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Posted: August 9, 2017 at 10:46 pm

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Customers love her dedication. She may not know it, but she was, and still is, my motivation for my fitness and health, explained Candy Villareal, Bladium member, who has worked out with Garcia for the past ten years. Amelia has changed my life completely.

This sentiment is common among the members. Garcia has been the Group Fitness Manager of the sports club for the past eleven years. Since joining, she has transformed the lives of countless of individuals, some perhaps initially intimidated at the thought of working out, but who found a safe heaven and a sense of community at Bladium.

It was actually those workouts with her mom that fostered her desire to become an instructor. As a college student at Humboldt State, she did just that, obtaining her certification to teach step-aerobics, and even teaching classes during her time as an undergrad.

Garcias style of teaching, and her devotion to fitness and desire help people get fit, has even converted members of the club into instructors. You gotta love what you do, and it will automatically inspire people, she said.

I tried every class she taught, because I couldnt get enough of how strong and powerful her coaching was, Jayne Gagliano, an RPM instructor at Bladium, fondly remembered. Eventually, I took her RPM class, and that was it: I was hooked, and I knew I wanted to be an instructor myself.

Garcia says that fitness should make you feel good, even if it is just a mental release, and a boost of confidence. But she also understands the struggle to find the time to work out; she is also a mom of two a toddler and a six-month baby girl and also a wife.

Not only is it rare that someone loves what they do for a living, she gives everything shes got, gushed her husband, Gabriel Avila. She leads by example.

Garcias forged a community bond at Bladium. Since her tenure began, she has made sure that members feel comfortable, and actually want to come back and become regulars. Her reach goes beyond the hours at the sports club; she uses Facebook to keep in touch with members, and shares tips not only for fitness, but also about healthy eating habits, too.

Have a question about a fitness tracker? Garcia has plenty of answers. Need a quick workout routine to try on your own? Shell even film one for you.

I want our [Bladium] family to continue to grow, make sure that new people feel comfortable, and find something they like about fitness, she explained.

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Best Fitness Motivator: Amelia Avila Garcia - East Bay Express

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