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Posted: April 8, 2020 at 4:49 am

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Do you remember the little Richard Sandrak? Perhaps you remember him better by his nickname Little Hercules. The photos of this child who with just 6 years was able to lift more than 80 kg of weight they went around the world more than 15 years ago and, today, they have become viral.

This was Richard when he was 6 years old.

Richard was born in Ukraine in 1992. His father, Pavel, was a world champion in martial arts, and Lena, his mother, was an aerobics instructor. The family moved to the United States when Richard was just 2 years old.

Started by stretching and exercises aerobics, but before long I was already lifting weight.

The Sandraks hired a coach personalFrank Giardina, so that his son would become the strongest child in the world. And they did it.

Unfortunately, Richard did not have a childhood of which he is proud. His father was very demanding of him, he was never allowed to eat sweets, ice cream or junk food and he lived under the pressure of having to improve every day.

When the little boy turned 11, his father was imprisoned for assaulting his wife. Thats when Richard left bodybuilding.

Now exercises cardiovascular to keep fit and he also has an awesome job. Richard does dubbing in films from action from Universal Studios Hollywood. Still he confesses that he does not regret his past.

We leave you a video of Richard as a child:

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Do you remember little Hercules? This is how he is now! - Explica

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