2012 Shift of Consciousness

Posted: August 10, 2011 at 4:25 am

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Spiritual electricity!

That's what happens when Barbara Marx Hubbard taps into her visionary genius and calls each of us to give our greatest gifts to the Shift on planet Earth - a jolt of soulful juice to power our inner batteries.

Yesterday, the subtle electricity coursed through the hearts and minds of all those gathered live - especially during the collective "mmmm" of our "planetary smile" at the end of the Barbara's meditation.

Here's your recording - I encourage you to listen as soon as possible: http://birth2012.com/library

Every time I dance with Barbara for these Birth 2012 Activation Events, I am reinvigorated in MY passion and purpose, which is creating The Shift Network to empower the Shift on planet earth.

You see, it is show time for the human race. We've cooked up quite a number of crises as our wake-up call to remember who we truly are and begin to work together for a more whole, healthy, sustainable, and thriving world. This doesn't have to be a grim, serious duty of being responsible global citizens and handling our "problems." It can be a delight, as Barbara demonstrates.

We CAN navigate through earth's crises and birth a new era, following our "compass of joy"and discovering potent collaborations with other kindred souls. It's really not all that hard - it only seems that way when we are isolated, discouraged, and alone, as most of us have been trained to be.

The Birth 2012 vision of a Planetary Birth Day Celebration can help us awaken as a movement, weaving the dreams of thousands, then millions, and eventually billions together to co-create a new era in human evolution. That era can be filled with grace, powered by love, and seasoned with sheer delight.

The good news is that you don't have to wait. We can create that era RIGHT NOW, in miniature, with the Agents of Conscious Evolution Training starting on August 9th, led by Barbara and Devaa Haley Mitchell and featuring renowned guest teachers like Ken Wilber and Andrew Cohen.

It's been carefully honed to empower you to SHIFT from ego to essence, FIND your vocation of destiny, UNDERSTAND your evolutionary journey, CONNECT in heart resonance with others, and CO-CREATE a new world. It has attracted some of the brightest lights in the world who are committed to make the Shift a reality and who are now part of our global team.

As we went over the feedback from the 825 ACEs who have completed the training, we were excited that 93% had experienced a personal shift in how they feel in the world, 92% are mostly or completely clear on their passion and purpose, and 91% can share the evolutionary story in a way people understand. They feel more "confident," "connected," "supported," "courageous," and "joyful."

What is clear to me is that there is no better way to charge up your spiritual batteries than 12 weeks with Barbara Marx Hubbard and those attracted to the ACE program. Plugging into the high voltage insight and energy Barbara offers via video each week is like connecting yourself to the Source power plant - it helps you turn ON to your full potential.

Who could have imagined that building a movement to change the world could be such a joyous experience?

Please join us and liberate your own creative genius in the process!

You can read all about it and register here: http://theacetraining.com/

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August 10th, 2011 at 4:25 am