The Emotionally Intelligent Investor: How self-awareness …

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"Ravee Mehta's book is a true breath of fresh air. Through observation and experience, he deduced much of what brain science is teaching about decision making under uncertainty. In a world that still misunderstands human risk decision making, this is an incredible step in the right direction!" - Denise Shull, Author of Market Mind Games

"It is well written and it makes you think about using both emotional factors with qualitative factors. It will make a solid addition to your investment library." - Bud Labitan, Author of The Four Filters Invention of Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger

"It encouraged me to self-reflect more and use empathy, social awareness, technicals and intuition in a more systematic manner while investing." - Shiv Puri, Managing Director and Founder or First Voyager Advisors

"The Emotionally Intelligent Investor is well-written, enlightening, educational and will help any investor make better financial decisions for themselves and their clients. I highly recommend it." - Hendrie Weisinger, Ph.D., Author of The Emotionally Intelligent Financial Advisor

"I devoured this book, scanning through all the best chapters. 90 minutes later I was done. It totally resonated with me. I thought, 'I should have written this book.' That means I loved the book." - Nick Nansen, Founder of Nansen Investments

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The Emotionally Intelligent Investor: How self-awareness ...

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