Vulgar aerobics protest outside Ambiga’s house

Posted: May 17, 2012 at 1:12 am

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(FMT) -A group of 15 men, believed to be retired army veterans, have resorted to staging a vulgar aerobics protest in front of Bersih co-chairmans home, S Ambiga.

They came in front of my house and performed a vulgar dance show. It was very ugly and disgusting.

They also chanted Hidup Polis and Hidup BN, said Ambiga, who was at the court when contacted this morning.

The group of veterans then resorted to performing a strange form of aerobics by showing their bottoms.

Ambiga also said the group of men dared her as well.

They dared me to sue them, otherwise they claimed that they would return with a bigger crowd.

Ambiga added that police were present near her home but they did not take any action.

They did not take action because the police yesterday announced that there was nothing wrong protesting in front of my house, she said.

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Vulgar aerobics protest outside Ambiga’s house

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