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Being stuck at home is great for some people, but those who like to live an active lifestyle are definitely feeling the pain. With most gyms and workout centers closed until further notice, and many parks getting closed thanks to people, not social distancing, working out at home is the only option.

If you dont live in a huge house though, thats asking a lot. Sure, you can do push-ups and weight lifting, but if you prefer cardio, how do you do that? Simple: Zumba. The whole reason Zumba classes exist in the first place is to mix up your cardio routine, and give you some new dance moves with it.

So if youre in a smaller space, and need a fun cardio workout, Zumba is the way to go. Of course, you need a great instructor to lead the way to dancing fitness. These online Zumba classes are perfect for all skill levels and to get you moving.

For those who enjoy the HIIT workout style, Zumba offers a version of that called STRONG by Zumba. This YouTube channel, run by Zumba, has certified instructors offering 7, 20, and 30-minute workouts.

Whether youre a HIIT master and are looking to do an hour, or just getting started and might not make it through the 7 minute, you have options. Plus, youll be ready to take on the full hour-long class at your local workout center when it reopens.

If you follow Popsugar, you know theyre regularly putting out new fitness workouts for you to try at home. But one of their specialties is dance workouts in the style of Zumba. These 30-minute videos get you up and moving.

Short on time? Theres also 15-minute videos you can do to get yourself a short burst of energy during your lunch break. Whether youre looking for hip-shaking Latin dancing, or breaking it down to some hip-hop, theres a variety of musical workouts on their YouTube channel and on their fitness video service Active.

This Zumba instructor has been going at it since 2011, and on top of teaching a full class, he posts his routines on YouTube for you to learn at home. Taking on the top hits, he creates routines for nearly every type of music.

On top of that, he also has specifically kid-friendly routines as well! If you want to get the whole family active, you can pop on one of his Zumba Kids routines to make it easier on them. Throw his routines into a playlist, and make your own one-hour class!

Lets move on from YouTube and to Amazon Prime. This 70-minute video is an international dance fiesta for you to party with at home. Whether youre into Bollywood style or Latin dance, these 16 routines will give you what you like, and introduce you to something new.

If you have Amazon Prime, you can flick it on and learn these moves from the man who created Zumba himself, Beto Perez. Give it a shot and see how long you can last.

Not everyone is super familiar with Zumba, and a lot of these routines may be a lot for a beginner. While this is advertised as a series meant for older people getting into Zumba, its also perfect for those unfamiliar with Zumba in general.

With three episodes available on Prime, you can work your way up to mastering the basics of Zumba. Take your time, have some fun, and shake those hips as you learn a variety of Latin dance moves.

Seriously, Amazon Prime is a treasure trove of those old Zumba DVD workouts. This one does require the Zumba Rizer, but if you just get a step stool or something else to step up and down on, youll be fine.

Mixing it up with step aerobics, this workout has a focus on tightening your legs and glutes, to give you delicious legs. But dont worry, youll still get some of the dancing you know and love in there too.

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