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JoJo delivered the best gift to her fans back in May in the form of 'Good to Know' her first album in four years and her first since departing Atlantic Records. The R&B album was promoted with the single 'Lonely Hearts' in April, with the single 'Man' being released previously in March along with a music video that had cameos from Ari Lennox, Tinashe, JinJoo, Francia Raisa and JoJo Gomez.

'Good to Know' dropped to widespread critical acclaim with many noting that JoJo's growth as a singer and songwriter was the crux of the release's mature, cohesive sound. JoJo has now returned with a deluxe version of the album, preceded by the release of a new single, 'What U Need'. The new album includes five new tracks, a feature from Demi Lovato on 'Lonely Hearts' and Tinashe on 'Love Reggae', and the omission of Tory Lanez from the track 'Comeback' following his recent involvement in the shooting of Megan Thee Stallion.

Joanna Nolle Levesque, known to her fans as JoJo, debuted with the smash hit 'Leave (Get Out)' and her self-titled album in 2004. Her instant claim to fame was her unparalleled vocals, something most people could hardly believe was emerging from a 13-year-old. It shocked people even more when they learned the young singer was writing her own music. Cut to nearly two decades later and JoJo is still managing to floor audiences with both her vocals and songwriting. 'Good to Know' was most notable for its development of JoJo's artistry. The singer has steadily veered more into more overt sexual themes layered on top of some extremely sensual sounds, but in addition to the maturity in her lyrical themes, the growth in both JoJo's vocals as well as the production on her tracks is readily audible.

But 'Good to Know' is additionally JoJo's most personal record to date. In particular, she chronicles her turbulent journey in the music business, which included a decade-long legal battle for her freedom from her first label Blackground Records, on the album's opening lyrics "Look at me now..." and with that, it is evident JoJo's growth includes a recognition of her own worth and healing from the trauma of having her career "irreparably damaged," as her 2013 lawsuit against Blackground noted.

Standouts from the deluxe version naturally include the duet with JoJo and Lovato. Arguably two of the best vocalists of the current generation, this is a dream team nobody would have predicted we would see in this lifetime. But given the song's focus on self-improvement, self-love and escaping the clutches of codependency, it serves as the perfect vehicle for an epic collaboration. Lovato manages to keep up with JoJo on her most complex runs, a trait she is widely known for, and both singers belt and harmonize in perfect unison. It's a shame we may not get to see this track performed live any time soon, but at least we get to hear this masterpiece on this record for now.

The five new tracks including 'Love Reggae' featuring Tinashe are all absolutely gorgeous R&B tunes with a bit of pop layered in. 'X (1 Thing Wrong)', however, is easily the highlight from the new lot. The slowed-down reverb and bass-heavy track is one of the best R&B tracks to come out this year and has JoJo at her singing and songwriting best.

An overall highlight with this whole release is its stellar production that gives us some gorgeous instrumentals paired with vocals that aren't overproduced or polished to excess. Essentially, we get a rawness in JoJo's voice that truly highlights just why she is one of the best vocalists in the game. Additionally, getting to hear JoJo love herself, especially in light of everything she has been put through at the hands of the music industry executives, is an absolute treat. 'Good to Know' is a stunning release that deserves every bit of the acclaim it has received thus far, and the deluxe version just drives that point further home.

'Good to Know' is out now across digital streaming platforms.

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'Good to Know' Review: JoJo forms dream team with Demi Lovato, Tinashe in sultry album that cut out Tory Lanez - MEAWW

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