aerobics Meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

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She had earlier sung and danced on the streets for spare change, taught aerobics, and served quesadillas at a food stand.

Before she began teaching aerobics, she was considerably overweight because she struggled with depression, which she managed to conquer by exercising.

Sometimes depicted as prissy and bossy around the flat, she was occasionally seen as a proponent of health-food, and she at one time ran an aerobics class.

At this time the county had just three health and fitness programs: blood pressure screenings performed by public health nurses, a tennis tournament and some aerobics classes.

There are no outdoor fields or gym, but physical education classes take place in a dance/aerobics room and well-equipped weight room.

Testosterone levels remained high only at the end of the training session with aerobic training followed by strength training, a phenomenon not seen with weight training done before aerobics.

While the playful balance and aerobics minigames have generally been praised as simple fun, criticism for the game is aimed at its limitations in offering a serious workout regime.

Athletic facilities include several dance studios, a wrestling gym, weight room, aerobics facility and large gymnasium, which can be separated into three smaller gyms.

Later, in the 1980s, the club added more facilities, such as an aerobics studio, volleyball and basketball courts, and additional exercise equipment.

Later she taught aerobics and cross training for seven years, and gradually made weight training a bigger part of her fitness regimen.

On the beach during the summer it offers various leisure activities and services, from toy library, health care, street market, free umbrellas, lifeguards, aerobics, etc.

Aerobics focus on activities that require more vigorous movement, and are divided into three distinct types: hula hooping, step aerobics, and jogging.

Over time water aerobics can lead to a reduction of blood pressure and resting heart rate, which will improve health overall.

The association also offers year round structured programs and activities including swimming lessons, aerobics classes, dances, dinners, and other group events.

The school also hosts aerobics and zumba classes, and is home to a public library and information center, both of which are open weekdays to the public.

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aerobics Meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

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