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Online Library

Bookshelf 1: Most requested pagesTake a look at the pages most frequently visited on this web site.

Bookshelf 2: Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) reading roomInformation about the Freedom of Information Act and commonly requested items

Bookshelf 3: ResearchReports, publications, periodicals, and data from HUD and other sources

Bookshelf 4: HousingHUD-approved lenders, mortgagee letters, RESPA information, housing reports, and more about single family and multifamily housing and hospital mortgage insurance programs

Bookshelf 5: Public, assisted, and Native American housingHousing authority profiles, facts you should know about public housing, reports, information, and data

Bookshelf 6: HomelessPublications, information for homeless veterans, and more about homeless

Bookshelf 7: Cities/communitiesPublications and information on community development, economic development, disaster relief, and environmental issues

Bookshelf 8: Fair housingAccessibility guidelines, protection and advocacy organizations, information on housing discrimination complaints, and other information about fair housing

Bookshelf 9: FundingInformation about HUD's grants, loans, and contracts and other sources of funding

Bookshelf 10: Legal informationLegal opinions, ALJ decisions, and information from HUD's General Counsel

Bookshelf 11: Web ManagementHUD's web policies and information about HUD's home page

Bookshelf 12: HUD ArchivesNews releases, reports, speeches and funding announcements

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Online Burma Library

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This searches all the documents on the OBL server

This searches the database fields -- title, date, description, source etc. but not the documents themselves

Main Library (by subject):7-Step Roadmap (Steps leading up to, including and following the 2010 General Elections); Activism and Advocacy (groups from Burma, solidarity groups, campaigns, publications); Administration and administrative areas of Burma/Myanmar; Agriculture and fisheries; Anthropology; Archaeology; Aung San Suu Kyi; Censuses; Chao-Tzang Yawnghwe - various writings, photos etc.; Children; Civil Society; Climate Change; Decentralisation; Development - focus on Sustainable and Endogenous Development; Dialogue/reform/transition - from military to civilian rule?; Drugs; Economic development assistance to Burma/Myanmar; Economic oppression, Extortion, Robbery; Economy; Education; Energy; Environment; Food Security; Foreign Relations; Forests and forest peoples; Funding; Geography; Governance; Health; History; Human Rights; Humanitarian Assistance to Burma/Myanmar; Information services in the region and Burma/Myanmar; Internal conflict; Internal Displacement/Forced Migration; International Labour Organisation (ILO); Labour issues; Land; Languages of Burma/Myanmar; Law and Constitution; Migration; Military (Tatmadaw), Military Intelligence, Police etc.; National League for Democracy (NLD); Natural disasters - regional and Burma/Myanmar; Natural Resource Use; Non-Burman and non-Buddhist groups; Palaeontology; Politics and Government; Publications, ministries, embassies and other Government-related sites; Refugees; Regional Dynamics; Religious and ethnic discrimination; Social issues (under construction); Society and Culture; Statelessness; Tourism; Trafficking and smuggling of people; UN System and Burma/Myanmar; Water, including dams; Wetlands; Women;

Reading Room (by source): Abstracts, bibliographies, scholarly journals, libraries, institutes, universities, other research tools; Archives; Bibliographies and online documents of individual Burma/Myanmar scholars; Bibliographies of Chinese texts relating to Burma; Blogs; Book Reviews and Announcements; Books on Burma/Myanmar covering several topics, frequently with several contributors; Burma/Myanmar material on academic websites; Burma/Myanmar material on institute and think tank websites; Burmese (Myanmar) language material (books, articles etc.); Conferences/seminars etc.; Discussion Groups; Encyclopedias, dictionaries etc.; Major online locations of books, reports and articles on Burma; Maps and satellite imagery; Multilingual resources; Network Myanmar (Archive); News - . Favourites; News - Broadcast media (transcripts - archives); News - Burma news sources - lists; News - Burma news sources focussed on non-Burman peoples; News - Burma newsletters, periodicals and news archives; News - Burma/Myanmar news sources in Burmese (current sites); News - Burma/Myanmar news sources in English (current sites); News - Burma/Myanmar news sources in non-Burmese languages of Burma (current sites); News - Burma/Myanmar selected news and commentary from various sources; News - Commentary/analysis about Burma/Myanmar; News - Daily newspapers produced by the Government of Burma/Myanmar (archive from June 2003); News - Inactive Burma news sites and discussion groups; News - International sources; News - Private sector publications produced under censorship restrictions; Online Books; Online collections containing books, records etc. on Burma/Myanmar; Online E-books and other resources in Burmese; Online Entertainment sites (Burmese language); Online sale of crafts, clothes, art, books, CDs, magazines etc.; Photographs and other images of Burma; Searching and downloading - Burma and beyond - databases, search engines etc.; Statistics, profiles, general information etc. on Burma/Myanmar; Videos and films; Wikileaks-Burma/Myanmar;

Alphabetical list of subjects: Complete list ofcategories and sub-categories.

reg.burma archive (1993-2001):This is the 220MB archive of the IGC online conference which was the mainvehicle for online Burma communications for most of the '90s. Thearchive, which is fully searchable from the reg.burma search, contains all theissues of the BurmaNet News from 1993-2001 and its predecessors, earlynumbers of "Burma Issues" and about 30,000 pages of other material,including some long documents. This is the conference that was searchablefrom the "Burmanet Gopher" which disappeared a couple of years ago. Now,thanks to IGC, ibiblio and OBL, it is back for searching (not forposting).

Burma Press Summary:Complete Text Archive (i.e. minus graphics) of Hugh MacDougall'sabstracts of "The Working People's Daily" and "The New Light ofMyanmar" April 1987 to December 1996. Many full texts of speeches, laws etc.An important resource for Burmaresearchers. Warning: some big files.

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Online Burma Library

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Sunday, July8

Concerning that day and hour nobody knows, neither the angels of the heavens nor the Son, but only the Father.Matt. 24:36.

Jesus said those words while he was on earth. But Christ has been empowered in heaven to wage war against Satans world. (Rev. 19:11-16) Thus, it is reasonable to conclude that Jesus now knows when Armageddon will occur. We, however, do not know. It is imperative that we stay watchful until the tribulation occurs. Yet, the timing of that event has never been uncertain to Jehovah. He has determined exactly when the end will come. He is counting down the time to the start of the great tribulation, and its start will not be late! (Hab. 2:1-3) How can we be sure of this? Jehovahs prophecies have always been fulfilled right on time! We can be certain that Jehovahs promise of deliverance through the great tribulation will not fail us either. However, if we want to survive the destruction of this system, we must keep on the watch. w16.07 2:4-6

Peter said to him: Even if all the others are stumbled, I will not be.Mark 14:29.

At a critical moment, the apostles abandoned Jesus. Peter had earlier stated that even if the others did that, he would not. (Mark 14:27-31,50) Nevertheless, when Jesus was being taken into custody, all the apostlesincluding Peterabandoned him. Peter repeatedly denied even knowing Jesus. (Mark 14:53, 54, 66-72) However, Peter showed remorse, and Jehovah continued to use him. Had you been a disciple then, would Peters actions have affected your loyalty to Jehovah? Today, will you recognize that Jehovah may allow time for repentance on the part of wrongdoers and that he will ultimately correct the wrongs and act in a just way? On the other hand, sometimes those who have been guilty of serious sins reject Jehovahs mercy and are unrepentant. In such situations, will you have confidence that Jehovah will in time judge such wrongdoers, perhaps removing them from the congregation? w16.06 4:8, 9

May our Lord Jesus Christ himself and God our Father ... comfort your hearts and strengthen you.2Thess. 2:16, 17, ftn.

A great blessing that comes to us through Jehovahs undeserved kindness is comfort for a distressed heart. (Ps. 51:17) To Christians in Thessalonica, who were experiencing persecution, Paul wrote the words found in todays text. How comforting it is to be aware of the loving care that we receive from Jehovah because of his generous kindness! As sinners, on our own we would have no hope. (Ps. 49:7,8) But Jehovah provides us with a wonderful hope. Jesus promised his followers: This is the will of my Father, that everyone who recognizes the Son and exercises faith in him should have everlasting life. (John 6:40) Yes, the hope of eternal life is a gift, a wonderful expression of Gods undeserved kindness. Paul, who certainly appreciated that fact, said: The undeserved kindness of God has been manifested, bringing salvation to all sorts of people.Titus 2:11. w16.07 3:14, 15

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Home | Rutgers University Libraries

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Search for course reserves

Search for journals, magazines, and newspapers

Search for books, music, movies, and more

Search for articles, ebooks, and more

To find articles, ebooks, and more in Articles+, enter your search term(s) and select the appropriate search type in the pull-down menu. To view a complete list of indexes and databases, click View all databases. For more information, see What is Articles+?

To find books and more in the Library Catalog, enter your term(s) and select a search type in the pull-down menu. For more information see How Do I Find a Book?

To find a print or electronic journal in the Rutgers collections, enter its title or keywords in the title and select the appropriate search type in the pull-down menu. For more information, see How Do I Find a Journal?

To find a list of books, textbooks, and electronic articles placed on course reserve by your instructor, enter your instructor's last name, course name, or course number and search.

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Home | Rutgers University Libraries

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Connecticut Public Libraries

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CityLibraryAddressZipPhoneAbingtonAbington Social Library536 Hampton Rd.06230(860) 974-0415AndoverAndover Public Library355 Route 606232(860) 742-7428AnsoniaAnsonia Public Library53 South Cliff St.06401(203) 734-6728AshfordBabcock Library25 Pompey Hollow Rd.06278(860) 487-4420AvonAvon Free Public Library281 Country Club Rd.06001(860) 673-9712BalticSprague Public Library76 Main St.06330(860) 822-3012Beacon FallsBeacon Falls Public Library10 Maple Ave.06403(203) 729-1441BerlinBerlin Free Library Association834 Worthington Ridge06037(860) 828-3344BerlinBerlin-Peck Memorial Library234 Kensington Road06037(860) 828-7125BerlinEast Berlin Library Association80 Main St.06023(860) 828-3123BethanyClark Memorial Library538 Amity Rd.06524(203) 393-2103BethelBethel Public Library189 Greenwood Ave.06801(203) 794-8756BethlehemBethlehem Public Library32 Main St. South06751(203) 266-7792BloomfieldProsser Public Library1 Tunxis Ave.06003(860) 243-9721BloomfieldWintonbury Branch Library1015 Blue Hills Ave.(860) 242-0041BoltonBentley Memorial Library206 Bolton Center Road06043(860) 646-7349BranfordJames Blackstone Memorial Library758 Main St.06405(203) 488-1441BridgeportBlack Rock Branch Library2705 Fairfield Avenue(203) 576-7427BridgeportBridgeport Public Library925 Broad St.06604(203) 576-7777BridgeportBurroughs Saden Branch Library925 Broad Street(203) 576-7403BridgeportNewfield Branch Library1230 Stratford Ave.(203) 576-7828BridgeportNorth Branch Library3455 Madison Ave.(203) 576-8113BridgeportOld Mill Green Branch Library1677-1681 East Main Street(203) 576-7634BridgewaterBurnham Public Library62 Main Street South06752(860) 354-6937BristolBristol Public Library5 High St.60107(860) 584-7787BristolF. N. Manross Memorial Library260 Central St.(860) 584-7790Broad BrookBroad Brook Library78 Main St.06016(860) 623-1334BrookfieldBrookfield Library182 Whisconier Road06804(203) 775-6241BrookfieldThe Brookfield Library182 Whisconier Road(203) 775-6241BrooklynBrooklyn Town Library Association10 Canterbury Rd.06234(860) 774-0649BurlingtonBurlington Public Library34 Library Lane06013(860) 673-3331CanterburyCanterbury Public Library1 Municipal Drive06331(860) 546-9022CantonCanton Public Library40 Dyer Ave06019(860) 693-5800ChaplinChaplin Public Library130 Chaplin St.06235(860) 455-9424ChaplinWilliam Ross Public Library130 Chaplin St.(860) 455-9424CheshireCheshire Public Library104 Main St.06410(203) 272-2245ChesterChester Public Library21 West Main St.06412(860) 526-0018ClintonHenry Carter Hull Library10 Killingworth Turnpike06413(860) 669-2342ColchesterCragin Memorial Library8 Linwood Ave.(860) 537-5752ColchesterCragin Memorial Library8 Linwood Ave.06415(860) 537-5752ColumbiaSaxton B. Little Free Library319 Route 8706237(860) 228-0350CornwallCornwall Library Association30 Pine St.06753(860) 672-6784CoventryBooth Dimock Memorial Library1134 Main St.06238(860) 742-7606CromwellCromwell Belden Public Library39 West St.06416(860) 632-3460DanburyDanbury Public Library170 Main St.06810(203) 797-4505DanburyLong Ridge Library191 Long Ridge Rd.06810(203) 748-1011DanielsonKillingly Public Library25 Westcott Rd.06239(860) 779-5383DarienDarien Library35 Leroy Ave.06820(203) 655-1234Deep RiverDeep River Public Library150 Main St.06417(860) 526-6039DerbyDerby Neck Library307 Hawthorne Avenue06418(203) 734-1492DerbyDerby Public Library313 Elizabeth St.06418(203) 736-1482DurhamDurham Public Library7 Maple Ave.06422(860) 349-9544East GranbyEast Granby Public Library24 Center Street06026(860) 653-3002East HaddamRathbun Free Memorial Library36 Main St.06423(860) 873-8210East HamptonEast Hampton Public Library105 Main St.06424(860) 267-6621East HamptonMiddle Haddam Public Library2 Knowles Rd.06456(860) 267-9093East HartfordEast Hartford Public Library840 Main St.06108(860) 289-6429East HartfordWickham Memorial Library656 Burnside Avenue(860) 528-4664East HavenHagaman Memorial Library227 Main St.06512(203) 468-3890East WindsorLibrary Association Of Warehouse Point107 Main St.06088(860) 623-5482East WoodstockMay Memorial Library15 Prospect Street06244(860) 928-0284EastfordEastford Public Library179 Eastford Rd.06242(860) 974-0125EastonEaston Public Library691 Morehouse Rd.06612(203) 261-0134EllingtonHall Memorial Library93 Main St.06029(860) 870-3160EnfieldEnfield Public Library104 Middle Road06082(860) 763-7510EnfieldPearl Street Branch Library159 Pearl Street(860) 253-6433EssexEssex Library Association33 West Ave.06426(860) 767-1560FairfieldFairfield Public Library1080 Old Post Rd.06824(203) 256-3155FairfieldFairfield Woods Branch Library1147 Fairfield Woods Road(203) 255-7307FairfieldPequot Library Association720 Pequot Ave.(203) 259-0346Falls VillageDavid M. Hunt Library63 Main St.06031(860) 824-7424FarmingtonFarmington Library6 Monteith Drive06032(860) 673-6791FarmingtonVillage Branch Library71 Main Street(860) 677-5993FranklinJanet Carlson Calvert Library5 Tyler Drive(860) 642-6207FranklinJanet Carlson Calvert Library5a Tyler Drive06254(860) 642-6207GlastonburyEast Glastonbury Public Library1389 Neipsic Rd.06033(860) 633-5637GlastonburySouth Glastonbury Public Library80 High St.06073(860) 633-4793GlastonburyWelles-Turner Memorial Library2407 Main St.06033(860) 652-7719GoshenGoshen Public Library42 North St.06756(860) 491-3234GranbyFrederick H. Cossitt Library388 North Granby Road(860) 653-8958GranbyGranby Public Library15 North Granby Rd.06035(860) 844-5275GreenwichByram Shubert Branch Library21 Mead Ave.(203) 531-0426GreenwichCos Cob Branch Library126 East Putnam Ave(203) 622-6883GreenwichGreenwich Library101 West Putnam Ave.06830(203) 622-7900GriswoldSlater Library26 Main St.06351(860) 376-0024GrotonBill Memorial Library240 Monument St.06340(860) 445-0392GrotonGroton Public Library52 Newtown Road, Route 11706340(860) 441-6750GuilfordGuilford Free Library67 Park St.06437(203) 453-8282HaddamBrainerd Memorial Library920 Saybrook Rd.06438(860) 345-2204HamdenCommunity Branch Library91 Circular Avenue(203) 287-2675HamdenHamden Library System2901 Dixwell Ave.06518(203) 287-2686HamdenWhitneyville Branch Library125 Carleton Street(203) 287-2677HamptonFletcher Memorial Library257 Main St.06247(860) 455-1086HamptonFletcher Memorial Library257 Main St.(860) 455-9295HartfordAlbany Avenue Branch Library1250 Albany Avenue(860) 722-6871HartfordBarbour Branch Library281 Barbour Street(860) 722-6872HartfordBlue Hills Branch Library655 Blue Hills Avenue(860) 722-6873HartfordCamp Field Branch Library30 Campfield Avenue(860) 722-6874HartfordDwight Branch Library7 New Park Avenue(860) 722-6875HartfordGoodwin Memorial Branch Library460 New Britain Avenue(860) 722-6876HartfordHartford Public Library500 Main St.06103(860) 695-6300HartfordMark Twain Branch Library256 Farmington Avenue(860) 722-6877HartfordPark Branch Library744 Park Street(860) 722-6878HartfordRopkins Branch Library1750 Main Street(860) 722-6879HartlandHartland Public Library61 Center St.06091(860) 379-0048HarwintonHarwinton Public Library80 Bentley Drive06791(860) 485-9113HebronDouglas Library Of Hebron22 Main St.06248(860) 228-9312IvorytonIvoryton Library Association106 Main St.06442(860) 767-1252KentKent Library Association32 North Main St.06757(860) 927-3761KentKent Library Association32 North Main St.(860) 927-3761KillingworthKillingworth Library301 Route 8106419(860) 663-2000LebanonJonathan Trumbull Library580 Exeter Rd.06249(860) 642-7763LedyardBill Library718 Colonel Ledyard Highway(860) 464-9912LedyardGales Ferry Public Library18 Hurlbutt Rd.(860) 464-6943LedyardLedyard Public Libraries718 Colonel Ledyard Highway06339(860) 464-9912LitchfieldOliver Wolcott Library160 South St.06759(860) 567-8030LymeLyme Public Library482 Hamburg Rd.06371(860) 434-2272MadisonE.C. Scranton Memorial Library801 Boston Post Rd.06443(203) 245-7365ManchesterManchester Public Library586 Main St.06040(860) 643-2471ManchesterWhiton Memorial Library100 North Main St.(860) 643-6892MansfieldMansfield Public Library54 Warrenville Rd.06250(860) 423-2501MarlboroughRichmond Memorial Library15 School Dr.06447(860) 295-6210MeridenBoys Girls Club Of Meriden15 Lincoln St(203) 235-8185MeridenJohn Barry School124 Columbia St(203) 237-8831MeridenMeriden Public Library105 Miller St.06450(203) 238-2344MeridenNathan Hale School277 Atkins St Ext(203) 237-7486MiddleburyMiddlebury Public Library30 Crest Rd.06762(203) 758-2634MiddlefieldLevi E.Coe Library414 Main St.06455(860) 349-3857MiddletownGodfrey Memorial Library134 Newfield Street(860) 346-4375MiddletownRussell Library123 Broad St.06457(860) 347-2528MilfordMilford Public Library57 New Haven Ave.06460(203) 783-3399MonroeEdith Wheeler Memorial Library733 Monroe Turnpike06468(203) 452-2850MoodusEast Haddam Free Public Library18 Plains Rd.06469(860) 873-8248MoosupAldrich Free Public Library299 Main St.06354(860) 564-8760MorrisMorris Public Library4 North St.06763(860) 564-7440MysticMystic Noank Library40 Library St.06355(860) 536-7721NaugatuckHoward Whittemore Memorial Library243 Church St.06770(203) 729-4591New BritainChamberlain Branch Library120 Newington Ave(860) 223-3832New BritainNew Britain Public Library20 High St.06051(860) 224-3155New BritainThomas Jefferson Branch Library140 Horse Plain Road(860) 225-4700New CanaanNew Canaan Library151 Main St.06840(203) 594-5000New FairfieldNew Fairfield Free Public Library2 Brush Hill Rd.06812(203) 312-5679New HartfordBakerville Library, Inc.6 Maple Hollow Rd.06057(860) 482-8806New HartfordLicia Mason Beekley Community Library10 Central Ave.06057(860) 379-7235New HartfordThe Licia Mason Beekley Community Library10 Central Ave.(860) 379-7235New HavenFair Haven Branch Library182 Grand Avenue(203) 946-8115New HavenMitchell Branch Library37 Harrison Street(203) 946-8117New HavenNew Haven Free Public Library133 Elm St.06510(203) 946-8130New HavenStetson Branch Library200 Dixwell Avenue(203) 946-8119New LondonPublic Library Of New London63 Huntington St.06320(860) 447-1411New MilfordNew Milford Public Library24 Main St.06776(860) 355-1191NewingtonLucy Robbins Welles Library95 Cedar St.06111(860) 665-8700NewtownCyrenius H. Booth Library25 Main St.06470(203) 426-4533NianticEast Lyme Public Library39 Society Road06357(860) 739-6926NorfolkNorfolk Library9 Greenwoods Road East06058(860) 542-5075NorfolkThe Norfolk Library9 Greenwoods Road East(860) 542-5075North BranfordAtwater Memorial Library1720 Foxon Rd.(203) 315-6020North BranfordEdward Smith Library3 Old Post Rd.(203) 484-0469North BranfordNorth Branford Library Department1720 Foxon Rd.06471(203) 315-6020North CanaanDouglas Library108 Main St.06018(860) 824-7863North GrosvenordaleThompson Public Library934 Riverside Drive06255(860) 923-9779North HavenNorth Haven Memorial Library17 Elm St.06473(203) 239-5803North StoningtonWheeler Library101 Main St.06359(860) 535-0383NorthfieldGilbert Library38 Main St.06778(860) 283-8176NorwalkEast Norwalk Library51 Van Zant St.06855(203) 838-0408NorwalkNorwalk Public Library1 Belden Ave.06850(203) 899-2780NorwalkRowayton Library33 Highland Ave.06853(203) 838-5038NorwalkSouth Norwalk Branch Library10 Washington Street(203) 899-2790NorwichOtis Library261 Main St.06360(860) 889-2365OakdaleRaymond Library832 Raymond Hill Rd.06370(860) 848-9943Old GreenwichPerrot Memorial Library90 Sound Beach Avenue(203) 637-1066Old GreenwichPerrot Memorial Library90 Sound Beach Ave.06870(203) 637-1066Old LymeOld Lyme - Phoebe Griffin Noyes Library2 Library Lane06371(860) 434-1684Old SaybrookActon Public Library60 Old Boston Post Rd.06475(860) 395-3185OnecoSterling Public Library1183 Plainfield Pike06373(860) 564-2692OrangeCase Memorial Library176 Tyler City Rd.06477(203) 891-2170OxfordOxford Public Library486 Oxford Rd.06478(203) 888-6944PlainfieldCentral Village Public Library51 Black Hill Rd.06332(203) 564-7753PlainfieldPlainfield Public Library39 Railroad Ave.06374(860) 564-4407PlainvillePlainville Public Library56 East Main St.06062(860) 793-1446PlymouthPlymouth Library Association692 Main St.06782(860) 283-5977PomfretPomfret Public Library449 Pomfret St.06258(860) 928-3475PortlandPortland Public Library20 Freestone Ave.06480(860) 342-6770PrestonPreston Public Library389 Route 206365(860) 886-1010PrestonPreston Public Library389 Route 2(860) 886-1010ProspectProspect Public Library17 Center St.06712(203) 758-3001PutnamPutnam Public Library225 Kennedy Dr.06260(860) 963-6826ReddingMark Twain Library06875(203) 938-2545RidgefieldRidgefield Library472 Main St.06877(203) 438-2282Rocky HillCora J. Belden Library33 Church St.06067(860) 258-7621RoxburyMinor Memorial Library23 South St.06783(860) 350-2181SalemSalem Free Public Library264 Hartford Rd.06420(860) 859-1130SalisburyScoville Memorial Library38 Main St.06068(860) 435-2838ScotlandScotland Public Library21 Brook Road06264(860) 423-1492SeymourSeymour Public Library46 Church St.06483(203) 888-3903SharonHotchkiss Library10 Upper Main St.06069(860) 364-5041SheltonHuntington Branch41 Church St.(203) 926-0111SheltonPlumb Memorial Library65 Wooster St.06484(203) 924-1580ShermanSherman Library Assn.1 Sherman Center06784(860) 354-2455SimsburySimsbury Public Library725 Hopmeadow St.06070(860) 658-7663SomersSomers Public Library51 Ninth District Rd.06071(860) 763-3501South MeridanHanover School208 S. Main St(203) 235-6359South WindhamGuilford Smith Memorial Library, Inc.17 Main St.06266(860) 423-5159South WindsorSouth Windsor Public Library1550 Sullivan Ave.06074(860) 644-1541South WindsorWood Memorial Library And Museum783 Main St.06074(860) 289-1783SouthburySouthbury Public Library100 Poverty Rd.06488(203) 262-0626SouthingtonSouthington Public Library255 Main St.06489(860) 628-0947SouthportPequot Library Association720 Pequot Ave.06890(203) 259-0346StaffordStafford Library Association10 Levinthal Run06075(860) 684-2852StamfordFerguson Library06904(203) 964-1000StamfordHarry Bennett Library115 Vine Road(203) 964-1000StamfordSouth End Community Center Branch Library34 Woodland St(203) 964-1000StamfordWeed Memorial Branch Library1143 Hope Street(203) 964-1000StoningtonStonington Free Library20 High St.06378(860) 535-0268Stony CreekWilloughby Wallace Memorial Library146 Thimble Islands Road06405(203) 488-8702StratfordStratford Library Association2203 Main St.06615(203) 385-4166SuffieldKent Memorial Library50 North Main St.06078(860) 668-3896TerryvilleTerryville Public Library238 Main St.06786(860) 582-3121ThomastonThomaston Public Library248 Main St.06787(860) 283-4339TollandTown Of Tolland Public Library21 Tolland Green06084(860) 871-3620TorringtonTorrington Library Association12 Daycoeton Place06790(860) 489-6684TrumbullFairchild-Nichols Library1718 Huntington Turnpike(203) 389-7972TrumbullTrumbull Library33 Quality St.06611(203) 452-5197UnionUnion Free Public Library979 Buckley Highway06076(860) 684-4913VernonRockville Public Library, Inc.52 Union St.06066(860) 875-5892VoluntownVoluntown Public Library107 Main St.06483(860) 376-0485WallingfordWallingford Public Library200 North Main St.06492(203) 265-6754WallingfordYalesville Branch Library400 Church Street(203) 269-3688WarrenWarren Public Library15 Sackett Hill Rd.06754(860) 868-2195WashingtonGunn Memorial Library5 Wykeham Rd.06793(860) 868-7586WaterburyBunker Hill Branch Library192 Bunker Hill Avenue(203) 574-8240WaterburySilas Bronson Library267 Grand St.06702(203) 574-8221WaterfordWaterford Public Library49 Rope Ferry Rd.06385(860) 444-5805WatertownOakville Branch Library55 Davis Street(860) 945-5368WatertownWatertown Library Association470 Main St.06795(860) 945-5360West CornwallHughes Memorial Library35 River Road06796(860) 672-6374West HartfordBishops Corner Branch Library15 Starkel Road(860) 236-5446West HartfordFaxon Branch Library1073 New Britain Avenue(860) 523-5545West HartfordWest Hartford Public Library20 South Main St.06107(860) 561-6950West HavenLouis Piantino Branch Library1 Forest Road(203) 933-9335West HavenOra Mason Branch Library260 Benham Hill Road(203) 933-9381West HavenWest Haven Public Library300 Elm St.06516(203) 937-4233WestbrookWestbrook Public Library61 Goodspeed Dr.06498(860) 399-6422WestonWeston Public Library56 Norfield Rd.06883(203) 222-2665WestportWestport Library20 Jesup Road06880(203) 291-4800WethersfieldWethersfield Public Library515 Silas Deane Highway06109(860) 529-2665WillimanticWillimantic Public Library905 Main St.06226(860) 465-3079WillingtonWillington Public Library7 Ruby Rd.06279(860) 429-3854WiltonWilton Library Association137 Old Ridgefield Rd.06897(203) 762-3950WinchesterBeardsley Memorial Library40 Munro Place06098(860) 379-6043WindhamWindham Free Libraryp.o. box 16806280(860) 423-0636WindsorWilson Branch Library365 Windsor Avenue(860) 247-8960WindsorWindsor Public Library323 Broad St.06095(860) 285-1910Windsor LocksWindsor Locks Public Library28 Main St.06096(860) 627-1495WolcottWolcott Public Library469 Bound Line Road06716(203) 879-8110WoodbridgeWoodbridge Town Library10 Newton Rd.06525(203) 389-3433WoodburyWoodbury Public Library269 Main Street South06798(203) 263-3502WoodstockHoward W. Bracken Memorial Library57 Academy Road06281(860) 928-0046WoodstockNorth Woodstock Library1286 Rt. 16906281(860) 928-2629WoodstockWest Woodstock Library Association5 Bungay Hill Connector06281(860) 974-0376

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Connecticut Public Libraries

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Kiosk Comes; Library Considers Content – Journal and Topics … – Journal & Topics Newspapers Online

Posted: September 7, 2017 at 5:47 pm

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Jennifer Suarez

Library on Prospect Avenue, Park Ridge, as seen in October 2016.

Posted: Wednesday, September 6, 2017 4:26 pm

Kiosk Comes; Library Considers Content Journal Staff Report Journal & Topics Media Group

Several months after deciding to purchase a kiosk to advertise Park Ridge Library upcoming events, the equipment has arrived.

With recent staff changes, including the retirement of Library Director Janet Van DeCarr, programming and installation had been put on hold.

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Kiosk Comes; Library Considers Content - Journal and Topics ... - Journal & Topics Newspapers Online

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Column: Save time with an online library account – Cody Enterprise

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What if you could search library collections across Wyoming from the comfort of your home? With an online library account you can do just that and at your convenience. You may renew material (except DVDs) that you borrowed from the Park County Public Libraries. You may place holds at no cost on material from the Powell, Cody and Meeteetse libraries.

Still cant find what you are looking for? For a small fee to cover postage, an interlibrary loan allows you to borrow material from other Wyoming libraries. Katherine Thompson recently demonstrated how she places an online request. That movie is posted at

Grace Solie recorded her My List methodology and it is also posted at the preceding link. My List will track books for research or to borrow in the future. Solie usually emails her lists to herself for future reference.

The list arrives with live links to the catalog record, which makes review fast and easy. Lists may be named or added to a temporary folder. Students in the Homeschool Group will find this tool particularly valuable.

To set up an online library account, go to the renew items tab on the far right side of home page. Enter your library card number with no spaces. Accept the default PIN of WYLD.

That takes you directly to the Wyoming Library Database or WYLD, the state-wide catalog. From there it is possible to narrow your search to individual Park County libraries or to see what is available statewide.

The PIN can be changed. It is also possible to retrieve your PIN. If you have forgotten it, call us at (307) 527-1880.

The Cody library will no longer be open on Sunday afternoons.

Lunch service has been discontinued in the Biblio Bistro. Baked goods and beverages will be served Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. until further notice.

Edie Hanafin Phillips retired Aug. 31 after 25 years service. Leslie Colin Tribble will be the new tech services supervisor.

Until we process all the books recently received, we cannot accept more donations.

September has been designated Library Card Sign-up month by the American Library Association. Do you have yours?

Library programs are free and open to the public.

In The Ghosts in the Green Grass, 2 p.m., Saturday, Sept. 9, Bud Alley compares the fate of the 7th Cavalry commanded by General George Armstrong Custer in 1876 and his own experiences in the Vietnam War with the 2nd Battalion of the 7th Cavalry. A book signing and sale will follow his author talk.

Meet Montana mystery author Keith McCafferty, 6 p.m., Friday, Sept. 15. Free tickets will be available before McCaffertys visit. He wrote The Royal Wulff Murders, The Gray Ghost Murders, Dead Mans Fancy, Crazy Mountain Kiss, Buffalo Jump Blues and Cold Hearted River. His books will be for sale and a book signing will follow the program. McCafferty will inscribe attendees own copies, too.

The Many Loves of Buffalo Bill: The True Story of Life on the Wild West Show with Chris Enss, 6 p.m., Thurs., Sept. 21. This author talk is hosted by Legends Bookstore and will include a book signing and sale.

In the childrens library

Toddler Group for ages 18-36 months, 10-11 a.m., Thursdays, Sept. 14 and 28.

Health Education for kids ages 9-11 with nutritionist Porter Koury, 9-10:15 a.m., Saturday, Sept. 16. Topics discussed will include sugar, factory farming and new recipes.

Rainbow Fish art project for grades K-5, 3:30-4:30 p.m., Thursday, Sept. 21.

Toddler Time for ages 1-3 with parent or caregiver, 10-10:20 a.m., Mondays. Short stories accompanied by music and movement develop a comfort in the library and love for great stories.

Story Time for ages 3-6 with parent or caregiver, 10-10:45 a.m., Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Music, games and fingerplays will be followed by a related craft or activity.

Screen-free Haven, 3-8 p.m., Thursdays. Take a break from technology with a book, game or craft project.

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Column: Save time with an online library account - Cody Enterprise

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Michigan City Library Beat – News Dispatch

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The Library on the Internet

Access our Online Catalog from Home The library website will take you to the Online Catalog where you can access books, videos, DVD, CDs, magazines and much more. WI-FI is available in the library. Normal library hours are Monday through Thursday 9 8 p.m., Friday andSaturday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and now open Sundays 1 to 5 p.m. To manage your account online, you need your barcode number from your library card and a pin number which you can get from the circulation desk. For more information, contact the circulation desk at 873-3042.

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Michigan City Library Beat - News Dispatch

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Plymouth Public Library news – Wicked Local Rockland

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Plymouth Public Library main branch is located at 132 South St; the Manomet branch is located at 12 Strand Ave. Visit

For information on any Plymouth library program or service listed (unless otherwise noted), call the main library, 132 South St., at 508-830-4250, TTY 508-747-5882, or the Manomet branch, 12 Strand Ave., at 508-830-4185, or go to the website Registration, when required, may be conducted by phone.

The hours for the Plymouth Public Library are: Monday to Wednesday, from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.; Thursday, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Friday and Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.; Sunday, from the Sunday after Labor Day through June, from 12:30 to 5 p.m.

The Manomet branch library is open Monday, Wednesday and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Thursday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.; closed Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. The library is fully accessible; call if you need special accommodations to attend meetings or events.


September is Library Card Sign-Up Month

September is Library Card Sign-up Month, a time when the Plymouth Public Library and Manomet Branch Library join with the American Library Association and public libraries nationwide to ensure that every resident has the most important card of all: a free library card. Resources at the Plymouth Public Library are available to anyone who has a library card. Patrons can turn to the library for materials, programs and services that support academic, cultural, recreational and informational needs and interests. The Plymouth Public Library offers access to educational and recreational resources, such as online databases, ebooks, audiobooks and electronic magazines. Residents can even use the library card from home.

For more information on how to sign up for a library card, visit the Plymouth Public Library in person or online. For further information, contact Linda Fitzgerald, public services librarian at 508-830-4250 or TTY 508-747-5882.

Hybrid, Electric Car Show

From 1 to 4 p.m. Sept. 10, the New England Electric Auto Association, in conjunction with National Drive Electric Week, will host a hybrid, electric car show and ride-and-drive event at the Plymouth Public Library. Several dealers, including Tracy Chevrolet, Colonial Ford, Tufankjian Hyundai, Sullivan Brothers Nissan and Toyota and South Shore BMW, will be present with the latest hybrid, plug-in hybrid and pure electric vehicles and will be offering test drives. Actual owners will also be present to share ownership experiences. Light refreshments will be served.The rain date is scheduled for Sept. 17.

NEEAA is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to promoting hybrid, plug-in hybrid and pure electric vehicles as well as increasing the electric car charging infrastructure. NEEAA is one of over 30 electric car clubs across the country and is a chapter of the National Electric Auto Association. This event is free and open to the public and anyone who is interested in the technology is encouraged to attend.

For more information about the event, contact Jesse Rudavsky at 617-483-0994, or visit This free program is sponsored by the Plymouth Public Library Corporation and no registration is required.

Seed Swap

2:30 p.m. Sept. 16 at the Manomet Branch Library. Share garden stories and tips for growing great plants as well swap seeds. Envelopes will be provided for discovered seeds and light refreshments will be served. No need to register.


Chess Club, The Royal Game

Club meets 6 to 8 p.m. Tuesdays. The program is open to students and adults. Students younger than 12 should be accompanied by an adult. No food and play quietly. Questions regarding this program can be directed to Jennifer Harris, library director, at 508-830-4250, ext. 215; Bill Petrillo, chess club co-leader, 774-766-7689,; or Jim Pritchard, chess club co-leader, 508-878-8194, This program is free to the public. No registration is required.

Teen Advisory Group

The Teen Advisory Group will host a Fall Fondue at 7 p.m. Sept. 13 in the board room of the Main Library. The event will feature chocolate fondue with lots of things to dip in the chocolate, like marshmallows, fruit and cookies.

Any teens interested in joining are invited to meet current members and learn more about library services. This year, the group is working on creating a teen space and building up collections for teens and tweens. Teens, age 13 to 18, are invited to join the Teen Advisory Group, with no registration necessary to attend meetings. Meetings are held every month, typically the first Wednesday evening of the month. For more information about this event, contact the Manomet Branch Librarian.

Tween Interest Group

The Junior Friends of the Plymouth Public Library is undergoing a change. Residents may have noticed that the library has a group for teens, ages 13 to 17, which encourages volunteering, program planning and having a voice in library services. The library ise starting a similar group for ages 9 to 11, the Tween Interest Group, aka TWIG! The library wants to get tweens involved in library activities and know that parents are looking for opportunities the library. This may mean helping Youth Services staff prep materials for programs, sorting and shelving books, volunteering at the biannual book sale, or assisting the Corporation with the storybook breakfast. In addition, TWIG members will help with program ideas and have a voice for what the library offers to tweens. Meetings are scheduled each month, typically the first Wednesday evening of the month. Potential TWIG members are invited to join members of TAG for the Fall Fondue on Sept. 13.

Nonfiction History Book Discussion at the Manomet Branch

The group meets at 4 p.m. one Thursday per month to discuss the months selection. For more information about this event, contact the Manomet Branch Librarian at 508-830-4185, email to or visit the librarys web site.

For the next meeting, the group is talking about The Glass Universe: How the Ladies of the Harvard Observatory Took the Measure of the Stars by Dava Sobel on Sept. 21. Sobel examines the impact of women calculators in the field of astronomy and the accomplishments of future women astronomers.

Vintage Reads: a book group for classic novels

This group reads and discusses novels from the 20th century and earlier, focusing on novels and authors that have stood the test of time. Some of the classics read are popular while others are more unconventional and unfamiliar. Copies of the book are available to check out at the Manomet Branch. The program is free and requires no registration.

The next meeting will be held Sept. 14 with a discussion of Humboldts Gift by Saul Bellow. In Bellows Pulitzer Prize winning novel, Charlie Citrine, an author in some unfortunate circumstances, receives an unexpected legacy from his deceased friend and poet Von Humboldt Dleisher.

Outreach/Senior Services Programs

The Plymouth Public Library's Outreach/Senior Services Department provides services and collections of interest to older adults, such as large-print fiction and nonfiction and audiobooks. Outreach also provides services to individuals who would otherwise not have access to library materials, such as people who are homebound, institutionalized or who have a physical or mental disability. Outreach services includes books by mail, deposit collections of regular and large-print books, educational and recreational programs, recorded books and machines, and reference assistance. Currently, four local nursing facilities partake in the deposit collection program which brings the library to the residents by fulfilling specific requests in addition to a variety of fiction and nonfiction titles each month.

The Large Print collection includes New York Times Bestsellers, inspirational reads, local interest nonfiction, mysteries, romance and biographies. With a collection of over 2,000 audiobooks, patrons with limited sight or who are visually impaired can enjoy reading again.

For more information on any of the library's outreach services, call Tom Cummiskey at 508-830-4250.

Mobile Hotspots

The Plymouth Public Library lends T-Mobile Hotspots. The library has six hotspots available. Hotspots are small hockey-puck sized devices that allow you to access the Internet on your computer or wireless device for free. Just turn on the hotspot and connect to it like any other Wi-Fi network. Up to 10 devices at a time can be connected to one hotspot. You can leave the hotspot plugged in, or take in on the go for up to six hours of battery use.

Hotspots can be checked out for two weeks at a time; you must reserve a Hotspot for a specific date on the library's website. Hotspots are available to Plymouth cardholders only and your account must be in good standing in order to check out a device. All hotspots must be picked up and returned to the Main Library. There is a $1 per day late fee, and an $80 fee for lost or damaged items. For more information, contact the Plymouth Public Library at 508-830-4250 or visit

Hoopla Digital

Plymouth Public Library offers the public availability of thousands of movies, television shows, music albums, e-books, audio books and comics, all available for mobile and online access through a new partnership with Hoopla Digital.

Plymouth cardholders can download the free Hoopla Digital mobile app on their Android or iOS device or visit to gain access to thousands of titles from major Hollywood studios, record companies and publishers available to borrow 24/7, for instant streaming or temporary downloading to their smartphones, tablets and computers.

You must have a library card to access this content on the hoopla app or website. Patrons can borrow this content free of charge. It's digital so there is no waiting period for popular titles and hoopla's automatic return means no late fees.

Great Courses series

Plymouth Public Library is now offering an expanded selection of more than 40 titles from the Great Courses series. Produced with the goal of creating engaging, immersive learning experiences for lifelong learners, these courses are available either in audio format on CDs or as DVDs. Subjects range from history to science, "better living," fine arts and music and literature. Available courses include such titles as "Forensic History: Crimes, Frauds, and Scandals," "Great American Music: Broadway Musicals," "Our Night Sky" and "Fundamentals of Sustainable Living." Visit the website at to see all of the titles and course descriptions.

The Great Courses are meticulously produced following the vision of the company's founder, Tim Rollins. As he puts it, his idea in founding the company was to"record lectures by the greatest professors in America, professors who were not just experts in their field but who were also passionate and truly gifted communicators, so anyone could enjoy learning from them, without the pressure of homework or exams." The company conducts a painstaking search for the best professors in each subject.

"Of the more than 500,000 college professors in the world," Rollins said, "only the top 1 percent are selected to teach one of the Great Courses. Our esteemed faculty includes award-winning experts and professors from the most respected institutions in the world, selected by our customers exclusively for their ability to teach."

The Great Courses titles are now available at the main library in the Reference Department shelved in the computer room. They can be checked out for 14 days and can be renewed, provided they are not on reserve for another patron.

Access to U.S. military service records

The Plymouth Public Library is now offering its cardholders access to Fold3 Library Edition by Ancestry. This subscription database provides convenient access to U.S. military records, including the stories, photos and personal documents of the men and women who served. This continually growing collection contains millions of records from world-class archives, many of which are exclusively available on Fold3. With content from the Revolutionary War onward, Fold3 Library Edition is an invaluable research resource for historians, genealogists, researchers, military enthusiasts, veterans and their families, teachers and battle reenactors. Researchers can access more than 440 million records beginning with the Revolutionary War. The new user interface makes it easy to search historical documents from diverse sources including the War of 1812 Pension Applications and Service Records, Civil War Widows Pensions, and records of the United States Colored Troops, and, unique non-military sources such as Native American records, FBI Case Files, and Holocaust records.

The Fold3 name comes from a traditional flag folding ceremony in which the third fold is made in honor and remembrance of veterans who served in defense of their country and to maintain peace throughout the world.

The new library edition can be used from any location and also provides access to personalization tools. Library patrons may choose to create a personal user account to build memorial pages, submit annotations to any image, or leave comments. See

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Plymouth Public Library news - Wicked Local Rockland

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Surplus funds could mean restored Fairfield library hours – Fairfield Citizen

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Photo: Genevieve Reilly / Hearst Connecticut Media

The Fairfield Public Library system loans out more than just books and movies. At the Fairfield Woods Branch, patrons can find seeds for their garden.

The Fairfield Public Library system loans out more than just books and movies. At the Fairfield Woods Branch, patrons can find seeds for their garden.

Surplus funds could mean restored Fairfield library hours

FAIRFIELD Surplus funds will allow the towns libraries to fill vacancies and restore library hours that have been cut, according to the first selectman.

But some Board of Finance members Tuesday night wondered where that money was coming from since it had not yet received documentation on unspent but budgeted funds. The finance board typically approves a list of funds to be carried over from the prior fiscal year, and spent in the current fiscal year.

Fiscal Officer Robert Mayer said there is about $1.4 million in surplus money from the last fiscal year. Chairman Thomas Flynn asked how much of that departments have asked to carry over to spend on budgeted items.

The carry overs arent much at all, Mayer said, adding that the town will focus on using that money to make up for any state revenue it ends up not receiving.

Theres a press release from the first selectman talking about the library, finance board member James Walsh said. We know nothing about any of these numbers.

Library hours as of Aug. 14

Main library

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Tuesday, Thursday 9 a.m. - 9 p.m.

Saturday 1-5 p.m.

Sunday closed until further notice

Fairfield Woods branch

Monday, Wednesday 9 a.m. - 8 p.m.

Tuesday, Thursday,Friday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Saturday 1-5 p.m.

Sunday closed until further notice

Previous library hours

Main library:

Monday - Thursday, 9 a.m. - 9 p.m.

Friday 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Saturday 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

Sundays in the fall 1-4 p.m.

Fairfield Woods branch:

Monday-Thursday 9 a.m. - 8 p.m.

Friday 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Saturday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Sundays in the fall 1 p.m. -4 p.m.

The Board of Finance is scheduled to meet again on Sept. 26, and vote on a list of proposed carry over expenditures.

On Aug. 31, Tetreau sent out a release where he announced 2017 is higher than anticipated due to strong fourth quarter results realized from expense holdbacks and controls, including a hiring freeze, a higher than budgeted tax collection rate, and strong fourth quarter investment returns and fee revenues.

Just a few weeks earlier, the town had announced reduced hours at both the main and branch library, in part due to questions about what state revenue will come Fairfields way once a state budget is finally adopted.

After reviewing the numbers, Tetreau said, he was pleased the town has surplus funds available that could be used to fill the open positions and reinstate library hours, although he said it will take time to fill those positions. Tetreau anticipated restoring the library hours sometime this fall.

Tetreau said the town still anticipates a loss of state revenue, but said the surplus could be used to supplement the new budget should the Board of Finance choose to carry forward the fiscal year 2017 surplus to the fiscal year 2018, which would serve to mitigate some of the loss of state revenue.

He said it is similar to last year when at Flynns suggestion, the finance board voted to carry forward a significant portion of the fiscal year 2016 into the fiscal year 2017, again to make up for the loss of state revenue.

The surplus funds could also be used to fill two vacancies at the Parks and Recreation Department, according to Tetreau.

The hiring freeze remains in effect for all other departments, and certain capital spending, such as paving, is still on hold.

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Surplus funds could mean restored Fairfield library hours - Fairfield Citizen

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