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Federation of India for Sports Aerobics and Fitness, known as FISAF INDIA was created with the intention to promote Sports Aerobics and Fitness in India. Affiliated with FISAF International, this organization aims to promote sports and fitness aerobics all over India and develop it according to international standards.

FISAF INDIA conducts sports events that make athletes prepare for competitions that are conducted from district to national levels and consists of a variety of age groups. FISAF International targets athletes from the age group of 11 to 25 years of age for competitions held all over the globe. However, FISAF India is targeting budding talent from 7 to 15 years of age.

There are 2 major events that are further categorized to allow equality in participation. Sports aerobics has three participating categories which are:-

The second event being fitness aerobics has 3 categories which are team based:-

FISAF International sees participation from over forty countries around the world. Of the six age groups allowed to participate on the international stage, FISAF India has five age groups; however, the events remain the same.

FISAF INDIA aims to develop aerobics across the country and get it recognized and standardized like many other sports that are popular today. The organisation is headed by eminent members who introduced competitive Sports Aerobics in India. It also has athletes competing on the FISAF International World Championship stage from which one of athlete won a gold medal for the country. Athletes have been felicitated by Ex. Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitraji Mahajan and Ex. Chief Minister of Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis for his achievements. Seeing Indias potential in not just sports like cricket and football, but Sports Aerobics and Fitness can bring out the best talent in the country through FISAF INDIA.

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FISAF Paving the way for Indian athletes in sports and fitness aerobics - The Bridge

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