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Posted: October 28, 2020 at 6:52 pm

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Books to help you centre yourself and realign your goals.

The feeling of getting lost in a book is incomparable not even a binge-worthy TV show comes close to the peace, quiet and grasping power of literature. Self-improvement is a genre of reads on rise, more so in the recent years end especially right now when the circumstances of 2020 have forced us to take a long, hard look at ourselves and how we want to life our lives to truly be happy. Its a journey, and a good next step forward is to escape (ironically inwards) with books that people have praised for helping them reshape their outlook on life. These are our favourites of the best self-improvement books today.

With a title immediately gripping, the New York Times Bestseller is a modern day self-help guide with all the cuss words, good jokes, and cold hard truths. Mark Manson, who also blogs, believes the key to life is living without trying to be happy or positive all the time. The author believes in embracing the mediocracy of human nature and the world itself while defining what matters, and who matters, to drive your everyday choices. As he not-so-subtly puts it, there are only so many things we can chose to truly care about and this books help you define yours and why some of those cares are the reason for any feelings of being stuck or unfulfilled.

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Pema Chdrn is a very well respected American Tibetan Buddhist, ordained nun, former acharya of Shambhala Buddhism and disciple of Chgyam Trungpa Rinpoche. In this book, Pema collects all the lessons and insight gained from softening through hard times in life, touching on the hardest experiences we all have like death and other losses. Her advice draws from Buddhist wisdomswhile including personal stories of her hardships, and how she uses the teachings to transform. The book is now released with a cover for its 20th-anniversary edition.

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Oprah Winfreys Super Soul Sunday is a spiritual-themed series you can thankfully also catch on YouTube. Each episode is as Oprah puts it an aha moment. This book is a collection of all the biggest aha moments of the three-time Emmy Award-winning show, organised into ten different topics or branches of spirituality. These insights come from guests includes Tony Robbins, Arianna Huffington, Eckhart Tolle, Thich Nhat Hahn, and Elizabeth Gilbert. There are also accompanying photographs and a personal essay by Oprah herself.

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To know where were going, we have to know where we came from and what a lot we can learn our own biological engineering. The no.1 international bestseller is the work of renowned historian,Yuval Noah Harari, who explores the way our history throughout existence has shaped how we function as a human race. All the data forces us to look ahead at the possibilities for evolution of human kind, and within ourselves.

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This is a book for women whove clung so tightly (without even realising) to the ideas of womanhood: what being a good mother, partner, sister, friend or colleague looks, and how we should feel in these roles. If youve ever thought to yourself, Wasnt it all supposed to be more beautiful than this?. are you in for a ride. Glennon Doyle was already a best-selling author of a book about her happily ever after with a husband and kids after overcoming her addiction to alcohol and bulimia. The more she learns what it is to be brave, the more she is inched towards her true self and her knowing, ultimately finding out what it means to be living courageously and authentically.

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