaching stock took off.

Last season, with COVID wreaking havoc on the sport, he spent time lending his knowledge to players at the Brewers alternate site.

Some of these messages that can be given to players nowadays can be a bit confusing, said Henderson, who joins plenty of familiar rising stars in Nashville Brewers pitching hopefuls such as Zack Brown, Aaron Ashby and Clayton Andrews. A lot of organizations now have coaches like myself who can bridge that gap. I can break it down and speak in their language and help these guys understand what the front office and the analytics are saying and help them go about their work.

Kids at the Triple-A level are good enough to pitch in the big leagues. Its just a matter of refining things and seeing areas of the game that we can bring to the surface.

Whatever the task at hand, Henderson says he has the Brewers to thank for his new lot in life, which he hoped would be part of the plan all along after his playing career.

From Gord Ash to Doug Melvin Canadian boys who were running the Brewers front office in my time as a player and then a relationship I built with the team through the years, I got the opportunity to play at the highest level and then the call back wanting me to coach, added Henderson. Its been a good relationship with them.

Now that Im coaching, Im really just kind of trying to soak it in, trying to learn as much as I can. As far as the future goes, Im just trying to take it day-by-day seeing how much I can absorb, trying to make the guys better. Im living in the moment right now.

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Calgary's Henderson rising with Brewers in coaching life - Calgary Sun

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First day of Spring Training gives Cardinals chance to welcome ‘pitching strategist’ Dusty Blake to coaching staff –

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We were looking for someone that had an understanding of advanced pitching metrics, newer technologies," Mozeliak said of Blake

JUPITER, Fla. As the Cardinals officially welcomed 33 pitchers and nine catchers to the start of spring training on Wednesday, they also said hello to a new member of the coaching staff.

Dusty Blake, a longtime friend of manager Mike Shildt and the former pitching coach at Duke, was hired to serve as the teams pitching strategist.

Blake, 39, is taking the place of Joey Prebynski, who left the organization after two years to take a job with the Angels.

Dustys got a real expertise in a lot of different things from a pitching perspective, Shildt said. Hes been a head coach previously at a small college (Pfeiffer) so hes got a baseball background. He understands how the big picture looks from a baseball perspective.

Hes also got a real expertise, and I dont use that word lightly, in a lot of the pitching mechanics and some of the measurables and technology available through Rapsodo and Trackman and Edgertronics. Hes got a real good clarity on how that all works and what that means and how to interpret it. Theres a lot of information that quite candidly a lot of people misinterpret that data in our sport to some degree.

Blake had been at Duke for the last three years, the latest stop on a long college coaching career, and has known Shildt for close to 10 years.

Hes been involved with a program that I co-chair, Baseball for Life, which is a non-profit in the Charlotte area which helps mentor middle school young men, Shildt said. Ive also done what I could to give him some guidance and advise over the course of his career. It just made a lot of sense to bring Dusty on board and hes been a great fit.

John Mozeliak, president of baseball operations, is eager to see how Blakes involvement can benefit the Cardinals pitchers.

One of the things we wanted to do was look to see how we could modernize our approach to how we thought about pitching, Mozeliak said. We were looking for someone that had an understanding of advanced pitching metrics, newer technologies. Dusty was someone who was highly regarded at the college level.

Ive had some dialogue with him over the past couple of weeks on some things and I definitely feel like he will be an asset to this organization.

Other news and notes from day one at the Cardinals camp:

*Mozeliak said the challenge for the Cardinals, like every team, this spring will be to ensure the health and safety of players and staff while also preparing for the regular season.

Ultimately theres two big tests we have to pass, Mozeliak said. One is can we avoid having an outbreak in our camp and two we have to prepare for a season and make sure we have a roster that were excited about and that we believe in and can be competitive. Were going to be running parallel paths.

The revised and shortened spring schedule, part of baseballs health and safety protocols, includes six days with no games between Feb. 28 and March 29 but Shildt said only two of those have been designated as actual days off for the team, on March 6 and 21.

Because of those protocols, the Cardinals have set up several large white tents between the clubhouse and the parking lot that will be used in a variety of ways as the team tries to limit the number of players in the clubhouse.

Every meal is eaten outside, we have a designated meeting space for our staff meetings, our player meetings, and then we also have a designated area for some of the COVID stuff and testing that takes place, Shildt said. We have areas for the guys to relax a little bit and to work out as well.

Were pretty much an outdoor operation other than a little bit of work done inside and changing clothes and shower. A lot of time, energy and effort will be spent outdoors.

The team also will spread out pitchers as they begin throwing their first side sessions of the spring, utilizing only three of the six pitching mounds closest to the clubhouse.

The look of this camp is much different, Mozeliak said.

Mozeliak does believe, however, that there are similarities to springs of the past, despite all of the changes and restrictions that had to be implemented.

The anticipation is still very real, he said. Its still exciting for everybody thats down here. But I think you all realize its different. Were all having to adapt and make those adjustments as best we can. But as I walked the fields this morning there is still that excitement.

Some of the changes will affect the lives of players and staff even away from the Cardinals facility.

Right now Major League protocol is that you are not allowed to eat at a restaurant either inside or out until at least March 1, Mozeliak said. Weve really impressed upon our players that they can get carryout, have something delivered but please remember that you cant go to a bar, restaurant or a large gathering. Hopefully our players understand that. Those are the rules moving forward.

Were all drinking from a fire hose to understand all of the rules But the mood of the camp is everybody is relieved to be down here and get going but we also know there are going to be some challenges.

*Jordan Hicks, who opted out of last season as he recovered from Tommy John surgery and because he was a higher risk candidate to contract COVID as a Type I diabetic, is in camp. We will ease him into camp and see how he looks, Shildt said.

*Among the position players already in town and going through the intact process are Nolan Arenado and Paul DeJong. The teams first full-squad workout is scheduled for Feb. 22.

Follow Rob Rains on Twitter @RobRains for complete Cardinals coverage during spring training

Photo of Dusty Blake courtesy of Duke baseball

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First day of Spring Training gives Cardinals chance to welcome 'pitching strategist' Dusty Blake to coaching staff -

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Carmelo Rodriguez Touches Lives with Moving Stories and Compelling Tales – Thrive Global

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For some people, words are merely lumps of letters representing an element of speech or a unit of language. For others, they are compelling tools to convey emotions and channel messages intended to create a meaningful impact. In the case of well-renowned author Carmelo Rodriguez, the moving power of words cannot be emphasized enough. This reputable figure has demonstrated how ones thoughts, experiences, and ideas can make a difference.

Writing has long been proven to be more than a form of art. For Carmelo Rodriguez, it serves as a means of communication for people who wish to inspire action and a companion to those who find solace in books and literature. Above anything else, the esteemed author uses his craft to embolden those whose voices are unheard and allow them to speak their truths.

On a mission to touch lives and uplift spirits, Carmelo Rodriguez taps into his creative flair and encourages others to step into their light. Immensely fueled by the desire to share his journey, he unleashes his talent for writing and puts into paper all the valuable insights and lessons he accumulated throughout the years.

Widely acknowledged for being a six-time author and an Amazon top-seller, Carmelo Rodriguez has also gained recognition for being a certified life coach and an army combat veteran. In his years worth of service in the army, Carmelo Rodriguez went all out with his dedication, zeal, and enthusiasm. As a result, he soared high and rose through the ranks in his decorated and exceptional military career.

During his writing career, Carmelo Rodriguez was able to find a unique niche and space where he uses his works to keep his audience thrilled and engaged. His published books include Dead Soldier: A Story of the Living, We Are Human Too, Race Against Your Alarm Clock, The Hardest Language, Team LEO: Hold the Line, and many more.

Proving to be a multi-faceted individual, Carmelo Rodriguez also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice and a Master of Business Administration degree. His hunger for knowledge acquisition has allowed him to complete dozens of post-graduate certifications in crisis intervention, conflict management, and corporate crisis management.

Having obtained certifications in Executive Negotiations from Harvard Business School, Carmelo has honed the science of life coaching and confidence coaching. As a matter of fact, he is designing a self-development program for military service members transitioning to civilian life.

Carmelo Rodriguez was nominated for a Ted talk last year and was hailed by multiple media platforms as one of the top 20 most influential persons in 2020. Despite his extensive academic and professional background, he still considers himself a continuous learner. He believes that his journey as a coach and public speaker has brought immense meaning and satisfaction to his life.

Currently, Carmelo Rodriguez is working on a piece, Just Write the Book, dropping on March 17, 2021. The said book is a culmination of the authors past struggles and challenges. It also includes his tips and tricks on writing and gets into the nitty-gritty of the creative process. Its motivational and, of course, comical, he said. With this remark, fans and readers have been kept on their toes for the upcoming release.

As can be gleaned from his journey, Carmelo Rodriguez has proven that words are formative tools that can spark life-changing occurrences. According to this author, everyone has a story to tell. For this reason, he has committed himself to be an instrument in sharing these stories with the world.

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Carmelo Rodriguez Touches Lives with Moving Stories and Compelling Tales - Thrive Global

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Life after Gronk hasn’t been kind to Patriots; can they change that in 2021? – New England Patriots Blog- ESPN – ESPN

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FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- It has been six weeks since the New England Patriots' mostly forgettable Week 17 finale against the New York Jets, although something significant happened that day to possibly help answer one of the team's biggest questions.

Rookie tight end Devin Asiasi looked the best he had all season, catching a 26-yard touchdown pass. He said, "Going into the offseason, I think it gives a little momentum and a little confidence; definitely something to build off."

Tight end has essentially been a black hole in the Patriots' offense for the past two years, a stretch of time also known as "Life After Gronk [Rob Gronkowski]." It is arguably the team's biggest need this offseason outside of quarterback.

Asiasi had a rocky first season after the Patriots traded up to select him in the third round out of UCLA, but the promise he flashed in the finale (e.g., running well, reliable hands) showed he could still be a piece in a larger plan to bring the position back to significance.

Pair him with a top free agent such as Hunter Henry (Chargers) or Jonnu Smith (Titans), taking some pressure off Asiasi from an expectations standpoint, and the complexion of how tight end is viewed in the Patriots' offense could look different in 2021.

And if Henry or Smith are too pricey or sign elsewhere, there should be other notable options to consider based on an analysis of ESPN NFL Nation reporters of players across the league who would benefit from a fresh start. The group of 32 players included seven tight ends.

To quantify how tight end has disappeared from the Patriots' offense, consider this from Doug Clawson of ESPN's Stats & Information:

Patriots tight ends have the fewest receptions (55), receiving yards (673), targets (87) and receiving touchdowns (3) in the NFL over the past two seasons.

In 2020, Patriots tight ends had 18 receptions, the fewest by any team since the 2016 Jets (18).

Since 2010, the Patriots have drafted seven tight ends, tied with seven other teams for most in the NFL. New England was one of two teams last year to draft multiple TEs (Seahawks the other).

The drop-off is dramatic when considering from 2010 to 2018, the Patriots led the NFL in receiving yards (11,773) and receiving touchdowns (120) from tight ends.

Michael Lombardi, who served as an assistant to the Patriots' coaching staff from 2014 to 2015, highlighted how gaping the void has been when he said on sports radio WEEI, "The Patriots need a player that can really, really challenge the middle of the field the way they used Gronk in the past, and other tight ends. So a tight end to an outside receiver is where I would go."

Resources have not been an issue for New England. Since 2010, the Patriots have drafted seven tight ends, tied with seven other teams for most in the NFL. Last year, the Patriots were one of two teams to draft multiple tight ends (along with the Seattle Seahawks). New England will have at least eight picks in April's draft, and the Patriots could target another tight end. Top prospects at the position who could be around for New England include Florida's Kyle Pitts, Penn State's Pat Freiermuth and Boston College's Hunter Long.

Over the past decade, they also traded for veteran tight ends such as Martellus Bennett and Dwayne Allen, while signing Matt LaCosse, who opted out of the 2020 season and could still be part of the Patriots' plans this year.

One of their draft picks, hard-nosed Ryan Izzo (seventh round, 2018), is recovering from a neck injury and also factors into the mix from a depth standpoint. Same with 2020 third-round pick Dalton Keene who, in a perfect Patriots world, could develop into a Swiss Army knife versatile option.

New England used to be the spot that defined tight end excellence.

Whether it can return to that lofty status is a top offseason storyline.

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Life after Gronk hasn't been kind to Patriots; can they change that in 2021? - New England Patriots Blog- ESPN - ESPN

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Stoneham mourns the loss of coach Jimmy Carino to COVID-19 – The Boston Globe

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Whether it was athletics, art, or activities, Jimmy was all three, superintendent of schools John Macero said Monday. He was best described as Mr. Stoneham High School.

Carino died Feb. 8 of complications from COVID-19. He was 62.

After his 1976 graduation from Stoneham high, Carino returned as a volunteer, and within four years he began coaching. As boys soccer coach, Carino led the team to state championships in 2002, 2004, and 2005. He later took on the role of senior adviser. Carino retired in 2013 but continued to coach tennis at the school.

Stoneham school administrators and faculty knew Carino had been ill and in the hospital, but news of his death last Tuesday cut deep. We did not expect this at all, Macero said.

Online condolences overflowed with superlatives and praise for Carino. He was a Stoneham high legend, had a major impact on many lives, and was simply, the best, wrote students, current and former, colleagues, neighbors, and friends.

Ive known Jimmy forever, former student Angela Sciola Anderson, 36, said Monday.

Carino attended Stoneham high with Andersons mother in the 70s, later coached Anderson on the tennis team, and for years regularly took afternoon walks through the Andersons Colonial Park neighborhood.

Jimmy was a fixture in Stoneham and his personality was larger than life, Anderson said. His spirit lives on in the hundreds of lives he touched.

Carino, a father of three, created family everywhere he went, Anderson said, at home, at school, and in the community. His manner was jovial, extremely friendly and nice, she said.

As a coach, hed hold you to it, Anderson said. Hed give you the tough love when you needed it, but he was always there for you.

Macero said Carino had a special way when it came to teenagers. He was a stellar listener; he was all about building relationships and creating celebrations, he was honest, caring, and frank, in a very positive way, Macero said.

At a somber and emotional gathering on Sunday at Stoneham high, the line of mourners who wanted to share tributes to and memories of Carino snaked through the hallways and outside the building.

There was shock, there was disbelief, but also the joy of having been a part of knowing him, Macero said.

Carino was born in Medford, spent his early childhood in Somerville, and moved to Stoneham when he was nine. After high school, Carino graduated from Northeastern University, where he studied political science.

In 1989, Carino married the love of his life, Kathy Gehring. Their first child, Ryan James, was born four years later; twins, William Francis and Julia Mary, followed in 2000.

The private funeral Mass was held at St. Patricks Church in Stoneham. A celebration of Carinos life will be held in the spring or summer, relatives said.

Tonya Alanez can be reached at or 617-929-1579. Follow her on Twitter @talanez.

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Stoneham mourns the loss of coach Jimmy Carino to COVID-19 - The Boston Globe

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Roots in O-H-I-O: All current FBS head coaches with ties to Ohio State or the state of Ohio – Buckeyes Wire

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There arent too many states that have more football tradition than the great state of Ohio. The sport is ingrained in the Buckeye States culture. High school football is a religion, and Ohio State football is a way of life. Heck, even the Pro Football Hall of Fame sits between Lake Erie and the Ohio River, in Canton.

Given that background, many of the most influential people in the game have deep roots in Ohio. From former great coaches, to administrators, to media personalities, Ohio natives can be found across the American football landscape.

Some of those influential people are head coaches, of course, and not just at the lower levels. You might be surprised how many current FBS coaches once coached on the banks of the Olentangy or in the state during their coaching career. Or, they were born or played football in Ohio.

Since its the college football offseason, we thought it would be a fun exercise to take a look at FBS head coach that once stomped around somewhere in Ohio. So here it goes

Born: Columbus, Ohio High School: Desales

Besides being born and playing his high school ball in Columbus, Luke Fickell once coached at Ohio State as the interim head coach when Jim Tressel got in hot water. He later served as the defensive coordinator, under Urban Meyer. He played and started for the Buckeyes as a nose tackle from 1993-1996. Now hes making Cincinnati into one of the best Group of Five programs out there.

Born: Montvale, New Jersey College: Siena

Hafleys time at Ohio State was short-lived, but it earned him the head job at Boston College. He was brought to Columbus to fix a porous defense, and turned things around in one year (2019) before getting his opportunity at Chestnut Hill.

Born: Cleveland, Ohio High School: Cleveland Heights

Michigan State loves former Ohio State coaches. Mel Tucker replaced another former Buckeye when Mark Dantonio rode off into the sunset. Tucker was the defensive backs coach and co-defensive coordinator under Jim Tressel from 2001-2004. He is also an Ohio native, born and raised.

Born: Sugar Grove, Illinois College: Northern Illinois

Before P.J. Fleck began rowing his boat, he pushed it off the shore as a graduate assistant under Jim Tressel at Ohio State in 2006. Listen to him talk about those that were most influential in his coaching career, and Tressel comes up early and often.

Born: Manchester, New Hampshire College: New Hampshire

OK. Yeah, we went there. Look, its a piece about current FBS head coaches that once did their thing on the sidelines in Columbus. Ryan Day is an FBS head coach and currently coaches YOUR Ohio State Buckeyes. Urban Meyer brought him there in 2017 as co-offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach. He was elevated to head coach when Meyer retired.

Born: Wyckoff, New Jersey College: Bucknell

Greg Schiano has been at all levels of the game from his first stop at Rutgers to the NFL with Tampa Bay and now back to the Scarlet Knights for a second stint. We cant quite count Tennessee as a stop because of all the crazy chaos of being hired then not being hired via Twitter (howd that work out), but in-between, he was the defensive coordinator for Urban Meyer from 2016-2018.

Born: Fairmont, West Virginia College: Kent State

Before Nick Saban was winning SEC and national titles, he was putting his work in as an assistant at various programs. One of those stops included a stint as the defensive backs coach under Earle Bruce at Ohio State from 1980-81. Before that, his collegiate playing career took place in the state at Kent State.

Born: Massillon, Ohio High School: Massillon Perry College: Mount Union

Matt Campbell has the state of Ohio running through his veins. He was born and played his high school football in the crazed football town of Massillon, and played collegiately for one of the Division III powerhouses, Mount Union. He is doing his thing at Iowa State, but hes an Ohio guy through and through.

Born: Elyria, Ohio High School: Elyria

Les Miles might have played for Michigan, but he was one of the Ohio guys that got away. He was born and played his high school football in the northeast city of Elyria and went on to famously win a national championship as the head coach of LSU. We can probably forget about his Kansas stint, but hes still an Ohio guy.

Born: Toledo, Ohio College: Michigan

Yeah, OK. Harbaugh may be a punching bag when it comes to jokes from Ohio State fans, but he was born in Ohio. In fact, he was born at the same hospital as Urban Meyer. Its a loose tie to the state, but one nonetheless before he became all Maize and Blue.

Born: Sidney, Ohio College: Florida State

Stockstill may have grown up in Florida, but he was born just 45 minutes or so north of Dayton in western Ohio. Thats about the extent of the anchor to the Buckeye state, but a place of birth is pretty big, no?

Born: Columbus, Ohio High School: Upper Arlington

Dimels playing and coaching career may have taken him far from central Ohio, but he was born in Columbus and played his high school ball at Upper Arlington, where he graduated in 1981. It had to be a surreal experience when he was head coach of Wyoming and brought his Cowboys to the Shoe to play the Buckeyes in 1997. Now he is at UTEP, where hes been leading the charge since 2018.

Born: Westlake, Ohio High School: Cleveland St. Ignatius College: John Carroll

They are plenty. One wonders if Arth has ever left the state. He was born, played high school, went to college, and now coaches an Ohio team. We dont know where his career will go from here, but hes about as Ohio as you can get.

Born: Barberton, Ohio High School: Barberton

Loeffler played for Michigan, likely because he is from the same hometown as legendary coach Bo Schembechler. Thats right, even Bo was an Ohio guy from Barberton, Ohio. Schoeffler now leads Bowling Green in Northwest Ohio as the head coach.

Born: Salem, Ohio High School: Upper Arlington

Candle was not only born in Ohio, but played his college football at national Division III powerhouse Mount Union. He stayed within the state of Ohio when he was brought on to be the head coach of Toledo in 2016.

Born: Dayton, Ohio High School: Fairmont East

We all remember the failed stint at Michigan from 2011 to 2014, but Hoke has had a pretty good coaching career outside of that (and, hey, at least he had one win over Ohio State in 2011). Hoke is a Michigan man for sure, but he was born and played his high school football in the state to the south.

Born: Youngstown, Ohio High School: Cardinal Mooney

Stoops obviously comes from a football family out of Northeast Ohio. His brother Bob is one of the best college coaches of all time, and his other brother Mike is the former head coach of Arizona. The trio was born in Youngstown and all played high school ball there.

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Roots in O-H-I-O: All current FBS head coaches with ties to Ohio State or the state of Ohio - Buckeyes Wire

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New Patient-Centric Clinic Wraps Build in OC – HCO News – Healthcare Construction and Operations News

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By HCO Staff

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.Interior architecture and planning firm H. Hendy Associates (Hendy) announces the completion of a new state-of-the-art patient-centric destination for global lifestyle medicine company Metagenics Clinic in Aliso Viejo. The 5,000-square-foot Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Center creates an innovative healthcare experience and transforms how primary care is delivered by enabling doctors and patients to take a 360-degree approach to their patients overall health and wellbeing. The new facility is adjacent to the Metagenics corporate office located at 25 Enterprise and is open for medical visits as well as chiropractic, lifestyle education, massage therapy, lab work and more.

Dedicated to scientific discovery, unparalleled quality and practitioner partnerships, the design of the space distinctly captures Metagenics desire to support the continued advancement of functional medicine through empowering patients to better understand and develop the health skills necessary to advance the state of their metabolic, emotional, cognitive, behavioral and physical function. The space takes a novel approach to a traditional medical facility, encourages the elimination of barriers between doctor and patient and empowers clients to take charge of their health journey.

When we were hired by Metagenics to create a solution that addresses their primary business challenge of making an even greater impact on their patients lifelong health goals, we immediately took on the task, said Jeep Pringsulaka, LEED AP and senior designer at Hendy. Hendy believes in the power of listening and learning to unlock a great design that uniquely fuels our clients business success. Were privileged to have played a part in helping Metagenics create an inspiring environment that accelerates their commitment to personalized healthcare an innovative approach to medicine thats tailored to individual needs and capabilities and focuses on supporting patients throughout the journey to optimal health.

Hendy worked closely with the Metagenics Clinic team to unearth the companys key goals, vision and patient and doctor needs. This work allowed Hendy to layout key spaces needed and helped inform the interior architecture and design of the facility. The result is an unconventional, experience-driven clinic that enables patients to feel welcome and comfortable as soon as they enter the front door and empowers them to take charge of their own health journey.

The new center features 11 exam rooms, three large rooms for chiropractic care, two lifestyle education spaces for nutrition, life coaching and telehealth and a waiting area complete with a digital check-in system, pharmaceutical counter and dispensary. Exam rooms are equipped with large HDTV screens controlled by iPads to enable real-time review and discussion of healthcare results between doctor and patient.

With the goal to create a clinic that exudes health and wellness, Hendy was tasked to incorporate myriad biophilic design elements. These included a living green wall, natural light, art of scenic California landmarks and the use of natural walnut wood and tree trunks throughout the space and in custom signage. With the project site not originally zoned for medical use, Hendy also was instrumental in facilitating permit approvals with the city.

The team at Hendy took great care in understanding how to support Metagenics goals of designing a patient-centric destination that uniquely places our most important constituent at the center of it all, said Brent Eck, CEO, at Metagenics. We are still optimizing our full patient experience, but so far, our new space has been well received by physicians and clients alike, and we couldnt be prouder of the way in which Hendy captured our requirements and partnered with us to bring Metagenics vision to the layout and design of this new facility. The result enables us to truly deliver the white-glove experience we strive to provide for every one of our clients.

Metagenics new Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Center reflects its beliefs in functional medicine as the foundation of an operating model to enable a revolutionary, personalized experience that supports patients on their journey to their best health. Applying these insights, along with evidence-based design, the result is a comprehensive facility that unifies solutions for a patients lifelong health goals under a single roof.

Founded in 1980, H. Hendy Associates is a nationally recognized interior architecture and strategic workplace firm offering a full range of services for corporate and multifamily clients.

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New Patient-Centric Clinic Wraps Build in OC - HCO News - Healthcare Construction and Operations News

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Dana Skelton, John Tanner Named Among USOPC Coaches of the Year – Swimming World Magazine

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Swim coach Dana Skelton and water polo coach John Tanner were two of eight coaches recognized as United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC) coaches of the year Tuesday.

Skelton was named the Developmental Coach of the Year for her work at First Colony Swim Team in Texas. Tanner, who coaches Stanford womens water polo, is the College Coach of the Year.

Behind athlete success and well-being are the dedicated and passionate coaches that guide Team USA athletes in sport and in life, USOPC CEO Sarah Hirshland said in the awards release. In 2020 we watched so many coaches adapt and create innovative ways to support their athletes. Its an honor to recognize these individuals and showcase their achievements in this especially challenging year.

Skeltons work at FCST in Sugar Land, Texas, has focused on the clubs Strong Girls program, developing girls ages nine and older to be strong athletes and leaders. Shes adapted her coaching during the COVID-19 pandemic via virtual sessions, emphasizing stroke analysis and guidance outside the pool. Her pupils include Olympic gold medalist Simone Manuel.

From the USOPC release on Skelton:

Her commitment to mental and emotional strength has been unmatched as she encourages her athletes to complete journal entries that spark engaging questions to help foster positive and healthy communication.

Tanner has spent 23 seasons as the coach of Stanfords water polo program, developing it from the ground up into a seven-time NCAA champion. Hes mentored 12 Olympians in Palo Alto and was elected to the USA Water Polo Hall of Fame in 2019.

During the pandemic, Tanner has instituted athlete-led TED talks that include experts in the field to inspire his athletes, seeking to cultivate a healthy environment and establish a platform for individuals to share their interests with the team. Out of the pool, hes worked with his athletes on career development workshops about resume-building and has helped a pair of athletes in launching the Swim4Diversity nonprofit.

After a year spent video conferencing at my dining room table, away from the Stanford campus and Avery Stadium Pool deck, I was stunned to receive word that the USOPC had chosen me as their College Coach of the Year, Tanner said in a Stanford release. Paradoxically though I could not be more honored in that we are holistic and integrative in our approach, always focused on long term outcomes. Water polo is the worlds toughest sport, the perfect vehicle for developing lifelong leaders for this past years extraordinarily difficult environment and for future challenges we will face. Im so grateful to be surrounded by our coaching staff, athletes current and former, Olympians past and aspiring, who make every day here a rocket ship ride. No one got to chase their ultimate 2020 competitive aspirations, but we learned and grew so much more in the wake of that disappointment and are grateful to have a renewed, distinct opportunity in 2021.

JT is an amazing coach, said Ann Friedlander, Ph.D, an Adjunct Professor of Human Biology at Stanford. During my time engaging with the Stanford Womens Water Polo Team as a Faculty Fellow, I have been continually impressed with his holistic view of coaching and his ability to bring out the best in his athletes both in the pool and in their lives. Through rigorous practice, team events, interactions with Stanford faculty, TED Talks and bonding experiences, JT helps his players maximize their potential as athletes, teammates, good citizens, and future leaders. JT should also get extra praise for keeping a sense of team spirit, high moral and focused training (both in person and remotely) during these challenging times of COVID-19. His success in the pool is only one part of what makes him an exceptional coach and I have enjoyed watching him in action.

Also recognized as USOPC Coaches of the Year are fencings Greg Massialas (Olympic Coach of the Year), para-equestrians Michel Assouline (Paralympic Coach of the Year), speedskatings Cherise Wilkins (Volunteer Coach of the Year), Alpine sports Gillian Bower (Service Provider of the Year) and Chris Packert (Coach Educator of the Year), and ski/snowboard coach Jeff Lackie, who won the Doc Counsilman Science Award. Award winners are nominated by national governing bodies and selected by a selection panel of the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Foundation.

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Dana Skelton, John Tanner Named Among USOPC Coaches of the Year - Swimming World Magazine

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