Water Aerobics Benefits for People with Multiple Sclerosis

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 7:16 am

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Summertime is the hottest time of the year, which is the reason that we love the water so much. A lot of people myself included take full advantage of the pool, and beaches in the summertime to cool off with a good swim. However there are other ways to use a pool other than to swim, which I have been doing since being diagnosed in 2006 with multiple sclerosis.

My neurologist told me about an exercise that I can do in the water, which I had no clue about before. This is kind of funny considering that I grew up in California. My neurologist explained to me that I should be doing water aerobics to keep my muscles strong, and I started to use water aerobics to see if it would work. I have to say that it worked very well indeed.

This is why I proudly give to you the top five benefits of water aerobics for people with multiple sclerosis.

Benefit number one

Multiple sclerosis is a debilitating disease that tears your muscles down, but water aerobics builds your muscles back up. By building my muscles up through water aerobics I'm able to still play the other sports that I love such as tennis, basketball, and cycling to name just a few.

Benefit number two

During my hospital stay in 2006 I put on a little bit of weight and I was afraid that I would not be able to lose this weight. Through the use of water aerobics I was able to lose the weight I put on and more. This is one of the biggest reasons I love to do water aerobics. Water aerobics allow me to know that no matter what I can always get in the water and lose any weight I might put on.

Benefit number three

Water aerobics has allowed me to build up my endurance, which in turn allows me to play longer games of tennis with my friends. Water aerobics, has also lead to me being able to enjoy the other sports that I love such as boxing, walking, and cycling because of my improved endurance.

Benefit number four

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Water Aerobics Benefits for People with Multiple Sclerosis

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