Wellness Center raises the 'barre' on fitness classes

Posted: March 21, 2012 at 7:21 am

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With bathing suit season already here, most people are trying to find the health regime that is going to get them looking good for the season. Tatiana Habanova, owner of The Pilates Wellness Center, is helping guide her clients to the body they always wanted with her newest venture, Barre Studio Wellington, in the Wellness Center.

Booty Barre is an energetic 55-minute class that combines the toning benefits of yoga, Pilates and dance to strengthen and stretch the body, Habanova said. The method was designed by Tracey Mallet to provide a great dance workout for people who are not dancers.

"Don't be intimated by the word 'booty,'" Habanova said. "This is a technique-orientated class; this means we use the same choreography for each class allowing participants to not only strengthen their bodies but improve their technique over time."

Habanova opened the Barre Studio last November after being certified in the Booty Barre Method.

"I saw that barre classes were quickly becoming a fitness craze in California and New York, she said. "I wanted to bring something new to Wellington and thought this would be a great fit."

"The class really takes Pilates vertical," she said. "It is a great low impact workout that produces results."

Each class has a maximum of 10 participants who line the barre, which follows the length of the room.

"We use fun pop music so the mood in the room is high energy while putting into use the core principals of Pilates and yoga. Habanova said.

Charlotte Weiness, a seasonal equestrian who travels from Stuart to work with Habanova, said she loves the barre class because the group energy is different from a one-on-one session.

"Feeding off the group's energy makes you work a lot harder," Weiness said. "I like applying what I have learned about how my body works in the one-on-one session to the workout in the class. When I do something right I feel a great sense of accomplishment."

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Wellness Center raises the 'barre' on fitness classes

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