Aerobics Quotes – Inspirational Quotes about Aerobics

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Aerobics Quotes - Inspirational Quotes about Aerobics

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May you find great value in these inspirational Aerobics Quotes from my large datebase of inspiring quotes and sayings.

I have been through various fitness regimes.I used to run about five miles a day and I did aerobics for a while.- Sting

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I run six-to-eight miles a day, plus weights and aerobics in the lunch hour.I also lie a lot, which keeps me thin.- Hugh Laurie

I think aerobics are great, of course,but it just bores me out of my mind.- Peter Steele

The word 'aerobics' came about when the gym instructors got together and said:If we're going to charge $10 an hour,we can't call it Jumping up and down.- Rita Rudner

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I don't criticize weight training - as long as it isnot a substitute for aerobic training.- Kenneth H. Cooper

When doing your aerobic exercise, go at a comfortablepace until you've developed more stamina.- Lee Haney

Aerobic dancing is already adjusting to injury problemsand will probably phase out to some extent.- Kenneth H. Cooper

With Aerobic Strip Tease, you can do it at home -it makes it easier for women that don't want to go to the gym.- Carmen Electra

No one will burn out doing aerobic running.It is too much anaerobic running, which the Americanscholastic athletic system tends to put young athletes through,that burns them out.- Arthur Lydiard

Poetry seems to have been eliminated as a literary genre,and installed instead, as a kind of spiritual aerobic exercise -nobody need read it,but anybody can do it.- Marilyn Hacker

Since then, I have not missed five consecutive daysin getting some type of aerobic exercise,mostly jogging.- Kenneth H. Cooper

Cyclists, I work with a number of cyclists.They are great athletes; they are great aerobic athletes.If you ask them to hit a baseball or golf ball,they can't do that.- Eric Heiden

The way I use to develop an aerobic condition is three against three,man to man, in a square 20 metres by 20.- Jose Mourinho

Now I say that if you run more than 15 miles a week,it's for something other than aerobic fitness.Once you pass 15 miles, you do not see much further improvement.- Kenneth H. Cooper

It's a question of spreading the available energy,aerobic and anaerobic, evenly over four minutes.If you run one part too fast, you pay a price.If you run another part more slowly your overall time is slower.- Roger Bannister

Don't Criticize, Condemn, Or Complain.- Dale Carnegie

Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain,and most fools do.- Benjamin Franklin

Flatter me, and I may not believe you.Criticize me, and I may not like you.Ignore me, and I may not forgive you.Encourage me, and I will not forget you.Love me and I may be forced to love you.- William Arthur Ward

Before you criticize a man,walk a mile in his shoes.- Anonymous

Let the refining and improving of your own lifekeep you so busy that you have little time to criticize others.- H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

I love America more than any other country in this world,and, exactly for this reason, I insist on the rightto criticize her perpetually.- James A. Baldwin

He has a right to criticize, who has a heart to help.- Abraham Lincoln

If it's very painful for you to criticize your friends -you're safe in doing it.But if you take the slightest pleasure in it,that's the time to hold your tongue.- Alice Duer Miller

We criticize mothers for closeness.We criticize fathers for distance.How many of us have expected less from our fathersand appreciated what they gave us more? How many ofus always let them off the hook?- Ellen Goodman

People have a right to criticize.- Luciano Pavarotti

I criticize those critics.The reason being that they're doing one of the worstthings that ever can be done to an actor,which is to say, Look, you do what we like you to do or else.- James Lipton

My attitude is, if someone's going to criticize me,tell me to my face.- Simon Cowell

The new fashion is to talk about the most private parts of your life;other fashion is to repent of your excesses and tocriticize the drugs that made you happy in the other times.- Mick Jagger

No matter how well you do, no matter how successful you are,they're always going to criticize you.- Todd Bridges

You can't really praise somebody's work and then criticize the process.- Lucinda Williams

We criticize, copy, patronize, idolize and insult butwe never doubt that the U.S.has a unique position in the history of human hopes.- Ferdinand Mount

As an actress, I have to be objective about myself.If I don't criticize myself, there are plenty who willdo a find job of it for me!- Loretta Young

Criticize the act, not the person.- Mary Kay Ash

Much of the messy advertising you see on televisiontoday is the product of committees.Committees can criticize advertisements,but they should never be allowed to create them.- David Ogilvy

The nature of a democracy consists to an importantdegree in the right of the people to criticize problems and mistakes.- Walter Ulbricht

Great relationships begin with two people who are eachself confident and who come to each other with the opennessto see and accept the other as a unique and wonderful person.If there is true love and an alignment of fundamental values,choose to join your life with your new partnerand vow never to criticize their nature -the essence that makes them uniquely themselves.- Jonathan Lockwood Huie

I try to be a guide for people, to make their darknessbright and to make the pathway light,and never to condemn or control or criticize.- Little Richard

Amin knew that neither West nor East would criticizehim for fear that he would support the other side.He felt he was untouchable and he said so openly.- Ryszard Kapuscinski

So I think we have an obligation with our size to makesure that we are open to what people have to say tous because the people who criticize us,they're not all mean-spirited.- Lee Scott

It is easier to criticize than to correct our past errors.- Titus Livius

One should never criticize his own work except in a fresh and hopeful mood.The self-criticism of a tired mind is suicide.- Charles Horton Cooley

The Middle East is literally going up in flames,as is California, and Katrina's problems haven't been solved,and Congress' response is to criticize Federal judges.- Alcee Hastings

Anyone can negatively criticize - it is the cheapestof all comment because it requires not a modicum ofthe effort that suggestion requires.- Chuck Jones

To criticize is to appreciate, to appropriate,to take intellectual possession, to establish in finea relation with the criticized thing and to make it one's own.- Henry James

When I am abroad, I always make it a rule never tocriticize or attack the government of my own country.I make up for lost time when I come home.- Winston Churchill

A lot of people criticize the primaries,but I think they are absolutely essential to the educationof the President of the United States.- Pierre Salinger

If you put garbage in a computer nothing comes out but garbage.But this garbage, having passed through a very expensive machine,is somehow ennobled and none dare criticize it.- Rory Bremner

Those who are lifting the world upward and onward arethose who encourage more than criticize.- Elizabeth Harrison

It would be very easy for us to do a collection thateverybody would like and not criticize.But criticism is a part of life.You have to take it.- Donatella Versace

I criticize by creation - not by finding fault.- Marcus Tullius Cicero

I criticize my own work pretty harshly.- Ritchie Blackmore

How one can live without being able to judge oneself,criticize what one has accomplished,and still enjoy what one does,is unimaginable to me.- Anna Freud

How many McDonald's gift certificates would it taketo sway a lot of Americans to pledge to never publicly criticize the U.S,President?- James Bovard

When we criticize in Iran the actions of the government,the fundamentalists say that we and the Bush Administration are in the same camp.The funny thing is that human rights activists andMr. Bush can never be situated in the same group.- Shirin Ebadi

They are damn good projects - excellent projects.That goes for all the projects up there.You know some people make fun of people who speak a foreign language,and dumb people criticize something they do not understand,and that is what is going on up there -God damn it!- Harry Hopkins

I wonder what it is that the people who criticize mefor telling this story truly object to:is it that I have dared to tell the story? Or thatthe story turns out not to be the one they wanted to hear?- Joyce Maynard

I told you I'm not going to criticize my successor.I'll just tell you that there are people at Gitmo thatwill kill American people at a drop of a hat and Idon't believe that persuasion isn't going to work.Therapy isn't going to cause terrorists to change their mind.- George W. Bush

The three parts of the theory are analytical ability,the ability to analyze things to judge,to criticize.Creative, the ability to create, to invent and discover and practical,the ability to apply and use what you know.- Robert Sternberg

It is easy to criticize, particularly in a political season.But to lead is something altogether different.The leader must live in the real world of the pricethat might be paid for the goal that has been set.- Norm Coleman

And sometimes I'm criticized.But I think that if those who criticize us will lookat the reason why the shape is this,well then, I think that they would not object so strenuously.- Minoru Yamasaki

The vehemence with which certain critics have chosennot simply to criticize what I've written,but to challenge my writing this story at all,speaks of what the book is about: fear of disapproval.- Joyce Maynard

They criticize me for harping on the obvious;if all the folks in the United States would do thefew simple things they know they ought to do,most of our big problems would take care of themselves.- Calvin Coolidge

I have zero desire, just so you know,to be in the limelight.I don't think it's good for the country to have a formerpresident criticize his successor.You're not going to see me giving my opinions in the public arena,until I start selling my book.I'm going to emerge then submerge.- George W. Bush

Just let me go, we have to be able to criticize what we love,to say what we have to say 'cause if you're not tryingto make something better,then as far as I can tell, you are just in the way.- Ani DiFranco

You can criticize any news staff in some ways,but the one thing that you couldn't call the VillageVoice staff was a staff of stenographers,taking notes from public figures and just passing them on.- Sydney Schanberg

When a man returned from the field and we'd look at the work,we'd criticize each other very genuinely and never offensively.And we would avoid all tricks, angle shots were just horrible to us.- Ben Shahn

You know there's nothing a Hill Democrat would ratherdo than criticize another Democrat.It is their favorite activity.Then they can read about how honorable they are in an Op-Ed piece,how bipartisan.- James Carville

I criticize a lot of players and coaches.But I back it up with facts.A lot of times guys get mad at me because someone told them what I said.I say, 'You're wrong: Go check the tape.'- Phil Simms

I heard someone in opposition to reform last nightcriticize the president for saying it's their money.They said it's not their money; it's my mother's money.Well that's what's wrong with the system.- Johnny Isakson

If a child lives with criticism,he learns to condemn....If a child lives with fear,he learns to be apprehensive....If a child lives with encouragement,he learns to be confident....If a child lives with acceptance,he learns to love.- Dorothy Law Nolte

Whenever we condemn, we cloak the world in pain.- Hugh Prather

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Aerobics Quotes - Inspirational Quotes about Aerobics

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