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American Horror Story loves to reuse it's actors each season, but which actors should stick around, and which shouldn't?

Successful horror-themed television shows are few and far between, but Ryan Murphy managed to hit it out of the park with American Horror Story. Though the series is an anthology and has an entirely different premise every season, it is most popular for its unique choice to use primarily the same cast members to play different characters every year.

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Fans gets to see their favorite actors and actresses tackle a variety of roles, but this also means that some of them may wear out their welcome over time. The hit horror anthology is currently preparing to begin filmingits mysterious 10th season, and is sure to include a few familiar faces. Take a look at 5 stars that fans are eager to see more of in future seasons, and 5 that have been less popular.

The daughter of the late Carrie Fisherand granddaughter of Debbie Reynolds, Billie Lourd comes from a line of actresses brimming with talent and personality.

Throughout herAmerican Horror Story career, she has graced the screen in three separate roles in Cult,Apocalypse, and finally as the aerobics-obsessed Montana in 1984.Lourd has proven herself as a versatile actress that brings uniqueness to each performance, and she is a credit to the series.She is confirmed to appear in season 10, though little is known about her role.

Chlo Sevigny has previously won a Golden Globe for herperformance as Nicki GrantinBig Love, but herAmerican Horror Storycharacters blend together and are associated with either convoluted or less than exciting plot lines.

Despite being a sympathetic character with an intriguing past in Asylum, her inclusion was not particularly important to the overall arc of the season. In Hotel, her character is even less interesting and often frustrating to watch as she makes continuallyconfusing choices.

Leslie Jordan first starred in American Horror Story: Coven as a warlock and member of the Witches Council. He has also had small roles in Roanoke and 1984. Known for his short stature and his Southern accent, he owns the qualities that some may mock, and he carries himself with confidence and good humor.

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These traits bleed into his characters and make them both funny and likable even if theyre not very good people. Jordan is always entertaining to watch and bringsa fun sense of flair to his roles.

Theres a certain nostalgia about Dylan McDermott. Hes been with the show from the beginning, and his role as the cheating husband and at-home therapist, Ben Harmon, is memorable because it was the premiere season. Unfortunately, his characters have lacked oomph, and some are nothing more than a cameo or a shocking plot twist.

This can especially be said of Johnny Morgan. Asylumhad too many plots to juggle.The son of Bloodyface intent on following in his fathers footsteps was just a confusing blur after the aliens and the Nazis.

Angela Bassett is a stand out performer that brings a certain intoxicating charisma to her characters, while still giving them a distinct life of their own. Starring in four seasons, Bassett has quite the American Horror Story resume. She has appeared in Coven, Freak Show, Hotel, and Roanoke.

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Her outstanding performance as voodoo queen Marie Laveau earned her an Emmy nomination. She was nominated for a second year in a row for her portrayal of side show entertainer, Desiree Dupree.

Previously known for his roles in American Beauty and Hunger Games, Wes Bentley has appeared in three seasons of American Horror Story. He was first featured in Freakshow as the ghost of Edward Mordrake.

His most prominent role in the show has been in Hotel. He played John Lowe, a depressed, alcoholic detectivewho checks into the Hotel Cortez while trying to solve a series of murders. Bentley is a decent actor, but his characters in American Horror Story have just lacked a certain something.

Best known for his incredible work as Michael Langdon in Apocalypse, Australian newcomer Cody Fern may be a fresh face when it comes to the series, but he has proven himself to be an excellent actor with considerable range.

He easily shifts from the calm but sinister Anti-Christ in season 8, to a flamboyant aerobics instructor and camp counselor in 1984. He is yet to be confirmed for a role in season 10, but knowing American Horror Story, anything can happen.

Lead singer of Maroon 5 and former judge on The Voice, Adam Levine has a long history in show business, but had no business being on American Horror Story. Though he was only in a few scenes as a horror enthusiast on a "haunted honeymoon", the scenes felt cheesy, jarring, and out of place.

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Most ofAsylum takes place in 1950's Massachusetts, but Levine's characterconnectsthe season with a modern timeline to set up the return of Bloodyface. It was a confusing mess.

If there is one truth, it is that Lady Gaga is a goddess and fans need her to graceAmerican Horror Storywith her presence more often. She had a small role as the ancient witch,Scthach, in season 6's mockumentary "My Roanoke Nightmare", but her true talent shone in Hotel.

Elegant, refined, and as deadly as they come, The Countess is the fierce and fashionable owner of the Hotel Cortezand oh yeah, she's also a vampire. Known for her Oscar nominated performance in A Star Is Born, Lady Gaga brings style and a deep emotion to any role she takes.

Known for playing the snobby mean girl, Emma Roberts is the source of countless memes for her memorable role as Madison Montgomery. One of the most frequently recurring stars on the show, Roberts has appeared in Coven, Freakshow, Cult, Apocalypse, and 1984.

Most of her character have similar traits, andthe trope of mean girl with a little bit of a heart gets tired. Even when the character isconsiderably different, like Brooke Thompson in 1984, there isnt anything particularly unique about the way that Roberts chooses to play them.

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