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if you look, they are about half one way and half the next.

you pat the dough into a foil lined loaf rolling.

I watched S3Ep07 Jan. 2014 Re "Fried Okra." Picture has a sauce but nothing in the recipe. Martha, could you have someone email me recipe or link for dipping sauce? thank muchly.Kate Starr, Rockport, MA

Some cooking directions would be nice...

So the cookies won't be gritty.

Yes it should work great, just be sure they're baking pears (bosc, bartlett) and not eating pears. Eating pears might turn this into a bit of a mess. 🙂

And furthermore, the Celts were persecuted to a close extinction, forbidden to access education (aka passage of knowledge), particularly in Ireland. So tales of cannibalism and sexual activitiy with animals abound in modern Norman and Roman mythology.

Actually, France was populated by the Gauls who were Celts. Another area were Celtic roots remain today is Galicia in North Western Spain, meaning that most of Western Europe at one point was mostly populated by Celts. Eventually the Romans pushed the Gauls north and colonized the territory we know today as France. Brittany is the only remaining stronghold o

Shut up dummy..ur what's wrong with the world today...sensitive little cry babies...You really think that he going to intentionally promote drinking and's Texas! Love the show Aaron!

I absolutely love this show...I stumbled across it. I didn't know the show existed. I just watched the episode showcasing casseroles which aired in Chicago the end of October. I think that it was in extremely poor taste for the guy to inform Vivian that there was a bad review regarding Vivian's hair, just as much as it was for the person to make th

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