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Can you really have an out of body experience on command? Absolutely. While this is something that will take some time to practice and get good at, there are many methods to having out of body experiences or spiritual experiences on command using only your consciousness and physical body.

There is also a purpose to these experiences; they arent simply to trip out (although if you wish to do that its up to you). These experiences can help you dissolve fears, move past trauma, expand your consciousness and much more. I personally dont feel inspired to do anything other than explore and expand myself when I engage in experiences like this.

Many of the stories you hear of out of body experiences happen through dreams, near death experiences, from thestate between sleep andawake, and when people experiment with psychedelics like magic mushrooms, DMT or ayahuasca. But we are capable of having out-of-body experiences with just our thoughts, breath and consciousness.

I say CAN BE helpful because they have that ability, but it doesnt mean we always use it. We may want to explore a past trauma, and meditation or OBEs could help us do that, but if we dont use them for this purpose or do the work afterwards they wont be helpful. Likewise with any substance like ayahuasca, mushrooms or DMT. They dont do the work for you and dont save you. You still have to do the work afterwards and its for this exact reason that most people who experiment with these substances or experiences still dont make shifts in their lives because its still work. And its the work that we often arent willing to do that stops us from moving forward.

Your intention for wanting tohave these experiences is important. Sometimes when we think about psychedelics or having out of body experiences we are seeking atrippy-like experience out of curiosity. And thats totally fine. Curiosity can be how we explore and learn things. But while it may be fun to play a couple times,I generally say it isnt the best motivation for wanting to have these experiences. I typically tend to encourage people to reflect on a deeper sense of exploration and growthwithin ourselves when it comes to exploring our consciousness, which is a big part of what we do in CEs Explorer Lounge you can check out here.

The reason why I believe focusing on having a trippy experience is not ideal isbecause I have seen many people get lost in the need to just experiencing something trippy. Not only that, but it can often become an escape from thechallenges we face. Which is why I feel society utilizes cannabis, alcohol, TV and food addictively.

DMT, mushrooms, Ayahuasca and so forthwereinitially put on this planetwhen we had difficult times exploring our consciousness and external tools assisted us in doing that. Today, a resurgence of these substances is taking place as peoples curiosity to explore is once again popular. After all, there is a shift in consciousness taking place.

However, I do not believe we still need these substances today in order to have these types of consciousness based experiences. While I thinkthey can be helpful for some of us who are in difficult situations like drug addiction or have serious trauma from war or violent experiences,I feel we are all very equipped within ourselves to explore without them, and Im personally inspired to encourage that.

Ultimately its not as much about any substance or experience as it is about what the end goal helps us to see more about ourselves. They tell us to look within to find answers and move past our challenges. So many experiences in life are all pushing us to do that exact same thing, look within. Our core teaching here at Collective Evolution is change starts within. All for the reason that its at the core of how we will create a profound shift in our lives and on this planet. So what can we take from this?

If we know the core truth is about us looking within, why not just begin looking there right now?

I was in California, attending Wim Hofs retreat in Beverly Hills. It was day two and we were doing a breathing exercise that was about focusing on energy in our body and learning how to control and use it.

At the Wim Hof retreat in California.

There was a focus on utilizing it to activate our pinealgland in such a way that may or may not release a little bit of DMT in your brain, allowing us to have some form of experience that would be beyond the physical.I would like to say at this point that this is certainly not the core message of Wims work, nor is it something that I think the method is truly for. Its simply something that you can use in order to obtain this result. These forms of breathing exercises are not new either, they have been used by yogis and gurus for many years to attain differentstates of consciousness.

There were about 60 of us, we were in a beautiful room with 15 foot ceilings and the sun was shining in through the side windows. I was laying flat on my back on a yoga mat patiently waiting for the exercise to start. This would not be the first time I was going to have an out of body experience,but it would be the first I would attempt on command. My previous experiencescame from dream-states, meditation or simply.. happening.

We began with Wims standard method of breathing. Heavy breaths in and out of the mouth. Stomach, chest, head, out. After about 8 minutes of this, I went into my breath holds (as part of his method) and I began to focus energy from around the base of my spine and brought it up my back, into my brain and pinged my pineal gland with it.

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As I brought the energy up into my pineal gland I felt what I had felt in the past with these types of experiences.Ringing and vibrations in my body and mind starting to increase. With my eyes closed, I began to see the room. I could feel my essence slowly leaving my body up straight into the air. It moved slowly and peacefully. It wasnt a fast jolt or uncontrollable in a sense, it was very light.

The pineal gland.

As Idrifted upwards more and more I eventually made it to the ceiling and rested there. What happened next was what you might experience indeep meditation which is havingall of your thoughts emotionsset aside and you begin to feel like a massive, massive, massive presence that is so far beyond your physical body that you no longer identify with being a physical body. You begin to realize you are a vast consciousness that is pure unconditional love and pure potential.

From this state of being you have the ability to utilize your awareness to look at your life, situations, the planet or whatever it may be from a completely non-judgmental and unconditionally loving way so as to deeply understand why thingshappen. You gain clarity and awareness as tohow you may move forward with something from this space. These experiences help us to get a glimpse at what is beyond the stories and the drama of our minds.This is VERY powerful in clearing our fears, worries, and traumas.

Back to my experience here. As I continued to feel immense at the top of the ceiling, I could see all of the bodies in the room having their own experience. I felt connected to them, the building, and everything around us. The difference between myself and everything else drifted away, and I was simply an essence or consciousness observing. This, is precisely how I know experientially that consciousness does not originate in the mind but is our existence. Mainstream science has not caught up to this understanding yet but its getting close, and that is very inspiring.

After what could have been 10 or so minutes, I slowly came back down into my physical body and began to integrate back into it. I opened my eyes and began to feel the desire to go outside and enjoy the sunlight. I felt slightly emotional at this point as I had gottena glimpse of the difference between feeling fully clear outside of my body vs feeling certain emotional pains and mind stories that were in my physical body. This right here, is where the magic is. This is how we see more clearly what it is that we are being challenged by and have a reference point to compare what letting it go feels like.

When you are in meditation, you are able to re-tune into these types of higher states of consciousness and be an observer looking back at the challenges you face at any moment in your life. With detachment from them you can ask yourself how you created or co-created the experience you are having and what lesson is in it for you. How does it serve you? How can you move forward with action and so forth? You can see the greater workings and perfection that comes with these experiences to help you move beyond them.

So thats pretty well it! Utilize and explore these experiences with clear intentions of evolving yourself and you will have the best results in not only creating these experiences but attaining more peace in your life. Have fun and keep exploring!

Once again, feel free to check out our Explorers Lounge if you want to support CEs work and explore your consciousness deeply at the same time.

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