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Personal Branding: The Key to Success in the Digital Age – Entrepreneur

Posted: December 26, 2020 at 3:57 pm

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Whether you're an individual or online business, personal branding is crucial to propelling your online presence.

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December 21, 2020 3 min read

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

The world's richest man, Jeff Bezos, famously said, "Your personal brand is what people say about you when you're not in the room." In this digital age, as a company or individual, you should audit your presence online to see what would come up when prospects search for your name. Maximizing your digital presence is essential for your company or personal brand as online sales, resources, education, and sales have all skyrocketed. Whether you're an entrepreneur, expert, thought leader, executive, or business owner, maximizing your digital presence has proven to bring more connections, customers, and revenue.

Since the pandemic, the majority of executive meetings, sales demos, and business transactions are conducted online. Consumers are heavily researching online, looking for the right connection or right representative that they can trust and build with.

With an uncertain year coming to a close, personal branding expert and strategist Chris Diazhas worked and consulted with countless executives, personal brands, and businesses helping them refine and amplify their strategies to achieve online success. Diazshares three key trends that suggest how personal branding fuels business growth.

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Once you have established your personal brand authority in your industry, your demand increases, and you can thereby charge a premium for your services. The key here is becoming the kind of customer or client you would want to attract. According to Diaz, "maintaining high standards and professional branding will make it easier to sell more because, through your personal brand, you can demonstrate your value."

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The online market is heavily saturated by billions of people, and the trust factor in the marketplace is at an all-time low. Consumers andclients want to know who they are doing business with, no matter the niche or industry. They want to find someone who they can trust and value. "By differentiating yourself and positioning yourself as the authority or expert in your industry, you build much more credibility with your target market," Diaz said.

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"Connection is the new currency." Covid-19 has impacted the way we connect and interact online. The economy has taken a major digital shift, and the reliance on online branding for entrepreneurs has become crucial. All of our communication, sales demos, and business meetings have turned completely virtual. You want to become attractive to your prospects. Your personal brand is the most powerful marketing, sales, and networking tool that exists today.

"It's your modern-day resume," Diaz said. Building online relationships and expanding your network will generate many more referrals, leads, business, and income. "It's not about who you know; it's who knows you. For that, your first impression with your personal brand has to be top tier," he adds.

In today's digital age, your financial success is directly proportional to how many people know you, like you, and trust you, so it's in your best interest to build a strong personal brand.

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Personal Branding: The Key to Success in the Digital Age - Entrepreneur

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December 26th, 2020 at 3:57 pm

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Duckworth on Education: Teach With Your Hands Behind Your Back – EMSWorld

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A fundamental principle of effective communication isshow, dont tell. The EMS education corollary is Telling isnt teaching. This doesnt mean you shouldnt speak; it means that for students to be able to perform as emergency medical providers, they must be able to make their own connections with the course material.

Making personal connections doesnt mean becoming best buddies with the textbook. A personal connection is when youre doing more than just memorizing and nodding your head as someone tells you something. It is when that knowledge clicks and true understanding occursthe kind of understanding that allows you to apply this knowledge in a variety of circumstances different than the ones you were originally taught. These personal connections are crucial to understanding and applying the information as well as building the confidence to perform under field conditions.

One of the methods I use to accomplish thisduring breakout and practical sessions is to have instructors literally teach with their hands behind their backs. Instructors can still prompt students and give advice, but once the background information has been taught and students have seen a demonstration, they just have to do it themselves, even if they fumble at first. This is how connections are made.

Because this can initially make students uncomfortablethey may be expecting more reviews, demonstrations, and hand-holdingit is important to make it clear that this is a walk-through, not a test, and that youre there to help them move the knowledge from their brains to their hands, not walk them through the exercise. It must be clear to both instructors and students that students are not being thrown to the wolves. This step can only occur after the students are otherwise set up for success, even if we dont expect them to perform perfectly in the first go-around.

Often instructors in charge of breakout sessions turn them into mini-lectures. Sessions begin with, Lets just review once more before we start. The instructors intention is to help students prepare, but consider it from the students perspective: What they hear is, Now that youve finished reading and watching videos and listening to lectures, you finally get your hands on the skill youve been training for, but first let me explain it all over again. If students and educators have worked properly to try this skill for the first time, then let them get to it, see where they struggle, and assist where needed. If the students still arent prepared, then a quick review before shoving equipment into their hands is likely to bore the prepared students and not be enough to help the unprepared ones.

All human beings tend to overestimate their ability to perform. This is why EMS students tend not to pay as much attention during breakout sessions. They often expect these sessions to be passive rather than active experiences. Be sure to reward those who are first to jump in and give it a try; as peer leaders they are demonstrating positive behavior as well as showing other students how to perform, even if you need to provide corrective feedback. Students tend to be much more attentive when watching other students take an assessment or perform a practice they will have to do next. This is much better active learning then watching an instructor repeat a demonstration.

Students focus better when they understand no one is going to do it for them. Even if youre in the early phases of skills practice and providing feedback as students go, teaching with your hands behind your back tells students you are there for support, but they must do it themselves. This helps build one of the most important soft skills of any EMS provider: self-reliance.

As students continue to practice, educators can leverage the power of the pause. As students work through a skill or simulation, hold not only your hands behind your back but your mouth closed until the very end. This may initially result in a long, awkward pause while they wait for you to tell them how they messed up or the right way to do it. Once they understand you are there to give feedback only at the end and they must troubleshoot their own obstacles, the pause will be shorter, and the learning will be stronger.

As they continue to practice, students become confident they can do it under dynamic conditions. They learn to identify their own prompts and decision points. As you interject less as an educator, students will have the opportunity to identify important clues and cues that should prompt them to take action or decide the best course for the patient.

As an EMS educator, you are already a success. Now it is the students turn. By teaching with your hands behind your back, you help your students learn what success looks like, but also what success feels like.

Rommie L. Duckworth, LP, is a dedicated emergency responder and award-winning educator with more than 25 years working in career and volunteer fire departments, hospital healthcare systems, and public and private emergency medical services. He is currently a career fire captain and paramedic EMS coordinator.

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Duckworth on Education: Teach With Your Hands Behind Your Back - EMSWorld

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December 26th, 2020 at 3:57 pm

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Robert Rodriguez: Why the Sharkboy and Lavagirl movies are so personal – Polygon

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In 2005, From Dusk to Dawn and Sin City director Robert Rodriguez made a film inspired by his young son. Titled The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D, the bright, zany film is seared into the minds of many 2000s-kids, despite the fact it was critically panned.

Rodriguez has a legacy as an action director he just directed a one-off for The Mandalorian and will oversee the upcoming The Book of Boba Fett but a whole generation knows him as the mastermind behind their favorite kids movies. In addition to Sharkboy and Lavagirl, Rodriguez also created the Spy Kids movies, a series of certifiably good movies that appeal to kid senses and elevates their stories to front and center.

His latest kid-action flick is We Can Be Heroes, a loose Sharkboy and Lavagirl sequel that brings the characters back as members of a superhero team. With the film out now on Netflix, Polygon sat down with the director (and producer, composer, camera operator, director of photography, visual effects supervisor, writer just some of the many hats he wears on set) to talk Sharkboy and Lavagirl, We Can Be Heroes, and whats so special about making kid movies.

Polygon: How did the idea of a Sharkboy and Lavagirl sequel come to be?

Robert Rodriguez: I was approached by Netflix to come up with an original film that wasnt tied to a remake or sequel for their service. Those were the comparables for sure Spy Kids, Sharkboy and Lavagirl which I played really well on their service. They wanted something like that: live-action, action adventure comedy like I did these other films, because they were just very successful for them.

I came up with We Can Be Heroes first and the whole time I was writing it, my kids and I were coming up with different superpowers for the kids. I kept thinking wow wish one of them at shark powers! Now we cracked the code 15 years ago, that was the best. Kids love that and its so empowering. So once they loved the script and wanted to make it into a film, I approached them about pulling a Marvel-Sony where they would borrow Spider Man from the studio. And so we borrowed the parents for two reasons one to legitimize my adult family and my adult superhero team so people would have at least heard of two people on the team and then also selfishly, so one of the kids could have a combination of their superpowers and create Guppy. Thats how that came about. It was really an afterthought later just when we realized weve done it in some way so long ago. It worked then so why not bring some of that back in the Rodriguez-verse!

The original was inspired by a story your son wrote was he involved in We Can Be Heroes? What does he think of it?

Hes on this as a producer. At the end of the credits when you see produced by me and and produced by Racer Max, thats him. He created Sharkboy way back when. He was on set [for We Can Be Heroes]. All my kids were on set every day working in some capacity. [Racer] wrote with me and produced with me. My other son, my 20 year-old, composed the score. The entire orchestral score was my 20 year-old, Rebel. Rogue, my 15 year-old, designed all those incredible alien interior sets the big one with a pyramid, he did on his game engine program at 15. And my 13 year-old daughter is the one who drew all the artwork for all [Ojo, one of the characters]s iPads. They were on the set every day and working.

It was very surreal for [Racer] to see not just Sharkboy and Lavagirl back. He created [them] when he was the same age as the girl who played Guppy. Thats how old he was when he came up with them. But also to see that they have offspring. It was very trippy. And for me, it was like she was my cinematic granddaughter. Very strange and very inspiring and just surreal.

Sharkboy and Lavagirl and the Spy Kids trilogy dont pander they were movies that took kid interests seriously. Was that part of the ethos, and if so, how did you go about approaching them in that way?

Im from a family of 10 kids. We used to go to the movies a lot. We loved movies like that. There werent very many. When I started making films my earliest films, when I was in my teens, were in my backyard. I was making sort of action comedies, but my friends werent always available to be in them, but my little siblings were. Theres so many of them that I put my little siblings in there instead. And I would win festivals! People seeing little kids do action comedy was a winning formula. I knew someday I would try and figure out an angle to make a film like that. That was Spy Kids.

Then I just loved to continue making them for my own kids, for my siblings, when we had that same kind of relationship together. Now that my kids are older, I really wanted to do this film, as a way to give kids their own mythology. Ive met a lot of kids over the years that are now in their 20s, who said, Oh, you know, Spy Kids and Sharkboy [and Lavagirl], that was my sister and my favorite movie, we watched that together over and over, that was our childhood. It means a lot to them.

[These movies have] a lot of good food for thought, teaching value, teaching morality to kids using genre like the spy genre or the fantasy genre, like Sharkboy. This one, were taking the superhero myth, and using that to show kids that theyre going to be the future. If the parents have obviously screwed the world up, theyre gonna have to step in later and be prepared. [The film does it] in a way that is entertaining, but yet also educational. That was always, I thought, the legacy of these films, and its something that I enjoy doing as a parent and as a sibling of such large families.

One thing that Ive always loved about Spy Kids, Sharkboy and Lavagirl, and now We Can Be Heroes is just how bright they are visually. What inspired that? Why was it important?

Because thats whats so fun about making these movies! When you just think about how many superhero movies and TV series of reboots and spin offs there are, but there arent any with children. Surprisingly, theyve done everything but that. It really opens you up to be able to use the color palette and the shapes, like even the ship. The tech company would send me ideas for a ship and I was like It looks too much like a grownup ship. Just send me some simple shapes first, just send me shapes. And they send me like a circle. And they sent me some tentacle-looking things. I put a couple together and I said this is it. Now lets make that real. My kid handed you this little model, now make it big and make it real, make it work. So it started with various shapes, youre not used to seeing colors that youre not used to seeing, but that you would see in a childs world because in the film, it turns out, all that stuff is designed by a child and that was part of this storyline. It became part of the look and let you go into a direction you normally wouldnt go

Besides the subject matter, what is something starkly different about making kids movies versus making adult movies that some people might not consider?

You cant just direct and write. You have to operate the camera, you have to be the director of photography, you have to be the editor and know visual effects really well because you have so little time. You have half the amount of time to shoot it as a regular film, because a fim like this has 11 children in every shot, you lose them in six hours. You dont have a 12 hour shoot day. They have to go home, door to door in six hours. You have to be really focused, you have to hire really terrific kids to figure out how to film 11 of them in every shot. Its a tall order, but yet its so fun. Theyre so good, so imaginative.

A film like this you can use your entire imagination. Any idea you can kind of put in there because its for families its not like Oh, this isnt appropriate for an Avengers film. You can be as silly and as funny as you want. Like you are when you play with your kids. You cant be like that in the boardroom. You cant do that in your normal work life. But when you go home, thats when you have the most fun on the weekends and with your family. Thats what my work gets to be. We encourage that, on set, on camera, off camera. Its a very fun set to be on because it needs to spill into the camaraderie, that fun that were having. We have drawing contests together in between takes. Just to keep the kids creative and to keep them focused on working together and creating this art for others to enjoy. Its just a totally different environment than a regular movie. Everyone, even the adults, walked away saying it was probably the most fun theyd had shooting.

Whats something you hope adults will take away from We Can Be Heroes?

Its something that I kind of learned through parenting my kids. I never wanted to push them into the industry. But I started finding that as I included them, they really took to it and it wasnt about that they were going to go and do that in their future. Projects are a way to show the process of life really. Its more life lessons, specifically film lessons: how to take on a project, how to attack a big project, idea, business, whatever it is that you want to take on in your future, how you have to make a plan, how that plan always falls apart, how you save it, how you make it better. That process of life is wash, rinse, repeat, it comes in a microcosm of a project like a movie.

I hope what parents take away by seeing the kids and the parents working together and learning from each other in [We Can Be Heroes] is that parenting can be more about partnership, rather than parents telling you what to do as a kid. You can learn more from the child, and they can learn from you. And if you think of them as partners, rather than you having the responsibility of a parent, you have a relationship that can last much longer. Like you see, by the end of the movie that Missy has with her dad, theyre gonna go work together now. Theyre gonna have a partnership. Its not going to be [Pedro Pascals character] worried about his daughter, and then he becomes obsolete in her life at 13. Hes gonna be very much a crucial part of her development and his development. So I think that is something I tried to hit home in the movie, people take away from it. The excitement of being in a family is partnering with your kids.

What was it like to see the strong fan reaction when the first images of grownup Sharkboy and Lavagirl came out? Did you expect it?

Oh, that was so great. I dont think they realized at first when I first suggested bringing Sharkboy and Lavagirl. Because if you just looked at the box office ... Thats why I kind of stopped making those films. Kids would see them again and again, at home on video. But parents would only take them to see it at the theater maybe once or twice, and say ah, youll see it later. Kids want to see it over and over. But they couldnt drive themselves. So the box office never really reflected how much people were actually watching these movies. I would hear about it because people would say, every time that comes on, my kid watches it. Its crazy. I thought it built up a fan base, but I wasnt sure. [Netflix] knew they wanted to hold back showing them because theyd heard a lot of excitement about Sharkboy and Lavagirl, but I dont think they even knew it was gonna get that much response. It was very exciting. Now just about every trailer says, Sharkboy and Lavagirl ... and the rest of the team! But theyre just characters I borrowed from the other movie. People just really love the characters and they stood out. Even if people have never seen the film, theyve heard of it. Its been 15 years. After a while, you just hear about things like that. I was very excited to see that, my son was very excited to see that. When people see what we did with the characters and their offspring, theyll be really pleased that its in line with that original film. And if they never saw the original film, maybe theyll watch it.

Do you think that Netflix opens doors for these weirder movies to be made?

Thats why I actually wanted to do it. Because I love making those films. They just werent box office feasible, because it feels like its a very targeted audience. But when you can do it for a service like Netflix ... my daughter wants to watch Glitter Force. I dont have to drive her to the theater. She can just sit there and click and watch it as many times as she wants. I thought thats the best place for people to see because then they actually keep track of how many times people watch. And now for once, well know exactly how many times people watch the movie. And that will really give it a much better guide as to the success of the film than you could have if you put this out theatrically. Because its disproportionate because a kid cant drive themselves to a theater. I was really excited just to find that out. Im really eager to see. I think it will have a lot of repeat viewing. And finally, for once to be able to keep track of it. The box doesnt tell the whole story. These are very rare, rare films to play to and not to that audience again and again and again.

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Robert Rodriguez: Why the Sharkboy and Lavagirl movies are so personal - Polygon

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The 10 Launch Experts to Watch in 2021 – GlobeNewswire

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December 23, 2020 15:09 ET | Source: Boost Media Agency


The 10 Launch Experts to Watch

New York, New York, Dec. 23, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Launching a new product, business or program can be daunting at the best of times - particularly when you have no real idea of how to launch, or a sound strategy to execute upon. Oftentimes, entrepreneurs and business owners spend months planning their launch, only to hear crickets upon its release. According to Boost Media Agency, if you want your launch to be a success, you need help from an expert. Each with their own unique styles and expertise, here we present the 10 launch experts you need to watch in 2021.

Laurie Burrows (@thestrategyqueen)

Laurie Burrows is the entrepreneur's entrepreneur. Leaving the corporate world in 2019 after 8 years in marketing, where she helped numerous other companies grow and scale using her strategies, Laurie found her calling being her own boss and helping coaches, consultants and course creators develop courses that connect with audiences and consistently convert.

Hailed as the 'Strategy Queen', Laurie has managed to scale her business to multiple 6 figures in 2020, celebrating a milestone of hitting 100k sales in 3 weeks from one launch, while also raising her newborn baby.

Living up to her title, Laurie has constantly been at the cutting edge of connectivity, evolving with the ever changing nature of the digital business sphere and adapting to suit her client's needs. She has a keen sense for marketing and sales, studying relentlessly to understand buyer psychology and implement it within her launch strategies.

Laurie loves to connect with creative people, providing them with the knowledge and framework to turn their passions into a marketable product with a tangible audience. Her methods are proven to return results and enable her clients to develop scalable businesses that grow with them, while also providing the flexibility and freedom that many entrepreneurs crave.

Brittany Keeling (@brittanyannette)

Brittany Keeling grew her successful business operations and launch agency from a deeply personal space. Having unexpectedly lost her entrepreneur father in 2019, she not only grappled with the personal loss but also with the realization of the importance of business documentation. Since her father was unable to leave business documents behind, she set out to sort through, run, then sell the business after 4 months. Only to be met with the harsh reality that she did not have any clients or income at that point anymore. This was when she realized that this is what she needed to do for other entrepreneurs.

Be Elevated Inc. now a 6-figure business was then born. The team maps out every single detail of their clients launch offer, from the conversion event all the way through client onboarding. They work through their proven 4-phase framework: Ideation, Reverse Engineering, Creation, and Automation to ensure a streamlined and thorough white-glove experience every time - all within just 7 days!

The team does the heavy lifting for the client and ensures that execution will always be excellent. They are revolutionizing the industry by making a quick turn-around time and top-notch quality go together flawlessly.

Liz Illg (@liz.illg)

Liz Illg is a multi-industry entrepreneur with brick-and-mortar businesses across Arizona and several online businesses including her own consulting business and boutique marketing agency. Liz Illg Consulting was founded when business owners continually asked Liz how she grew her storefront to multiple locations in a short amount of time. Illg attributes all of her success in business growth to systems, effective delegation, and strategic launch planning. With Liz's background in business starting, flipping, and expanding, she's mastered the method of scaling brands with launches that are unique and impactful.

When growing her companies, Liz learned quickly that she needed help if she wanted to be a brand visionary. She couldn't do all of the daily duties while still being the dreamer and strategist for her business so she became the systems and documentation expert. Once she was able to effectively train her team members to tackle the daily tasks, she stepped into her dream role and became the visionary. Because of the systems she created, she was able to focus her energy and brainpower on epic launches and launch strategies.

Launching a new product, service, or campaign, when done strategically, can excite, connect, and nurture audiences and it's a way Liz likes to be innovative in her industry.

When Liz isn't strategizing a new business plan for her own companies or for her clients, she can be found gardening, raising her pack of chihuahuas, riding around in her convertible, or reading a book. As a brand visionary, Liz's downtime allows her to find inspiration in everyday life and in her hobbies. Downtime and entrepreneurship are usually unheard of together but finding that balance and structure is Liz's personal success story and testimonial. When you create perfect harmony with your dreams, plans, execution, management, and passions, magic happens and you find that you can actually live in a world of business ownership and daily rest.

Liz Illg encourages small-business owners and entrepreneurs to "fall in love with their work." When launches seem intimidating or the daily stresses of owning a business seem overwhelming, call in the reinforcements, or as Liz likes to call it, your "support squad." Liz Illg Consulting provides strategy, implementation, and project management services to brands that want to launch a new idea and scale their profit.

Angelica Dandridge (@angelicadandridge)

Angelica Dandridge is a business coach and operations strategist who helps corporate executives package their career skills into a consulting service and position them to sell online. She has spent the last 7 years as an Operations Strategist & Project Manager and has made over $150K as a business consultant within 5 different industries. She is currently pursuing a Master of Business Administration.

As an entrepreneur &self-taught designer, Angelicas services combine strategic planning and BTS systems with a creative brand strategy. The result is a fully operational ready-to-launch business. A testament to her success is her client, Jamilah Pitts who successfully launched her own business, Jamilah Pitts Consulting LLC. Jamilah now consults full-time and has since been featured in the NY Times, on the Oprah Winfrey Network, International Baccalaureate, and with Breathe for Change. This was possible due to Angelicas VIP experience which functions as full-service business development to construct business presence, process, and productivity. This serves as the strategic roadmap to launch mode.

Angelicas journey through entrepreneurship has developed her love and skill for growing a thriving business. From ideation to implementation, nothing makes her happier than bringing her clients' ideas to life the same way that she has for her own business.

Jess OConnell (@jess.oconnell_)

Jess OConnell has built a successful career as a Launch Coach and Course Strategist. What she does is help online coaches and course creators have a greater impact and generate more revenue from the courses they launch. She has learned from her own experience as a course creator who made a lot of mistakes over the years. Now, she has the mindset of a scientist and she has come up with a 5-ingredient formula for launching highly profitable online courses.

She teaches course creators all about this formula, known as the Aligned Launch Formula, so people can have successful online courses and make a difference. Jess also has her own podcast called The Launch Fix, where she shares exclusive insights into the launches shes working on and a ton of valuable information about the step by step strategies that a launch requires.

Jess is no stranger to rock bottom because thats where she started her business. After her husband lost his job unexpectedly, they were forced to file for mortgage assistance. But Jess had a passion and 2 years later, shes running a successful 6-figure company and shes helping people build their own legacies as well. Her approach to launching is very different from most online marketing gurus, but thats exactly what has made her so successful and valuable to many.

Dani Paige (

Dani Paige is the secret sauce behind many successful online course launches. Her specialty is writing entertainingly addictive copy that genuinely connects with her readers and turns them into lifelong loyal fans. With her previous career as a professional athlete - she brings a level of competitiveness to each launch that truly up levels the outcome for every client and student she works with.

But the name of the game for Dani has always been impact - in addition to her businesses giving back initiatives, she knows that for every successful launch she writes for her clients, together, they reach hundreds of students who will go on to do fabulous things.

Dani hit 6-figures in her first full year as a Launch Copywriter after she came onto the launch scene swinging. She did so by doing things differently - she felt like the launch world often resembled an echo chamber - the same sales pages, emails, and strategy - and thats why she helps entrepreneurs lean into their fiery, passionate side to cut through any bland sameness or ungenuine selling. She has a knack for infusing stories into her copy that makes people grin, connect, feel heard, feel empowered, and ultimately, take action.

Chelsea Wallace (@thelaunchcopycoach)

Chelsea Wallace is a launch strategist and copywriter who has helped hundreds of online brands execute multi-5 and 6 figure marketing campaigns, with millions in gross revenue. Cognizant of the fact that a successful launch comes with mental pressure, she offers her signature system, The Synergy Launch Method that is designed specifically for online coaches, course creators, consultants, and service providers. The Synergy Launch Method creates space for us to consciously unlearn, manage, and release the pressure, burn-out and reinforced cycles of fear that accompany a launch. Of course, you want your launch to be successful, so you take really good care in preparing for it. But who takes good care of you in the process?

While most launch strategists only focus on the external strategy and messaging of a launch, we all know (but rarely acknowledge) that there are other factors at play for a solopreneur/small-team coach, consultant, course creator, or service provider launching their offers online. Managing ones internal game with the right strategies before, during, and after the launch will not only be the best for the launch but long-term mindset and emotions as well. Launching tends to be an exhausting, stressful, and depleting experience. But with Chelseas help, it can be a lush and fulfilling experience. Chelsea knows that you want more for yourself, your launches, and your community, and she does too. You deserve it.

Taliah-Kate (TK) Byron (@tk.byron)

When Taliah-Kate Byron was a teenager, she hosted her first event with her teen girl-focused coaching business. When no one but her family showed up, she dove into everything copywriting, marketing and course-related motivated by her intention that no one would ever have to go through the same thing.

Since then, TK has thrown herself into the copywriting and marketing universe. Shes attended hundreds of courses, worked under the best of the best of the conversion copywriter world, and has even worked with a professional dancer of Madonna and Kylie Minogue. Her work reflects her exceptional body of experience as do her success rates. Moreover, her approach to course creation coaching is motivated by her emphasis on enabling people to live a life theyre proud of. TK understands that clients come to her with passion projects specialists in their own niche and appreciates her unique opportunity as their coach to get them teaching the things they feel called to contribute to the world.

Her signature Offer Launch Method promises to give her clients the skills to launch in 12 weeks, with no paid advertising focusing on organic growth, brand authenticity, and product quality, without compromising the bigger picture. She focuses on using the best possible strategy to get projectsexposed to people who want to engage with them and enables her clients to package and deliver their own special brand of genius, supporting them every step of the way.

Madelyn Galvez(@madelyn.galvez.obm)

Madelyn Galvez started her business journey as a virtual assistant, built from the ground up in 2017.

What simply started as a business that emerged from her life as a single mom with a desire to work from home and have an impact in elevating women to the next level of success, has since grown to a powerhouse online business management and launch support business.

Madelyn has a talent for turning a clients ideas and big vision into scalable, impactful, and financially lucrative launches. She ensures her clients get full launch support from A-Z and total online business management so that her clients can thrive in their zone of genius.

She has built a globally, culturally diverse team of talented women who are equally passionate and invested in supporting her client base of women coaches and creatives to produce highly profitable launches through scalable automated systems and streamlined processes.

Madelyn offers her 6-hour VIP Launch Accelerator which is geared for those that have all the copy ready to go, and simply need a team to put in the crucial work of putting all the tech pieces together. This provides the clients with the option to have their entire course ready to go in one day.

She also offers a free launch toolkit for new course creators, and already has a waitlist for her future course called, Course Launching Made Easy, launching in 2021.

Madelyn anchors on her Christian faith as her guide in her journey.

Her clients connect to her values and genuine care for their business, the trusting relationship she builds, and the integrity and resilience she leads with.

Her clients know, that with having Madelyn and her team on their side, that anything is possible, and you can win, thrive, and lead a purposeful, impactful, and lucrative business with their support.

Adriana Castillo (@adrianacastilloonlinebiz)

Adriana Castillo is a launch expert who shows other moms how to grow a business with consistent income without sacrificing their family time. If youre pulling your hair out on how to build your business when you already have so much on your plate: feeding your babies, the diapers, the baths, the house, the laundry, the groceries, etc - Adriana can relate, and she can also help.

Having left her small town, moved countries and learned a new language, Adriana accomplished so many things she never thought possible. I was taught to be tough, independent, and fearless, but yet within society limits: I was told I would never leave my town, I would work at my dads business, get married, have kids, and live next door to my parents Adriana explains. Having not had a lot of opportunities growing up, she was forced to forge her own path in life - which has turned out better than she could have imagined.

She believes anything is possible, and now teaches others how to create the freedom shes been able to create for herself. Adrianas business model bridges the gap between the sword and the wall: helping you to make more money and free up your time. If you want have a recurring income without sacrificing family time, you need a business model and marketing strategy that fits your life - which is Adrianas specialty.

Make sure to follow each of these amazing launch experts, as they continue to thrive and help their clients launches become massively successful. Each of their Instagram's have been directly linked here. Finally, we would like to thank Boost Media Agency for taking the time to put this article together.

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Cal Thomas: Gifts that keep on giving – Winston-Salem Journal

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During winter, most people dont think about warm clothing because they have coats, sweaters and shoes. Many others, especially in poorer regions, do not.

That brings me to World Vision's cold weather clothing program. From its site: My children say to me that they are cold, but what can I do? I want to warm them with my soul, but thats not enough. My soul cannot warm them, says Dylbere, a struggling Albanian mother.

The post continues: When families get the helping hand of cold-weather clothing donations, theyre able to stretch their small income to better meet their familys needs warming both body and soul. Far beyond physical warmth, the gift of a coat or boots radiates outward and helps make children a little less vulnerable.

Conservatives often view California, and especially Los Angeles, as economic and political failures. There are an estimated 60,000 Los Angelenos who are homeless and living on the streets. Politics should not factor into helping fellow human beings.

World Vision says these homeless people, lack access to basic sanitation toilets and showers and even clean water. In a city where the sun beats down relentlessly, hygiene is a challenge, especially with COVID-19 closing businesses and public spaces like libraries where those without homes could normally find bathrooms.

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Cal Thomas: Gifts that keep on giving - Winston-Salem Journal

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Gifts that keep on giving | Columns | – Cumberland Times-News

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A phrase one hears this time of year is about gifts that keep on giving. Most store-bought gifts are soon forgotten, but are there some gifts with timeless value?

I suspect most people want their lives to matter, especially to others. Is that achieved by personal success, prosperity, and the acquisition of stuff that wears out, is discarded, or if it has value, is sold at an estate sale after one passes away?

Some gifts of timeless value have been suggested to me by World Vision, a Christian-based organization that is also inclusive and humanitarian when it comes to people of all faiths, or of no faith. One posting on their website says: This Christmas, you can empower a child and their community to break free from poverty, for good. This refers to their child sponsorship program, which has succeeded in lifting children, even adults, out of poverty, not sustaining them in it as many welfare programs often do.

Investing in another life and knowing you have made it better is a gift without an expiration date.

World Vision partners with the Department of Agriculture in a Food Box distribution program. During the pandemic, many restaurants are closed, or have limited service. Many farmers have nowhere to ship their food. The Agriculture Department connects farmers who grow crops with specific vendors who distribute them, ensuring the food goes to nonprofits that assist vulnerable people.

During winter, most people dont think about warm clothing because they have coats, sweaters and shoes. Many others, especially in poorer regions, do not.

That brings me to World Visions cold weather clothing program. From their site: My children say to me that they are cold, but what can I do? I want to warm them with my soul, but thats not enough. My soul cannot warm them, says Dylbere, a struggling Albanian mother.

The post continues: When families get the helping hand of cold-weather clothing donations, theyre able to stretch their small income to better meet their familys needs warming both body and soul. Far beyond physical warmth, the gift of a coat or boots radiates outward and helps make children a little less vulnerable.

Conservatives often view California, and especially Los Angeles, as economic and political failures. There are an estimated 60,000 Los Angelenos who are homeless and living on the streets. Politics should not factor into helping fellow human beings.

World Vision says these homeless people, ...lack access to basic sanitation toilets and showers and even clean water. In a city where the sun beats down relentlessly, hygiene is a challenge, especially with COVID-19 closing businesses and public spaces like libraries where those without homes could normally find bathrooms.

Enter The Shower of Hope: Its set up seven showers in the parking lot of Hollywoods Adventist Church (now closed for indoor worship due to the coronavirus) one of 25 locations where The Shower of Hope operates. Tuesday through Friday, homeless people arrive, often carrying their possessions in a backpack slung over a shoulder, to take showers. Its a very interesting system, says John Schroer of Adventist Health.

Sixty to 70 percent of the people utilizing the showers are unhoused, living in their cars, but still working, says Schroer. They need to be presentable and respectable for work, but they dont have homes. ... A lot of them are concerned about letting their employers know they live in their cars. ... They are afraid of being fired.

See more opportunities to improve the lives of others at

Sure, exchange gifts you bought in stores, or online, but also consider transforming another life for the better. As Christians celebrate Gods ultimate gift to humankind, should we not be grateful enough to pass it on to others, warming their bodies and souls and giving them hope?

Readers may email Cal Thomas at

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Gifts that keep on giving | Columns | - Cumberland Times-News

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Got 10 Minutes? Here’s How 3 Stock Investors Suggest Getting Started in 2021 – The Daily Progress

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Katie Brockman: To be successful in the stock market, it's important to look at the big picture. This year has been turbulent, to say the least, and the market could experience even more volatility in 2021. But don't let that hold you back from investing.

While the stock market is always subject to short-term ups and downs, it generally sees positive returns over the long run. In fact, despite many recessions, economic bubbles, civil and political unrest, wars, and the countless other hardships the country has experienced, the S&P 500 has still experienced an average rate of return of around 10% per year since its inception.

If you're just getting started, don't get too hung up on what, exactly, the market will do in the next week, month, or year. Even if you invest now and the market crashes next month, remember that it's what happens over the long term that really matters. If you're waiting for the perfect moment to start investing, you may be waiting forever.

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Got 10 Minutes? Here's How 3 Stock Investors Suggest Getting Started in 2021 - The Daily Progress

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‘Enable the Success of the Business:’ How SOSi’s General Counsel Gregory Hayken Helps Grow the Company – WashingtonExec

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Gregory Hayken, SOSi

As the general counsel for SOS International, Gregory Hayken isnt just here to put out the fires. Unlike your personal lawyer somebody who you call after things have gone wrong an in-house attorney has a very different role to play, he said.

My job is to help efficiently and effectively protect the company, minimize risk and maintain compliance, he said. My role is to enable the success of the business.

By engaging early and helping others in the company to understand why and how the law applies to their situation, an in-house legal team can protect the business and help it grow.

One of the most important things is working across functions where each has legal implications, Hayken said.

For example, many groups deal with contracts, he said. Like, when we lease facilities or when we want to buy office supplies or software. All of those contracts require not only legal review, but also assistance in training and helping people to understand how to read these contracts, how to negotiate these contracts and how to operate under the contracts.

The legal team can help, too, by vetting suppliers, especially in the conflict zones where SOSi tends to work.

In the austere areas in which we operate, we developed relationships with reliable and compliant suppliers, Hayken said. It is our continuous and robust vetting that enables us to find the most trustworthy partners of goods and services. The legal department oversees the compliance aspects of vendor vetting.

The legal team also works across the enterprise to improve essential business functions. It helped SOSiscale for success by updating its forms and contract templates and centralize them into a contract management software system that allows workflows to be automated.

This is a force multiplier when it comes to our ability to manage lots of transactions, Hayken said.

All these proactive moves by the legal department help SOSi respond quickly to new marketplace opportunities. Where many may view legal as the people who slow things down the champions of corporate heel-dragging Hayken says attorneys can leverage their unique skills to drive nimbler business operations.

Ive got a fantastic legal team: We have a different perspective than the operations folks, he said. We can help the company to be agile and to operate very quickly. Especially during this COVID period, we need to act quickly to seize an opportunity when it pops up.

That legal perspective can help make the wheels turn more smoothly, for example, by clarifying ambiguities at the start of a contract. And the attorneys dont just look to pick nits they share what they know to make the entire company stronger and smarter.

We spend a lot of our time explaining to folks why were making the recommendations that we do, Hayken said. Were not just going to come in and say: That is not the right way to do it. We have long conversations with the different teams, explaining why the regs were written that way so that we can explore solutions together.

As a result, were not just growing the company. Were developing our employees as well, he said. You dont really think of it as training when youre talking to a lawyer, but thats what I like to make it. Im always seeking to enable a more sophisticated body of decision-makers within our company.

In the midst of these efforts, the legal team also has had a role to play in helping the company to navigate the complexities of current pandemic.

What happens if some of our employees have to quarantine on their way to customer sites? What happens if some people catch COVID and become unavailable? We still have to meet our contract requirements, Hayken said.

While strong customer relationships help in these difficult times, theres also a legal component.

We have to know what are our legal options under the CARES Act and various [Defense Department] and other customer policies, Hayken said.

On a personal level, Hayken said hes pleased to be part of an enterprise that works toward a larger goal.

The contractor community consists of people who believe strongly in the same mission, he said. When you look across government whether its the folks in healthcare, at embassies, in the branches of the armed services these are all vital missions. It is personally satisfying to say that youre a part of that.

Before coming to the GovCon world some 17 years ago, Hayken worked for a while as a litigator. He said being part of a team, all working toward a common goal, is far more satisfying than the courtroom environment.

Thats a cultural constant among those in the defense contracting world, he said. Its all about enabling the mission.

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'Enable the Success of the Business:' How SOSi's General Counsel Gregory Hayken Helps Grow the Company - WashingtonExec

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Dallas has a new top cop, and now its up to us to help him succeed – The Dallas Morning News

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San JosePolice Chief Eddie Garcia tells a crowd of reporters on Friday that a San Jose patrol officer fired at least one bullet that struck and killed the man who took a UPS driver hostage inside his truck, forced the driver to flee from police and sheriffs deputies on a chase across San Jose, and thenled a standoff for more than an hour on Thursday, Feb. 14, 2019.

With Wednesdays announcement that Eddie Garcia will be Dallas new top cop, City Manager T.C. Broadnax ended the search for a new chief of police and began the task of launching a new chiefs tenure. That is a task that the rest of the city must join, for it is in all of our interests to have a successful police department.

Garcia, who will be the first Hispanic top cop in Dallas history, will likely now face a much closer public inspection than hes had thus far. At a moment when police chiefs increasingly face issues raised this summer following the killing of George Floyd, anyone taking this job would likely see his leadership critiqued, as well as praised.

As a nearly 30-year veteran and recently retired police chief of San Jose, Calif., there is a lot for the public to sort through. Hes faced difficult situations, including dealing with police shootings and transparency issues.

Hes also won the support of our city manager while he competed with a highly credentialed field of applicants. And his personal story is compelling. Born in Puerto Rico, Garcia moved to California, learned English and rose to run the police department in a city he came to see as his hometown.

As we glean insights into his leadership, it seems clear that he has a realistic view of heading a department as large as DPD that polices a city as large and diverse as Dallas. It wont be possible to please everyone. But it will be possible to do whats required and that is to ably lead the 3,000 men and women in blue who will be under his command so that they can do their best work while also offering leadership that fosters public trust. That trust needs to be built, of course, on the work of a million interactions between cops on the street and the people of Dallas. And that work can also build on reforms outlined by a KPMG study and other work aimed at enhancing efficient policing, reducing response times, solving crimes and most of all making us safer.

In addition to such work, wed encourage Garcia to quickly forge relationships with the mayor, district attorney, neighboring police forces and federal law enforcement officers, including whoever is appointed to be our U.S. attorney along with residents and community leaders in every corner of the city.

One component of the job of our top cop will not be completely within Garcias control, and that is where the rest of the city comes in. The new chief will face criticism; its both natural and healthy for a vibrant society to hold leaders accountable. But every criticism isnt a fair assessment of performance, and every mistake isnt an indication of overall failure. Whats incumbent upon leaders across the city and residents from all corners of our community is to consider what success looks like from our new chief of police and engage in our system of government to work toward that success.

There will be a lot placed on the new chief. Whats expected of us now is to press for changes where they are needed, support police efforts to foster public trust where its lacking and expand it where it already exists, and offer a generosity in spirit in helping the new chief gain his footing and succeed in the role we, as a city, have hired him to fulfill.

Dallas has a new top cop, and now its up to us to help him succeed - The Dallas Morning News

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Business With The Partner: How To Reach Success And Not To Lose Everything – Corporate/Commercial Law – Ukraine – Mondaq News Alerts

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Sourse: ZN.UA

Are you about to start a new business in partnership with the family, acquaintances or third-party investors? Or have you already "got burned" on some joint business. This article is a short guide to the essential components of a successful partnership.

What is considered to be better: to organize a new business by yourself or together with the partner? This question is asked by everyone who decides to enter the path of entrepreneurship.

If you talk to experienced business people and listen to their opinions, the answers you will receive will be the opposite. Someone will say that due to the partners, their ordinary business reaches unprecedented heights. Someone will in any way dissuade you from doing business with others, even if they are your friends or relatives.

But statistics give us unbiased numbers: 70% of partnerships fail, but at the same time, 2/3 of the world's largest companies have two or more founders. Therefore, let's take a closer look at the institution of business partnership.

Several partners can contribute to business much more than one person. Knowledge, abilities, skills, assets, money, real estate, brands, technologies all this the company receives not from one, but two or more partners. These are the main advantages of a business partnership.

Partnership, among other things, is a union of different people with different characters, different temperaments, visions for business development. Disagreements between the partners on how to do business; share profits; what each partner contributes to their joint business; which partner is responsible for the particular parts; what product we are developing; etc. - all this often leads to "internecine wars". As a rule, such wars result in collapse for the partnership and business in general. Significantly, a joint business's disadvantages can be grouped into the same categories as its advantages.

Partnerships should not be taken irresponsibly. These are close people who often become partners. And if any conflicts arise in business, they destroy not only business but also personal relationships. As in the family, you need to constantly find compromises and respect each other in the partnership. Only then the expected synergistic effect of the partnership will be achieved.

We will not give a detailed analysis of the psychological and personal aspects of successful business partnerships. This article will focus exclusively on legal mechanisms.

We do not stop underlining a partnership agreement's mandatory presence, meaning agreements "on the shore." It allows you to configure all aspects of the future company. The entire civilized world uses a similar tool. You may come across different titles: corporate agreement, shareholders agreement, stockholder agreement. The essence will still be the same: this is a document that regulates relations between the company owners.

Even before the concept of corporate agreement appeared in Ukrainian legislation, the owners of non-resident structures, while registering them in such jurisdictions as Cyprus, Great Britain, the United States, had already entered into mutual partnership agreements, guided by the relevant legislation.

If we talk about the content of the partnership agreement, it should be complete and detailed. It is necessary to formulate all issues the partners have agreed, especially those that may result in problems and disagreements in the future. You can't leave any of these issues for later. Practice shows that precisely such cases later result in conflicts. Besides, it can be problematic to make changes to an already concluded agreement.

The content of partnership agreements can roughly divide into three broad sections.

In addition to the sections described above, the partnership agreement shall foresee the company participants' responsibility. Such responsibility may consider the fines, deprivation, or reduction of a share, an obligation to transfer one's share. The mattes of mandatory transfer of share are especially relevant in Ukraine when a partner goes into politics or government service, as this entails corruption and reputational risks for the company.

Finally, we once again underline the necessity of concluding a partnership agreement for joint business ownership. And if we are explicitly talking about Ukraine, we advise to conclude a corporate agreement and notarize it. We wish you all long and mutually beneficial business cooperation!

Originally published 1 October, 2020

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.

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Business With The Partner: How To Reach Success And Not To Lose Everything - Corporate/Commercial Law - Ukraine - Mondaq News Alerts

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