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Posted: February 17, 2020 at 6:44 pm

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4 How To Love Yourself By... Lauren Bravo, Writer

My top tip for loving yourself is...

'I know the idea of "dating yourself" has reached the realms of clich, but I do think there's something in it. When I'm feeling gloomy, rather than slouching about at home, I try to take myself out in a way that feels almost romantic; I plan a lovely day, take myself for a nice lunch, walk the most beautiful route rather than quickest, wear an outfit that makes me feel good, listen to something I love, spend hours cooking an amazing dinner entirely for me.

'It's all stuff that might feel a bit silly or performative at first, but once you get in the habit of choosing the nicest option instead of just the most convenient, I think that's self-love.'

How I learnt to love myself...

'All too often these days we interpret self-love as cancelling everything and spending a night alone watching Netflix in the bath, but I think just as often it can mean pushing yourself forward and giving yourself more opportunities, not fewer.

'I'm terrible at believing in myself; whenever a professional challenge or exciting opportunity comes along, my immediate reaction is always "Nope! Can't! Shan't!". And yet, when I've completed one of those scary challenges and survived, it's usually the most in love with myself I ever feel. So these days I try try! to cheer myself on with the kind of unconditional love we give our friends and families, but rarely ourselves.

'When I'm feeling like my own worst enemy, I try to treat myself like a best friend I want to spoil, or like a toddler who needs a bit of firm, affectionate parenting. It's about striking that perfect balance, not expecting too much of yourself but not failing to look after yourself either. And I do still love watching Netflix in the bath!

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