Miracle of Names The Wonder of Numbers

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Know thyself

Our self-realization and ultimate wisdom are gained through our actions and our contributions. Like the flower beginning in the seed, it can only become self-realized through successive stages of growth culminating in the bloom. We are no different! In the difference that distinguishes us from one another lieour inherent talents. Only in the fullness, expression and refinement of those talents do wegrowto discover ourselves andthe wisdom concerning life. There are no shortcuts!

Enlightenment first and then meditation. In the expession of the things we are born to, and love to do, we discover our individuality. Then at the end of the day we find repose and meditation;it is a natural consequence of wisdom, Therefore, Know thyself.

Of a1000 people who would take a course inhow to make a million dollars in real-estate, less than 1 percent will succeed. The truly successful person doesnt take courses; they simply succeed by the action of theirinherent confidence and common sense. Its all in the name!

You are spirit, and spiritmoves in an opposing direction to the mass-consciousness.If you would become spiritual you must first identify that part of you which is separate from this mass-consciousness. Your spiritual path opens to you when you see no separation between your outward journey and the divine plan within yourself, as revealed through your name.

The knowledge of this profound principle is demonstrable and factual! Why one person succeeds and another fails in their endeavours is clearly understood. We have to go no further than studyinghow the structure of mind is created through mathematics, language and your name.

Everything you have become is in response to the structure of your mind created through your name. Whether you are strong or weak, social or non-social, sensitive or insensitive, talkative or shy, generous or miserly, deep or shallow, it is all revealed through your name.

The name determines whether your expression is mainly positive or negative, i.e, sensitive or introverted, solitary or unsociable, express yourself fluidly or talk too much, quiet or moody, orderly or just plain fussy. The extremes within the character are due to an imbalance within the qualities of personality created through the name.

Your mind contains within itself the potential to express and experience life on an infinite level, but only if you understand how a mind is first constructed through the letters of your name. Like music which is an arrangement of tones taken from an octave of sound (you can imagine if you only had 3 tones),so consciousness through language is made up of 9 tones or qualities taken from the mathematical arrangement or order of letters.

We can manipulate or arrange musical tones and produce an almost infinite number of variations and responses in the human emotions. Music can bring about depression, happiness, melancholy, sadness and other feelings. So it is with the forces or qualities of consciousness as they express through language or a name, the letters can be arranged to create a mind that is capable of adapting to all of life or only a portion of it. Without knowing the harmonic or mathematical principle, as it relates to the letters of the name, we can tragically and unconsciously limit the potential expression of a childs life.

This is a profound wisdom quite easily demonstrated through an analysis of your life. If you choose to have an analysis it will be tempered with consideration to your feelings and sensitivities. My purpose on this level is only to demonstrate the truth and logic of this principle. Even so, you will be amazed at what you have never known about yourself. My intention is only to encourage you to study the work, and so to prove it to yourself.

Sincerely,Clayne Conings

Miracle of Names The Wonder of Numbers

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