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Nic’s on Beverly, a new vegan restaurant in Beverly Grove, is missing creative spark – Los Angeles Times

Posted: October 17, 2019 at 1:46 pm

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Restaurants labeled modern American really have no set definition, but there is a recent strain of the genre known for puddle-jumping from one cuisine to another dish by dish. Reading straight down a menu, one might see razor clams with yuzu kosho and nori followed by shrimp and grits; poutine with bone marrow gravy; lamb neck marinated in pomegranate molasses and yogurt; and yellowtail collar over a bed of kimchi. In the most skilled hands, this sort of advanced grafting can show off a chefs restive creativity and grasp of pluralism. Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolos Animal, as one Los Angeles example, does this sort of thing very well.

As of-the-moment as this culinary ethos can seem, it has precedent in the vegetarian and vegan restaurants that emerged across the country in the 1970s and through the 1990s. I cooked in these types of places while kicking around America in my 20s. Every kitchen had a copy of The Greens Cookbook by Deborah Madison, who founded Greens restaurant in San Francisco in 1979. She too plucked recipes from the worlds cuisines: Moroccan carrot salad, eggplant and mushroom pastitsio, dals and vegetable curries, black bean enchiladas and pastas and shepherds pie. Left to lesser cooks (and I worked with some of them back then), a careful patchwork could devolve into a random muddle.

Three-month-old Nics on Beverly, a plant-based restaurant that bills itself as a love letter to Los Angeles, follows the new-old formula: Most of the familiar-sounding dishes evoke individual cuisines, with a couple of salad-specific nods to Southern California. Nic Adler, the namesake, is culinary director for the Coachella festival and co-founder of Montys Good Burger, a small, expanding chain serving splendidly messy, smash-style vegan burgers that are among the best in the city.

The dining room at Nics On Beverly.

(Mariah Tauger / Los Angeles Times)

With Nics he strides into the domain of midscale dining. If at first the long space looks deserted, particularly earlier in the evening or at brunch, its because every customer has gravitated to the lush patio in the back. The courtyards shielding tree, around which tables are clustered, made the outdoor area a draw when the building previously housed the Ponte, an Italian restaurant, and French-inspired Terrine not long before it. Adler added plants and cascading vines around the walls to make the nook into even more of a verdant refuge.

The food too is meant to offer sanctuary, in the form of universal comforts that happen to be entirely meat-free. Im all for it; exquisite cooking in no way depends on the presence of meat. Unfortunately, under chefs Steven Fretz and Ryan Ososky, whats missing on the plates at Nics is not animal protein but creative excitement.

About the salads, for instance: One of them aims to riff on the flavors of Chinois on Mains chicken salad. A beloved staple, certainly, if a regressive choice to venerate, but Id hope the dressing would detonate with mustard and sesame and pickled ginger. This is instead a mound of chopped vegetables with little flavor or vitality or impetus to keep eating it.

Peach and heirloom tomato salad from Nics On Beverly.

(Mariah Tauger / Los Angeles Times)

An heirloom tomato and peach salad is finishing an end-of-season run. I ate countless variations of the combination over the summer. This one includes pistachios, a peachy vinaigrette and slivers of an impressive take on brie, from vegan cheese expert Jules Aron, made from cashew milk. Only, the tomatoes and peaches served to me werent ripe. We live in the cradle of abundance: If the fruit isnt at its peak, swap it out for whatever truly is in its prime. How does a vegetable-centric restaurant in Los Angeles miss that mark?

Then I start thinking about the salads price: $22. Even with a smattering of expensive non-dairy cheese, that still registers as steep. So does a $29 monotonous Moroccan chickpea tagine, a tomatoey affair crowned with some browned cauliflower florets that is bulked out with a side of rice. A cursory flip through Paula Wolferts seminal The Food of Morocco provides so many compelling ideas for tagine flavor iterations: preserved lemon, fennel and olives; prunes, almonds and cumin; saffron, dates and cinnamon. Instead of looking to Morocco, this one trots out vadouvan, a spice blend that trended earlier this decade with roots that trace back to French colonialism in India. Why?

Potato pierogies with peach butter prompt none of the usual joy that dumplings engender. Gummy gnocchetti fells an eggplant-based spin on Bolognese with almond ricotta; the sauce would be appealing with a silkier pasta.

Nics tempura avocado tacos.

(Mariah Tauger/Los Angeles Times)

What does work? Tempura avocado tacos with salsa verde; an easygoing conceit, three to an order, gone in a few squishy, gently spiced bites. Tomato pizza with high, crusty edges, modeled on the Detroit style thats popular of late, nails the comfort quotient. Im no fan of the falafel burger it is mushy and it makes me long for a double Montys cheeseburger with onions but the spuds alongside, hello. Theyre shaved potatoes stacked into a gratin, and then cut into thick rectangles and deep-fried; they remind me of a similarly narcotic dish at Angler in the Beverly Center. The good-natured servers will bring you a side of them solo.

In these handful of successful efforts, I glimpse what could be at Nics on Beverly. But as a city, as a collective culture, were past dubiously conceived and ambiguously seasoned vegetarian cooking. Give us a sense of place, give us moxie, comfort us with surprise and context and imagination. This is a golden age for myriad kinds of dining. Vegan restaurants arent exempt from reaching higher too.

Ask for a side of the gratin fries at Nics On Beverly.

(Mariah Tauger / Los Angeles Times)

Nic's on Beverly

8265 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, (323) 746-5130,

Prices: dinner dishes $15-$28, lunch and brunch dishes $15-$23, desserts $10-$12

Details: Credit cards accepted. Full bar. Valet and street parking. Wheelchair accessible.

Recommended: avocado tempura tacos; Detroit-style pizza; gratin fries; excellent, not-too-sweet nonalcoholic cocktails such as the Daisy

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Nic's on Beverly, a new vegan restaurant in Beverly Grove, is missing creative spark - Los Angeles Times

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October 17th, 2019 at 1:46 pm

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How to Make the Best Vegan Bolognese – Lifehacker Australia

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Before all these impossibly uncanny meat approximations hit the market, mushrooms were the meatless workhorse of vegetarian and vegan cuisine. Though the new faux animal proteins have pushed veggie burgers beyond the ol portobello-between-two-buns, I urge you to not forget about mushrooms as a meat substitute, particularly if youre looking for something to take the place of ground beef.

Out of all the things that grow in the dirt, mushrooms have the meatiest flavor, butseeing as the competition is leaves and rootsthats not really saying much. But the longer you cook them, the more flavorful they get, and if you finely mince them before cooking, the water evaporates away, and they transform into savory, crispy little bits that take on the appearance of ground meat. (Its almost creepy, actually.)

They do, however, still taste like mushrooms, which is obviously not a bad taste, but it doesnt quite scratch that hearty, meaty itch. If you want to nudge your mushrooms (and other vegetables) closer to the uncanny valley, and increase the salty, savory umami flavor we associate with meat and meaty things, get your paws on some Chinese olive vegetable.

This condiment is not new, but it might be new to you, especially if your experience with olives has been dictated by American and European cuisines. As the name would suggest, it has been used in Chinese cooking for quite some time, and it ups the umami factor like you would not believe, eliminating the need for other savory ingredients. Theses olives arent pickled. Instead, immature Chinese white olives are cooked with mustard greens for a long time, creating a paste with a strong, savory, complex flavor. (If you dont have a good Asian market near you, you can order it online. Some brands contain MSG, which I consider to be an added bonus.)

Unlike pure, crystalline MSG, which adds an isolated hit of umami, Chinese olive vegetable adds funky nuance that reads as beefy. When mixed with finely chopped, heavily sauted mushrooms, you have a ground meat sub thats perfect for tacos, ragu, sloppy joes, or anything else you would add ground meat to. Its easy to make, though slightly time-consuming, as it takes a while to drive off all the moisture from the mushrooms. I recommend making a whole bunch at a time and keeping it in the fridge to use as needed. To make this meatless wonder, you will need:

Wash the mushrooms, and tear each mushroom into three or four pieces with your hands. Working in batches, add the shrooms to the bowl of your food processor, and pulse into fine but still discernible bits. Heat two tablespoons of butter or oil over medium-high heat in the largest stainless steel pan you have. Once the butter starts to foam (or your olive oil is nice and hot), add a single layer of the mushroom bits, give everything a stir, and let cook, stirring very occasionally, until the moisture has been driven off and the mushrooms are starting to brown. (This will take at least half an hour.)

Continue to cook, scraping any browned mushroom bits up off the pan with a wooden spatula. If things are getting too sticky, add some more butter or oil. Once the mushrooms are all browned, and have a deep, savory flavor (take a taste!), transfer them from the pan to a bowl. Repeat as needed until youve worked your way through your pile of mushroom bits. Once youve cooked all the shroom bits, add your Chinese olive vegetable, and stir to evenly distribute the condiment throughout the mushrooms. Use immediately or store in the fridge for up to five days. I really like this stuff in tacos, but its also divine when simmered in some simple tomato sauce for a complex, vegetarian ragu.

Go here to read the rest:

How to Make the Best Vegan Bolognese - Lifehacker Australia

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October 17th, 2019 at 1:46 pm

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Bronx man creates vegan queso business, with larger goal of making the Bronx healthier – News 12 Bronx

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When a Bronx man with a love for Mexican queso became vegan, he had to figure out how to continue eating his favorite, creating a product.

After working to perfect the perfect vegan queso, Nazario Maisonet locked in a recipe and name for his product.

He calls it Oh Dip, Que Eso, which in Spanish means, what is that.

"I knew I had something when my oldest son literally said, wow, what is that? I said it's queso but it's vegan, says Maisonet.

The base of the queso is cashews and spices.

For the past yearand ahalf Maisonet has been making his vegan queso right in this kitchen for his sons and customers mostly in the Bronx and around the tri state. He says he also gets some requests coming in from California.

This dip means so much to me because it actually tastes good, vegan or not, most of my customers are not vegan, says Maisonet.

Besides building his dip business, Maisonet has a much bigger goal since the Bronx is listed as the unhealthiest county in the state.

I want to push it because it's Bronx-made and the Bronx and veganism aren't really synonymous, but I want it to be, says Maisonet.


Bronx man creates vegan queso business, with larger goal of making the Bronx healthier - News 12 Bronx

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October 17th, 2019 at 1:46 pm

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Parlor City Vegan’s Binghamton cafe will open next week – Press & Sun-Bulletin

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For his Ph.D student's, Dr. M. Stanley Whittingham was the reason they came to Binghamton University Maggie Gilroy, | @MaggieGilroy

Parlor City Vegan, a 100% vegan restaurant and plant-based foods company, is settling into its permanent home on 81 Clinton St. in Binghamton.

The eaterywill open for the public Wednesday. The restaurant's Kickstarter backers, and key community supporters, will get a sneak peak of the cafe during a ribbon cutting and grand opening Friday.

Beginning next week, the restaurant will be open regularlyand offerlunch and dinner from 11:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday, and noon to 8 p.m. Saturday. It will offer special brunches on select Sundays.

Parlor City Vegan has sold vegan specialties throughout the region since 2016, a regular staple at the Broome County Farmers Market and regional festivals, but has not yet had a permanent brick and mortar location.

Parlor City Vegan is located at 81 Clinton St. in Binghamton.(Photo: Maggie Gilroy / Binghamton Press & Sun Bulletin)

We started small, and the response to our vegan comfort food options has been overwhelming, saidSara Liu, Parlor City Vegan owner, in a statement.Were so thankful for our loyal customers, who have been asking us to open a restaurant for the past three years. We are excited to plant roots in Binghamtons burgeoning food scene, and to make Binghamton a plant-forward food destination.

The restaurant will feature scratch made plant-based comfort food and featureseasonally changing dishes.

The menu willoffer a variety of small plates, entrees, and desserts, including loaded Truffle mac & cheese skillets, house made Upstate hot fried vegan chicken sandwiches, First Ward seasonal pierogi and the cafe'saward-winning butternut arancini stuffed with house made cashew mozzarella.

Parlor City Vegan's popular house-made vegan cheese products will also be available to purchase on-site, along with other local goods.

The cafe is also taking orders for Thanksgiving, which can be placed onlineand picked up at the Clinton Street shop. Included in the menu is a $25 individualfeast ofhouse made roasted stuffed seitan turkey, truffle mac and cheese, garlic mashed potatoes andmushroom sage gravy, maple dijon roasted autumn vegetables andold fashioned cranberry sauce.

Individual items are also available to purchase for Thanksgiving.

Parlor City Veganwas founded by Sara and Lei Liu after Sara's father suffered a major heart attack.

"Sara, a long-time vegan, delivered her signature comfort food dishes to him weekly. This former 'meat and potatoes'lover was converted," a Kickstarter campaignfor the cafe stated."With her father convinced, Sara and Lei decided to share their vegan comfort dishes with the community, starting at the Broome County Farmer's Market."

Parlor City Veganhas operated out of small, shared rental kitchens.

In addition to the Farmers Market, it has expanded to catering throughout New York and Pennsylvania and developed a line of artisinal vegan cheeses.The cheeses have been sold in stores and restaurants as far as Austin, Texas.

According to a video posted on the Kickstarter, 50 percent of Parlor City Vegan Kitchen's customers are not vegan.

Parlor City Vegan is a 100% vegan restaurant and plant-based food company.(Photo: Maggie Gilroy / Binghamton Press & Sun Bulletin)

In May of 2018, the kitchen earned $5,000 after itwas selectedas the year'swinner of the City of Binghamton business plan competition, beating out a half-dozen other applicants. In an article by the / ThePress & Sun-Bulletin, Sara said she planned to use the winningsto pay for a shelf-life study and to commission professionally designed packaging for her product.

In addition to the money from the Binghamton Local Development Corp., Sara received five free hours of accounting and legal assistance, and gratis website design services, among other services.

More: Vegan 'cheese' producer wins Binghamton business plan competition

More: Parlor City Vegan Kitchen will open a cafe, but first it needs your help

"Right now, I am cooking gourmet foods on a George Foreman grill," she said following the check presentation ceremony at Binghamton City Hall.

In January,vegan kitchen announced its plans to move into a space on 81 Clinton Street in Binghamton through aFacebook post.

The kitchen also launched a $7,000Kickstartercampaignto help raise the remainder of the funds needed to open the 100 percent vegan cafe. It surpassed its goal, raising a total of $11,803 with 149 backers.

For more information,

Follow Maggie Gilroy on Twitter @MaggieGilroy.Support our journalism and become a digital subscriber today. Click here for our special offers.

More: Artisanal pizza lounge opening in former Zona's

More: Opening date for The Boho Comedy Club scheduled for November, following death of Giordi DeAngelo

More: Gordon Lightfoot concert rescheduled to June after injury forced postponement of Oct. concert

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Parlor City Vegan's Binghamton cafe will open next week - Press & Sun-Bulletin

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Bite of the Week: Vegan Szechuan Rice Bowl at Pat’s Tap – The Growler

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Szechuan Rice Bowl from Pats Tap // Photo by Tj Turner

Bite of the Weekis a weekly feature showcasing an exceptional meal or dish, curated by The Growler.

The inaugural Twin Cities Vegan Chef Challenge is on, running from September 20 through October 20, pitting a host of local chefs against one another in a friendly competition to create the most popular (as decided by public vote) new vegan menu item. In the mix: the distinctly not-vegan-in-general Pats Tap on Nicollet Avenue. The restaurant is serving up a Szechuan Rice Bowl ($14) that packs an earthy wallop of flavor into a compact dish.

In contrast to many rice bowls, which are laden with rich sauce and heavy meat, the Pats Tap rice bowl is light to the point of being refreshing. Its brown basmati rice is delicate and fluffy and its liberally studded with vegetables including kale, daikon radish, carrots, cabbage, and Brussels sprouts. The chunks of tofu that ride the bowls surface have a tea-like earthy depth of flavor and they add interest and contrast to the veg-studded grains of rice below. The broad term Szechuan is often used as a 1-for-1 stand-in for spicy, but this rice bowl is mellow and balanced, with a touch of spicy heat that accents its contents without overwhelming them.

Szechuan Rice Bowl from Pats Tap // Photo by Tj Turner

THE DISH: Szechuan Rice Bowl, $14

THE PLACE: Pats Tap, 3510 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis

THE REASON: A refreshing, comforting and nimble spin on a typical rice bowl

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Bite of the Week: Vegan Szechuan Rice Bowl at Pat's Tap - The Growler

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Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton Are Eating Vegan to Stay Healthy – LIVEKINDLY

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Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are eating more vegan food to stay healthy.

A vegetarian since the age of 12, former No Doubt singer Stefani follows a mostly vegan diet. Shelton her boyfriend and fellow coach on The Voice is a meat-eater.

According to Globe magazine, Shelton is trying to get healthier and lose weight, so Stefani is encouraging him to eat fewer animal products. A source reportedly told the publication, Gwens told him the way to lose it is to stay the hell away from meat and bad carbs.

They added,shes totally into her workouts and vegetarian diet and staying healthy. Her stamina amazes him.

Stefani isnt alone in ditching animal products for her health. A number of celebs have gone vegan for health reasons.

Fellow musician (and also a coach on the UKs version of The Voice) ditched meat and dairy back in 2017. According to the rapper he had high blood pressure and cholesterol. Instead of taking pills, he went vegan. After we finished filming [The Voice] in December I went home, I became vegan, I biked to work and I lost 15lb,he said back in 2018.

Since then, has discovered the ethical side of veganism. He even rapped about the lifestyle change in the Black Eyed Peas song Vibrations pt. 1. pt.2. He raps, you eat the yellowtail, Ima eat the plant-based. I aint chewing on no food with two eyes and a face. Got a new attitude, gotta stay elevated.

Reality TV judge Simon Cowell who is currently judging The X Factor: Celebrity also ditched animal products for health reasons earlier this year. He noticed the health benefits almost immediately.

Cowell told the Sun, once you get into a pattern Ive found it quite enjoyable. It has helped me sleep and I wake up feeling less tired. I noticed a massive difference in how I felt in about a week.

He added,I have more energy and focus and it wasnt difficult. I dont like to use the word diet because thats the reason I never went on a diet before the word diet makes me miserable.


Article Name

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton Are Eating Vegan to Stay Healthy


Gwen Stefani follows a mostly vegan, meat-free diet. She's persuading boyfriend and fellow "The Voice" judge Blake Shelton to do the same.


Charlotte Pointing

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Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton Are Eating Vegan to Stay Healthy - LIVEKINDLY

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Pizza Hut Has Vegan Nuggets and Cheesecake Now – LIVEKINDLY

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Pizza Hut UK is stepping up its vegan food game. The fast-food chain just added a new plant-based pizza, vegan nuggets, and dairy-free cheesecake to its menu.

The new pizza, the Vegan All About Mushrooms Pizza, is the chains fifth vegan pizza option. It features closed cup mushrooms, garlic mushrooms, tomato sauce, and Violife cheese.

The fast-food chain also welcomed Quorns meat-free Southern Fried Nuggets. For dessert, Pizza Hut now has the I Cant Believe its Not Cheesecake, a vegan cheesecake with biscuits and caramel.

Pizza Hut first dipped its toes into the vegan scene in 2017 when it trialed a cheesy plant-based pizza. Positive feedback and the publics growing interest in meat-free food motivated the chain to test another pizza in January 2019. The Jack n Ch**se which features sweetcorn, red onion, peppers, BBQ jackfruit, and dairy-free cheese was offered for one month to celebrate Veganuary. The chain said if it sold 10,000 vegan pizzas during the month, it would keep the item on the menu.

The vegan pizza was ordered 17,700 times. So, not only will our Vegan Jack N Ch**se Pizza be back in March as a permanent menu item, we might have a little something extra lined up too,Pizza Hut said at the time.

The following month, Pizza Hut brought out a three-course vegan menu.

Several new pizzas became available, including a classic Margherita, the Veggie Vegan, and the Vegan Hot N Spicy Veg.

The chain also introduced baked Jack N Rolls an appetizer stuffed with sweet chili, BBQ jackfruit, and dairy-free cheese and vegan Cinnamon Bites.

Pizza Hut restaurants in the UK arent the only ones plating up vegan food. Pizza Hut Australia just added six vegan options to its menus. Customers can choose from several new vegan pizzas, including the VeganMediterranean,VeganDeluxe,VeganCheese Lovers, andVegan Margherita.

It also announced vegan garlic bread, cheesy garlic bread, and spud bites, along with dairy-free Cornetto ice creams. Pizza Hut is now the first quick-service restaurant in Australia to offer a vegan dessert.

We believe everyone should be able to share good times and enjoy a mutual love for pizza, Pizza Hut chief marketing officer Chet Patel said to Weve been doing it for almost 50 years, so instead of calling those who choose to be vegan out, were calling them in. From today, no matter what preference, we welcome everyone in as a Pizzatarian.'


Article Name

Pizza Hut Has Vegan Nuggets and Cheesecake Now


Pizza Hut UK is stepping up its vegan food game by adding a new plant-based pizza, vegan nuggets, and dairy-free cheesecake to its menu.


Jemima Webber

Publisher Name


Publisher Logo

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Pizza Hut Has Vegan Nuggets and Cheesecake Now - LIVEKINDLY

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Fake Chicken, Mock Cheese, and Shrimp You’d Swear Was the Real Deal – Greatist

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Share on PinterestAll photos courtesy of

Hot dogs! Fried chicken! Mozzarella sticks! What?!

At first glance, the field of white tents, vibrant signs, and throngs of happy, hungry people could have been any food festival. But it wasnt.

Hundreds lined up for fried sandwiches, grilled kabobs, and gooey comfort food. Only here, the chicken, shrimp, and cheese were imposters. Friendly imposters. This was Vegandale.

The traveling food festival pitched tents on Randalls Island in New York City on a recent weekend, bringing 150 vendors from across North America. They offered food, drink, clothing, accessories and even dog treats for ethically-minded pups.

The event, which travels to Miami, Chicago, Toronto, NYC, and Houston, grew out of Vegandale, a city block in Toronto, thats become a mecca for vegans. Now in its fifth season, Vegandale set down in New York City in October, and will appear in Houston November 9.

Vegandale offers an illuminating view of the vegan food and drink scene. And even if youre not vegan, youll find plenty to make you rethink your notions of health (meat-free) food. Here are some highlights and surprises from our visit to Vegandale 2019.

Ethics create restrictions. But even if individuals have committed to a plant-based life, many still seem to want the taste of eating meat, fish, cheese, dessert and more dessert.

And based on what we saw at Vegandale, they want it to look like the real thing. It may seem counterintuitive to emulate the very foods youve removed from your diet, but then again the craving for cheese is strong.

Vegan Rich, a food truck from North Carolina, was pulling a crowd with their impressive shrimp and veggie skewers that had us asking: Is that real shrimp?

Nope. A member of this family of life-long vegans was happy to show us a frozen bag of shrimp.

It was made of water, curdlan gum, konjac powder, modified tapioca starch, potato starch, soy protein powder, sea tangle extract, yeast extract powder, raw cane sugar, sea salt, spices, white pepper powder, rice vinegar, and paprika oleoresin.

Stanleys Polish Pierogi offered dumplings filled with potatoes and jalapeo, and sauerkraut and mushrooms, all topped with traditional browned onions. YUM. Thats what we call real food with straight-up ingredients.

Maybe youre thinking: That doesnt seem so healthy. But, hey, its a food festival after all, and Vegandale President Hellenic Vincent De Paul says he wants to give vegans the comfort food theyre craving.

The line for Lettuce Feast, an LA-based food truck, stretched clear across the field. They were serving their Chicken Sando and Cajun fries.

Oh My Cod, Floridas first vegan seafood shack, drew a long line with vegan fish and chips.

Fried watermelon balls. This is a cultural mash-up between southern American food and Philippino. They dip the watermelon balls in grandmas pink cake batter, then deep fry it, and top it with icing.

Kind of like eating a donut, with the surprise of a fresh juicy watermelon inside.

Destination Dumplings represents everything the Vegandale festival is about. Chef Tristan is of Chinese-Jamaican heritage, and grew up in Flushing, Queens, where a rich immigrant culture has influenced his dumplings.

Theyre handmade, distinguished by their light wrappers and highly seasoned fillings. Butternut squash dumpling is spiced with curry, a reference to his neighborhood. Hes making 20,000 dumplings a day and attends every big event in NYC.

Vegans arent just skinny 20-somethings munching on salads. The movement is multi-cultural, inclusive, all ages, sizes, and shapes. The roots of eating plant-based run deep in food traditions for Indian, Jamaican, Chinese, and European cultures.

And vegan food isnt just tofu and seaweed. Its surprising, indulgent, innovative, and, dare we say it utterly delicious.

Elizabeth Keyser is a veteran food writer and restaurant reviewer based in Fairfield, CT.

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Fake Chicken, Mock Cheese, and Shrimp You'd Swear Was the Real Deal - Greatist

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Pret reveals new vegan versions of classic sandwiches, including the VLT – The Independent

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Pret A Manger has revealedthe vegan versions of its classic sandwiches that will soon be available to purchase.

Earlier this month, the food chain announced plans to launch a new range of plant-based sandwiches named The Vegan Classics.

After asking customers on social media what plant-based sandwiches they would like to see on Prets shelves, the eatery has now disclosed four new products that will be on offer by the end of the month.

From 15p 0.18 $0.18 USD 0.27 a day, more exclusives, analysis and extras.

Launching on Thursday 24 October in Veggie Pret shops, the range includes the VLT, a vegan take on the age-old BLT; the vegan chuna mayo baguette; the vegan eggless mayo and cress baguette and the vegan hoisin mushroom wrap.

The much-loved BLT has been used as inspiration for the VLT, which combines roasted shiitake mushroom rashers, sliced tomatoes, green salad and vegan mayo on malted bread.

The vegan chuna mayo baguette (Pret A Manger)

The vegan chuna mayo baguette is a new plant-based alternative to the pole and line caught tuna mayo and cucumber baguette, a product that is sold more than 10,000 times in the UK on a daily basis.

It contains chickpeas and vegan mayo, and is sprinkled with pickled onions, chopped capers, parsley and a squeeze of lemon.

The vegan hoisin mushroom wrap (Pret A Manger)

The vegan hoisin mushroom wrap, a meat-free version of the hoisin duck salad wrap, is made using glazed mushrooms that have been coated in hoisin sauce.

The wrap also contains cucumber, pickled cabbage, carrot salad, sliced spring onion, coriander and baby leaf spinach.

The vegan eggless mayo cress baguette (Pret A Manger)

Prets food innovation managers mimicked the taste of egg in the new vegan eggless mayo and cress baguette by creating a blend of tofu and vegan mayo, topping off the sandwich with freshly topped cress and seasoning.

Hannah Dolan, global head of food innovationat Pret, said the firm has worked really hard to mimic the tastes and textures of the original sandwiches in its Vegan Classics range.

This is all part of our mission to make it easier for customers to eat less meat, by offering delicious vegan and vegetarian food, Ms Dolan said.

Support free-thinking journalism and attend Independent events

In April 2018, it was reported that the number of people in the UK who identified as vegan had soared to 3.5 million.

Meanwhile, in 2016, 540,000 people in Britain over the age of 15 were following a plant-based diet, statistics published by The Vegan Society and Vegan Life magazinestated.

For all the latest news on vegan food launches, click here.

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Pret reveals new vegan versions of classic sandwiches, including the VLT - The Independent

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10 Vegan Fried Chicken Sandwiches That Are Better Than Chick-fil-A and Popeyes – VegNews

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Lucky for the vegan-inclined, there are impossibly tasty chicken sandwiches beyond Popeyes and Chick-fil-A, and no animals were harmed in the making of them. Not only are these 10 vegan twists on the classic chicken sandwich better for you, but theyre much kinder choicers for the animals and the planet, too. And if you think youll be sacrificing taste or texture by biting into one of these bad boys, youre dead wrong. Bring a friend and a napkin; your taste buds (and your worldview) will never be the same again.

1. Atlas Monroe, multiple locationsThis soul food pop-up may have engineered the perfect fried chicken recipe, and it just happens to be plant-based. The company was not only the first vegan chicken producer to enter the competitive National Fried Chicken Festival in New Orleans in 2018, but it was also deemed Best Dish by Extra Crispy editor Ryan Grim. The menu has expanded from buckets to bunsputting its finger-licking, crispy-on-the-outside, juicy-on-the-inside vegan chicken between slices of bread. A handful of vegan-friendly restaurants around the country stocked this fried chicken sandwich for a limited time, but the rave reviews will surely tempt Atlas Monroe to bring it back. Cooks, to your dredging stations! There are a lot of orders to fill.

2. Veggie Grill, multiple locationsOne of the earliest vegan restaurants to compete in the chicken sandwich games, Veggie Grills signature menu item rivals even the buzzy newcomers. For over a decade, Veggie Grill has been the place where omnivores gently place their hand on their vegan friends knee, look them in the eye, and say, This isnt vegan. The chains new slogan should be, Veggie Grill: successfully duping omnivores since 2006. The Sante Fe Crispy Chickn is a standout sandwich comprised of a juicy, meaty chickn patty, romaine, sliced tomato, red onion, mashed avocado, and spicy mayo on a toasted wheat bun. You cant go wrong with the original, but to eat on trend, try the Nashville Hot Chickin Sandwich, which features the same crispy chickin slathered in Nashville Hot Sauce then topped with coleslaw, bread and butter pickles, and scarred scallion ranch, all held together with a sesame seed bun. Dare we say it rivals Hattie Bs? Yes, yes we do.

3. Slutty Vegan, Atlanta, GAIts more than just the name that attracts attention; the food at this Atlanta fast-food concept is equally headline-grabbing. Opt for the ChikN Head, which offers a sweet and savory sandwich experiencethe housemade crispy plant-based chicken is tossed in a spicy buffalo sauce, cooled down with a slather of vegan ranch and coleslaw, balanced with a bit of acid from a few pickles, and held between two slightly sweet and fluffy Hawiian buns. As with all of its sandwiches, this handhold is served with a side of Slutty Fries.

4. Berben and Wolffs, Albany, NY & Troy, NYPeople drive from the city and even neighboring states to get a taste of this upstate vegan sandwich shop, which just opened its second location. While it may be difficult to pass up the plant-based renditions of PoBoys, Reubens, and Cubanos, the delis version of a fried chicken sandwich doesnt disappoint. Order the Wing Burger doused with your choice of buffalo or barbecue sauce then topped with shredded carrots, celery, and ranch on a sesame seed bun. Its like a basket of chicken wings in sandwich form.

5. Green New American Vegetarian, Phoenix, NYA play on a certain fast-food chain featuring a red-headed female mascot, the Wendys Pickle sandwich outshines the original. With only a few pickles, hot sauce, and mayo to accompany it, the southern-style breaded vegan chicken patty is truly the star of the sandwich. The toasted ciabatta bread acts as the perfect serving vessel. Order with one of the unique sides such as the thyme fries, fried Brussels sprouts, tahini coleslaw, fruit, or Grandmas Chili.

6. Souley Vegan, Oakland, CAIf plain isnt your game, Souley Vegans Proud Mary might just suit your style. The sandwich starts off with a plant-based, crackly-yet-tender chicken patty schmeared with special sauce and barbecue sauce then topped with tomato slices and romaine. Ok, fine, nothing too special here. Underneath that chicken, however, is a thick layer of crispy barbecue tofu, pickles, and more special sauce. This monstrosity is barely contained between a soft cracked wheat burger bun. There are two ways to tackle this sandwich: take a knife and fork to it or unhinge your jaw.

7. Wayward Vegan Cafe, Seattle, WAWayward is serving up classic American diner food at its bestlarge portions, affordable prices, and a down-home atmosphere. Here, you can get your fried chicken sandwich fix for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. In the morning, order The Freebirdan open-faced homemade herb biscuit sandwich made with the diners signature battered and fried southern-style chicken, country gravy, onion frizzles, and flowering kale. For lunch or dinner, try the Southern Comfort, Chico Vegan Melt, or Southern Belle which features a generous scoop of potato salad on top of a ranch and barbecue-slathered fried chicken patty. Why not put your side in your sandwich?

8. The Southern V, Nashville, TNThe country music capitals first vegan restaurant offers a bit of Southern charm along with a great fried chicken sandwich. Diners have two optionsthe reliable Chickn Sandwich simply stacked with a seasoned and fried seitan-based chicken cutlet, chipotle mayo, lettuce, tomato, and onion; or the Nashville Hot Chickn Sandwich that includes all the above with a significantly spicy hot sauce. Pair your sandwich with a complimentary southern-style side from mac and cheese to turnip greens.

9. J. Selbys, St. Paul, MNWhen its literally zero degrees outside, you need something spicy to warm you from the inside out. J. Selbys Nashville Hot Chickin Sandwich will set a fire to your belly, but not in an excruciating, my-tastebuds-are-gone, kind of way. This hot handhold is comprised of a perfectly fried and battered, plant-based chicken patty brushed with just the right amount of housemade hot sauce and topped with cooling coleslaw, sweet pickles, and thick, mayo-swiped Texas toast. After this sandwich, youll wonder why more restaurants dont use Texas toast for their bread.

10. Lettuce Feast, Los Angeles, CAYou might have to become a low-key stalker to try this Los Angeles pop-ups fried chicken sandwich, but its worth checking and rechecking the Street Food Finder app. If you can wait a whole week, the company is a regular at Vegan Exchange in North Hollywood. Wait patiently in line for your Nashville Hot Chicken Sando or OG Sando and try the Ghost or Reaper dippers, if you dare. Both are made with the companys homemade crispy chicken patty and vegan butter bunthough the OG is paired with lettuce, tomato, and honey mustard, while the Nashville comes with slaw, ranch, and your choice of hot sauce. Again, theres no need to be a hero. The OG, Mild, Medium, and Hot Honey sauces are spicy enough. Only true heat-seekers should take on the more advanced hot sauce dipping options.

Tanya Flink is a Digital Editor at VegNews as well as a writer and fitness enthusiast living in Orange County, CA.

Photo credit: Lettuce Feast

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