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Ethical Bribe Alert!We'd love to have you as part of our community!We have lots of fun exercises, tips and specials coming and would love to share them with you.So if you join our list, as a thank you, we'll immediately send you a link to get the following charts.Please see ourPRIVACY POLICYto understand who we are so you know we rarely send out emails.

Simply enter the your name and valid email into the BLUE form (bottom of page-says JOIN US FOR WORKOUT TIPS). Once you click SUBMIT, you'll get an immediately email after with a link to the charts.Thanks for visiting our site! We appreciate you!

Have you ever wondered how many calories you are buring during your water aerobics workouts? Our Workout Intensity Chart shows your workout levels, calories burned, what you are burning for fuel (protein, carbs or fat) and more. It is also the first to combine all three ways to monitor your workout levels in one chart; heart rate, percieved exhertion and "talk test". Included with the chart are the first few pages of our "Aquatic Workout Intensity Guidlelines" E-Book with the instructions on using the chart.

The quality of how you move or "stroke" your limbs through the water makes or breaks the results of your water aerobics workouts. We created a STROKE ANALYSIS CHART to help you understand your movements in water, because the more specific you are, the more you strengthen the targeted muscles and burn calories. It's all about truly feeling the resistance on the surfaces of the limbs toget your desired results!

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