Fitness gurus bring personal touch to Welland gym –

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Anyone who walks into Anytime Fitness on Lincoln Street cant help but feel energized from the moment they step foot through the door.

From the bright and youthful green and orange hues painted on the wall, to the warm, smiling faces of staff including owners Ken Peterkin and Joanne Deall the people that come to the Welland gym get excited about working on their fitness.

Peterkin and Deall, who are partners in life and in business, took ownership of the gym in September. Both say they wanted to create a fitness space with a personal touch.

I dont like that feeling of being in a big box store gym, Peterkin explained.

Anyone new to Anytime Fitness receives a one-hour session with a staff member, that will give advice on which type of equipment to use based on each clients goals, and a rundown of how to use each piece of equipment.

Free with a membership, users also have access to an app that connects them to a coach for any questions.

If you dont know how to use a kettle bell, you can ask about it on the app, Peterkin said.

The gym also offers free classes for members, including Tabata sessions, which is high-intensity interval training.

In the new year, Deall said Anytime Fitness is hoping to offer kickboxing, yoga and Zumba.

Anytime fitness is also offering an eight-week fitness challenge for 10 people. The challenge will include access to the equipment, and weekly group sessions.

You dont have to be a member to join the challenge, Peterkin said.

Classes are also open to non-members for a fee, Deall added.

Wanting a simpler life, the pair moved to Niagara-on-the-Lake from Toronto about six years ago.

The scenery has changed from the hustle and bustle of a big city to the charming small-town life in Niagara.

But as Peterkin and Deall prove, one can remove themselves from a big city, but its hard to give up that go-go pace.

Peterkin keeps up the real estate business he started in Toronto and the pair also own a bed and breakfast in NOTL. Deall also continues to write about travel, life, wine and food on her blog, Niagarafied.

When the opportunity came up to take over Anytime Fitness, Deall said it seemed like the right time.

We were looking for something else to add to the pile, Peterkin chuckled.

Deall has over 20 years of experience in fitness. She worked as an aerobics instructor for years and owned her own studio in Toronto.

I started training in dance when I was six years old and I kept going. At 20, I remember thinking I wanted to be a dancer.

To stay fit, Deall took aerobics classes, which led her on the path to working in the fitness industry.

Peterkin played football in his youth and always kept up with his fitness.

I always try to work out. When I dont, I just dont feel good in my skin.

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Fitness gurus bring personal touch to Welland gym -

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