Poway Pilates uses individual approach with clients

Posted: July 3, 2012 at 9:11 pm

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By Peijean Tsai

While Pilates has surged in popularity in recent years, it certainly isnt a fitness fad, according to Jennifer Richards, Poway Pilates owner and instructor.

Poway Pilates owner and instructor Jennifer Richards. Photo by Peijean Tsai

Thats because of Pilates extraordinary benefits, with individuals gaining improved flexibility, muscle and core strength, better balance and posture, and reduced stress and pain.

I dont see it as being a trend. I see it growing and flourishing as a method, said Richards, who said her studio closely follows the teachings of Joseph Pilates, whose philosophy emphasizes the core and encompasses the idea that our bodies work as a whole, not as separate units. Bodies are changing because of it, and its a method that fits a lot of different needs.

Poway Pilates is a full-service training studio that incorporates all the equipment and exercises of the Pilates method. Recognizing that each person has different physical needs and issues, the studio uses an individual approach with clients. That includes an initial assessment session to determine the appropriate Pilates classes, training, and modifications to best serve each person.

Classes are offered Mondays though Saturdays and include reformer Pilates, Pilates/barre workout, kettlebell, and Pilates boot camp classes. Private and semi-private instruction is available.

Even in small group classes, instructors are able to modify workouts for each person as needed.

Its a personal training environment. Even though we have classes, you are still getting that individual attention, said Richards, who is one of seven instructors at Poway Pilates.

The studio is for all ages and skill levels, including teens, athletes, post-rehabilitation clients and seniors.

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Poway Pilates uses individual approach with clients

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