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Posted: March 26, 2012 at 3:59 am

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Resolve to be Healthy party in support of Dodson House, presented by Connect Fitness, Thursday, April 5 at 7: 30 p.m. at Milestones at Park Royal Shopping Centre, West Vancouver. Admission: Free. Guests encouraged to order off the menu. Raffle tickets: $10. RSVP: chrissy@connectfitness.com. Info: http://www.connectfitness.com.

CHRISSY Ramstead knows a thing or two about healthy living.

The personal trainer and pilates instructor is the founder of Connect Fitness, a mobile fitness company offering personal and group training, and pilates classes to primarily female clients on the North Shore, Burnaby and Vancouver.

In January, the company launched an initiative entitled 12 Weeks of 2012: Resolve to be Healthy.

"We encouraged our clientele to make healthy choices in their life for 12 weeks," says Ramstead, a North Vancouver resident.

Each week, Connect posted a YouTube video and sent out its link to clients, presenting a different health tip, from using measurements rather than the scale to monitor weight loss, to cleaning out your kitchen.

The initiative was well-received and to celebrate its success, as well as the positive changes made by those who followed along, Ramstead and her fellow Connect Fitness trainers are inviting community members to a Resolve to be Healthy party April 5 at 7: 30 p.m. at Milestones in West Vancouver.

"We want to just invite the entire community, anybody who just loves health or wants to be healthy, we just want to invite them to join us in a celebration," she says. "It's totally just an open, happy, healthy celebration."

Proceeds from the event will support members of C3Church Vancouver with their visits to Dodson House in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. The congregation prepares a monthly healthy meal for residents. "I have a real heart for the city and just seeing people be healthy and happy, so to join with them, for me, is to go to that place in the city where people's health has been neglected way too long," says Ramstead.

The fundraiser is an opportunity for people on the North Shore, who are "quite able to make choices and spend money on living healthfully to actually give to that community that could use a little bit of health," she adds.

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Pilates party

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