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American Horror Story has never been trivial about showing graphic violence. Episode 4 brings plenty of jumps scares, cringe-worthy moments of body mutilation and, of course, torture and stabbing.

The episode picks up in flashbacks of some of the characters, starting with Montana. She meets the Night Stalker in her aerobics class and is stunned, in a good way, when she sees that he killed a man for her. Montana also reveals that the reason she wants Brooke dead is because, as the audience saw in last weeks episode, the guy who was killed by Brooke's fiance was actually Montana's brother. She blames Brooke for his murder.

Framing Mr. Jingles for all the killings at the camp in 1970 had been Margarets red herring. When she confronts Mr. Jingles, whose real name is Benji, she admits that she was the real killer whod cut off each victims ear, including her own. She used Benji's past of his own grotesque obsession against him so he'd go to jail and she'd be free.

Viewers mustve seen this coming. Margarets character has been developing, and shes seemed sketchy at some moments ever since the first episode.

The shows creators excel at capturing the cringe-worthy moments. These include when Xavier is locked in an oven with the heat fully cranked up, and when a guy from Montanas aerobics class is seen hanging with his guts sprawling out above her locker.

The fight between Mr. Jingles and the Night Stalker is another moment that captivates audiences. Also, in a trap set by Rita, the crazy psychologist, Brooke mightve met her end.

This episode also brings another side of Mr. Jingles character into light. He wasnt a killer after all. It was the treatment hed been given at the psychiatric hospital that made him forget who he was and that turned Benji into Mr. Jingles, a serial killer.

The Night Stalker is seen referencing Satan several times, and it turns out that the references arent for nothing. AHS brings supernatural themes to the Camp Redwood when the Night Stalker comes back from the dead after being killed by Mr. Jingles.

The promo of episode 5 shows that Rita will be reminded of her past and what made her evil. Mr. Jingles will come face-to-face with Margaret once again, and Montana will finally show her true colors to Brooke.

Its still confusing at this stage whether Margaret is the real enemy or if it's the Night Stalker.

The show is moving at a fast pace, and viewers whove been keeping up are almost halfway through the season. Hopefully, the next few episodes will reveal the true antagonist, or watchers might be led to believe that Camp Redwood was just another Murder House in a different setting and time.

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The mystery of the real enemy in AHS: 1984 remains unsolved - The Breeze

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