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Posted: February 17, 2020 at 12:43 am

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As we settle into the new year and face new career challenges, our minds often turn to personal improvement. In this depressed economy, workplace performance is more important than ever before, and most of us are eager to excel. With better job performance, we can move up in our company, increase our salary, and begin to save for the future.

But one of the biggest barriers to improving our job performance is finding the energy and motivation to do so. Without these qualities, our attempts to enroll in continuing education courses, take on extra shifts, or excel at work projects can often fall flat. Theres no question about it moving up in the professional world requires a drive and focus that eludes many people who are trying to juggle child care, daily errands, and relationships as well as full-time jobs.

So what can you do to ensure that you can earn a higher salary, improve your job prospects and increase the balance in your bank account? Take heart these six mood and energy hacks can help transform you from a lethargic underachiever to an energetic go-getter. Implementing just a few of these tips may very well take you from being on the verge of unemployment to being a top performer.

In order of importance:

With our planets atmosphere under relentless siege, the quality of our daily sunlight has become more corrupted than ever before. Not that it matters most of us are too busy working to notice. And yet Vitamin D3, which is the byproduct of sunlight, is essential to our bodys functioning.

Most people are Vitamin D3-deficient, and suffering tremendously for it. Supplementing with Vitamin D3 has consistently proven to 10x your productivity, reducing your need for sleep, minimizing your appetite and turbocharging your energy levels. While the FDA recommends dosages of 800 IU per day, studies advise dosages in the minimum range of 2000 IU. Ive personally found success taking 6,000 IU daily, and feel like a 15-year-old again. Vitamin D3 begins to become toxic at 10,000 IU per day, so theres plenty of room for error. Source Naturals is a fantastic brand for Vitamin D3.

As a health supplement, 5-HTP has a myriad of positive health effects. Dr. Daniel Amen of the Amen Clinics recommends 5-HTP for regulating sleep cycles, which helps with energy levels. 5-HTP is also known for being an effective antidepressant, more effective than prescription medication in some cases. Dr. Amen recommends a dosage of 50 to 100 mg, twice per day, for best results. Try the Source Naturals brand for best results.

CBD, which is derived from the cannabis or marijuana plant, has a strong reputation for helping users manage high stress and anxiety levels. Taken in gummy bear, lollipop, tincture, capsule or oil form, even a small dose can have nuclear effects. Hemp Bombs is a high-quality brand to try, although you can find good CBD products at any reputable retailer. At the high end, the most potent Hemp Bombs oils cost over $300 and contain more than 4,000 mg of CBD, making them a great choice for even the most severe stress and anxiety.

New Years resolutions about squeezing back into your sports bra or workout belt and hitting the gym are so passe as to be laughable at this point. But did you know that exercising just five minutes a day can have powerful effects on your mood, energy levels, and health? With just a few minutes daily of YouTube exercise videos, jogging or sports, youll feel like a new person.

A good diet can do wonders for your mood and energy levels. But eating well doesnt have to mean getting neurotic about fats and carbs. Everyone knows the basics try to stay away from sugar and fried foods, eat lots of lean proteins and whole grains, consume more produce. But you dont have to overhaul your diet right away start with a few more servings of fruits and vegetables daily, or begin drinking more water. And dont forget to treat yourself!

Getting enough sleep is essential to any self-improvement plan. Although taking Vitamin D3 will reduce your need for sleep, make sure you get your seven to nine hours most nights if at all possible. Develop a bedtime routine, and invest in new sheets, comforters, and pillows for your bed maybe even a comfy featherbed if youre so inclined. Make sure you get home at a decent hour every night and eat a good healthy dinner two to three hours before bed.

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6 tips to improve your mood and energy levels at work - Ladders

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