Both Republicans and Democrats have failed to address racism | PennLive letters –

Posted: August 25, 2020 at 8:51 pm

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Radical extremists, displaying ignorance of history, tear down monuments; reminders of political conflict, violence and inequality; the unflattering history of the Democrat party: also found in old movie scripts; claimed to harm the psyche of viewers.

Rewriting the history of the Democrat Party; a cover up; simply adds another sordid chapter. Is the destruction of all history books next? They certainly dont wish to repeat that embarrassing history. We should learn from, not stumble over what is behind us.

Strange, superficial and hypocritical; a cohort, for years claimed routine exposure to violent video games had no impact on users violent behaviors, but now a passing glance at a statue (in their midst for years) must be eradicated for their inner peace. Seeking equality, but accepting marginalization, (the bigotry of low expectations) with handouts or reparations, rather than a hand up is self defeating; Rev. Sharpton, et al.

Pursuing superficial change of street decor and old movie scripts; when the greater need is in improving living conditions, family cohesion, education, job opportunities and healthcare; the means by which all Americans attain success; especially crucial for those facing inequality; doesnt advance their cause; especially when accompanied by violence, looting and arson.

Black lives, et al, can take positive steps following this unrest; (when all of the non-conforming statues and scripts have been removed) by addressing issues with significant meaning; ie, what really matters: restored families, excellent education, (the best schools and teachers in the places of greatest need) personal improvement, self sufficiency, job opportunities; working to become model citizens.

Both Democrats and Republicans have failed to provide these life necessities and neither has protected minorities from the disadvantage they face because of open borders. Hopefully, the current divide hasnt caused unfixable damage to our country.

Melvin Pete Snyder, West Donegal Township

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Both Republicans and Democrats have failed to address racism | PennLive letters -

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