Enhanced pilates program new at Vail Vitality Center

Posted: May 29, 2012 at 8:14 am

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VAIL, Colorado Kellie D'Elia-Laskin witnessed first hand the healing power of pilates when she helped her grandmother recover from two debilitating strokes in 2001. Using a pilates reconditioning program she created, D'Elia-Laskin was able to rehabilitate her grandmother from immobility in a hospital bed to walking on her own in only a month. This experience led D'Elia-Laskin to further investigate the use of pilates to better the lives of her students in a variety of different ways. Recently, she has returned to Vail to lead an enhanced pilates program at the Vail Vitality Center in the Vail Mountain Lodge. The new program is currently under way.

We're thrilled to welcome Kellie back to Vail and to Vail Vitality Center, said Frank Johnson, Vail Mountain Lodge general manager. She brings such a fresh approach to her classes and to programming in general. We're looking forward to announcing several new pilates options thanks to Kellie's creativity and expertise.

D'Elia-Laskin has been teaching pilates for more than 12 years. She was first exposed to pilates at age 4, when her ballet teacher incorporated pilates mat techniques into a warm-up routine before barre work. Her interest in the practice was rekindled years later when she was managing a rock-climbing gym in Boulder. She began a yearlong training program at the Pilates Center in Boulder, where she was trained by some of the best instructors in the country. After earning her teaching certification, she led the pilates program at the Vail Athletic Club (now Vail Vitality Center) for five years, while continuing her pilates education with Barbera Huttner. She also received pilates training from Rael Isacowitz, of BASI.

My initial experience in Vail was very positive, D'Elia-Laskin said. It led to so many unique opportunities, and I went on to spent time on Martha's Vineyard, in Massachusetts, Lake Tahoe and, finally, in Reno, Nev. I am happy to be back where it all started for me.

While living in Reno, D'Elia-Laskin trained with Dr. Martina Young, the original co-founder of The Physical Mind Institute. In addition, D'Elia-Laskin trained with Dr. Bruce Crawford, a Reno-based physician who developed a scientifically designed series of exercises to help combat pelvic floor weakness. The program is called Pfilates, or pelvic floor pilates.

Pfilates goes beyond Kegel exercises by using movements that condition the pelvic floor and also tone the thighs and glutes, D'Elia-Laskin said.

Pfilates was created using pilates exercises based on extensive EMG recordings taken from the pelvic floor. The technique provides a widely accessible method of recovering or enhancing pelvic floor strength, important for normal bladder and sexual function.

D'Elia-Laskin would like to add a Pfilates training option to the Vail Vitality Center curriculum, as well as a ski-specific pilates program and reconditioning sessions for stroke victims.

For information or to register for an enhanced pilates program at Vail Vitality Center, visit http://www.vailathletic

club.com or call 970-476-7721.

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Enhanced pilates program new at Vail Vitality Center

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