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Posted: October 10, 2019 at 7:43 pm

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On getting the win against Washington:

BM: Right now, it's phenomenal. I can't really describe that feeling. It's my first time really, but I just get this warm, fuzzy feeling. I came to Stanford with a goal to be the best, and right now, I feel like that win really solidified in my heart, and it gave me that satisfaction I needed. A kind of more of that thirst that our team needed, and it was a phenomenal feeling winning that game, but that only made us more hungry for more.

On the team's hunger after 2 straight victories leading into the bye week:

BM: Yeah, I describe that hunger as just wanting the best in every player, because the game showed that we're not where we should be, and I think there's so much we can improve on even with three freshmen starting at O line. I think there's such a gap we can elevate our play to that right now we haven't even come close to reaching our limits, and that's a hunger want is to really live up to the potential we have.

On playing next to Walter Rouse:

BM: Yeah, we have a we have a great dynamic. We had training camp. We grinded together. He's always my lifting partner. Spotted me through these lifts. I lifted with him. So our communication's really on a great basis. I can just look at him, and he knows right in my eyes, the combos we have, the type of blocks we should do. And right now communication isn't lacking at all just because we're some freshman. I think it's actually excelling because of the brotherhood we made over the summer.

On the progression of his play from the beginning to the end of the UW game:

BM: Yeah, there's so much you can prepare for in films and studying, but the games always different. It's a different pace, and right now it's adjusting as a freshman and getting use to that. And the only time I get that real look is during the game that game speed is different than what the film can show, what practice can emulate. And every team's gonna run something different on film. Nothing's perfect when we look at a film and prepare for every formation. They always throw something out to try confuse us. Especially with three freshmen, they think they can just throw something funky at us and confuse us but deep down we've been practicing, grinding, getting our noses in the playbooks and the formations, and we're pretty much prepared for any formation, any look, any stone they throw at us,

On what was his "welcome to college" moment:

BM: Yeah, I have a moment. It's the classic moment in practice. Full first padded practice. I was pulling to a linebacker. I remember just running full sprint, had turned the corner and I look, and here comes one of our linebackers. Straight up just lifted me up off the ground out of my shoes. I remember hitting the ground I was like, "this is a first time time that I've been flipped upside down," and that was my welcome to college moment. I was like this is real and this is the time where I just kind of locked in and just got grinding even more. I was thirsty I I didn't like that feeling it just drove me to be better.

On what he's looking to work on during the bye week:

BM: I'm personally kind of looking to get more self improvement because I know the schemes you have to do. I know the type of combos and sets we have to do. I'm looking to really get my foundation, my feet set, my right steps, the right lengths. I'm really just looking to be nitpicky with everything I do, and that's why I feel like this week is really great week for me just to focus in and fine tune those little things we have that sometimes go unnoticed. Maybe I take my step but one inch too big? Just things like that I can really fine tune this week.

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