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Posted: August 16, 2017 at 5:52 am

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Happify (iOS)

It is said that happiness is within us and not something that should be sought after.

But sometimes, we need to change our paradigm and take our mind off negativity and stress, and with the advent of smartphones and technology, apps like Happify help us do just that.

It is a free basic app with in-app purchases available.

The app has mood-boosting activities and games to cheer you up.

You can set specific goals, learn about mindfulness and learn to breathe easily.

But remember, this app is only purported to help calm your nerves and bring positivity into your life, so it should not replace advice from a medical professional if need be. (Android, iOS)

Setting goals and fulfilling them is not as easy as it sounds. functions as that extra motivator in your life to observe your progress and celebrate the milestones you have achieved.

For procrastinators like myself, this is like a virtual nag on my phone to get things done today. It also has a community feedback feature, like an accountability coach within the app. You can track your daily, monthly and yearly progress too.

Productivity Challenge Timer (Android, iOS)

I see this as more of a time managing app than anything else.

For example, the shortest session you can set is 10 minutes, where you are not supposed to be interrupted.

The developer created this app to help people work harder, but not necessarily to validate peoples goals.

With my short attention span, this is a fun challenge for me to stick to something and finish it.

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