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SAP Sales and distribution module handles the sales, delivery and invoicing of a customer. This training covers user transactions, customization, user exits, pricing etc.

Additional Sample videos on SAP SD Training are given below in the respective sections.

Additional Freebies Along with the training we provide the following additional services.

Intended Audience SAP Sales and distribution ( SD ) is intended for any of the following audience.

SAP SD Training Table of Contents

Test Your Knowledge on the First Week of SAP SD Training by clicking on the link above. Please take this test before proceeding to the next Week. You can ONLY take this test once. So, please ensure that you fully prepare for the test before you attempt it. If you are not able to pass this test, please repeat the covered material. This is a coded test Ask your instructor for the Code to be able to take this test.

Week 2


Everything below this line is Job Oriented Workshop Material that is ONLY available to Magna Training Students who have signed up for the Advanced SAP SD Training Course. Each of these links will be identified by a superscript with double stars (**). This course is conducted only on weekends at12 hrs per weekend. The entire duration of the course is 50 hours which runs over 4 weekends.Only students who have done their SAP SD Training from us are eligible for the course. This course includes the following.

Hands-on Workshops in critical areas of SAP ( Pricing, Credit Management etc )

Real-time Scenarios

Full-fledged Hands-on SAP Project which includes

How to conduct a SAP Blueprint Workshop

How to Prepare the SAP Blueprint

How to Prepare Functional Specifications

Realization Phase Steps

PerformCut-over Activities

Full fledged Resume Preparation ( Hands-on Preparation, Validation, ID Creation on Job Portals and Posting )

Most Commonly asked SAP SD Interview Questions ( Discussion )

Mock Interviews

Practical Guidance on SAP SD Interview Tips

Two Months of on-job support via email


SAP SD Job Oriented Workshop ** ( All links marked with ** are available ONLY to Advanced SAP SD Training students )

All of these Scenarios are based on real time scenarios faced by the trainer and the students in various projects. However, the scenarios can be applied to any client or scenario where suitable and relevant. If you can thoroughly understand the background business scenario and the corresonding configuration and Customization, you can directly use it in your resume or adapt it.


1. How to determine Payment Terms dynamically **

Summary : Magna Computers sells servers and Retail PCs to the same set of customers. The payment terms need to be different based on the value of the line item for better customer ..[more..].

2. Incompletion Log Customization How to make Fields Mandatory in Sales order **

Summary :

3. Status Profile Customization for a Legal GSA based workflow **

Summary : Magna Computers (Real Company name will be given )is into GSA Agreement with the Government of US and hence is prohibited from selling goods to other private customers below a certain price. In order to accomodate this, the legal department .. [more].

4.Status Profile Customization for a Heavy Industry Scenario **

Summary :ABC Company (Real Company name will be given)manufactures Power Transformers that can be used in Nuclear Power Plants. When a Customer orders the same, a number of validations needs to be performed before the order can be finally delivered. You have been given the task of creating the different SAP User Statuses. Here are the different phases of .. [more]

5. Customer Master Mass Maintenance **

Summary : Some scenarios require that you update the Customer Master on a massive level. There are multiple ways to do it depending on the requirement. Here are some business scenarios. Your client has done some re-organization around the way they maintain.. [more]

6. SAP Invoice Splitting Scenarios**

Summary : Normally, invoices are split based on a fixed set of criteria Like Reference # , payment terms, payer etc. The way in which invoices are split are controlled by a structure called ZUK and assigned to VBRK-ZUKRI field. This can be controlled using copy control routines. We sill see some business scenarios which require invoice splitting to be controlled via. [more]

7. SAPProforma Invoice Scenarios**

Summary : Proforma Invoices are created in case of export orders to specify the price of the goods moving across the borders. . [more]

8. Production Support Scenarios **

Summary : Typical Production Support Scenarios, tools used in SAP Production support, standard activities in SAP Production support, interview questions related to production support are discussed in [more]

9. SAP Customer Hierarchy Based Pricing **

Summary : ABC Companys Headquarters has negotiated a deal with HP for a deep discount when any of its branches purchases computers from HP. HP now has to make sure that the underlying relationship has to be translated to pricing discounts.. [more]

10. SAPSystem Landscape**

Summary : This scenario describes a typical system landscape in one of the projects along with explaining the basics of SAP landscape, transports, test cycles, QA refreshes .. [more]

11. SAPPricing Type**

Summary : This class will discuss scenarios in companies that require pricing recalculation to happen between documents and how to create new SAP Pricing Types to accommodate repricing in case .. [more]

11. SAP Code Flow, Programs, User Exits and Debugging**

Summary : This class will discuss the concept of Code Flow, how to open and edit programs, most notable user exits, how to set break point and debugging some..[more]

12. SAP Database Table Fundamentals**

Summary : This class will discuss the the fundamentals of Database tables, types of tables, how to view the definition and content of tables, list out some important SD database tables, methods to find out the database tables behind..[more]

13. SAP Transfer of Requirements **

Summary : Transfer of Requirements is across functional concept between SD-MM and SD-PP. In this class, wewill discuss TOR at a much greater level of detail including use cases and project scenarios on..[more]

14. SAPCore Dumps**

Summary : This post will explain what are SAP Core dumps/Short Dumps, illustrate on the system a couple of core dumps and will show you how to analyze core dumps from a functional consultants ..[more]

14.SAPSystem Trace**

Summary : This post will explain why and when to do system trace and will show you how to analyze ST01 Reportsfrom a functional consultants ..[more]

15.SAP Credit Management Advanced Topics & Business Scenarios**

Summary : In this class we discuss about advanced concepts in SAP Credit Management like user exits, Credit Management VOFM Routines, business scenarios under which they are used, SAP Notes related to Credit Management..[more]

16.LIS Structures in SAP Credit Management **

Summary : SAP Credit Management depends heavily on LIS Structures S066 and S067. In this class, we discuss how the LIS structures are effected by looking at some sample sales, delivery and billing documents. We also check out..[more]

17.SAP Backorder Processing**

Summary : In this class we will discuss SAP backorder Processing with the help of an example sales order, verify the stock situation and perform backorder processing for the material in question and..[more]

18.More SAP User Exits**

Summary : We are going to discuss a scenario where the client requires Free Goods to be added to the Sales Document when the document exceeds certain Net Value. We will explore the user exits..[more]

19. Custom Report Creation & SAP Queries

20. Basic SD Database Tables

21. Global Template-based Implementation vs Country Specific Roll-outs

22. SAP Best Practices

23. Upgrade Project Checklist

24. Data Import Strategies*

25. SAP Troubleshooting

SC Johnson is implementingSAP for its Windex brand of cleaners.

28. SAP Rebates Processing

30. Stock Transfer Orders ( STOs )

31. Inter Company and Intra-Company Sales Scenarios

33. SAP Report Variants Using TVAR Variables using STVARV transaction code

34. How to set up SAP reports as Background Batch jobs in SAP using Variants.

35. SAP Functional Specifications | SAP Technical Specifications **

35.1 Understand Requirements **

SAP Project Lifecycle

Live Projects

SAP SD Full-Fledged Live Project II **


1.Blueprint Workshop Day 1 **

2. Blueprint Workshop Day 2 **

3. Blueprint Workshop Day 3 **


1. SAP Customer Master Blueprint **

2. SAP Sales Processes Blueprint **

3. SAP Material Master Blueprint **

SAP SD Full-Fledged Live Project III ( Enhancements ) **

SAP Functional Specification Documents**

Interview Questions

The following are interview questions faced by our previous students and a compilation of probable interview questions by the trainer. Some of these questions have been collected from various forums to make the life of our students easy. Please answer the questions and compare your answers against the others to see what you are missing. For General SAP Interview Questions Tips & Tricks * click through the link.

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